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Getting Familiar

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A story that begins in Danny Fenton's junior year in high school. A new threat will strike Amity in one year and Danny must get ready. He'll find himself alligned with the most unlikely of allies

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Danny Phantom: Fanning the Flames (Remix)
By Kairi Taylor

Wow...a story that ain't a comedic crossover of insane proportions. Well deal with it. It's a bit of an experiment on my part. And I like the show, it's different from the standard Nicktoon fare. It plays out like a very funny but insightful comic book tale, and the characters have personalities many young teens can relate to. Plus the idea of one of Danny's ghost enemies developing feelings for him would actually make for an interesting plot twist. Sadly, the series will end at episode 52 (unless Butch Hartman & Nickelodeon have a change of heart, which would be unlikely.) so the good times will live on through fan fiction...or fan made porn, whatever floats your boat. Pervs. And a belated apology for the title, yeah I know rather lame but it was the best I can do.

Verse 1: Getting Familiar...

(Clockwork's home in the Ghost Zone. Clockwork floats by an oddly shaped burgundy grandfather clock, whose hands are represented by twigs.)

Clockwork: He's late. Rather unusual, even for him. (The grandfather clock opens, emitting a low hiss, red steam escaping from within. A man emerges from within, his face concealed by a cloak & hood. Only green eyes are visible.)
Man: Yes, I know, I'm late. Had a bit of trouble during my last excursion.
Clockwork: I see...but why the hood?
Man: The villagers may or may not appreciate the fact that I had inadvertedly reduced their shrine to rubble when I fought that corrupt priest. I believe in taking no unneeded chances.
Clockwork: Fair enough. You know why you are here.
Man: Yes, it concerns your assignment. (A manila envelope materializes in front of Clockwork, who hands it to the mysterious visitor.) So, what's this then?
Clockwork: Some guidelines you must follow for the training. Danny Fenton...(Danny's image appears overhead.) can become either Earth's greatest champion or the most destructive force known to both the Human & Ghost World. Steps need to be taken to assure that the latter does not happen.
Man: Ok, I'll bite. Why me?
Clockwork: Because in a years time, an old friend of yours will be coming back. And he will strike in Amity, that is guaranteed.
Man:, count me in. Danny Fenton huh? He's the son of Jack & Maddie Fenton. I've heard a bit about him. Catch phrase needs work.
Clockwork: You will also need to train these two. (Two more images appear overhead next to Danny.)
Man: Hmm...I get the feeling I'm going to have a bit of a struggle with that one.
Clockwork: Yes, that one is a bit of a handful. But she will come around. You do have a way with women.
Man: You make me sound like some kind of pervert. Right, To Amity Park I go. Just one question, humor me.
Clockwork: And that is...
Man: Do you always have to change like that? I mean one minute, you are old, the next second, you are a man, then a baby. Pick a shape.
Clockwork: You try being a spiritual representation of time and space.

(Amity Park, 4:00.)

From the journal of Danny Fenton-

Hey, it's been a while since I've been writing in this journal. I know, I oughta do it more, but I've been busy these past two years. I just started my junior year & already my parents are hassling me about my plans for the future. Of course, Dad wants me to carry on the family business as a ghost hunter just like him. In many ways, that both scares & excites me. Mostly the former. Jazz has started her freshmen semester in Amity College, but she's always checking up on me every now & then to make sure I didn't get into any more trouble. I can't blame her really; Valerie is still after the head of my other half & Vlad Plasmius is still a huge honking pain in the rear. The only bright side is that things seem to have quieted down lately. Finally, some real peace & quiet.

(The rear of Casper High. Sam & Tucker stand by a large dumpster, tapping their feet impatiently. Dash stalks by.)

Dash: Hey, either of you two dweebs seen Fentoid?
Tucker: Nope, still waiting for him.
Sam: Haven't seen him for over an hour.
Dash: Yeah, right. I bet the little jerk is hiding out in that dumpster!
Sam: Oh, sure, like he'd be stupid enough to hide in there.
Dash: Come on out, Fenton! It's time for you to get your first official beating as a junior.

(Dash lifts the case off of the dumpster. A rather huge, red-eyed ghost rat emerges from within.)

Rat: Do you MIND? I'm trying to organize my Mozart collection today!
Dash: ...mother.

