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Chapter 2

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Bakugo and Kirishima still helping each other while being depressed.

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A/N please excuse errors. It is literally 1:30 am. But the middle of the night is when I get all my inspiration so, I'm writing now. See first chapter for TW and ships in the book. Hope you enjoy!

Bakugo's POV
I walked into Kirishima's dorm. I sat down on his lap and put my arms and legs around him.
"Mine" I whispered. Kirishima was shocked. He put his arms around my waist.
"Yes, I'm yours and your mine" Kirishima laughed. Then became serious, "Are you okay though, you get clingy when something's wrong"
"I'm fine" I mumbled, "I was just lonely"
"Alright" He whispered and we both fell asleep.
~Time skip two weeks~
Kirishima's POV
Same thing, all the time, Bakugo being clingy. Usually I don't have a problem with him being clingy but its gotten to the point where I was annoyed. Like always he had his arms around me. I didn't think before I spoke.
"Why!! Why Bakugo! Why are you being so fucking clingy, it's getting so damn annoying!" I said, pushing him away from me. He got up crying, and ran from the room. I got up and followed him. He ran to Deku's dorm. They didn't close the door all the way.
"H-hey Izuku.. Can I have cuddles?" I heard Bakugo whisper.
"Of course, Is something wrong?" Deku asked.
"Yes.." Bakugo said.
"Do you want to talk about it?" He asked. Bakugo shook his head.
"Not yet, soon though" He said, and played with Deku's hair. I growled.
"What the fuck!" I yelled out of jealousy. I ran to my dorm.
What have I done I thought I made Bakugo cry
I grabbed my blade, and sliced my wrist for the first time in three weeks. I shouldn't have said what I said, but it was too late. I already said it, and I couldn't take it back. There was a soft knock at the door. I knew it wasn't Bakugo or Deku. I pulled my sleeve down. I opened it. There stood Todoroki.
"Hey, I have a question." He said.
"Okay" I said as I closed the door and we sat on my bed.
"Do you know what's wrong with Izuku or Bakugo?" He asked.
"What do you mean?" I asked.
"They have been spending alot of time together, crying and cuddling, and I'm not implying they are cheating on us, I just think that something has happened." He said.
"Yeah, me too. Bakugo has been really clingy lately and today I accidentally snapped at him" I said, feeling guilty.
"I kinda wanna spy on them.." He said. I bit my lip to stop from grinning.
"Glad I'm not the only one" I laughed.
~Time skip next night~
We stood outside Deku's dorm listening to their conversation.
"It's the guilt, I feel really guilty" I heard Bakugo say.
"I know, but we need to tell them, or the guilt will keep building up" Deku said.
"I'm just scared to tell Kiri" Bakugo said.
"I know, I'm scared to tell Shoto, but look, it was one time, and we don't even have feelings for each other" Izuku said. Todoroki pushed the door open.
"Tell us what?" He demanded.
"That's one way to do it" I laughed. Todoroki smiled at me. Then looked back at Deku and Bakugo.
Bakugo's POV
I smiled at Deku.
"Lets get this over with" I said. Deku nodded.
"So." I said. Deku cut me off,
"Before we explain, we DO NOT have any romantic feelings for each other, and this happened once" Deku said. Kirishima looked pissed,
"Just explain already!" He snapped. I was getting sick of him snapping.
"Maybe if you shut the hell up, I'd be able to explain." I snapped. Deku looked at me, "calm down"
"So, anyways, Kirishima and Kacchan were on their relationship break, and Kacchan was lonely and stuff so we kinda made out and may or may not have fucked" Deku said quietly. Todoroki looked calm.
"This was one time, and you don't have feelings for each other right" he asked.
Kirishima's POV
Both of them nodded.
"Okay" he said. Both boys looked shocked, I was still pissed.
"Really Todoroki you just gonna say ok??"
"Yes. And calm down, technically you aren't the one being cheated on, since you and Bakugo were on your break, and besides, sometimes you just gotta fuck your best friend, even when you don't have feelings for them" Todoroki laughed, hugging both Bakugo, and Deku, "Which is why I'm not mad about the fact that Izu pretty much cheated on me" all three boys laughed and I stomped out, running to my dorm. Bakugo ran in.
"I'm sorry!!" He said. "We were on break, and Izuku was willing-" He started to cry.
"That's why I was being so clingy..because I felt guilty"
"Why didn't you tell me." I asked.
"I was scared, I thought you'd take it as I didn't love you anymore, which isn't true, I love you so much, and I have no romantic feelings towards anyone else."
I looked at the floor, feeling bad about everything. Especially about what I said to Bakugo about him annoying me. Bakugo left the room.
I walked into my bathroom and pressed my blade against my thigh as hard as I could than slid it down my thigh.
Bakugo's POV
Kirishima looked pissed, so I left him alone, because I wanted to give him space. I went to my room. I was a bad boyfriend so I grabbed my blade and cut my wrists.
~Time skip, next day after school~
I walked to Kirishima's dorm. He didn't have the door closed all the way. I peeked in and saw him changing his bandage on his thigh, the cut looked like one of the deepest cuts he'd ever made on himself. And it was still bleeding, so that had to be a recent cut, done within the past 48 hours. I felt tears steam down my face. I pushed the door open. Kirishima panicked and hid his leg. I walked to him.
"I'm sorry..." I whispered.
"It's not your fault." He said, trying to hug me. I pushed him away.
"I-I think we need another break, just for a week" I said. I could tell Kirishima was hurt but we both knew we needed to take lots of breaks to have a stable, healthy, good relationship. I walked to my dorm and laid on bed.
"There you go Bakugo, you don't have the weight of a relationship, now you can think about yourself, without feeling selfish, or feeling like your letting your boyfriend down by thinking about yourself not him" I told myself.

A/N: so sorry it was short, especially compared to the first chapter, but I'm literally falling asleep as I type this, so I promise the other chapters are going to be longer, have a good day/night/evening/afternoon. And I hope you enjoyed this chapter, even though I was tired so it wasn't one of my best works, and I'm not super proud of it, also totally random but I looked at the word count for chapter one. Over 7,000 words.i didn't know I wrote THAT much bye lmao
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