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Verse 2: The Kids Are Alright

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Dani returns to town, Valerie is becoming more and more dangerous, The Guys in White plot and Tucker...well, he's not too important to this chapter.

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Danny Phantom: Fanning the Flames Remix

By Kairi Taylor

Verse 2: The Kids Are Alright

(Fade in to Valerie Gray, standing in a long, dimly lit corridor, dressed in her ghost hunter uniform from "Flirting With Disaster." Across from her, crouched on the floor and in pain is Danny Phantom. He clutches his ribs as he looks up at Valerie. Valerie's uniform has many rips ands tears and the helmet is gone. A rifle is in her hands.)

Valerie: (V.O.) My name is Valerie Gray...and up until this moment, my sole purpose in life was to hunt all ghosts. It was all I cared for, it was my meaning....

(At this point, Ember arrives, standing in front of Danny, guitar raised.)

Valerie: (V.O.) I had believed that it was because of them, my life was ruined. I lost my friends, my way of life, my value because of them. My rage knew no bounds, I had only one wish. To destroy them. Every single one of them. Especially the one known as Danny Phantom. But my hatred came at a price. I had given up many things in my hunt, including the love of a boy in my class. I didn't want to hurt him because of what I wanted to do. I believed by doing this I would be protecting him. I was wrong though, and knew I hurt him. But I never knew just how badly I had hurt him.

(Suddenly, Danny slumps down to the ground. He reverts back to Danny Fenton right before Valerie's eyes.)

Valerie: (V.O.) And it was at this point in my was then I was taught just how close to the edge my hatred had taken me.

(24 hours Casper High, Danny is sitting at the library, reading a selection from The Canterbury Tales. Kwan walks by, notebook in hand.)

Kwan: Fenton? Whoa, never thought I'd see you in here.

Danny: Yeah, blame it on Lancer. I need to submit a 5 page essay on the Miller's Tale and...wait, are you willingly talking to me?

Kwan: Oh c'mon, not all of us football players are so bad.

Danny: In 9th grade, you dropped a frog down my pants.

Kwan: True, but I don't get violent. That's just going over the line. Besides, I've been thinking about some stuff. Ever since we went to that job expo last week, so many different thoughts began popping up in my head.

Danny: I know, the 'Nasty Burger' presentation scared me to death too.

Kwan: Brrr...I kind of wondered what I could do beyond football, so I took my dad's advice & just thought about what interested me.

Danny: My dad said the same thing too, but he's been very unsubtle about me running the ghost-hunting business when he retires.

Kwan: That sounds ok.

Danny: I don't know. Look at me, do I look like the type to go dashing all over the place & hunt down poltergeists.

Kwan: Oh come on Danny! Remember when you organized that rescue of our parents? I know not that many people didn't want to admit it, but you were a great leader back then. The attack you came up with was brilliant. Just be glad the Ghost Kid saved you though.

Danny: But you saw how quickly everything went back to normal. As soon as we all saved our folks, it went back to 'Danny's the odd man out, let's torment him.'

Kwan: Yeah, I know. But I think it's only because you keep to yourself so much. Sam and Tucker are cool and all, but between the 3 of you, at least Sam's the most expressive of your group. You gotta come out of the shell one way or another. (Kwan walks off.)

Danny: Wow...something oddly inspiring...from Kwan. Man, growing up really is weird sometimes.

(In the teacher's lounge, York enters and finds himself face to face with a rather angry Mrs. Tetslaff. Lancer sits at the table nearby, enjoying a ice tea)

Tetslaff: A word with you, Mr. York!

York: My Jedi premonitions served me well: I thought I sensed a disturbance.

Tetslaff: How can you possibly make my star athlete spend the entire weekend doing an algebra report?

Lancer: Have you seen the boy's grades in math? Even I wasn't that bad at his age.

York: Aside from that, his GPA is pitiful. His athletic prowess is the only thing keeping it where it is, so I thought studying algebra would be a good start.

Tetslaff: I wouldn't be so bent out of shape about it if it meant that he had to miss the game last Friday.

Lancer: Yes, heaven forbid our beloved Ravens lose a game. We won even without Baxter. All is right with the world.

Tetslaff: Yeah yeah, whatever, but who knows how much longer we can keep this up while Dash misses crucial games.

York: Uh, he's only missed one game.

Tetslaff: For now. And thanks to you, I nearly got chewed out by his father.

York: Mr. Baxter gave you the business, huh? I didn't think clamping down on bullying would be so troubling.

Tetslaff: His father's lousy stinking rich, so we've been handling the boy with kids gloves ever since he came here. I don't need to remind you about the funding most of our programs need. I know how you feel about the welfare of our students, but...

York: Aw, trust me already will you? We need to let these kids know just what kind of a world is waiting for them when they graduate.

Lancer: Besides, Baxter's not the only one who is lousy stinking rich.

Tetslaff: What, you win the lottery or something? That must mean Hell is a Popsicle stand now.

Lancer: Actually, I was referring to York. Guess where he lives?

York: 19-77 Castle Rock Lane, on the corner of Koontz & Bachman.

Tetslaff: You live THERE?! In that mansion?!

York: Well, I did do quite a bit before I was a teacher here.

Lancer: Specifically, he is an archeologist, a genetic engineer and owner of one of the largest research labs in the world. And he did this all before he was 20.

York: Being a child genius gave me quite a bit of free time.

Tetslaff: And now you are teaching. Must be dull walking around dusty old ruins.

York: Nah, it has it's benefits. Well, I'm off. I have an important appointment to keep.

Lancer: You never mentioned you knew the Fentons in college. What were they like?

York: Hmm? Oh, same as always. Maddie was committed to her research and studying. She was always very thorough that one. And Jack...

Lancer & Tetslaff: Wouldn't shut up about ghosts.

York: Bingo. The man has a sound mind. Now if it wasn't so jumbled.

(Sam's house. Sam is in her room, crouched in the Lotus position, meditating. Ember floats by, a armful of food in her hands.)

Ember: Hey, doesn't that stiffen your muscles or something?

Sam: No...not anymore at least. And at least-HOLY CRAP! Is that from the fridge?!

Ember: Yeah. That a problem?

Sam: Very. I was wondering just why my mom kept on asking so many questions about my figure!

Ember: Sorry, can't help it if I have a big appetite. (Gulps down a huge turkey.) Drumstick?

Sam: I'll pass.

Ember: You gotta eat something kiddo, you've been meditating at least 2 hours now. Body needs something to fuel it.

Sam: This whole shaman deal isn't easy you know. The professor said our initial transformation only lasts for 15 minutes, so I have to work on increasing my mana.

Ember: Hence the meditation. Well, at least you got some use out of all those crazy books you keep on buying at the Goth Bookstore.

Sam: This won't be another one of your tirades against Goth culture, will it?

Ember: All I was saying is that Goth is not as anti-establishment as you think it is.

Sam: Do tell. And just how much training have you done in the past few days anyway? Every time I see you, you've been lounging about or nose deep in your sheet book.

Ember: Oh, I train in the night. Contrary to popular belief, all my best efforts get done in the wee hours o' the morn'. Course, I could just slack off and party my brains out, but I won't get any stronger that way. Man, what a boring cycle.

Sam: Could be worse. You could be stuck with the Box Ghost as a sparring buddy.

