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Chapter 22: KONOHA clans part-1

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Chapter 22: KONOHA clans part-1

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[Co-author of this chapter is Naruhina123, Please follow him too]

Naruto woke up the next morning pretty late. The chunin exam was pretty tight on him moreover fighting a chunin. He has to work on many things too. He needs to find out a way to extract tailed beasts without killing the host. He has to work on saving sasuke from the curse mark too. This one month is going to be very busy.

He freshened up by himself then he saw note hanging at the door which reads, breakfast is ready at the swimming pool area. Naruto went down there and saw all the girls enjoying themselves and his breakfast is served by the pool and it was very festive looking. Naruto noticed kin and hanare there too. He was surprised but happy.

Naruto sat and started having his breakfast but the girls didn't leave the pool, suddenly he saw that the water is flowing in festive way and the 17 girls have started water dance, Naruto was enjoying it very much. What exclaimed Naruto most was the final act, all the girls rounded up with their hands on their breast around Naruto and finished with milk fountain from their breast.

"Wow, that was awesome, How did Kin and Hanare became so involved with you guys, so fast? Naruto asked.

"The orientation was the practice for your hard fucks and they knew you can do something like that." Fubuki said.

"Fifteen naked girls under one man, any girl would guess what he can do." Hisame smiled.

"So they understood it and then they joined us in the pool with us." Ena said.

"For their inauguration orgy with us." Ayame said.

"Also their breast-milk seal." Kujaku said.

"We treated them nicely too." Kurenai added.

"They treated u like sisters," Kin and Hanare said in unison.

Naruto was happy to see that. Then Hanare talked out.

"I want to say something if you allow." She asked.

"At first go and kiss the dick gently then you can ask permission." Mito said.

Mito herself came over and took off his towel which was covering his lower part. Hanare came and kissed it.

"There is rumour going on in the village about you." Hanare said.

"What rumours? Explain it." Naruto ordered.

"Well, everybody was saying that you are very powerful although they don't know your true power, but words are going on about the book you always carry, even some clan wants to steal it see what is in it." Hanare explained.

"Thanx Hanare, I will keep that in mind, now I have a plan to acquire konoha's special jutsu's within a very short time, so you guys give me a potential list from all special clans. I also want you guys to train within the house, Most of you are excellent shinobi, You will be my force." Naruto said.

Girls became surprised at this announcement. Naruto opened his book. He needs to go to the market with this book today. Maybe he could trap a potential enemy to Naruto. He opened to see the stats.







Naruto was happy and he turned over to the level page to see his level.

Naruto reached level 17.

Then he turned over to the stats page.

Naruto Stats:

Acrobatics: 130

Chakra Control: 180

Chakra Levels: 200

Chakra sensor: 100

Endurance: 150

Intelligence: 120

Luck: 120

Reflexes: 150

Speed: 140

Stamina: 140

Strength: 150

Knowledge: 180

Courage: 120

Sex Appeal: 220

Scientist: 100

Wealth: 50

Politics: 100

Leadership: 120

Interrogation: 200

Divine chakra: 50

Demonic Chakra: 150

[Depending on your collection of aura, you will get two type of chakra, this will be needed for special jutsus, for example you will need 150 demonic chakra and 50 heroic chakra.]

He turned over to skill page.


Archery: 50 points.

Bojutsu: 200 Points.

Dojutsu: 150 points

Earth Elemental manipulation: 110 points.

Fire Elemental Manipulation: 120 points.

Genjutsu: 180 points.

Kenjutsu: 160 points.

Lightning Elemental Manipulation: 120 points.

Lying: 100 points.


Medical Jutsu: 50 points.

Ninja Master: 200 points.

Ninjutsu: 150 points.

Sealing: 50 points.

Senjutsu: 00 points.

Sexual Aura: 220 points.

Taijutsu: 150 points.

Water Elemental Manipulation: 120 points.

Wind Elemental Manipulation: 120 points.

Healing Factor: 60 points.

Massaging: 50 points.

Stealth: 75 points.

Summoning: 100 points

Crafting: 50 points.

Haggling: 50 points.

Knife Fighting: 50 points.

Pick Pocketing: 50 points.

Cooking: 50 Points.

Forging: 50 Points.

Medicine Making: 50 Points.

Throwing: 50 points.

Trap Making: 50.

He turned over the page to see the achievements.


Lost Virginity.

Became Shinobi.

Has sex with a kunoichi.

Has chakra armor and rainbow chakra.

Had group sex.

