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Chapter 24: Konoha clans part3: Owning Ino-Shika-Cho

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Chapter 24: Konoha clans part3: Owning Ino-Shika-Cho

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[There have been a misconception to one reader that my story is a copy from The lemon games, so I want to clarify it in public as you reviewed as a guest so I couldn't send the clarification to you personally. I want to tell you that please read my whole story, I started to write my story from the concept of lemon games because I liked it very much and I mentioned it before publishing my story and if you read all the chapters then you will see how different is my story. So please continue to read the story and leave a review]

[I sincerely hope you enjoy my story]

Naruto was following pakkun who was following the stupid brother's scent. Suddenly Pakkun stopped.

"I am sensing another chakra, It's been a long time I smelled this chakra, Houkuoin Akimchi is closing in on brothers, But I believe Mizuki won't be involving himself with this." Pakkun said.

"This day is becoming too tough, I have a plan though, I will stay behind and my clone will accompany you but do not engage Mizuki before my arrival." Naruto announced.

He gave his two Hirashinin kunai to the group and ordered them not to split. But Yasaka (Ino's mother) objected to the idea.

"Your clone will not survive one blow, so what's its importance?" She asked.

"My clones aren't any ordinary clones, It can survive intense fights and events, it's my special jutsu. You will see." Naruto replied with laugh. The group departed. Naruto kept following pakkun. Pakkun informed him that it's very close. Naruto saw the stupid brothers. He wanted to finish the business with them before the arrival of Houkouin. In any other day Naruto would love fight her but not today.

"Hey, stupid brothers, Times up." Naruto said. They were very angry and hungry.

They came with a serious blow at Naruto. This attack can only be avoided by Naruto may be. They were extremely fast and strong, their punch destroyed ten trees in a row. Naruto understood what Kakashi was talking about. Naruto decided to play careful. Naruto used his chakra chain to attack them and extended chakra absorption through the chain.

The brothers were oscillating so fast that even Naruto was struggling to hold them down. Naruto quickly immobilize them with the famous Uzumaki capture seals. This got them. Naruto stored them in a Human carrying scroll and made a clone to transfer it to the village but before that he cut them slightly with his Kusanagi for their immense physical strength. Naruto's clone was heading towards the village and suddenly one woman blocked the path.

Naruto looked at pakkun and he nodded at affirmation. Naruto looked at her again. Houkouin had black long hair with fringes coming in front of her forehead with aqua eyes. She hasda styled bun on top of her head. Her attire consists of a provocative purple Chinese cheongsam outfit with half of her body exposed. She also had long fingernail tips. She was wearing purple pumps and tattoos of purple flames on her leg.

Although Naruto will might her but h had to praise her body. He connected with his clone with the group and it informed him that they are long way from Mizuki's destination. So, Naruto had some time.

"It's unlike Konoha, to send a kid to rescue the stupid brothers and I am actually defeated them too, I am shocked, but it ends here, hand me that storage scroll and leave with your life." Houkouin said.

"Your speech says, you are rogue, any Konoha citizen would see it fit to send me, The Naruto Uzumaki." Naruto declared.

"So you are that new brat, even my secret organization Dai-shogun was also talking about it, but you are nothing it front of me." Houkouin threatened.

"Let's what you have got." Naruto said.

"Super expansion jutsu." Houkouin yelled. She turned into a giant and she yelled again, "Goodnight".

It was her special jutsu, the giant jumped in the air and dove with all its speed and power. Its impact creates earthquake in a large area. Naruto was astonished to see her using such a topnotch jutsu as first attack. Naruto dodged it with his quick style but he marked her with his hirashinin mark. Naruto couldn't avoid the impact fully though.

Naruto yelled, "Teleportation jutsu." By activating his Sharingan. And using the hiraishinin mark he reached several vital spots of her body which included her bone joints, pussy, asshole, boobs and one in the naval. It was happening so fast that she couldn't avoid it and moreover she thought mere punches couldn't do anything to her.

But Naruto wasn't going to punch her, he used Zaku's air flow jutsu, unlike Zaku Naruto didn't need a hole in his hands rather he used his chakra points to release the flow and his teleportation after images threw the genjutsu senbons. The resonance of the senbon sounds and the airflow created a severe blow in houkouins whole body and as Naruto targeted the major places it was vital. Her super expansion was vanished.

Naruto then used his chakra absortion and bound her with chakra chains then put her in genjutsu Tsukuyomi with his Mayengoko. After a few seconds her whole mental strength was broke and she was physically lost.

"What are you, how did you master this type of technique and using them with such art. I heard it all right then." Houkouin accepted her defeat.

"Well, I didn't know that I became this famous but there is one thing you don't know about me, I am enslaving you." Saying it Naruto took off her clothes. And his clone took the storage scroll of stupid brothers to the prison.

Houkouin looked around as she was strung up on a cross, her naked body on full display. She cursed as she realized the blonde was within his rights to punish her how he saw fit. She had technically attacked him.

Naruto seemingly materialized out of nowhere, his eyes piercing into Houkouin's. "I am your captor, you will be punished. Your punishment will fit the crime Houkouin." Naruto snapped his fingers and surrounding Houkouin were countless blondes, each looking over her naked and bound body.

"This is rape; Sandaime Hokage won't condone this." Houkouin said, trying to get out of the situation she was in. She'd rather be tortured.

"I've felt your desires. Quite the dirty mind you have Houkouin."

Houkouin blushed, though it went unnoticed in the forest. She yelped a bit as she felt a hand grab at her ass. The cross dissolved and her hands were bound behind her back. One of the Naruto clones stood behind her, holding her up almost effortlessly, a feat that was impressive in Houkouin's mind. Her legs were spread rather lewdly, and she looked away.

"I do enjoy what I am about to do to you Houkouin." Naruto said.

Houkouin licked her lips a bit as the first copy stepped forward, cock in hand. The blonde was quite big; he couldn't be that big already in this age, could he? She shuddered as she felt it rub against her entrance and she felt her body slickening to the touch. Damn, her body was turning traitor against her resolve.

Houkouin's back arched into the copy holding her as the other Naruto sheathed himself inside of her. Her eyes opened wide and her mouth was open in a small silent scream. She could barely think. She knew she was naturally tighter and smaller than the average woman, it created a pleasurable experience for men.

For Naruto, who was naturally thicker and bigger, it felt like she was being split in half. The pain was nothing she couldn't deal with; in fact she liked a little pain in her sex. But the pleasure of the blonde stretching her, it was better than she thought it would be and it lit her nerves on fire with the pleasure. Naruto began to pump in and out of Houkouin's pussy. He didn't hold back. She writhed in his arms, but he held her firm while he fucked her even harder. He had to admit on some levels, it was oddly therapeutic to be fucking her so hard.

She was tight, and he grit his teeth as she gave a few spasms around his cock. He grabbed Houkouin's large breasts and squeezed them, making her moan out lewdly. He bucked against her rougher. Despite her writhing and moving in his arms, he held fast to her. Houkouin felt her orgasm already building, the coil tightening just a little bit with each and every hard thrust by the blonde. The wet smacking sound of the blonde's hips against her own was heard and seemed to echo a bit. Her breathing was getting heavier and her mind was slowly going into a haze. Houkouin tried to stay focused, by the red-eyed beauty was slowly losing herself.