Ember: Actually, his nickname is 'Bullseye' because of the fact that every ghost & ghost hunter use him as target practice.

(Nearby Casper High. Star is walking by herself, a couple of books in her hands, when Tucker runs up alongside her.)

Tucker: Hey, Star, wait up!!

Star: I'm not in the mood for one of your lame attempts at asking me out Foley! Lancer wants me to finish this book report by tomorrow & I've got a research paper on Oda Nobunaga due in York's class by next Friday!

Tucker: That's why I need you. Do you think you can give me a copy of your notes from today's class.?

Star: Oh, yeah, sure. The library has enough copying machines as it is. Why don't you ask Danny or Sam?

Tucker: Danny's stuck in school & Sam, busy. Some New Age Goth stuff or something.

Star: Hmm, two flavors that don't seem to go well together.

Tucker: Tell me about it. Wait, aren't you usually hanging out with Valerie, or at the very least, Paulina?

Star: Paulina's too busy primping herself to notice anyone. And Valerie, well, she hasn't been herself.

Tucker: Really?

Star: Yeah, haven't you noticed?

Tucker: We don't hang out, remember? Whole established social caste issues and such.

Star: She's kind of moody, she doesn't even try to talk to other people and she's always disappearing to do something. I've tried calling her, but I haven't seen much progress.

Tucker: Man, that does sound serious. Hope she's alright.

Star: I've known her for a long time. She's pretty stubborn, so it'll be a while before I get anything out of her.

(Sometime later, in a local café, Maddie & Jack are waiting for York to show up.)

Jack: He's late, as usual.

Maddie: Oh calm down dear, it's been, what, 10 years since we last seen Altair. We can wait a little longer.

Jack: You don't think I'd suggest we'd skip out on an old friend just to go round up some ghosts, do you?

Maddie: That's a question you do not want me to answer. (Prof. York arrives on a Vespa.)

York: Ah, sorry 'bout this, I've had to grade a paper at the last minute.

Jack: Yorkie!!! Good to see you buddy!

York: Ugh, why in the hell did I permit you to call me that.

Jack: Because the old nickname, Altie, just sounded too feminine.

York: Oh, right.

Maddie: Isn't this just a surprise? Our old classmate from college is teaching our own son!

Jack: So, are you still in pursuit of that mad quest of yours to acquire the Spear of Destiny?

York: Oh, please, don't let me start talking about that whole messy affair. The CIA still won't stop pestering me about that incident. And how was my pursuit of a important religious item any more mad than your supernatural work?

Jack: For starters, I don't have to worry about Nazi agents breathing down my neck.

York: Still bitter about the rotunda incident huh? At least Vlad got over it.

Maddie: Before this boils down into a recount of all the chaos the two of you combined made during our sophomore year, I'd like to move on to something else. Anything else. PLEASE.

Jack: You're right Maddie. So, I hear your research has been going well.

York: Oh quite, we've made progress in the secondary stage of the Wells Project. ( York holds up a folder with an odd symbol on it.) We've been able to come up with a synthetic fuel source that can give our proposed machine the power it needs to do what we think could be possible. But...

Maddie: Theoretically speaking, the laws involved in your theory could be dicey.

Jack: Anyone want to speak in plain old English?

Maddie: He's trying to develop a time machine, Jack.

Jack: Ah, that old gambit. I never figured you to be someone to meddle with the laws of time and space.

York: I'd do better trying to understand alchemy.

Jack: Been down that road. You don't want any of that.

Maddie: Trust him. There are just some practices man was never meant to pursue.

Jack: Oh, that reminds me, Damon Gray wanted to drop by later this week. You remember Damon, right Maddie?

Maddie: Oh yes, he's Valerie's father! What did he want to talk to us about?

Jack: He wants to ask me about making a version of the Fenton Cruiser for his company. (York shakes his head) What's wrong?

York: You invent something that could revolutionize travel & cut down on the dependence we humans have on fossil fuels & you use it for hunting ghosts. Jack, your potential brilliance is hampered by your zealousness.

Jack: Yorkie, ghost research is my life, you know that. Ever since I was a kid, it was always my ambition to hunt ghosts & study them.

Maddie: We have made current strides in our research. We just need a better sample of ghost DNA so that we can design a system to fully project people from a serious ghost attack.

York: Hmm, I can't deny you have made some progress...although your public disasters are a bit more prominent than your successes.

Maddie: Mr. Lancer?

York: Oh yeah. That man has stories.

Jack: I'm sure that man has a grudge against the best known ghost hunter in all of the world. That's the only reason I can think of why he leans so much on Danny.

York: Ok, one, that man is hard on your son because of your over eagerness for the supernatural. Two, all the known ghost hunters in the world are incredibly stupid, glory hogging idiots who haven't even caught a ghost, so please don't insult yourself & loop yourself in that circle and three, the ghost hunters I know about may be more dangerous than the ghosts themselves.

Maddie: You must mean...this person. (Maddie holds up a picture of Valerie Gray, in her ghost hunter uniform.)

Jack: Whoever that person is, he or she is a real fireball.

York: This 'fireball' as you so well put it destroyed half of a lab of mine in Arkham while hunting a ghost.

Jack: I'm sure your insurance will cover it.

York: Oh, totally. I just will have to take solace in the fact that the insurance money will comfort the thoughts of knowing that the process of finding the cure for cancer has been set back 50 YEARS!

Jack: Bitter much?

Maddie: What worries me is that this hunter is trying to actively kill ghosts.

York: Wait a minute, are you serious Maddie?

Jack: She's telling it to you straight, Altair. That hunter always says something about destroying all ghosts and I think that whoever it is, that person means it.

York: This is most...troublesome. Moe troublesome that your insistence to wear jumpsuits.

Jack: What's wrong with jumpsuits?

York: At least Reed Richards has a wardrobe.

(Somewhere nearby, on a rooftop, Valerie stands on her glider, checking on her scanner.)

Valerie: Well, no sign of the Ghost Kid, or any ghost for that manner. Pity, I was looking forward to using this. (Valerie taps on the barrel of a large shoulder mounted blaster she is currently carrying.) I ought to go home & study, but I've got nothing else lined up for this afternoon anyway.

(Valerie's cell phone rings.)

Valerie: Hello? Oh hi, no, just hanging out right now, nothing else...She called? Oh must be about the notes I need?...Yeah, I'll try to talk to her soon...No, I'm not doing that...Ok, I'll pick some up on the way home. Love you, too. (Clicks the cell phone off.) Sheesh, wish he'd just give me some space already, I mean at least try to-hello, what's this? (Examines her scanner.) I've got a target. This time, I hope it ain't another Box Ghost.

(In the kitchen of the café, the chef and his assistant are preparing more food.)

Chef: Hey, is that rib-eye done?

Assistant: 1 more minute sir!! We've got 3 orders of pork chops on the way!

Chef: Good, good...strange, I could have sworn I left that plate of chicken over here.

(As the chef finishes a plate, he doesn't notice that the plate he is looking for is slowly floating past him, toward the open doorway leading to the back alley. A couple of seconds later, Dani pops into view, devouring the meal.)

Dani: Phew, thought that guy would never leave. This kind of life is rough on a growing girl. Oh well, I don't think they'll miss a plate of chicken too much.

?: That was a poor choice for a last meal.

