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Chapter 23: Konoha clans part2: Owning Ino-Shika-Cho

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Chapter 23: Konoha clans part2: Owning Ino-Shika-Cho

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[I did not like the Ino's mother featured in the anime so I changed her description from the anime. I hope you guys will like it, Naruhina123 helped me to choose it and co-author of this story is Naruhina123]

Naruto woke up early in the morning. Girls were still asleep, they came back at night and gave Naruto an awesome blowjob, Naruto didn't know who that was as he was feeling too sleepy. Naruto freshened up and had breakfast. He wants to work on two work two very important seals today. One is to dissolve the orochimaru's curse sign and anther one is for the girls in his harem. Their number are increasing and Naruto wants to ensure that no-one is dare enough bend the rules.

First, he called upon Hanare and trained with her with the inner mind reading technique. And making signs with eye. Then he called upon Hitomi, Naruto noticed Mikoto sneaking from outside. Naruto decided to take care of it very soon. Hitomi was new to the Harem so she was very scared of Naruto. She came in slowly and kissed Naruto then sat down in front him. Naruto noticed the breast milk mark on her boobs.

"How is it going? Like your new home?" Naruto asked.

"It is good, everyone ravaged me last night as the orientation but they accepted me after that but Mikoto was not like the others." Hitomi said in a tone of complain.

"Complaining against your harem sister, I will see into that." Naruto became angry, both of them need punishment. Naruto will arrange it. Naruto grabbed her by the boobs and started drinking her milk. It was the first time and due to her boob's size, it was plenty. Naruto activated his Byakugan and wanted to train.

"You have Byakugan?" Hitomi was surprised.

"Lol, you know nothing about me, if I unleash my full power, I have the capability to crush your whole clan by myself. Now train me with it, I have all your clan's scrolls and books." Naruto replied.

While training with Hitomi, Naruto got a feeling that she is not a expert in Byakugan, He heard that the brother of Hiashi and His wife Hisana was prodigy of Byakugan but sadly they were in the branch family. Naruto ensured it from Hitomi. Naruto didn't waste a minute and decided t go out. But before that he created eight clones and ordered them to make Mikoto and Hitomi stay together. He ordered that the punishment must happen in front of the pool so that everyone can see.

Naruto had just entered the Hyuga compound. Naruto eye glanced at Hisana Hyuga. He was headed for the training dojo and he heard battle yells. He opened the slide door slightly to see Hisana Hyuga in the middle of her training. Hisana Hyuuga widow woman, Wife of Hazashi Hyuuga and mother of Neji Hyuuga. Among the Hyuga females she was the most well-endowed. He chest size was about forty six D's, She trains daily and was well built, her skin was smooth and her brown hair. At this moment she was wearing a white martial arts robe. Narutos perverted eyes noted how her breasts moved and bounced with each movement she made.

"Come on in. If this a proposal challenge then show me how much of a man you are." She said proudly. Naruto opened the door which surprised her a bit. "Naruto? Why are you here?"

"I want you to join me and leave this."

"Okay. If I win then I don't join you since you wouldn't be much of man if you can't take me down. If you win and prove to me how much of a man you really are..." she squeezed her breasts together. "I'll let you consumate our agreement right here. In other words I'll let you go down on me." She replied to his offer suggestively. Naruto got his game face on after slamming his right fist into his left palm.

Naruto decided o supress most of his power and take some hit to understand the power of Byakugan.

"Alright. Let's get it on." They both took fighting positions. Right of the bat Hisana unleashed all of her massive chakra. Her Byakugan was activated and locked on Naruto. Naruto vanished with his increased speed but to his surprised she blocked him and countered. "Gentle Fist!" She yelled as Naruto didn't have time to dodge so he blocked and got pushed back. Some of the chakra removed from his forearms but quickly recovered from it.

"Not bad. I would been disappointed if that was all you were capable of." She told him with a grin on her face.

"I got plenty of power to spare." Naruto replied. She got distracted that Naruto took the opening and punched her stomach. She struck back and Naruto struck back. Punch after Gentle fist they were delivering blow after blow and still going.

"Twin Dragon fists!"

Naruto took his Sword and yelled. "WHIRLWIND MULTIPE SLASH."

"Yeah. I gotta hand it to her for coming up with the method. She really is a kind girl for teaching it to me." She replied. "Time to see if you got the balls to win it."

"Bring it on!" Naruto yelled as they both went for a direct attack.

"Twin Dragon Fists!" She yelled as the attacks collided causing an impact explosion that made a mess of the dojo. Naruto's stay in clam and Hisana was on her left knee and her martial arts robe was somewhat torn to the point where you could see cleavage.

"You win."