(Dash flees as the ghost rat gives chase. Danny walks by & greets his friend.)

Danny: Let me guess, Dash still wants to give me the inaugural thrashing.
Sam: You're just lucky he has very selective memory.
Tucker: Really? I was just gonna call it stupidity. Where were you?
Danny: Study Hall with Lancer.
Sam: Ah, still a bit weak in the history department, are we?
Danny: Yeah, and my parents arranged for these study sessions with Lancer until my grades pick up. I haven't learned so much about the feudal system since watching that entire Robin Hood marathon.
Tucker: So long as he doesn't break out the lute, every thing should be ok.
Danny: No, he's saving that for tomorrow.
Tucker: Oh, sorry man.
Sam: Well, Study Hall is not so bad. At least you don't have to worry about any ghosts attacking you.

(On cue, a small, round metal ball rolls their way. Reacting quickly, Danny grabs the arms of his friends and phases them out just as it explodes. A few seconds later. Sam & Tucker are safely placed near a tree.)

Sam: I've got to learn never to say things like that.
Danny: Well, look who's back in town.

(Pointing up, Danny points to Skulker, who hovers overhead, shouldering a large double-barreled rifle with a scope.)

Skulker: Very good, Ghost Child. You avoided my attack faster than I anticipated.
Danny: Hey, wait, I'm 16 now. I don't think I should be labeled as a child.
Skulker: Yes, but 'Ghost Teen' just doesn't sound right. Now then, let the hunt commence! (Aims rifle & fires off a volley of shots. Danny dives out of the way and behind a Buick, which is then riddled with holes.)
Danny: Well, this is one way of reducing stress.

(Danny morphs into Danny Phantom &, before the car explodes, phases into the ground beneath him. Skulker scans the area carefully with his rifle.)

Skulker: I know you're around here somewhere...just a matter of time before you come out of hiding. (Danny reappears in front of Skulker.)
Danny: You mean like now? (Danny punches Skulker hard, but his arm is grabbed and Skulker tosses Danny against the wall of the school. Danny barely dodges the blast fired at him.)
Skulker: You know, you've become quite predictable. I knew you'd teleport yourself in like that just to get the first blow in.
Danny: And yet you still took it.
Skulker: Yes, so you wouldn't notice this!

(Someone grabs Danny from behind. He turns his head to see it is another Skulker.)

Skulker: I made a double of myself right before I arrived here. The first rule of the hunt-always be prepared.
Danny: How about I just---ARRRGGH!!! (Danny receives a huge electromagnetic shock as he tries to phase out.)
Skulker: I should have mentioned this, but my recent armor upgrade has a nice little feature that prevents use of that pesky little ability of yours.
Danny: Swell. Even the ghosts are studying better than me.

(Nearby, the mysterious man walks by, still in his gear.)

Man: Ok then, first order of business is to find Casper High.

(At this point, Dash runs by, rat still in pursuit.)

Man: I'm definitely on the right track.

(A few seconds later, the man comes across Sam & Tucker, who is watching the fight between Danny & the two Skulkers.)

Sam: Tuck! Do something!
Tucker: I can't! His armor's blocking out my PDA, so I can't hack into him.
Man: Excuse me, did I here you right, that ghost can use armor?
Tucker: Whoa, a monk!
Man: No, I'm not a monk. Well, at least I could have been, had that annoying 'vow of silence' not gotten in the way.
Sam: Look, mister, I know this is a bit sudden, and real strange to ask, but I don't suppose you can help in any way, can you?
Man: Actually, I don't think I need to interject myself just yet.
Skulker: This is it, the culmination of a long and tedious hunt. Prepare yourself.
Danny: Think Danny, think...what can I do to get myself out of this one?

(Suddenly, a large glowing fist slams into Skulker. As the double is distracted, Danny quickly elbows it in the side, then shoulder tosses it back into Skulker. The two merge into one.)

Skulker: Who dares to interfere in my-YOU?
Danny: Oh great, more trouble.

(Ember, guitar in hand, jumps off from the ruins of the destroyed Buick & confronts Skulker.)

Ember: Back off, dipstick. I want a crack at him.
Skulker: What, YOU? Don't bother me, girlie, this one is all mine.
Ember: I know that the speakers in that crap armor of yours are tiny, so let me repeat myself...carefully, in a language you will understand.

