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Chapter 28: The legendary Sucker part-2

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Chapter 28: The legendary Sucker part-2

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Jiraiya and Naruto reached their destination following the Bikochu. Jiraiya was thinking about Naruto, how this kid became this much powerful, did he really befriended Kurama or his god-child is hiding something from him. It must be the second one. The Bikochu stopped in front of a bar. Jiraiya was quite sure of this place, he expected Tsunade nowhere except a bar.

Before entering the bar. Naruto made a clone to search for any unwanted entities. Naruto's clone informed him Orochimaru's presence, so may not left the village yet. The biggest concern was why he was here. They entered the bar and found Tsunade at the corner and one of her disciples was with her. Tsunade was nothing like Naruto's expectation. He was expecting a old lady but what he saw a stunt. Her disciple was also a piece.

Jiraiya and Tsunade was staring at each other while Mikado went up and hugged Tsunade's disciple.

"long time no see, Shizune, how are you?" Mikado asked her.

"I had many experiences, how about you? I didn't have the time to ask you and Aki to leave with us, I am so sorry." Shizune replied.

"It's okay, we have a lot to catch up." Mikado said.

Naruto understood they all were Tsunade's closest disciples. Naruto turned to watch the JIraiya. He went up to her and sat beside Tsunade.

"How is life, You flat chested old bag?" Jiraiya asked sarcastically. Naruto was quite shocked to hear the question to a woman with such gigantic boobs.

"Yeah, you can bark all you want, many dies for a flash of these jugs, you aren't getting any, so shut your mouth and spill why you are here." She asked.

"You are needed in Konoha, A boy is heavily injured and something big is going to happen." Jiraiya said.

"I left Konoha a long time ago and I don't plan on going back any time." She retorted.

"Sarutobi sensei asked for you, he wants to name you the next Hokage after him." Jiraiya conveyed the message.

Naruto suddenly noticed a huge change in facial reaction in Tsunade and Shizune for a bit but Naruto saw through it and he was also pissed that somebody will become hokage before him.

"I don't want to be the Hokage, it's lame, Hokage's die soon like the fourth." Tsunade countered.

"I wont except this whoever you are, nobody insults hokage in front of me, you old bag isn't strong enough to be a hokage, that's why she is groaning, let this woman go, pervy-sage." Naruto yelled out suddenly.

"You brat, don't talk so big, I can take you with my one finger." Tsunade yelled out too.

"Let's go outside then." Naruto took her out.

Naruto didn't know anything about her but he felt something is wrong and there is also history with her in Konoha.

"Be aware Naruto, she is the Grand-Daughter of First Hokage." Jiraiya told him.

Tsunade and Naruto took position outside. Naruto went out full to her with a Rasengan. Naruto knew it was incomplete but still wanted to use that. It was the jutsu of the fourth. Tsunade was also surprised. She dodged it and attacked Naruto's forehead with her finger.

"It's over brat." Tsunade smirked and suddenly she saw the Naruto infront of him dispelled. She never a saw a clone to sustain that long after her hit.

"Think again, old bag." Four Naruto's came out of nowhere and held Tsunade. All of them were using transparent escape jutsu. On clone used soft body technique to embrace her whole body. Another clone initiated chakra suction. One clone put her him genjutsu for a moment and another clone yelled out Takigakure stule: Mizikirune yuiba and hold the water blade to her throat.

Due to immense chakra absorption she couldn't initiated any jutsu nor move. She was put off out of genjutsu and she suddenly started feeling that few chains are surrounding her body and it stopped her all movement. It was nothing but the famous Uzumaki chakra chain but it has enhanced chakra absorption. Now she saw for the first time a boy appeared in front of him having chakra chains moving out of him.

"You are very powerful, but you are not at your full power due to your mental instability since your meet with Orochimaru. He will never give nowaki and Dan Kato-kun back." Naruto said.

