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Chapter 3

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A/N: I'm honestly losing inspiration for this so sorry!! I'm going to read some other angst stories to get inspiration. Hope you enjoy this chapter also, this chapter is all in Kiri's POV, sorry It was short. I'm losing inspiration, maybe I'll start a new story soon
Kirishima's POV
~Time skip after relationship break~
I walked up to Bakugo.
"Hey Katsuki." I said. Bakugo got up and walked away.
oh he must not have heard me I thought. I got up and went to his dorm, he wasn't there. I went to Mina, Sero, Deku and Denki's dorm but he wasn't there either. I went outside and saw him running laps around the school. I started to run with him. Once we both got tired, we sat down.
"Hey Katsuki, hows you past few days been" I asked. He didn't answer me and kept scrolling through his phone.
umm okay, he probably doesn't want to talk I thought and walked away.
~Next day~
"Hey, Bakugo" I said, trying to be cheerful. He didn't reply and kept flipping through his book and chewing on the edge of his pencil. I fake smiled trying to hide my sadness, he was ignoring me. I walked to my dorm. I sat on my bed and looked at the roof.
~Two weeks later~
I laid on my bed, crying, Bakugo was still ignoring me. The door opened.
"Hey, Kiri." He said and smiled.
"Finally decided to stop ignoring me?" I snapped.
"Huh?" He said.
"I know your a dumb fuck, but your not THAT dumb" I said, angrily. Bakugo looked hurt and ran out of the room. I realized what I said, and followed him. He started running. He tripped and his jeans ripped. He got up and I looked at his thighs and saw cuts, that had to be recent based on how they looked. Bakugo continued to run. He went into Deku's dorm and slammed the door.
"Hey. What's wrong Kacchan" I heard Deku say. Bakugo didn't reply. "Kacchan! What are you doing?" Deku asked.
"I'm being clingy but I don't wanna annoy Kirishima again, so now I'm being clingy to you." I heard Bakugo say.
was this why he was ignoring me? I thought
"See Izuku, told you, your a good cuddle buddy!" Todoroki laughed.
"Right!" Bakugo agreed. I knocked on the door. Todoroki opened it. I saw Deku and Bakugo on the floor. Bakugo had is arms and legs around Deku.
"Bakugo, why were you ignoring me" I asked.
"I wasn't" He said.
"Bullshit" I said. Todoroki looked at me.
"He hasn't, he's just had alot on his mind and is really stressed, he can't truly focus on anything and can't remember anything. See, look, Kit Kat, what were we just talking about" Todoroki said. Bakugo looked up,
"Uhmm..something about Deku and Cuddles, or something, I can't remember" he said. He looked at the wall.
"He is just stressed" Todoroki said.
"Since when did you call him Kit Kat?" I growled at Todoroki. He glared at me.
"Since he told me that he liked being called that"
I walked out of the room, I don't know why but it pissed me off to hear Todoroki call Bakugo nicknames.
~Time skip, two weeks~
Bakugo's POV
I walked to Kirishima's dorm. I knocked. He opened it.
"Hey, look, two weeks ago I had alot on my mind and then we got busy for school but now we have a two week break, so I wanted to know if you wanted to stay with me at the dorms and we can just because together without school getting in the way, and I really miss you." I said. Kirishima grabbed me around the waist.
"I've missed you too." He whispered.
"I love you" I whispered.
"I love you more." He laughed.
"Oh really?" I smirked. I grabbed his chin, and kissed him.

A/N: sorry, it was short, I tried to make a cute chapter ending tho, hope you enjoyed
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