Dani: What the---

(Dani narrowly ducks a large red blast aimed at her head. She turns to see Valerie hovering overhead, the blaster aimed squarely at her.)

Valerie: I'll spare us the witty banter portion of the fight & just kill you right now.

Dani: You're gonna have to catch me.

(Back at the front of the café, the Fentons and York get their respective orders.)

Jack: Ah, there is no finer gift to mankind than the rib eye steak!

York: You'll forgive me if I disagree. I prefer sukiyaki.

Maddie: So, tell us, York, why did you REALLY come to Amity?

York: Pardon?

Maddie: Someone as successful as you just doesn't up & decide to come to a town with it's notorious reputation as this to 'teach'.

York: Ah, you've always had a keen eye.

Maddie: Quite. This is why you could never beat me in poker.

Jack: I can, uh, attest to that. (Jack blushes deeply & giggles. York blinks in confusement at that and pauses to think...then develops a nosebleed.)

York: Right, right. The reason is quite simple...Sensei asked me to.

Maddie: Master Hamato?!

Jack: Old friend of yours?

Maddie: He was our martial arts teacher back in the day.

York: He asked me to select a class to participate in the student exchange trip this year from Amity. But the way he worded it, he may want your son to come to Japan.

Jack: Ah Japan, Land of The Rising Son, home to samurai, beef teriyaki...AND GOJIRA!!! (Hoists up a Godzilla, a.k.a. Gojira model.)

York: His dedication to monster movies is fascinating.

Jack: You can tell us all the details as I devour this juicy rib-eye.

(A giant blast of energy takes out their table.)

Jack: Ok, Cajun it is then.

York: I think our meal will have to wait!

(The three dive out of the way as Dani streaks by, with Valerie in hot pursuit.)

Maddie: Did you see that, it was a ghost!

York: And that hunter!

Jack: More importantly, those two cost me a rib-eye! (Maddie stares at Jack, her eyes narrowed.)

York: I have a few words for that hunter. (Pulls out a remote & dials a few numbers. His Vespa rolls up besides them.) Let's go.

Maddie: We'll catch up. Jack, get the cruiser!

Jack: I'm on it baby! (To waiter) I hope you don't expect me to pay for something I never ate.

Waiter: Oh, perish the thought.

(Over the skies of Amity, Dani & Valerie continue the chase. Dani is keeping herself at a good distance from Valerie, while Valerie continues to fire at her.)

Valerie: Damn it, why won't you stay still?

Dani: Duh, take a guess.

(Valerie, undaunted, presses a button on her helmet.)

Valerie: Ok then, time for sniper mode. (Her weapon transforms into a long barreled rifle. Taking careful aim, Valerie hoists the rifle and looks through the scope.) Say adios, freak.

(Valerie pulls the trigger. A small but concentrated blast is fired and hits Dani near the shoulder. In pain, Dani yells out and crashes into a few garbage cans in a back alley. Clutching her shoulder, she struggles to rise, only to find Valerie has blocked off the entranceway, holding the rifle & aiming at her head.)

Dani: What the hell was that for?

Valerie: For existing. Can't begin to tell you just how much fun this will be.

(Before she can pull the trigger, a large green blast lands in front of Valerie's feet. Danny Phantom materializes in between Dani & Valerie.)

Danny: Hey, are you alright?

Dani: Grrr...I'll manage. That really hurt.

Danny: I'll say this just once...back way from her, NOW.

Valerie: Well, isn't this precious, I finally get a chance to kill two ghosts & one of them just happens to be the very one I want. This rifle was specially designed to eat away at ghost's energy, you know. So now, I can finally be rid of scum like you.

Danny: I'm not in the mood for this, Val, & I don't like repeating myself.

Valerie: Good, because this is the last person you'll ever set eyes on.

(Suddenly, the Fenton Cruiser pulls up behind Valerie. Jack & Maddie jump out, their own respective weapons drawn.)


Danny: I'm 16 for crying out loud!

Jack: Sorry, but 'Ghost Teen' just sounds too weird!

Maddie: You & the other ghost are coming with us!

Valerie: Back off Fentons! This is my kill!

Jack: My rib-eye disagrees with you! The ghost kid is mine!

Maddie: And you have a lot to answer for, after we deal with him.

Valerie: You can have what's left of his corpse!

(Suddenly, York, in his hood & cloak, drops down from the rooftops, short staff in hand & confronts Valerie.)

York: Ease off there, young lady! No need to do something you will regret!

Jack: What the heck are YOU?

York: A man in a mask.

Jack: I can see that. I mean WHO are you?

York: A man in a mask. Rather pointless to ask him who he is. V pointed that out to Evey you know.

Maddie: Be that as it may, what are you doing here?

York: Being a responsible citizen, is all. I'm making sure this trifling little event does not escalate any more than it should & I'll start by taking the young ghost there under my care.

Valerie: I don't think so, pal!

(Valerie aims her weapon. Cocking his head to the side, York suddenly draws out a short sword from his staff, cleaves Valerie's weapon in two & sheathes it.)

York: What you think is not a matter of debate. (Walks over to Dani and picks her up.) Hmm, this wound is pretty bad I'm afraid. I'll patch it up myself.

Jack: Hey, hold on-

York: I'm sorry, we'll have to cut this short, pleasure meeting you. (From his robes, he pulls out a grappling gun & fires, ascending to the roofs while dropping a smoke bomb.)

Maddie: You're not getting away that easily! (Maddie pulls out her own grappling gun & pursues York.)

Danny: Well, that was...odd. Guess I've got no reason to fight you. (Danny flies off, just as a news report van pulls up.)

Reporter: Did you see all of that?

Cameraman: Let me see...Ghost kid, hunter clad in black, some sort of masked sword wielding monk chased by one of our cities ghost hunters...gee, I hope I didn't leave anything out!

Reporter: Jack Fenton, what just happened? Does Amity Park have another ghost hero out there? And is any of it your fault?

(Back on the rooftops, Maddie is chasing after York.)

Maddie: Hey you, stop this second & put that ghost down!

York: Why, so you can dissect her? The child needs medical help!

Maddie: I can see that but why should I trust you?

York: Have I given you reason not to?

Maddie: The sword hidden in your staff is a starter.

York: Good point.

Maddie: Look, I know my husband & I have a certain type of reputation, but I do not want to kill her. I just want to detain her for a bit, get her DNA sample on file & find a place for her where she can be safely looked after.

York: You mean studied. You & your husband seem to think that all ghosts are evil. A rather narrow view, if you ask what I think.

Maddie: You don't mince words.

York: I do believe you are somewhat sincere, but this is one case that I, a professional mage, can handle.

Maddie: Mage?

York: Yes, mage. Watch, here's a classic. (Lifts his cloak & wraps it around himself and Dani. The two disappear into thin air.)

Maddie: Oh perfect, he got away. What's this?

(Back at the Fenton Cruiser, Jack stands by as Maddie jumps down from a fire escape.)

Jack: He got away, didn't he?

Maddie: For the moment, he did. I'm sure he may show up again soon.

Reporter: He doesn't look like any sort of ghost I've ever seen. More like some kind of gothic superhero or something.

Jack: There was nothing gothic about him!

Reporter: He was dressed like a monk!

Jack: And just what, if anything about a monk screams 'gothic'?