Houkouin's back arched and she was staring at the copy that held her from behind as she screamed and had her first orgasm. As she blacked out from the pure pleasure of it, she could feel her tight pussy getting rammed full of cum and it only caused her orgasm to get stronger.

Houkouin squatted in front of the only speaking Naruto, her mouth bobbing on and off of his cock. She was messy in her sucking, making lewd slurping noises as she did so. Her hair was pulled to two different clones, each having the silky tresses wrapped around their thick shafts and pumping. Houkouin would pump for them but her fingers were busy elsewhere. One hand was pressing two fingers into her ass, fingering her hole eagerly. The other hand was busy rubbing at her clit.

Naruto put a hand on Houkouin's head despite the amount of cum in her hair and on her face. He pulled her off of his cock and made her look up at him. Her eyes were glazed over slightly, and she was panting a slight smile of content on her face as she licked at her lips. He really hoped he didn't completely break her.

Houkouin's breathing began to hitch as she fingered herself faster and harder and she licked out at the tip of the blonde's cock, her tongue rubbing against the tip. She could tell he was close, she could tell all three were close and she was hungry for more. She moaned lewdly as Naruto stuffed his cock into her throat, forcing her to deep throat and gag, something she did all too eagerly.

Naruto grunted as he came in Houkouin's throat, her muscles milking him for more. He watched as his clones shot their own loads all over Houkouin's face and shoulders. She blacked out again as she had her orgasm, brought on by fingering her abused ass and rubbing her hyper sensitive clit.

Houkouin lost track of how much cum she had swallowed, how much dick she took in her pussy and ass. She was currently bouncing on one copy and rocking back against another, using both her ass and pussy. Her mouth was full as she tried to suck on two cocks at the same time. There was no way in hell they would both fit in her mouth, but what she could she serviced as best as possible. Her hands were occupied with more cock, and her breasts bounced and jiggled making cum fly off some. Her hair was being used again by a few clones.

Naruto pounded at Houkouin's ass, pulling back on her thick hair and slapping her on the ass. No matter how roughly and how much he and the other clones fucked Houkouin, she was always as tight as she started out and she seemed to only want more.

The two clones getting sucked off, took turns swatting at Houkouin's cheeks making them red and getting her to moan out in a lewd manner, or slapping her breasts, once again making her moan loudly around their cock.

Houkouin moaned loudly and pulled off of the two cocks she was sucking on. She took the copy's hands from her hips, and placed them on her breasts, moaning out. "Yes…" she said softly before her head was turned and her mouth filled with cock once more.

Houkouin moaned loudly, digging her fingers into her own breasts, forcing the hands she held to squeeze her breasts. She could feel her body about ready to orgasm again, she clenched her inner muscles down on the blonde's cock firmly, rocking back and forth a bit, moaning loudly.

Her entire body stiffened and her head threw back as she had a hard-screaming orgasm, digging her fingers into her breasts tight until she collapsed forward, blacking out once more.

Houkouin was totally dominated by Naruto. Naruto planted his seal on her back. He didn't plan to acquire Akimchi power that day but it happened. Naruto planted his obey seal on her back and took her and teleported to the group with the help of Hiraishinin kunai.

Yushino and Yasaka yelled out to see a boy of Naruto's age carrying a nude woman.

"What in the world, Naruto?"

"I hope all of you are doing okay, How far are we Tsubaki?" Naruto avoided the question for now.

"It is more two hours may be, I misjudged the distance." Tsubaki said.

They didn't know that Naruto already sent his tracking clone and he is placing hirashinin on the way. If Mizuki tries something exceptional Naruto will be notified. So, decided to take his time and he stored senseless Houkouin in a scroll. Then he took out a map.

"According to Tsubaki, the place is here, as out target is Mizuki he will try to set traps, so we should split, I believe you have faith in my power now so all team will carry one of Kunai and we will take different route to the destination and i will keep contacts as all teams will have one of my clones." Naruto explained his plan.

Yushino and Yasaka was thinking if their child was anywhere near Naruto's skill then they would be great shinobi's. Though they didn't understand the nude lady thing. Naruto made four clones. One with Yushino, One with Yasaka, One with Tsubaki and One with Aki. He himself was going alone with Pakkun. He developed a new Jutsu and he decided to try it here.

They all started their journey. Naruto's new jutsu allows him to switch between his clones.

############# With AKI

Naruto first switch with clone with Aki. She was concerned about Naruto's pain from the fight with Houkouin. Moreover, Naruto carrying the naked lady was a deep impact on her. Naruto implied his sexual aura on her. Her mind came out.

"All right Naruto lets check your wounds, take off your clothes please."

"You want me to take off my WHAT?"

"This is a physical examination, so I need to take a look at you without clothes to do said examination." She told him, not even looking at his eyes. Aki couldn't help but wonder why he had to make things so difficult. She was provoking him.

Grumbling under his breath, Naruto did as he was told, stripping down to his boxers. Crossing his arms, Naruto stood and showing that he was hoping she would hurry up and get this over with so he could put his clothes back on and continue the mission.

The orange boxers Naruto was wearing were very tight and as such she could clearly see a very, very, large bulge in them. Quickly composing herself the focused on his head-FACE, she meant face.

"Naruto, I told you to take of your clothes, and I mean all of them including the boxers. please strip them off."

"you don't really expect me to take'em off?"

"Yes, I do. This is a physical, so I need to check you over thoroughly and I can't do that while you're wearing those. Besides, I'm a medic, it's not like I haven't seen anything you have before. Now lose the boxers before I come over there to take them off myself please."

Reluctantly, Naruto stood back up and removed the last article of clothing.

Finally nude Aki couldn't help but stare at his crotch in amazement. To put it bluntly; Naruto had a huge fucking cock, if Aki has to guess it was about thirteen inches long and fairly thick. She could probably just barely wrap a hand around his limp cock.

Under the intense stare Naruto started to fidget until he couldn't stand it anymore.

" you're staring is startin' to creep me out." His statement snapped her out of the state she was in from seeing the unexpectedly large hunk of man meat. Coughing lightly she tried composing herself once more.

"All right Naruto lets get started." She began going through the examination, checking his heart rate, blood pressure, etc. She examined his head, chest, arms, and stomach before finally reaching his waist. What she did next completely caught Naruto of guard though.

She spread his legs and stood between them, and before the poor boy could react she was grasping his dick and began to lightly stroke it with one hand while the other went to cup his balls. Which, like his cock, were incredibly large. She was barely able to grasp one in her hand.

"Aki, what the hell are you doin!" He couldn't help but damn near shout at her, what she was doing was sure as hell something he would never have expected her to do in a million years. Naruto's fake resist was playing very good. Aki's fondling of his package was causing his dick to harden once more. She continued to caress his rapidly expanding cock to finally reaching it's full size, and she couldn't help but get excited and the sheer size of it. It stood proudly at an impressive fifteen inches and so thick she couldn't even fully get her hand around it.

"I'm just examining your penis to make sure there are no abnormalities with it, and I need it erect to make sure of that. Now calm down and don't interrupt." The stroking hand started to pick up speed causing Naruto to let out and involuntary moan. It felt so damn good, the jacking hand flew over his dick with such skill. And she expected him to calm down?

Yeah right! When Aki's left hand stopped caressing his balls and joined the right in a two-handed technique on his engorged dick Naruto's head lolled back with his eyes closed in bliss. He let out a low throaty groan of pleasure.

