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Chapter 26: Sudden Mission part-2

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Chapter 26: Sudden Mission part-2

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Naruto's clone went out with guy to train. Naruto was thinking about the stone of gelel. The book says it has a lot of power to consume but it gave no clue where was it. Original Naruto came to sit by the river where he saw a beautiful moon, the moonlight shower was felt heavenly to Naruto. He stopped feeling like his in search of power, Hana and polt was also coming towards him.

Naruto's clone was training super hard with guy. Guy decided to do it. He is capable of handling it.

"Naruto, I will teach you the inner gate technique. You physical strength says that you will be able to master it more than anyone but don't open the eighth gate because you will go out of breadth and die, I will tell you a secret if anyone can harness a technique that will allow expansion of lung capacity then he will be able to use it at will." Guy explained to him.

"I will be careful sensei." Saying that he activated his byakugan to see the chakra flow for this technique and copied it. Naruto opened the second gate in first try but couldn't open the third one. He was angry with himself but Guy was so happy that he summoned Ningame to watch the exceptional performance by Naruto.

"This boy deserves a summoning with the ninja tortoise, it hurts me to say that I am not the strongest one in our kind, this boy deserves the best. But I am warning you Naruto, she is a bit mysterious." Ningame said.

He summoned the summoning contract scroll and Naruto clone signed it.

"Risty will appear when you summon her and handle her with care." Ningame said and disappeared.

Guy was also done with training for the night and so Naruto's clone also dispelled. The original Naruto got the information. Hana and polt also reached him. Polt came by Naruto's side and sat. Hana sat on the other side. Naruto summoned risty and a tortoise bigger than nongame appeared.

"Naruto, I have some questions which was aching me since the shiromari summon." Hana asked.

'Say it, Hana-san." Naruto replied

"I saw Mikoto-san, Youshino-san and many other lost and also wanted shinobis were supplying breast milk for you. How did you get them, even maintained such strong shinobis? Hana asked.

"Let me show you two things live first then, I will show you something else." Naruto replies.

He focused his sexual aura on her and she suddenly felt so aroused and she was touching her boobs. Naruto defocused the aura and Hana was surprised to see the things she was doing. Naruto declared the second is me. He took Hana's hand and pulled it inside his pants Hana was bewildered. Naruto was trying to pull her hands out but she grabbed it more tightly, the grip was so tight that Naruto was hurting, so he let the inazuka enjoy his dick.

Meanwhile, He put her in a genjutsu and shown he false story of Kyuubi giving him the power then he shown her a scenario of him having sex with his whole harem and banging all of them with full force.

"I hope you got the answer." Naruto said.

Hana didn't let him finish his word and leaned on to him and kissed. While They were kissing Naruto noticed that polt took a position in a place where moonlight was focused and it started to glow. Hana was undressed by then. He also noticed that risty is also showing weird behavior. Naruto focused on Hana. Suddenly Naruto wanted to play a role that he didn't want to fuck Hana.

Hana swatted his arms open and rushed in to embrace him wrapping her arms around his waist. "Naruto-Kun please don't force me away!" she begged resting her head on his shoulders.

"Please touch me! Hold me! Take me please I beg you! I need you!" she pleaded looking back up at him with her shiny and beautiful onyx colored eyes. Naruto was pinned to the tree when she kissed him.

"Naruto-Kun please take me." she said as she then started kissing his shoulder. "Please I have to feel your arms around me." she kissed him again.

"I need to feel your body against mine." she kissed again. "I want the warmth of your skin against me."

Naruto was panicking as she kept on kissing his shoulder and neck trying to seduce him. "Hana-Chan... I" he said feeling his heartbeat rising and sweat pour down the side of his face.

"Please Naruto-Kun." she begged again still kissing his neck and shoulder with her hands running up and down his body.

Finally Naruto couldn't take it anymore. Naruto wrapped his arms around Hana's and brought her close pressing her body against his. She looked up smiling and then both locked lips in a long and passionate kiss. Their hands ran up and down one another exploring their bodies while Naruto opened his mouth so he and Hana could start a heated battle with their tongues.

Still keeping him close to her and their lips connected she guided him over to his bed and had him sit down. Naruto and Hana made out for what seemed like forever before they broke apart to get some much-needed air. Smiling she reached down to grab him by his pajama pants to help him out of them.

"Hana-Chan." he said softly after she got him out of his pants. Hana smiled up at him then stood before the younger male.

Hana reached down to start stroking his now fully erect penis and she smirked when she saw him groan from her soft but firm grip. Hana kept on pumping him in her hand as Naruto's eyes were rolling back. He thought her jerking him off felt amazing. Her hand working his shaft sent shivers of pleasure up his body.

Once she was done she got up over Naruto who's legs hung down over the side with his feet on the floor. Hana was on her knees before him and reached down once more to grab a hold of him again so she could line him up with her wet pussy which was dripping from arousal. Once she was ready she took a deep breath and brought herself down impaling herself on his cock.

Hana let out a loud yelp when she fully sheathed Naruto inside her and fell forward to hold him closely to her body from the sudden pain.

"Hana-Chan are you alright?!" Naruto asked panicking a little from her reaction. But Naruto was also lost in the feeling of being within Hana's body and thinking how good it felt for her tight vaginal muscles contracting around his cock.

"I-I-I'm fine." she said panting and sweating trying to adjust. "Please... just give me a moment." she told him resting her head on his shoulder.

Once she was done and it was numbed a bit she sat back up and placed her hands on his shoulders. Hana leaned in to lock lips with Naruto again and he reached around to hold her close while they kissed. He held onto her with his hands on her upper and lower back then she started rolling her hips to move him around inside of her. Both of them moaned into each other's mouths from the waves of pleasure they felt as Hana worked her hips over him sliding his manhood in and out of her. Naruto was dumbfounded by how good this felt.

Her insides were soft and wet and how she sort of clamped down on him felt incredible. They broke the kiss for a moment then Hana fell back a bit but was still held out before Naruto who then started thrusting up into her body as well sliding in and out of her womanhood.

Both of them started working their hips together and gazed into one another's eyes as they lost themselves to the passion and pleasure.

"Naruto-Kun." said Hana panting and huffing as she continued slapping her hips into his which now were making wet slapping noises from their love fluids soaking their crotches. "Harder

(Huff huff) Faster!" she urged.

"Hana-Chan." Naruto gasped as he thrust himself up into her body.

"You're so hot and tight!" he shouted barely able to control himself.

Naruto and Hana were now slamming their hips against each other's with great speed and power. Naruto's sharp and powerful thrusts had Hana bouncing up and down on his lap causing her to moan and whimper loudly from how wonderful he made her body feel. Hana crashed her hips into his with as much force as she could and Naruto felt like he was in heaven from how her body felt. All the while they both started sweating and breathing harder from how fast they were going and from the pleasure they felt every moment.

