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Chapter 25: Sudden Mission part-1

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Chapter 25: Sudden Mission part-1

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Naruto took a milk bath from the breast milk of his twenty-four Harem girls. Naruto was thinking of this game, it really made him one of a kind. Soon he will reveal his true identity and power in he village and then he will reveal his identity to the world. He trained with Youshino, Yasaka and Houkouin for their new jutsus. After that he used hanare's inner mind jutsu to learn the orochimaru jutsus. Naruto could learn any jutsu in a moment with his Sharingan but mastery and using this with perfect match takes a lot of practice. After a long practice, Naruto went out for a walk.

He was going beside the Hot spring. Suddenly he saw a big guy with long white hair was peeking. Ibisu (the elite teacher) came out of nowhere to attack the man. Naruto saw suddenly he summoned a big frog and beat Ibisu to ground.

"I am Jiraiiya of Legendary Sannin, the legendary from sage, how dare you disturb in my research?" He declared.
Ibisu fled the seen but Naruto was impressed and astonished to see another sannin. The sannin he encountered was very powerful for even Naruto. He used Nara's shadow binding technique to stop him. The sannin was astonished to see the boy using Nara jutsu as his appearances say that he isn't from Nara.

"Hello, Mr. Perv, you shouldn't be doing thig like this." Naruto said with smirk. Jiraiya couldn't move as Naruto's chakra was very strong.

"Don't call me pervy, you brat, what is your name?" Sannin asked.

"I am Naruto Uzumaki of Konoha and I am going to be Hokage on day. I believe you are not like your felloe sannin Orochimaru." Naruto said to him.

Jiraiya confirmed that he is he son Minato and Kushina and his god son moreover he knew orochimaru which surprised Jiraiya.

"Well, no more playing games then, you are still alive after meeting him is a mystery and how did you use a Nara jutsu?" Jiraiya asked him seriously.

Naruto replied to him with his old kyuubi theme. But Naruto wanted to be trained by a sannin too. He was already trained by a hokage but sannins travelled many places as their history say so that is also a lot of experience. His summoning of Ena was learned from Hiruzen but Naruto couldn't master it as it was not used much by hiruzen and Naruto would love a summon like Jiraiya.

"Train me please, I will not disappoint you, you can even ask the Hokage." Naruto said.

"I will train you but I only have a condition, we will train by the waterfall, where I can see the ladies having a bath." Jiraiya said.

Naruto laughed in his mind, what he would do if he knew about Naruto's house. However, He agreed. They went by the waterfall. Jiraiya knew about Kyuubi and as he claimed Kyuubi gave him such power he wanted to see if he can pull out Kyuubi chakra. It was very hard for Jiraiya to make Naruto chakra less and actually he couldn't. But he was astonished to see the power and range of jutsu he used in such a young age though Naruto didn't use any dojutsu or kekkai genkai.

"Naruto, You posses two type of chakra, try to access the other chakra." Jiraiya said to him.

"Well, after fighting Orochimaru, I can't he has done something with it." Naruto replies.

Jiraiya wanted to see the seal and he saw the Five-pronged seal. Jiraiya unlocked it. Naruto understood he was a seal master. Naruto himself was a pro on seal too. Then Naruto learned the summoning jutsu again and chief toad was summoned. Normally he wouldn't help Naruto but Nruto took him under Tsukuyomi for disobedience and he was obedient. Jiraiya was also astonished how Naruto managed such a thing.

While Naruto was training with Jiraiya, a messenger eagle found him with a letter of the Hokage. Hokage summoned him for a special mission. Jiraiya disagreed to meet Hiruzen at that Moment so Naruto went to the Hokage tower.

"Welcome, Naruto, It is becoming a problem for me to give any female shinobi with you in a mission, so I am assigning Guy, I would have given rock lee but he is sick." Hiruzen said.

"I don't mind but what is the mission." Naruto asked.

"You have to guard a prince and his caravan and also some daiyamo may want to see him on the way, you will have to escort them too." Hiruzen explained.

