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Chapter 27: The legendary Sucker part-1

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Chapter 27: The legendary Sucker part-1

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Naruto responded to Hokage's call. Naruto is going on missions continuously for the last week. He has only three weeks left for the chunin exam. His practice wasn't satisfying him. However, he couldn't ignore Hokage's call. He will definitely take a break and arrange everything in place after this mission.

Naruto reached the Hokage tower nad entered Sarutobi's room. He saw Jiraiya standing there.

"Naruto, I am sorry to call you up again, but jiraiya specially wanted you for the mission." Sarutobi said.

"What is that you need pervy sage? You are interrupting my training." Naruto shouted.

"Don't worry Naruto, I will train you in the tour, I will teach you an ace jutsu, Sasuke is training with jonin, don't you want to be with a sannin?" Jiraiya scolded.

"Okay, what is the mission?" Naruto asked.

"This is a two-stage mission, Aburame clan has informed me that this is a time to harvest Bikochu so you will be assisting in that mission but the second mission is most important which is to find the Legendary Sannin Tsunade for treatment of lee." Hiruzen said.

"Who will be accompanying me then?" Naruto requested his troop.

"At first part you will be accompanied by Hotaru Aburame and at the second part Jiraiya will be joining you and I will appoint a medic with you, she may predict medical signature to find Tsunade." Sarutobi finished.

A woman entered the room with a bucket in her back like any aburame shinobi. She had short cut brown hair and black eyes. She was wearing a neck high grey coat with grey shorts. She has shown to wear black goggles that cover her eyes. Naruto did handshake her.

"The Mikodo will be joining you after you complete first mission and Jiraiya will give you the location of rendezvous point." Hiruzen explained.

Naruto noticed a woman with brown hair and green eyes entering the room. Mikado was wearing a lab coat, a pink top that slightly shows the top of her breasts that's held together by a belt on her waist and a black skirt.

Naruto noticed jiraiya's lust towards her in his eyes. Naruto decided to avoid it.

"Before the mission Naruto, lot of people are in search for this Bikochu, so beware, I want you to especially look out for Kaiyo, the rogue ninja from Aburame. She is the only ninja who posses all type of insect possible with additional capabilities, handle her with care." Hiruzen explained the whole mission and threat.

"I am just back from the mission, I want to take a few hours break and prepare for the mission, I can understand that it will be a lengthy mission, Last mission had severe impact on me." Naruto requested.

"Okay, take Hotaru with you. She will start with you from your home." Hiruzen said.

It seemed a problematic to Naruto. She never met this woman. He was thinking should he take her to his house or not. Then it clicked to his mind that he could use hi kotatoktumi (Shishui's jutsu) for the first time, he has a seven days window for this jutsu and he never used it so he has reserve. So, Naruto agreed and they came out of the hokage tower.

"What jutsu are you going to teach me, pervy sage?" Naruto asked.

"Don't call me pervy sage, I will teach a jutsu named Rasengan which was created by the Fourth Hokage, It has three steps, practice them along your first mission." Jiraiya explained the baloon tricks and disappeared. Nruto noticed a strange notebook in his hand and Jirraiya seems very concerned with it. Narut pick-pocketed it as his pick-pocketing skill was high enough.

Naruto and Hotaru started walking. Naruto started the conversation.

"So, tell me about Kaiyo? How powerful is she?" Naruto asked.

"I will have to explain many things to you and I heard you are quite powerful genin, but I don't get a point to appoint you in the mission , I expected some high rank and strong shinobi, however I believe in Hokage's conscience." Hotaru said.

Naruto didn't reply but smiled. She had no idea about Naruto.

"We Aburame use many insects, some of them are very common among us, which are shokaichu, kochu, kikaichu and kidaichu, but bikochu is the one which can only be used by us when it comes out of eggshell and we can't harness it, moreover there is rinkaichu which is extremely rear even among us and I know torune who has rinkaichu and no one can touch him." Hotaru continued.

"What about Kaiyo?" Naruto asked again.

"Don't be impatient, kaiyo is the only one in the clan who can posses and harness all of them and still lead a normal life, she can control them better than anyone and also she has a unique technique named, Iga Insect Technique: Sengoku Road, which makes her invincible. Hotaru explained.

"Why did she leave then, does she hav any weaknes?" Naruto asked.

"She left for more power and all insect user are prone to super speed which may not grant them response time." Hotaru said.

"Why will she come for Bikochu then?" Naruto was a bit surprised.

"She had capability to reproduce them and we saw her doing it once and she used them so she may have to collect a fresh piece." Hotaru clarified.

By then they almost reached Naruto's house. Time for his jutsu, he opened his Mayengoko Sharingan and converted her mind to have sex with him. Naruto entered the house and told Hotar to look around while he called upon Kujaku.

He gave her his set of Kusanagi, Temuijin's sword and also Guy's sashuga. He ordered her to merge hose three and design in such a way that it can be used by attaching with other. It will be like a Kusarigama with swords at both ends. This will empower his word even more. he also gave her his armor and ordered her to attach the petrification gauntlet. He went towards his room and checking how long it takes the Kotatuktumi to work.

A knock came to his door just as he finished putting his pants on. He moved to the door and his jaw nearly hit the ground as he opened the door to see Hotaru standing with a blush on her face and biting her lip.

"Hotaru," Naruto managed to say before she moved to him locking their lips together. Not even an instant passed and Naruto embraced Hotaru one arm snaked around her back whilst the other gripped the back of her head.

Hotaru wrapped her arms around Naruto's neck pushing him further into his room. She kicked her foot managing to hit the door slamming it shut. Their lips finally parted as they need for air out won their lust.

"More," Hotaru said her hands running over Naruto's bare chest. Naruto nodded and pulled her towards his bed.

"How much more?" he asked as they reached his bed. Hotaru bit her lip and pushed Naruto back. She mounted him and pressed their lips together once more. Naruto moved his hands to her body once again. His hands trailed down her sides until they reached her ass; he gave her a testing squeeze. When Hotaru did nothing he continued to grope her body.

"Fuck me," Hotaru said pulling back.

"Ah well then," Naruto said flipping Hotaru over pinning her underneath him.

"If you want it like that… I'll have to tame you first," Naruto said pinning her wrists above her head.

"You can try," Hotaru said starting to fight as Naruto nearly tore off her shirt and shorts. The bugs were covering her whole body, it wasn't very appealing to look at but at her command all the insect left the body and entered the dome. This was something to look at.

"I'll make you beg for it," Naruto said starting to kiss her neck as his free hand started to move up her thigh. His fingers trailed over her leg slowly moving towards her quivering sex. Hotaru let out a light gasp as his hand started to rub over her entrance. Naruto continued to kiss at her neck as he rubbed slowly and maddeningly; he was determined to make her beg for him to fuck her. Another light gasp escaped Hotaru's lips as her back started to arch in the pleasure.

"Ah fuck Naruto," Hotaru moaned feeling two fingers slid into her. She bit down on her lip trying to stifle her growing moans and her obvious need. Naruto started to finger faster as he trailed his kisses down to her breasts lightly biting her nipples.

Hotaru couldn't stifle her moans anymore; she moaned loud and long as Naruto moved between her breasts licking, kissing and biting. Every action shot shockwaves of euphoric pleasure through her needy system.

"Come on… beg for it," Naruto whispered huskily into her ear; her words caused her eyes to roll back.

"Please… fuck me," Hotaru moaned out.

"I think you should show me how much you want it," Naruto said pulling out his cock.

"Yes…" Hotaru said licking her lips.

"Yes what?" Naruto asked.

"Let me suck your cock!" Hotaru nearly shouted.

"That's my girl," Naruto grinned releasing her wrists. Hotaru nearly scrambled to Naruto's cock; her lips wrapped around him in an instant. She took as much of his cock as she could and sucked with everything she had. The only thing she was good for at the moment was sex; she wanted, needed to have Naruto's cock and cum. Her mind was blank beyond him.

"Hold still," Naruto said holding her head in spot. Hotaru moaned eagerly knowing what he was going to do." Naruto added as he started to thrust into her mouth and throat.

Hotaru moaned onto his cock. She loved the abuse; her hands moved to his ass tightly groping him in an attempt to tell him to go harder. And it worked his thrusting picked up speed as he roughly throat fucked her.

"Use your tongue," Naruto commanded. Hotaru obeyed and started to lick at his thrusting member. Naruto started to groan as he fucked her throat. He was getting closer and closer to his limit.

"I hope you like swallowing… you miss one drop and you'll regret it," Naruto said with a grin. Not that it was needed Hotaru wasn't going to let a single drop go. Her eyes bulged as the first torrent of cum sprayed into her mouth. She swallowed quickly trying to drink down the large amount of cum he gave her.

Naruto pulled free of her and watched as she gulped down the last bit of his seed. Hotaru looked up at Naruto with lust filled eyes.

"That tasted… good," Hotaru said surprised.

"I'm glad you liked it," Naruto said chuckling. Hotaru started to move but was quickly pinned down my Naruto once more.

"I want more," Hotaru said lustfully.

"You'll get more," Naruto replied rubbing his hand over her needy womanhood once again. Hotaru moaned loudly as Naruto toyed with her.

"Please… fuck me!" Hotaru begged.

"Now you're getting the picture," Naruto said lining himself up. He slowly pushed himself into her folds. She moaned loudly as her walls stretched to accommodate his size Naruto held himself inside of her for several long moments before he started to move slowly. Hotaru raked her fingers over Naruto's chest as she moaned out. Naruto chuckled and picked up his pace.

"Oh god!" Hotaru moaned as Naruto's pace quickened. She hooked her arms onto Naruto's back digging her nails in as she begged for more with each thrust.

"You have one greedy cunt," Naruto said starting to lose himself in their heat.

"Fuck me Naruto!" Hotaru cried out. Naruto happily obliged her and picked up his pace once more. Hotaru's moans echoed through his entire apartment and he pounded into her.

Naruto ran his hands over Hotaru's naked body; he slowly toyed with her breasts getting even more moans from the woman. Hotaru's legs wrapped around Naruto; her back arched still pushing her breasts into his hands.

"Naruto!" Hotaru cried out as she hit her first climax. Naruto gritted his teeth feeling Hotaru's walls suddenly clamp down on him. Hotaru panted heavily as she slowly came down from her ecstasy high. Naruto started to move once again causing Hotaru to whimper lightly as he assaulted her sensitive femininity.

