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2. A Pleasant Ride Home

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Chapter 2 of The Spirit of Alola

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My mind feels fuzzy, and I try to pull myself out of the fog with a shake of my head. We'd been bumping about in the cab for a while now, but I still couldn't pull myself out of the exhaustion-fueled haze.

I'd thought about discussing my strange over-tiredness with Kabir, but I also think I might be okay after a good long rest. Besides, knowing him, he's probably noticed. My husband may be blind, but he sees more than most.

The move to Alola was long and more complicated than any move we had made before. However, that was to be expected since we were traveling across the ocean and not just a few hours on the land.

I had spent many sleepless nights the weeks before we had even started packing to ensure all the plans for our move were set firmly into place. I wanted to be certain that the time spent after the move was more productive than our last, which had been a disaster. Kabir offered his help where he could, but his strengths lie elsewhere. Coordination and planning are areas that I am well acquainted with.

Hopefully, this will be the last move we make, I think to myself. At least, that is the plan.

We had spent a significant amount of time hunting for the perfect home, both inside and out. Of course, we needed plenty of space for the Pokemon we used for research, but we also wanted to make sure that our own Pokemon would have plenty of room to explore and stretch their legs. There was also our need for a large area for our lab, plus spare rooms for any visiting family. All this made the hunt for this very particular home a difficult one.

Hop purrs contentedly on my lap as we continue down the road, her rib cage rattling with the shifting noise and her warm body soothing, having placed her front half across my legs. I look down at her soft purple fur and gently rub my hand across it, encouraging a small mewl of pleasure from the touch. The Delcatty pushes her head up a bit to inform me that she would require more pats. I oblige with a smile.

Kabir sits next to me, with Tinsel on his left. As is typical, she is sporting her ever-present purple PokeAssist vest with the words "Do Not Battle" written in gold on a patch of black.

The blue Sylveon had her head out the open window, excitedly watching the world pass by. One ribbon was still wrapped affectionately around my husband's wrist, even though he did not need her for guide work at the moment. Her fluffy tail was thumping gently against his leg, and he smiled at her happy noises of curiosity and awe.

My husband's short, neatly combed hair was blowing in the gentle breeze as we rolled along. Though we are both only 31 years old, his rather difficult life had left his black hair peppered with gray streaks, and his olive-colored skin and face was lined with the stress of his life, aging him by nearly ten years.

As a result, it wasn't uncommon for strangers to address him with a respect reserved for a more senior person upon first meeting. We also had reactions of shock when they would learn that I, who looks younger, is married to that very same aged-seeming man.

While Kabir is tall and somewhat gaunt from frequent hospital visits, I am short and slim. Though they aren't very noticeable when I'm at rest, the muscles under my caramel-colored skin are hardened from my many years of martial arts training and love of outdoor activities.

My eyes are a light brown, and my hair is long and black, usually left down, unless I was working on something. At those times, I would pull the scrunchy off my right wrist to put my hair up in a ponytail or messy bun.

Kabir was faced forward; his head angled down slightly and, his sightless eyes, ever milky white, were unmoving. Even so, I could see his mind working as he paid careful attention to the world around us. His ears would hear things I can't, and his nose would smell scents that I would never be able to pick up in such small traces, his remaining senses heightened to make up for his lack of sight.

"How's your head?" I question, knowing the flight must have made it hurt.

"It's not too bad right now." My husband answers. "How are you feeling?"

"Ready to be finished with this move." I joke.

"Have you heard anything from the movers yet?" Kabir asks.

"Oh my! I haven't even turned my phone on!" I respond. "Silly thing of me to do."

"You must really be tired." He chuckles back, knowingly.

I grab my phone out of my pocket and switch it on. Watching as it powers up, I see there are no new messages or calls. I let Kabir know, then notice the battery is rather low, so I put it back in my pocket and look to my window to see a forest sprawling across the land outside.

Everything is a whiz of new sights as the Tauros swiftly pull the cab along the currently empty path. The trees and grass are green with splashes of color as I see every Pokémon and plant this island seems to hold rush past.

Pikipek and Wingull soar effortlessly through the sky. They swoop down with well-timed flaps of their wings, snatching up only the ripest fruits.

Bug Pokémon like Ledyba, Caterpie, and a pink and white small mantis-like creature I don't recognize, crawl along the ground and up the trunks of trees. A black Rattata with thick whiskers stops its scurry from its hole to stare at the cab as it speeds past.