Has Chkara chains.

Has Sharingan,

Has Hirashinin.

Has summoning contract with Ena.

Has eternal Mayengoko Sharingan.

Has collected weapons of Seimei.

Has susano's.

Has Mayengoko Sharingan.

Has Ultimate Susano's

Has chakra absorption technique.

Has soft physique technique.

Has air release technique.

Can look inside his own mind and anyone who infiltrates it.

He turned over and saw the weapons page.


Naruto's double sword [Kubikiribocho (Sword of Zabuza)+White fang of Sakumu Hatake+Kusanagi of Uchina clan+Garian sword. (Rayugan)+Weaklnessless short sword (Kujaku)+Fire sword (Hoki)].

Ninja star



He turned over to the collection page.


Chakra armor (perfect user).

Kubikiribocho (Sword of Zabuza).

White fang of Sakumu Hatake.

Kusanagi off Uchina clan.

Garian sword. (Rayugan).

Weaklnessless short sword (Kujaku).

Fire sword (Hoki).

Infinite armor (Seimei).

He turned over again to see the perks page.


Lord of Harem (Naruto can start a harem now and include girls in his Harem).

Food Freak, requirements: have sex with Ayame twice, take Ayame to your harem.

Rainbow man (Can gain kekkai genkai); requirements: have sex with Kyoki at the platform

Chakra man (Can use the chakra armor regularly); requirements: have sex with Fubuki, collect chakra armor.

Hyoton (Ice element): Haku's demonic crystal mirror technique included.

Silent killer: requirements (Have sex with Haku, Defeat Zabuza); Hidden mist jutsu available

Sharingan: Have sex with Mikoto Uchina.

Hirashinin level 1: Have sex with Kaguya Namikaze.

Enma recruit: Be the pupil of Hiruzen Sarutobi.

Chakra chains: Have sex with a Uzumaki girl.

Jinton (quick style): (have sex with Namikaze); Extreme Speed n Taijutsu and can gain hirashinin.

Snake style Taijutsu: Have sex with Anko Mitarashi.

Mayengoko Sharingan: Use Sharingan in battle and kill,

Eternal Mayengoko Sharingan : Bit one Sharingan user.

Rinnegan (Locked).

Hirashinin Level 2 (Locked).

Ultimate Enma: (obtained): Have sex with Ena.

Ultimate Susano's: Unlocked but obtained.

The Hero: Drink hero's water.

Weapon man: Collect Seimei's weapon set.

The collector: Collect special abilities with the sword. [Ibiki Morino + Zaku +Oroi +Misumi]

He turned the page. He expected the trophy page but a new page immerged. The Aura page.


Collected Orochimaru's Aura [ Snake aura, molding, hidden jutsu, edo tensei, fuinjutsu]

He turned over to the trophy page last.


Lady Killer: Had first sex; 200 points; sex appeal (+10 points), Sexual Aura (+10 points).

Princess Hunter: Had sex with a princess; sex appeal (+10 points), Sexual Aura (+10 points).

Bronze Harem: Started Harem and had sex with three women; sex appeal (+20 points), Sexual Aura (+20 points)

Chakra Boy: Can use chakra armor. (Chakra: +20 points, Chakra control: +20 points, strength: +20 points, speed: +20 points).

Rainbow boy: Have rainbow chakra (luck, courage, endurance, intelligence +20 points).

Bronze Harem 2: You had sex with Five woman. +100 points

Anal Fetish: Had anal sex. +100 points.

Shadow Fetish: Had sex using Shadow clone. +200 points.

Shinobi swords of mist 1: Collected one of seven swords of Shinobi swordsman of Mist. +100 points.

Bloodline addition: Obtained first kekkai genkai. +200 points.

Banger (had group sex); +200 points Sex Appeal +20 points, Sexual Aura +20 points.

Leader (had sex with clan leader); +200 points Sex Appeal +20 points, Sexual Aura +20 points.

Clone master (use more than twenty clones in sex); +200 points Sex Appeal +20 points, Sexual Aura +20 points.

Silver Harem 1 (has sex with ten women) Sexual aura +50 sex appeal +50.

Silver Harem 2 (has sex with 15 women) sexual aura +20 sex appeal +20.

Weapon god (Collect Seimei weapon set) Stamina +20 Speed +20

Hero Ninja (Drink hero's water) Chakra level +10 Chakra control +30

Aura collector: (Collect first aura) Chakra level +20 chakra control +20 Demonic chakra +50

Mind explorer: (Can look inside his own mind) Knowledge +30

Naruto had 500 points spare early now some more added, he decided to use them before the finals of chunin exam.