Jiraiya and Mikado had no-idea what was going on. Shizune and Tsunade was surprised about the statement.

"I know about your meet with Orochimaru." Naruto pulled her close with the chains and put her hand in her kimino and straight in her cleavage to find out a necklace. Jiraiya was more surprised in this act.

"This is also something special, isn't it? I couldn't decipher that history yet though." Naruto declared.

"how do you know all this, brat? Tsunade asked.

"When you were talking with Jiraiya and refused his offer I understood something was wrong so I entered your mind with my mind transfer technique which you were not aware of and the story came to me." Naruto explained.

"What did Orochimaru said?" Jiraiya got serious for the first time.

"Well. I will spare you the details, orochimaru and Kabuto came and offered her to join them for completing a formula they are working on, and she refused but Kabuto held Shizune while orochimaru cut a fine line in her boobs which stunned Tsunade. due to her bloodphobia." Naruto pulled shizune and teared off her Kimino to show everyone the cut on her boobs.

"Then Orochimaru expanded his hand towards Tsunade's body and ended up holding her big boobs and told her if she wanted to have them pressed by Dan Kato again or hold Nowaki in them again. Orochimaru offered he can give them back if she goes with them" Naruto continued.

"She was too feared by the blood that she couldn't answer so they gave her time of two days to take decision." Naruto completed the whole story.

"What's with the locket then?" Mikado asked.

"Her past was quite complexly locked in her mind which I couldn't access due to lack of time." Naruto replied.

"He can't give them back to you but you can chase their dreams to save Konoha, the dream of every shinobi so I request you to come with us. I hope we can start our journey for tomorrow." Naruto said.

Naruto took the chains out and he saw Mikado and Shizune pulling her up. All of them took the same hotel to stay. Naruto was quite sure that jiraiya won't discuss with him about Tsunade as he is not sure of his complete power. Only one who can inform him are Mikado and Shizune. In the hotel everyone took a single room as they were very small.

Naruto checked that Jiraiya was with Tsunade to convince and console her. Naruto took this time to consult with Mikado and he should give some money to shizune for tearing her Kimono. Naruto went to shizune's room and opened the door and what he saw was nothing he expected.

Mikado's pink top, lab coat and black skirt was on the floor and she was on shizune who was also completely nude and Mikado was slowly cleaning the wound in her boobs while she was also kissing her in every interval.

They didn't notice Naruto so he used transparent escape and went in front of them and appeared. They were so shocked as if they saw a ghost. Naruto took a quite serious look as if he would tell everyone in the village about that.

"Please do not tell anyone Naruto-kun, Me, Aki and Shizune used to do these things while Tsunade-sama was fucked by Dan-kun in the next room as we were not allowed to date anyone until we complete our training, so seeing her after all these years compelled me to do this." Mikado cried out.

Naruto sat in the bed holding both their boobs and squeezing them.

"I won't tell anyone if you give the information I need, Tell me about Tsunade's locket." Naruto smirked.

They explained to him immediately about the locket of first hokage and its power as well as whoever Tsunade gave it to died. After listening to the story Naruto had a feeling that Tsunade would go back to Konoha but she may take a rash decision to go against Orochimaru too. As she was Jiraiya at that moment Naruto was tensionless for that exact moment.

"Well, you are in luck Mikado and Shizune, I will fulfill the lacking you were experiencing all this time." Naruto declared and he was thinking he was successful in every interrogation since he has the power of ibiki morino. That guy is a damn good interrogator. Naruto made a clone sent it to complete the rasengan.

"Mmmmph!" Mikado moaned as Naruto kissed her with great prejudice, smashing her lips against his and thrusting her tongue into her mouth. All this while teasing her cunt before thrusting into the pinkette, eliciting a squeal from the kunoichi.

This was while a clone of Naruto was being blown by Shizune. Her tongue swirls around the head of his dick, and he hisses in delight as she looks at him, her eyes lustful and cunt dripping. The two bitches were Naruto's property, and he intended to use them.