"Why me? I have to train for my chunin exam, moreover anybody would need a tracker or hound for this job." Naruto said.

"Well, you know almost everyone is busy however I spared a jonin guy with you and as tracker I am assigning Hana to be with you in the mission, she is a chunin. You, alone are enough to handle this assignment and with your powers you will definitely make chunin. You are taking my shinobi's fr your sake even making divorces, I understand the real causes Naruto, so this is the least I could demand." Hiruzen said in threatening tone.

"Are you threating me, Old man hokage? If you are, I will reveal the secrets of three clan heads which I am hiding, so it is your choice." Naruto threatened him.

"I am not threatening you Naruto, I was just wanting a small favor from you." Hiruzen optimized his tone.

"Ok, where is Hana-chan and Guy-sensei?" Naruto asked.

"You pick up Hana from her home and guy will join you at the gate." Hiruzen said.

Naruto came out of hokage tower and headed towards the inazuka clan. Naruto had little tension for Chunin exam, about that devil looking guy Gaara, Orochimaru's reappearance, Ichibi etc. He reached the inazuka compound. He didn't see anyone so he went inside and he heard noise of a dog barking.

He saw a room on his left where he saw some dogs. Then he approached to the room where the sound was coming from. He entered the room and saw a giant dog was barking inside the cage and it was attacking the cage with such power that it was almost breaking. He looked around the cage and saw Hana (Sister of Kiba) wearing Bra and panty was trying to give the dog a bath. Suddenly the dog hit the door with such rage that Hana jumped backwards and she fell on Naruto and Naruto trying to balance both them fell and Naruto's hands on her boobs.

"I didn't see you there, Naruto, what are you doing here?" Hana asked. She didn't notice his hand and forgot the fact that she was half naked.

Naruto put on a slight push on her boobs to get up and he said, "Sorry to enter unnoticed, I expected you would be ready for the mission so I entered but sorry."

Narutos words made her realize he was half naked and her boobs were I the hands of her small brother's friend's hand. He stood up and tried to cover her body with her hands.

"Oh, I am sorry, I totally forgot about the mission, handling polt is too tough. Please wait, I will be ready in no time." Hana said.

"Wait Hana-chan, You Inazuka can understand the dogs and control them, why is this dog different?"

"Well, this is the alpha-dog, gifted to us by the first hokage, Some of our very powerful ancestor could handle her, but now we can't, polt understands the person's power when anyone enters and he is powerful enough then she is tamed. None of our five previous generation could do it, not even mom, so when we come to bathe it, it barks like that." Hana explained.

It made Naruto interested to test his powers.

"Can I enter?" Naruto said.

"You, are you sure? You are still a genin, it may make her angrier than ever, I am among the lowest profiles who enters this room, your entrance could be very dangerous." Hana said.

Naruto took her hand with force and entered the room. Suddenly polt was tamed like a cat. It became so cool that anyone would take it as the most obedient pet. Hana was surprised. Naruto opened the gate cautiously and it came to his legs.

"You can take polt as your dog today, Hana-chan, I believe she won't disturb." Naruto said.

This was totally surprising for Hana, Noone in the inazuka was this dominant to polt. She went out and put on her chunin jacket and skirt. They went to the gate to take Guy and started for the prince of Crescent moon.

While they were going, Naruto understood how Lee was such powerful Taijutsu user. Guy was either giving pushups, or situps or running. Naruto was catching up with him and he could see the physical stress, On the way Guy was showing him his taijutsu like Leaf Hurricane and Naruto was copying it. It was good for Naruto for his Taijutsu training. Finally, they came near the caravan.

Naruto noticed a big caravan which contains an entire circus. Naruto was rich in his eye but this kind of wealth was unimaginable for Naruto. He, with the group met the prince Michiru and there was a small boy named Hikaru.

Michiru informed them that a group of people would meet him from the land of vegetables.

"is it possible for you to split and escort them here?" Michitu asked.

"It is very easy; we will do it." Naruto said.