(A second later, Skulker is launched into the stratosphere, courtesy of Ember's fist.)

Ember: OK, that minor problem is solved. It's time for the real show to begin. (Ember turns to face Danny.)
Danny: Let me guess, you want to fight. Man, I'm popular for all the wrong reasons today.
Ember: I was just in town, found a place to crash & felt like letting off a little steam. What better way to do that than by caving your face in. (swings guitar one handed.) We still have some business to settle. ( Ember smiles & glows blue.)
Danny: Heh, fine by me. (Danny cracks knuckles as he glows green.)
Sam: This is getting old fast.
Man: Pardon?
Tucker: Every few months, these two have it out. So far neither of them has beaten the other yet!
Man: Wow, interesting. I'll make a note of that.
Sam: Wait, are you some a ghost hunter?
Man: Nah, the pay for that job is pretty mediocre.. Now then, if you will excuse me, I think I need to interject myself now.

(Danny & Ember dash towards one another, fists & guitar raised.)

Tucker: Are you sure that's a good idea?
Man: Positive. I am a teacher after all, it is my duty to handle conflicts like this. Oh, Tucker, I'll be seeing you five minutes before first class tomorrow. We need to discuss your PDA.
Tucker: Teacher?

(Before Danny & Ember can make the first attacks, the man suddenly appears between them, stopping Danny's fist with one hand & Ember's guitar with the other.)

Danny: WHOA!!
Ember: What the heck-how'd you do that?
Man: With my hands, duh. I've seen enough from you two. Time the three of us had a bit of a chat now.
Ember: Just why should I talk with either of you?
Danny: Ditto.
Man: One, because that's the job I was given. Two, from now on, you two are going to be working together and three, neither of you noticed the idiot with the rifle aimed at you.
Danny & Ember: What idiot?

(A large concentrated blast is fired from the bushes. The man raises a mirror and the blast is redirected back. One huge explosion later, Skulker is one again sky bound.)

Man: That idiot. C'mon, we got a lot to discuss.
Ember: Forget it! No way, I ain't working with anyone!
Danny: Again, ditto.
Man: You're saying this like you believe you have a choice. Sam, Tucker, we'll meet again tomorrow.

(Suddenly, a large whirlwind appears and whisks away the trio.)

Sam: Did that really happen?
Tucker: I don't know. I'm still bummed about the fact that I'm being busted for something I've yet to do.

(A few minutes later, the three touch down in the middle of a field somewhere. The man brushes off his cape as Danny & Ember stare at him.)

Man: Cripes, this is why I hate instant teleportation. The dust it kicks up is unimaginable.
Ember: Ok, time out. What the heck's going on? Who are you?
Danny: Yeah, why do you want us working together?
Man: Settle down, one question at a time. Allow me to introduce myself. (The mystery man claps his hands together. A large table erupts from the ground and he sits on top of it.) My name is Prof. Altair I. York, and I have been assigned to help train you.
Danny: Train us? Sorry, maybe you haven't been up to date lately, but I've been doing this superhero gig for over 2 years now, I can handle myself.
Ember: And I don't need to learn how to kick this geek's butt, I can do that all on my own.
Danny: You wish!
Ember: That a challenge?
Danny: I don't see any other half human half ghost hero making any challenges.
York: Ok, time out. I think we need a demonstration of just how much you two have yet to learn.

(York removes his hood to reveal the face of a young man in his early 20's, with long disheveled red hair, tied in a ponytail. He has on a pair of round rimmed glasses.)

York: Your first mission is quite simple. All you have to do is land one hit on me.
Ember: You want to fight both of us?
York: No, I want the two of you to try to fight me.
Danny: This is so cliché.
Ember: I know, like some kind of kung fu movie or insane fanfiction story.
Danny: Well, I'm game. Anything to get some answers out of him.

(Danny, with a quick burst of speed, dashes towards York & tries to land a fist to the jaw. At the last second, York bats the fist away.)

York: Good use of speed, but a little slow with the actual technique.
Danny: I'm just getting started.

(Danny tries a multiple punch assault, but York continues to bat away each fist with one hand. Suddenly Ember appears from behind, guitar raised.)

Ember: Got ya!
York: Oh?

