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Chapter 21: Chunin exam continues

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Chapter 21: Chunin exam continues

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Before the preliminaries Kabuto quit the competition, it made Naruto worry more about him. In the mean time He consulted his book about the aura he received from Orochimaru.

"Your sword has Kirikabucho power and when it hit Orochimaru's real body it absorbed some his blood which copied his aura and knowledge which has been deposited to your subconscious, You will need a very special capability to access and control those powers, right now it is almost like a snake sleeping inside you like kyuubi." The book explained.

It made Naruto both happy and scared. He had powers but from a bad guy how will it affects his aura was the question. Right-now he decided to focus on the exam and he was happy to know that killing with his sword will also give him powers.

The preliminary started and the proctor for this round was Hayate. Naruto looked at him with pity, he has no idea Naruto is banging his ex-girlfriend. The first draw came up on the screen. It was Sasuke vs Yoroi. Kakashi told him not us large amount of chakra it will activate the curse mark. Yoroi had a unique capability of absorbing chakra. Naruto liked that ability. Sasuke beat him with his Lion barrage which was the copy of Lee's front lotus.

Then, Zaku vs Shino, Shino's ability was more interesting for Naruto but he didn't want to enculture bugs in his body but he was sure he would find a way to find this power and Zaku could throw out large amount of wind through his hand. Shino beat him easily.

Then, Kankuro vs Misumi, Misumi's soft body technique was also very intriguing for Naruto but the puppet jutsu was awesome. Kankuro won the match.

The next match was not that interesting to Naruto. Ino vs Sakura, he already knew Ino's power and Sakura wasn't special till now.

Another girl fight, Temari vs Tenten, Temari's tessen (iron fan was extra-ordinary) but tenten was also very good at using equipments. Naruto liked both of them but tenten lost the fight.

Then, Shikamaru vs Kin, Naruto was curious about kin's power, she used senbons with belts to manipulate the sound creating a genjutsu which was not very powerful but interesting, Naruto could improve upon it a lot. Shikamaru beat her with his shadow imitation technique.

Finally, Naruto vs Kiba, Naruto didn't want to use any special powers, Kiba's connection with Akamaru seemed pretty great and they head good techniques. Naruto beat him easily with his speeds. Naruto would love a pet like that

Then, Lee vs Gaara, this the fight which was very much interesting to Naruto. When gaara entered the ground Suddenly he felt a growl in his stomach, he knew it was kyuubi, he entered his subconscious.

"That demon face is like you, one tailed Shukaku is sleeping inside him, She doesn't like me but if you can get her that will be awesome if you can tame her." Orange haired Kyuubi explained.

Naruto came back to reality; He was astonished t see Garra's power but also the Taijutsu of Lee was out of this world. The Eight inner gate jutsu was extra-ordinary, Lee lost his leg in the fight but he may be the only one able to hurt gaara in his life till now.

Final match, Dosu vs Choji, choji was beaten with one punch but his expansion technique was likable.

So, the matches ended. Naruto liked many of the attributes of this ninja's that he became power hungry. This is something he never felt before. When the third declared,

"Finals will be held one month from now, so train and improve yourselves."

Naruto went out and sneaked into the hospital where the injured ninjas were kept. He used his infinite darkness genjutsu. He killed Yoroi, Misumi and Zaku with his sword. This is the darkest think he has done till now. He felt their power coming to him but after it was complete, he felt guilty, for a moment there he was not himself. He was sure that it was that orochimaru aura. He needs to do something about it. He took kin and left for his house.

The girls congratulated him again and received kin, but Naruto ordered them to keep her in the locker room and heal her and then to make her ready for the interrogation. Naruto knew kakshi was taking care of Sasuke's curse mark so he went to get some rest, Fighting Orochimaru was very togh for him.

Naruto woke up from a blowjob from Anko.

"You did well, Naruto, Kin is ready for your interrogation." Anko said.

"Okay, thanks." H e put a gentle kiss on her lips and headed to the interrogation room. All girls were there, kin was bound in like the punishment day other ladies and every one of them was holding one or more instrument to offer Naruto.

Naruto entered the room and kin looked at him with fear. Naruto took out her ring-gag.

"Do I need to get started or you are gonna tell." Naruto asked then he activated his Sharingan and made kin see the fight between him and orochimaru. Kin got more scared someone to fight against like that against orochimaru is very rare.

"I am sorry, I couldn't understand your power, I will answer anything you want, My loyalty is totally to you." Kin offered.

Mikoto came up with a spank on her, that's like our sister.

"What the hell is wrong with that aura? How can I control it?" Naruto asked

"I don't know much about that, I heard once orochimaru-sama taking with Kabuto-sam about the power to look inside the mind which allows to control any kind of aura, Orochimaru-sama attacked lock village for that but they said it was untransferable power." Kin said

"where is the village?" Naruto asked again.

"I don't know that but I know kabuto hired the best lock village ninja to spy on Konoha and she should be present in the village now." Kin said.

"What are her powers?" Naruto wanted more information.

"I don't know much but I heard she can see inside her mind and anyone who infiltrates her mind." Kin said.

"That's one tough shinobi, Okay, I accept you as a member of my Harem, if you ever even try to betray me then you will face a fate you can't even imagine." Naruto explained.

"She is for you for the day, inaugurate her for the house." Naruto ordered other ladies. It is the first time they got something like this. Ena and Kyoku started to wear stap-on and Kujaku already started kissing her and mikoto started spanking her. Naruto went out that time and he knew kin will have a very good lesson.

While Naruto was near hokage tower, he saw Ibiki and Sarutobi to have conversation with Kakashi. He heard a that a ninja was in disguise of a singer entered the village and was captured. No information couldn't be revealed from her like that was empty but Inoichi saw the kid Kakashi in her memory. Kakashi said he saw her once but never again.

"Kakashi, you take her out for few days and see what you can find. But do not let her understand that you are still in your watch, she is from the lock village, land of keys, her name is Hanare." Hokage ordered.

"Okay, Hokage-sama, I will look into that." Kakashi replied.

"Hey old man hokage, let me see into that, I think I will have better result." Naruto implied.

"That girl remembers Kakashi, not you, How can you manage?" Hokage asked.

"You are still a genin, you can't handle a mission like that." Ibiki said.

Ibiki's word hurt Naruto. He activated his Sharingan and said, "Tsukuyomi".

A few seconds later he was on his knees and he spitted out blood, Naruto didn't let it fall into the ground but he let it fall on his sword. Ibiki's interrogation skill will come in handy for him.

"Hokage laughed, Don't worry ibiki, if he told it he can handle it, but how will you handle it Naruto?"