Maddie: Jack, hon, where did that other hunter go?

(Nearby, Valerie walks past the scene, thinking to herself.)

Valerie: Well, that was out of the ordinary. The Ghost Kid, that bumbling Jack Fenton I can handle. The guy in the cloak & hood, he could be a problem. And who was that girl, she looked almost like him...He got a sister or something? (A large white van pulls up alongside Valerie. The side door opens & the Guys in White step out.)

GIW 1: Excuse me, ma'am, are you Ms. Valerie Gray?

GIW 2: Sole daughter of Damon Gray?

Valerie: Oh perfect, two ghost hunters that are worse than Jack Fenton. What do you clowns want?

GIW 1: We merely wish to propose a deal with you, young lady.

GIW 2: You are, after all, a highly effective hunter yourself.

GIW 1: And if you join up with us, you'll have a chance to help us put an end to ghost activity permanently.

Valerie: I've heard that speech before. What makes you think I want to help you?

GIW 1: Because unlike the rest of our former associates, we acknowledge a legitimate threat when it rears it's ectoplasmic head.

GIW 2: And since we are unhampered by 'regulations' and 'codes', we can really bust some heads.

Valerie: ...keep talking.

(Elsewhere, on a quiet road, Danny catches up to Sam & Tucker.)

Danny: This is the first time I ever wanted to visit a teacher's home. I still can't believe anyone would want to live out here.

Sam: Dark, dreary, devoid of any flowers or bright colorful fauna...I like his tastes.

Tucker: It's also pretty expensive.

Danny: Here it is.

(The house in question resembles a cross between the Addams mansion & Wayne Manor. A large statue of a wolf has been placed at the gates to the area. Sam sees an intercom and presses a button.)

York's Voice: Hullo, is that who I think that is?

Danny: Your choice in living quarters sure is...unique.

York's Voice: Yup, it's you. Come on in.

(The gate swings open.)

Tucker: I can only imagine what is inside the mansion.

(The mansion interior. With the exception of several display cases that adorn the main hall, there is nothing particularly odd.)

Tucker: Only you would have a front hall dedicated to showing off all the junk you find on a dig.

York: What, ancient civilizations always fascinated me.

Tucker: Hence the need for showing guests a real life mummy. (Tucker points to display case next to broom closet.)

Danny: I'm sure there's a funny story behind that, but we'll talk about it later. We just want to make sure Dani is fine.

York: Of course that is understandable. Follow me; I'll take you to the medical lab.

(York leads the group through the mansion. As they pass through one particularly large room, roughly 3 stories in height, Ember emerges from the amulet and whistles.)

Ember: Whoa, this is a bookworm's fetish come to life.

Danny: You're a bit obsessive about books, don't you think?

York: Rare books are a hobby of mine. A lot of these are magical in nature. You could learn all about performing spells & stuff from them.

Tucker: Even love spells?

Ember: He said spells, not Acts of God.

(The group enters the medical lab, where Dani, who has since reverted to her human form, is sitting up on a bed, playing with a Nintendo DS. A large bandage is wrapped around the area where Valerie shot her.)

York: And here she is, all patched up.

Dani: Anyone bring the nachos?

York: Although her hunger issues haven't improved.

Ember: Hey, is she your sister or something?

Danny: Sort of. It's a bit complicated.

Sam: Vlad had a hand in this.

Ember: Meh, figures.

Tucker: Just as long as she doesn't get us all into any more disasters, I'll be happy.

Dani: Yeah, nice to see you too Tucker. I'd care if I wasn't too busy having Sanji kick Sasuke's butt!

Tucker: Oh really? (whips out a DS of his own.) My team of Kazuki & Yugi say otherwise!

Danny: Before you two engage in a manga battle of the ages, I wanna know what's been up with you lately.

Dani: Well, I've been traveling across the country a lot these days, you know, just chilling. I came into town to see how you were doing. Oh, and I kinda need a loan.

Danny: Ah, of course. Then Valerie got in the way.

Dani: Yeah, & that weapon of hers hurt like hell.

Ember: I've had quite a few run-in's with her too. She's not really a 'people person' if you want my opinion.

Sam: Yeah, but this big lug was head over heels for her.

Ember: Say what? Those two?

Dani: Your choice in women is poor.

Danny: Hey, it's not like she knows about my secret identity or anything.

Ember: Yeah but...I STILL can't see it. I mean, yeah, you & Sam would make a better couple, you are both moody...

Danny & Sam: NO WE ARE NOT!

Tucker: It's inevitable.

Ember: Totally.

York: This Valerie situation will have to be taken care of. I'm positive that now your, er, sister is here she'll be looking for both of you.

Danny: Uh, hate to break it to you, but I think she's not the only one to be worried about. (Points to TV.)

Reporter: Amity Park is abuzz with news of yet another supernatural hero's appearance. As you can see here, this unknown cloaked being, now dubbed 'The Gothic Monk' was recorded coming to the aid of Amity's own ghost kid & escaping with yet another ghost, all within a span of 2 minutes. We interviewed local ghost hunters Jack and Maddie Fenton about the case.


Maddie: What my husband was TRYING to say is that this 'monk' clearly sees himself as some sort of peacekeeper, but he may have mixed himself in with the wrong crowd. For now, I will concentrate on locating & identifying this man so we can get a clue on what he really wants.

Sam: Gothic Monk? That's lame!

York: Well this is just great.

Danny: I know, my own mom wants to hunt you down.

York: No, I mean now I have to come up with a superhero name & take care of a kid. My list of chores is getting longer.

Dani: Hey, don't worry, I can take care of myself. (Dani winces as she grips her shoulder.)

Danny: No, you need to stay here & get better. And for now, I guess it's just better if you stay in your human form.

Tucker: In the meantime, you can focus on me kicking your butt with Yugi!

Dani: Yoh says otherwise. (Danny notices that Ember is staring at a raven, which has perched itself on a nearby window sill.)

Danny: Huh, a raven. What is it doing here?

Ember: If I told you, you'd freak.

Danny: Really?

Sam: The question is, do we WANT to know?

York: (thinking to himself) Ember's noticed it too. That must mean Valerie is in danger. (Turning to Sam & Ember) Ok, you two come with me to the library. The shaman training for today will take place there.

Ember: Oh couldn't this wait until tomorrow? Monsters of Metal is on!

Sam: And Goth Maidens premieres tonight!

York: It won't take too long, trust me!

(The next day, at Danny's house. Danny is talking on his cell phone with Jazz)

Danny: So basically, Mom doesn't know that her pal from college is some sort of mage training me, & my ex seems to have figured out a way to kill ghosts. I bet Spider Man doesn't have problems like this.

Jazz: There's something about our family that just begs for all sorts of weird attention. And this Prof. York, I've heard a lot about him.

Danny: You mean aside from the filthy rich part?

Jazz: Mom & Dad didn't talk too much about him. I mean, they are on good terms, but he's been known to disappear every now & then. If he's a mage, like he says he is, something must have been keeping him busy.

Danny: Jazz, can you do me a favor & look up anything you can connecting the supernatural & ravens? Ember saw one yesterday & looked pretty weird about it.

Jazz: Ember, huh? You're not choosing her over Sam now, are you?

Danny: Hardy har har.