"Now Naruto, to insure that there is nothing wrong with your dick I need you to cum for me, okay?" Seeing that Naruto barely heard what she said, not noticing she stopped talking in a professional tone and switched to a more... sultry tone and used more vulgar language caused her to smirk. Aki was greatly enjoying seeing him become putty in her hands, she was also very turned on.

From the moment she saw Naruto's huge cock her nipples had hardened and her pussy had quickly moistened. Now, with an amazing specimen of man at hand though, she couldn't wait to have it split her cunt in two. But first, she had to taste him. Aki stopped her pumping, causing Naruto to groan in protest, a groan which quickly turned to one of pleasure and surprise when something warm and wet encased the bulbous head of his cock.

Looking down, his eyes widened when he saw Aki had leaned forward and taken his dick into her widely stretched out mouth. When she started taking him deeper he actually went a little cross eyed from pleasure. Aki took him deeper till she felt the huge head hit the back of her throat before pulling back, sucking deeply the entire way till only the head was left. Keeping the head in her mouth, Aki started swirling her tongue around the tip before going back in for more of what had to be, in her honest opinion, the most delicious cock ever.

When Naruto's cock hit the back of her throat again, Aki didn't retreat, but instead started to deep throat him, which in hindsight wasn't a good idea. Naruto, being a virgin, was already overwhelmed by just the hand job, when Aki started sucking his dick he damn near lost it, but the deepthroating was more than even his own iron will could take.

"Oh Shit." Was all the warning Aki got before Naruto grabbed blue hair and held her head in place, his cock partially down her throat, before he let loose. Her eyes flew wide open as the already thick shaft stretching her throat expanded further, causing her to gag as Naruto started hosing her throat down with his thick cum. Being unprepared, some of the cum shot out her nose and poured back out her mouth coating Naruto's dick before dripping down to coat her large jugs, sliding into her impressive cleavage before she got her bearings and started swallowing the near cup-sized blasts of jizz.

For nearly two minutes she was forced to gulp down the thick creamy liquid before Naruto let go of her hair, realizing what he was doing and expecting her to be angry, if not downright pissed off. Instead, she slowly slid his softing erection out her mouth, gently sucking the entire way till she released him from her mouth with a loud pop. Not done cumming yet, Naruto shot the last few streams onto her face, the size of the shots was still large causing Aki's gorgeous features to be covered by a gooey mask.

"Well," She began, after swallowing the cum still in her mouth and throat,

"You seem perfectly healthy, but I need to conduct one more test before I can clear you for mission."

Standing up after using her fingers to clean her face of it's thick cum coating and the licking them clean, Aki started to remove her clothing. First, she turned around and removed her skirt, bending at the waist and thrusting her plump ass at him. She then untied the sash at her waist and removed her white coat and her pink top, freeing the massive globes of tit flesh for Naruto's eyes to feast upon. Which he greedily did, eyes darting over her frame at speeds that would leave Gai dizzy.

"Stand up Naruto." Aki ordered him. Not arguing for once, he followed her orders and stood up, all the while keeping his eyes glued to Aki's amazing nude figure. It was even better than he imagined. He couldn't look away from her, but what he focused on the most were her huge tits, even hanging free they stood high and firm on her chest.

Her thick, half inch nipples stood out just begging to be sucked on. Before Naruto could do anything to those magnificent mummeries, Aki spread her legs, and shook her glorious ass towards him. It even had a nice little jiggle to it, much to Naruto's visual enjoyment.

"The final test I need to perform is to test your stamina, and to do that I need you to fuck me hard, long, and deep with that huge cock of yours until you blast a huge load of cum right up my tight cunt."

"Alright, I'm gonna reshape your pussy and fuck you bowlegged." Finally regaining his cocky attitude, Naruto got behind Aki and grabbed a hold of her wide hips with one hand and used the other to press his cockhead against the moist pink folds of her twat. Despite his statement he started pressing in gently, not wanting to hurt her with his massive prick. Aki was going to have none of that however, she was horny and wanted to get fucked hard.

"Dammit brat! Just shove it in, I'm wet enough from sucking your dick. So fuck me already."

Shrugging, Naruto grabbed her hips with both hands and jerked his own hips forward, spearing seven inches into her. Aki screamed with pleasure and just a little pain, she had never been stretched like this before, Naruto's thick dick really was going to reshape her pussy! Naruto pulled out three inches before shooting his hips forward burying what he just pulled out plus another two inches.

He continued pulling out a couple inches then burying a couple more into Aki's tight twat with each thrust until her bubble butt was pressed tightly to his hips. As Naruto pumped the last inch into her he pierced her cervix, the results were instantaneous, Aki was overcome by the biggest orgasm she ever had. Coating

Naruto's cock with girl cum Aki startled jerking and shaking, her pussy started trying to milk Naruto's cock of all his thick ball cream, forcing him to bite the inside of his cheek to keep from dumping his load right then and there.

Holding still while Aki came around his dick, Naruto couldn't help but feel proud for getting her to cum so quickly. When she finally stopped convulsing, Naruto slowly withdrew seven inches and the slowly drove balls deep again. Moving his hands from her hips he grasped the single great pair of tits while slowly sawing seven inches out and than all the way back.

He kept this up for several minutes until her pussy adjusted a little better to his size before picking up the pace. Using Aki's tits for hand holds, Naruto eventually started fucking his cock into her at a rapid tempo.

"You like the way my huge cock feels, ugh, you're so damn tight! Shit, I could screw this pussy all day long."

"Yes! Oh fuck your good, fuck me all day! So deep, bend me over and fuck me up the ass! I'll deep throat you, just fuck harder! Oh sweet God you're so big! I don't care, just keep jamming that huge dick up my cunt until it breaks!"

Burying himself completely into Aki, Naruto quit thrusting, but before she could protest at his sudden stop she was pulled up straight against Naruto's chest. He then lifted Aki off her feet and hooked his arms under her knees and spread her legs apart and started thrusting up into her. Looking down at where they were joined, Aki was amazed at how much he was stretching her pussy open.

The sight and feeling sent her crashing into another huge orgasm which was quickly followed by another as Naruto kept pounding up into her, forcing her through one mind blowing orgasm after another till they all just seemed to blend into one long, mind melting experience. Eventually Aki's eyes rolled into the back of her head and her tongue hung out her open mouth. She'd wanted to get fucked stupid and now she was getting that wish.

Naruto was so focused on the delicious sensation that Aki's constantly convulsing pussy was giving him that he completely lost track of time. For a little over half an hour he kept Aki in that position, screwing his massive erection up into her. Eventually his self-control over his orgasm gave out, feeling his balls pull up tight Naruto buried himself as deeply as he could into Aki and grunted as he felt his dick swell. This caused Aki to regain some semblance of thought long enough to look down at her belly just as Naruto grunted again and his dick seemed to expand even further.

"Shit, here it comes, take it, take my load!" He groaned out as he shot what felt like several pints of cum up into Aki. She could only stare in astonishment as her belly swelled as Naruto pumped load after load deep into her. Aki couldn't hold all of it however, and it started pouring back out her stretched twat over Naruto's cock, down his balls, and started forming a large puddle underneath the two fuck drunk shinobi.

As their orgasms tapered off, Naruto lowered both of them to the ground, his cock still buried deep within Aki. As they both rested on their sides spooning, enjoying the afterglow of the furious sex session Aki decided to break the silence.