"God you're body feels so good," Naruto said pulling Hotaru up onto his lap letting her bounce on his manhood.

"Oh fuck Naruto," Hotaru moaned. Naruto smiled and continued knowing she loved every second of it. Hotaru nails started to cut into Naruto's back as she became lost in their euphoric passion. Naruto gridded his teeth feeling her nails break skin.

"I can't last much longer," Naruto groaned as he continued to pound up into Hotaru. Hotaru pulled Naruto down into a deep loving kiss. Hotaru bounced as fast as she could her body hungry for his seed.

"Hotaru," Naruto groaned as he burst into Hotaru filling her welcoming womb. Hotaru's eye rolled back as she hit her second climax like a mac truck.

"I'm not done yet," Naruto said rolling Hotaru onto her stomach.

"Come on lift that ass up for me," Hotaru quickly and happily obliged and got onto all fours.

"Fuck me like a beast," Hotaru said looking over her shoulder at Naruto.

He needed no more encouragement to take her. He grabbed her hips and slammed into her soaked pussy; Hotaru's moaned echoed through his entire apartment again and he fucked her with everything he had. Naruto growled lowly as he pounded and pounded; he simply couldn't get enough of her pussy. Hotaru's body seemed to agree; each time Naruto would start to pull out he could feel her body trying to pull him back in.

"Your greedy little cunt seems to love my cock," Naruto said grabbing Hotaru's wrists pulling her arms up as he fucked her still.

"Oh god more!" Hotaru begged. Naruto couldn't stop a laugh like he had any idea of stopping. Naruto released one of her wrists moved his hand to her throat; he pulled her up so her back pressed against his chest. Hotaru moaned loudly letting Naruto feel her throat echoing and he held her.

"Fuck your body is good," Naruto grunted as he reached his limit again. His seed sprayed into Hotaru's womb once more.

Naruto marked her and called up other girls to take hotaru for inauguration too. Kujaku delivered his armor and sword. He no longer needed an Aburame to accompany him. Naruto opened his game book, he wanted to be updated before going against a sannin.

Naruto opened the book and congratulations started. Naruto knew a lot stat will change this time because he had a crazy ride in last week. It was tiring but Naruto was quite happy with what he achieved. He has all the clans in Konoha now.



































Naruto was quite surprised to see all that but he was also disturbed that no points was declared but after all the congratulations an option came up.


Naruto tapped yes. He had to take many decisions now the book id helping, it was good for him.

Naruto opened the level page.


Naruto went to the stats page.


Naruto Stats:

Acrobatics: 250

Chakra Control: 250

Chakra Levels: 300

Chakra sensor: 200

Endurance: 250

Intelligence: 250

Luck: 200

Reflexes: 250

Speed: 250

Stamina: 270

Strength: 250

Knowledge: 250

Courage: 300

Sex Appeal: 300

Scientist: 200

Wealth: 200

Politics: 250

Leadership: 250

Interrogation: 250

Divine chakra: 50

Demonic Chakra: 150

He turned over to skill page.


Archery: 50 points.

Bojutsu: 250 Points.

Dojutsu: 250 points

Earth Elemental manipulation: 300 points.

Fire Elemental Manipulation: 300 points.

Genjutsu: 300 points.

Kenjutsu: 250 points.

Lightning Elemental Manipulation: 300 points.

Lying: 200 points.


Medical Jutsu: 100 points.

Ninja Master: 300 points.

Ninjutsu: 300 points.

Sealing: 250 points.

Senjutsu: 00 points.

Sexual Aura: 300 points.

Taijutsu: 300 points.

Water Elemental Manipulation: 300 points.

Wind Elemental Manipulation: 300 points.

Healing Factor: 200 points.

Massaging: 100 points.

Stealth: 200 points.

Summoning: 200 points

Crafting: 100 points.

Haggling: 100 points.

Knife Fighting: 50 points.

Pick Pocketing: 150 points.

Cooking: 100 Points.

Forging: 200 Points.

Medicine Making: 100 Points.

Throwing: 150 points.

Trap Making: 150.

He turned over the page to see the achievements.


Lost Virginity.

Became Shinobi.

Has sex with a kunoichi.

Has chakra armor and rainbow chakra.

Had group sex.

Has Chkara chains.

Has Sharingan,

Has Hirashinin.

Has summoning contract with Ena.

Has eternal Mayengoko Sharingan.

Has collected weapons of Seimei.

Has susano's.

Has chakra absorption technique.

Has soft physique technique.

Has air release technique.

Can look inside his own mind and anyone who infiltrates it.

Has Byakugan

Has transformation.

Has Konoha clan powers.

He turned over and saw the weapons page.


Ninja star and kunai.

Naruto's double sword kusarigma style [Kubikiribocho (Sword of Zabuza)+White fang of Sakumu Hatake+Kusanagi of Uchina clan+Garian sword. (Rayugan)+Weaklnessless short sword (Kujaku)+Fire sword (Hoki)+ Temuijin's gelel sword + Guy's soshuga].


Explosive tags.

He turned over to the collection page.


Chakra armor (perfect user).

Kubikiribocho (Sword of Zabuza).

White fang of Sakumu Hatake.

Kusanagi off Uchina clan.

Garian sword. (Rayugan).

Weaklnessless short sword (Kujaku).

Fire sword (Hoki).

Infinite armor (Seimei).

Guy's soshuga.

Temuijin's gelel sword.

Ishidate's petrification gauntlet.

He turned over again to see the perks page.


Lord of Harem (Naruto can start a harem now and include girls in his Harem).

Food Freak, requirements: have sex with Ayame twice, take Ayame to your harem.

Rainbow man (Can gain kekkai genkai); requirements: have sex with Kyoki at the platform

Chakra man (Can use the chakra armor regularly); requirements: have sex with Fubuki, collect chakra armor.

Hyoton (Ice element): Haku's demonic crystal mirror technique included.

Silent killer: requirements (Have sex with Haku, Defeat Zabuza); Hidden mist jutsu available

Sharingan: Have sex with Mikoto Uchina.

Hirashinin level 1: Have sex with Kaguya Namikaze.

Enma recruit: Be the pupil of Hiruzen Sarutobi.

Chakra chains: Have sex with a Uzumaki girl.

Jinton (quick style): (have sex with Namikaze); Extreme Speed n Taijutsu and can gain hirashinin.

Snake style Taijutsu: Have sex with Anko Mitarashi.

Mayengoko Sharingan: Use Sharingan in battle and kill,

Eternal Mayengoko Sharingan (Locked): Bit one Sharingan user.

Rinnegan (Locked).

Hirashinin Level 2 (Locked).

Ultimate Enma: (obtained): Have sex with Ena.

Ultimate Susano's: ritual completed.

The Hero: Drink hero's water.

Weapon man: Collect Seimei's weapon set.

The collector: Collect special abilities with the sword. [Ibiki Morino + Zaku +Oroi +Misumi+ stupid brothers]

Expansion man: has akimchi jutsu

Shadow man: has nara jutsu

Mind man: has yamanka jutsu

Byakugan man.

Insect man: has aburame jutsu

Animal man: has inuzuka jutsu.

Gelel man: has gelel power.

Transformation: [Haido, fugai, ranke, kamira]

Blood potion: obtained.

Ultimate polt.

Ultimate risty.

He turned over to the trophy page last.


Lady Killer: Had first sex; 200 points; sex appeal (+10 points), Sexual Aura (+10 points).

Princess Hunter: Had sex with a princess; sex appeal (+10 points), Sexual Aura (+10 points).

Bronze Harem: Started Harem and had sex with three women; sex appeal (+20 points), Sexual Aura (+20 points)

Chakra Boy: Can use chakra armor. (Chakra: +20 points, Chakra control: +20 points, strength: +20 points, speed: +20 points).

Rainbow boy: Have rainbow chakra (luck, courage, endurance, intelligence +20 points).

Bronze Harem 2: You had sex with Five woman. +100 points

Anal Fetish: Had anal sex. +100 points.

Shadow Fetish: Had sex using Shadow clone. +200 points.

Shinobi swords of mist 1: Collected one of seven swords of Shinobi swordsman of Mist. +100 points.

Bloodline addition: Obtained first kekkai genkai. +200 points.

Banger (had group sex); +200 points Sex Appeal +20 points, Sexual Aura +20 points.

Leader (had sex with clan leader); +200 points Sex Appeal +20 points, Sexual Aura +20 points.

Clone master (use more than twenty clones in sex); +200 points Sex Appeal +20 points, Sexual Aura +20 points.

Silver Harem 1 (has sex with ten women) Sexual aura +50 sex appeal +50.

Silver Harem 2 (has sex with 15 women) sexual aura +20 sex appeal +20.

Weapon god (Collect Seimei weapon set) Stamina +20 Speed +20

Hero Ninja (Drink hero's water) Chakra level +10 Chakra control +30

KONOHA GOD: Have woman from all Konoha clans

Daiyamo killer: have threesome with three daiyamo's.

Blood god: Drink blood potion.

Next he turned the aura page.

Aura page:

Orochimaru's Aura [ Snake aura, molding, hidden jutsu, edo tensei, fuinjutsu]

Harem page:


Ayame, Fubuki, Koyuki, Haku, Tsunami, Mito, Mikoto, Kaguya, Anko, Kurenai, Ena, Izumi, Hisame, Yugao, Kujaku, Kin, Hanare, Hitomi, Hisana, Houkouin, Aki, Youshino, Yasaka, Tsubaki, Haruna, Toki, Kayo, Hana, Polt, Risty, Emina, Ranke, Fugai, Kamira, Karenbana, Amayo, Tsume, Kiriko and Hotaru.


Naruto was quite pleased to see the development in the book, nut he still didn't get the idea of why the gelel book merged with this. And a scroll appeared in front him.





Naruto answered next mission. All this input made Naruto very happy, especially the gelel info because he was training his girls and he could let them wear those armors and weapons.

Naruto dressed up for the mission, now that hotaru was not needed for the mission, Naruto started it earlier. He already mapped it using his instincts and map given to him by Hotaru. Naruto instructed the book that he will not harness insects like any aburame, rather he provided a dome which have a continuous motion Naruto's chakra and Naruto will summon it when needs it.