"Naruto-Kun!" she shouted looking at him with lust in her eyes and a blush on her lovely face.

"I'm gonna cum!" she cried.

"Me too Hana-Chan!" replied Naruto loudly feeling the pressure building up within him. "I'm gonna cum too!" he said gritting his teeth from how tight her body was getting.

"Cum in me Naruto-Kun!" she cried out feeling the heat and the pressure rising to the breaking point. "Cum inside me!" she screamed.

"Fill me with you warmth and love!" she screamed with her eyes rolling back.

A few more thrusts and Naruto heard Hana scream as she threw her head back when her orgasm hit her hard. Naruto groaned from feeling her vaginal muscles tighten around him and with one last thrust trying to reach in as far as he could he shot his hot cum up into her body. Hana's eyes were rolling back and she panted as she felt spurt after spurt shoot up into her.

The ecstasy she was in was truly incredible and the feeling of his hot semen inside her was indescribable. Naruto and Hana took a moment to catch their breaths from their combined climaxes with the Inuzuka resting her head on Naruto's shoulder like she did so before. Naruto's head hung back while he breathed hard.

Once both partners have had enough time to control their breathing Hana got back up to lock lips with Naruto again. Onyx colored eyes gazed lovingly into sky blue ones as their tongues battled it out within one another's mouths for dominance. Then the older woman lifted herself up so that Naruto's face was right before her chest.

"Suck on my tits Naruto-Kun." she pleaded while panting. "Please suck on my tits for me nad drink my milk." she begged him.

Without even a moment to waste Naruto took her right nipple into his mouth and Hana started whimpering from him suckling on it with much eagerness. He also brought his hand up to squeeze and massage her other breast which made her moan even louder. Hana then felt Naruto move her over and lay her down onto her back while he continued pleasuring her.

He then switched to her other nipple and started suckling, gnawing and gently tugging on her hardened bud causing her to moan and whimper in ecstasy. He also decided to return an earlier favor and snaked a free hand down to play with her wet pussy. Hana gasped and cried out in ecstasy from his actions.

Hana was breathing harder by the minute as she felt Naruto swiveling his tongue around her nipple. She brought her hands up to hold his head in place as if she were trying to increase the pleasure she was receiving. Meanwhile Naruto continued working his hand over her womanly glory with two of his fingers flexing gently within her tightening walls.

Finally Hana cried out when her next orgasm hit her hard. Naruto felt her innards constrict around his fingers and her fluids gush out soaking his hand. Naruto then let her go and gently removed his hand from her lower body to let her catch her breath. Naruto controlled himself not to get hard at that moment again.

Naruto got dressed to go suddenly he noticed Polt and Risty was having a transformation. Polt turned into an almost human woman with a wolfish nose, tail, ears, and covered in fur, having muscular arms and legs and a trim abdomen. Her breasts, while still quite large and well-endowed, she was wearing a midriff revealing black shirt, an unzipped track coat on top; denim hot pants; thigh straps and wristbands; a dog collar and athletic sneakers.

Risty was quite different. She turned into a complete woman wearing her bright red hair long. A red headband adorns her head, with an ornate tight jacket as her top, with a detailed piece going around her neck. She had black thong panties and a detailed red belt over them. On her arms, she has armguards high up on her arms, with feathers protruding from them. She also as a thigh-length tattoo on her right leg, and sandals.

Naruto understood the situation was similar with Ena but they transformed without any reason. Before he had started, they started to talk.

"The moonlight allows us to transform but it is not permanent, seeing you with Hana didn't let us control ourselves." Polt started.

"You will have to fuck us to make the transformation at will." Risty said.

"You guys seem to know each other, are you friends?"

"We have met a few times but we keep the knowledge of all strongest summon and we are the best among ours." Risty explained.

Naruto went to action. Naruto kissed polt on the lips while snaking one of his hands into her pants to give her a good feel and with the other hand he lifted up Risty's skirt to give her the same treatment.

"That's it Naruto-kun. Just like that!" said Polt gasping, panting, and grabbing onto Naruto's body while finger skills made her wet even further in her pussy while he was kissing Risty.

Risty had begin taking off her upper clothing to expose her breast, as Polt had aimed her mouth to kissing the side of Naruto's face, and licking his ear while her hands tried to get his pants off. Naruto himself was still fingering Risty, as his other hand that was doing the same to Polt had left her sacred place, and was now trying to get what she wore off.

"I think its time I had a little help. 'Shadow Clone Jutsu!'" said Naruto making a single clone of himself that appeared behind Risty to take over with her while he focused on Polt with the said wolfish eared woman finally getting his pants loose enough to pull down.

"While the original me is taking care of Polt, I think its time that I took care of you Risty-chan," said the Naruto Shadow Clone, as he grinded his clothed erection against Risty's rear, and let his hands grab her large breasts that the original loved to squeeze.

By this point, the original Naruto had removed Polt's shirt to reveal her lovely chest, which he groped to his hearts content, and Polt herself had gotten out of her pants before she helped him get out of his completely with boxers too. At the sight of his erection, Polt licked her lips hungrily before she put the massive cock in-between her breasts giving Naruto incredible that was increased when the weapon user put her mouth on the tip while licking the underside knowing it would drive Naruto up the wall.

"Oh fuck! Keep going Polt. Your tongue and breasts feel so good when against my cock," said Naruto, as his eyes rolled in the back of his head while leaning back with one hand rubbing her now disoriented haired scalp.

Next to them, Risty was screaming with pleasure with the front of her form pressed, as the Shadow Clone of Naruto had dropped his pants, and stuck his erection into Risty's pussy with incredible thrusting power behind it. Naruto Shadow Clone had one of his hands on Risty's breasts, as he thrust into the tortoise woman, and loved how her screams of pleasure filled the room while telling the clone to keep going.

"That's it Naruto-kun! Fuck me! Yes! Oh Kami YES!" said Risty, as she came hard with the Shadow Clone still going, and was continuing to keep Risty on her current orgasmic high.

They weren't the only one, as Risty's screams were effectively turning Polt on even further down below, and she speed up the pace in trying to get the real Naruto to cum in her mouth. After an increase in her rhythm of her breast, mouth, and several long seconds of humming did Polt succeed with Naruto calling out her name before he let his own orgasmic release go.

"Oh Kami that was so awesome Polt," said Naruto, as he was panting noticeably, and saw Polt licking up the cum that left his cock that hit her face with his seed when the she took him out of her mouth.

"I knew you would like it Naruto-kun. Now that I've had my favorite drink, I'm going to have my second fill in my pussy, and I'm going to have it right...NOW!" said Polt seeing his dick was still hard and jumped on him making Naruto grab her ass to support her before spinning around to land her back with her legs now locked around the Namikaze's hip.