He made a clone and he took Hana and polt with him and advanced towards the team from land of vegetables and left the clone and Guy with the caravan. He ordered the clone to master as many as possible moves from guy.

Using polt's nose, they reached the group very soon. They met shun, Kikunojo and Yurinojo. Naruto got a feeling about shun. He was a little bit weird. Suddenly, there whole group was surrounded by three ninja as polt's declaration earler.

"Hand me over Haruna and I will let others go." Said one of them.

"Oh no, Renga, Jiga and Ruiga." Kikunojo said.

"You can't fool my eyes, I see Haruna there." He pointed at Shun.

He went towards her and Polt voluntarily attacked him with a severe blow. Hana was astonished to see the power. But Shun couldn't avoid Renga completely. Her disguise was out. A beautiful girl was standing there with blue eyes, black hears and blue-green Kimino."

"We will save you haruna-chan, don't you worry." Kikunojo said.

Naruto wanted to measure their power first. Naruto noticed Renga could create ice from moisture of the air, Jiga could magnetize his body at will and ruiga could extract water from plants to use water style and he could summon fished like piranha there. It was nothing very significant to Naruto but he wouldn't deny any abilities.

Naruto noticed both Kikunojo and Yurinojo yelling. "Flower ninja art."

Naruto activated his Sharingan and he copied all flower ninja art. It was beautiful to Naruto but not powerful. The Janin were on the verge of killing the flower ninja's and tear came over to Haruna's eye. Naruto took over the fight.

"That's enough, let's see how you stand against me?" Naruto declared.

He signaled Hana to attack jiga with polt because his magtanized body won't effect the Man beast: fang over Fang. Hana destroyed him with that attack. Both Renga and Ruiga attacked Naruto at the same time with ice crystal disk and water bubble trap. Naruto whipped it away with his first stage Susanoo, Naruto felt a lot of power within him so he tries to unleash the second step of Susanoo. The skull and half body appeared. Naruto held both the brothers with his Susanoo hand and gave a blow with his sword. He gave a blow of sword to Jiga also.

Naruto created a clone and it used Shadow possession jutsu on those three and Naruto beheaded them and collected their body in a storage scroll. Naruto collect all bodies of powerful shinobi he kills. It helps his research too. Kikunojo and Yurinojo thanked Naruto and Haruna came near him and slapped.

"what didn't you join earlier? My subordinates woudn't get hurt then." Haruna said and went away.

Naruto understood her emotion and let it go and he saw polt came near his leg and licking his leg. Naruto adored it. They went forward and met the caravan. They started to move forward. After Three hours of ride the caravan stopped and Michiru called upon Naruto.

"The wife of the Daiyamo of land of Honey was supposed to meet me here, can you please look into it?" He asked.

Naruto went out to survey the surroundings, they were standing in front of a large castle and it kinda gave Naruto chills. He ordered the caravan to move forward a kilometer with guy and his clone and he took Hana and polt and went inside the house. Suddenly he felt the castle changing its shape to entrap them. Naruto understood that it was a summon.

"You can release it." A shadow said to Naruto.

"Who are you?" Naruto asked.

"I am Koza Kubisaki, It is my personal summon Shiromari the chameleon, It's a shape shifter. I summoned it during third great ninja war and advised it too kill anyone who enters slowly for my protection but I died before dissolving it so it is trapped here still following my commands." The shadow answered.

"Why didn't you save any previous visitors in last fifty years?" Naruto asked.

"Anyone entering here has to understand that it is a summon otherwise I couldn't be summoned, as I died the dissolving procedure became very tough, A group of people are also trapped here for a very short time if you can find them then you save them too." The shadow said.

Naruto understood, it was daiyamo's wife Kayo and her group. Naruto quickly sent polt and hana to search them. and meet Naruto by following his scent.

"How can I dissolve it?" Naruto asked.

"There is two way, one is to destroy the summoning contract scroll that will set shiromari free forever nad second way is near to impossible but I will allow the caster to contract with the summon." Koza said.