After updating his abilities Naruto drank the breast milk of two new members of his harem. Then he used his mind exploring technique for the first time, He entered his mind he saw that Kurama was bounded by chain, He asked;

"How did it happen, Kurama?"

The beautiful orange haired girl wasn't able to answer the question, he tried to unhook it but couldn't do it, he thought may be some more knowledge will help him understand, that makes clear why he couldn't get kurama's chakra.

Then he looked beside and saw a room with snake marks beside and it was locked. He went in front of it and made the signs with his eye and the door was unlocked. He entered the room and suddenly a giant snake popped up.

"I see you are the brat who couldn't handle the lust of power from this aura, how could you even get this aura, this ability was lost ages ago, Somehow you possess all hidden quality and equipment together, but if you can't conquer this stage he can never gain the control of this aura ." The snake greeted Naruto with this.

Naruto didn't expect anything like it. "What do I have to do?" Naruto asked.

" A maze will appear in front of you now, at the end of the maze you will get the room of jutsu, When you complete the maze, you will gain the capability to control the extend of this aura which will help you to conrol problems which made you kill three shinobi. After you complete the jutsus then you will get the full control of aura and it will mix your own aura and you can delete the parts you want." The snake explained.

"How much time do I have?" Naruto started t get anxious.

The snake replied with a bleak face, "The more time you take the more this aura will take over your aura, if you are too late then this aura may take over you and owner of the aura will gain you."

Naruto understood the consequence, Naruto could really use the byakugan power to solve the maze, Hinata's name came to his mind, but she was too sick to be ravaged by Naruto. He decide to take some time and came out,

But he conquered ibiki Morino aura very easily. Snake aura is far more powerful and complex that this one, He left his subconscious and came back to reality.

To relax his mind, he entered the pool with the girls and they took care of Naruto. Then as planned, He went out to the market. Suddenly he felt a group of people was following him, he activated his Sharingan to trace the chakra signature and from their chakra signature in their eye he understood it's the Hyuga. Suddenly one man changed direction from that squad.

When Naruto almost reached the market, he found another signature coming from the opposite side actually two but one was damn strong. It was sure who was that after a very short time, Hiashi Hyuga, clan leader of Hyuga clan.

"I see the famous brat going somewhere, you earned yourself quite a name after preliminary." Hiashi said.

"Thank you for your appreciation Hiashi-sama." Naruto decided to be humble.

"I wonder what is the source of your power, How can a knuckle head ninja advance so much in so few days?" Hiashi asked.

"Tough training and determination, however I see the difference in you is only a book which you carry now always but you were afraid of books earlier, I wonder what is in that book." Hiashi exclaimed.

When Hiashi completed the sentence, Ten Hyugas cornered Naruto, Naruto knew this would happened, the book was already in disguise, Naruto though it would be clever not to fight back now, With a problematic aura he might get unstable. Suddenly the other signature Naruto found.

"What have you been doing for so long? I finished my shopping. Aren't you done? She said, the she noticed Naruto.

Naruto's eyes were stuck at her boobs, Naruto has fucked a lot of women but none had a boobs this big, his eyes travelled down as he saw a fabulous body then he looked at her face which was a bit surprised to see Naruto, a small boy, cornered by so many Hyugas. It was none but the Hyuga clan-leader's wife, Hitomi Hyuga.

"What are you doing with this little boy Hiashi-kun?" She ignored Naruto's look.

"I was just going to take the book" Hiashi said. "I will be done in a moment."

"What you're name kid ?" Hitomi asked.

"My name is Uzumaki Naruto." He reply.

"My husband can be very fearsome when he is angry so please give me the book, I don't know what is in it but I believe it is important." Hitomi placed kiss on he forehead of the kid to clam down the kid and took the book.

"Go home boy and never cross with your path with me again, my clan will check what secrets you gained from the book" Hiashi ordered.

"It's just a story book." Naruto smirked and said. Naruto already planned the future of that Hiashi. He let them go at that moment.

Naruto went back to his home and spent some time with kin for senborn training and sometime with Mikoto and izumi for Susanoo and Sharingan training. Naruto decide to start his attack after his dinner. He went inside the village fully equipped and he stopped in front of the Hyuga compound.

He used his "TRANSPARENT ESCAPE TECHNIQUE' and he hid his chakra signature. He entered the Hyuga compound very easily. On his way in. he found almost everybody has gone to the bed, He saw Hitomi preparing herself for sleep and another light he marked was the light of the study of clanhead.