Naruto created a clone and transformes it to Kakashi.

"My clones aren't ordinary, they can survive a lot a lot blow so it will be easy for me, Kakashi sensei needs to be with sasuke now." Naruto explained.

"That's right too, okay then Kakashi will go back to Sasuke and Naruto will handle the situation." Hokage ordered.

Naruto helped ibiki to get up and then headed to the interrogation roon to collect Hanare. Naruto and Kakashi roamed around for the whole day and then Naruto said,

"Me and Kakashi sensei will go to finish our work you can roam around by yourself now, we will come back and join you." Naruto said.

"I am a fugitive, you will still allow me to roam around by myself?" Hanare was astonished.

"I trust you, if you were a spy you would try run away by now." Clone Kakashi said.

Hanare was very happy, the old Kakashi hasn't changed. Her feelings for Kakashi even grown. She decided to go to the secret place what she found in her previous visit. Naruto and clone Kakashi followed her and found she entered to a narrow passage. But they followed her with caution.

Kakashi and Naruto slowly looked over and was stunned at what they found. In front of them was a large pool of water it was a natural hot spring with beautiful wild flowers growing around the rock surface the slight glow of the bulbs giving extra light along with the rays of the moon. Higher up was a big hole showing the many stars shining in the night sky but what shocked them both was the naked figure of a woman who was stood on the surface of the spring twirling and dancing with small pools of water surrounding her.

Hanare was controlling the water around her in a beautiful and mesmerising way showing her perfect concentration of her chakra control. Her creamy white skin seemed to radiate a soft glow from the moon's rays upon it.

Still intrigued they watched as she removed a long wooden pin securing her dark hair which, slowly cascaded down past her shoulders finally resting against her mid waist. Slowly turning herself around a bit they saw the shape and size of her very large firm breasts causing an uncontrollable heat travelling south into the area of their crotch.

"Oh my god?" kakashi whispered stunned.

"Shhh be quiet dobe...she'll hear us" he retorted quietly

Both of them watched as she had now lowered herself into the warm spring sighing in contentment her cheeks showing a tinge of dark pink that made her look incredibly sexy to both of them. Their eyes watching her closely as her hands travelled down her body at first they was just watching her wash her body but they then heard something else which, made them nearly spray blood from their noses.

Heavy breathing could be heard from her direction as they saw movement going on beneath the water both of them silently cursed the water from blocking an irresistibly delicious looking view from them both realizing that the y day spent with kakashi aroused her.

Following the passage Hanare reached her destination running down the small pathway and into the vast cavern inside removing all of her clothing she began to use her chakra to move the water around her enjoying the feeling until she felt she needed to relax and sooth her aching muscles from the accompany of Kakashi.

Gently sinking onto the warm steamy water her body relaxed blissfully causing her to sigh in gratification. She then gently rested her head on the rock behind her. Her fingers gently stroked her lower lips in slow up and down movements she felt intrigued and embarrassed. Her head tilted back and her back arched in indescribable pleasure letting out a soft moan.

Her cheeks darkening at the lustful sob that escaped her lips wanting to feel more of where she had touched she gently stood back up on shaky legs up from the water and sat against an angled rock lying herself down upon its surface, she raised her knees and spread her legs slightly while her fingers gently brushed her folds to find that certain spot again.

Once again her legs trembled as her fingers found the erect pearl just above her center, using one finger she slowly began pressing her finger lightly doing circular movements her body shuddered at the indescribable pleasure she was feeling licking her dry pink lips her other hand came up towards one of her large breasts and began massaging her erect nipple tweaking it with her finger and thumb. Her moans was growing more quicker and louder as she was too lost in her thoughts completely unaware she was being watched by two fully aroused men.

They watched as their fugitive was sat obviously touching herself they were both silently cussing the water that concealed their view but judging by her deep blush and heavy pants that she was starting to enjoy herself. Suddenly her head tilted back and her back arched as a lustful moan escaped her lips causing both of them to feel more aroused than they did before.

Naruto quietly unzipped his trousers and released his painfully hard cock from its tight restraints and began to stroke himself Kakashi looked down smirking but felt he had to do the same as well both of them froze when Hanare stood up somewhat shakily from the water her body now in full view to both of them her pale creamy skin glowed beautifully in the moonlight. Her long midnight dark hair swaying around her back and front, her perfectly rounded large breasts with light pink nipples bounced as she moved causing a sharp intake of breath from the boys.

They were still both in deep shock over her wonderful curves she had hidden well from both of them, her deep blush evident upon her cheeks feeling slightly apprehensive they watched as she sat upon the rock surface and led down upon her back. Both still watching intently, they saw her raise her knees up and slightly open her legs wide they looked upon her intimate area nearly losing it totally. Her insides was a pale pink with a slight tuft or dark hair both men blushed as they watched her long creamy white fingers gently brush against her lower lips until her fingers touched the top and her legs began to shake and another lustful sob escaped her lips.

"Fuck teme this is amazing!" whispered Naruto excitedly Kakashi still taking in the delightful sight before them couldn't agree more with the blonde and just nodded his head in agreement.

"Hn...This is too hot dobe so let's keep watching" he replied in a slow whisper

They watched wide eyed as Hanare's finger did circular movements on her clit, watching as her perfectly pink pussy began to weep in appreciation. Her body was trembling from the new sensations she was feeling making her lose her senses, they both smirked as her other hand traced up to one of her saucy large breasts and began tweaking the pale pink nipple as she licked her lips and moaned her wonton cries in front of them. Each scene made them grab and stroke their painfully hard cocks more feverishly. Kakashi watched on and nudged the blonde beside him and whispered into his ear

"Hey dobe I think this is all new to her?"

"Huh, what do mean teme?"

"What I mean is that, this must be her first time pleasuring herself dumbass!"

The blondes eyes widened at his teammates words and a deep blush came to his own cheeks silently thanking kami for this beautiful arousing site before him. Kakashi still watching had an idea they were both painfully aroused why not help Hanare experience pleasures she had never had before, while they enjoyed every ounce of her gorgeous body she had to offer them. Kakashi silently began to think of a plan to do this as Naruto nudged him lightly in the ribs

"Whoa... Kakashi look at her!"

Kakashi looked over and watched as her hand between her legs was rubbing herself faster her body was convulsing her legs was trembling violently

"Looks like she's about to cum" Kakashi replied still looking at the arousing site

"Ohhhh god, Ahhhhh, No...No...W-what...I..I..." Hanare moaned out

Kakashi and Naruto gulped as she was bucking her hips subconsciously to the movement of her hand and something snapped inside her as her love juices sprayed across the rock surface and into the steaming hot spring below. Her body still shaking at the delicious experience she had and just collapsed exhausted on the rock. After what they both just witnessed Kakashi whispered into Naruto's ear his plan whilst the blondes eyes widened and he nodded his head in approval; he was happy to see intelligence growing up in his clones.