When the scroll will be opened and decaster signs the contract, then shiromari's mouth will appear in that place and if you can feed her the breast milk of twenty-five women then it will dissolve and be the summoning of new caster." Koza said.

Naruto had twenty-four women, one short. By then, Hana came here with Kayo. Kayo entered the room with Hana and Polt and she left her crew outside the room. Koza led them towards the scroll. Naruto explained the situation to Hana on the way.

"I would've hlped you Naruto as a shinobi, but I do't have breast milk now." Hana said.

"I can arrange that if you agree." Naruto said.

"How?" Hana was surprised.

He told Hana to strip while he summoned Ena. Naruto gave Ena a scroll with his clonein it and told Ena to reverse summon the clone in the house. Ena did as ordered and Naruto's clone stored all his girls in scroll and gave it to Ena and dispelled. Naruto summoned Ena again. When she handed over the scroll to Naruto Hana was nude and she was totally surprised see a nude girl with tail was Naruto's summon. All the girls appeared before Naruto from the scroll. Hana was gob smacked to see them. so was Kayo.

"Mito, Put the seal on Hana's breast now, we don't have time." While Mito completed the seal.

Girls took the position in a circular shape as Koza said and Naruto signed the scroll, a mouth appeared inside the girl circle and it shapeshifted to a sucker. As Koza said, Naruto took it and placed on all girl's both boobs and shiromri sucked everyone clean.

Naruto got the shiromri summon and dispelled it and send all the girls home with Ena. Kayo thanked Naruto but she was astonished see Naruto having all these girls. Hana was so surprised that he couldn't even respond to the situation. Most weirdly, Polt was getting more obedient to Naruto.

Naruto took the crew to the caravan. They headed to the land of birds. Michiru wanted visit there as their Daiyamo was killed and New one was there. The Caravan reached there when sun was almost set. Priest Moso came to receive them. Suddenly they saw an armored appearance came to attack them. It was totally unexpected, Naruto told hana and Guy to lead the caravan to village and he chased that armored shinobi. He saw it disappear behind the house of Daiyamo.

He came back to village and greeted the Daiyamo, Sagi and explained the situation. Everyone went to rest. Naruto couldn't put his mind to rest so he went to the place where the warrior disappeared. Naruto saw the secret entrance covered by a bush. Naruto entered there. While Naruto approached to the end and came out of the tunnel using his transparent escape jutsu.

He saw Sagi taking off the Daiyamo apron and a beautiful woman appeared who is supposed to be toki, his dead sister. By pure serendipity, Naruto discovered one secret, searching for other secret. But then she opened a secret cupboard on the wall and the curse warrior's uniform was there. Naruto couldn't wait any longer.

"What the hell are you doing? Scaring your own priest and guest?" Naruto said.

She was way too surprised but she felt a true heart in the boy. She decided to tell him the truth. Guy has already blabbered a lot about his power.

"He is not a priest, He is deceiving everyone, He is Hoki, a rogue ninja who wants to take over our village, if they knew my brothers were dead then they would take over at that moment so I took disguise as my brother and this curse warrior uniform is to kill that Hoki if I can." Toki explained.

"Is there any chance of attacking you?" Naruto asked.

Naruto heard footsteps; He took his transparent form again to check toki's story. Moso came in with two man behind and found toki unguarded.

"I see, I killed your brother with my hand, I couldn't think of you taking his disguise in a million years, you just made my work a lot easy, I will make this the village of Wateri Ninja" Moso said.

This cleared Naruto's every confusion. They came on to attack Toki and Naruto attacked them pulling them out of their disguise and hey were thrown to the ground. Ten more ninja's were waiting outside. Naruto dispelled his transparent escape jutsu. He became furious.

"You can't win with us, brat, A brat like like you is no match for us." Hoki said and started handsigns.

"FIRE STYLE: FIREBALL JUTSU." Hoki used. It was weaker than he real jutsu. Naruto understood they could copy jutsu but can't master that jutsu. Jonins are no match for Naruto, this ninja's are nothing. Haruna, Kayo, Michiru was out by then.