Naruto reached the forest to search for Bikochu. He used his Byakugan to search the insect and he found it. Naruto quickly ran towards the Bikochu's actually he saw three Bikochu egg. When Naruto was on the verge of collecting the egg, he heard a shout.

Naruto turned to see who dared to do that. He saw a girl who had shoulder-length brown hair with a single lock falling onto the right side of her face and going over her right eye just a little bit. She had steel-grey eyes with orange markings in the corner. She wore what appeared to be an altered, purple kimono dress with red trimmings. She wore a yellow sash around her waist and thigh-length stockings that merged into her sandals. She had her two partners with her.

"I am Suzumebachi of Kamizuru clan and these are my brothers, hand over the Bikochu right now or I will kill you right here." She declared.

Naruto didn't care enough to answer to her he thrown his two hiraishnin kunai at them and killed them with an instance. The girl was totally astonished to see this power. He remembered one word that if you see the yellow flash then flee and he had been dead by now. She quickly responded.

"CAMOFLOUDGE HIDING TECHNIQUE" she used it to flee from Naruto at that moment then she again shouted, "BEE SUMMONING: HONEY BEE TRAP." Naruto noticed that some the honey was exploding so totally evaded them with his quick style. Suzumebachi was no match for Naruto.

Suzumebachi summoned her final weapon, the giant queen bee. Naruto decided to use a new technique which he obtained very soon.

"Partial expansion jutsu" he caught the giant bee but the problem was all small bees also came to attack him. He summoned his insect dome and ordered them demobilize the bees. Suzumebachi saw no chance her winning. Naruto caught her using his chakra chain he also bound the bee with his chakra chains.

"Why you are here?" Naruto asked.

"Our clan is very neglected now, If I could get back there with Bikochu we would be respected again." She answered.

"well, I give you a better option, I enslave you and let you leave or I kill you and your giant pet." Naruto smirked.

"Please, don't hurt my summon, what is it that you are grabbing me with? I can't mold any chakra." Suzumebachi complained.

"I see, there is something strange with your summon then, I will start absorbing her chakra and kill her in the process until you tell me what the secret is." Naruto started absorbing her chakra.

"Yurisia, please transform, he will kill you, I am sorry I couldn't save you." Suzumebachi cried out.

Suddenly she started glowing. He transformed into a beautiful young woman with the typical features of Caucasian descent, having blonde hair, blue eyes, and white skin with very large breasts and butt, yet having a tight waist. She was wearing a bluish golden lined dress and her wings were also same color. Her dress was exposing a large portion of her boobs and ass and her naval. Naruto understood the secret in a glance.

"This is Yurisia, the queen bee, she is most powerful among them and my summon contract." Suzumebachi explained.

"She is no more your contract, she is mine now, aren't you Yurisia?" Naruto played

She didn't answer so Naruto started started sucking suzumebachi's chakra. Yurisia groaned.

"I will be please don't hurt her." She requested.

Naruto was in a bit of hurry. So, he marked both of the ladies and created two clones to deal with them while he went out to collect other Bikochu's.

Naruto's clone wanted to do things his way, "If you two want to save one another then satisfy me with those body of yours, otherwise kiss each other good and I won't wait." He declared.

"Oh, Naruto-kun, look over here." A voice said and Naruto looked up to see Yurisia and Suzumebachi both undressed standing in front of him. Yurisia and Suzumebachi climbed onto the him whole the former seductively let her hair loose.

"You want us, big fella?" Suzumebachi smiled as she smoothly rubbed her hand on Naruto's chest. He excitedly growled and grunted at the sight.

"I'll take that as a yes." Yurisia purred as she and Suzumebachi placed themselves in either of Naruto. He pulled both of them into either side of his lap and they both smothered their breasts against his face.

Naruto's fingers sank into their boobs and he growled as he massaged the ample orbs on him and Suzumebachi sensually trickled her finger against his whiskers. Yurisia stroked Naruto's throbbing cock and smiled in satisfaction at how soaked.

Yurisia felt Naruto plant his mouth on her tit and began rubbing his lips together. She let breaths of pleasure escape her mouth as Naruto suckled her nipple and buried his fingers in Suzumebachi's breast.

She trickled her fingers through his hair while smiling at him and Suzumebachi felt Naruto's fingers grip her free tit. The suzumebachi reached down and assisted Yurisia in pumping Naruto's erection.

Both of the female stroked Naruto and he took his mouth off Yurisia's mound. He practically slammed his face against Suzumebachi's chest and bit the mound closest to his face. Suzumebachi whimpered as she felt Naruto's piercing canines sink into her orb and roughly bit it. Naruto grinded his jaws on Suzumebachi's breast and his hand caressed her other one.

Yurisia moaned as Naruto fondled her breast and his fingers rubbed the space of it. She and Suzumebachi worked together as they stirred Naruto's hardness in their hands. Naruto lowly growled as he gnawed on Suzumebachi's orb and began sucking her hardened bud. She blushed and lowly mewled as she felt his tongue flick on her tit.

He gripped Yurisia's own erect tit and tweaked it while pulling on it. The Bee woman moaned as Naruto twisted and pulled on her teat. Suddenly, Naruto's eyes once began showing an emerging tint of redness in them and they began twitching. Suzumebachi noticed his biting being rougher and she ran her fingers on his cheek.

"Yurisia-san, look." Suzumebachi said and Yurisia's attention was brought to the young man's eyes.

"I've got the strangest feeling he's about to do something crazy." Yurisia pondered and less than a moment later, Naruto abruptly sat up; knocking his fellows off his lap. As they both lie on their sides, he focused on Suzumebachi and pulled her forward; earning a small yelp from the brown-haired woman.

She found herself sitting over Naruto's mouth and she spread her legs to show her arousal. He grinned and licked his lips.

"Help yourself, Naruto-kun." Suzumebachi smiled down at Naruto and he began licking her folds. Yurisia neared the two and Naruto's hand planted itself on her crotch.

He immediately began wriggling his fingers on her womanhood and though he wasn't looking at Yurisia, he easily figured out where her source of arousal was. Naruto's tongue slobbered on Suzumebachi's clit and his fingers rubbed on her folds.

Suzumebachi and Yurisia both moaned as his fingers worked magic on their entrances and his tongue brushed on the former's pussy. The orange-eyed woman whimpered as Naruto's fingers traced her womanhood and his tongue brushed her clit.

Naruto's tongue brushed against Suzumebachi's clit and she looked back at Yurisia to see his fingers teasing her entrance. He traced her warmth and she moaned in response. He rubbed his tongue against her womanhood and he reached up to cup her breast. He fondled it as he wagged his tongue on Suzumebachi's crotch and it proved effective as she felt herself becoming wetter on the inside.

Sensing this, Naruto smirked as he prodded his fingers on Yurisia's folds and she lowly moaned in response. He spread her folds apart and though he still didn't lay one eye on her, he followed his hunch.

Naruto's fingers entered Yurisia's warmth and wriggled inside of her walls. She moaned at this while he continued teasing Suzumebachi's womanhood and increased her arousal by groping her breast.

The crazed licked Suzumebachi and she held his hand to her bosom. Naruto's tongue flicked against her wetness and his fingers rubbed against Yurisia's innards. The other woman bit her lip to keep a loud moan from escaping her lips and she blushed as she began fingering her folds. Her other hand began to caress her breast as Naruto's fingers wiggled and prodded her womanhood.

This caused her innards to become wetter as Naruto's fingers teased her innards and as for Suzumebachi, her wetness began to seep out. Naruto finally placed his tongue at the center of her folds and started licking his way into her inner caverns.

Suzumebachi moaned as she looked down at Naruto's as he licked her walls and gathered her wetness onto his tongue. He squeezed Suzumebachi's breast and she took to fondling her free mound to raise the level of her arousal.

Naruto's tongue wagged and swayed inside of Suzumebachi's tunnels as he fingered Yurisia's tightness. He brushed his tongue against Suzumebachi's wetness and vigorously brushed his fingers against her wetness.

Yurisia's self-groping served its purpose as Naruto's fingers dug their way into her warmth and teased her body. She mewled at this while Naruto's tongue whacked the inside of Suzumebachi's pussy and she moaned as he did so.

He licked Suzumebachi's innards and looked up at her blushing face. In what was perhaps a sign of Naruto's true persona, he freed her breast and stroked her cheek. She smiled down at him and patted his head before he evilly grinned. Naruto's tongue wildly wiggled and thrashed about inside of her wetness.

Suzumebachi moaned and looked back to see Yurisia fondling her breasts. She licked her bosom as Naruto's fingers wiggled inside of her warmth and brushed on her insides. Naruto's fingers brushed and teased her wetness. Yurisia and Suzumebachi both knew their bodies wouldn't last much longer against Naruto's skilled teasing.

Rightly so, his sharp instincts were correct as he licked Suzumebachi's womanhood and she moaned while he continued stroking her cheek until he cupped her mound once again. He kept fondling it as his tongue licked the inside of her lower orifice and his fingers squirmed inside of Yurisia's entrance.

Suddenly, both of the female 's fluids washed onto his tongue and fingers. Suzumebachi moaned as Naruto's tongue savagely licked up her streams and he removed his soaked fingers from Yurisia's pussy.

He brought them to his mouth and licked them along with Suzumebachi's release. Naruto then soaked his fingers and held them up to Suzumebachi's mouth. She complied by licking Naruto's drench fingers and he looked to Yurisia. With a swing of his head, he grunted and she sat alongside Suzumebachi. Naruto freed Suzumebachi's breast and soaked his fingers with the fluids before holding to Yurisia's mouth. She licked the mix of fluids and moaned at the taste.

Suzumebachi got off Naruto and sat in front of him. He stood up and Yurisia along with Suzumebachi squeezed their breasts together on his cock and he grinned.

"How's this, Naruto-kun?" Yurisia asked and Naruto's eyes turned red again. He smiled and he ominously looked down at them.

"I'm back!" Naruto laughed and he began to thrust into their cleavage. Yurisia and Suzumebachi both moaned as Naruto drove his cock into their breasts. The two kneaded their mounds together and squished them on his length. Naruto sent his cock into Yurisia and Suzumebachi's orbs of flesh and the brown-haired woman's tongue began to lick his hardness.

"That's more like it, girls!" Naruto grinned as he pumped his manhood into the ample cleavage of his fellows and Yurisia took to licking his hilt. She swirled her tongue around his member and Suzumebachi's tongue licked the head of the possessed man's stiffness.