Naruto pounded Mikado, slapping his pelvis repeatedly against hers as she moaned. He also kissed and rubbed Mikado all over, his ministrations improving with his sex capades. Mikado's hot pussy accepted Naruto's cock easily and eagerly, every thrust making his cock shudder with great pleasure.

"Here's your treat, slut!" He groaned as he knotted her and shot a load deep into Mikado's womanhood.

Mikado wailed as she felt her cunt filled with sperm. While this was happening, Shizune had started to deepthroat the clone. She moaned as her head bobbed up and down, her lips slurping wetly along his cock as she kept her tits firmly mashed around his girth.

Soon, the clone started to reach his climax. "Fuck, I'm cumming!"

"Kuumph!" She felt her cheeks bulging as hot, thick, and sticky cum filled her mouth and burst passed her lips. Her eyes rolled back as the flavor made her feel dizzy and she began reflexively swallowing. After this, the clone had pulled out of her mouth before moving his head toward her cunt.

"Wh-what are yo-" Shizune's breath was stolen away when Naruto' clone began to work on her delectable pussy with his tongue and fingers.

"Oh Kami, no! Please don't stop!" she moaned as she ran her fingers through the clone's hair.

"Oh Kami, yes, I feel it! I'm cumming!" Cum she did as Naruto's tongue brought her over the edge, her body spasming from the pleasure. After this, the clone got her to clean his still cum-covered cock.

Shizune gurgled on the cock, her head bobbing up and down to meet the clone's thrusts. She sucked the sperm off the cock as the clone speed up.

"Last load!" The clone snarled.

"Yesh! Cum in me!" Shizune orgasmic howl was only stopped by the huge dong in her mouth.

"Fuck Yeah!" Naruto groaned, shoving his cock all the way down her throat again.

Thick white fluids gushed back out from the woman's lips as her eyes rolled back again.

Naruto was done with both of them, he marked them. Naruto now had a complete medical squad if he can tame that Tsunade. Naruto went back to his room as Shizune and Mikado was unconscious. Naruto checked that Jiraiya and he found he was sleeping. Suddenly Naruto Naruto heard a sound of banging at the door. Naruto opened and saw tonton. It went running towards Tsunade's room and found it empty.

Narto quickly called upon and Jiraiya and tonton started running. Naruto understood it knows where she may go. Naruto and Jiraiya followed her. Suddenly they reached an open ground and Naruto saw Tsunade standing there in front of Kabuto and Orochimaru.

"Naruto, you stay back, you won't be able to take on two sannins." Jiraiya told him considering Tsunade joined Orochimaru.

Naruto had a large doubt about it but he decided to listen to jiraiya for this moment. Naruto decided to watch through the initial stages. But he went closer t watch what was happening while Jiraiya decided to go around the battle field which supposed to take some time. Naruto closed on and he saw Orochimaru couldn't move his hands.

"Orochimaru, I cursed your hands and only I can fix it." Tsunade declared.

Naruto understood Tsunade was taking on Orochimaru alone.

"You are wrong Tsunade-sama, I am orochimaru's disciple because of my intelligence and another secret, if you do not co-operate with us then I have no way but to kill you." Kabuto said

"Chakra Scalpel" He yelled again and attacked on Tsunade.

Naruto never saw this attack but he saw Kabuto touched Tsunade in a few places and Tsunade was unable to move.

"I cut out your nerve responses you won't be able to heal now." Kabuto started laughing.

Kabuto went forward for another attack and he suddenly he heard a yelling.

"Needle jizo." Jiraiya's hear protected Tsunade and himself.

"Needle hell" jiraiya yelled again. Thousands of white needles went flying towards kabuto and hit him but he protected Orochimaru from the attack.

"My other ability is to regenerate superfast, this attack can't harm me." Telling that Kabuto went on to attack again.