(A short time later, Danny is flying off to school)

Danny: I wanted to go on ahead with Sam & Tucker, but I got to catch up on my paper for Lancer. Guess a quick flight to school can't hurt.

(Suddenly sensing danger, Danny narrowly avoids being hit by a barrage of blasts from Valerie's rifle.)

Danny: Spoke too soon!

Valerie: Miss me?

Danny: Not yet...

(Danny lobs a blast at one of the engines on Valerie's glider, dismantling it long enough for him to make a break for it. Nearby, the GIW monitor their activities.)

GIW 1: The Ghost Kid is in range.

GIW 2: Time to spring the trap. (Reaches into his jacket & withdraws a black remote.)

GIW 1: Black?

GIW 2: Not everything has to match.

(The remote is activated. A garbage can lid lifts up and pair of bolos shoot out, wrapping themselves around the fleeing Danny.)

Danny: Crud, guess I'll be late for English class. (Valerie appears overhead, her gloves glowing crimson red.)

Valerie: Tag, you're it.

(Valerie hammers into Danny with a series of hard punches, which give him massive amounts of shocks throughout his body. The last punch sends him flying into a brick wall of an abandoned building. Danny slowly rises to his feet, but then a large blue column surrounds him, freezing him in place.)

GIW 1: Ghost Kid is secured! Repeat we have secured the Ghost Kid.

GIW 2: Good work, Gray.

Valerie: I still think you should let me finish the job.

GIW 1: Patience, Gray. We just completed Phase 1. We now set Phase 2 into motion.

(Later, at Amity High, Tucker is using his cell phone to make a call.)

Tucker: I don't understand, what's going on? It's not like him to leave his phone off (Star walks towards Tucker, her mood somewhat sour.)

Star: Tucker...

Tucker: Whoa, you called me by my first name...and you're willingly talking to me. This is a real odd day.

Star: Tell me about it. I just got off the phone with Val. She almost practically tore my head off.

Tucker: Val? She's your best friend! Why would she do that?

Star: I don't now. She just tore into me, said I was nothing more than a leech riding off the coattails of anyone who's popular & that she was sick of hanging out with me! All I did was just try to get her to come to the mall with for a smoothie like always!

Tucker: Oh man, sorry about that. There must be some reason why she did that.

Star: I think I know. You know that ghost hunter that keeps popping up?

Tucker: Uh...I'm vaguely familiar.

Star: She's that hunter. She told me a year ago. This whole business with ghost hunting, it's doing something to her. She's become obsessed. It just hurts to see her acting like this, Tucker, & I'm afraid she's done something real bad.

Tucker: (sighs) Well, if I can find Danny, maybe we all can sit down and have some sort of chat with her. In the meantime, I think we should tell Mr. Lancer or Prof. York.

Star: Oh, you're looking for Danny? I found this in the park nearby. Tell him to be more careful with his stuff. (Star hands over Danny's backpack)

Tucker: Uh oh.

(Later, the group all meet in York's den at his mansion. York is at his desk, hands clasped as he is deep in thought.)

Ember: He got caught? Man, that dipstick is just so careless.

Sam: And it looks like Valerie is the culprit. We gotta find them.

Tucker: Easier said than done. (Holds up PDA) I can't get a lock on his location anywhere with this. It's like his ecto signature vanished off the face of the Earth.

Ember: I say we go over to her dad's lab & bust some heads.

York: If I thought Damon had a hand in this, I'd agree. But I've hacked into the security system in Axion Labs & from the looks of it, Danny is not there. Something is definitely wrong. (A buzzer on his desk goes off.) Huh?

Tucker: What's that?

York: I'm getting someone on my private line. Look, stay right where you are & don't make a sound. (sighs and adjusts his glasses.) Computer, activate view screen & accept incoming transmission.

(The view screen flicks on. York is confronted by 2 of the GIWs and a third, bearded individual with a Class-A uniform, also all white.)

?: Prof. Altair York, how good to meet you again.

York: General Harker, this is a private line reserved only for me and my staff in York Labs. What is the meaning of this?

Harker: Consider this a business call, York. Or should we call you The Gothic Monk?

York: Excuse me?

Harker: We have been monitoring most of your activities since you moved in. The government has quite a file on you. The students in your world history class would be shocked to know all about that nasty business you had with the Necromancer a short time back. Do they even know about the incident involving Excalibur?

York: State your business General. I have papers to grade.

Harker: Of course you do. There's someone I want you to meet. (The screen turns to show Danny, being held in a stasis tube.) The Ghost Kid, in the flesh so to speak.

York: What in the---

Harker: My demands are simple, York. My boys are almost complete with The Geist Project. All we need is for you to come in & finish the job for us. You have until twelve midnight.

York: What you're proposing is barbaric.

Harker: What I am proposing is a life or death choice, his in case you are addled. Good day. (The screen goes blank.)

Tucker: Bad news, I'll assume.

York: Dire. The Guys in White have Danny. No doubt Valerie is with them now.

Sam: You mean we're going up against the government?

York: No, not really.

Tucker: The government cut all ties with them some time ago. There were charges of corruption & abuse of power.

York: They became a privately owned ghost extermination agency, under the watch of Gen. Percival Harker, a man who was discharged after one of the most disastrous black ops missions cost the lives of almost all of his team members.

Ember: And let me guess, he was the creator of the Geist Project.

York: Oh yeah.

Sam: Humor us, just what does he want with you?

York: Simply put, he wants me to arm a bomb, teleport it into the Ghost Zone & detonate it, wiping it out completely.

Ember: And that would be bad.

Tucker: How bad?

Ember: End of the world bad. End of life in this universe as we know it bad. End of our reality bad.

Tucker: Oh great, the world will end right before I get my first kiss.

Sam: No, we're gonna save Danny & stop those goons in white, once and for all. (Slams fist into hand.)

Ember: What's the plan?

York: Come on, to the library!

(The group walk into the library. York approaches a column and puts his palm to it.)

York: Ok kids, stand back, I'm opening up the doors.

Tucker: Doors?

(A large panel in the center of the floor slides open to reveal a set of spiraling staircases leading down into the lower levels.)

Sam: Yup, doors.

Ember: Ohh, very Batman. Just promise us you won't give us latex suits with nipples.

York: Do not get me started.

(Later that night, on the outskirts of Amity, York arrives at the GIW base, in full gear. Attached to his ear is a Comm. Link.)

York: Ok, I'm approaching the gate. You guys fine in there?

Sam: Slightly cramped in the front, but otherwise, we're cool.

Ember: Hey, you sure this is a good idea? The van could be seen...

York: As long as the camo-system is on, no eyes, human or otherwise, will pick you up. And the shielding will make Ember undetectable. Remember your roles?

Sam: Wait until you give the signal, then come in guns ablazing.

Ember: We bust some heads and Foley stays with the van. Let's make this quick. I can just catch the replay of Metal Health if we play this right.

(York walks towards the gate and is confronted by two guards.)

Guard 1: Hold it right there.

Guard 2: Hand over the staff.

York: Sorry, no. I'm rather fond of it. (As one guard grabs his arm, York quickly grabs his wrist, twists & taps him on a spot on his neck, rendering him unconscious. As the other guard goes for his radio, York swiftly moves to his location & swiftly hits him on the back of the neck with a palm strike.) Ok, gentlemen, enjoy the nap. I need to speak with your boss. (The ID cards are taken. York then goes to a computer terminal & attaches a device into the USB port.) Alright Tucker, it's in.