Naruto thrust his hips forward and plowed his cock into Suzumebachi and Yurisia's breasts. Their mounds jiggled from the power of his manhood and he moaned from the double pleasure his member felt. Yurisia and Suzumebachi's tongues worked together as they massaged his wet length with their mounds and pressed them against one another. Naruto sent his member into the jiggling orbs as they were squeezed and kneaded on him.

Naruto growled and grunted as Yurisia's tongue brushed on the head of his manhood along with Suzumebachi's. The green-haired woman's eyes locked with Naruto and vermillion-colored eyes met with orange ones.

"How are you enjoying this, Naruto-kun?" Suzumebachi asked and Naruto patted her head.

"Less talking, more of this, Suzumebachi!" Naruto said as he thrust his manhood into their breasts.

"You got it, Naruto-kun." Suzumebachi and Yurisia both practically purred as they felt his glory twitch inside their mounds and before they could even say anything, Naruto unleashed his semen onto their faces. Suzumebachi and Yurisia opened wide as the thick, white substance burst out onto their faces and half of it landed on their tongues.

Yurisia and Suzumebachi shivered in pleasure as Naruto finished releasing his cum onto their faces. They panted as they freed his cock and Naruto watched in satisfaction as they licked the semen off each other's faces and he grinned.

He sat down and Yurisia pounced onto him like a lusty cat and straddled his waist. Naruto grinned up at Yurisia and she smiled down at him.

"That's a good kitty, Yurisia-chan. It's time to give you some more milk." Naruto grinned as he entered his member into Yurisia's warmth. She moaned as Naruto began to jerk his crotch up and send his length into her warmth. Yurisia began rolling her hips forward and Naruto smirked at the elder. For the time being, Suzumebachi sat alongside Naruto and Yurisia and watched them in action.

Naruto slammed his hilt into Yurisia's womanhood and he palmed her heaving breasts. Naruto massaged and kneaded the bouncing orbs as Yurisia rode his erection. Yurisia placed her hands-on Naruto's shoulders and whimpered as her breasts jiggled over him in his hands. Naruto smiled and moaned.

Naruto jerked his hilt upright into Yurisia's womanhood and she rolled her hips forward. His length pummeled into her warmth and she moaned loudly. He drove his member up into Yurisia's pussy and a hot blush covered her face. Yurisia shook her waist and grinded Naruto's erection as it thrashed inside of her.

Naruto rubbed and groped Yurisia's breasts and her eyes squeezed shut from the pleasure her insides felt. The red-eyed man sat up and bit into her bouncing mounds. His canines gnawed on them and Yurisia held his head to her chest. She smiled down at him as he grinded his canines against the orbs and he started tweak her tit.

He twisted and yanked it forward as it jiggled; much to Yurisia's delight. Naruto sank his teeth into the orbs and fondled them. Yurisia then felt Suzumebachi rubbing her clit and the younger woman smiled at her. Naruto's eyes looked at Suzumebachi and she winked at him in response.

"Good girl!" Naruto, thought as he took his mouth of Yurisia's breast to temporarily lick Suzumebachi's neck; foreshadowing when her turn with him. He slammed his face on her bosom and suckled her tit.

She smiled as he rubbed his lips together on her teat and suckled it as it jiggled. Yurisia trickled her fingers through Naruto's hair as he fondled her breast and Suzumebachi's fingers rubbed against her clit. He suckled her nipple and Suzumebachi joined in as she palmed Yurisia's breast. Suzumebachi placed her lip on her teat and suckled her tit.

"Well, aren't you two just too naughty?" Yurisia seductively moaned to her companions and Suzumebachi held up her thumb. Naruto didn't mind as he and Suzumebachi suckled Yurisia's tits until they grew hard from their combined suckling.

"I can't tell a lie." Suzumebachi thought to herself in response to Yurisia's question as she caressed her heaving bosom. This made the elder grew tighter as Naruto's throbbing cock raged into her walls and thrashed against her innards.

Once her tits were Suzumebachilly aroused, Naruto took his mouth off the hardened bud and looked at Yurisia's face. In response, she started using her silky, seductive voice when she began purring at him. Naruto slammed his lips against Yurisia's and she began to stroke his whiskers. Sex-driven red eyes stared into seductive black ones as their tongues rubbed against one another and Naruto wildly pounded his erection in Yurisia's tightness.

With Suzumebachi still suckling her breast and Naruto both screwing her lights out and tongue dueling against her, she could tell she wouldn't last very long against the younger 's team-efforts of pleasure. She moaned into his mouth as they worked their hips together and Naruto's tongue overpowered her own.

Suzumebachi caressed Yurisia's heaving bosom and she couldn't take anymore. Her womanhood pulled on Naruto's member and it flooded her innards to the point of it spraying out of her onto his crotch. Suzumebachi smiled as Naruto and Yurisia's release poured out of her entrance onto the bed. Yurisia moaned as she came and fell against Naruto after breaking their kiss.

"Good kitty, take all the milk you want." Naruto chuckled as he licked Yurisia's neck and she lifted herself off his member. Naruto lie down Yurisia and shifted his attention to Suzumebachi. Naruto crawled onto Suzumebachi and grinned down at her. She smiled back at him before he began licking and slobbering on her face like an excited dog.

Naruto immediately entered her warmth and snapped her barrier to basic nothing instantly. She moaned in pain as he instantly started thrusting into her womanhood and she gripped the sheets to hold onto. Naruto pummeled his cock into her tightness and planted his hands on her mounds. He kneaded and caressed them together as Suzumebachi eventually adjusted to him inside of her.

As he thrust and pounded his cock into her core, she couldn't believe how big his length felt inside of her and began bucking her hips. Naruto rammed his member into Suzumebachi's tightness and he slammed his lips against hers. Orange eyes were met by red eyes as Naruto's tongue licked into her mouth and she wrapped her arms around his back. She rubbed his back and she eventually began licking his tongue in return.

Naruto squeezed Suzumebachi's bosom and she let out muffled moans into his mouth. They separated lips and he grinned at the brown-haired woman's blushing, lust-filled expression. Suzumebachi's womanhood grinded Naruto's erection as he slammed his cock into her moist caverns and she loudly moaned. He lowered his head to her tits and placed his mouth on the right one.

Naruto began suckling it and he groped her mound as it kept jiggling. Suzumebachi noticed Yurisia sit next to her and the possessed blonde looked up at her. Yurisia smiled and spread her legs apart to show her still-high arousal. Naruto broke his kiss with Suzumebachi and he looked at her.

"Well, come on, Yurisia, join in." Suzumebachi said.

"Yeah, Yurisia, three's always the charm." Naruto said as he kept thrusting into Suzumebachi's warmth and Yurisia complied by sitting over the younger woman's face. She spread her folds and Suzumebachi's tongue instantly licked her way into her wetness.

Naruto took one hand off Suzumebachi's breast and cupped Yurisia's left mound. He smiled in amusement as Suzumebachi's tongue swayed inside of her and Naruto thrust into her womanhood. He fondled Yurisia and Suzumebachi's breasts as he pounded into her warmth and she moaned along with the brown-haired woman. Naruto felt his length twitch inside of Suzumebachi's womanhood and she sensed this while licking Yurisia's arousal.

"Here come the fireworks, ladies!" Naruto loudly moaned and Yurisia moaned along with Suzumebachi. The dark-eyed kunoichi squeezed Suzumebachi's bosom with Naruto until her tightness squeezed his cock and her womb was filled up with mighty spurts of his seed.

Yurisia also came onto Suzumebachi's tongue and all three panted as Naruto's semen oozed out of her entrance. He pulled out of Suzumebachi and Yurisia got off her; only to have Naruto pull her onto his length again.

"Oh, Naruto-kun, you never wear out, do you?" Yurisia smiled down at Naruto.

"No way! Besides, every kitty deserves as much milk to her heart's content." Naruto said as he pounded his manhood into Yurisia's warmth and Suzumebachi instantly sat over his mouth.

"And every hero deserves as much sex as possible." The energetic Suzumebachi smiled down at Naruto and he immediately licked his way into her wetness. Naruto held onto Yurisia's small waist as she rode him and his tongue licked into her warmth.

Yurisia thrust down onto Naruto's erection and Suzumebachi squeezed her breasts once again. In response, she pressed her lips against Suzumebachi's and orange hues gazed into black ones. Naruto's tongue swayed and wagged inside of Suzumebachi's insides as he pounded his length into her tunnels. His erection rubbed the inside of her walls and she moaned as Suzumebachi's tongue rubbed against her own.

He pounded his member into her womb and Suzumebachi whimpered as she felt Naruto licking into the depths of her warmth. His tongue wagged and swayed inside of her tunnels as she caressed and groped Yurisia's bosom. Suzumebachi and Yurisia enjoyed the pleasure that Naruto gave them and the bee woman stroked her green-haired friend's squeeze her mounds. They felt their releases upcoming and Naruto reached to palm Suzumebachi's breast and sink his fingers into her chest.

Naruto pounded his member into Yurisia's womanhood and she and Suzumebachi separated lips; only to lash their tongues against one another and they slobbered in a lust-filled war. Yurisia wiggled her hips until the younger blonde came inside of her innards and Suzumebachi's release poured down Naruto's tongue. Naruto's clone bound them after finishing and went for home.

Naruto collected another Bikochu with no problem so he went to collect the third one and he saw someone already reached there. Naruto waited from a distance to look at the perpetrator at first. He saw a woman with long spiky dark purple hair and light purple eyes, with makeup. She has huge breasts and wears a short white dress, with a matching white long cape scarf, which holds by an insect jewelry. She also has a long pink sash, which descends down to her ankles. She wears sandals and long leg tight.

Naruto understood it was none other than Kaiyo. Naruto quickly made two stealth clones. He triggered shadow possession jutsu to hold the lady.

"I got you." Telling that Naruto made her turn around. Naruto was astonished to see that she was laughing.

Naruto saw A huge bunch of insects were coming towards him with a huge speed. Naruto had to leave her from shadow possession and he took out is sword and cast. "Whirlwind". It drove away the insect and his two clones went to attack her and Naruto saw her body turned into violet color, Naruto understood the rinkaichu but it was late. His clone clones dispelled the moment they touched her.