"Awesome." Naruto said as he lost his balance and fell on top of Hisana. She saw how sweaty and exhausted he was with his Jonin top ripped apart where she could see his toned pecs and abs. They were breathing heavily only inches apart from kissing.

"Oh, god you made feel so hot Naruto." She said as she wrapped her legs around his waist and started grinding against his crotch. Naruto was getting hard from the way she was talking, breathing, and grinding herself on his crotch.

"Then consider yourself." He replied as he kissed her passionately and she kissed back as their tongues were fighting for control of each other. Naruto was groping her left breast with his left hand and was grope her ass with his right hand as she continued grinding against his crotch. They both ripped their tops off and Naruto just ripped apart her bra with his teeth and she loved this animal like behavior he was displaying as he then charged and sucked on her two breasts at the same time by moving the nipples together and sucked on both of them.

"AAAAAHHHH, GOD YES! YOU'RE A REALLY BEAST!" She yelled. She was enjoying the rough treatment. She wanted to taste him as she flipped him over and she was on top. She opened up his pants and got a look at his dick. She looked like she was in love it as she started sucking on it.

"Mmmmph, MMMPPHH!" She moaned as she felt Naruto licking and fingering her ass after ripping open her pants and panties. They kept going at till Naruto and Hisana hit their limits.

"I'm cumming!" He yelled.

"MMMMPPPPHHHH!" She moaned as she orgasmed and felt his cum shoot in his mouth and was swallowing it all down like drinking at a water fountain.

"Pwwwaahhh, that was delicious." she said seductively as her covered her left eye in a sexy manner.

Hisana crawled seductively over to Naruto's cock, swaying her hips more on his magnificent cock. She grabbed the base with her hands, slowly pumping it as she licked his head seductively, causing him to groan in approval, before he looked at her with a gaze that told her not to tease him.

She took his head in her mouth, sucking on it gently as she moved her tongue around with great skill, swirling around it while her tip trailed the underside. She slowly began bobbing her head, Sure enough his hold on her head suddenly tightened, before pulling her towards the base at great speeds.

Naruto began to ram her head over his cock. Pulling out her trump card Hisana made her cheeks converge on the boy, while still keeping her throat relaxed, it started to feel a slightly like an actual vagina, only the constricting force was much weaker. He groaned as he could feel pressure building up inside him. Knowing he was close to his limit Hisana decided to pull one last stunt as she channeled chakra into her mouth.

He was surprised as she swallowed nearly everything, leaving the valley of her breasts, wet with slick sperm. He told her to get up and remove her shirt for him. As she did so her breasts were pulled up with the shirt, before falling back down as they lost their grip on the cloth, leaving them jiggling heavily as the blond looked at them with lust in his eyes, sending the tingling in between her legs to a whole new level as she smiled merrily, happy that her orbs left him in a daze.

He hadn't told her what to do next yet so she simply decided to take action. She laid gently on him, grinding her core against his still erect member, before pulling him in for a kiss, she moaned into the kiss as her boobs pressed themselves against his chest, stimulating her nipples slightly. Naruto soon took control and flipped them over, deepening the kiss as he slowly massaged her large breasts, causing her moans to increase.

Naruto growled lowly as his advances were stopped by the hem of her pants, they were secured tightly, preventing any entrance from him unless removed properly. However her moans were urging him on, and he didn't want to pleasure, removing his lips from hers he moved himself down, tugging on her pants with both hands as he sucked greedily on her ample bosom, slowly reaching the nipple, her volume increasing instantly as he did so.

She lifted her hips up while arching her back as she wallowed in pleasure, allowing him to tug her pants down in one swift motion, he had to restrain a nosebleed as he looked her over once and found that after a minute his body was only continuing his ministrations on autopilot, removing the vigor his touch held before. Quickly renewing his assault of pleasure, he brought his lips back to hers, caressing her breasts once more, while moving his hands towards her panties, mentally smirking at the feeling of her soaked panties, he rubbed her softly, relishing in the moans she was releasing into his mouth as she arched her back in pleasure as she started to grind herself into him.

He removed his lips from hers and smirked against her neck as he started to suck on a certain sensitive spot on her neck and slipped his fingers inside of her panties, softly pinching the clit as he went on to insert two fingers slowly into her cunt, She cried out and he felt her body tense up for a moment, before convulsing in pleasure, letting out an ear-shattering scream as her juices gushed out of her pussy, drenching his entire hand along with a small patch of the bed. He went on to position his length in front of her entrance, watching as she tried to arch her hips in the direction of his tool, he held her hips in place, teasing her without end, just waiting for the point that she would start begging him to fuck her.

She tried for awhile longer before realizing that struggling against his grip was futile and just relaxed, before she looked up at him with a sultry smile before begging him, her voice husky and full of lust, sexy enough to instantly down a normal man through a huge nosebleed.