Hanare opened her eyes slowly as her body still shook from her climax she had never felt something so intense before in her whole life. Slowly she sat up when she heard a noise in the distance feeling slightly panicked she wrapped her shaky arm to cover her large breasts.

"W-Who's t-there?" She whimpered

"S-Show y-yourself!"

Hanare was now standing up on shaky legs as she reached for her towel and grasped it tightly against her naked body, still scanning her surroundings. She couldn't see anyone so she sighed in relief. What she didn't know was that Kakashi had created a powerful genjutsu with his sharingan to buy them a little time for the plan to work.

Kakashi appeared from the rock and casually walked over slowly towards Hanare who was blissfully unaware he was approaching towards her.

"Hanare?" Kakashi spoke acting shocked at her being there.

"Kakashi..s-san?" Hanare stuttered shocked at him being there

"W-What a-are you d-doing here?" She asked feeling very embarrassed.

Hanare although stunned suddenly felt immensely relieved that she was neck up high in the water at this moment in time. The only tale tell sign was her blush that had darkened a deep red when he stared at her and was beginning to remove his clothes.

"Kakashi s-san w-what a-are you d-doing!?"

Still looking at her blushing face just shrugged his shoulders

"What do you think I'm doing?" he teased

"I'm coming in to use the hot spring of course?"

Hanare froze in place not knowing where to look she glanced down so she couldn't see Kakashi removing all of his clothes she felt extremely vulnerable as she heard him step inside the hot spring sighing his approval as he sat down.

"I...I..didn't know you k-knew about t-this place Kakashi san?" Hanare nervously asked as she cautiously lifted her gaze.

Immediately her pale lilac eyes was staring into onxy coloured eyes that stared into hers. Kakashi tried to fight his growing erection that was remembering the earlier scenes that entertained him and Naruto not to long ago he hoped this plan he thought of worked, and so far so good.

Not answering he just stared at her making sure he had Naruto give the signal that he was ready which, by his intuition was nearly about time. Naruto was already in place completely stripped of his clothing concealed by the shadows ready for the show to begin. Kakashi took a deep breath and moved a little closer towards Hanare not to make her suspicious or nervous as he began speaking last thing he wanted was for the fugitive to escape their clutches.

"Well...The strange thing is I didnt!" He answered truthfully

"O-Oh" Hanare nervously replied thinking how was she going to get out without him seeing her nakedness

Kakashi just carried on talking.

"You see, we saw you going, so I didn't want to disturb you, so we followed and found this place, when we found the spy little did we expect the show you gave us!"

Hanare listened intently to what he was saying only catching the words at the end that made her body tremble and her face to her neck go a brilliant shade of bright red.

"P-Pardon?" Hanare whispered not sure if she heard correctly but had a seeking feeling she hadn't misheard.

The clone was taking in her deep red blush and had obviously caught on to his words so he smirked as he repeated what he had said.

"I said we followed and we found her you gave us quite an amazing show" he repeated

"W-We!?" She asked afraid to know the answer

"Oh me and Naruto" Kakashi calmly replied searching her reaction to the blondes name being mentioned..

Hanare's eyes widened in disbelief not only had she exposed herself with pleasure in front of Kakashi she had done it in front of kid Naruto too. Feeling panicked Hanare jumped up and dashed to her belongings to cover herself and escape this embarrassing situation she found herself. But as soon as she stood up she was grabbed from behind by none other than a very naked Naruto.

Hanare glanced behind her in absolute shock and despair, shock because he grabbed her around the waist from out of nowhere and despair because she was standing there fully naked not only in front of her long time crush Kakashi but also Naruto too.

"N-Naruto k-kun" she all but spluttered out in a nervous and shocked stutter.

"You have been a dirty girl haven't you?" Naruto teased huskily in her ear.

The blonde had brought his lips up towards her earlobes as Kakashi watched on as her cheeks began to burn even hotter. Her one arm was wrapped around her generously large chest in a protective manner, while her other hand covered her most intimate virtue between her milky cream thighs.

"N-No...I...I.." Hanare whimpered

Naruto sucked on her earlobe enjoying her trembling body leaning against him he had never felt so aroused as he did now. Kakashi approached them both slowly, moving in front of a now wide eyed Hanare also leaning towards her ear he began to whisper to her.

"Yes you have Hanare...You was oblivious to us watching you...Or did you enjoy being watched?" Kakashi curiously stated intrigued.

He also began to suck on her other earlobe but then again they was extremely good at concealing their own chakra, which made him smirk inwardly. Hanare was very nervous and was still stunned speech less never in her wildest dreams did she expect to be caught pleasuring herself in front of Kakashi and his student.

Hanare felt Naruto trail downward kisses on her neck as he moved his hand slowly down along her arm. Her nerves grew increasingly stronger knowing that her arm was still covering her large breasts from their view. The shy beauty bit her lip trying hard not to give in and expose herself even more to their eyes. The blonde had noticed her stiffen when his fingers trailed softly down her arm that was conveniently covering her chest. He was determined to pry it away from her breasts so he could take them all in while Kakashi did the same on her other one that was covering her intimate sex.

Working together they ganged up on the girl as the blonde left trails of soft kisses down her neck and shoulder whilast Kakashi glided his wet tongue upon her delectable looking skin by licking up and down her neck causing her to immediately feel weak at the knees causing her to try to resist them.

"N-No d-d-don't" she whimpered to them both who completely ignored her protests.

Naruto grabbed her arm pulling it away from her chest holding it in place as she feebly protested. His dark eyes darkened when he saw her impressive globes and immediately gazed intently at her breasts and was overjoyed at the size of them.

Up close they was big, firm and soft he gently took one into the palm of his hand but they were too large, he pinched the newly pert nipple between his fingers causing Hanare to flinch and gasp at his touch. Her face was severely flushed as her pale lilac eyes was wide in shock and dismay feeling embarrassed at being exposed to her crush especially not confident in her own body.

"N-No d-don't touch m-my Aahhhhh" Hanare breathlessly started to moan

Hearing her quietly moan out to them caused Naruto and Kakashi to smirk, Kakashi who had also grabbed her other breast did the same while he spoke sensually to her into her ear.