I describe the scene unfolding before me to Kabir as best I can, though I know my words would never be able to give the vibrant sights any justice.

"I can't wait to get out and experience this new world!" He exclaims excitedly. "I want to smell the fruits and grass. Feel the bark on the trees. Dig my toes into the dirt. This place sounds amazing! Even the sun on my face feels different and more inviting."

His eagerness is contagious, and I find myself wanting to get out of the cab to explore with him. We continue on like this for a while longer, swift descriptions filling the air as we speed down the road.

"Oh, I can see a city!" I call out to Kabir, sticking my head out the window, the rushing wind blowing my long dark hair into my face.

"That'll be Hau'oli city!" The cabby, Berns, calls back to us. "We're near to your home. You'll only be a walk down Route One to get to town, but you will be just far enough out to enjoy nature to its fullest. You really picked a fantastic location."

"That's precisely what we were hoping for," Kabir answers back, excitement showing on his face.

I see the town Berns was talking about growing larger. It was bustling. People and Pokémon make their way around the streets, stopping at the various vendors or walking into the many shops and restaurants. I start describing as much of the world around me as I can as the Tauros begin to slow down as we arrive in the town.

"We're entering the town just now." I say, trying to describe the sights quickly as we barrel down the road. "There's a small Growlithe pup sniffing around some of the produce stands. I think it's looking for a meal. Oh, but a sweet-looking older gal at a fruit stand has given it some food. There are even more Pikipek in this town as well." I add, patting my husband's leg excitedly. "They are grabbing fruits from the stands here too, but the shopkeepers don't seem to mind."

"The food grown on this island is meant for everyone," Berns calls back to us over the patter of eight hooves on pavement. "We always have such an abundance of food here, because of the tropical climate."

"Have you ever had a food shortage?" I ask, leaning forward and standing slightly to see out the front of the cab.

"Of course." The cabby replies. "Even though our home seems perfect, we do experience natural disasters, just like anywhere else in the world."

"Well, what happens to the wild Pokémon when these kinds of things happen?" Kabir questions quizzically.

"We share even then, of course. This abundant food comes from the fertile land. Both people and Pokemon alike live on this island, so we return everything we receive back to it, even if times are rough."

Kabir reaches out and puts a hand on my arm in concern as we move over some bumps in the road, silently telling me to sit back down. I do so, with a glance into his sightless face, and make a small teasing remark in retort to his over caution. My gaze then turns back to my own window once more.

"This place gets more and more wonderful with every passing moment." I sigh, happily.

"Yes," Kabir says, echoing my pleasure and laughing slightly at my tease. "It'll be the perfect place to set up and study."

A large building comes into view, and I start describing this new commodity to my spouse.

"That'll be the Pokemon School," Berns says after I finish. "Children from all over Alola come here to study Pokemon."

"Really? The building looks old, though. I thought your League only started not even two years ago." I say, tilting my head to one side and thinking about the Schools from our old home of Johto.

"It did..." He sounds confused by the comment.

Kabir, catching on, explains. "Usually, on the mainlands, Trainers challenge gym leaders to battles to earn gym badges. When they gather eight, they can enter that area's Pokemon League. The Pokémon Schools where we come from were established to help would-be Trainers bypass the long trek around the land collecting badges. If a Trainer chooses to attend the School, they can qualify that way to enter the League should they graduate."

"Oh, I see," Berns responds thoughtfully. "Well, that certainly is interesting. The School here is simply for learning about Pokémon and teaching the children other important life skills so they can pick a profession they enjoy when they get older."

I look over at the School again and see a group of children practicing with their Pokémon in the yard. "There's a Charizard, Eevee…and…oh, that must be a Tsareena." I pause as the cabby confirms my guess. "It's tall with magenta legs and body, a white midsection and face, and long green, leafy frills falling down the back of its head." I describe swiftly. I'll have to draw Kabir a reference picture of this new Pokémon later so he can get a better idea of what it looks like. "What is that large blue and white Pokèmon?"

"Um," Berns pauses, glancing at the schoolyard. "Oh! That's a Primarina."

I describe this one to my husband as well.

"You know, you two should think about teaching a class or two at the School. I bet Principal Oak would be more than pleased to have a couple of overseas Professors as guests." Berns comments afterward.