(York ducks the guitar swing at his head, followed by the next one, leaps over Danny's leg sweep & back flips from in between them, landing a couple of feet away.)

York: Hmm, this is interesting. Your teamwork picks up well, especially in a pinch. Your blows however, they need work.
Ember: Ok, I am getting really cheesed off. (Eyes glow as her hair glows brighter.) Stand back, dipstick, I'm taking this fight to 11.

(Ember's hair fires a blast of flames at York. York blinks, then steps aside, letting the flame pass.)

Danny: Well, he did say land a hit on him. Of course, he never said how. (Danny fires off a blast of energy at York. York leaps over the blast.)
York: Wow, ectoplasmic energy blasts. A bit standard, but it seems to have developed quite well.
Danny: I can't tell at this point if he is studying us or mocking us.
Ember: Me too. Any ideas?
Danny: Fie off another blast at him. I got a radical idea.

(Ember, shrugging, fires a blast of flames as Danny dashes forward, phasing out. Before the blast of flames reaches York, Danny passes right by him. Danny then phases back in & unleashes a massive beam of energy towards York's back. York, smiling, raises his arms suddenly, redirecting both blasts into the air.)

York: Impressive. Your ingenuity is quite notable.
Ember: Ugh, what does it take to beat this guy!
Danny: I've got one more ace in my sleeve. (Charges up his energy.)
York: Uh oh!

(Danny prepares to unleash the Ghostly Wail. But before he can, York suddenly appears before him, hand placed over Danny's mouth.)

York: Hold on kid, no need to do anything you would regret.
York: Oh, sorry. What were you saying?
Danny: I said why did you say that?
York: Because Ember would have been hit by the blast as well. Or didn't you notice?
Ember: I've been dueling this geek for years. The guy doesn't exactly think things through.
????: I'll say.

(Sam & Tucker appear.)

Ember: What are you two doing here?
Tucker: Watching you two get your butts handed to you.
Danny: Actually, he didn't do a single thing to attack us.
York: I didn't have to. In all honesty, it was so easy to predict, even a blind manicurist could have seen you coming.
Ember: Fine fine, we suck, can you tell us NOW why you're doing this to us.
York: Right, answers.

(A few minutes later, everyone is settled down as York relates his tale.)

York: I'm sure you are familiar with the ghost Clockwork, right?
Danny: Very.
Ember: The time dude? Oh, totally familiar.
York: Well, he asked me to start training you a short while ago. In a years time, this town will be attacked by a group of beings called Wraiths. They work for a sorcerer named Perseus, who is searching for an artifact that will let him dominate your realm.
Sam: Yet another mad genius with global conquest dreams.
Danny: And I'm going to take a wild guess: these guys are strong.
York: Horribly strong. At your current level, you will barely last 5 minutes with a Wraith. If you start training now, you will be ready for them. You will also have magnificent buns of steel, but that's a perk of a different nature.
Ember & Sam: Duly noted.
Tucker: What is this artifact anyway?
York: That, I'm afraid, I can't say. (York's eyes narrow.) It's best we save that for another time. We need to start working Saturday afternoon.
Danny: Well, so much for the Crash Nebula gameathon.
York: In the meantime, you guys go on ahead & get ready for tomorrow. Especially you Tucker. Your grades in world history are abysmal.
Tucker: Oh man!
York: Sam, Ember, I need to speak with you alone.

(Some time later, York speaks with Sam & Ember near a large oak tree.)

Ember: Ok, I can see why you need Danny, but what do I have to do with this? I have a pesky habit of trying to rule the world myself.
York: The Wraiths won't stop with razing the Human world to get what they want. They will attack the Ghost Zone and, if they have to, destroy it. As you know Ember, if the Ghost Zone is destroyed...oh, you get the idea.
Ember: Ouch, and I thought it was tough enough to get a place to squat in.
Sam: You still have that music store.
Ember: Had. It got burned down when an argument about whether or not Linkin Park is legitimate metal went way out of hand. This reminds me, never stock a case of anything with alcohol in it near a tiki torch.
York: As I was saying, you need to be made stronger to fight with the Wraiths, but ghost training is different.
Ember: And you expect me to trust you?
York: What, is this the fact of a crook?
Sam: She doesn't really trust adults.
Ember: Never wanted to, never needed 'em. I'm sure I can find a way to train myself. I mean look. (Ember hoists up her guitar and twirls it around with her right arm.)
York: Oh, right. Clockwork told me everything.
Ember: He WHAT?!
York: Yeah, I know the reason why you don't like adults. Believe me, I understand more than you think.
Ember: Ha, I doubt that. That's something my guidance counselor always said. Look, you probably think you can 'relate' to me, but my past life experiences were much more different than yours.
York: Fine, fine, I didn't wanna have to do this but...(tosses a blue sphere at Ember.)
Ember: A memory orb? How did you...humans don't even know these exist anymore.
York: All of my memories are stored in there. Put it to your forehead and it'll all be made clear.
Ember: Sure, whatever.

