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Unreachable Sin part 11

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Vampire's Kiss - Chapter 20: Unreachable Sin part 11

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Alright, and thus, returned with another chapter. Well, this one might be rather a peaceful one before another mini-boss fight. sigh yes, my hand slipped so badly and this time, however, there was no need to change tags (or at least too much like previous time with that one-shot). Plus, wanted to make something more nice for the 20th chapter of Vampire's Kiss( aka Vampire Killer) At least had fun while working on this one ^^
And now I hope that anyone who reads this also could crack smile.
So, as usual,

Also a short explanation for (1) marked word:
(1)Nekomata - One particularly monstrous breed of bakeneko is the two-tailed variety known as nekomata. Bakeneko - Bakeneko possess great shape-shifting abilities and disguise themselves as smaller cats or humans—sometimes even taking the shape of their own masters

A week full of training has nearly passed~ During that time one certain vampire surely had no rest at all thanks to that stupid hunter. Just what was he thinking by constantly tossing knives at him and cracking his whip towards him? Hell, that fool was a demon or something? No, even any demon or monster can’t be so persistent and stubborn as this foolish human. Or so Kyo sometimes doubt. Last time, one of Yagami's knives flied so closely to his chest, arms and neck. So, it was a matter of a second to dodge the multiple knives thrown at once.

More important, this redhead started to use small bottles of water time from time during the training session. So, now not only this vampire has to dodge his more or less a familiar pattern of hunter’s attacks, but also make sure that the water won't touch his gloves. Surely, this human becomes quiet lively and enjoying every moment of training with Kyo, doesn’t he? Or so, started to notice this brunette, who just got used to play along with Yagami’s rules.

On other hand, it seems that Chizuru didn't mind what this certain pair of idiots were doing - as long as they are not around her shop, she was fine, or so this sorceress mentioned to them. At least these two are not scaring away the customers by making a dramatic scene or complaining about one or another. Sometimes she could swear that it was like taking care of a younger siblings, who are talented enough to cause problems out of nowhere. But for now, this witch could finally have a moment of peace and relax while they were busy somewhere else.

However, even on such a fine evening this brunette was under the care of this redhead. It seems that no matter that it was a chilly night, this vampire didn’t bothered to put his white jacket. First of all, he can easily warm up when he needs to deal with Yagami. Secondly, he didn’t wanted to ruin it because even if it was pretty expensive present, but also no matter that it might be embarrassing, he liked the design of it. Plus, he doubted that he can expect Iori to be generous twice. So, he decided to keep this jacket safe at least during the training session. Besides, this redhead didn’t bother to put his long coat either and was just fine by being in his long sleeved white shirt and black leather vest.

And thus, in the middle of open field near the forest the sounds of whip cracking, the clashing blade and bursting flame, disturbed the silence of the night. It seems that this vampire was lucky enough to dodge the knife attacks from the sides by carefully manoeuvring. However, now he has to deal with the one sent directly at his neck. Just as he bends backward, the sharp blade flies above him. Now Kyo stands straight and takes a battle stance. He sends a small wave of orange flame towards his opponent.

Yet the redhead hunter blocks this attack by low whip cracking. The sparkles of orange flame dances in the air before it submerges into the air unlike the fire in redhead hunter’s eyes. Nevertheless, this vampire jumps high towards his target and ignites his fist. Now he’ll just make that Yagami will finally snuff his fire.

Even if it was a brief moment, but it felt like the time stopped for this brunette once their eyes met. This nocturnal creature’s guard was off after noticing the way hunter’s gaze fixated on him. Surely, Iori’s eyes were sparkling with a thrill and full of life. However, along that, this vampire could sense such burning impatience despite the calm stance of this redhead.

Now Kyo was snapped back to his senses once Yagami sends an upper slash with his trustworthy weapon. This Kusanagi was paralyzed by stinging and burning pain by the strike of the leather rope all across from his abs to his chest. This brunette harshly fells on his back and lets out a loud groan. Although, while Kyo tried to sit up by shakily pushing himself with elbows, he just gave more fiery and stubborn gaze to his opponent. There is no way that this redhead hunter will win this time, or so, this vampire believed. However, Iori shown no mercy upon this nocturnal creature.

Now he picks three knives from the pouch on his left side of belt. While approaching his target, Yagami raises his hand with the blades and about to toss them at once. However, it was close enough if this brunette didn’t rolled on to his left. As knives sunk into the grass, Kyo kneels and when he brings his gloved hand to his mouth, he removes it by his teeth and tosses aside. It seems that relying on his flame was not enough.