"Eager are we Polt?" said Naruto before kissing her hungrily on the lips, then the neck, and down to the valley between her breasts.

"I need you Naruto-kun. Please fuck me with that big cock of yours! I need you to cum in my pussy like you did in my mouth," said Polt huskily, as she moved his hip, and huge erection towards her wet warm entrance that was eager to let him in.

"As you wish Polt," said Naruto in return, as he aligning his cock with her pussy before thrusting into her hard and fast making the woman scream out in pleasure at the sensation of his man meat in her baby making box, and he grabbed her luscious breasts again in the process.

Next to them, Risty had just finished her third orgasm, and going on number four of her sex induced fucking of the day with the Shadow Clone of Naruto. Risty herself was out of it, as the Shadow Clone plowed her from behind holding her sexy sweat covered ass to keep her steady while fucking her on the desk.

"I'm going to cum big time!" said the Shadow Clone of Naruto before the clone let out a beastly growl and came into Risty's pussy hard with all he had.

Within moments after cumming, the Shadow Cone of Naruto let out a sigh of relief, as he spanked Risty's ass once before saying thank you, and then went "poof" with a smile on his face. As for Risty herself, she had a look of bliss on her face, and her body went slithering down the desk while hearing the faint cries of Polt getting her own orgasms from Naruto.

The woman's face was now staring up at the point where the two were going at it and drops of their combined juices were starting to fall on her face with each of Naruto's thrusts into Polt's pussy, his hands groped, pinched massaged, and all out showed affection to Polt's breasts.

she loved his thrusts into her pussy, and how he was fucking the life out of her with his massive erection.

"That's good to hear Polt because you're about to have my cum in you too!" said Naruto, as he thrust faster into her pussy, and felt his climax approaching.

"Cum in me Naruto-kun! Give me your seed! I want your cum in me," said Polt, as she felt her another orgasm approaching for her, and tried to help me his thrusts with her own.

"And my cum you will have Polt," said Naruto, as he thrust into her 3 more times hard, and let out a beastly roar before releasing his seed into her pussy with Polt letting out her own scream of pleasure when she came with him in the process.

After a few minutes of Naruto lying on top of Polt, he pulled out of her slowly, and the now exhausted woman let out a whimper at having that warm feeling leaving her body. For Naruto himself, he was feeling pretty good right now, and felt a sense of pride in being able to get laid so many times with so many women in his harem. His sense of accomplishment soon became a sense of pleasure, as he looked down to see Risty had arisen from her blissful state of orgasmic bliss, and was now licking his cock clean of the combined sex juices that covered it. Risty's licking soon became sucking, as she took the whole thing in her mouth, and began blowing him just to taste his cum juice in her once again.

Naruto could only groan in pleasure at Risty's oral skills, as she had apparently made it her mission to make him cum into her mouth, and the woman wasn't going to stop until

she succeeded. He wrapped his hands around her blonde hair, as Risty licked the underside of his cock, and sucked in a way that made his eyes stay rolled up in the back of his head.

"Risty-chan...I'm...going...going to...cum!" said Naruto before he did just that and into the woman's mouth much to the said woman's delight.

Naruto's another clone was working on Hana the whole time. While Naruto was finished with Hana, polt and risty it was almost midnight. Naruto marked all three of them. Naruto has toad summon but it is not stable yet but he has Ena and Risty as a reliable summon. Naruto preferred to work alone so he consulted with polt if she can be turned into a summon companion. In front naruto's power and dick nobody could say no. She became his third summon. Naruto dispelled them but before that he summoned Ena to took this two in the house and inaugurate them.

Hana was still lying beside him; she slowly went up on his leg and started kissing his dick again. Hana became so surprised to see Naruto doing these things made her totally obedient dog to him. Naruto was thinking that he only has Aburame clan left to acquire but he heard strongest one in the inazuka was Tsume and Houkouin wasn't the strongest of Akimchi clan. He could use their strongest one.

While Naruto was consumed with his thought, he heard a very strong explosion near the area. He quickly dressed up and went towards that sound. Naruto reached there within a few seconds. He saw an armored blonde attacking a desert caravan. Naruto interfered the blonde. Naruto was attacking with his Tajutsu and the opponent was quite formidable.

Naruto yelled, FIRE STYLE: FIREBALL JUTSU, Suddenly the Reijingo Sanda (raging thunder). Naruto became almost defeated by this attack but he handled it. He suddenly attacked him with his swords and yelled, "Whirlwind."

The opponent was flown away from the attack, a book dropped from the attack. The opponent was up again.

"Give me the book you fool, you don't know what you are messing with, Haido-sama will create utopia with that book and I, Temuijin will bring it back." Saying that he left the place for that time.

Naruto summoned polt to track him and follow. Naruto looked at the caravan and saw a half-naked lady was crying with an old man on her lap. Naruto went forward to them. The old man was dead by then and the torn of the cloths are showing the signs of torture. Naruto helped to bury the old man and took the caravan to a very safe location. He turned out his game book and the book of gelel. He kept them together and it kept glowing and Naruto could feel they were merging.

The girl who were crying saw that and she was shocked. She came towards Naruto.

"How did you do that? Who are you?" She asked.

"I am just a Konohakagure Shinobi, what is so special about that." Naruto asked.

"I am Emina, my family is the protector of the stone of the gelel mine, my grandfather passed the location to me before his death and that book you are holding contains all the information about the gelel mine, now that you have done something with it, after Haido nobody will know about it." Emina replied.

"Who is Haido?" Naruto enquired.

"He destroyed our village, he took the book and also temuijin and turned him against us, he is the only who can harness the gelel stone energy, he will destroy us for the location of the mine." Emina responded

"I will not let them destroy you." Naruto consoled her.

Naruto hugged her and wiped out her tears, slowly came down to her lips and she also responded. Her heart was saying if anyone can destroy Haido its him. They got out of their dress.

Naruto then leaned over on top and she smiled up as she wrapped her arms around him. They embraced and locked lips in another searing kiss which seemed to go on forever while their hands ran up and down one another's bodies. Emina felt the head of Naruto's shaft tapping against her so she reached down to grab him gently then line him up so he could reenter her.

Naruto pushed himself inside causing Emina to gasp and whimper at feeling filled again with him then she kissed him again to let him know she was alright so He could begin moving. Naruto started gently thrusting his hips forward working his cock in and out while Emina started bucking her own hips to meet his movements.

Naruto was groaning from how tight her body was around his shaft and from feeling the warmth of her skin on is. Emina out of excitement began digging her nails into his back as well as bite down growling into his shoulder which caused him to hiss a little from it. Naruto thought it both hurt and felt great at the same time and it encouraged him to keep going.

Emina was loudly moaning as Naruto picked up speed and power. She then wrapped her legs around his waist to hold him in place and much to her delight he was able to reach much deeper inside of her with his thrusts. Soon the place was filled with their moaning and heavy breathing.