"Don't touch what Hanare chan?" Kakashi cooed

He was also massaging her other breast causing Hanare to tremble violently at their touches. Kakashi lowered his head and brought his hot tongue to Hanare's fully pert nipple causing her to gasp louder whilst his other hand held her other arm moving it to her side. Naruto chuckled at her reaction as he was still tweaking her other nipple.

"Does that feel good? You seem to be really sensitive! Isn't she Kakashi?" The blonde stated with a grin.

Kakashi moaned his approval feeling her soft mound in his hand her juicy nipple on his tongue, Hanare subconsciously moved her body more closer to let Kakashi and Naruto recieve more access to her breasts each touch they gave was like bolts of electricity running up and down her spine.

"Ahhh" Hanare moaned seductively.

Naruto moved his hand lower along her outer thighs whilst Kakashi distracted her by sucking her breast. Naruto who noticed that Kakashi had already moved her other hand away. Now exposing her lower regions that was now further ingrained in his memory. He carefully and gently brushed a finger against her now moist lower lips feeling her heat and wetness Naruto groaned into her ear

"Hanare-chan... You are so fucking wet down here"

Hanare gasped as she felt his fingers slowly explore her lower lips her breath hitched as he gently probed inside rubbing her moist folds slowly traveling to the place she touched earlier he wanted to hear her moan the same sweet cries from earlier that had turned him on so much. Kakashi noticed what Naruto was doing and grabbed Hanare gently around the waist ready and waiting on her reaction that he was sure was soon to come.

Hanare was lost in new sensations the hot breath against her ear from Naruto kun along with Kakashi's hot wet tongue caressing her hardened nipple made her body move on its own to the pleasurable feelings she was feeling. She gasped as she felt fingers lightly brush her lower lips then heard Naruto moan in her ear, his moan along with Kakashi's own moans did something to her insides.

Hanare felt an arm reach around her waist softly as she then felt a familiar feeling coming from her intimate place Naruto was touching the spot she touched earlier but this time the feeling was much more powerful than before her whole body convulsed and bucked wildly. Naruto and Kakashi watched her with smirks at her innocent and lustful reaction she nearly fell to her knees but luckily Kakashi had gotten a good hold of her by her waist.

Using his other arm he too ventured lower to where his blonde team mate was currently exploring. He slipped his fingers inside relishing the heat and her increasing wetness, as he introduced his thick finger into her wet and tight virgin cavern while Naruto kept rubbing circular movements on her protruding pearl.

Hanare flinched the sensations they was giving her was making her wild both of their eyes was watching her reaction to their lascivious touches

"Ohh Ahhhh w-wait...Ahhhh don't S-Kakashi s-san Ahhh s-sto i-it Naruto k-kun...Ahhhhhh.. "

Both chuckling at her reaction they both each moaned in her ears

"Your so sexy Hanare-chan this is just the beginning" moaned Naruto

"Seems your body wants this ...You feel soooo good inside" groaned Kakashi

"N-No...Ahh..d-don't s-say it l-like t-thaat...Ahhhhhhh" Hanare said between moans

Kakashi introduced another finger slowly moving in and out of her, her inner walls clutched tightly around him he felt the spasms coming from within her. Naruto who was still playing with her clit could see Hanare was losing it greatly. Having enough he grabbed her face with his free hand and turned her towards his and took her lips with passion probing her lips with his tongue begging her for entrance. He didn't have to wait long when she moaned and he closed his mouth against hers and his tongue explored her mouth with his hot tongue caressing hers while she was moaning into his kiss.

Kakashi was watching on intently wanting nothing more than to claim her lips too. His fingers was pumping in and out of her wonderful wet pussy that was turning him on even more.

"We better move this over there" Kakashi said pointing to another area.

The place he pointed at looked comfotrably soft for them to continue, it was a mossy looking area that had plenty of room to spare for all three of them to continue. Reluctantly breaking away from the kiss Naruto stopped playing with her swollen erected clit. Kakashi reluctantly removed his fingers from within her as they began to move a disoriented Hanare to the particular area they had selected.

Guiding her quickly between them so she wouldn't escape they soon arrived immediately laying her down upon the soft cool moss, now she could see both of their raging hard ons standing proudly at her gaze as they were both complete nude without clothing. Kakashi had saw her eyes lingering upon their hard cocks taking them all in seeing her pink parted lips that made him have visions of them around his hard length.

"Like what you see Hanare?...Come here and touch it" Kakashi commanded softly

Hanare looked up at him and then at Naruto who was watching the play unfold he was enjoying seeing her body from a different angle. His dark eyes devoured her flat toned stomach, the curve of her large hips, as well as her long slender toned legs and of course her large juicy breasts that beheld the most cute little pink nipples.

Her long slender neck, and her visible red lips that was slightly bruised from his demanding kisses looked so sexy to the blonde. Although he had to work with Kakashi, they had to gently coax her to let them in. They knew it was late and a few Mile's away from the village but he didn't mind time was on their side tonight and he would make sure that they fully immersed themselves in pleasure.

Hanare nervously but gently grasped Kakashi's hard cock much to Kakashi's appreciation, she gently moved her hand up and down his long hard shaft causing his whole body to tremble in desire. Hanare watched him intently and glanced at Naruto also not wanting to leave him out, so she made a grab for his hardened length as well.

Once she made contact with his cock the blonde also did the same thing she felt his whole body shiver to her touch. Hanare seemed to love the feeling of control she was having giving pleasure to both these handsome men whose eyes were locked on hers this in turn was making a certain heat grow within her. Watching her intently Naruto and Kakashi watched amused as her hands slowly stroked up and down against their now painfully hard and weeping cocks.

Kakashi groaned his approval when Hanare brushed her fingertips on the tip of his dick that was already oozing out droplets of precum. The sticky substance lubricating her fingers with it while again stroking his cock more firmly. Naruto also groaned his appreciation too as her hand also stroked his hard cock which also began to produce droplets of precum. She leaned towards Kakashi's cock and licked the tip causing him to shudder.

Naruto watched intently as she began to trace her tongue in an up and down movement along his team mates hard member feeling his own arousal get painfully harder it was turning him on watching this woman probe his clones cock with her tongue. Feeling braver she took his cock into her mouth making Kakashi and Naruto's eyes widen with surprise. The darknette bobbed her head up and down twirling her tongue around his thick and hard shaft causing Kakashi to instinctively thrust his hips subconsciously, the pleasure he felt was intense as he placed his hand on her head gripping her hair as Hanare hummed around him causing vibrations to envelop around his hard member.

"Oh...Shit!...Thats...ughh" Kakashi groaned as he could feel himself about to release it felt too good.