He entered the study. Nevertheless, it was the clan head reading Naruto's book, it was nothing but a mere story, He could sense a ninja's sign. "Is it you Hitomi?"

Naruto created four clone so that even if he attacks he can't decide which one is the real, By then Naruto will be done. Naruto noticed the study was quite big and it had bathroom and a king-size bed too. Naruto understood Hiashi plays with Hitomi here too.

Naruto came close to the table and stood at four corners. By then. Hiashi was sure it was not Hitomi.

"Show yourself, whoever you are, I may still spare your life." He activated his Byakugan telling that.

"It's my property you are reading." Naruto revealed himself.

"How dare you break into my house, You fool?" Hiashi yelled.

"I will break into many more things, you just wait and watch." One clone jumped up to hit Hiashi.

Hiashi dived towards him and popped the clone with one strike, but Naruto grabbed and surrounded his whole body with soft physique technique by then, it was a risky move considering Hyuga are close-range taijutsu specialist with ability to hit the internal organs. Hiashi also had the same thought so he released his chakra throughout the body through chakra points.

Naruto should have been thrown away by now, but rather hiashi was losing chakra very fast. Naruto activated his chakra absorption technique. Hiashi collapsed within a few second. Naruto unclothed hiashi and sealed him in cross(t) position on the wall. Hiashi couldn't even think of such prowess. Naruto took the book first.

"Now I will make suffer more, I will fuck your wife in front of you, She will scream my name." Naruto declared. Narruto created a seal so that nobody can hear anything and can't go out or in on the whole house except the room Hitomi was in and the Study.

"Please, leave Hitomi." The clanhead requested.

"You should've thought of it when you snatched that book, the hokage doesn't dare to engage with me but you do. I am gonna take care of that once and for all."

Naruto went out and entered the room where Hitomi was sleeping. Naruto tries to take her clothes at first. Hitomi screamed and ran towards the study calling Hiashi. Her dress was in Naruto's hand. Naruto close the door behind him. Naruto started chasing her.

Hitomi is running around the study room as her clothes are gone, leaving her bra, her panties, stockings and garterbelt as Naruto is after her and Hiashi was seeing with nothing to do. Pressing her body up against his and pushed him back until he was at her desk.

"No Naruto.. this is bad please stop." Hitomi tried to pushed him away.

"Hell no, I will have you no matter what." Said Naruto who is chasing her, Hitomi's breasts are bouncing out of control during her running, then Naruto grabs her arm and pulls her to him and then Kisses her on the lips A Shock went through her body as their lips met. Her lips were soft and wet, mushed together with his and he leaned forward into the kiss. She pushed her tongue into his mouth and tangled it against his, wrestling their tongues together, while rubbing her hands against his strong body moaning not knowing what he would say her massive breasts pressed up against his chest.

They leaned forward and shared another heated kiss with each other, locking lips as he moved closer to her, gaining a moan. He leaned forward passionately kissing her as he wrapped his arms around her soft body pushing her massive breasts into him. They kissed for minutes tongues tangled until they needed to catch their breath and leaned back.

After that, Naruto breaks off the kiss and he raised his hands and grabbed her massive tits, his fingers digging into the softness, all he could think of was the softness making Hitomi moaning as she begging

He lowered his head towards her breasts, and grabbed hold of her erect nipple with his teeth. Hitomi moaned as she felt his rough tongue rasping on her tender nipple. Naruto flicked her nipple with his tongue gaining a hiss of pleasure from her. Naruto to stop this while she's blushing badly, Hitomi noticed something large hitting her leg and observed his crotch.

Naruto then rubs his cock against her pussy and Hitomi is trying to get away. Naruto starts to grope her boobs again and he takes her right nipple into his mouth.

Hitomi is shocked that Naruto would do this

"So - how big are these twins of yours?" asked Naruto after he removes his mouth from her nipple. Hitomi tries not to answer and Naruto squeezes her breasts again

"just how big are your twins?" Asked Naruto and Hitomi stutters out "P-P cup. They are p-cup." Then Naruto smirks and says

"Oh I can't wait to have them wrapped around my cock."

Naruto then moves one hand to her panties rubbing her pussy. Making her moan but she is in shame about it as she says "p-please N-Naruto-kun, n-not this, a-anything but t-this" as she moaning more, Naruto just smirks and says "All your husband's fault" he is thrusting his fingers into her pussy more with Hitomi moans more upon that.