(Ember raises the memory sphere & places it on her forehead. A minute later, a shaft of blue light surrounds her. It dies down and she drops the sphere on the ground, her eyes wide as she stares at York.)

Ember: Oh
York: You understand why I want to help you now, right?
Ember: Yeah, I guess you're on the level. But what...what are you?
York: A LONG boring story. Just focus on training with Sam.
Sam: Huh? Wait a sec, I'm not the superhero type. I don't even like fighting.
Ember: Oh please! I heard about what you did at that prince's castle when he tried to marry you. You're telling me you don't have a wild side?
Sam: Point taken, but the guy was trying to marry me, what other choice did I have? And just how are we gonna work together?
Ember: It's not like we can just transform into one ultimate being.

(York smiles. He reaches into a pouch & pulls out a pendant. It is shaped in the image of a dragon's skull, painted black.)

York: I didn't think that your parents would ever let this secret out Sam, but I think you need to know something. This is, by birthright, yours.
Sam: Wow, gnarly. Not exactly 'goth' but it does match my outfit.
Ember: Bleh, Goths are way too moody if you ask me.
York: I know. Would it kill them to add at least ONE primary color in their wardrobe?
Ember: And the music! Ack, I thought emo was pretentious.
Sam: Before the Goth Bash fest continues, can you explain this whole 'birthright' deal?
York: Oh, sorry...before getting ultra rich, your family had various jobs. One of them was in the realm of monster hunters. Your particular branch of the family was prestigious in the art of shamanism. You, Samantha Manson, are a shaman.
Sam: And that means...
York: You can do things like this!

(York transforms Ember into a floating ghost orb. With little hesitation, he grabs Ember's ghost form & places it into Sam's body. Sam suddenly transforms before York's eyes. Her eyes glow dark violet. Her hair, a mix of black & light blue stripes, seem to have a light flame about it. She also has the same eye makeup as Ember. Her right hand has a black guitar in it.)

Sam: Whoa...this is so freaking AWESOME!!!
York: Now then, we need to talk.

(The next day, in front of Casper High. Danny yawns as Tucker greets him.)

Tucker: Looks like you didn't get much sleep last night.
Danny: I spent the latter half of the evening reading up on the serf system & the subtle workings of the Magna Carta. Unbelievably, it is not a Korean RPG. You?
Tucker: Just spending the morning dreading the doom this York guy will bear down on me.
Danny: Oh. Well I'm sure it won't be too harsh.
Tucker: The word on the street is that this guy once failed a student just for looking at him incorrectly. And the word on the street is never wrong.
Danny: This same word said that Dash has no love for Weenie Bears. (Sam arrives, pendant around her neck.)
Sam: Morning!
Tucker: Hmm, new Goth jewelry? Looks quite...unique.
Sam: Just another Tucker Foley way of saying it looks ugly.
Danny: Since when did you start wearing pendants?
Sam: It's a family heirloom. I got it last night.
Tucker: Sam, if your parents saw you wearing that-
Sam: They totally freaked out! My mom, she actually throttled my dad because she thought he let me have it.
Danny: Well, the usual morning chaos seems to be standard. What else are we missing?

(Sadly, fate would answer Danny quite swiftly as Dash grabs Danny from bhind and slams him against the lockers.)

Dash: Finally, Fen-turd!
Danny: I really need to watch what I say.
Dash: As a duly appointed representative of all the cool juniors in Casper High, allow me to give you the first of many poundings you get to have every day from now on!
Danny: What makes them any different from before?
Dash: I get to hit you below the belt.
Danny: Crud.