"You are mine," Naruto yelled out and took Kabuto in his hand using his quick style.

"Why? Why you are saving me? Tsunade was crying.

"I will be a Hokage someday and a Hokage protects his shinobi's." Naruto declared.

"Take it, you traitor. RASENGAN" Naruto attacked Kabuto and it was brutal for him.

"Well, well, well, it's only three of us then, long time ehhh." Orochimaru stood up. His hands were workig again.

"Well, Naruto opened my eyes, NINJA ART CREATION REBIRTH: STRENGHT OF A HUNDRED TECHNIQUE." Tsunade yelled. Naruto was astonished to see that power.

Three of them summoned together. "Summoning Jutsu."

"So this is the famous deadlock summon hiruzen as talking about Chief toad, Katsuyu and Manda." Naruto thought.

Immense fight was going on their but Naruto was busy with kabuto and he cut through him with his sword. Kabuto fled the scene when Naruto again concentration on the sannins. Naruto wanted that powers bad. Naruto had no way but interfere and he inferred with his whole might.

Naruto used his clone jutsu and opened his Susanoo's used the chakra chains to flow. He used his quick style for movement as well as he placed the Hiraishin Kunais all over the ground. He used the complete expansion jutsu to enlarge his Susanoo and he initiated shadow binding zone, his own nara technique which grabs everything in an area with the shadow.

Naruto's clones also took the same position as they held Tsunade for all three sannins. The sannin trio was overwhelmed by Naruto's power. Naruto decided to use a new jutsu he created before this mission.

"Desummoning jutsu" it blocks any summon to dispel and binds the summons with chakra absorbing chains. Naruto created this jutsu to claim anyone's summon. Naruto jutsu bound gamabunta, Katsuyu and Manda. Orochimaru was first to understand among the sannins, it was not possible for him defeat Naruto at this stage and Tsunade is also a lost cause so he used his BODY FLUID SHEDDING TECHNIQUE to escape.

Naruto hold on to both of the other sannins. Orochimaru thought he fled by himself but Naruto let him go at the moment because he had some more business before heads on with orochimaru. Naruto was quite angry with Tsunade.

"What are you guys upto? Do you want to die so bad?" Naruto yelled angrily.

Tsunade was hurt bad and Jiraiya was also worn out. But they were so surprised with Naruto that they couldn't even talk. Naruto stored the bound summons in a storage scroll and then he took Jiraiya and Tsunade back to the motel. Naruto ordered Mikado and Shizune to heal Jiraiya and Tsunade and Naruto took Tsunade to his room as soon as she was healed and bound her again.

"What the hell were you thinking taking on Orochimaru alone?" Naruto asked angrily.

"Your obedience towards Konoha made to kill an enemy of Konoha." Tsunade replied.

"Well, you failed miserably, you miss dan-kun very much so I will make you forget him today, don't fight it because you won't be able to outsmart me." Naruto put off her clothes without giving her any chance to talk.

"Please give me bottles of sake then, I will try to please you for saving from that Orochimaru." She requested.

Naruto provided the sake and after some time he was Naked as the day he was born, arms behind his head to prop himself up legs spread apart, his eyes watching a head of blonde hair bob up and down, ass high in the air shaking from side to side. occasionally he would groan out as she hit a sweet spot, causing her to linger around the area, using her tongue to get the most pleasure for him out of her work.

She was mostly allowing her to hold her breath far longer than normal, keeping his entire cock deep within her throat for minutes at a time. Her throat constantly tightened up, flexing around him as she swallowed, then loosening giving him a wonderful sensation from the constant squeezing and relaxing. He felt her tongue lap at his balls, earning another moan from him, his legs quickly moved, wrapping around her head and pushing her head down, allowing her no way for escape.

He was surprised by her willingness to allow him to be a bit rougher with her, choking her on his cock, slapping it across her face, even letting him spank her repeatedly before they began from time to time.