Within a few minutes Naruto makes Hitomi cum by fingering her pussy, as it's an overwhelming feeling, that her legs give up on her and she drops onto the floor.

Naruto comes up behind her and says "Lets get you cleaned up." Naruto then takes her to the libraries shower and in that shower, she is having to give him a tit-job in which, when Naruto takes off his clothes in front of Hitomi, that's when she sees, his cock is standing tall at 13 inches as it's thick as an arm.

"Damn - I would love to having your breasts on my cock." Said Naruto

Hitomi first stares at his cock but then she tries to leave and before she could get away but Naruto grabs her tits and thrusts his cock between her breasts which his cock is buried into her super giant breasts.

"N-No p-please N-Naruto s-stop." Begs Hitomi and Naruto is thrusting his cock between her breasts.

As he feels just how insanely soft they are Hitomi is hoping that this will end soon. After thirty minutes Naruto says "Get ready cause I am ready to cum.", when she heard that,

Hitomi says in a begging voice "n-no! N-not on my breasts please Naruto-kun!"

Naruto does not listen and cums right onto her breasts and he covers them and some of her face. After twenty minutes he is done cumming as Hitomi says "y-your s-so mean N-Naruto-kun" as she teary a bit.

Naruto then kisses her lucky his cum did not hit her lips. Making her eyes widen. Naruto then breaks the kiss and says "I hope your ready I want the real thing now." Making her eyes widen more and she tries to crawl away and Naruto grabs her hips and lines his cock up with her pussy.

"stop this at once Naruto! O-or else I will never for-" Naruto thrust right into her pussy making her scream and starts to tear up her pussy as she feels Naruto's cock inside her pussy, Naruto then starts to thrust into her pussy as Hitomi is begging Naruto to stop fucking her but she can't since she's in a lock as well that Naruto isn't listening to her.

Naruto then picks up the pace and fucks her harder making her breasts bounce wildly and she is screaming but no one can hear it as the room is sealed by Naruto.

As Naruto is having his way with Hitomi as the busty blue hair girl is screaming louder for each thrust she feels that moves inside of her, Naruto see her breasts bouncing so he lets go of her hips as he lays on her as he grabs her breasts and increases the pace more as she still begging Naruto to stop this at once but no matter of what she says or begs, Naruto ain't having none of it.

He grabbed her legs and pushed them above her head. She had no time to react, he moved with such speed and force. Before she knew what was happening Naruto was on top of her. Without any warning, he pushed forward, violently ramming his full length into her pussy, pushing into her womb. She screamed as the giant dick stretched her pussy and slammed against her.

"Please Naruto-stommpph" He leaned forward and they locked lips. The women mind lust spread through her wrapped her arms and legs around his strong body and kept kissing him. Their naked body's wrapped around each other as he thursted forward, drilling into her womb. They held each other tight, as he continued his nonstop thrusting.

Naruto turns her head kisses her. He then squeezes her breast and pinches her nipples as Hitomi screaming more as she shaking her head as she losing her sanely.

Naruto keeps fucking her then stops kissing her and asks "Who do you belong to -?"

as Hitomi says "I belong to Hiyashi!" as she resists him for now,

Naruto just smirks and keeps fucking her at a fast pace and is squeezing her breasts and nipples more making her moan louder as she trying hold onto her sanely in order to not give into Naruto.

Naruto took back hitomi to the library and she is thrown onto the king size bed in the library with all of her clothes gone as she moving away from Naruto as she says while covering her gigantic breasts "n-no more Naruto-kun! Please I beg of you!" then she lets out a plead.

Because of Naruto grabs her then spread her legs and thrusts into her pussy again with Naruto saying "No more is dead." as Hitomi once again screaming loudly. Naruto keeps fucking Hitomi and is not stopping.

As the sound of skin hitting against skin is heard within the room as well screams as Hitomi is losing more of her sanity as she begin to feel something, like something wants her to give into Naruto and be his only for the rest of time. Naruto is thrusting into her pussy faster and faster as he says

"come on Hitomi-san! " as he thrust into her at very fast rate with Hitomi screaming more as she feels until Naruto cums a massive load of sperm and paints all over Hitomi's insides which is what breaks her.

"Who's cock do you love - go ahead scream it out!" yelled Naruto and she screams out "I love Naruto-sama's cock! The best cock I ever had in my life!"