"You are clear for the Mission." She declared.

Naruto sealed her with his mark and started to cover the distance they should've gone with Hiraishinin Kunai.

########### With TSUBAKI

Tsubaki's face was saying how sad she was for Mizuki, Naruto didn't want to spoil such purity right now. He told his clone to console her and keep the course.

########## With YOUSHINO NARA

Naruto's clone informed him how she was blabbering about the nude woman thing.

"you are not answering me, why you had a naked lady with you?" Youshino asked again.

"I fucked her." Naruto gave her a straight answer.

Yushino was shocked at that answer. She thought Naruto was messing around. He wanted to push through.

"You are not old enough to have a strong dick even and you say you fucked a lady." Yushino smirked.

Naruto focused his sexual aura on her. He took her hand and inserted it in his pants. Yushino was shocked feeling the size of his cock. It is double then Shikaku. Youshino got sad. She never had any experience with such a dick.

Naruto understood it and he embraced her with a kiss and she responded. Naruto slowly took off her apron and her pink blouse.

Naruto and Yoshino embrace each other Naruto on top; he starts unzipping Yoshino's skirt without hesitation while she unzip his pants to free his throbbing penis that is so desperate to for a fuck.

Oh my, he is a big lad thought Yoshino as she stares at Naruto's cock and starts rubbing it.

Naruto starts grunting and moaning as Yoshino is pumping him with her soft, warm hands. He moans loudly as it feels amazing to him, him getting a handjob by Shikamaru's sexy MILF mother and is feels so good despite the fact that Shikamaru will eventually kill him for fucking her. Don't forget Shikaku if he does find out, oh boy that will be a nightmare for Naruto.

"Y-Yoshino-san" moans Naruto

"Call me Yoshino, please" said Yoshino as she continues pumping him with one hand and starts licking the bell end.

"Youshino, please suck my aching cock" moans Naruto

"Anything for you, Naruto-kun" said Yoshino as she starts putting him in her mouth, she starts moaning while she bobs her head back and forth with Naruto's cock in her mouth. Naruto is really enjoying this; he grabbed hold of Yoshino's head and made her put more of him down her throat. Then he starts humping excitingly like a beast on heat, he loves having his cock getting sucked and his actions proved him right.

"Oh yes, suck it" said Naruto huskily "Suck it hard"

All that dirty talk is making Yoshino horny, Shikaku hasn't talked dirty to her and the sex wasn't that exciting. But now she is getting turned on by Naruto's horny actions and dirty words from his mouth, she starts sucking Naruto hard and going deeper until her chin touched his balls. Naruto thrusts in her mouth harder and wilder as he never let go of Yoshino whilst he moans with ecstasy.

Then he starts to reach his climax, he gave out a long loud moan before he starts cumming down her mouth and throat; Yoshino slightly pulled him out so that she can breathe, Naruto shot out a huge load onto her face but she moans at the warm, wet sticky texture before she starts wiping it off and licking it off clean.

Then she noticed that Naruto is still hard and she is pleased because it is not over; Naruto does have allot of stamina and will only stop when the woman he fucks is satisfied or when he is.

"You want to rub my breasts onto your cock, Naruto-kun" said Yoshino to her new blonde lover.

"Hai; put my cock between those magnificent breasts of yours" said Naruto as he then lied down on the bed and lets the sexy Nara MILF give him a titty-fuck with her D-Cup breasts. Naruto moans as he can feel the warm softness of Yoshino's breasts wrapping around Naruto's hard cock, and so also when she starts sucking on the end.

"Mmm, your breasts are amazing; crush my cock with them"

"You love my breasts, Naruto-kun?" said Yoshino "You like them when they do this?"

Yoshino starts bouncing and her breasts starts rubbing up and down between Naruto's cock.

"Mmm, Hai "

"What about this?" said Yoshino as she then squeeze Naruto's cock with her breasts and starts shaking them left and right.

"H-Hai " moans Naruto

"What about when I'm in this position, Naruto-kun" said Yoshino as she turns around where her pussy is in Naruto's face. Naruto moans and muffles a positive reply, accidently causing Yoshino to moan when the vibrations of his muffling tickled her pussy.

"Oh Naruto-kun" moans Yoshino as she then starts feeling his tongue enter her now wet pussy.


Naruto's tongue is now flowing with chakra as he is activating Yoshino's pleasure points with it. Yoshino is screaming out loud, not of pain but of pleasure, she is in deep bliss as it has been quite a while that she had this amazing sex in decades, she then starts sucking Naruto's cock more while rubbing her breasts with it.

Her face blushes with lust filling her mind, she moans and moans more ecstatically as Naruto licks her pussy wonderfully.

Naruto-kun, Naruto-kun, Naruto-kun that is all she has to think about when she is in complete ecstasy, her eyes grow heavy and her mouth drooling while having his cock in it, and also her nipples are getting hard. And when she is feeling like this, she starts to reach her limit and came all over Naruto's face.

But it's not over as Naruto's cock is still hard, he pulls her off his cock and places her on the bed when he kneels on it, he spreads her legs to expose her leaking pussy as she starts moaning Naruto's name with deep lust.

"Naruto-kun…Naruto-kun…please put your huge cock in my abandoned pussy" moans Yoshino as she just lay there, her mind shut down from the amazing but unfinished sex she had far from the one she had which Shikaku.

"Please Naruto-kun, fuck 's lonely pussy"

Naruto doesn't have to reply as he grabs her by the waist and starts inserting his cock in her leaking pussy. Yoshino moans as she feels Naruto in her and his tongue playing with her right nipple as he is fondling her breasts while he starts moving back and forth, in and out of her lonely pussy that hasn't been fucked for years since she hardly had any sex from Shikaku.

Yoshino moans with a smile on her face, she almost forgot how good this feels in her, she embraced Naruto's head close to her chest. Naruto doesn't mind as he continues fucking her with some hard thrusts to make her moan out loud.

"AHHHH!" moans Yoshino loudly, everytime Naruto thrusts hard in her pussy "AHHHH!"

Naruto moans when he does this, he thrusts hard to add in more pleasure in his actions, Yoshino hardly has any sex and she deserves some amazing sex from him. He then starts speeding his thrusts and hardening them, Yoshino gasps and moans as she starts to bounce slightly and fast with each speeding thrust from Naruto's cock; she moans long and loud when her eyes starts to roll back and her mouth gaping with some drool seeping out.

"Naruto-kun…please don't stop, please don't stop" said Yoshino in a whisper as the moaning is making her lose her voice.

Don't worry, I have no intention to stop for you, thought Naruto as starts sucking Yoshino's right breast and massaging her left one with his right hand, then he starts to slowly insert his 2 fingers up her ass and then he thrusts them to make Yoshino scream out loud.

"AHHHH!" screams Yoshino as a jolt of pleasure overflows her body like a geyser, this caused her to cum and it just makes her inner walls slippery for Naruto's cock to thrust even faster.

With the new speed thanks to the now lubricated walls of Yoshino's pussy, the bed starts to shake and creak out loud; Yoshino loved the sound of creaking beds as it means that things are starting to get even wild.

I'm gonna cum…I think I'm nearly at my limit thought Naruto as his cock is jerking in Yoshino's pussy. I'm nearly there…almost…GAH!