"Gllrck Glllakh." Tsunade's eyes watered, her face turning red as she was held down onto his mighty cock, feeling it close, as well as stretch her throat out completely.

She bobbed her head as little as she could, a torrent of saliva sliding out of her mouth, covering the boys pelvis in the slimy substance. Her tongue still swiped across his nuts, over the past weeks her constant attention to them had made her fond of the salty taste, along with the occasional dried cum that was caught in the hair that covered them.

She looked up at him with a loving gaze, her own mind not sure how she was becoming so slutty to the boy in such a short time, but she just couldn't resist herself.

"Ah, fuck Tsunade im cumming!" His scream was loud enough he was almost sure anyone walking past the house would have no doubt heard him, a thought that a week ago would be terrifying.

He, finally allowing him to take full advantage of the situation, leading them to more and more risky situations. He was almost sure that his mom had begun to catch on to who exactly it was that he went to see on a daily basis, the smell of sake.

A sharp slap to his thigh brought him out of his thoughts, looking to see a nearly blue Tsunade, he quickly unwrapped his legs allowing the woman to release him, coughing and spluttering as she did so.

"Fuck, sorry Tsunade it just felt so good i didnt want you to stop." He said with a smile, causing the woman to blush as she smiled back.

Cough "Thats okay Naruto, im just glad you liked it." She watched as he stood on the bed, walking over as he turned her around, his height bringing her ass at the same level as his cock, using the two cheeks as he squished them together, pumping slowly.

She felt him hotdogging her ass, causing her to mewl as his veiny dick rubbed against her pucker, before sliding down to prod at her pussy. She waited for him to enter, but after a few seconds she turned back, seeing a troubled look on his face.

"W-what's wrong stud? don't feel like fucking my pussy? You can use my ass if you want."

She said seductively, swaying her ass back and forth, Naruto quickly got back up, his worries relieved as he lined his cock up with her entrance. He plunged in quickly, causing the buxom blonde to gasp, feeling like she was just punched in the stomach as his massive slab of meat pushed her cervix up. He held himself deep, grinding into her deepest parts before sliding his hips back, only to slam them forward, the two meeting with a loud slap his heavy balls slapping into her clit making her groan.

"God damn Tsunade, your pussy is so fucking good." Naruto moaned as he felt the sleeve grip him.

Their hips met as he pounded her, the spit covering his pelcis from earlier now coating her pale ass as they fucked. His hands moved down to the white mounds, rearing back and flying forward, resulting in a loud clap along with a scream from Tsunade.

Her left ass cheek turned a vibrant bright red, the skin even welting from the power behind it, causing the boy to smirk. His hands slid up to her hips, before he crouched forward, leaning onto her back, hands taking ahold of her tits, which swung back and forth from the brutal fucking. His fingers found her nipples, pinching the hard nubs roughly, causing the woman to moan out, her pussy clamping down on him.

"F-fuck Naruto IM GONNA- FUCK!" Her whole body shuddered beneath him, her cunt becoming like a vice. He felt a warmth wash over his cock, before leaning back to see her juices leaking down their thighs. He laughed, never stopping his steady rythm as the woman went limp, still fondling the gigantic boobs that found themselves pressed to the bed.

Narutos hips turned into a blur, the muscles of his thighs and ass flexing with each powerful push, he could feel the end coming, and was almost drooling at the thought of releasing another load in the blonde, her admission two days earlier about being off the pill spurring him on.

"Ngh, get ready Tsunade, I will make forget Dan Kato forever" Naruto said with a snarl, burying himself deep inside her, pressing against her cervix. He shook as the first shot rocketed out of his cock, painting the entrance to her womb white, as it opened to allow his baby batter inside.