"Shit! Hana...I'm...Gonna..Ughhhh"

Hanare felt his length twitch violently against her tongue as his hands held her head close a few seconds passed as a loud and long moan escaped from him tasting his imminent release inside her waiting mouth. Drinking everything up the taste was different but not unpleasant, feeling his sluggish thrusts of his hips then releasing her mouth from his cock.

She stared up at Kakashi who was panting heavily from his orgasm he had just had look I down at her with dark lust filled eyes that made her toes curl. Kakashi grabbed her as he started kissing her roughly with unbridled passion tasting himself in the process. Minutes passed by when the heated kiss between them broke. The kiss was hot as he took his time to see Naruto's reaction in turn noticing the strain his clone had been holding.

Hanare who was on all fours turned and crawled over to the blonde like a predatory animal stalking its pray whilst licking her plump lips causing Naruto to flush at the scene before him, noticing Kakashi grinning at the blondes reaction. Hanare took hold of Naruto's painfully hard member slowly stroking it while spitting a huge amount of saliva on the purple engorged tip causing the sat still blonde to jump slightly and then hiss.

Kakashi watched intently as Naruto shivered at Hanare's touch running the saliva all around his throbbing cock she then lightly traced her hot and wet tounge over his sensitive tip licking up the precum droplets causing Naruto to close his dark eyes and moan loudly. If he kept looking at her he would cum within a heartbeat, he felt her tongue trace down the sides of his dick stifiling another moan from his lips.

He then felt her mouth fully take him into her hot wet mouth feeling amazing as she lapped her tongue all around his shaft making Naruto tremble in pleasure. He felt her caress his sack with her trembling fingers making him groan even more feeling her head bob faster up and down he could feel his imminent release grabbing her head and fisting her hair he was slowly losing himself to the pleasures she was giving him

"Ohhh Fuck...Yessss... Ughhh...Hanareaa...Ohhhhh..." Naruto moaned loud.

"Shit...Hana...Fuck...I'm..gonna...Ughhhhh" Naruto continued immediately exploding inside her mouth.

Hanare once again drank it all down getting used to the unique taste. Releasing his cock from her mouth with a loud wet pop sound. Naruto felt overwhelmed and grabbed her arm pulling her towards him kissing her roughly the same as Kakashi experiencing the taste of himself within their kiss. Breaking away for much needed air and to regain their breathes a small trail of saliva was their connection from their tongue battle.

Hanare was now knelt in front of the blonde feeling really strange so she decided to get up and get dressed until she was stopped by Kakashi who had pulled her back down.


"Where do you think your going?" Kakashi playfully asked

"Ano..I.I..was..going..t-to..get..d-dressed" she nervously answered.

Kakashi who kept her gaze with his shook his head and leaned towards her grabbing her arms he turned her around and pulled her onto his lap with her back facing him a deep crimson blush grew on her cheeks as Kakashi leant towards her ear and lightly nibbled her earlobe making her tremble against him.

"Sorry but we can't let you do that. We have to show you our appreciation Hanare" Kakashi spoke in a quiet husky voice full of pent up passion

"Hey dobe are you ready?" Kakashi asked the blonde who scratched his head and had a mischievous smile spread across his face

"Sure am teme" he replied lightly.

Naruto moved up beside Kakashi Hanare started feeling nervous again at the close proximity. Kakashi sensing her fear gently turned her head towards him and his lips sought hers the kiss was very intense on both sides tongues were caressing each other as Hanare moaned lightly at the kiss breaking away for air. Naruto who was knelt in front of her leaned in and started taking over on kissing her passionately.

Hanare felt lost to their relentless kisses having never been kissed in such away before. Each time made her feel hot, each time their tongues caressed each other making her want more. Kakashi watched as Naruto and Hanare was passionately kissing each other prompting Kakashi to lick and moan in Hanare's ear

"You like being kissed don't you" he groaned

Hanare shivered and moaned into Naruto's mouth feeling a pair of hands grab both her breasts Hanare flinched while Naruto who was in cohorts with Kakashi kept her busy with his mouth. Kakashi gently caressed each breast with his hands massaging them still enjoying the softness and size of them noticing her little pale pink buds harden to his touch. Grabbing each one of her nipples and giving it a gentle tug and squeeze still moaning his appreciation in her ear

"What's this Hanare? Do you like my touch? Your so sensitive" Kakashi said in a groan causing Hanare to moan hard into Naruto's mouth as Kakashi pinched both nipples hard.

"Fuck your tits are fucking great can I have a taste? He moaned again in her ear

Naruto who was watching while kissing her maneuvered Hanare around so that Kakashi was on her left side and he was on her right side keeping her back against one of the many large rocks for support. Naruto took up kissing her again tilting her chin his tongue easily gained entrance breaking down each barrier of resistance in doing so.

Kakashi leant down and took her left breast into his hot mouth running his tongue around the sensitive peak making Hanare moan into Narutos's kiss. Kakashi whilst sucking her left breast caressed the right tweaking the other pink pert nipple with his finger and thumb causing Hanare to arch her back and break away from Naruto's kiss moaning loudly. Naruto smirked as his friend was sucking and biting her nipple while playing with the other he then began to lean towards her ear.

"Is that nice? Naruto moaned softly causing Hanare to blush scarlett and pant heavily

"W-Wait...Ohhh..." Hanare moaned softly causing both males to grow painfully hard enjoying her sweet moan and delicious blush on her face.

Kakashi looked up and removed her breast from his mouth and was up against her other ear while Naruto was by the other Kakashi then turned her face towards his their eyes caught in a powerful gaze as Kakashi seeked entrance to her lips again Naruto began to caress her right breast and moaned in her ear

"Your breasts are great Hanare why did you hide them I forbid you to do it ever again"He moaned.

Kakashi was watching giving Naruto the signal to work down wards pulling Hanare down on the soft moss they both led beside her with Hanare in the middle noticing how close she was to them made her aware of her predicament. Kakashi reassuringly kept kissing her enjoying her soft tongue against his. Naruto lightly traced his fingers along her curves as he slowly travelled down wards. Kakashi also followed suit with his own hand for the same destination. Hanare trembled at their touches that when both of their hands grabbed each one of her legs causing Hanare to flinch and break away from Kakashi's lips in surprise and embarrassment.

"N-No...P-Please... N-Not t-there" Hanare pleaded softly.

Trying in vain to keep her legs held together, she was however no match for them both as they parted each of her legs wide and glanced at her adorable pink pussy that was now going to get the attention it was crying out for.

"Hanare, your so adorable" moaned Kakashi in her left ear

"Yeah Hanare-chan...I'm so fucking hard right now looking at you" groaned Naruto in her right ear

"Keep your legs parted" Kakashi ordered.