"Naruto-Kun! Harder! Faster!" she cried as she tried to keep up with his power thrusts.

"Emina-Chan! This... feels... incredible!" he shouted back as he worked to double his efforts to bring her to climax.

Emina smiled when she felt her heat rising and her next orgasm fast approaching and judging from how Naruto twitched inside of her she knew he wasn't far behind at all.

"Naruto-Kun!" she cried out finally reaching her end. "I'm cumming!" she screamed.

Naruto felt Emina's muscles clench tightly around his shaft to the point where it almost hurt. Naruto was groaning at how tight she was and after a few more thrusts he exploded within her filling her body with his hot cum. Emina squealed and arched her back with her eyes rolling back after feeling him spurt load after load of his seed within her.

Naruto fell forward but kept himself up by his elbows so as to not fall right on top of Emina. The two Naruto and Emina remained joined at the hip still breathing hard with sweat trailing down their naked bodies. Once They had enough Emina rolled Naruto over and she got over top straddling him.

Emina smiled down at the younger male beneath her and he at her. Emina reached down to take his face in her hands and kiss him once more. Naruto wrapped his arms around the sexy Gelel protetor woman above him and kissed back passionately. Both of their tongues started yet another heated battle for dominance and both were enjoying the rich taste of their partner's mouth.

Naruto's hands trailed down her back and Emina moaned into Naruto mouth when she felt him grab her firm ass and give both her butt cheeks a nice firm squeeze. That was enough for her as she sat back up and reached down to take hold of Naruto's cock so she could feel him inside her yet again. Naruto watched as she lifted herself up, lined him up with her dripping entrance and sit down impaling herself on him.

Naruto groaned at the wonderful tight and wet warm feeling of his lover's body and Emina's eyes rolled back again from feeling him stretch her open once more then placed her hands on his shoulders and started rolling her hips over his pelvis like she did once before moving him around within her. Naruto responded by reaching forward to grab her by her hips and help her keep balanced while thrusting upward into her core. Emina smiled down again feeling him grinding himself inside her body and she thought it felt incredible.

He was able to reach up in places that felt just right and it sent shock waves of pleasure shooting up her spine and all throughout her body. Emina was in absolute bliss. She soon went from rolling her hips to bringing herself up and down on his shaft and soon the room was filled with the sound of both of their heavy breathing and moans, the squeaking of the bed and it's headboard slamming against the wall as well as the sound of wet flesh slapping against wet flesh.

Naruto felt the pressure rising within him and it was only getting higher by the minute and he could tell from how erotic Emina's breathing got like him she wasn't too far from her next climax either.

"Emina-Chan!" he shouted as he lifted her up and slammed her back down on him. "I'm not gonna last much longer! I'm gonna cum again!" he shouted feeling himself reaching his breaking point.

"Me too Naruto-Kun!" she replied feeling him twitch inside her again signalling his next release. "Cum with me!" she cried loudly.

Both Naruto and Emina screamed one another's names when both their orgasms hit hard. Naruto clenched his teeth and groaned from how tight she got around his shaft almost sucking him deeper within her. Emina threw her head back and screamed when she felt him fire several more massive loads of cum up within her.

They both let out a gentle sigh as they were coming down from their pleasure highs and Emina collapsed forward where Naruto caught her. Both took another few moments to catch their breath as their sweat was now pouring down their bare skin. Finally Naruto saw Emina lift herself up off of him and much to his delight he saw her turn and get down on her knees and elbows.

From this angle Naruto got a great view of her backside and it got him back up to full strength again as he admired her wet pussy still dripping with her arousal, her beautiful heart shaped pillow of boobs and ass and her puckered asshole. It all looked so inviting and Emina looked back with a look of longing for him to take her yet again.

Naruto got up on his knees behind her, he smiled and sighed taking in the view of her ass once more before lining himself up with her dripping wet snatch for one more time before pushing himself inside her yet again and becoming one flesh with the beautiful Gelel protetor woman. Emina screamed in ecstasy from feeling him reenter her and she was delighted when he wasted no time pounding away.

He was almost hypnotized by how each time his crotch slapped against her ass it sent ripples through her flesh. Out of excitement Naruto gave one of her ass cheeks a good spank and Emina screamed from it but only smiled from his actions.

Emina looked back and smiled at her owner and he at her while he continued pounding away within her. Naruto then leaned down with his chest resting against her back and brought her face to his in another searing kiss. Emina moaned into Naruto's mouth from feeling his shaft grinding away within her moist and hot walls. Then Naruto got back up but grabbed her by her wrists to hold on as he picked up speed and force.

"Emina-Chan!" Naruto said looking down at the Gelel protetor who was bent over for him and letting him pound away within her.

"I'm gonna cum again!" he shouted as he felt the pressure rising in his groin.

"Cum with me Naruto-Kun!" she cried back as he rocked her back and forth with her wrists still in his firm grip and his crotch slapping against her ass with each thrust from him slamming his cock into her pussy.

"Fill me!" she screamed feeling him twitching inside her again.

Naruto finally had another climax that night and exploded within Emina filling her to the brim. Emina moaned loudly from her own orgasm and feeling Naruto filling her womb with his seed to the point where it was now overflowing from her sore pussy and running down his shaft and balls as well as her thighs and legs. Naruto let Emina lay down now and he fell back on his backside as both Naruto and Emina were now trying hard to get their breathing under control from their final round of sex.

Emina got up first and turned back to Naruto with a smile on her lips and a loving look within her eyes. She crawled over to him on all fours and brought his smiling face to hers.

Emina locked lips with his as he wrapped his arms around her and brought her down with him. Naruto lay on his back with Emina laying on top of him and the both of them rested for a while.

Naruto woke up and marked Emina. Naruto wanted to finish it by night so that the caravan of the prince doesn't start late. Naruto didn't get the chance see what changed due the game book merging with the book of gelel. He saw a new chapter appeared in front of him which was named treasure. Previously, only, head clan of Temuijin village could harness a little energy but now it described how the whole power can be harnessed without destroying it by space-time hole and it granted Naruto with the power to harness gelel power.

Emina was sleeping so he summoned Polt to take him to Temuijin's destination. Both of them reached their very fast. Naruto saw Haido's ship. He entered and found Haido's room.

"Welcome, I heard about your little stunt from temuijin, now let's see how you can stand with my team. Fugai, Kamira, Ranke, help temuijin get his revenge." Haido declared.

Suddenly Naruto saw Fugai turn into a werewolf harnessing a power from a stone, Kamira turned into bat and she was also harnessing from a stone and Ranke turns into a grotesque monster. Naruto had no time to waste, He already equipped himself to harness gelel energy so before tey can attck Naruto bound them with him chakra chain and yelled.

"Gelel style: Gelel Absorption."