Naruto had to admit she was quite strong. Naruto decided not to take any chances. He initiated his Susanoo second part. No insect could touch him here. He surrounded the area with his chakra chain so that nothing can go in and out. For the first time Kaiyo seemed startled. Naruto used quick style to cut her in several places which were not violet yet. And grabbed those places with his soft body technique and started a full power chakra absorption.

All of these happened so first that Kaiyo didn't even had time to think before her chakra worn out and her insects fell from her body. She talked for the first time.

"Who are you? How can someone defeat me so easily?" She asked.

"Well, you are fighting with the shinobi who will strongest in the history of ninja very soon." Naruto said.

"I heard you left your clan to gain energy and as I see you haven't developed much." Naruto smirked.

Kaiyo was growling but she was astonished by Naruto's power. "Why you?"

"I will teach you your place bitch." Saying that Naruto marked her because he needs to know her intentions beforehand to avoid rinkaichu until he obtains it. That things are fatal.

Naruto was so strong… she couldn't fight him off. She couldn't fight him off and it made her so wet. He would barely let her breathe between attempts to plunder her mouth, and it made her head so hazy.

"Nnnnn!" She fought against her traitorous body to fight the moan. "Mnnnnnnn!" She had to fight it. She wasn't entirely sure why. She just did.

Kaiyo tried to resist. Her heart wanted to resist but her pussy was just a slut for forceful, caloused fingers. She had her back to a tree, and Naruto was kissing her again. His tongue in her mouth just felt… right. Hot. Demanding. She could feel her knees parting on their own.

Her failing efforts to struggle only turned her on more. He's so strong… he's so strong…

The way that Naruto could not be forced away… drove her wild. The sound of a zipper echoed in her ears, and her eyes shot wide open when she felt an insistently hot and hard shaft nudging itself against her wide open and slick lips.

"N-No!" She gasped, breaking the kiss. She beat on Naruto's chest. "You can't Naruto! I don't want it!" She insisted hotly. She had to bite her words off, because his caloused fingers had found her G-spot.

"F-Fuck… stop that." She said weakly. "D-Don't make me cum. You bastard…" She panted.

"Shut up Kaiyo-chan." Naruto growled.

"S...Stop it…" she said, her willpower trying to rally in one last burst.

A harsh slap was her reply. Dazed, she could barely calculate the sting on her cheek. Her head snapped to one side. She had an expression vacant in surprise. And beneath Naruto's gaze, her leaking pussy twitched in ecstasy. Her cheeks blushed hot red. Her breath came out in pants. Her green eyes shone hotly with lust.

Her pussy gushed around his invading fingers. The fire that had been growing in her body consumed her. She was all heat. But she was quiet. Naruto told her to be quiet.

YESSS! She could hear her inner self hiss. Fuck yes! Hit me. Slap me. Spank me. Own me. Kaiyo's legs shook. She didn't know how much longer she could keep herself standing. Soon she'd drop in place. She'd fall right onto that delicious cock.

Kaiyo felt a twitch from deep in her pussy as an itch began to heat up her body. An itch that she suspected she knew how to satisfy, after looking at the sight of Naruto's fat, precum drooling purple cockhead.

"N-No!" Kaiyo objected weakly closing her eyes and hoping for another slap. Instead, she felt something hard and thick press up against her traitorous wet cunt lips. And then… thrust in. Kaiyo wasn't sure what happened at first.

Either Naruto had entered her desperately hot pussy with one long, imperious thrust or else she had simply died and gone to heaven.

She came to with her head lulled back, staring at the canopy of trees. She was limp against the bark of the tree behind her, being supported only by the strong hands commandingly clutching her ass.

That's so good. I went all years not knowing that I could feel this good. That's so… ouhhhh. That's deep. That's good.

"You came." Naruto accused softly into her ear. God, she didn't stand a chance. Kaiyo licked her lips. She knew he was right. The second he had put it in her, she had seen stars and lights. She had orgasmed harder than all the rest of her life put together. She didn't know what to say. She didn't want to keep denying him. He might slap her again. She didn't want that. No…. to be honest, she really wanted that. On her ass or on her face, But she didn't want to make him mad.

With his cock inside of her, feeling so full and glorious, under his possessive stare… she felt like a little girl. She couldn't make him mad. He gyrated his hips. His cock moved around inside of her, and Kaiyo's eyes rolled back a bit.

"Fuck… Fuck… that's my cervix. He's all the way inside of me. He's splitting me in half but he can still move around… he can still find new angles to fuck me. It's not fair. This cock was made to impregnate women." Kaiyo's thought.

She whimpered in need. She realized her wrists were free because Naruto was holding her against the tree by palming her ass. She could have hit him or something. But she found her legs wrapping around his waist. She found her arms snaking over his chisled biceps and clutching at his manly back.

"You slut." Naruto growled, thrusting his hips angrily into her.

Each push was like a shot of adrenaline. A bolt of lightning. Her legs twitched every time. Her pussy gushed juice every time he pushed in. His hot breath that hit her neck felt familiar and at home. His back felt broad and reassuring under her fingertips. Her mind was going blank with the pleasure born of having her pussy spread wider than she had thought possible.

She made cute, meaningless, strained sounds into her man's neck. She bit down on his collar bone with tears in her eyes and tried to restrain herself as she felt his gigantic cock easily push into areas of herself she hadn't known existed.

She was being fucked. Really, truly fucked. Each thrust, she lost a piece of herself. She wondered what would be left of herself by the end of it. But it was so good that she couldn't care.

"Ah! I... Ahn!" Kaiyo breathed, pumping her hips. The pretty fingernails she'd had done especially now dug and scratched at the back of a man.

"Ahn! Fuck you're so biggg... Ouhh! I... Ohhhh! always! So big, so big, god you're so fucking..." Kaiyo groaned.

Naruto grunted, fucking her roughly into the tree. Pounding her as if he wanted to snap the oak in half,

"You turn into this easy whore!" he demanded, slapping her ass angrily. Kaiyo spasmed and groaned in lust. God, she really was a whore. She was easy. She was an easy little bitch that couldn't defend herself against the first well-hung stud that tried to take her.

She was sweaty and writhing and getting raped and she never knew sex could feel remotely like this! Naruto, this godly man, could just walk up to her and fuck her anywhere, if he made her feel like this!

The way the forceful ninja was pounding his thick, long, hot cock into her cunt felt so deep she could swear he was smearing delicious precum somewhere in her mind. Or her heart, or soul. Staining her in his scent. Kaiyo whimpered like the weak little bitch.

Naruto felt the bitch spasming around his shaft. She was tight and utterly willing. She moaned with ever increasing sweetness from every thrust that he made. Her hair shook as he pounded her steadily. The pretty forehead he had admired was coated in sweat. Her cheeks were flushed for him. He had her utmost attention, though her eyes fluttered whenever he hit a certain spot deep inside of her.

"O-Ouuuuuuugh. Ahhhh!" Kaiyo gasped. "Ah! Naru – Nartuto!"

Another slap stung her on the ass. She could feel the reverberation shake through her and vibrate her aching womb. Her eyes fluttered and she came again, gasping for air. Kaiyo's head snapped back and hit the tree trunk. She could barely breathe.

Naruto saw that Kaiyo was on the edge of reason. Her thin arms were scratching at his back, and her pants and moans were getting more ragged and whorish. She still had her green eyes locked on him. Her waist writhed against the tree and her hips fucked desperately back at him.

He let himself go at this timing. He buried himself balls deep into her, filling her utterly, and grunted as he emptied rope after rope of sinful semen into her body. For Kaiyo, the hot cum splashing up against the very end of her cunt felt lustrous and completing. Her vision blurred at the edges. She was passing out.

Naruto tamed a fearsome lady with the monstrous cock of him which was quite satisfying to himself. He bound her.

Naruto sent his clone to his house with the girls bound and he headed for rendezvous point with Jiraiya. While thinking about jiraiya, Naruto remembered about the book of Jiraiya. Suddenly, he notices a roadblock on both side bridge and it said, "Wasabi vs Jirocho". Naruto remembered a conversation with Ibiki that his brother is now in wasabi family who was made rougue nin by Aoi and Idate will be running for Wasabi. Naruto noticed a runner coming towards the bridge and Naruto wanted to check it was idate or not.

Suddenly, he saw a ninja appear at the middle of the bridge and blocked the way with senbon, it was none other than Aoi. Naruto couldn't stay still anymore. He used senbon shower on the runner using his umbrella. Naruto jumped without any delay and used flame control with his sword to destroy the senbons.

"I see the nine-tail is here, that's an interesting jutsu you got but you can't stand against the "The Sword of Thunder God" of second Hokage." Aoi tried to threaten Naruto.

Naruto planned the fight when he jumped, he doesn't have a lot of time to spare. He created a clone which was using transparent jutsu technique and it was already behind Aoi. He placed a hiraishini Kunai behind him. By the time Aoi understood it was too late. Naruto stabbed him at the heart with his sword.

Naruto collected the body as well as weapons. Naruto created a clone and sent it too Kujaku with his weapons and instruction add the sword his sword as well as improve the design to create an additional layer off the sword to perform the senbon shower. In completion he ordered to meet him in the rendezvous.

"You brother will be proud of you if you continue like this Idate." Naruto conveyed Ibiki's feelings to him.

"Thank you for saving my life, I will be going now to make this race count for wasabi family." Idate replied and gone.

Naruto was on his way too. Naruto opened the book and saw the title, "Icha Icha paradise: Makeout Technique." And a symbol below it. Anybody would think of it as a symbol but as a seal expert Naruto can recognize a seal when he saw one. Naruto unsealed it and suddenly he was in a brothel with hot girls.

Naruto yelled, "Kai". Naruto dispelled the genjutsu too. Naruto was amazed by the handiwork of the old man. He acts pervert but he is man on the mission. It was personal journal. Naruto started reading it and found about Jiraiya's fantasy about Busty Tsunade but Naruto wasn't satisfied. Naruto saw some pages with drawings and he started t analyze it and finally found the final seal hopefully. He unsealed it.

It revealed Jiraiya spy network. Naruto read it upto the identity of the spies. Jiraiya went around beyond the ninja world and travelled the whole land mass of this world to find suitable candidate and recruit and assign them as spy for ten years to collect all the hidden information in all the ninja countries. This was such a precious thing and they were also instructed to search for orochimaru's information.