"Trust us Hanare-chan" whispered Naruto

Hanare felt so embarrassed her naked body in full view to both of them she had never been so intimately exposed as she did now. She trembling in fear at what was to be expected, she felt their hands slowly caress her inner thighs both touching different areas of her pussy. Naruto and Kakashi touched her folds and noticed how wet she was both of them groaned in excitement.

Kakashi worked his way to her bundle of nerves while Naruto licked his thick finger that had Hanare's love juices and she tasted amazing hoping to have a quick taste at some point all he wanted to do was to hear her moans and bring her to release like they had.

Breaking away from his raging thoughts Naruto lowered his hand and entered inside her soft wet folds caressing inside her gently feeling and seeing a slight tremble from her thighs that caught his attention. Finding her opening he slowly and very gently inserted his fingers inside, groaning at the wonderful heat that encased his fingers tightly. She was soaking wet as he felt her tight inner walls squeeze down on him loving the feeling and knew it would be heavenly on his cock.

He slowly rocked his finger in and out whilst Kakashi watched on intently as Naruto begun moving his finger in and out hearing his moan of approval at the feel of her insides. The raven was amazed at her wetness and easily located her still swollen clit that was painfully aroused much to his enjoyment. Taking his finger he placed it into his mouth licking the tip with his tongue covering it completely with his saliva.

A few seconds passed then he removed it from his hot wet mouth placing his wet finger upon her then pressed on it making hard circular movements hearing her getting wetter they both looked at her watching her soft expression change from embarrassment to pure ecstasy.

"Ahhh...W-Wait...S-Stop...Ahhhhhhhhhh" Hanare completely arched her back from the floor as she moaned.

This action had prompted both Naruto and Kakashi to smirk with pride as they was going to bring her to the very edge of pleasure that she would be begging them both to relinquish her growing ache they was steadily building.

"What's this Hanare chan? Your getting extremely wet" moaned Naruto in her ear

"N-No...I-it...C-Caaan't...B-Be...Ahhhhhhh" Hanare tried to talk but she couldn't help but moan.

Kakashi and Naruto chuckled at her she was so embarrassed yet extremely sexy the beautiful girl was biting her hand to stop her moans from escaping past her lips.

"Hmmm Hanare-chan your pussy is crying for more of our attention. Listen can you hear that? Your wet sounds are amazing!" Kakashi whispered

"Ohhh don't ahhh" Hanare groaned trying to fight it she could hear sqwelching sounds as black eyes and dark eyes stared at her lilac eyes in lust making her grow more aroused and about go explode.

"Oh shit! Hanare-chan...Your fucking closing down upon my fingers...Woah!" groaned Naruto

Who was currently getting really aroused by the second watching her fall apart Kakashi and Naruto knew she was getting extremely close and began to up their attacks.

Kakashi was still rubbing Hanare's clit applied more pressure against it doing faster circular movements hearing the sounds of her wetness was driving him wild also. He was moaning whilst he traced her breast with his tongue biting her nipple with his teeth causing Hanare to scream.

Ahhhhh S-Kakashi s-stop! N-Naruto Ahhhh s-stop I-It"

Hearing their names made them grow even more hornier than ever. Naruto thrust another finger inside her feeling her insides twitch at the extra digit going in within her.

"Kami...Hanare-chan... Your awesome...Hmmm" Naruto groaned as his fingers were being gripped tightly

"You look to be so tight...She needs to be extremely wet dobe" Kakashi looked on as he caressed her nipple still feeling his fingers getting soaked from touching her clit.

"Fuck...I gotta try something." Naruto announced as Kakashi watched him remove his fingers from with her.

Naruto licked his dripping fingers from her juices hungrily into his mouth and tongue groaning at her taste that was so sweet. Moving up kneeling in the balls if his feet he got in between her thighs giving Kakashi a cocky grin as he placed his warm mouth on her sex. Hanare immediately arched letting out a lusty sob as Naruto delved his tongue into her wet folds greedily sucking her juices.

Hanare was panting as her thighs shook she tried to move away but kakashi as well as Naruto held her firmly in position. The skubds of Naruto lapping her sex with his mouth was erotic and out more strain in both men who was trying hard to be patient but it was a losing battle. The way her hips seemed to lasciviously buck against the blondes face seemed to get them to breaking point.

They both watched in satisfaction as Hanare was about to break before them.

"Ohhhhhhhh I..I..I.." Her hips continued to buck against their assaults both of them enjoying her losing control Kakashi could see her fear and looked at her with an honest smile

"Let go Hanare... Just let it go"

Hanare felt the coil at the pit of her stomach snap watching her sexy expressions knowing she looked so sexy there Kakashi added more pressure to her bundle of nerves while Naruto quickened his tongue by entering deeper within her Hanare convulsed as she felt some thing about to burst inside her

Ohhhhh, I...I...I..feel...Weired...I'm cummming!"

To watch the girl losing all her control was so erotic she was so innocently adorable both Naruto and Kakashi couldn't wait to pound into her.

"Let it go baby let it go" said Kakashi softly watching her climaxing face Naruto was enjoying himself too greedily lapping it up

" just cum for us Hina" Show me your face as you cum"

That sentence was all it needed as she screamed her release and sprayed her juices all over Naruto's face as Kakashi's looks on slightly chucking. Naruto licked his cum drenched face and fingers while Kakashi looked at Hanare who was led panting breathlessly and dazed at her second climax.

Naruto grinned and wasted no time and got in between her legs once again and put each of her legs upon his shoulders positioning his cock between her folds soaking his entire length with her juices. Naruto glanced up at Kakashi who was watching him telling him silently to get a move in as he wanted some action to. He glanced down at the breathless beauty who hadn't registered her predicament yet. The blonde bit his lip to contain his growing excitement then got ready to break through the barrier that was her virginity.

Kakashi watched on getting ready for his turn as well as taking the other virginity he was going to claim they would then swap around and experience both between them. Hanare had felt movement of her legs being lifted she turned to see Naruto in between her thighs looking down at her with a sexy grin upon his face with Kakashi by the side staring at her intently with deep onxy eyes.

"Get ready Hanare-chan I am going to make you mine" moaned Naruto.

Before she could even protest he thrust deep and fast within her as her virgin barrier broke feeling him enter her entirely. Kakashi watched intrigued at the blonde who took her thrusted his hips harshly break in and taking her virginity groaning loudly as he did so as Hanare moaned just as much. The blonde then painfully remained still who was then paitently waiting for Hanare to adjust. A few minutes passed as he then started to move he again groaned as he felt her grip him tightly. Hanare moaned out loudly she felt so sensitive from her climax that when he moved her whole body trembled and succumbed to this new intense pleasure.