"ICE STYLE: DEMONIC MIRRORING CRYSTAL" Naruto used Haku's jutsu and then he used a new jutsu he created.

"ICE STYLE: CRYSTAL SENBON SHOWER." This jutsu thrown a thousand senbons insie that dome created by Naruto. All wateri ninja was dead in a minute.

"Your village is safe now, Toki" Naruto declared. Naruto's fearsome power astonished everyone. Toki ordered to take away the corps. Naruto went to take rest. It was almost nine. Before going into his room, he saw Haruna and Kayo going to Toki's room.

After sometime Toki peeked into Naruto's room.

"Can we come in Naruto-kun, we wanted thank you for what you did for us, Kayo told us about your collection she saw in Shiromari." She asked.

"okay." Naruto already got the signal.

"We hope you're not tired from the meeting Naruto-kun."

The blonde Uzumaki the sound of Haruna voice and his eyes widen at what he saw.

Haruna had her hair hanging down and was dressed in black silk lingerie, with silk leggings. She wore a matching set of bra and thong style panties. She also wore a see-through silk gown that she had open.

Toki was dressed in a similar way except for hers was white silk, along with her leggings. She too had her hair hanging down to her back as well.

Both women smiled and walked toward their Naruto with a sway in their hips, with Toki licking her lips and had a sultry look on her face. As for Haruna she had a warm smile and her face had a small blush on her checks.

When they reached Naruto, they gently sat him down on the bed and each pressed their well-endowed breast on his arms, with Haruna taking the right and Toki the left. It was Sagi's twin sister who broke the silence.

"Are you up for a drink with us Naruto-kun?"

Naruto could only nod and couldn't help but smile in a goofy manner enjoying the feeling of their bodies against him.

Toki reached over and picked up the bottle of champing. She then opened it, the bottle making a popping sound. She began pouring each of the glasses with cold liquid. Once she had finished filling them, she handed one to Naruto and the other to Haruna, while the last glass went to her.

Haruna raised her glass in the form of a toasting motion and said, "Let us toast to Naruto for saving our disciples and village."

Both Naruto and Toki nodded and raised their glasses as well to gently knock them together with Haruna's glass before drinking down the contents in a single gulp.

He was returned to the present from Toki's voice.

"Naruto-kun, You saved us today and I was a bit rude to you too, please accept my apology and Toki's gratitude, so I hope you are ready for us both." Haruna added with a sly smile.

All three placed their wine glasses on the small table, and the two beautiful women began by removing Naruto's shirt. Once the first article of his clothing was removed Toki kissed Naruto fully with her tongue invading his mouth, to which he returned with great gusto.

Haruna for her part began laying kisses on his muscled chest before licking his neck and then sucking on it while rubbing his crotch with her hand. Naruto's right hand began massaging Haruna's breast while his left hand gently took hold of Toki's breast, giving them a soft squeeze and fondling them.

Both women moaned at the touch of their Naruto enjoying his very touch. Toki broke off her kiss, which gave Haruna her turn to kiss Naruto deeply while her hand went from his crotch to his chest.

Toki decided to lick Naruto's neck from her side and started rubbing his crotch as well, feeling it becoming harder and couldn't wait to take his pants off. The blonde Uzumaki broke the kiss with Haruna and decided to remove their bras. He was stopped when the brown-haired beauty spoke to him.

"Wait Naruto-kun. Please let me and Toki take these off for you."

The Daimyo of the Land of Birds nodded and said, "You won't be disappointed on what we do next Naruto-kun."

Naruto was confused by the request, but shrugged his shoulders as he gave a nod for their request.

Both women stood up and Haruna turned around, letting the silk dress fall from her backside to her Naruto. Toki smiled and stood behind Haruna and then bend down with her hands reaching her legs. She placed her hands on her thighs before slowly moving them up tracing her hands on her body. Slowly touching her backside and then her back she started undoing Haruna's bra, with the Daimyo of Vegetables holding her arms out. Once her bra was unclipped, she started removing it with Haruna holding her arms up, and then let it drop before she began fondling her tits in a playful manner.