Naruto started reading the identities one by one it was beyond Naruto's imagination and their tenure was almost finished. The place of their final meeting is also mentioned here. Naruto decided to copy the book then make it as it was and decided to sneak it into his bag.

Naruto reached the rendezvous point a lot earlier. So, he was taking rest in his house and suddenly he heard a knock on the door. Naruto opened the door and he didn't believe what he saw.

"I told you Kisame, we will find the nine tails here, when I saw Jiraiya I knew he would be coming here." The red eyed ninja said.

"Itachi, what are you doing here?" Naruto was surprised.

"We are Akatsuki, we are here to take you and your pervert sannin is busy with his perviness and no-one is here to save you." Itachi smirked.

"Well, we will see about that but how did you know where to find me outside Konoha?" Naruto was bothered about this.

The fish teethed tall guy talked for the first time. "Konan's spy squad …"

"Stop, Kisame." Itachi stopprd him.

Itachi tried to punch Naruto but Naruto dodged it with on kick on Kisame. Kisame blocked it with his sword. Naruto activated his Byakugan and yelled. "EIGHT TRIAGRAMS: 32 PALMS"

He attacked both of them but managed to hit one each but it was plenty to let them know who they were dealing with. "Well, I can't let S-ranked ninja flee in front of my eyes."

"Summonng jutsu: Toad-mouth Trap" It was a very special jutsu he learned from Jiraiya. Itachi and kisame was overpowered at that moment thinking if Jiraiya shows up, so they decided to leave, So they started to run and Naruto heard a explosion and he went towards and that and saw black flame. He recognized the Amatesaru. That itachi was strong however they didn't got any idea of Naruto's true power.

Suddenly Naruto found a scroll which may have been dropped by those two Akatsuki. Naruto wasn't sure why Akatsuli was hunting him. Naruto decided to check out all of this at night. Now he decided to find Jiraiya. Naruto used his byakugan and spotted Jiraiya at a sake shop near the hotel. Naruto went there and saw Jiraiya was sitting with a girl.

The girl had long, straight black hair and large, dark-brown eyes. She wore a short, strapless blue dress with two thin gold belts wrapped around it, along with a pair of black strap-on heels, dangling earrings and an intricate necklace. Naruto saw her poster in front of a Tailors shop. Her name was Emi. So this what Itachi meant.

"Kai." Naruto released her genjutsu. She was astonished to see herself with Jiraiya the pervert.

"Thank you, mister, for saving me." Emi came to Naruto.

"I have some special orders for you." Naruto created a clone and accompanied her to the back of the tailors.

Meanwhile original Naruto came to Jiraiya for answers.

"What the hell, Ero-sennin? Why Itachi from Akatsuki is hunting me? How can you not recognize a genjutsu?" Naruto scolded.

"I don't know why they are searching for you, may not for you but for the beast inside you, I didn't dispel the genjutsu because I didn't know you were already in town." Jiraiya replied.

Meanwhile Naruto sneaked the book in and he asked again. "How can we know about Akatsuki?"

"I will know within a very short time, we will start for finding Tsunade as soon as that busty nurse Mikodo joins with us."

"I may help you with Finding, Do you have anything of Tsunade?" Naruto asked.

Naruto summoned his insect dome and saw his Bikochu replicated to four. He took one in hand.

"Well, I have her bra from earlier time." Jiraiya said with a shyness.

Naruto used Biochu to smell it and send a clone behind it find tsunade. Naruto understood Jiraiya's fantasy for Tsunade was true.

"Now, she can't escape us, Let's go for Rasengan practice, Ero-sennin, I have already completed upto second step." Naruto said.

"Well, you spoiled my date, I have nothing else to do now." Jiraiya replied.

Naruto's clone reached to the tailors with emi and said,

"I need a permanent tailor in my home and you will be manipulated like today here so, I offer you the job to tailor the Future Hokage of Konoha, Naruto Uzumaki." The clone said directly.

Emi hesitated at first but this kid can keep that pervert Jiraiya away and he is powerful. So, she decided to do take the job. Naruto marked her. Naruto's mark aroused her to fuck him, she reached his lips for a kiss.

"You want it outside Emi-chan? You're a bad girl. How did you get so naughty?" Naruto whispered into her ear.

"Oh kami yes! Emi is a naughty girl!" Emi huffed out while Naruto lowly grinned.

Naruto then proceed to kiss her cheek before trailing his lips down her face until they rested at her neckline. Naruto mercilessly teased the senses of her flesh with quick soothing kisses. Emi opened her mouth and moaned into the cool, night air. She quickly managed, while sitting, to wrap her legs around Naruto's waist while her fingers dug into his scalp pushing him further, thoroughly encouraging him to continue his stimulation and use of her body. Naruto did as she desired and trailed his tongue at the base of her neckline all the while rubbing one of her arms overtop of the kimono.

Emi moaned as she felt her entire body shiver in delight and want, Emi maneuvered her hips expertly, pushing them up and down against the bottom half of Naruto's body. She could feel each time Naruto twitched in excitement before continuing his ministrations.

"Oh that feels good Naruto-kun! Please keep going," Emi implored, but she didn't have to worry. Naruto had no intention of stopping. With a quickly jerk of his hips, Naruto slowly pushed forward. Emi gasped as she felt them begin to fall gently into the green grass. Emi didn't seem to care that her hair had gotten stuck in it. She watched as Naruto laid on top of her, his deep blue eyes piercing into the core of her being exposing all of her wants, desires.

"Emi-chan..," Naruto said. He quickly moved one of his hands to her bun-shaped hair. In one swift motion he tore the strap letting her hair fall down free making it fan out across the grass. Emi sweated her nervous embarrassment. She had been used to a lot of teasing, but to be here, doing all of this…out in the open, she was totally not in control, but that was the thrill of it all.

"Naruto-kun, come claim me. Please claim me," Emi said taking his hand. She quickly maneuvered it forward into her kimono and rested it on her soft warm breast. Naruto's fingers took in the supple weight of Emi's gorgeous orbs. Meanwhile Emi sucked in her breath. The feeling of Naruto's firm hands working the pleasure centers surrounding her breasts made her nether regions squirm as her legs fidgeted.

"Oh sweet Kami Naruto-kun! Touch them more. These are yours from now on. No one else is going to touch these," Emi replied. Naruto beamed with pride.

"That's right Emi-chan. No one is going to touch this body except for me" Naruto responded. Emi watched as his hands left her breasts and went to her kimono sash. She watched Naruto slowly, almost agonizingly, unfurl it before he threw it to the side. Naruto looked over to Emi before grabbing the folds of her kimono and opening it wide for nature to see.

Naruto's eyes scanned over her body. Such lovely, perky pink nipples and a low flat stomach. Such creamy looking skin, it should have been a crime. It was one crime Naruto wouldn't have minded participating in. "N-Naruto-kun, you're staring," Emi said stating the obvious. Naruto unconsciously licked his lips.

Naruto grinned. Leaning forward, before Emi could respond. He devoured the left nipples into his mouth suckling it over between his teeth and his tongue. Emi effectively arched back with a sharp hiss as the sweat poured down her face.

"Yes yes yes! Naruto-kun! Suck them! Play with my breasts! Oh Kami, I've never felt like this before," Emi huffed and moaned in the heavenly rapture. Even when she pleasured herself, she never felt stimulation like this. The feeling of the blond skillfully working her points like a skilled doctor over his patient, his mouth worked meticulously over her breasts. Naruto opened his eyes as he noted Emi's were tightly shut obviously enjoying the sensations that he provided for her.

Between his index and thumb he pinched Emi's opposite nub forcing Emi to moan even louder her proclamations of joy and ecstasy to anyone who was listening, if there was anyone. Even now she could feel her juices run from her hot snatch into her legs since she hadn't been wearing any panties.

Emi didn't have the time or want to think on that question as she found her lips devoured by Naruto once again. His tongue smoothed over her lips memorizing their ever presence taste and sweetness. Emi groaned into his mouth while her tongue flicked against his pearly white teeth. Naruto's hot breath brushed against her lips and hers returned the favor over his lips.

Below her knees gently ground their way into his groin. Emi could feel his erection against her knee. Kami it was huge. Naruto and Emi broke the kiss. Emi's hands worked tediously over Naruto's torso. She quickly undid Naruto's sash and threw it away. Emi's hands dived into Naruto's orange kimono. She instantly felt the firmness of Naruto's chest against her hands. Kami, he was so tight for a reason. When he was trying on clothes, Emi only got glimpses of his body, but never had she imagined that it would be so muscular underneath. She could feel his abs against her silky hands. It was like touching hot stone.

"Oh Naruto-kun. Thank you for saving me," Emi said in thought.

The raven-haired female quickly followed suit in her actions and with a flick of her wrists, send the ends of Naruto's kimono to the ground. Naruto shrugged the rest off giving Emi a clear look at him. Emi felt him go lower and lower nearing the place that she never let anyone else get to. She could feel her pussy lips quivering in anticipation as Naruto moved lower and lower. Naruto just worked her over with his tongue.

"Naruto-kun, wait," Naruto suddenly stopped and looked up to see Emi catching her short breath. She placed a hand on her chest, but Naruto could see the burning fire in her eyes. No doubt she was not tired by a long shot.

"There is something I've read in a book that I wish to try," Emi said. Naruto blinked, but nodded to whatever she wanted. Emi slowly smiled with a grin that just made Naruto proud. A somewhat mischievous and playful grin it was.

Emi rested on top of the blond as she faced his boxers. Naruto's face faced her soaking snatch as Emi licked her lips. With her hands, she quickly pulled Naruto's boxers off and rested them in the grass. She saw Naruto's shaft pointed upward. So strong and hard. It looked mesmerizing. Emi swallowed the lump in her throat.

"He's so big. This is going to go inside me," Emi said in her thoughts. She quickly moved her hands and wrapped them over Naruto's rod. It felt searing hot. She could feel it twitch in her hands. Her ears picked up on Naruto's groan as she smiled. Emi jerked Naruto's dick with her hands, furiously pumping the shaft for all it was worth.

"Damn Emi-chan, that feels good!" Naruto praised as he felt Emi's soft hands jerk off his stick with gusto. Naruto looked up at Emi's cunt walls.

They looked so pink. With his middle finger Naruto gently pushed it inside sending a large moan bursting from Emi's front lips. Her cunt walls slide against Naruto warm finger. It massaged her walls while she couldn't help, but cover it in her lubrication soaking it down with her taste and smell. Such a musky scent it was Naruto noticed.