Naruto looked at Hiashi. That look on his face was what Naruto wanted to see. But Naruto saw one thing that annoyed him. He sealed hiashi's body and lso mouth but he saw him get a erection. Naruto decided to punish him. Naruto hanged two chairs from his cock. Hiashi's body was shivering from pain.

"Enjoy it Hiashi, the real show begins now." Naruto said

Naruto slapped hitomi's boobs so hard that the sign of handmark was seen on them. Hitomi became sadder seeing his husbands position.

"Hitomi, be like a slut, If you can please me that I might spare your husbands life." Naruto declared.

"I will give you the fuck of your life." Hitomi nodded wiping her tears. Hitomi would of think of Naruto as his dreamboy to make it happen. She decided stop the food feeling she was avoiding to resist Naruto.

His cock was big even though it was semiflacid now, and A smirk became wider as Hitomi gave it a surprise look, her beautiful purple eyes wide as saucers. The signal was clear to Naruto, he was going to give that incredible body of her a hell of a ride -and taking into account last night, she would love it.

So, Naruto leaned into another kiss which Hitomi responded first uncertained, then with as much passion as possible. Naruto shuddered when he felt her hand squeeze his cock, making it even harder and bigger. After a couple of minutes of intense making out session, A felt the moment to breed come, so he stopped the kissing, picked his cock and tried to stuff it into her wet snatch. However, Hitomi did not let him in.

"could I be on top? I want to give it a try..." she let out timidly.

"Of course, slut" the Naruto quickly responded.

He salivated, he was on the point of seeing her glorious huge tits ride him, he was going to feast on them bouncing ridiculously, as the previous time he didn't have many chances to enjoy them. As the Naruto lied down in the bed, Hitomi climbed on him, and then tried to penetrate herself with his massive cock. She was shuddering in excitement -she must confess that riding was the best position to bring her to orgasm, and an enormous cock apparently had a natural talent to make her cum.

Making herself comfortable, Hitomi put the thick log on her lower lips, before slamming all the way in into her cunt. She screamed after the insertion, not because of the pain but for the pleasure. Hitomi squeaked as her eyes rolled back on her head. It's ridiculous, she thought, just to insert his fat cock and I'm already on the verge of cumming.

The Naruto was grinning to himself like an idiot, having seen how he already had Hitomi completely dominated only with the start of the fucking. So, he decided to step up the game, and started thrusting up and down of her soaked cunt. Naturally, A was rewarded with louder screams of pleasure.

"Are you enjoying yourself, Hitomi?"

Hitomi gazed at him, her eyes glazed over with pure lust, still chanting his stud's name, cum tracing down her pussy lips and pouring into the Naruto's belly.

"Ah! Ah! Ah! Yesssssss! Harder, hardeeeeer!"

Naruto then placed his hands on her thick womanly hips, moving down to take her bouncing ass, increasing his pace. The sounds of her massive curves slapping against his hips filled the room. Hitomi moaned lewdly as her eyes kept rolling up to the back of her head from absolute pleasure. She could not form words to express her emotions. All she could do was support the orgasmic assault she was receiving.

Seeing her free huge breasts bouncing back and forth, the Naruto licked his lips and put one pink nipple in his mouth, tasting it. This decided it for the pale-eyed milf, which exploded in a monstrous orgasm. Unfazed by her cumming, A continued violating her womb, now filled to the brim with his meaty joy. Half an hour later and half a dozen orgasms later -or so Hitomi thought- Naruto noticed himself near completion, and so he told to his fucked silly partner.

"Ahh yes…a-amazing…" her moan encouraged him as he leaned down to take her left nipple in his mouth while his right hand pinched her other nipples "Ohh…so gooood…." Hitomi threw her head back as she cupped his head from behind, pushing him in while Naruto eagerly ran his tongue over her ass, sucking and biting on them as he drew her crazy. His hands would easily slide over her sweaty breasts as he continued to knead her right tit while sucking onto her left nipples.

'Her breasts really biggest in Konoha he mentally added, now sucking quarter of her breast, taking as much into his mouth as he could, biting the soft skin as he furiously devoured her delicious tits.

"Naruto "she moaned heavily, hands tightly clutching onto her back head. He leaned upwards to take her pink lips into another hot kiss making her moan in ecstasy, his right hand roughly groping her right breast while he continued to grind his bare clit against her wet lower region.

Leaning back, he grinned at her lightly as she stared at him through her half-lidded eyes, inwardly shocked to see this side of his. Nibbling on her ear, biting her earlobe.

