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23. Abyss

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Chapter 23 of The Spirit of Alola

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I can't say that I've woken up, as I'm not sure if I'd been asleep. I'm just suddenly conscious. I'm aware of myself existing. I find it difficult to focus. A darkness, entirely separate from my normal blind surroundings engulfs me.
I try to listen to the world. I hear nothing. There are no sounds of the sea swaying back and forth. No breathing or murmuring of living creatures. No whirring of machines. I am awash with darkness and silence.

I turn to my next senses, smell and taste. There are no smells, and therefore, there are no tastes either. I know I should be in a hospital; that's where we were heading before my world swirled into this existence. Yet, I find my world to be absent of even these senses. Where I should smell antiseptics, bandages, medicines, and cleaners, there is only an empty hole.

Lastly, I test my sense of touch. I don't feel a bed beneath my supine form, nor can I feel a chair on my legs and bottom, yet I know I am not standing, as there is no solid ground beneath my feet.

The feel of blankets and cloth is absent. I feel no wind or a soft brush of air against my skin. In fact, I cannot even feel my limbs. My arms don't exist, and my legs have never supported me. My skin has never felt anything but this emptiness, for my skin has never existed.

Gravity does not pull on my body, for I have none. I am merely a speck, or rather, an orb in an endless abyss. There is nothing to hold my form together, and I begin to feel my own mind waver. The last bit of resistance slips away. I swirl effortlessly into the abyss before me. I feel no pain, no worry, no fear, and no happiness. I simply am. I exist, but I am nothing.

The last thoughts of my mind continue slipping away, drawn into the black hole before me. I do not have a body; therefore, I do not have a life. My family never existed, not the pain of my father's passing or the fear of losing loved ones. I have never formed bonds with any living thing. My mind and body have never felt pain.

A word, Sashi, meaningless and unformed, fizzes past my existence, but that has no clutch to me. The term is as foreign as sights that have been described to me.


The new word forms. What does it mean? I've never had it before, never seen the world around me. Never had an idea as to what the descriptions people give me have meant. I allow this oddity to slip away. My existence draws aimlessly into the void once more.

Time has no meaning. I could exist for an eternity and yet only just have begun my wandering.

A strange thought crosses through my wavering self. It does not have a body or a sight, nor does it arrive with a smell or even a sound. It simply exists with me.

Sashi, the meaningless thought forms again.
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