"Please fuck me Naruto-kun. Please just fuck me, I need you inside of me"

Naruto grinned and released her hips, slowly pushing forward, her folds were pushed open by his erection as he slowly buried it inside of her, as he got the head inside he suddenly thrust it all the way inside of her, making her moan in ecstasy as she was suddenly filled completely. He pulled out almost completely, making her whimper at the lost feeling of being full.

He then suddenly slammed himself inside her again, before almost pulling out slowly, the intense burst of pleasure followed by his pulling out were driving her crazy, it made her feel really good but she couldn't quite reach her climax from this, Naruto for his part just chuckled and grinned evilly, he couldn't come from this pace either, but it was fun seeing her squirm from the short bursts of pleasure

"Please Naruto-kun, Faster"

He smiled at her, making her blush, before complying, quickening his pace, watching as her breasts bounced every time he filled her completely. He relished in her loud moans, her screaming and her bouncing breasts. Naruto just continued to slam into her mercilessly, ignoring the pressure inside of him, thrusting even harder and faster, prolonging her orgasm, he put one hand on her breast, massaging the nipple softly, rolling it around in his finger, making her moan as she finished her orgasm, soon a pressure started to build inside of her again from the ministrations of both her nipple and her cunt. He continued to thrust until they both moaned out each other's names as they came together. Naruto lay down on Hisana's chest, softly laying a kiss on her lips as she just lay there in a daze from two consecutive orgasms.

"Deeper! Ahhh, hah, hah! Go Deeper! Harder! Faster! Ohh~! That's it!" She said as felt Nartuo piercing her womb.

"Talking like that after a battle? "Naruto told her as he nibbled on her ear while massaging her breasts as his thrusts were getting faster.

"Yes! I'm a bitch! I'm your bitch in heat!" She yelled. "Your getting bigger!"

"I'm almost there!" Naruto said.

"Ahh, I'm cumming, she kept saying rapidly as she felt Naruto release his cum inside her and orgasmed hard. "AHHHHHHHHHH!" She yelled as she arched her back and was drooling from it all. "That was amazing. You definitely pass my test." She said as she went limp on Naruto as for the first time in her life she was completely worn out. Naruto had stamina to spare which caught her off guard.

"You wanted a man stronger than you and that's what I'm gonna give you." Naruto told her as he took the missionary position.

"AHHH!" She yelled as she felt Naruto go back in her and thrusted in her even rougher than before. She was exhausted and she felt her mind beginning to go blank.

Her tongue was sticking out and was drooling nonstop. Naruto then decided to suck her tongue as he massaged her breast. His thrusts were going inside her womb now and she was feeling it.

"HAHHHH!" Naruto yelled as he released his cum inside her again.

"You're mine now." Naruto whispered to her as he got his dress back on. He checked on Hiashi's study as he saw the announcement of Hitomi leaving is hanging there. Naruto bound Hisana and took her to His Home.

Girls welcomed him home and placed Hisana in his training room as he ordered. While going there she saw Mikoto and Hitomi penetrated in every whole and extreme tools were being used on them. They were crying on eight Naruto's for forgiveness. Even brave Hisana got scared seeing all this. She was astonished to see how a boy has managed to enslave all these mighty ladies. Bound Hisana was kept at his training room.

Naruto entered the room and unbound her. She was all scared for the first time. Naruto unleashed his power, Susanoo's with Mayengoko Sharingan, Chakra Chains and also his powerful sword. Therefore, he thrown some Hirashinin Kunais, then he slapped, spanked her by Hirashinin. Hisana bend her knees on front him, all her pride was gone in a single moment. That's what Naruto wanted. He started his training with her for Byakugan.

After a long training, he looked inside his mind and entered Orochimaru's aura and solved the maze easily with his Byakugan. Then he entered the scrolls room, it was lot. So, Naruto couldn't finish it one day and moreover Clone technique doesn't work in mind. He learned all about the Fuinjutsu and potion . He came back to reality.

"Now I will handover you to the girls, they will teach you rules of this house, be good and you won't have to experience or the things happening outside." Naruto said to Hisana.

Girls came and they decided to run the ceremony at night. Naruto headed to his research room. On the way by the pool he saw both Mikoto and Hitomi lying almost dead. They were bound trying console each other. Finally, they kissed. Naruto smiled.

Went to the study. Naruto studied several Uzumaki scrolls again and finally he made a seal. He wanted to taste it first. He called upon Hisana, He knew her trigger point was her husband. Hisana came and Naruto planted the seal on her back which disappeared to hid from normal as Naruto wanted.

"You husband was a traitor to the head family." Naruto said to her.