"My….you're so sexy" he whispered in her ear as she continued to pant, her breast heaving up and down with each breath while her eyes were closed.

"Sss," Hitomi hissed as he began to rub her clit through her soaked panties, his left hand still groping his breast as he leaned in to capture her red lips.

"Ahh…Na-Narutooo…." Hitomi broke out of the kiss as she moaned sweetly, her eyes closed, her right hand resting on his shoulder while he started to rub her bare clit gently .

"Ahh Hitomi.." he trailed when she grabbed his cock. Turning him around, she pushed him gently against best giving him another heated kiss while her hand started to stroke his cock. "O-Oh…so g-good….y-yeah, keep it g-going…oh N-Naruto…." Hyuuga continued to moan loudly as she wrapped her thighs around his waist, locking him in.

"S-So tight Hitomi…." He muttered, now panting while she continued to moan not being able to stop herself- her hands currently clutching the bed sheets tightly. Loosening his hold over her waist, he leaned forward to place both his hands on the bed beside her on both of her sides- taking her lips in another passionate kiss as their tongues dueled wildly with each other.

"Ahhh….s-so ep g-going….ahh Naruto….a-amazing," she couldn't stop moan, the pleasure was out of the world, indescribable. Her whole body was going numb, the feeling of his manhood sliding into her womanhood. Each time he thrust back in, her body would twitch due to a bolt of pleasure.

"Damn…" he growled, further increasing the intensity of his thrusts as he leaned down to take her left nipple in his mouth, sucking on it wildly.

"Ahhhh….N-Narutoooo…" Hitomi wrapped her arms around his head, holding him tight while her thighs too were firmly locked around his waist. The whiskered blonde however groaned when he felt her wet inner walls clench his cock while the vibrations from his throat further increased her pleasure as he continued to suck on her nipples.

ck o-on te them Naruto!" she exclaimed in pleasure, arching her back to give him more access to her chest when Naruto lightly bit on her nipples making her mewl softly.

"O-oh…..Aahhh….N-Nar…." She didn't know what she was speaking, what was even going on, she had completely lost control over her senses. Grunting, Naruto encircled his arms around her waist before gently pulling her up with him while her arms automatically wrapped around his neck, her eyes closed while her mouth was open as she pletely lost in the bliss.

"Hah…hah…Nha….rhuto…." she panted through the heavy make out, their tongues visible as they danced around each other, fluids dripping down while he kept his around on his lower back.

"Hitomi-chan…." He whispered making her moan a bit as he again started thrusting into her, as hard as he could while her body bounced on his manhood. Letting go of her waist, he started to grope her breast roughly, kneading them in circular motion before pinching her nipples.

"Ahhh…hhahhh…" she moaned loudly, lifting her arms to wrap them around his neck behind her while he continued to play with her tits , sucking and biting on her neck. "N-Naru….k-ki-kiss me…." She somehow managed to say while he gladly accepted as she turned her head. Both of them crashed their lips into each other, kissing each other like crazy as he continued to slam into her from below, his hands groping her tits.

"I….I….c-cummiiiinggg!" her voice echoed throughout the apartment as her body shuddered, a ground shattering ogasm rocking through her form while her inner, wet and sloshy walls constricted around his manhood, engulfing it resulting in Naruto too reaching his limit.

"Ahhh….d-dammnit I…." he groaned vociferously, his sweaty body shaking violently as the blonde man shot hot ropes of his creamy sperms, milking her insides.

"Nghh…." Naruto grunted as he gave out, both of them falling on the soft bed with him on top of her while Hitomi moaned due to his manhood moving inside of her. Her arms were still wrapped around his neck while his face was nuzzled into her neck, both of them recovering from the amazing world they had just discovered.

The Naruto chuckled, then groaned as he felt himself explode into her, shooting thick ropes of cum into her soaked pussy. Hitomi could feel it filling her up to the womb. The sensation of her stud's warms cum flooding her insides make her explode into another mind-tearing orgasm, her entire body spasming, her huge breast heaving as she shuddered from the intense pleasure.

However, Naruto was not done with the fucking yet. He withdrew his cock from her swollen pussy with a loud thud. Hitomi groaned as she felt a river of her lovers cum flow out of her gaping pussy.

"More, Naruto, oh, give me more please!" she moaned.

"Now, now, calm down my slut. I promised I would fuck you all night, and I will. But first, you have to earn it. Suck my cock!".