Once the glove touched the ground, he rises his spread palm higher. Now the sharp nails shows up and this vampire dashes at the hunter. However, just the moment before the impact, Iori moves away. Nevertheless, it was nearly close enough for Kyo to slash him with his nails. This brunette masterly lands on his feet like a cat, but without hesitation dashes again at his opponent. He hoped that maybe he could strike this redhead from his other side.

However, Yagami’s reaction was quicker - he sends a spin kick at this brunette. Lastly, Kyo was sent flying-off until he harshly hits the ground. While this brunette manages to sit up, he covers his belly with his arm. This vampire tries to stand up one more time, but he was stopped by the hunter’s voice ‘‘Enough…You’re already barely standing, you stupid vampire.’’.

Unfortunately, the training ended with the same result. However, this Kusanagi could swear that it was that close enough to hit Yagami if it wasn’t for being distracted. While this vampire was getting-off the dust from his black t-shirt and from the front side of jeans, he speaks to the hunter in annoyed tone ‘‘You know, I let you win on purpose, so, you better be glad that I didn’t roasted you for good.’’. Once he looks at this redhead, who finished wrapping his whip and placed on his right side of the belt, this brunette comments ‘‘Anyway, it seems that you looked so excited just for a training. Wonder why…’’.

Iori only cracks a smile and briefly replies ‘‘I’m just wondering what you can do when you fully recover. So, I’ll need wait as much as needed, because you might be the one who can satisfy me.’’. Now Kyo gives a smug look on his face and after he walks close enough this redhead, he vampire wraps his one arm around the hunter’s shoulder and answers in nearly singing voice ‘‘Then dream on~ ‘Cos you’ll be under my foot and being drained until the last drop when it happens. So, you may start to practice your lines when you gonna beg for mercy and prepare all my wanted answers.’’.

However, it seems that the redhead hunter didn’t liked how this Kusanagi become too cocky and so, he puts him back to his place by back-firing in slight mocking tone ‘‘First, stop acting like a cat. Unless, you are somehow a half-breed of nekomata1 and vampire.’’. Surely, Kyo widens his eyes and tried to back-off once he removed his arm from hunter’s shoulder. However, now this vampire felt how one of this redhead’s arm wraps around his waist. He didn’t wanted to give up so easily to this foolish human and without hiding the surprise in his voice, he tells ‘‘What are you talking about? I ain’t some kind of hybrid. I’m pure-blooded vampire, unfortunately! Not sure why you think that I’m a cat. Like heck, I look or act as a one!’’.

Yagami closes his eyes and sighs - it was really hard to keep his poker-face when this brunette indignantly yet impatiently starred at him with such a big eyes. Does he really have to put such an acting? Could it be that this stupid vampire just being easily provoked by a simple comment? Or so wondered this redhead hunter. However, maybe it was better chance to find out about more about Kyo’s weird behavior when he was sleeping. So, no matter how it might been more amusing to tease this vampire, but Iori’s curiosity was more stronger. And thus, he deeply exhales and asks ‘‘I can understand why you have fangs and claws. However, explain me one thing. Why are you making purring and meowing-like noises during your asleep. Or is it a normal thing for you or your kind?’’.

Surely, this brunette was speechless and after short pause he replied slightly shaky voice ‘‘Don’t you think that you get away by thinking-off random excuses for your weird behaviour. Just because I was unconscious, it doesn’t mean that you can take an advance of me and lie without even blinking. Hell, you think that I’m aware of anything around me while I’m asleep or unconscious?’’.

Now this vampire lowers his head for a second and when he returns his gaze, he continues in concern tone ‘‘However, I can still remember that when we were in storage, you were waaay to stressed and very scared of losing...someone, I g-guess. I could even sense that you were so desperate and just seek for a comfort. Of course, I wanted to snap you out of this and show that ‘everything is fine’, ‘I’m over there and still fine and alive’, you idiot! So, if it wasn’t for being unable to move my body, I…’’, it seems that the further words stuck inside this brunette’s throat and now he lowered his head and averted his gaze from Iori.

Just why this vampire have to behave like this or achieve by these words? Yet one one thing for sure, this nocturnal creature didn’t looked too cunning or smart to deceive this hunter. He was simply too honest and acted on impulse without thinking about any consequences. However, just in case, he needs to know for sure whenever this brunette is deceiving him or not. For some reason he felt that it could assure him. So, now Iori brings Kyo closely to him. There was barely any space left between them.