It raged her and Naruto could see the numerous swelling of chakra and a killing intent to Naruto, then he saw the seal to be visible and that extreme feelings was gone from Hisana. Naruto was satisfied. He clarified it to her as he didn't want humiliate any good shinobi. Then he planted the seal on every girl and lifted the seal around his house. Naruto created a rule book on the seal which he can manipulate so they couldn't do anything against Naruto and their every action will be monitored.

Suddenly he saw Ena disappeared and appeared in a very short time. Hiruzen summoned her to bring a news to Naruto as no Anbu even knew the location of his house. Ena told him to meet the Hokage right now, Konoha's top security prison has been compromised. All of them fled hurting two jonins.

Naruto kitted out and headed to hokage tower at that instant. On hokage tower he saw Kakashi with two inmates.

"I found them on my way back from mission, what happened hokage-sama?" Kakashi asked.

"High security prison of Konoha has been breached, it contained inmates like the stupid brothers and Mizuki. All the Jonin and Chunin are now busy with the Finals of Chunin exam, It will hard to accumulate anyone now." Hokage described.

"Naruto, will you take the mission? No genin can take the mission except you and this requires join level strength, only you have that." Hokage asked.

Naruto was going to talk but suddenly Shikaku (Father of Shikamaru) entered. He brought in the information that one of the Nara clan labs has been attacked and his description matches Mizuki. They have already found which specimens were missing.

"Now it became more complicated, Shikaku has very special mission to go to the village hidden in clouds. How will I able to manage that now." Hiruzen became more worried.

"I will take the mission." Naruto said.

"It became more complicated now Naruto, you will need a nara member to handle it, otherwise you wouldn't be able to understand where Mizuki can go." Hiruzen clarified.

Suddenly two women entered the room. One of them has long, dark brown hair kept in a low ponytail with three strands framing her face, fair skin and dark eyes. She was wearing in a pink blouse and dark-colored skirt along with an apron over it. She also wears a pair of simple hoop earrings.

Other women's attire consisted of a yellow kimono, a golden obi, and wore a black pelt, with gold skulls and lines printed on it. The kimono featured a white interior and it was open at her shoulders, giving view to her enormously large breasts. Her hair was held back by a traditional hair ornament, with six golden bira kanzashi and several red kanzashi.

"Youshino Nara, Yasaka Yamanka , What are you doing here?" Hiruzen asked.

"I heard about the lab incident and I know you have no one to spare, I am Nara and a former chunin, I can handle this mission and Yaska here has also told me she would help." Youshino said.

"That solves the problem then, Hokage-sama I would request you to add one medical staff with them who will be able to help with ingredients too." Shikaku said.

Naruto praised both the woman with his eyes. They are also very good nija's as far Naruto kne, They gave up being ninja for their families. Naruto respected that too.

"You are right, Shikaku, call upon Aki Nijou, she is the best medical staff I have right now." Hokage declared.

"I will give Pakkun to you Naruto, He will lead you the way but I need to give you a major information, One rougue Ninja named Houkoyin Akimchi was persistent to get the stupid brothers because of their enormous physical strength, word already gone out about the break, So you might encounter her, handle her smoothly." Kakashi explained.

"Can I come in Hokage-sama? Someone asked for permission.

Naruto looked at her. She was a rather tall and slender young woman with long bright blue hair and light brown eyes. Her attire was a large white lab coat which she keeps open since she is the school nurse. Under the lab coat, she was wearing a pink strapless top which is openly laced down the middle that reveals a lot of her cleavage and a very short brown skirt. The team just got better for Naruto.

"Come in Aki, I have a very important mission for you." Hokage explained the mission.

"Naruto will be your team leader and pakkun will show you the way, but I have suggestion for you guys, if anyone knew where Mizuki headed that would be Tsubaki. You better convince and pick her up for the mission. I believe she will help you, Best of luck, dispatch." Hokage announced.

"Okay, guys, lets head out, Pakkun take us to Tsubaki's house." Nruto said.

Following Pakkun they reached a house near the end of the village. Entering their Naruto a saw lady crying, it was clear It was Tsubaki.

"What happened?" Naruto asked.

"I couldn't stop him; he went make that Orochimaru potion." Tsubaki replied.

"Can you lead us to the place? it is important for Konoha" Naruto asked.

"I will but please save him." Tsubaki urged. Then she went in and made herself ready and came out. Naruto noticed, she has dark eyes, and long black hair which she wears braided down her back with jaw length bangs framing either side of her face. She wore a short sleeve blouse over a flak jacket, and shorts. She also wore bandages around her leg.

Naruto went out with his team. Naruto bit mizuki before but as the situation is telling the situation will be quite different, He also wants to know about the power of potion too.

[To be contibued]
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