The following six were direct shots deep inside of her, the woman gurgling as she felt the hot and heavy load enter her core. Panting, Naruto fell back landing ass first on the bed as the woman's ass slumped. He watched as his cum oozed steadily from her slit, the hole slightly gaped from the ferocious fuck he gave her. He looked at her face, eyes rolled back and tongue sticking out of her mouth, completely fucked stupid by the boy.

He smirked at his handy work, sliding off the bed and grabbing his clothes. He looked down at his body, his tan skin covered in Tsunade's cum, his own sweat her saliva and even some left-over lip prints from her ruby lipstick.

Naruto marked her and she gave him the locket. Naruto had complete medical squad now and he was discussing it with tsunade on bed while his cock was still inside her pussy and he was squeezing her big jugs. Tsunade wanted a lady who knows medical herbs the best and collects it and she suggested Mai of Kagetsu family. On their way back to home, Tsunade helped Naruto to recruit her.

Jiraiya had no idea that Tsunade became a obedient fuck-slave of Naruto, so he as quite surprised to see how Tsunade was abiding by Naruto after the last night. While on the way, Tsunade, Mikado, Shizune and Mai went a little bit ahead when Naruto started his important conversation with Jiraiya.

"I know about your spy network and they will have rendezvous with you very soon." Naruto told him.

"I don't know what you are talking about." Jiraiya denied the fact but his expression made it clear to Naruto

"Well, I even know that there is one anti-spy squad of yours and you expecting a huge attack from them and you are afraid that you alone can't save the network, After yesterday you must know that I am the only one who can help you." Naruto explained the situation very carefully.

"Okay, I admit you are telling the truth, What do you want?" Jiraiya asked.

"I want you to hand me over the network with all the spies as well as information about all countries." Naruto proposed.

"Why on the earth will I do that? There is nothing in that for me." Jiraiya replied.

"You know that, If I know about the spy ring then I also know about your deepest desire, I will make it true." Naruto said.

"You are kidding." Jiraiya smirked.

"You give me everything if I can make it true and you won't have to think about the anti-ring also." Naruto clarified.

"if you can make it true then everything is yours but I don't thin you can do that." Jiraiya said.

Naruto knew he could make it so he felt a sense of accomplishment. Naruto worked on a new seal worked out after capturing polt that the seal will force out the human form of any summon if there is any and if there is no human form it won't harm the summon in any way.

When they were near the house, Jiraiya departed to meet Hiruzen and Naruto entered his house and handed over the new girls including Tsunade for the ritual. Naruto ordered them to finish the ritual before night as he plans to give Jiraiya his thing at night. Tomorrow his two weeks will complete after the chunin preliminary.

Naruto entered his seal room and created the force transformation seal. At first, he placed gambunta in there and she was most likely to protest but naruto's overwhelming power stopped him. Naruto completed the jutsu, A bright light surrounded everything and then there was a tall and buxom woman with brown eyes and long, navy blue hair that obscured her right eye. Her attire consisted of a maroon, trenchcoat-like top with a wide collar, a matching miniskirt, and black heeled shoes. The trenchcoat top was open at her chest, giving view to her breasts and cleavage. She also wore a gold necklace around her neck. Naruto bound her and disarmed her of her double headed spear. Naruto asked her name and she replied KALAWARE.

Next, he placed Katsuyu. There was standing a voluptuous beauty with a huge buxom and slender figure. She has long messy pink hair and green eyes. Another noteworthy trait is a mark on her forehead. She named herself as Nonko.

Final placement was Manda, she was still protesting against Naruto thus Naruto put her in a genjutsu that portrayed naruto's true power and she was tamed. Naruto placed her and a woman with long dark purple hair tied in a ponytail, along with hair accessories at the end of her hair. She has light purple eyes and huge breasts. She wears a light pink kimono robe with black shoes and also has a black ribbon tied around her waist. She named herself as Okatsu.

Naruto was so happy that it worked out. Naruto the deadlock summons in his room.

"Its your chance to make me happy or suffer dreadful consequence." Naruto threatened.