Now this places his hand under this brunette’s chin and gently tilts his head. So, this vampire only swallows saliva as he widens his eyes and now impatiently waits how this unpredictable man going to act. Yagami only silently fixates his gaze on this brunette and after a short pause comments in calm tone ‘‘You don’t look smart enough to trick me, nor you’re a nekomata, that’s for sure. You’re just a trouble-maker, who keeps me causing constant problems, you stupid vampire…’’. Of course, this Kusanagi frowns and was about to open his mouth to tell not the kindest words to this hunter, however, Iori places the same hand behind Kyo’s head and now presses it against his chest.

This brunette widens his eyes for a moment, but as soon as he hears the heartbeat of this redhead, he nearly closes his eyes, it was simply so relaxing and calming. So, maybe it wouldn’t hurt to rest his head for awhile like this. More important, Kyo realized that this time he was able to control his body, so, now he stretches his arms and wraps his arms around Yagami’s neck. After this vampire lifts his head, he looks at this redhead with strangely sleepy gaze.

Even so, his one hand gently slides up from Iori’s neck towards his hair and starts to brush it. Yagami could feel how was slightly shaking Kyo’s hand yet he just allowed this nocturnal creature act as he wants. Besides, he was curious what this vampire was up to. However, this brunette says in nearly purring tone while keeping a calm look on his face ‘‘You keep doing things like these too. So, I just want you to taste how does that feels like. Don’t you think that you’re get away so easily after what you’ve done to me. Once I’ll fully recover, I’ll make it up for what you’ve done, but with doubling it up.’’.

However, a little fire sparkles in the hunter’s eyes and now he delightfully smiles as he replies ‘‘Then why don’t you try it already? I won’t accept any less than your best. So, don’t disappoint me when that day will come, Kyo.’’. Nevertheless, this vampire counter-attacks in sweeter tone ‘‘I’ll make you realize that you’ve made a huge mistake by teaching me how to defeat you.’’.

After this brunette chuckles, he gazes with shyer look on his face. Now he continues ‘‘But for now, I’ll show you what happens when you try to tame a wild beast.’’. Kyo just swallows saliva and closes his eyes. After he slightly opens his mouth, he presses his lips against Iori’s. Despite that he felt how he could melt in same spot, this brunette’s tongue tries carefully slip inside Yagami’s mouth. Surprisingly, this redhead lets him in and this vampire started to explore every part of Iori’s mouth without missing a single spot.

However, it seems that soon enough this nocturnal creature started to let out quiet whims in between catching his breath. Hell, even if he felt how his knees could give up on him any second, but now also Iori started to gently slide the same hand, which was placed on vampire’s waist, upwards. So, now Kyo more tightly hold into the hunter’s back. Just when he expected something more to happen, this redhead slowly with-draws his head away.

After opening his eyes, he notices how this vampire was still all blushing while catching his breath and dazing. Maybe it was still too much to handle for this nocturnal creature, but Iori had to admit it, it was quiet daring move from this vampire’s side. However, soon enough Kyo was back to his senses despite having his cheeks dyed in that lovely red. While he starred at Yagami, he comments in purring tone ‘‘Just look at yourself…You’re all blushing, was it too much for you to handle?~ I warned you though.’’.

Of course, such a comment of this brunette caught this redhead’s guard off, but once he removes his arms around the vampire, he tells in slightly shy tone ‘‘Anyway, for today you’ve had enough. Go and rest before another day. Because tomorrow, we’re setting on new journey. This time I won’t interface and I’ll just observe you.’’ and turns his head from this brunette.

In the end, Kyo just gives a smug look on his face while observes such a reaction of the hunter and now replies ‘‘What is it with you, Yagami? You don’t need to rush and whatever there is tomorrow can wait. So, why don’t we just sit back and stay for awhile?’’. After looking back at this vampire, Iori sighs and closes his eyes. Without telling a word he sits on his knees and now he prompts Kyo in slight annoyed tone ‘‘So you’re joining or not?…Just hurry up before I changed my mind, you stupid vampire.’’.

Of course, after this demand this Kusanagi joins him and now once he places his arms behind Yagami’s shoulders, he rest his head on this hunter’s chest. Strangely, but Iori didn’t minded to stay like this and somehow was even glad for such a peaceful moment.

A/N: And thus, it was another chapter. Hopefully it was good enough for the 20th chapter(dear, time really goes fast...) And as usual - See you next time!~

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