And at the same time, Naruto came in Yoshino's womb. Youshino's face reflecting her obedience towards this cock. Naruto sealed her too.


While Naruto was fucking Youshino he signaled his clone with Yasaka to set a course near them such that Yasaka can see what Youshino was experiencing. Yasaka saw Youshino and Naruto and she was feeling jealous of her best friend getting that hard and monster cock alone.

"What are they doing Naruto, I need to report this to the Hokage." Yasaka said.

"It was Yushino's plan, Your friend too the chance." Naruto used Youshino as bait.

"Well then, I want to have what she is having or I have no other option." Yasaka announced.

"That leaves me with no choice then." Naruto laughed.

Yasaka leaned back, deliberately pushing out her impressive bust. Naruto's eyes followed her movements greedily.

"You are thinking about these, don't you?" Her hands moved up to her chest and cupped her breasts sensually. She smirked as Naruto's eyes literally bugged out,

"I'll take that as a yes. You see, Naruto, You with Youshino is the first time I have seen with one so...well-equipped." She shivered at the delightful imagination of his cock mercilessly pounding into her pussy as his clones forced their cocks down her throat. Yasaka winked at him,

"I do believe you will not offer protest against this proposal, am I right?"

Naruto simply nodded.

"That is an agreeable arrangement. Can we start now?" He asked excitedly.

Yasaka chuckled at his eagerness. She slid her Yellow Kimino off and grabbed the edges of her white interior. Smiling seductively at him, Yasaka pulled it open to reveal her magnificent and wondrous orbs of amazing flesh. Naruto watched them jiggle with her every movement as the she maneuvered. Once the surface was clear, Yasaka scooted on the Stone until she sat right in front of the seated young man. Eyesnever leaving him, Yasaka slowly pulled off her pants, revealing to Naruto her hairless snatch. Naruto's cock instantly sprang to full mast, becoming very evident even with his thick jumpsuit. Yasaka spread her legs,

"How about we start now?" She said sensually, her opening already glistening with excited arousal.

Naruto stood up from his seat and immediately set to the task of unzipping his jumpsuit. After removing his jumpsuit, Naruto pulled his black undershirt over his head and discarded his boxers, both joining his jumpsuit on the ground. With his member free from its confines, Yasaka got a good look at the almost thirteen inches monster in front of her. His long rod was formed with countless big veins, filled and expanded to the breaking point with blood.

His swollen head twitched with eagerness and dripped with voluminous amounts of pre-cum. Directly below this impressive manhood were two equally impressive balls, no doubt filled with copious amounts of his delicious and thick cream. Add in his lean and muscular physique, handsomely feral good looks and the youth of this young man, Naruto looked like a sex god to Yasaka.

"Stretch me with your rock-hard cock, Naruto," That was all the encouragement Naruto needed. He positioned his member at her dripping opening and shoved his entire length inside of her.

"Damn!" Naruto groaned, the feeling of her tight cunt overwhelming his senses.

"Oh, Kami! It's so bigggg!" Yasaka yelled as he began to thrust. She wrapped her legs around his buttocks, begging him to go deeper and harder. Naruto complied and picked up his pace to rapid speeds, his hips becoming a blur. With every long and hard thrust, Yasaka felt Naruto's cock head bump mercilessly against her cervix, each time coming closer to entering her womb and reaching into her deepest depths. The way his cock over stretched her sensitive walls caused Yasaka to see stars.

Naruto couldn't describe the wonderful feeling of Yasaka's pussy. Every inch of his cock was subjected to her walls massaging and pulling the sensitive skin and he fought to resist cumming right there and then. He knew he could cum multiple times without going soft, yet the young blond wanted to make the Yamanka beauty experience her own release first. Wanting to add to the goddess's pleasure, Naruto leaned forward and captured one of her giant nipples in his mouth.

"Ohhhh! That's it! Suck on my tits! Suck on my huge boobs that you love so much!" She kept one hand on the Stone to steady herself, but used the other one to grab the back of Naruto's head and further bury him in her bountiful and bouncing bust. Naruto growled against her chest and continued to lavished her breasts with his tongue and lips, coating the soft and tender flesh in his warm saliva.

His tongue flicked and teased her erect nipple, eliciting moans of approval from Yasaka, while his free hand groped her other bouncing orb. The combined ministrations of Naruto's tongue, hands, and erection quickly brought the older woman to her first climax of the day.

"I'm going to cum, Naruto!"

Naruto felt her inner walls become unbearably tight and knew that his own orgasm was not too far behind. With a loud, ecstasy-filled scream, Yasaka's release hit full force and she tightened her grip around Naruto's head, nearly suffocating him with her enormous breasts. Her juices bathed his rod and splashed on his balls as she rode the pleasurable and mind-numbing orgasm, the biggest one she had enjoyed in a long time. Just as her release ended, Naruto felt his own rapidly approach,

"I'm gonna cum. Where do you want it?" He asked, not stopping his thrusts.

Yasaka was breathing heavily and flushed from the neck up. She gazed down and watched his ramming rod enter her dripping pussy, mesmerized by the bulge it created in her stomach. She couldn't believe such a large and thick object could fit inside her without breaking her in two.

Juices splashed and leaked out with every thrust, creating loud, wet slapping noises that only further served to increase her arousal, even after such a powerful orgasm. Her eyes shifted to his mop of blond hair just below her chin and buried into her chest. Suddenly, she knew where she wanted his gallon-sized load.

"Shoot it on my breasts!"

Naruto glanced up from his prime spot and nodded. Quickly, he stopped his thrusts and removed his head from her breasts, standing up straight and jerking off his cock. Yasaka laid down completely on the Stone and smashed her breasts together, ready to receive his load. Naruto aimed his cock at her magnificent jugs and felt his balls stir,

"Shit! Here it comes!" Not a moment later, a large rope of cum erupted from his member and splattered onto her breasts,

"Fuckkkk!" Another dozen thick globes of the white cream shot out of his cock, bathing

Yasaka's chest in a sticky and thick cover. So great was the amount that some landed on her face and stomach, much to the enjoyment of Yasaka, who opened her mouth to taste his delicious seed. She was not disappointed. A particularly large glob landed directly on her tongue, stimulating her taste buds and warming her belly as she swallowed the sweet substance. As his orgasm lessened the globs turned into drips and drizzles of cum that still cascaded onto her breasts, further coating them in his seed. Finally, after several minutes, Naruto's orgasm sub-sided and he surveyed the mess he created.

"Wow..." He commented.

Yasaka grinned.

"Yeah. Wow..." She concurred. She gathered up a good amount of cum on her hand and greedily sucked each cum-covered finger, "Tastes very dessert."

The sight alone caused Naruto's cock to twitch and harden once more.

"Is that normal?" He asked, watching her sensually eat his seed.

"No," She gathered up more of his cum, "It usually tastes bitter and salty, but yours...yours tastes very sweet, delicious even," She ate more, each time gathering more, but still barely making a dent in the coating on her chest and stomach. She shivered at a sudden warm feeling inside of her,

"And it warms my stomach and makes me feel...energetic," She meant to say younger, but desperately did not want to remind Naruto of her greater age. He gazed upon her body as if she were a young woman and Yasaka wanted it to stay that way.

"Ready to go again?" Yasaka smiled.

"Can't resist?"

"Hell no. I'm a healthy teenage boy who is in front of a naked and beautiful woman. I could keep going forever," Naruto proudly declared, puffing out his chest, causing Yasaka to giggling at his antics.