"Ahhh...W-Wait...I..I...Ohhhhhhhh...N-Naruto...Kun!" Hanare tried to speak but her sentences was lost to moans.

The sensations she was feeling was way to intense and couldn't help but moan, Naruto was feeling her insides spasm her wetness was making his cock glide easily within her and twitched in approval at her unique tightness that was out of this world.

"Fuck! Hanare- Chan...Your pussy is awesome...You don't want to let my cock go" He groaned

Kakashi watched as Hanare was trying to push Naruto away to stop these feelings what she was feeling it was too immense and to much for her sensitive body she could feel herself building to an even bigger climax than the last and it scared her.

"S-Stop..I..Ahhh...I...Feel...Strange...Ahhh" Hanare pleaded her eyes confused at her bodies sensations.

Naruto grinned and looked at her with his deep dark lust filled eyes and began to thrust slower.

"Hanare hime...Your so fucking tight your pussy won't release me. Your pussy is loving the attention i'm giving"

Naruto had lifted up her pelvis slightly causing her to fall back on to her elbows. Her own eyes saw his cock sink into her core and slowly emerge before sinking back in with the sounds from her wetness and skin slapping against skin.

"Can you see it for yourself hime? See look here" Naruto groaned out

Hanare had arched her back and moaned loudly feeling something immense being touched within her.


Naruto and Kakashi looked knowing that Naruto just touched a certain spot deep within her

"Fuck, your gripping me like mad Shit!" Naruto moaned loudly as his body tensed

Kakashi moved his hand to her breast and gave a firm squeeze.

"Did he touch a good spot? looks like he did your pussy is weeping in pleasure!" Kakashi whispered against her ear

"Ohh...p-please...ahh..d-don't..say..t-that...'Kakashi" Hanare moaned out

Kakashi breathlessly chuckled while licking his lips still squeezing her breast feeling incredibly horny just watching.

"But it's true look at what your doing to Naruto. Your holding him so tightly not wanting him to stop" Kakashi continued

Hearing Kakashi speak dirty words was making her body grow even hotter. Naruto felt her wetness and her firm grip held him tightly wanting more he felt great knowing Kakashi was wanting some action. He pulled Hanare upwards as he maneuvered her to straddle his lap still fully embedded within her. This new angle seemed to reach even deeper as she shuddered on top of him.

Naruto moaned enjoying the delicous view signalling Kakashi to be prepared and get himself and Hanare ready while he handled the distraction. Hanare was pulled into a steamy breath taking kiss that felt immensely pleasurable for both of them as he urged her to ride him by guiding her in what to do as Kakashi prepared himself.

"Fuck your so fucking hot Hanare, your fucking wetness in dripping on me" Naruto moaned and panted Hanare felt the intense tightness building as he thrust upwards making her convulse on top of him

"Did I touch something good baby" He groaned the look on her face said it all placing his arm around her neck he pulled her down for another hit kiss.

Kakashi used this distraction to prepare her for his brutal assault. Hanare's firm round buttocks was fascinating to Kakashi while he saw naruto's cock pound and lose itself within her delicious depths. He grabbed her firm ass cheeks with both his large hands and squeezed each creamy cheek tenderly.

Hanare flinched and tried to move to glance behind her when Naruto firmly kept her mouth on his dominating her in a tongue war knowing full well what his clone was going to do. Kakashi removed his one hand briefly and put his finger in his mouth lathering it with his saliva completely wetting his finger. Stretching her cheeks apart noticing her little pink hole that remained untouched and unseen by eyes before. Kakashi groaned at the delectable site and traced his wet finger around it.

Hanare's eyes went wide as she felt his finger slide inside her back entrance slowly and pulling back out and going back in she squealed into Naruto's mouth as he held her firm. Kakashi pumped his finger in and out at a faster pace making Hanare internally shiver and squeal when he produced another finger inside. Two of his fingers now replaced the one as he carried on penetrating her now slowly becoming loose hole. Naruto feeling her insides quiver felt incredible and held firm as Kakashi prepared her for what was soon to happen.

Hanare was feeling incredible from Naruto's assaults but now that Kakashi was behind her and touching her other intimate area she felt another set of sensations that made her toes curl. His fingers was slowly filling her noticing he has now put a third inside she was groaning into Naruto's mouth as he kept sucking her tongue and wrestling his with hers. Kakashi has now produced a third finger and was enjoying the slick wet entrance of her soon to be devoured hole bringing his face over he removed his fingers and began to swirl his tongue around her now slightly red hole Hanare flinched at the hot wet feel circular movement that she broke away from Naruto as soon as Kakashi's tongue entered inside feeling his tongue tasting her insides

"Ahhhh...D-Don't..t-that's d-dirty..,Kakashi...Ohhhh Kami" she groaned out in such a sweet cry making Naruto shiver as she further clamped down on him. The naughty sounds of Kakashi sucking on her asshole was making Naruto lose it

"Come on Kakashi get a mone on lets make her scream together" groaned Naruto.

Kakashi slowly removed his tongue and he grasped his hard cock aligning it at her entrance. Naruto who waited patiently held still, Hanare was held hard by Naruto's arms around her waist making sure she didn't move. Kakashi stretched her ass cheeks wide and slowly entered her tight hole groaning as his member was slowly being sucked in

"Relax baby" Naruto cooed as he saw her clench her eyes tight to Kakashi's slow attack.

Trembling at the strange feeling of having both Naruto and now Kakashi inside her she felt Naruto tremble beneath her as he could feel Kakashi pushing through until Kakashi felt his cock completely be consumed inside her. He gritted his teeth at the tightness he was feeling Hanare shuddered as all of them kept still getting ready to move.

You ready teme?" Naruto tried to stifle his moan

Kakashi who held still for Hanare to relax gripped one of her breasts massaging her erect peek

"Ready dobe!" He groaned

Hanare didn't know what to do as Naruto moved first he pulled out slowly and thrust back in, as he thrusted in Kakashi pulled his cock out. When Naruto pulled his cock out Kakashi then thrusted his back in side her, both if them getting her used to the pace. Hanare was panting trying to take all this pleasure at once each thrust was slow at first but they then started picking up the pace thrusting in and out faster Hanare tilted her head back in pleasure


Kakashi and Naruto heard her loud moans it was music to their ears causing them to groan in unison at her gorgeous trembling body that was under Kakashi but above Naruto it was incredible for both if them to see and feel.