Naruto lustfully growled as Nonko stroked his manhood and she smiled at him before Okatsu and Kalaware joined her. She leaned forward and licked the sweat off his neck before making contact.

Naruto's fingers excitedly flew forward and started digging into her innards. As she moaned from how fast his fingers w moving about inside of her walls, she slightly fell forward and he picked her up before pinning her on the bed. Naruto eagerly placed his erection between her breasts and she squeezed them together. He eagerly thrust his manhood into her bosom, she rubbed her orbs together on it.

"It's incredibly hard! This is gonna good." Nonko thought to herself as she squeezed her breasts on his member as he drove into them and he looked to Kalaware. She nervously laughed smiled at him before holding her hand out to him.

"You got me today, Naruto-kun." Kalaware started to say before he pulled her closer and started licking her lips before his fingers started rubbing her folds before infiltrating them. She loudly moaned as she felt his fingers digging into her walls and brushed against them while Okatsu stood in front of him.

Seeing Okatsu spread her folds, Naruto's head lashed forward and he began licking into them while she whimpered. The blonde's tongue licked into Okatsu's folds and the intensely licks made her legs begin wobbling.

"The only time I've his tongue so active like this is when he's licking the bottom of a ramen bowl." Okatsu thought to herself as Naruto licked into her warmth and Nonko opened mouth before placing it on the tip of its head.

Nonko moaned as she sucked on his member and stirred her tongue around the head. Kalaware mewled as Naruto's vigorously wriggled inside of her entrance and rubbed on her inner. Okatsu mewled as Naruto's licked her walls and tasted her arousal as it grew from his ravenous tongue. Kalaware closed her eyes and moaned as the blonde's fingers moved about her.

Nonko wasn't surprised that Naruto's length was as hard as it was and she sucked on the tip while stirring her tongue around it. She opened her mouth and slowly blew on his mouth before Kalaware slightly crouched to do the same.

Okatsu started to do the same before Naruto grunted at her and she figured that was his disapproval of doing so. So, she remained still as he licked her womanhood and his freely brushed on her clit before he stopped licking her.

Naruto's fingers took the place of his tongue as they rapidly rubbed and brushed her innards. He buried his head between Kalaware's chest and started licking into her cleavage. Kalaware wrapped her arms around Naruto's head and held him against her chest as he worked his fingers inside of her. The three women moaned as his pleasuring efforts and with amount of intensity he had, they all knew it wouldn't be long before their respective orgasms were met.

Nonko continued blowing on Naruto's cannon as he plunged it into her breasts and she was it throb before licking her lips. She planted a kiss on the front of his foreskin and sucked the tip once again.

She groaned as she felt Naruto's semen spew into her mouth and flooded the inside while Kalaware and Okatsu howled in pleasure as their fluids trailed down his fingers. Once their was done, Naruto removed his fingers and licked them while Nonko opened her mouth so the last of semen could splatter on her face.

Nonko loudly moaned in pleasure with her mouth full of cum and she swallowed the release before Naruto suddenly jumped back. He spread her legs apart and eyed her woman before licking her walls. Suddenly, Nonko was with her back against the wall and had Naruto licking into her womanhood with his hands groping her bosom. Kalaware and Okatsu were currently licking his erection with the latter pumping his erection.

Kalaware fondled Naruto's balls as he licked into Nonko's womanhood and she moaned as she felt his tongue making its way into her aroused tunnels. Naruto wildly licked into her in and lustfully growled as he felt Kalaware begin licking his testicles. Okatsu lustfully moaned as she pumped Naruto's manhood and brushed her tongue against his foreskin before sucking on the front. He buried his fingers into Nonko's breasts as her pussy and the priestess shivered with joy as he did so.

Despite the deep blush on her face, Nonko smiled the entire time as Naruto tasted her wetness and groped at her chest while her legs remained spread. She looked down at him

feral eyes exchanged glances with her before focusing on her warmth.