Naruto jammed his finger forwards into her walls forcing the forest to listen to the sounds of music of ecstasy coming from Emi as she felt her walls expand and close as Naruto used them to his wants. Emi tried her best to keep stimulating his hot dick, but her head was filled to the brim with thoughts of her revelry. Naruto twisted and turned inside her walls.

"Oh yes Naruto-kun! Fuck me with your fingers. Fuck yes! Finger-fuck me Naruto-kun! Don't stop! Don't stop! Don't stop! Oh sweet Kami-sama don't fuckin' stop!" Emi pleaded.

Naruto never sought to deny her as Emi bent forward. Attempt to ignore her pleasure for a mere second. She gently licked over Naruto's dick. Emi licked her way over the base of Naruto's cock. She felt like she was licking the sturdiest pole she had ever felt. It was so hard against her tongue and yet it was so perfect.

"You have a nice cock Naruto-kun," Emi complimented. She then moved a bit of her hair out of her eyes as she focus on the task at hand. Using her free hand, she fondled Naruto's balls with the hand while her other and her tongue continued on his heatstick. Naruto's moans and sounds of praise were her extravagant rewards. She soaked them up.

"Mmm it tastes so good Naruto-kun. It tastes like…you. Sorry that was weird," Emi said with a giggle. Naruto smirked, but didn't respond. No, his response came in this form as he jumped forward and shoved his tongue into Emi's pussy lips suddenly hitting her G spot. Emi threw her head back in sudden arousal.

"Oh god! Cumming Naruto-kun!" Emi shouted reaching a sudden high. Her juices tingled the taste buds on Naruto's tongue as he lapped her up dutifully. Naruto felt her nether lips quiver, but he never relented in his assault. He attacked the outer folds of her walls. He swirled his tongue over her clit.

"Oh fuck, I…can't… think…or breath. So…good. So…fuckin….amazing. Oh Naruto-kun! How is he so good?"

Emi thought to herself. Feeling the assault on her pussy, Emi looked down at Naruto dick. It looked as firm as ever. Licking her lips, Emi leaned forward. She swallowed whatever doubt there was for herself and opened her mouth devouring Naruto inch by inch until she rested at the base.

"Damn Emi-chan! If you do that I'm gonna…" Naruto warned. Emi heard him clearly, but she was in disbelief. Her hot breath tickled on his dick as Emi felt her uvula get forced back from the intrusion, but it tasted so wonderful. Her mouth was entirely filled with Naruto. Closing her eyes, Emi retracted for a second exposing Naruto's penis to the outside before shoving it back down. She found her rhythm and effortlessly bobbed her head fucking Naruto into her mouth.

Naruto continued to suck off Emi's honeycomb walls for their delicious essence. He could feel his dick hitting the depths of Emi's throat countless times. Her tongue skillfully wrapped around his cock coating it in saliva and fluids while Naruto drove his tongue into her deep passages. Neither became aware of

Suddenly Emi could feel Naruto's dick tighten. Naruto seemed to be strained to hold his release, but Emi would have none of that. Just a little more. Just a little more and she would have what she desired. What did it taste like? Would it be good or bad? Emi had to know. She wanted it so badly.

"Kami, Emi-chan, gonna cum!" Naruto warned before he thrusted his hips into her mouth. Emi clamped her jaw. Without warning a rush of pure, white semen was unloaded into her mouth. Emi widened her eyes in surprise as Naruto grunted his release. Emi let the taste settle into her mouth. It was…strange. She didn't really know what it was supposed to take like. She definitely didn't hate it. It was gooey like thick cream and warm.

Emi took a second before she worked her throat muscles and slowly devoured the white cum of her blonde lover. She felt it go down her throat rather easily. Once she was sure it was done, she slowly backed away and detached her mouth from Naruto's dick with an audible 'pop.' Emi turned around and noticed Naruto huffing profusely. Naruto looked at her.

"You taste good Naruto-kun. I think I might get addicted to this," Emi said with a delicate smile. Naruto just tried to catch his breath before chuckling at her words. Naruto leaned up overtop the makeshift blanket in the form of their retired kimonos. Both as naked as they day they were born, neither said anything for a second merely taking the time to observe the other. Both were short of breath. Naruto watched Emi's chest bounce up and down slightly from her huffing.

she slowly fell back and gently opened her legs giving Naruto a look at her glistening pussy lips, they looked so red as compared to the pink color from before. Emi smiled.

"Fuck me Naruto-kun' Make this my pussy memorize the shape of your dick. And, once your done, coat these walls with you delicious cum. Paint these insides and claim them as yours Emi admitted.

Naruto laid over Emi as he positioned himself at her entrance. With a small thrust he entered inside her. Emi's grip tightened into Naruto's shoulders as she felt the wide girth of Naruto's dick clawing its way inside her. Emi unconsciously bit her lower lip. So big, so full, so powerful. Emi could feel every inch of Naruto's cock ease its way into her sopping wet channel.

Meanwhile, Naruto himself had to resist the urge to just keep thrusting his hips. Emi's pussy was like an wet inferno covering his dick in hot, wet juices. She was so tight. Naruto could feel Emi's walls quivering with want, sexual lust, and arousal. He could feel her juices bathe the length of his dick. Her face looked so beautiful when it was drowned in the sea of ecstasy and bliss.

Emi felt connected. She felt safe. She felt loved. She felt happy. Emi opened her eyes slowly and noticed Naruto staring down at her. With her slick arms, she rested them around Naruto's neck and pulled him forward capturing his lips within another kiss. Even now Emi could feel the heat of his breath and the heat of his manhood coursing through her body proving her with warmth and security. His slick tongue brushed against the buds on her tongue and scrapped the linings of her teeth. Emi toyed with his blonde hair in her embrace as she got used to this stimulating feeling. Both slowly parted as Emi braced herself.

"Please move now Naruto-kun. Please fuck me with your big, strong cock. Claim me right here, right now!" Emi urged.

Naruto swiftly nodded. Naruto retracted his hips slowly at first. Moving agonizingly slow for Emi's tastes, but she soon didn't have to worry as Naruto jammed back inside her pleasuring the nerves of her cunt walls causing Emi to offer a sharp moan. Naruto rocked back again before he thrusted his dick forward once again. The blond started to huff as he ravaged the raven-haired woman underneath him. Naruto fucked Emi with reckless abandon.

"Oh yes! Oh fuck yes! Fuck me harder Naruto-kun! Oh kami right there!" Emi moaned as Naruto grunted. He could feel her walls clench over his cock massaging it as he flew into a frenzy of lust and excitement. In and out, in and out, in and out, Naruto never stopped as he poured his entire being into Emi's channels over and over.

Kami it felt so good. Such pleasure might as well have been taboo to feel so good, but Naruto couldn't even complain. He could feel Emi's hips matching his movements with a timed precision that he didn't know she had. Her legs eagerly wrapped around his lower waist. Naruto could feel Emi clenching him with the strength of her hips.

"God Emi-chan, you feel so good. You're clenching me so tight,' Naruto commented. Emi huffed vigorously as she placed a hand on her chest. She could feel her heart beating wildly. She could feel her nether region going numb from the overbearing stimulating pleasure as Naruto fucked her, as Naruto dominated her, as Naruto claimed her body and her heart. She could feel his shaft poking at the door to her womb making her sigh in ecstasy.

Naruto drove his hips desperately into Emi's walls. His mind was a blur, but the sound of her moans fueled his drive to continue. Emi held onto him almost desperately almost like she was afraid he would leave if she let him go. Naruto bent down and quickly captured one of Emi's nipples into his mouth.

"Ohhh ahhhh, oh my god Naruto-kun. You're…such…an…animal! Oh my fuckin' god yes! More! more! Fuck me more!" Emi urged. The sweat easily started to drip down their foreheads, but neither focused on it that much.

Emi suddenly found herself on her feet. Her legs wobbled. She opened her eyes and noticed Naruto walking them over to a tree. Emi rested her hands on the bark while Naruto lifted one of her legs up and over his shoulder before he continued his urgent, violent thrusts of passion into Emi's body. Emi could feel her abused G spot get hit over and over wetting the walls of her cunt into another degree. If anyone was walking around the area, no doubt they would have heard what might have sounded like two animals going at it like mad.

Naruto watched her in amazement. Emi was lost in the ecstasy of her euphoria. Naruto cupped her breasts and teased the nipples pinching them slightly. Emi eyes slowly flew upwards. It was…so masculine. So…violent. Emi didn't want it to stop.

"Oh Kami, Naruto-kun. Your making me cum. Cumming again! Naruto-kun!" Emi shouted mentally. Naruto felt Emi's walls clench over his dick before washing it down with her fluids. Naruto steadied his ever-present heavy breath. Emi could feel that breath at the nape of her neck arousing her greatly.

"Naruto-kun….uhhhh….dick. So…good. So…ugh…hard! So…fuckin' amazing!" Emi said.

Naruto took a glance at her and smiled. Emi's tongue gently slipped from her mouth. Her sweat seeped into her hair easily messing it up making it spiral out. However Emi never noticed any of this. As far as she was concerned nothing, but Naruto's long, hard, hot manhood mattered. The punishment her walls were taking was so…orgasmic.

"I think I'm fading out. Oh god, Naruto-kun's going to fuck me into unconsciousness. Oh Kami, he's tightening he's going to cum soon. He's going to claim me!" Emi thought to herself. She was right, Naruto's cock had tightened as the young blond gritted is teeth.

"Emi-chan, I'm gonna cum!" Naruto warned.

"Yes Naruto-kun, cum inside me! Give it to me!" Emi pleaded desperately.

Another high of hers was coming soon. Cum together. She wanted them to come together. This would make the day where her womb remembered every detail about the blond. Her pussy would be shaped to the shape of his dick. Naruto grunted madly and furiously. He beat his way at her entrance viciously, but Emi loved it. Naruto quickly threw his head back before giving one final thrust.

"Cumming Emi-chan!" Naruto exclaimed. Emi widened her eyes, gasped, and moaned, in one single expression as she felt Naruto's semen rush into her staining the walls of her honeypot. Emi had no more strength as she achieved her fourth…fifth? orgasm as she covered Naruto in her sticky substances once again.