"Create three clones. I feel in the mood for some more dessert."

Naruto grinned and formed his signature handsign. Three clouds of smoke appeared in a pop. Once the smoke cleared, three equally naked and aroused Narutos stared at Yasaka's body with lust-filled eyes. Yasaka winked at the clones and moved off the Stone and onto the ground on her knees. Naruto and his clones quickly encircled her, their erect members pointing straight at her. Yasaka grabbed two clones' cocks and began to jerk them off. Naruto stepped forward and placed his head near her lips, where he immediately started to push. Yasaka opened her mouth wide and Naruto shoved a good portion of his cock into her mouth,

"Ah, your mouth feels so good, Yasaka-chan!" She mumbled something around his cock, further stimulating his sensitive member. The remaining clone moved to Naruto's side and smacked his cock between her breasts, using the remaining cum on them to slide easily between them.

While having her throat cunt spread by the real Naruto's tasty meat, Yasaka serviced the two clones' cocks expertly. Her soft hands focused mostly on their sensitive heads, using their pre-cum as an excellent lubricant. The clones became putty in her hands. They moaned and groaned, occasionally shooting large globs of pre-cum onto her hands and arms. They showed their appreciation by massaging her shoulders and back and muttering encouraging remarks.

"Your the best, Yasaka-chan!" One of them said.

"You're amazing!"

"I love your tits!" That one came from the clone fucking her breasts.

Yasaka felt extremely proud that she could cause such pleasure for four young men at the same time. She increased the speed of her hands on their cocks and began to deep-throat Naruto. The blond himself shivered in delight. His cock head was bumping the back of her throat and her tongue slid wonderfully against the underside of his shaft. She was trying to milk him for every drop and she would soon succeed, if the stirring in his balls was any indication.

The clone fucking her breasts marveled at how soft Yasaka's jugs were. He groped and pressed her breasts together, increasing the tightness on his cock, the clone could feel his impending orgasm arriving soon and increased his thrusts and rough groping. His actions caused Yasaka to moan around Naruto's cock, effectively pushing him over the edge.

"Drink every drop, Yasaka-chan!" Naruto yelled, grabbing her head and forcing every inch down her throat. His orgasm hit literally with a bang. One unbelievably large blast of cum shot straight into her stomach, filling it with almost a liter in a single second. After the first blast, smaller, yet still impressive, shots added to the growing amount of precious seed in her stomach.

Yasaka desperately tried to keep up with the ridiculous quantities of cum. She had to swallow every few seconds or risk losing some of his delicious milk and she did not want that. She could feel the cum traveling through his long rod and pouring down her throat. The warm and erotic sensation turned her on to the point where her pussy was gushing juices, creating a small puddle on the ground. The clone playing with her tits only added to her arousal.

Naruto sighed as his orgasm finished. Yasaka's throat was divine, and he wanted nothing more than to fuck it again, but through his mental connection with his clones he knew they too wanted to empty themselves in her mouth and he would not deny them such a pleasure. He pulled out of her throat slowly, savoring the wet and warm feeling. Once completely out, Yasaka looked up at him with sparkling amber eyes and grinned,

"Do your clones wish to fill my stomach with their cum, Naruto?"

Naruto returned the grin. The clone fucking her breasts looked as though he would blow any second and the faces of the two clones receiving a hand-job told him everything of their current status

"I believe so. How about it, guys?"

"Fuck ya!" They replied in unison.

The clone tending to her boobs moved from his heavenly spot and shoved his cock into her mouth. Yasaka obliged and happily began to suck on the twitching member. He would cum very soon, she realized with glee,

"Boss, her mouth is even better than her boobs!" The clone praised.

One clone receiving a hand-job stepped beside him, holding his own member near her mouth.

"I can't hold it back! I want to fill her stomach now!" He pressed his cock head at the corner of her lips and slowly pushed forward. Yasaka's eyes widened as she felt the clone's cock join his fellow clone's, stretching her mouth even more. She now had two huge cocks sandwiched together in her mouth, both relentlessly fucking her throat.

It started to become difficult to breath so she expanded her throat and mouth using her chakra. She used this method the night before when such a thing occurred and it worked wonders. Even with two thick rods pounding her throat, Yasaka still had plenty of room. Her eyes moved up to the clone she was giving a hand-job.

He wanted to cum in her stomach as much as his brothers and she would give him the pleasure. She pointed to her stuffed mouth with her free hand and the clone seemed to understand immediately. He positioned himself beside the original throat-fucking clone and pushed his cock at the corner of her mouth.

"Now that's amazing," The real Naruto stated as he leaned against the Stone, watching the spectacle before him. The sight of Yasaka's mouth stretched with three cocks aroused him greatly and apparently Yasaka, if the puddle of fluids dripping from between her thighs were any indication.

Getting an idea, Naruto moved behind Yasaka. Falling to his knees, he wrapped his strong arms around her waist and placed the tip of his cock near her opening. He felt her tense and her legs quiver as he slowly traced her opening with its head. One of his hands trailed down her stomach and touched her clit. More juices escaped her entrance while his fingers teased her clit and his cock traced circles around her labia.

If the three cocks weren't fucking her throat, Yasaka knew she would surely cry out in pleasure at his ministrations. Just as she felt she couldn't stand his teasing any longer, Naruto shoved his full length inside of her. Her orgasm triggered instantly. She moaned around the three pounding cocks as she rode her release. The clones, who were already extremely close to their own release, couldn't take her vibrating mouth any longer.

Throwing their heads back, all three of the clones exploded inside of her mouth. Yasaka's cheeks expanded comically from the ungodly amounts of semen and she struggled to swallow it all with Naruto's cock pummeling her pussy. Unfortunately, she could not keep up with the large amount and some overflowed from the corners of her mouth. Cum dribbled down her chin and gathered in the valley of her breasts, trailing down her sternum and ending at her opening, where it mixed with her own juices.

With dozens of giant globs of cum pouring down her throat, Yasaka's stomach rapidly expanded and became round, giving her the appearance of a woman several months pregnant. Yasaka felt dizzy from the gallons of warm cum entering her stomach, but savored the flavor of such sweet spunk. Finally, the clones orgasm ran dry and one by one removed their cocks from her stretched mouth.

No sooner did they pull out, Yasaka cried out in ecstasy as Naruto's grip around her waist tightened and his pace increase. He hoisted her above his lap, momentarily pulling out his cock, and skewered his member back in with great force,

"Oh, Kami! Naruto! Naruto! Naruto!" She cried out, his cock finding the right spot.

Her breasts bounced up and down, slapping her bulging, cum-filled belly. The clones watched the performance with great interest. They lightly stroked their flaccid members as their creator ravaged the beautiful Woman. Naruto buried his face into her long hair, which had fell out due to her bouncing. Naruto smiled at her and captured her lips with passion.

"Cum with me, my slut," He said against her lips. Their lip-lock grew with great intensity, as did their love making. Yasaka raised her hips and met his upward thrusts. His hands cupped her breasts and squeezed each orb. Yasaka moaned into the kiss and fisted his hair. They were both so close to sweet release, Finally, Yasaka's orgasm arrived, triggering Naruto's own. They both moaned into each other's mouths as their releases sent shivers and shudders through their bodies.