"Ohhh Hanare your...Your...Oh...Shit I'm getting close" groaned Naruto as her juices was flowing down his stiff cock

Kakashi who was pounding her ass was lost in a state of bliss feeling the deliciously soft tunnel closing around his cock. Hanare still had her head tilted back, her eyes was closed letting out soft cries of pleasure. Kakashi felt his cock get even bigger he was feeling too aroused at the gorgeous Hyuga beneath him.

"You like...having...our...cocks...inside...don'" Kakashi moaned

"D-Don't..s-say..that" Hanare moaned back causing Kakashi to stop. Naruto who caught on to what his friend was up to also stopped his assault

"You love it don't you Hanare? Beg for us to continue and we will show your body what it desires" Kakashi said huskily.

Hanare noticed they was still inside her gripping her body tightly as she tried to move her hips, they was teasing her. The sweet achy throbs was growing worse as she was very close to release and now they had stopped moving it caused her to want to cry out in protest as she couldn't take it anymore.

"Come on baby tell us what you want" whispered Naruto who now moved his hand towards her erect pearl and gently touched it with his fingers causing her to clamp down on both of their dicks deliciously.

"P-Please... Fuck me i-i can't take this ache much more!" Hanare begged.

Both of them smirked in triumph at her delicious plead and decided that they would both grant her deepest wish and then some.

"Hanare I am going to make you cum hard" Naruto moaned feeling her tighten around his clock at his words,

Deciding to change their positions around so that they was more accessible to her body and in particular her neck..

Both members began getting her ready in a different position. Kakashi sat down on the ground pulling Hanare down on top of him bending her over she was on all fours as he spread her ass cheeks and began delving his tongue around her puckered hole tasting her insides once more as Hanare moaned in pleasure. While Kakashi licked and sucked her asshole Naruto knelt in front of her and gave her a brief tongue kiss then grabbed her head to get her to suck his cock lubricating him ready for his attacks.

She went down on him sucking his cock completely inside her hot mouth he groaned as she bobbed up and down feeling highly charged himself he grabbed her nipples and pinched each of them whilst he was being prepared.

Having enough he then turned her around again her head in Kakashis lap sucking his cock in preparation whilst Naruto began to lick her lower lips with his tongue. Her pussy was red from previous ministrations after a few more minutes she was turned back around this time sat spread eagled on Kakashi's lap with his lubricated cock pushed back into her ass she moaned as he entered her fully. Naruto then got in between her legs while she looked into his eyes and slowly thrusted into her tight hole once again they timed their thrusts to match watching the trembling woman lose herself to their lascivious desires

Kakashi groaned as his cock was being gently squeezed by her feeling Naruto's cock vibrate against his from her other love tunnel. Naruto started to growl as his eyes began to go feral as his cock to run against Hanares inner walls making her moan in delight.

Clone Kakashi who was feeling the chakra didn't want to lose out so he used chaka chains that he directed to slide around Hanare's waist and play with her secret spots they both coiled around her waist slithering to her large bouncing breasts slowly hissing against her swollen peeks causing Hanare to groan. His entire body rubbing against Hanare's walls of her ass making him thrust his hips wildly against her.

Hanare was lost in the pleasures they was giving her. her eyes was wide with desire and lust as they pumped hard and fast inside her. Her mouth was opened wide in sheer pleasure but no sound escaped just Hanare completely making her body burn hotter inside and out getting close to releasing themselves they wanted her to let go before they could.

"Your feeling so good Hanare" groaned Kakashi

"Let yourself go" he whispered biting her earlobe

Hanare bucked her hips again at both thrusting assaults, rolling her hips making both her attackers groan in ecstasy feeling the coils once again bubbling deep to spill out. She let herself go not being able to take it any more.

"Yesssssssss harder...Harder...Please...Ohhhhhhhh...Kami...N-Naruto...-Kakashi.." She moaned loudly.

Both of them thrusted harder hitting spots that made her mouth water in absolute pleasure, she was totally being conquered she was surrendering her body to both of them and they knew it and accepted it with arms opened wide.

Feeling her about to spill Naruto started licking her neck up and down with his tongue. Kakashi licked her neck as she released soaking Naruto and Kakashi below with her flowing juices her body trembling violently as they both groaned as the wetness hit the tips of their cocks sending them to twitch and about to release inside her.

Naruto came inside her flooding her pussy walls with so much cum it spilled out as he groaned her name to the heavens. Kakashi still thrusting found his release imminent biting into her soft delectable sleeked with sweat skin hard with his teeth, also pouring his own unique chakra into her marking her as his also. Hanare convulsed as Kakashi released inside her ass keeping firmly seated within her for a few seconds as he sluggishly thrust against her groaning. He finally pulled out and collapsed backward's exhausted and fully sated. Hanare also fell back on him as Naruto fell forward still deeply inside her but finally pulled out and sat back and looked at her two filled up holes containing their seeds of love.

Naruto then bound her nude and dispelled the clone Kakashi. Suddenly fear took place in Hanare's eyes.

"Did you think I won't notice because I am fucking you? I saw you making signs with your eye and that allows you to see inside your own mind and anyone infiltrating it. But your signs were different this time. What was it? Naruto asked.

Hanare was bound so tightly that she couldn't even move. "I was truly attracted to Kakashi, so when I thought Kakashi was inside me, I deleted Konoha information." Hanare said.

"Kakashi would have believed you but I am not that easy, prove it me." Naruto said.

"Apply Tsukuyomi and check, I can't lie their right?" Hanare said.

Naruto checked then washed her body burned her cloths and he dressed up. Hanare spilled almost all the information which included one of the bases of Orochimaru and her powers will allow him to control that nasty aura.

He used hirashinin kunai and one permanently placed it hokage's office to teleport. Sandaime Hokage was in the office and Naruto appeared there and placed the naked shinobi on the table. Hiruzen became astonished and raged.

"I gave the task of collecting information, not to ravage, Naruto." He yelled.

"Cool down, Ji-chaa, its my way of collecting information." Then he explained the whole situation.

"so you can release her, Hokage-sama." Naruto said.

"My villagers will kill me for betraying them, please allow asylum for me here." Hanare requested.

"Well, if you allow I want to take her in." Naruto proposed.

Hokage has nothing to say against Naruto. So he took her home and he saw the girls were still busy with kin so he went in and transferred Hanare to them.

"Every one of you will report to me tomorrow morning, I will discuss my future plans."

Girls hanged hanre beside kin and started their cruise. Naruto went to sleep. He has to check the book for his new stats in the morning.

[Naruto's stats will be discussed in the next chapter , I hope you like this chapter and leave reviews.]
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