Tucker: Thanks. I'll be able to access the base's security system here. I'll download the map first.

York: I'll head to the main lab. Danny should be there.

(Inside the GIW Main lab. It is a large, 2 story section, filled with various monitoring equipment and work benches. Various vehicles hang from the ceilings. In the center of the room is a large rectangular white case. The two GIW agents and Gen. Harker stand next to it. In the back of them is their version of a Ghost Portal, but not operational)

GIW 1: We've lost contact with the guards at the gate about 20 minutes ago.

GIW 2: That must mean he's here. Request permission to file requisition form to gather a search party to-

Harker: Will you stop with the red tape crap already? I know he's here. He'll come to us, don't worry.

(The lab doors open. York, carrying a sub sandwich and a can of soda, walks in.)

York: I've got to say, your cafeteria is pretty nice. The vegetables, though, need to be fresher.

GIW 1: What's with the ridiculous outfit?

York: Business wear.

Harker: Enough idle talk. You know what we want from you.

York: First, where is Danny Phantom?

Harker: Your sentimental feelings for the enemy were always bothersome. (A panel in the floor slides open & Danny, still trapped in the stasis tube, is shown.) There he is, more or less in pristine condition. Our newest agent doesn't seem to have any problems holding back. Not that I have a problem with it.

York: I do, on the other hand. I don't particularly like when someone like you gets his mitts into any of my students.

Harker: She was never yours to begin with; we presented her with an opportunity & she picked up on it. But this isn't about her, professor. Did you bring the item I want?

(York, with eyes carefully fixed on Harker, pulls out from his side pouch a black box.)

GIW 2: Is that what we think it is?

York: Indeed. When I heard about Valerie's weapon, I thought something was suspicious.

Harker: Yes, we sent her father a sample of the mineral as a 'gift'.

York: The weapons that the Fentons & Valerie employ uses energy to neutralize ghosts & send them right back into the Ghost Zone. But the radiation that this mineral has, it eats energy of all forms, even spectral energy. It would kill a ghost, if enough of it was used.

Harker: I know. Don't bore me with some lecture about how we should respect all life. You know as well as I do the problems ghosts represent. We need a more permanent solution to this.

York: And your solution just happens to involve destroying an entire dimension. Pity.

Harker: Professor, you have the last known sample of that mineral in your hands. We have someone who you apparently think is worth saving. Which is more important, the life of one freak or the lives of the entire human race?

York: Both. (York's hand glows red. Harker smiles as side doors open and various agents, armed with rifles, swarm the area and aim at him.)

Harker: Never underestimate the might of military muscle, professor. You should know that.

York: Harker, are you familiar with the words 'kaerb selifir'! (Immediately , all the rifles in the room blow up.)

GIW 1: What did he just-that's impossible.

Harker: He's a mage! He knows all sorts of spells to control a situation. But I doubt he has the hand to hand abilities to take on all of us.

York: Tucker, that's your cue!

(In the van, Tucker grips the steering wheel.)

Tucker: Finally, all those sessions of Burnout and Crazy Taxi finally pay off!

Ember: I hope the insurance is paid up.

(Tucker slams his foot down on the pedal. The van, which has now decloaked, bursts through the base wall, racing down a long corridor.)

Tucker: Hey, there's the lab. Get ready!

Sam: Here we come Danny!

Ember: Ok kiddo, let's see if you can steal the show. (Ember transforms into spirit ball form & Sam fuses with her. The van breaks through the wall of the lab, parking right next to York.)

York: Smooth, kid.

Harker: What in the hell...

York: This is what we call an ambush. (The van door slides open. Sam, in full blown shaman warrior mode, leaps out, her fists lit with a blue flame. The black guitar is strapped to her back) So, how long can you last in that mode?

Sam: Give us 20 minutes. That should be more than enough time.

(A blast from above separates York & Sam. Valerie flies overhead, her rifle aimed at them.)

Sam: Ok, new plan. You take care of them, I'll deal with the ghost hater.

York: I can do that.

Valerie: I don't know who you are, and frankly, I don't give a damn. I'm gonna enjoy taking you down.

Sam: My sentiments exactly. (Sam grabs the guitar.)

Harker: Guards, take care of him. NOW!!!

(Several guards surround York. York stands steady, not moving a muscle. As one closes in, he uses his staff to hit the attacker on the side of the head with a quick strike and uses the momentum to knock out the next one.)

York: That was pretty basic.

(The guards all decide to switch tactics and surround York in a circle. As they all close in to attack, York smiles underneath his hood and acts, wiping them all out in a series of strikes, feints and blows with his staff. As the two GIWs & Harker look on, York makes short work of the main attackers, then turns to face them.)

York: Ok boys, who wants a go at me?

(Meanwhile, Sam & Valerie face off. Valerie uses her rifle to fire several blasts at Sam, who uses her guitar to redirect & bat away the attacks.)

Valerie: Pretty good. Too bad this isn't baseball!

Sam: Man, that rifle of yours is annoying! (Dives down behind a crate.) And that glider of hers, that has just got to go.

(Sam turns a dial on the guitar, dashes out & strums a chord. A crescent shaped blade flies out and clips off the boosters of Valerie's glider. Valerie leaps off of the glider as it crashes, rolling on the floor. As she stands upright, Sam kicks the rifle out of her hands.)

Sam: Hand to hand, you and me. Got a problem with it?

Valerie: No. I'm going to do with you what I did to the Ghost Kid.

Sam: Poor choice of words. (Valerie activates her gauntlets as Sam powers up her fists with flames.)

(York and the two GIWs face off.)

GIW 1: Give it up York!

GIW 2: Unlike our compatriots, we've had extensive training in hand to hand martial arts.

GIW 1: You are quite simply outclassed.

York: Really? Let's see then. (Assumes a relaxed stance.)

(The first GIW attacks. York quietly ducks and parries away every fast punch headed his way. At one point, a punch to the face is countered as York grabs GIW 1's arm & tosses him over his shoulder. GIW attempts to surprise him with a savage spinning roundhouse, but York merely grabs his ankle and uses the momentum to make GIW 2 land flat on his back. GIW tries again, but his lunging hook is countered as York grabs his wrist, twists it & pushes him down to the ground with a palm thrust.)

GIW 1: He's...good...

GIW 2: I agree...

York: Akido, gentlemen. Read up on it. Let me show you what I've learned from studying kung fu.

(As the two GIW's prepare to do a synchronized attack, York quickly moves. Ducking under GIW 1's side kick, he leg sweeps him and strikes him in several points on his chest and back before he hits the ground using two fingers on his right hand. GIW 2 fares no better. He goes for a backhand, but York parries, grabs GIW 2's arm and spins him around before using both hands to strike certain pressure points on his body, rendering him unconscious.)

York: And then, there was one.

Harker: Hold it right there! (pulls a small remote out.) That stasis tube has a secondary mode. I press this button and I will inject enough chemicals into the boy's body to send him into cardiac arrest! Stand down!


(Sam & Valerie continue to fight it out, landing and countering blow after vicious blow. At one point, Valerie knees Sam in the abs, sending her to one knee.)

Valerie: Is that all you've got?