Squeezing her boobs hard, Naruto's cock erupted inside her womb, bathing the walls of her womb in his seed. Once her womb became overfilled, his cum leaked and guzzled out of her stretched opening, mixing Naruto, while he was too concentrated on Naruto, Youshino caught her with her shadow jutsu and Yasaka also initiated her Mind control technique.

"You can never stand with shinobi's of Konoha Mizuki, so surrender." Naruto insulted Mizuki.

"Please, turn away from this path, I loved you all the time, please come back to me." Tsubai cried.

Suddenly his body started to turn into a tiger skin and Youshino and Yasaka was forced pulled out of their jutsu. He pushed Tsubaki away and she was hit by a tree. Naruto was also amazed at his power but didn't take any chance an performed his Superspeed Uzumaki roll followed by Uzumaki Barrage. Mizuki was down from this blow and his body became pale.

"How,,, How you can defeat me after mt inhalation of such power." Mizuki was out of his thoughts.

"His cells are dying he will not last long." Aki said.

Naruto cleared the way for Tsubaki. But she didn't came.

"I was wrong to love him and I understand my mistake now, I no longer will vow to him." Tsubaki said with tears.

Naruto finally decided to check the pulse and Mizuki was dead. He stored the corpse in a storage scroll. After that Naruto drank that potion but he was confident to take the risk as he possesses Orochimaru's aura, so his creation shouldn't harm him. Naruto's yelled with pain and anger and the girls present a saw a snake aura appear before him and and get bigger and enter inside him.

After a few minutes, Naruto felt its power, His snake aura jutsu's will be much stronger now as well as his normal jutsu. It was a successful journey so far from Naruto.

Naruto took girls and started for the village. While in the way the team wanted to take a rest, they camped beside the river in a shade. Youshino, Aki and Yasaka was too tired from fighting and the sex. They were asleep by then. Tsubaki was sitting alone by the river. Naruto went to her side.

"Are you sad?" Naruto asked.

"I should be, right? I loved a wrong man for so many years, you are more caring for me within one day then him." She replied.

Naruto held her hand. "Don't worry, I will help you in the future." Naruto tried to console her.

Suddenly Tsubaki was leaning towards Naruto by placing a kiss on his for head and cheeks. Naruto took the next step. He kissed her on the lips, she didn't respond at first at shock then she also kissed her back. She bit her lip, hoping for a distraction, but none came. She ran her hand under the pants the blonde wore. Tsubaki licked her lips as she felt the boy's impressive girth and length.

"Definitely not a boy here." She whispered in a huskier tone.

He was arosing to having Tsubaki's hand in his pants, and he could hear her breathing getting shallower. Tsubaki removed his pants out of the way just enough for her to see what she was playing with. Her breathing got heavier as she saw it was in fact all real. Her left hand began to pump him up and down while her right slid into her jacket, under the bra and teasing her nipple with her palm.

She drew her hand back a moment, seeing his cock hanging out and proud, wet with a bit of smeared in pre-cum. She needed something to lubricate with. She bit her lip and began to search the bag for something, and soon she found something. She doubted it was the original purpose of the gel, but it was a medical lubricant.

She smeared some of the gel on her hands and rubground them together, warming up the gel. If the gel was cold, then the blonde might wake up and that was something she didn't want to happen. She went back and sat down and used the gel on her hand to start pumping Naruto's cock.

Naruto bit the tip of his tongue, trying to stay quiet. Fucking Kami, it was incredible feeling the hand work up and down on his cock. He just barely opened one eye, and noticed she was working her hand at her breast in the Jacket while she pumped him.

Naruto let out a soft sound, feeling his shaft thicken and his balls tighten. Her hand worked over him even faster, the lube making the sensation phenomenal. He thanked his lucky stars because he seriously doubted, he would experience such pleasure any other way except for being thrown into this game.

Tsubaki felt the cock in her hand begin to thicken and pulse. She licked her lip and tightened her grip and slowed her hand, pumping firmer. She could practically feel the orgasm coming up. She looked to the sleeping blonde, not even noticing his eyes were partially opened, enough for a trained Shinobi to see.

"That's it Naruto-kun, cum for me." She whispered in a huskier tone.

She saw his balls twitch as her hand neared the base and she felt the surge go through his length. She watched as the hot seed shot from the tip, getting a bit of air before coming down over her hand, the other surges weren't as powerful, but they did run down all over her hand and Naruto's cock.

Tsubaki looked at the white liquid and leaned her head down. She lapped at it with a moist and pink tongue, her eyes savoring the taste as she swept it off the head of his cock. She removed her hand from the base of the thick cock and rubground her face against the shaft, enjoying the feel of the cum getting smeared against her face.

Tsubaki looked down to the length of arousal in her hand still. She could feel his cum drying against her cheek, and she sighed softly. She engulfed the tip in her mouth, moaning at the taste of the cum and sliding her head down further.

Naruto let out a loud moan of pleasure as he let Tsubaki work her mouth up and down over about half his length while her hand kept pumping at his cock. He watched her thighs shift, no doubt trying to bring herself some amount of pleasure that she was withholding from herself by not stripping and straddling him. Naruto had no problem going at her pace however.

Tsubaki closed her eyes as she imagined the cock she was sucking on inside of her. Her tongue flicked over each thick part of it, making her moan even more. She rubground her tongue down one of the veins, and she felt the blonde shudder. She slid her hand lower and cupped the balls that Naruto had to go with his cock.

Tsubaki pulled back and swirled her tongue around the crown of his cock as she fondled his balls at the same time. It was so big and thick; the blonde was also lasting plenty of time. No doubt she would orgasm before he did. She went back to pumping her hand up and down.

Naruto reached down and ran his hand through Tsubaki's hair. He wondered if he should start keeping it in his pants a little more. Naruto let out a loud moan of pleasure as he felt Tsubaki go all the way down to where her fist was, taking the tip into her throat for a moment.

Naruto felt her throat spasm and she made a few soft sounds. The blonde gripped the ground and grit his teeth, forcing himself not to buck his hips upwards. It was a struggle, but soon Tsubaki drew back enough that the sensation passed.

Tsubaki gave a slight smirk as she felt a small sense of power rush through her. The blonde was quite responsive to her touch and she was barely doing anything. She was going to enjoy this, thoroughly. She pressed her tongue against the bottom of the blonde's dick and slowly dragged her tongue up along it to the crown where she circled her tongue around the flesh.

She slowly began to bob her head on and off the cock, her cheeks hollowing as she sucked on the rod. Tsubaki then slowly moved off her savior's cock and then moved to kneel between his legs. She put her hands on his thighs and lowered her head to the thick cock. She licked her lips, slowly; watching Naruto's eyes as she slowly began to sink her head down onto the dick. It was going to be a struggle, one she desperately wanted to fight.

Naruto watched as Tsubaki began to deep throat him, slowly pushing her head further down along the shaft. Naruto forced a spasm down as he felt Tsubaki's throat gag around him as she forced herself to take him deeper. But her eyes never left his eyes, making it that much more impressive, even as they began to water.

Tsubaki touched the base of his cock with her lips, her chin touching his full balls. She could feel the slight twitches and trembles in the cock. She slowly drew back, coughing a bit as her airway was flooded with air. Kami, it had felt wonderful to do that. She continued to suck, even though she felt a sense of pride swelling in her chest.