Temuijin was standing there with a normal cloth as gelel armor was destroyed and the three girls were naked as their armor broke too. Naruto quickly bound them and stored them and put Temuijin in Genjutsu to show him the real story. Naruto had capability to harness one more gelel stone power which is the humanly limit and greater than anyone of temuijin clan.

Haido turned into a warrior with four orbs in his back. Those orbs were transforming in different shapes to help Haido but he was no match for Naruto. Naruto stabbed him in the heart with his new attack,


Naruto absorbed Haido's gelel stone too. Temuijin came to him with a sorry face.

"Please take me to my people, I want to apologize." Temuijin requested.

Naruto took him to the mine of gelel. To extract the mine in stable form, one true gelel user will have to summon space-time hole with his blood and if any other gelel user can fuck three gelel stored women with a proper seal drawn then it will be stable. Temuijin new it was a life risk for him but as he wanted free his villagers so he entered the gelel center and before that he gifted his gelel sword to Naruto.

Naruto drawn the seal around and put in the position with Fugai, Ranke and Kamira with his clones. Temuijin summoned the space-time hole.

Naruto bend all three of them and started stroking in doggy style by holding their boobs. They were penetrated so deep that they almost got numb from the fuck. While fucking them Naruto came near him climax and seal was almost complete. The space time hole was beginning to appear. Naruto and his clones came inside the girls. Temuijin was sacrificing himself in the space time hole but Naruto pulled up Temuijin with his soft body technique.

"Your people need you, now you don't need to keep any secrets now, build up your village and let me know if you need any help."

Naruto summoned shiromari and placed the mine inside it and dispelled. Naruto's inventory just got a lot stronger. He now plans to plant a hero's water tree if possible.

Naruto marked Ranke, Fugai and Kamira. Naruto took them as well as Emina to the caravan. Night was almost over. He left them in the room and went to sleep with Hana for the time left. He bound girls and also daiyamo's so that nothing disturbing happens at his time of sleep and summoned polt as guard.

Hana called him up with a nice blowjob. He went to shower with her and had her breast milk too. Naruto demanded a extra carrier from Michiru for transport. He took Toki, Kayo, Haruna, Emina, Fugai, Ranke and Kamira in the caravan.

Naruto asked polt with stay with Hana for the mission. They were moving towards the land of moon. The caravan stopped at a place and he saw a beautiful woman with long, black hair and bangs falling over her forehead. She has brown eyes, wears a white bead necklace, pink-coloured earring in each ear and a sleeveless, light green dress. He came to know that it was Michiru's ex-wife and Hikaru's mother.

Hikaru was telling her mother about the fights Naruto encountered in this mission. Amayo, Hikaru's mother was way too grateful to Naruto. She offered Naruto for any help she could do for saving her son.

"Well, Amayo-sama, I would love if you would live with me, I heard you have excellent talents in accounting, my house needs someone like you." Naruto offered.

Michiru had no idea that Naruto will fuck his ex-wifes brain out, he rather thought of it as a decent proposal and he also insisted her on it. Amayo agreed. She went on in Hikaru's carrier. They took off from that place.

They almost reached the land of moon. When they were near the castle a group of soldiers attacked them. Hana handled them but they didn't understand what was going on so they decided to wait on the shore while the Konoha ninja's evaluate the situation. When they reached the shore, Three ninja's were waiting on them and attacked them with explosive attached kunai and a poison mist.

"Wow, Shabadaba was exactly correct about you fools, He knew you would choose this way." A ninja announced.

"I am ishidate, these are Karenbana and Kongo, We will crush you here."

Hana attacked with polt without any word. Hana couldn't hit them, they were too fast. Naruto was also astonished to see it, Guy came forward to attack but he was also hit. Naruto understood it was mist by karenbana, the female shinobi on that lot. It slowed down the reaction time. One of the protectors went to attack Ishidate and he opened an eye in his hand and touched the attacker to turn him int stone. Naruto understood this was not a good time to attack. He thrown his hiraishinin kunai and transferred them to a different place but they took Michiru. Naruto promised Hikaru that he will make everything right. Naruto used his transparent escape jutsu and followed the lot and kidnapped Karenbana.

"I will fuck you until you give me all the information." Naruto declared.

Karenbana terrified he suddenly moves in pressing himself against her.

"STOP IT! Karenbana". he rips her dress, open massaging her breasts he runs his hand down her body into her pants inserting his fingers into her tight pussy

"your already wet you like it dont you dirty whore!" Naruto crazy

"NO STOP IT I'll SCREAM!" Karenbana fighting to get him off he throws her to the ground and pulls a kunai "scream and I'll cut your throat"

Naruto crazy she is begining to cry from the fear she nods her head yes he gets down on the ground he yanks her pants off along with her panties he inserts his fingers again playing with her clitoris she crying but she is slightly enjoying it.

she moans he pulls her bra down and sucks on her breast nibbling on her nipple playing with it with his tonge he fingers her wet pussy very fast she moaning making alot of noise

"SHUT THE FUCK UP BITCH!" Naruto she nods her head yes he pulls his pants down pulling out his dick it is rock hard he moves himself close to Karenbana face he pulls her face close to his dick

"suck it!" Naruto she shacks her head no

"NO!" Karenbana struggling he forces into her mouth all the way in in and out

"thats it suck my cock bitch you love it" Naruto he puts his finger into her pussy again she moans while sucking his cock he suddenly pulls it out and moves down he pulls her legs apart

"NO NARUTO PLEASE DONT!" Karenbana pleading and crying he jams his cock into her wet pussy she grinds her teeth his dick is huge he inserts it in and out she moaning very loud

"oh Karenbana your soo tight" Naruto fucking her tight pussy her pussy juices just flowing out of her pussy onto her asshole making it wet he leans down sucking on her nipples as he fucks her brains out Karenbana makes and effort to push him off it is successful she gets up and makes a run for it Naruto gets up and chases her he catches her he shoves her into a wall face first he holds her there

"bad girl you know what happens when you run?" Naruto crazy she looks back slightly looking terrified "you get fucked in the ass" Naruto crazy


Karenbana fights Naruto grabs his dick and rubs it against her wet asshole and begins pushing it in Karenbana tries to scream he covers her mouth her eyes open wide it is almost in suddenly he gives a good thrust his dick is driven hard into her small asshole he begins thrusting it in and out Karenbana is in a incredible amount of pain she fights she is crying because of the pain she tries to scratch him he grabs her arm and presses it against the wall making her helpless

"ouch please take it out!"

"no!" Naruto jams it in hard making her scream he fucks her tight ass hard her pussy juice is still flowing out

"Naruto ugh huh not in my butt please!" Karenbana starting to loosen up he jams it in and out hard and fast

"OH SHIT!" Naruto yanks his dick out fast and shoves her to the ground still standing he forces his dick into her mouth as he does, he explodes inside her mouth her eyes all the way open trying to get his dick out of her mouth.