Haruna moaned from the touch before she turned around and gestured for Toki to turn around as well. The purple haired beauty turned her back to her, and the brown-haired beauty started giving her the same treatment she received from the purple haired daimyo.

Naruto for his part couldn't help but be turned on by the show the two women were putting on for him and could only guess on what they would do next to each other. He didn't have to wait long.

Toki turned around to face Haruna, before both women embraced each other in a hug with their breast pressing against each other, letting off soft moans. Looking to their Naruto they smiled at him before facing each other and kissed each other with a passion, their tongues wrestling the other for dominance. Naruto couldn't help but grin at the display being shown before him and already felt his manhood becoming harder at seeing what they were doing and wanted to ravish their bodies, along with them doing the same to him.

Haruna and Toki broke their kiss, but not before having their tongues out touching their others in a very erotic fashion. The purple haired beauty decided to continue the display by then lowering her face to Haruna's right breast, licking and teasing it before she enveloped it into her mouth while her hand played with Haruna's other breast.

The Daimyo of Vegetables moaned and gasped at the treatment from the leader of the Land of Birds. She began to fondle Toki's breast with her hands.

"Ohhhhhhh...Toki-chan, let me taste you after you done."

Toki then worked on her other tit, while her hand went down toward Haruna's covered vagina. Sliding her hand into her panty's she began to slowly stroke her pussy feeling the wetness that was building up from her treatment.

"Ahhhh...Yessss...That feels so good."

Toki ended her treatment on Haruna's breast and captured her in a kiss, both of them exploring the others mouths. Haruna then brought her face to Toki's tits and began licking and sucking on them, enjoying the taste of her friend.

"Mmmmmmmm...Haruna-chan you are making me aroused, but take your time. We still have Naruto-kun to please."

The brown-haired beauty brought her left hand toward Toki's panty's and slipped her hand into them, stroking the purple haired daimyos vagina softly, which caused Toki to moan.

"Oooohhh...Yes, right there. Mmmmm."

Naruto for his part was enjoying the sight before him, and couldn't wait for them to finish before continuing their love making on him. He did not have to wait long as Haruna ended sucking Toki's tits before kissing her briefly and said,

"I think it's time for us to please Naruto—kun."

Both women gestured for their Naruto to stand up and he did so without hesitation. They started undoing his pants and pulled them off, along with his boxers, with his manhood fully out stiff as a rod.

Toki and Haruna smiled at seeing Naruto's thirteen inch cock, and soon went to their knees. Then without hesitation both women began licking his cock, in slow and sensual manner.

"Ahhhh! Oh Toki-chan! Haruna-chan! That feels good!"

The two females decided to take it a step further with Haruna sucking on his dick and Toki sucking on his balls to excite him.

"MMMMMMMMMMM! Kami that feels so good!"

Toki stopped for a minute and said, "Lie down for us Naruto-kun and you will love what we do next."

Naruto lay on the bed, waiting for whatever pleasures they were about to perform next. He didn't have to wait long as the two beautiful rulers crawled onto the bed. Haruna took the right side at the end of the bed, while Toki took the left side.

Both women went near his crotch and then gave their Naruto a sly smile. Then they both pushed their well-endowed breast together on Naruto's cock and began to rub their breast on it, going up and down while each took a turn licking the tip of his cock.

Naruto couldn't help but moan and gasp in delight from the affection. He then proceeded to thrust his cock in sequence with his treatment for him. This went on for about a minute before the blonde Uzumaki spoke up to them.

"Haruna-Chan! Toki-Chan! I'm going to cum hard!"

After saying those words, a large flow of cum went over both of the princess's faces and tits from the orgasm he just had. Sighing, Naruto watched as the two women began licking cum off each other's faces, along with each other's tits arousing him even more.

The two beauties's ended the display with a passionate kiss to one another, before crawling over to their Naruto, each lying beside him on different sides.