Something else was swelling inside of her though, Naruto's cock gave a twitch and the blonde gave a loud moan of pleasure. Tsubaki's eyes widened as she felt the first shot of cum in her mouth and throat. She began the uphill struggle of swallowing all of the cum that was flooding out. She didn't want to miss a single drop, she wanted all of it.

Naruto panted a bit as he came down from his orgasm. He watched as Tsubaki slowly pulled off of his cock, slurping at it the entire way. She pulled off the tip with a small pop sound and Naruto watched her.

Tsubaki looked at the still hard blonde and stroked it softly. She soon sat higher on her knees and quickly untied the jacket she wore and tossed it to the side. Her bra went next and she moved to straddle the blonde. She was pleasantly surprised when he sat up and grabground at her breasts and began to suck on her nipples. She wasn't much more than a handful, but the blonde didn't care and it made her back arch and she moaned in pleasure.

Naruto didn't mind that she wasn't as busty as some of the other women he had sex with. Naruto pulled back from the pink nipple he was sucking on and raised Tsubaki up to a better position. She showed a bit of flexibility as she worked off her panties and tossed them to the side.

Naruto slid one hand between Tsubaki's legs and got her to moan out loudly as he began to rub her pussy. Naruto bit at her neck some, getting her to tilt her neck to the side for some more. Her legs wrapped around his waist as he slid one hand down her spine. He moved his hands to her ass and lifted her up.

Tsubaki's breath caught in her throat as she felt the tip of Naruto's cock press into her wet slit. She was excited, oh so excited. She moaned loudly throwing her head back as the blonde sank inside of her, filling her in a way few men had. Her nails gripped at his back, digging in. Had it not been for the thick coat of his jumpsuit, she would no doubt be bleeding him. Tsubaki's breath came out in short gasps as the blonde began to pump in and out of her.

"Oh…" she moaned out, unable to really speak. The blonde was pushing deep and filling her so well, and he was brushing against every spot she needed to have touched. She writhed on top of him, her hips bucking a bit.

The first thing that Naruto realized was that Tsubaki was tight; the second was she clung to him rather tightly. Naruto moved his mouth away from Tsubaki's neck and looked into her eyes. His eyes stayed on hers almost unblinkingly as he thrust in and out of her, using short but powerful jerking thrusts.

He gave his own groan as Tsubaki squeezed her inner muscles around him and her hands raked down his back, despite his jacket on. Naruto began to work steadily in and out of her,getting her breath to catch one more. This time, when it did, Naruto bit at her neck making her release a shaky breath as she shuddered around him. Tsubaki shook her head, her black hair lashing around them as Naruto kept fucking her.

"Oh Kami…" she finally managed out and began to moan loudly and lewdly.

It was oh so pleasurable, especially when Naruto brushed her g-spot, causing her to writhe even more. Her hands went to the blonde's head and forced his head into her chest while her legs wrapped tightly around his waist, her ankles interlocking.

Spurred on by her declaration, Naruto began to pump in and out of Tsubaki quickly with hard and firm thrusts. Naruto allowed his head to be lowered to her breasts and he bit at the flesh, using his teeth on them to work her up. She shook in his hands, but he kept a firm hold on her as he rolled his hips upwards into her body.

Naruto felt her hips jerk and moved his mouth from her breast towards her nipple and began to quickly suck on it. While he sucked on it, he applied pressure with his teeth; getting Tsubaki to jerk a bit in his grasp some more. He moved one hand away from her ass and quickly smacked it, eliciting a sound of pleasure from Tsubaki in the way of a higher pitched moan.

Tsubaki was shocked at Naruto spanking her. It felt amazing. She began to roll her hips against him, trying to take a bit of control and get herself fucked more. Slowly, she felt her body tightening; it was exactly what she needed. This whole mission was one hell of a ride, stress after stress on her system. She needed something simple.

Tsubaki fell on her back, her legs up in the air now as Naruto had forced her onto her back. She was breathing heavier as he steadily fucked her into the ground. She clutched at the blonde's back, feeling him pound into her with his hard rod. She felt his hot mouth on her breast, and she couldn't help but cry out more in pleasure.

"Oh Kami, yes… yes…" she could barely think, but that's what she wanted.

Tsubaki felt her orgasm building. The pressure inside felt like it was about to snap at any second. She was panting heavily, her chest rose and fell. This was what she wanted, what she needed. Her legs pressed tighter around Naruto's waist and her nails clutched at his back a bit more. With a sharp shrill moan of pleasure, she came hard. Her entire body bucked as she had an intense orgasm from the blonde. Subconsciously, she felt the blonde flooding her body with hot cum, cum she had tasted earlier. It was impressive he could go that many times with barely any rest.

Naruto felt Tsubaki jerk under him as he had been fucking her. His own orgasm had boiled over as she came loudly. He was glad that he had placed a silencing seal much earlier while she had been jerking him off. He felt his warm cum fill around his cock and knew she was absolutely full of his cum. He slowly slid out of her and panted a bit, sitting up on his knees and watching as Tsubaki based in the afterglow for a moment

"Wow…" Tsubaki said, panting as she lay on the ground, unable to feel her legs at the moment. She looked up at the blonde who had just fucked her into a sense of orgasmic oblivion.

"You know… I'm going to need more of that when I have the time." She said.

"Oh, you are going to" Naruto replied.

She marked her too. Naruto had no tension of the baby while putting his semen inside his girl's wombs. However, Naruto was thinking how Youshino and Yasaka will leave their family. Naruto thought to leave it to them. Naruto waked them and discussed the situation. They were pretty sure to leave their husband as they were nowhere near Naruto. They will divorce them for their disability in sex.

Naruto was laughing in his mind; it is what he imposed upon Hiashi and they are doing it too. But Naruto didn't mind that. So, he ordered both of them to collect the copies of all secret scrolls and books from their hidden clan libraries. Nara clan's secret medicinal book is a treasure and with Youshino and Aki it will develop further.

Problem was with Akimchi clan, their three food pills are source of extreme powers. Houkouin fled the clan, so Naruto ordered her to steal Akimchi secret scrolls, books and food pills. Naruto's clone was waiting outside clans with transparent escape technique so that no-one will notice. By then. Naruto submitted the report to the Hokage office and Aki officially resigned.

All Naruto's clone met him in front of his house with the girls, They brought everything even Aki has collected all medicine scrolls and books. Aki was saying if Tsunade was here, she could do even more with these scrolls. Naruto didn't want to break the tradition of his house. So he bound all the girls; Youshino, Houkouin, Yasaka, Tsubaki and Aki. They didn't know the horror of this house but they were about to know.

Naruto wanted to line up all the girls he attained so far. It was a sense of accomplishment to him. He ordered to make that happen after inaugurating these five girls. In the morning, as he ordered, Naruto saw all the girls in a line. Ayame, Fubuki, Koyuki, Haku, Tsunami, Mito, Mikoto, Kaguya, Anko, Kurenai, Ena, Izumi, Hisame, Yugao, Kujaku, Kin, Hanare, Hitomi, Hisana, Houkouin, Aki, Youshino, Yasaka and Tsubaki.

Naruto told them to stand in descending order on the size of boobs. That's quite a boobs squad Naruto got. Naruto going to have some fun with them before he checked his daily tips from the book and it was "The Stone of Gelel"

[Naruto stats will be uploaded while he possesses Aburame and Inazuka clan too. It will be soon]
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