Sam: No,

(Valerie raises her hands to deliver a haymaker. Sam lashes out, creating a flame whip to destroy the helmet Valerie has on. Valerie is knocked to the floor.)

Sam: Your that you can't just relax.

York: It's over, Harker. You've lost & the authorities are on the way.

Harker: Didn't you here what I said. I'll destroy the boy!

York: I've had a pal of mine hack into the security grid. Press that button and you'll get a very unpleasant surprise.

(Harker, unphased presses the button. A net launches out from the van & wraps around Harker, tying him up neatly.)

York: They never listen. (The stasis field is deactivated and Danny stumbles out.)

Danny: Wow, what I'd miss.

York: Just the rescue mission. You ok?

Danny: I' fine. Valerie packs a real punch.

York: Sam, and Ember to be precise, pack a bigger punch. (Points to Sam, who is standing over the prone Valerie.) Sam's ability to channel Ember's power is impressive for a rookie. She has used moves that would take a novice months to come up with.

Danny: Wow, she looks smoking. I guess that's because her fists are on fire. (Sam turns & sees Danny)

Sam: Great, you're ok! Man, you had us worried. (Goes to walk over to Danny. Valerie, quickly, leaps back up & goes for her rifle.)

Valerie: I'm gonna kill you...I'M GONNA KILL ALL OF YOU!


(As Valerie grabs her rifle, Danny, exerting more energy than usual, dashes towards her. Valerie raises her rifle, but Danny is faster & manages to tackle her. The impact is hard as both go right through a nearby wall.)

Sam: Danny!! Ugh...(Sam is forced to her knees as Ember is separated from her.)

Ember: Hey, what gives?

York: You exerted more energy than you thought with that last minute attack.

Sam: Gah...I'm fine. Danny's in trouble.

Ember: I'll get him. (Ember flies off.)

York: Tucker, has my guest arrived yet?

Tucker: He's at the gate now.

(And so, we are back at where we started. Valerie has a rifle and stares at Danny.)

Danny: sure know how to show a guy a fun time.

Valerie: Shut up. It's all your fault I'm like this you know.

Danny: Excuse me?

Valerie: Everything that happened...all of it...your fault...

(Ember appears, standing between Danny & Valerie)

Ember: Blah blah blah, I hate all ghosts, you ruined me, I must have my vengeance, man this is why I can't stand most of the anti-heroes.

Valerie: It's because of you I lost all my friends! It's because of you I pushed aside the one person I truly loved. You'll pay. For all of it. BOTH OF YOU WILL PAY!

Danny: Oh man...I don't...feel so good...

(Danny slumps to the ground & reverts back to his human form. Valerie gasps in shock.)

Valerie: Huh...I-I don't understand...

Danny: I should think it's...pretty obvious...right now, don' agree..?

Valerie: It's not-a trick! IT'S ALL A TRICK!!! (York appears behind Valerie.)

York: No tricks Val. This is who Danny is

Valerie: No, it's not right...I wanted to protect him...but he-he's the one...

York: Listen, Valerie...

Valerie: NO!!! (Raises rifle. York already has his sword at her throat.)

York: No young woman, for once in your life you WILL listen. (Removes his hood.) You've been obsessed with killing ghosts & Danny for the last 2 years of your life, and in that time you managed to do more harm to your life than any of the damage you imagined the ghosts did. Ghosts did not shun you because you were no longer rich. Ghosts did not drive you and Danny apart. Ghosts did not make you turn your back on the one friend who managed to stay loyal to you. It was you who made that choice because you didn't know how to control your hatred. And right now, you were going to make another mistake. We can all help you, but you'll have to learn to let go. Because if you don't, you will make a mistake. You will no longer be a student or Amity's great ghost hunter. You will be just another killer, and I can't save killers. So, drop the rifle.

(Valerie, her hands trembling, looks at Danny, who is struggling to regain his footing. Tears welling up in her eyes, she drops the rifle & buries he face in York's chest, sobbing.)

York: Um...there there...just, er, let it out. Man, I am never ready for these moments.

Ember: I still think you went too easy on her. But hell, you went easy on me, I guess it extends to her now. But would you have...

York: A question I don't ever want to answer is best left unspoken.

Ember: Ok, Obi-Wan. I'll take dipstick here to your house.

York: Will he be fine?

Ember: Yeah, the guys taken a lot worse than this. Get him in a bed & he'll be just fine. See ya. (Ember flies off with Danny, an arm slung over her shoulders.)

York: Come on, we need to talk.

(Sometime later, as Valerie & York walk the corridors leading towards the entrance.)

York: It's a beautiful night, really. Reminds me of my home. Ah, they say you can never go home again. In my case, it's pretty tricky.

Valerie: I still can't see how you can be so calm after all that happened tonight.

York: I have enough stress as it is tutoring Dash. The boy's as sharp as a fluffy pillow.

Valerie: Heh, no argument there...

York: Ah, you cracked a smile. I was hoping you'd do that sooner or later. Every time I saw you in class, you looked so grim. I'm glad it was just the 'ghost hunter' issue & not an emo thing.

Valerie: Do you think that-

York: Danny & the others will forgive you. Star was really worried, you know, she kept on calling me & asked about my progress. SHEESH!! Never knew someone with such a loyal streak.

Valerie: Yeah, she is a good person, she's just so easily swayed by Paulina & her crew...

York: Do you still want to be friends with those kind of people so badly.

Valerie: I'm...not so sure anymore. I mean, I THOUGHT I did but right after my dad got demoted...

York: I know, they pushed you aside as if you were yesterdays news. And as soon as he got his old position back, they seemed so friendly. I hate friends like that, you know. Only liking you because you're just like them. That's what makes Danny & his pals so interesting.

Valerie: Huh?

York: Sam is also pretty stinking rich herself, but she doesn't hang out with Danny & Tucker because they are like her. She's with them because they're genuinely cool people in their own way. The world needs more people like that.

Valerie: Yeah, I see what you mean now...I guess that's why I fell in love with him. I remember what is was like trying to make ends meet. I learned to respect other people after that, but that old desire got the best of me. So...what now?

York: Just start over. You made some mistakes, it's not the end of the world...actually, this time, it really COULD have been the end of the world.

Valerie: I take it you'll explain it to me.

York: Indeed. There is a reason why I try to prevent the death of ghosts. One, it's redundant 'cause they're dead. Two it's throwing things out of balance. Ghosts exist for many reasons, be it unfinished business in their past life, unresolved emotional stress, that kind of thing. The Ghost Zone is home for these ghosts until they gain satisfaction or get exorcised. From there, they can either move on to Heaven or Hell or be eligible for reincarnation.

Valerie: Ok, but what happens to a ghost who gets killed?

York: That spirit gets sent into Limbo. And ghosts were not meant to be there. It also offsets the balance of things in the universe. Every life is monitored by beings that could be called Gods by our understanding. Only if a ghost was truly evil would killing it be understandable. And even then, such a situation normally happens under the gravest of situations. Otherwise, if you kill a ghost, that is when the Shingami will take action. The Shingami, or Grim Reapers, are sent to take the life of the offending person & send that one into limbo as well.

Valerie: Wait, back up a second. I almost DIED because of my lust to kill?

York: Yeah. And had your associates succeeded in the destruction of the Ghost Zone, the Shingami would have no recourse but to kill all of us on Earth.