Naruto found out about the plan from karenbana and this time she can't use her poison mist. Naruto bound her and marked her. Naruto appointed guy to deal with kongo. He went after ishidate.

Ishidate's gauntlet had another power to lift up the stones and manipulate it to throw. It was not problematic to Naruto. Naruto used quick style and cut off his hand. Naruto stored the gauntlet in his storage scroll and killed him with a blow. Shabadaba was trying to hang michiru to death. Naruto killed him with his TAKIGAKURE STYLE: MIZIKIRINO YUBA.

Naruto shown and extraordinary level of dedication to solve it in a very small time. Michiru understood that money isn't the only important thing in the world. He decided to give more than half of his wealth to Naruto and he gifted Naruto with a diamond mine for saving his life. Naruto stored the mine in Shiromari. Naruto's mission was complete. Guy gifted him with a Soshuga (twin nunchaku).

Naruto and team were heading back to the village with the caravan. Naruto was inside the caravan and he called Hana to take in Amayo. By then Amayo heard from Hana what services Naruto need besides her accounting. Out of gratitude, she knew she would do it.

Amayo put off her green dress. She surrendered her breast on Naruto's hand while she was working on his dick. She was slowly stroking Naruto and it was increasing his size in every stroke until it became 14 inch. Amayo put her lips around Naruto's dick. Naruto made two clones to penetrate her ass and pussy. He fucked her in different position for hours.

Naruto marked Amayo. He enjoyed the whole trip using the women one by one. Naruto almost reached the village, Hana told him that he had to inform Tsume about polt otherwise it would be problematic. Naruto made a different plan. He transferred the whole caravan inside but bound all the girls including Hana outside the house in a bush. He will enter with the girls.

Naruto sneaked outside inazuka compound and heard Tsume yelling to all the members of the clan for polt. Naruto waited a bit more to get the compound silent.

Tsume Inuzuka had just finished dinner as she was walking down the dark hallways of the Inuzuka compound, Tsume continued her path down the hallway as she didn't hear the sound of Naruto jumped down from the ceiling, Tsume turned around quickly but was met by a chop to the neck as she went out like a light only spotting the black gear and mask as she smirked and fell to the ground.

Tsume groaned as she starting opening her eyes groggily, when she came back to her senses she noticed the soft material under her, she tried to sit up but couldn't as she felt some pull on her arms and legs, she snapped her head to the right and saw that her feet and hands was bound to the bed corners with some rope but was still clothed.

"Hello, Tsume Inuzuka." A voice said as she snapped her head back to her front and realized that the role play had begun.

"What is the meaning of this? What do you want?" She took in the stranger.

Naruto chuckled darkly as he said, "Oh I think you know what I want, if the environment you are in don't say it for you. If you still don't know I just want some... fun."

"Fuck you..." Tsume said.

Naruto chuckled amused and said. "No, I was actually planning on doing that to you, but I thank you for the offer, maybe I will take it up some time."

He started taking of his gear. Tsume watched fascinated as she took in all the muscles that was revealed to her as the armor dropped to the ground. Piece by piece.

Naruto threw of his shirt as he stood there shirtless. Tsume blushed, this guy was what? 14 years old? And it looked like he had more muscles than a dozen bulls! Naruto licked his lips as he tooks of his pants as he walked slowly towards Tsume only in his boxers.

Naruto stood at the bedside and took of his boxers leaving him in all his naked glory as he took his cock in hand as Tsume's eyes widened. God he was huge, what was he 14 inches? How the hell was that going to fit in her pussy?!

Naruto smirked as he noticed the look on her face as he started making some long good strokes on his semi-hard cock as he watched Tsume while licking his lips again, she had long nice legs and some solid D-Cup breast and a very juicy ass, and she definitely wasn't a bad sight for the eye.

Naruto moved onto the bed and sit on his knees as he leaned over Tsume as he slapped his cock on her still closed lips,

"Suck." He ordered as Tsume slowly opened her mouth and when it was just enough open, Naruto showed his cock all the way down her throat as Tsume gagged while Naruto groaned in pleasure.

Naruto brought back up his hips as he slammed his cock down her throat again making Tsume gag again as he started mouth fucking her. Naruto picked up his speed as he rammed his cock in and out of her wet and hot moth groaning in pleasure. He reached over and grabbed her breast hard through her cloths as she moaned while he kept fucking her mouth.

"Yeah that's it." Naruto groaned as he fucked her mouth even faster, as his cock started to twitch, Naruto smirked as he pulled his cock out of her mouth, Tsume breathed hard as the cock left her mouth and Naruto started stroking his cock furiously as he came all over her face, long white ropes of his hot cum covered the Inuzuka MILF as she lay restrained on the bed as Naruto finally finished cumming on her. Naruto smirked at his handiwork as he eyed the cum covered Tsume beside him as he crawled of the bed again, but of course he cleaned his cock up in her mouth before making her taste his delicious cum.

Naruto took a few steps before he reached over and slowly zipped down her jonin west as he eyed her body under the west, Naruto opened the west to fully see her body as he took a grip of her shirt and tore it in to revealing her naked chest without a bra on.

"No, bra, naughty." Naruto cooed as he leaned over and took her nipple in her mouth making Tsume gasp as he took her hardened nipple into her mouth.

Tsume arched her back as Naruto sucked hard on her breast and groped the other, the amount of pleasure was making her go over the edge. Naruto moved his hand from her breast and slowly slid it down her pants and when he felt no panties he smirked as he shifted breast and now sucked on her right nipple as she gasped at the sudden contact and Naruto started rubbing her hot core.

Naruto sneaked on finger into her wet and hot pussy as he started to finger her pussy, Tsume gasped again as the pleasure finally became too much for her as she experienced an earth rocking orgasm as she came on his hand. Tsume breathed hard when she finished cumming and Naruto took the hand out of her pants and licked it before he smirked and stuck the finger inside Tsume's mouth making her taste her own juices.

Naruto moved down to the end of the bed as he took a hold of her pants and basically tore them of her body as her lower body was revealed to him, Naruto licked his lips again as he noticed the moist pussy in all its glory, Tsume said,

"No, please don't, I will do anything just don't." Naruto licked her thighs as he smirked at her,

"But this is what i want." He said as he lined himself up with her entrance but slapped her pussy a few times before he with one quick move thrusted himself fully inside of her as Tsume screamed out in pleasure,

"Aaaaaargh, so fucking big..." She groaned out as Naruto took his cock out until only his head was inside her pussy before slamming his cock deep inside her again.

"Urgh, damn." Tsume mewled out at the feeling of being filled so good.