(As Dash raises his fist, another hand grabs Dash's hand around the wrist. Prof. York, dressed in black slacks and a light blue shirt, confronts the star quarterback. His hair is still disheveled.)

York: Hello. Would you mind explaining WHY you feel the urge to hit a fellow student?
Dash: Uh...stress relief?
York: Well, you will get plenty of stress relief, courtesy of detention hall. (York lets go of Dash's hand.) I suggest you use that time in detention to work on raising your GPA.
Dash: Wha---DETENTION? You can't do that! Don't you know who I am?
York: Yes, I do. And?
Dash: Oh man! (York smiles as he turns to walk away to the teacher's office.) Fenton, when I get out of detention-
York: (his back is still to Dash) Oh yeah, one more thing Dash. You may not be aware of this, but the school has undergone quite a few changes in staff policy. Simply put, if you even think of hurting Danny Fenton or any other student in Casper High in any way, you WILL be suspended & removed from the football team. Do you understand?
Dash: GULP! Yes sir. (Walks away.)
Tucker: Wow...did what just happen, just happen?
Sam: I think so.
York: Oh, Foley. Your PDA please.
Tucker: Oh man...

(Later in the teacher's office. York is at his desk, examining Tucker's PDA as Lancer walks over to talk to him.)

Lancer: My, you took care of Dash rather well, I must say.
York: Meh, guys like him are more common than you think. Just because he's the best athlete in school doesn't mean he has to have a free ride.
Lancer: I have to agree, especially since the principal wants to cut down on favoritism.
York: Really?
Lancer: Yes. There has been an increase in bullying around high schools as of late & it's lead to a rash of problems we can't ignore. What almost happened in Elmwood High in June was a prime example.
York: I wasn't in the country at the time. What happened, was it a large fight or something?
Lancer: Worse. A student who was being bullied was caught bringing a gun to school. (York looks up, eyebrow arched.) The boy's parents accepted responsibility for what their son did, but they also wanted to sue the school for ignoring the problem.
York: Whoa. You don't think that the same thing would happen here, do you?
Lancer: No, no. I mean, Danny is a good student, but he's largely unmotivated, he tends to keep to himself. (Lancer sighs) I know I'm a bit hard on him, but I don't want to see his, or any student's potential, wasted.
York: Most of us were like that when we were young too.
Lancer: You were a child genius. You got of high school by the time you hit ten.
York: What can I say, I'm a natural overachiever. But I'm pretty sure that gym teacher will give me hell for confronting Dash like that.
Lancer: Absolutely. Say, isn't that Foley's PDA?
York: Yup. Making a bit of a modification on it.

(Meanwhile over at Danny's locker.)

Danny: That was the first time I've ever seen any teacher treat Dash like that.
Tucker: Yeah. Usually, he'd remind them that he team counts on him to be at every football game.
Danny: Or that his family is stinking rich.
Voice: I'm surprised you didn't do something to stand up for yourself.
Danny: Funny, I could have sworn that I just heard Ember's voice.
Sam: Funny thing that. Say, did I tell you another interesting feature about this pendant?
Tucker: Don't tell me...

(Ember, in small spirit ball form, appears next to Sam.)

Ember: Geez, dipper, I know you're not really the most well built human here, but you have to do SOMETHING to stop the guy from picking on you.
Danny: Swell, I'm getting chided by a ghost or not being able to fight off a quarterback who can bench press me.
Ember: As ironic a it is, I make a point. He's only going to keep on bugging you until you stand up to him.
Sam: Wait, wait, you just can't solve violence with more violence!
Ember: Actually here, you probably can. I don't mean just go right out & slaughter the guy, just enough to, you know, let him know you can stand toe to toe with him any day of the week.
Tucker: Right. Before we continue our discussion, can someone please explain JUST WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!
Sam: Oh, right. The heirloom thing.

(20 minutes and one explanation about the hidden legacy of the Manson family legacy a classroom.)