Emi huffed as Naruto gently pulled out of her. Emi dropped the rest of her body before turning around on her back. She noticed Naruto huffing over her. Looking at him, Emi quickly grabbed his cheeks and pulled him closer sealing their new status with another kiss. Naruto easily accepted the gesture.

Naruto's clone reached him with his new sword set. Naruto took it and sent Emi to his house. Naruto went to his motel room. Naruto first opened the scroll left behind by the two Akatsuki members. Jiraiya's network may know a lot about them. Naruto opened and saw a seal and unlocked it. Inside that he saw a label that said NINE-TAIL PURSUIT TEAM. Naruto turned the page. Every details of those girls were written there. Naruto saw three girls there.

Kagome Higuirashi: young woman who has somewhat pale skin, and a slender yet curvaceous figure with well-toned thighs. She has long wavy black hair with a noticeably grey outline which is sometimes portrayed as blue, and big blue eyes.

Her specialty are Immense spiritual energy, Archer and marksman, Psychic link, Psedu-timetravel for information, Illusion and Demonic energy Immunity.

Kikyo: very beautiful and flawless alabaster-white skinned woman with waist-length rich black hair which was often tied into a loose ponytail with a white ribbon and big brown eyes. Kikyō wore a white jacket with sode-kukuri (cords) through the sleeves and open shoulders.

Her specialty is Spiritual energy, Healer, Shindamacu (Serpent like demon summon), Clone and Teleportation.

Bellows: an attractive young woman, with large breasts, dark blue eyes and red hair usually fashioned in a ponytail that extends past her shoulders. Her ponytail is done with a blue tie, and she has two thin bangs framing her face with beads on them. She also wears large gold hoop earrings. Her attire consists of a short orange crop top with red straps and a yellow frill at the bottom that exposes her midriff, short green pants, long stockings that reach past her kneecaps, and red panties with straps that are partially visible above her shorts, resting on her hips.

Her specialty is leadership, Bravery and swordsman.

Naruto left the Konan scroll and opened jiraiya's book copy. Naruto noticed it had three parts, He went for the level of each part. He noticed Jiraiya also included all vital information and he also wrote bout their body. He is so perverted that he collected their size Bust-Waist-Ass for most of them.

One said, Regular spy and it was explained they help Jiraiya every now and then and their missions renew every time.

Yukiko kudo: Former actress and excellent master of disguise.

Eri kisaki: Eri is a fairly tall and light-skinned woman. She has long and wavy brown hair with shorter bangs framing the sides of her face, most of which she usually keeps done up in a bun. She is rather slender yet curvaceous in built.

Her specialty is expert in law, disguise and stealth.

Second part said, Top secret mission and it explained the collection he made throughout the world and appointed them in different countries extract all secrets and orochimaru's information too. They are deployed for ten years and the tenure will end in two days. The place of their meet-up wasn't mentioned in the parchment.

ESDEATH: Esdeath was a tall, beautiful, and slender woman with long, light blue hair and blue eyes. She wore a General's apparel with long sleeves with buttons on the upper arms, a blue scarf on her neck, and high-heeled boots. She also has a tattoo on her chest.

Her specialty was stamina and use of Huoton from nothing.

YURIKO TAKAGI: Yuriko has long, light purple hair and eyes of matching color. She wears her hair down and has it much shorter in the front and pushed to either side of her face. She has a slender figure and dresses in a style which resembles the typical aristocratic attire which consists of a thin red dress, a white cloth wrapped around her arms and mid to lower body, and a silver necklace with a small charm on the front and lipstic.

Her specialty is extreme intelligence and Manipulation.

KAZEHANA: Kazehana wears a very short purple Chinese dress which shows her cleavage and belly button.

Her specialty is manipulation of wind with her wind sword (Kaze no Tachi).

SAYO HITSUGI: Sayo is a slightly tall, lean built person, who has lightly colored skin, with long blue hair and eyes that are violet. Her bangs are shorter and go off to the side of her face. 94cm-54- 82.

Her specialty was in heavy weaponry and healing.

MIKI TSURUGI: she has violet hair and red eyes. When she is doing her job, She wears a purple combat uniform.80-55-82 cm

Specialty is long range weapon.

YUKO SAGIRI: She has amber eyes and long light brown hair. Yuko's hair is longer than her knees and changes color from light brown to white when she uses her katana. she wears tight leather pants and a leather jacket. 44-24-36 inch.

Specialty in close range combat and swordsmanship.

MEIKO SHIRAKI: Meiko is tall and beautiful young woman with grey hair that she wears in a bun, brown eyes, a slim waist, a voluptuous body, massive breasts, thick thighs and considerably large and juicy buttocks. She is usually seen wearing the school uniform with a miniskirt that just barely covers her hind-quarters, oval shaped glasses, knee-length stockings, black knee-length boots and an open collar that shows her braless large breasts. Underneath her miniskirt is a purple string thong.

Specialty in physical strength and trap making.

MANAMI KATSURA: she is tall, slender woman and also very voluptuous, sporting the largest bust, she also wears a yellow dress, and often seen wearing sunglasses. 122-72-94 cm

Specialty in seduction and manipulation.

AGEHA KURONO: Ageha is a beautiful and busty woman in her early/mid-thirties and has shoulder-length light ocean blue hair which is tied in a ponytail with a purple maid headband that has one gold star on the left side. 96-55-85 cm

Specialty in laser beam from boobs and retractable claws.

GRAYFIA LUCIFUGE: Grayfia is a beautiful young woman appearing to be in her early twenties with back-length silver hair that features a long braid on each side with small blue bows at the ends.

Specialty in demonic power, High speed and illusion. She can fly.

RIRU ROKAKUJI: Wears bluish Kimono with exposed bust and naval. Specialty in Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Teleportation, Tornado Generation, Flight, Molecule Manipulaton (Via psychokinesis).

YUBELLUNA: Her attire is a dress consisting of a navy-blue tunic top with gold accents and a pale blue skirt with open sides, black shoes and over matching thigh-high stockings with garter belts. The top reveals much of her cleavage, and is held with a gold choker with blue and red jewel.

Specialty in demonic power, Fire style and flight.

VALKYRIE: Heavenly attire with moderate body.

Specialty in infiltration.

MIREI SHIKISHIMA: Mirei is a tanned-skin young woman with floor-length blond hair that has longish bangs, a long lock sticking up from the top of her head (The standard anime "hair antenna"), chestnut highlights and bright pink or purple eyes. Despite being long enough to reach the ground, she tends to wear it loose in a massive cascade down her back. 111-65-94 cm.

Specialty in extraordinary physical skills.

JIBRIL: She has long purple-pink hair that reach down to her knees and two white wings protruding near her hips. Her pupils are purple surrounded by a gold iris but a cross shape appears in her pupils when she is focusing on a task (such as performing a spell). Her ears are wing-shaped and she also has a halo over her head. She usually has her midriff exposed and wears a long skirt. She has also a slim and well-endowed body.

Specialty in bomb and knowledge.

Third one said Danger and it explained the spies who jiraiya couldn't convince to work for him turned against him and they are making attempt to destroy Jiraiya's operation.

VERMOUTH: Attire like Tsunade with blue kimino. Specialty in leading, disguise and infiltration.

LUST: Lust is a fairly tall and beautiful woman. She is slender yet voluptuous in build, and has a pale complexion. She has narrow mauve eyes and long black wavy hair reaching her lower back with short bangs parting at the center of her face while curving to the right and partially hiding her left eye. Her Ouroboros mark is located on her sternum, just above her large breasts. She is constantly seen wearing a form-fitting black dress with a low backside and no straps, black high-heel boots, and elegant black gloves with red lines running up the length to end with circles.

Specialty in Contaminant immunity, rapid regeneration and spear with finger-nails.

AKEGINU: She wears a deep red kimono which she ties with a yellow sash and wears a red skirt underneath, preventing her from being completely naked should she shed her kimono. Her eyes are normally brown in colour, but change to a shining gold when using her technique.

Specialty in blood projection and Kenjutsu.

ALDIA: Aldia is a beautiful young woman with long jade green hair, deep purple eyes and large breasts. Specialty in superhuman speed, skilled combatant and spear and shield.

AMIDA ARCA: he typically wears a button-down shirt, knotted at her midriff, exposing scars on her abdomen and upper chest. Specialty in combat and pilot.

ANASTASIA: She is a beautiful woman with long blonde hair, blue eyes and large breasts. In her appearance, she wears a blue, very revealing corset with loose. Specialty in ice style and Kunai.

Brandish: Green haired busty woman with golden swimsuit and golden overall. Specialty in altering matter with strong magic and enhanced durability.

Vasilisa Yuryevna Mostovaya: Vasilisa is a young woman who appears in her 20's with long blonde hair, a seductive face and well-endowed figure. She also wears an exotic dress which reveals most of her cleavage and she is often seen wielding a folding fan anywhere she goes. Specialty in fearless combatant.

IRENE BELSERION: Irene dons a risqué version of the typical witch's garb. Her black top has a diamond-shaped opening, exposing a portion of her breasts, and a heart-shaped pattern around the borders. It extends down to the naval of her stomach where it meets a large angular scar, is draped over by a dark-colored cape with a light-colored inside and two medallion gold-like ornaments, and is held together by a golden chain. Specialty in master sensor, agility, durability, enchantment and eye magic. Can manipulate geography and can turn into a dragon.

TIER HARRIBEL: Harribel has olive skin, aqua eyes, thick eyelashes, and short golden blonde hair; which she usually keeps messy with three braided locks. She wears a variation of the Arrancar jacket with a high collar, which covers the lower part of her face downward, while baring a good portion of the lower half of her large breasts. The jacket has a zipper running along its entire length, which is opened from the bottom upwards. It has a beige air filter on either side just below the trim. The jacket's sleeves completely envelop her arms, terminating in black glove-like extensions at her extremities, resembling the appearance of a cat's paw. Specialty in resurrection (zanpakuto), tactician and swordman as well s water style.

Naruto became quite astonished to see the woman rival with jiraiya and also his allies. Tsunade became a more important mission for Naruto then before to reach up to Jiraiya. Mikodo met up and the team and Naruto;s clone also send the location of Tsunade but it also had a bad news. He detected Orochimaru in that area.

[Next chapter will be Tsunade and some crossover and the chapter later will be a huge cross-over as you already have hint. Hope you all will like it.]
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