Valerie: Oh man...I really did it, didn't I? (Damon appears.)

Damon: Almost. That's why I'm so glad Harker failed.

Valerie: Dad! (Valerie hugs her father.)

York: I filled your dad in on the details before I left my mansion. And he monitored our battles with the Comm. Link I had an employee give him.

Damon: This is all going to take some time to process...

Valerie: Yeah, my ex boyfriend the ghost. I'll guess his parents are unaware & we should keep this between us.

Damon: Harker doesn't know, but he knows enough about you and Sam to-

York: Do absolutely nothing. The government, it seems, didn't particularly care for his misappropriation of funds and equipment. Plus, they are also aware of the Shingami. He's looking at some serious hard time. But enough about that...Damon, just how much do you know about your employer?

(Back in the van, Sam wakes up to see Tucker at work on a console.)

Sam: Hey, I see you're getting your end of the job done.

Tucker: You won't believe the files they had on us & the entire town, it's mind boggling. They even have dirt on Dash and his family. Now it's all ours. (pats his PDA like a pet)

Sam: I trust you destroyed all those files he had on us.

Tucker: But of course.

Sam: Good, now where's Danny?

Tucker: Oh, Ember flew him back to the mansion.

Sam: Cool...wait, she WHAT?! (Stalks over to the van.)

Tucker: This won't end well.

(Somewhere over Amity, Ember is still carrying Danny.)

Ember: Odd, if I didn't know any better, I could have sworn I sensed some great evil stirring.

Danny: Uggh...what in the heck hit me...

Ember: Ah, you're awake. Can you fly on your own, I don't plan on doing this very often.

Danny: Can we just stop for a minute...I need to get my bearings...

Ember: Yeah, we can stop over there.

(Ember lands next to a tree in Amity Park. Danny slumps against a tree & Ember sits down next to him.)

Ember: Whew, what a night.

Danny: Tell me about it. Ex-girl finds out my identity, I got the snot kicked out of me, what else could go wrong?

Ember: At least your pants didn't drop.

Danny: Don't jinx me.

Ember: Just understand, I only agreed to this so that we could have our own fight when this is all over. We still have unfinished business you know, and I know you ain't the type to forget your vows.

Danny: Yeah,'s kind of hard to...(drops down, right onto Ember's legs.)

Ember: Oh great...of all the places to get tired, why there. (Sighs) What will we ever do with you.

Danny: I dunno, I have a nice view...of the moon, I mean, yeah, the moon!

Ember: Smooth recovery there, kiddo.

(The two stay like that for several minute, not speaking.)

Ember: (thinking) This is odd...I want him to get the heck like me, but I'm kinda enjoying this...

Danny: (thinking) I really...need some sleep...

Ember: Hey, c'mon, we gotta get you to York's house!

Danny: I was just...thinking...sleep...

Ember: You can do plenty of that there.

Danny: Just really nice...if we could stay like this...(Danny sleeps as Ember blushes.)

Ember: Ohhh, awkward. (Lifts Danny up & flies off to the mansion.)

(The next day, at Amity High. Star finds Valerie sitting at a park bench.)

Star: Morning.

Valerie: Morning...about yesterday...

Star: No need to apologize. York & your dad filled me in this morning. I was really worried about you.

Valerie: Yeah, and I said some things I shouldn't have said.

Star: Actually, I did give some thought about some of the stuff you said. To be quite honest...I don't know why we hang with Paulina anyway. I mean, can she ever have a conversation that isn't about how pretty she is, or how much money she spent on the newest dress? GAH!

Valerie: And to think, I wanted to be like her. (Both giggle)

Star: So, who do we hang with?

Valerie: Danny's a good start.

Star: Ugh, do we have to? The guy's WEIRD.

Valerie: Yeah, but he's got quite a few good traits.

Star: I suppose...

Valerie: This dislike you have of's because his parents burst in on your 11th birthday party & wrecked it looking for ghosts, right?

Star: You could say that...but if you think he & his friends are worth hanging out with, fine by me. (Sam arrives)

Sam: Thank you for the vote of confidence.

Valerie: And speaking of guys, what's with you and Tucker?

Star: What?

Sam: I've heard you two have been having very interesting conversations lately.

Star: It's for school purposes only!

Valerie: RIIIIIGHT...I'll bet my new job as assistant self defense teacher for Amity Hgh you'll hook up with him by senior year.

Star: Whoa, you got a new job?

Sam: Yeah, her dad doesn't want her black belt skills to go to waste, so he's assisting Prof. York with the self defense class.

Star: I wonder what else has changed in the last 2 days.

(Back in the teacher lounge, York & Lancer are having a conversation.)

Lancer: Damon's working for you, I here.

York: Yes, I asked him to head up a security project for my lab downtown. It wasn't easy luring him away from Axion, but we came to an understanding.

Lancer: It was also nice of you to get his daughter to participate in the self defense class. I take it you considered my recommendation to make Danny Fenton & his friends participate as well.

York: Danny practically jumped at the chance. I just hope some of his mother's influence rubbed off on him.

(At this point, a short, brown haired woman, wearing round glasses approaches the two.)

Woman: Excuse me, I'm looking for the school library.

York: Uh down the hall, hang a right, the stairway will lead you there. (Woman leaves) So, that's Emily Sawyer, the new assistant librarian. Cute gal...(York notices that Lancer has a goofy look on his face.

Lancer: (low voice) A Tree Grows In Brooklyn...(Danny enters)

Danny: Uh oh. This just got weird.

(End of Verse 2)

Welcome Back To Nonsense Filler Theater With Dani Phantom!

Dani: WHEW!!! What a story! (I walk in, Nintendo DS in hand)

Me: YES!!! Jump Ultimate Stars is coming soon! I keep on finding reasons to thank God for the existence of the Nintendo DS!

Dani: Hey, you folks may have noticed that we dropped a few names in one particular scene. Yugi, Yoh, Sanji, Sasuke, Kazuki...

Me: Now, if you know me, you know I am an anime/manga NUT. And you know I'm all about Weekly Shonen Jump, but one of those names you may not recognize. Kazuki to be precise. He's the name of the main character from Buso Renkin. (Jack pops in)

Jack: What is this 'Buso Renkin' you speak of? Is it a dish served chilled?

Dani: No. (Holds up a copy of Buso Renkin) Buso Renkin is a manga series drawn by the creator of Rurouni Kenshin, Nobuhiro Watsuki. It's the tale of Kazuki's fight against monsters known as homunculus using an alchemical weapon called a kakugane to fight them.

Jack: It kinda sound s like Full Metal Alchemist.

Me: It does, doesn't it? (Turns to DarkDP & Anita) Can either of you draw Dani here cosplaying as Edward Elric?

DarkDP: I dunno...

Anita: It's a bit of a toughie. (Technus floats in.)

Technus: Why not? The female whelp is short enough to play as the runt!

(Before anyone can do or say anything, Dani and Edward Elric proceed to clobber Technus.)



Jack: Should we...

Me: Walk away? Yes. Just walk...

In the next story...Danny & York want to correct the flaw in Dani's DNA, but in order to do that, they need to pay a visit to Vlad Masters. And that's when the trouble begins...

Theme Songs for 'The Kids Are Alright'

'Take No Prisoners' & 'Symphony of Destruction' -Megadeth

'She's Got Issues'- The Offspring

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