"Damn, this pussy is tight, I love it!" Naruto yelled as he started fucking her pussy. Tsume was crying as Naruto fucked her and Naruto was only turned more on by it as he said,

"Oh that's it, do you like my big. Fat. Cock, stretching your little thight pussy, huh, you little Inuzuka bitch." Naruto speed up so he was going deeper inside of her at a much faster speed as he fucked her hard as the whole bed creaked.

"I am going to fire my load so deep inside of your pussy so that your pussy will be stained with my cum." Naruto whispered huskily as he fucked her harder, Tsume groaned in pleasure as she was experiencing orgasm after orgasm. Naruto fucked Tsume for a long time until Tsume's biggest orgasm of the night was approaching as she came hard on his member.

"Uuuaaarrrgh!" She cried out as her pussy squeezed his cock and Naruto was drown over the edge.

"Here, take my load you dirty slut!" Naruto roared as he with one last thrust buried himself deep inside her pussy as he entered her womb and he blew his load inside of her womb.

"Uuuuugh." Naruto groaned as he fired ropes of cum inside of her pussy, long white rupes of cum painted her pussy white from the inside as Tsume's back arched and her eyes rolled back into her head as she felt this young stud empty himself deep within her.

Naruto finished cumming as he took his cock out of her pussy, still hard, as he watched cum pour of her pussy and onto the sheets while Tsume's chest was going up and down as she breathed hard, she had never been fucked so good as Naruto started to untie her feet. Tsume frowned thinking that the session was over but smirked when Naruto huskily growled.

"Turn around and stick up your butt if you know what is best for you." Tsume turned around as her arms crossed and she rested her head on top of team as she stuck her big bubble butt into the air as Naruto stared at ass, damn it was a nice ass!

He stuck a finger inside of her ass and crooked it as Tsume yelped out in surprise. He was going to fuck her ass. She had never been fucked there!

"Naruto-kun, I have waited long enough, please pound my big fat ass, let me experience your big cock within my asshole!" Tsume begged looking back at Naruto who leaned over her back and took her in for a long passionate kiss as they both moaned.

"let me take care of your ass." Naruto growled huskily inside of her ear as he bit her earlobe as Tsume swayed her ass in the air.

"I am waiting..." She whispered with a faraway look in her eyes. She really needed it.

Naruto quickly buried his cock inside of her pussy before taking it out again quickly, as he started pressing his dick head against her anus as he used their combined fluids from her pussy as lubricant.

"Ohhh, that it, give it to me!" Tsume moaned out as she felt inch after inch enter her rear entrance as Naruto groaned while pushing it inside of her.

When Naruto was fully sheathed inside of her he gave her ass another hard slap, "Oh yes..." She moaned dreamily, it seemed that Tsume Inuzuka liked to get it in the ass while being spanked,

"What do you want me to do, Tsume-Chan?" Naruto growled into her ear as Tsume mewled,

"Please Naruto, fuck my ass, fuck it nice and good, hard and fast! I can't wait any longer! Please!" She yelled out begging as Naruto took his cock out before sheathing himself inside of her again.

Naruto started fucking her ass, and he quickly speeded up as the goddess in front him yelled, "OH YES, YES ,YES ,YES! Give it to me real god!" Tsume growled as the primal side of her came into play, "Oh I love this ass, it sucks me in!" Naruto yelled out as Tsume starting going crazy!

"OH NARUTO! PLEASE CLAIM MY ASS! RESHAPE IT FOR YOU TO USE! OH GOD DAMNIT I LOVE IT!" Soon Naruto was speeding in and out of her as the sound of flesh smacking against each other was heard all over the room. "OH GOOOOD! MAKE MY ASS ONLY RECOGNIZE YOU AS IT'S MASTER!" Tsume yelled to the heavens as she came and their combined fluids from earlier ran down her legs.

"Omg, this ass is the best! I have never experienced anything like it!" Naruto growled as he started fucking her at inhuman speeds and Tsume was a mess under him.

"OH KAMI, OH KAMI, OH KAMI, OMG NARUTOOO!" Tsume screamed as her forearms collapsed and her head fell to the mattress while her ass was still standing proudly in the air as Naruto was speeding in and out of it.

He blasted his load inside of her anal cavern and panted her rear entrance's insides white with long and hot streams of cum. Tsume couldn't handle anymore as she screamed to the heavens again. "UUUAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!" And and even bigger orgasm exploded out of her like a volcano.

Naruto was panting hard as he took his cock out of her asshole and removed his hands from her hips as he watched Tsume collapse onto the bed without the support that Naruto gave her while he fucked her. Naruto looked at the mess he had made out of Tsume and smirked as Tsume chuckled out between breaths.

"Seems like I did it good enough for you to forget about polt missing." Naruto smirked as he leaned against the bed's headboard. Naruto marked Tsume and took her too. It may make Kiba the clan head. However, Inazuka will now now think Tsume is out to find polt in a long mission.

Naruto was coming back tohis house but suddenly he noticed some chaos inside akimchi household. He used his transparent escape jutsu to enter. While he entered, he saw Choza, father of choji in butterfly mood.

"I told you not to take that form in the house. Come on down now or I will leave like your friends wives" She said.

Naruto noticed it was none buy Kiriko Akimchi, Choji's mother. Naruto was curious to see what she does next and out of nowhere she entered the butterfly mode. Naruto always thought she would be a fat one from Akimchi clan but she was different in the tribe. He heard from Choji that his mother went to gym every day. Now he could see it. She was wearing the standard Shinigami uniform beneath a white, long-sleeved haori. Her body was telling she was plump but she slandered herself but a sign of the plumpness some fat in her belly was left.

Her ass and boobs were as big as her plump condition. She was a different piece than any other woman Naruto fucked. Kiriko's butterfly mode and Choja got angry and he left the house with rage. Kiriko also came back to her original form. Naruto appeared himself.

"Who are you kid? Are you lost? Kiriko asked to Naruto. Nad let him sit on the chair.

"I am Naruto Uzumaki, I see you are having problems and missing your friends." Naruto came to the point without any delay.

"Well, he is not well since his friends got divorced and I don't even know why they did that. I heard they did their last mission with you; do you know anything?" She asked

"Well, it may encourage you to divorce too." Naruto said.

"My marriage is already in verge of divorce and I am not physically happy too, shit, you are too small to know that, I am sorry, I shouldn't have said that." Kiriko resonded.

"It's okay, let me show you." Naruto put her in genjutsu to show how Yasaka and Youshino left everything to become loyal to Naruto's cock.

"Is it true? Let me check it with my own eyes." Kiriko became biting her lips.

Naruto pulled out his 14 inch and Kiriko was astonished. It was truly big and she couldn't help herself from feeling aroused.

Come here." She said, nodding to the space she just created by moving her chair. Blond jinchuuriki nodded and did what she asked. As soon as he was there, she grabbed his body, making him lean forward, and kissed him fiercely and passionately. After being stunned for a second or two, Naruto responded to her kiss, engaging pleasant battle between their tongues. Then he brought his hands to play with her breasts...