Danny: Wow, so you're her familiar now?
Ember: More or less, but I think you have to be an animal to be considered a familiar.
Sam: This pendant allows me to properly channel Ember's energy along with my own. We can also fuse together & combine our powers.
Ember: It also serves as spacious living quarters.
Tucker: Are you serious?
Sam: Yeah. Turns out there's a miniature dimension fused within the pendant itself. Kind of hard to really explain...
Ember: Basically, it's a world within a world. WAY bigger than that damn thermos.
Danny: I'll take your word for it.
Tucker: Uh oh, class is starting.

(The class settles down. York enters and sets a briefcase on the desk.)

York: Ah, aren't we a bunch of bright eyed bushytailed eager group? (Class groans) Or not. Anyway, let's get started. My name is Prof. Altair Isaac York & I am your new world history teacher. Oh, by the way, here. (Tosses Tucker his PDA).
Paulina: Wait, what happened to the other world history teacher?
York: Had a nervous breakdown. I don't know the details of it, but Mr. Hartman said he wanted to pursue other lines of work. Odd, it had something to do with tutoring Dash.
Danny: I see where that is heading.
York: In addition to teaching I also spend much of my time on archaeology. So yes, I'm afraid my grading curve will be a bit steep.
Kwan: Oh man...
York: Now now class, don't look at me like that. Yes, I've also heard the word on the street & I can assure you, I NEVER failed a person just for looking at me wrong. I did however shoot a man in Reno just to watch him die. (Grins.)
Paulina: Uh...
York: Johnny Cash joke.
Paulina: Oh, you mean that guy that Joaquin Phoenix played! I loved that movie.
York: Oh man, this generation...
Kwan: But sir, you're barely 25 yourself.
York: Right, right. Now then, the school wants to give you all incentive for raising your grades. We did a lot of discussions and it was decided that the reward for the class who shows the most improvement would be a class trip.
Danny: A trip?
Valerie: We always get trips.
York: True...but this trip will be special. Plus, it helps that I was funding this trip. If you do well, in January, you will be taken on a one month student exchange trip to Japan.
Class: WHAT?!
York: Well now, are we ready to get cracking?

(Almost immediately, every student has their notebooks opened, primed & ready.)

York: Stupid question.

End of Verse 1

Announcer: And now, ladies & gentlemen, it's time for the first (of sadly many) end of chapter specials! Introducing your host, Dani Fenton!!!

(Dani skates in)

Dani: Hey folks! I'm Dani, you know, the 'little' version of Danny Phantom! I'm here to star in a series of nonsense end chapter fillers with this lazy goof here. (Points to me, who is typing and eating ramen noodles.)
Me: I ain't lazy! I just have an irregular release timetable.
Dani: You have yet to finish the Timmy x Tootie trilogy! And is it me or has any one notice something ODD about the name of the professor?
Me: It is nothing.
Dani: But...
Dani: Right. (sweat drops) The inspiration behind this was your love of the show, right? That's dedication.
Me: Yeah, but there was also influence from 'Shaman King' and 'Bleach' although the Shaman King refs are damn easy to spot. The 'Bleach' inspiration is kinda more in the character development. You'll see that certain people will have themselves put in more, in my words, unique circumstances.
Dani: Translation, Tucker's gonna get a girlfriend & Danny may get laid.
Me: HEY!!! Danny ain't getting laid her. DarkDp has already got that end locked up. (DarkDP hands me a 20)
DarkDP: Thank you for the continued sponsorship.
Dani: Hey, it says here that Kwan will be featured in the second half of the series.
Me: Yup. Certain characters will appear quite often. Some other ghosts will make short cameo appearances. (On cue, Box Ghost emerges from the nearby discarded box of ramen.)
B. Ghost: Beware! For I, am the Box Ghost & I will strike terror in the hearts of all Japanese students! I will reign over all cube shaped objects in the land of the Rising Sun and-
Me: One of us happens to know a shingami named Rukia who can very easily send you into Hell with a mere word. If you like the Ghost Zone & don't want an immediate relocation to the nether realm, LEAVE.
B. Ghost: I'll be making my exit now.
Dani: Well, until next time.

In the next chapter: Dani Phantom returns! Danny Phantom saves Dani from Valerie Grey! The Men in White make plans to destroy the Ghost Zone! And Valerie may or may not do something that can get her in trouble with the wrong kinds of people...

Theme Songs for 'Getting Familiar':

'Ten in 2010'-Bad Religion
'You've Got Another Thing Coming'-Judas Priest
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