Hitomi obeyed, getting down to her knees, and picking his huge prick with her hands, comparing his size to hers. I can't still believe it! His cock is as thick as my wrist, and so sooooo large. No wonder it makes me cum like crazy. Hitomi was licking his lips in anticipation for another round of fucking.

"Have I earn my reward? Please, please, stick your big cock back into me."

"Well, yes, I'm pretty satisfied with your blowjob. I would like to try a different position, not that I don't like your tits bouncing in front on me. Get on fours, Hitomi. Prepare yourself"

Internally, Naruto was praising, Disheveled hair, puffed snatch leaking cum, amazing body covered in sweat, breast breathing heavily... Hitomi. Naruto grinned wickedly shifting behind her, prepared to fuck her in the doggy style position. He positioned on the entrance, and entered her.

"Mmmm... mmmm... mmmm..."

"Moooore. Please, Naruto. I want more. Give it to meee."

She looked over her shoulder, her lilac eyes glassy, concentrated lust while nibbling her bottom lip, making it all the more sexier to the stud which was giving her more orgasms in a day that she has had in a year. The way her cheeks flushed with desire, the way her azure dark bangs hovered over her shoulder made the Naruto's dick to painfully twitch. Hitomi was so sexy that it hurt. Without warning, A withdrew from inside her, only to violently sheath his log back in.

"Aaaahhhh... Yes, yes! Ohh A yeess!"

Hitomi exploded in another orgasm, coating his dick with her nectar as her upper body collapsed on the bed, but he would not relent on his thrusts. Wanting to feel her huge breasts on this position, A leaned and cupped the heavy tits. Of all the women he has had, Hitomi possessed the best breast. The combination of size, form, cute little nipples and gravity-defying mammaries made them legendary worldwide.

"Your breasts truly are something... they never stop to amaze me."

"Ahhh, you like them? You can ahhh, use them in whatever way you like aaaahhh. But pleeeaase, don't stop fucking me aaahh."

She had started to slam herself back into his cock, trying to match his speed. He quickly grabbed her thick juicy hips, her massive ass cheeks bouncing, increasing the rhythm. Hitomi was making ear-splitting screams, Naruto hitting her g-spot over and over. She picked a pillow to muffle her whining, feeling more orgasms coming.

"So good... sooo goooood... Ah ah ah ah... Cumming!" An idea formed in Naruto's head, so he stopped the coupling, Hitomi moaning in protest.

"Why did you stop?"

He lifted her up, putting her against the bed's headboard. She took the hint, wrapping her legs around his hips and her arms around his neck. The Naruto began to pump into her hard again. To hold back a scream, she bite down on his right shoulder, drawing out blood, but it didn't matter to Naruto. He started to devour again that sweet mouth of her, violating her tongue and starting a fight for dominance. Hitomi responded, not wanting to lose.

"Fuck." She couldn't take anymore, more orgasms kept coming.

"Cum for me!" Hitomi felt her eyes roll to the back of her head one more time, her ninth orgasm hitting hard.


"Louder, say my name louder!"

"Naruto! Oh Naruto!"

"You love it, don't you? Say it to your husband"

"YES! YES! I love it, I am your slut! Breed me! YES YES YEEES!"

"I am not done yet, Kage Bushin no jutsu" Naruto said. Naruto created clones' One penetrated her ass, one pussy and another one put it in her mouth and another one fully dedicated to partly with the boobs. Naruto fucked her for one more hour. She almost fainted.

Naruto released Hiashi and bound naked Hitomi. Hiashi came to Naruto's legs.

"Please, don't hurt her anymore." Hiashi requested.

" You will announce tomorrow she broke up with you and left because of your sexual inability otherwise I will make all whole hyuga girls in this position and the boys will be face consequences like you."

Hiashi had no reply, He was crying like crazy. Naruto dressed up took of the seal and went out. Before going out he copied the hyuga library.

On his way home, he opened the book.


Points will be distributed later.

Naruto was happy. When he entered the house the girls came in to receive the new one.

Mikoto yelled out. "Hi..To..Mi." Naruto knew it would happen. He reminded Mikoto of consequences in the house.

Mikoto came and kissed his dick and said, "Please give me permission to run her orientation."

"I will and if she asks one night to punish you then I will allow her too because everyone is equal in this house." Naruto replied.

"I am in." Mikoto said.

Naruto knew he will have run a session on thiese two to work together. But for now he obtained one major Konoha clan. He will commence his big plan tomorrow morning. He freshened up and went to sleep. All girl went to Hitomi's orientation but Naruto called up Kyoki to give him company at night.
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