"Make me... sign divorce papers..." Kiriko moaned, parting her long beautiful legs, when they finally had enough of kissing each other. He pecked the tip of her nose and began sinking down against her body, stopping to kiss her braless breasts through her Haori, making her giggle at the action.

Soon Naruto had his head between her legs. He looked up to see if she really wanted this and as she nodded, he slid her fishnet shorts down and leaned forward to kiss small patch of her pubic hair, making her giggle again. Naruto inhaled her arousal and then gave her a slow sensual lick, tasting her moisture.

"Mmm… You taste nice, Kiriko-chan." He looked up and saw her smiling at him with lustful gleam in her eyes.

Blond jinchuuriki kissed her pussy and then started licking it, lapping her juices, flicking his tongue against her clit from time to time, and making her moan in pleasure. Kiriko began playing with her bosom through the fabric of her Haori, moaning even louder now. Naruto began thrusting his tongue into the hot depths of her vagina, consuming even more of her tasty juices and making her cry lustfully as waves of pleasure assaulted her brain.

He felt her inner walls tighten around his tongue and her body as she was approaching her orgasm and pressed his lips to those of her pussy, continuing his tonguework deep inside her. As she climaxed, Naruto drank as much of her hot cum as he could and the rest flowed on his face. He licked her cunt clean and then rose to kiss her deeply and passionately.

She gladly responded, unmindful that she tasted her own nectar. When they broke the kiss, Kiriko-chan licked his face clean from her own cum, making him purr in pleasure when her tongue flicked across his whisker marks. At the same time she slid his pants and boxers down and freed his hard for quiet some time already dick from its coffins.

"Fuck me." She cooed in his ear. Naruto kissed her in response and teased her wet wanting pussy by touching its lips with the tip of is member. Akimchi headwife broke the kiss and...

"Fuck me..." ...She almost pleaded, looking lustfully straight into his cerulean eyes. Naruto kissed her again and this time did what she wanted, filling her in one fluid movement and making them both moan into their kiss. For several seconds they didn't move, enjoying the sensation.

Naruto loved the hot wet soft tightness of her vagina and she loved how his member, buried into her to the hilt, stretched her and made her feel complete... But then lust took over them and he started thrusting into her, picking up the pace to the one he remembepurple she loved while they kissed passionately and licked each other's faces...

Eternity full of moans and pleasure later her body tensed and began shaking, her inner walls tightened around his member as she approached her climax. With loud lustful moan she came, her juices flowed against his member... Naruto stopped thrusting into her and allowed her to bask in the bliss of her orgasm.

When Kiriko returned to the Earth a bit, she stood up and unbuttoned her Haori, making it slid down her body, then she removed her skirt and kicked off her shoes, appearing in front of Naruto in all her naked glory. He quickly followed the lead, removing his scroll, the rest of his jumpsuit and his black T-shirt with purple symbol for fire.

When he finished undressing, Akimchi headwife kissed him deeply and pressed her body to his, rubbing them against each other, loving how his erect member felt against the tender flesh of her crotch.

"Mmm..." Naruto moaned when they broke the kiss. Kiriko pecked him on the lips and slid down against his body till she was kneeling in front of him with the liquid silk of her purple hair covering her back in a very arousing manner. She kissed the tip of his member, sending shivers through his body, and then took the head of his tool into her mouth, again not minding that it had her own cum on it.

She began licking and sucking it lightly, somehow actually liking doing it... Minute later she let him out of her mouth with a wet pop and licked the downside of his shaft from the tip to his balls. She took his testicles in her mouth and played with them with her tongue, making Naruto groan in pleasure. Then she licked him back to the tip, kissed it and took more than half of his eight inches in her mouth.

She started bobbing her head while sucking lightly and licking him, listening to his moans of pleasure... She felt him moving his hips and stopped bobbing her head, allowing him to move his member in and out of her mouth. When she felt he had enough fun this way, she placed her hands on his hip to stop his movements and went to deepthroating him... ...Soon Naruto felt his own orgasm approaching.

"I'm... going to cum..." He warned Kiriko between his moans. She let his dick out of her mouth till only the head was in and continued sucking and licking it.

"I'm cumming." He warned again but she only stopped her ministration, keeping him in her mouth. Naruto let out loud moan and gave her a mouthful of this hot thick seed.

Akimchi headwife sat there for a few seconds, enjoying somehow soothing feeling of his cum in her mouth. She licked the tip to be sure she got it all, before letting his member out of her mouth with a wet pop and swallowing his seed. Then she licked her lips seductively and moved to her chair, sitting on it facing curtains with her legs spread a bit. She placed her hands on the backrest of the chair and moved her ass back and a bit up. Liquid silk of her hair flowed down, baring her back and her ass in a very erotical and arousing manner, making Naruto's tool spring back to action in a second. Kiriko wiggled her ass seductively, arousing blond jinchuuriki even more.

"My cute little ass wants some of your attention too – fuck me there." She murmured.

Naruto inserted his member into her pussy, making sure it was well lubricated and then pressed the tip to her anal hole and leaned forward.

"As you wish" He whispered in her ear while placing his hands on her breasts and giving them a good squeeze. He slowly pushed himself into her very tight hole, making them both moan loudly from the sensation. When he was all the way in, he paused, giving purple haired goddess under him some time to adjust, while he busied himself with massaging her breasts.

"Fuck me for as long as you like, forget 'bout me, I'll only enjoy this." She cooed and moved her hips, showing that she was ready. Naruto nodded and slowly slid out of her till only inch and a half was inside before slamming back into her, both again moaning in pure delight. Naruto began thrusting into her with more and more speed and force, making them moan louder and louder in pleasure... ...Some time later he felt her tightening around his member, signaling that her orgasm was approaching,

but, remembering what she asked, he continued to fuck her ass as he did it before, loving how this beauty under him cried from pleasure... ...Kiriko came one more time before Naruto felt his own climax approaching.

"I'm... going to cum..." He said between his moans.

"Yeah! ...Cum into me!.. Fill me... with you delicious seed!" She told him between her cries of ecstasy. He did as she asked and continued thrusting into her till his member shot a load of his hot cum deep into her ass, making her cum too.

They stayed like this for several seconds, basking in the sensation of pure bliss, before he slid out of her. Naruto marked Kiriko too and she left her divorce papers on the house. Naruto bound her too. When Naruto reached his home, he collected other girls from the bush. He entered the house and He handed over all the girls for inauguration. Naruto called upon Kaguya to have some fun while other girls prepare the new lot for the ritual. Naruto don't know what the ritual was and didn't want to know. He just wanted no chaos in his house.

Suddenly, messenger eagle found him. Hiruzen summoned him for an important mission with jiraiya. The mission is to find the legendary kunoichi for the treatment of rock lee.
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