Toki smiled and said in a husky voice, "Now it's your turn to please us Naruto-kun."

"Don't worry Toki-chan; I can please you both with a simple technique."

With these words he got off the bed a moment to perform his signature jutsu.


A clone of Naruto appeared next to him, and he gestured for his copy to take Haruna while he took Toki. The two women lied on their backs waiting for the two Naruto's to begin.

They didn't have to wait as the original Naruto went between Toki's legs and began to gently lick her vagina, while caressing her clit with his right hand. The clone Naruto had Haruna sitting up, with her legs draped across his shoulders. He then started assaulting her vagina with his tongue, while gently sucking on her clitoris.

The female daimyos moaned and gasped with delight from the pleasure they were being giving. Naruto took it a step further by adding chakra to his tongue and began to fuck Toki's pussy making her cry out in delight.

"Ahhhh! Yes, right there Naruto-kun! Oooohhh!"

Haruna experienced the same from the clone who decided to follow the originals lead making Haruna let shout with pleasure.

"Yes! Oh Kami, don't stop, please don't stop yet!"

Both women could feel their orgasm coming at any minute, and they did not disappoint their lover as they both let him know.

"Naruto-kun! I'm Cumming!"

"I'm goanna cum Naruto-kun! I'm goanna cum!"

Both Naruto's gave the two women a foxy grin and said at the same time, "Cum for me, cry out for me!"

Toki and Haruna moaned for a moment more before they came, their juices being released from their orgasm. Naruto licked up Toki's juices, while sucking on her clit. His clone did the same with Haruna while giving her pussy an extra lick.

The two women lay on their backs breathing heavily from their orgasm.

Naruto went to Toki and began to rub his manhood against her clitoris causing her to gasp in surprise.

"Are you ready for me to go in Toki-chan?" The purple haired beauty nodded eager to receive his cock.

Haruna turned around, on her hands and knees with her rear facing Naruto's Kage Bushin. She smiled slyly and shakes her ass to him. The blonde slowly entered Toki; his manhood pushing threw her vagina walls, until he was fully in her. She shuddered with enjoyment patiently waiting for him to begin thrusting her with his manhood.

The Naruto clone gently gripped Haruna's ass and slowly began to enter his cock into her until he was fully inside her. She gasped and sighed in enjoyment from feeling her cock inside her.

Both Naruto and his clone then began to slowly go in and out of their respective woman's vagina's enjoying their voices moaning in pleasure. Then they began to pick up the pace and began thrusting with great speed with Toki and Haruna yelling with great enthusiasm.

"YES! HARDER! GO DEEPER NARUTO-KUN!" Toki screamed with delight from her Naruto's manhood being thrusting into her. Haruna also shared her voice of excitement and pleasure.




After a few minutes Naruto, his clone, and the two women had their orgasms with the clone dispersing leaving the three alone with each other.

Naruto took a deep sigh and smiled at them, who smiled back at him. He then crawled onto the bed and lay between them, while they cuddled up against him. Suddenly, Kayo came to the room.

"Sorry, Naruto-kun, I wanted to thank you by other means because of my husband but listening to you three from my room isn't allowing me restrain anymore." Kayo came out her robe at her door.

Haruna and Toki took her in with a smile and they started stroking Naruto's penis while kissing Kayo's boobs. They placed her on Naruto's dick and Kayo started down stroke. They continued their foursome for hours. The girls were so loud that Hana couldn't sleep in her room and polt was also disturbing her. So Hana took polt out for a walk.

Naruto was done with three daiyamos. They requested Naruto to take them with him. Naruto was more than happy. They said they would hand over their village to their trustful subordinates. Naruto marked all three. They went to sleep with Cuddling with Naruto but he wanted some fresh year. He left a clone with them and went out.

"Naruto, your youth has mesmerized me, I will teach you the most elite technique today." Out of nowhere guy shouted.

This is something Naruto couldn't deny. He made another clone and ordered it to be with Guy sensei. It should be his training of eight inner gates.
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