"Yes!" Kabir responds eagerly, sitting up at the comment. "That sounds like a wonderful idea. It would be so much fun." He turns his eager, sightless eyes towards me and continues.

"I wonder if he would allow us to sit in on a few classes as well. I would love to see what the education system is like here." He reaches his hand out in front of him, and Tinsel flops onto his lap, shoving her blue head into his palm for a pat.

"Yes. It would be fun to teach and watch a class." I agree, reaching over to the affectionate Sylveon and giving her head a scratch as well.

"If you two catch me again, let me know how it goes. I've got a little one myself, though he's too young yet to be going to School." The cabby says. "But hey, you should come over once you have settled. I know the missus would be thrilled to have you over for dinner, and the little tyke would love to meet your Pokémon too."

"Absolutely, we will," I respond.

"It would be our pleasure," Kabir adds, smiling broadly.

We continue to travel on, with pleasant conversation interlacing with the descriptions of the sights. Berns throws his own knowledge in as well, kindly telling us names of the new Pokémon and giving us spans between certain places, like a popular restaurant, the Pokémon Center, and other useful shops from the distance of the town entrance.

When we finally come to a stop, he spends a few minutes writing down the information for us on a piece of paper and hands it over to me. "Sorry, I can't write that down in Braille for you, sir." He says, turning to my husband.

"Oh, no trouble at all. Sashi can transcribe it for me when I need it. Though I've been blind all my life, so I've grown to be pretty good at judging distances, and Tinsel here will be able to keep me on a straight path if my wife isn't around to keep me on track." Kabir responds conversationally with a slight chuckle at his own words.

Then he continues, always eager to have a chat. "In fact, Sashi and I started our careers out as Pokemon Trainers, and we've traveled all over the world, usually walking or riding our Pokémon from town to town. So I'm actually rather used to foot travel."

He starts to end his monologue when I place my hand on his arm, though, ready to get inside. I could also tell Berns' was getting antsy to leave, seeing as he was still on the clock.

"Thank you, though, very much for writing down all the information for us anyways. There is a lot to remember; moving to a new place, and having the directions on paper will be very useful." He finally finishes.

"Oh, good. I'm glad to be helpful. I've written down my own number and address as well." He points to the mentioned areas on the paper for me. "If you guys have any questions or you just want to pop over for a visit, feel free. I've got to get back to the airport, though, so you two have a good time getting settled. Don't be strangers!" He clambers back into his seat, then gives the reins a shake calling out a few words to his Tauros, and they begin to make their way back up the road.

Kabir, the Pokémon, and I all turn towards our new home.

It's wide and tall. So tall, in fact, that there are four levels to it. The main floor is flush with the ground at the front holding a kitchen, living room and dining area, plus a sun room next to the front door. The second floor contains three bedrooms plus a sizable master's chamber. Above that is the large, empty attic. Finally below all of this is the basement, which actually has a door leading to the backyard.

There's a fence around most of the property, broken in some places and completely missing in others. We'll be fixing it later, knocking down some areas and raising higher fences around the side that edges along the sea.

The property held several acres of land that stretched far back behind the house. I hadn't seen it more than what the pictures had shown me, and I was too tired yet to have any desire to go exploring. Even my ordinarily adventurous Delcatty didn't leave my side to check out the new place.

I stand and stare at our new home for a moment, but movement in the corner of my eyes catches my gaze. I look over and see a lithe feline shape. The body looks similar to that of a Persian, but instead of the golden fur, this one is grayish-black. The face is also strongly different, being rounded and puffy.

I watch as the cat Pokémon glares at us, hisses, then slips under the fence, sprinting away, towards the city we just left.

"Looks like we finally made it," Kabir says, reaching out and wrapping his arm around my shoulder. Tinsel's ribbon, as usual, was guiding his hand, but the movement was so natural with her help that you could nearly assume the young man was fully sighted.

"I don't know about you, but I could certainly use a nap." He continues, giving me an affectionate squeeze.

"Alright then, tough guy," I tease my husband, giving him a gentle punch on his arm. "Let's get inside before we fall asleep standing out here."

Heading inside we drop everything on the empty living room floor. We wrap ourselves into our sleeping bags like a pair of Metapod, wriggling around on the ground until we find a comfortable position on the hardwood floors. Hop and Tinsel snuggle up between us, and we finally begin to drift off.
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