Naruto's fingers squeezed and kneaded at Nonko's tits as he licked into her warmth. Okatsu stroked his length and Kalaware's tongue worked in unison as they tasted the remnants from his foreskin. He felt his balls tightening and Kalaware smiled at this before returning to licking at his testicles. Naruto felt shivers of pleasure travel through his body and noticed Kalaware sucking on testicle.

Nonko reached and stroked Naruto's cheek as he wagged his tongue about inside of her walls. She closed her eyes and moaned in pleasure with her fingers and toes balling up a result. Judging how intense his licks were and how her womanhood couldn't last much longer against them, Nonko knew it was only a matter of time before she came while also knowing same applied to Naruto as well given his moans between growls.

Okatsu sucked on Naruto's length as he thrust into her mouth and she closed her eyes as it sped into her mouth. With a final spasm, Okatsu opened her mouth just in time for Naruto's semen to erupt from his member and splatter on both her and Kalaware's faces.

Both moaned at the heat of the blonde's semen and Nonko's own ecstatic moan was just as he eagerly licked her streaming fluids. Okatsu and Kalaware licked every drop of the war substance while Naruto licked Nonko's womanhood clean and looked to the two women pleasing his manhood.

Naruto grunted at the two of them and they backed off as they wiped their mouths. Nonko looked to see him standing up and she eagerly wrapped her legs around his waist. Grinning, he entered Nonko's womanhood and she smiled while he entered her insides with her virginity being no more in the process. The moment he was fully within her innards hips immediately bucked and grinded his swollen glory before he thrust in return.

Looking at one another before nodding, Okatsu and Kalaware started licking Naruto's heaving testicles as he shot his manhood into Nonko's wetness and he reclaimed his hold on he He sank his canines into the left one and she howled with pleasure at his teeth piercing her orb.

With her blush covering her entire face already, Nonko held Naruto's head against her chest as he gnawed on her breast and worked her hips in unison. Naruto's sweat rained do body and Nonko's eyes glistened with joy as he rammed himself into her tunnels.

Naruto's teeth worked themselves of Nonko's breast as he squeezed the other mound as it bobbed and jiggled about. Like smoking addicts who never put down their cigarettes, and Kalaware licked Naruto's balls for the still-dripping amount of semen and he moaned from their tongues.

He drove his hilt into Nonko's insides as she smiled with glee and he loud moans were suddenly silenced by his lips smothering hers upon releasing her breast. Pale lavender eye with savage ultramarine ones as Naruto's tongue licked into her mouth and was eagerly met by her own tongue.

Naruto's hips charged forward and Nonko's opposed his movements as she wrapped her arms around him with her fingers brushing through his sweaty locks. His fingers squeeze groped her chest as they bounced in his hands while Kalaware rubbed her palm on his balls.

Okatsu blew on Naruto's hardness as it thrashed into Nonko and both blondes opened their mouths to trace each other's respective lips with their tongues. A husky growl escape Naruto's mouth as he licked Nonko's mouth and moved his tongue to taste the roof of her mouth.

Kalaware's tongue slobbered on Naruto's testicles and managed to get in a few licks of Nonko's clit. Okatsu smiled as she felt the blonde's balls hardened over a short period of time Nonko did likewise as she felt his length's throbbing increase.

Naruto freed Nonko's breasts and placed his hands on her rear as he kneaded her lower cheeks. She smothered them against his heart and he began nibbling her neck as she held him. Her mind had grown blank as Naruto's member surged into her caverns and struck against her core repeatedly. Nonko's nails started digging into Naruto's back and she licked her while feeling her pussy growing tighter from his powerful moves.

Okatsu lapped at the juices of arousal flowing from Nonko's wetness and she was replaced by Kalaware as the nun licked at his testicles. Naruto wildly shot his member into Nonko's womanhood and her eyes slowly behind to roll to the back of her head as his cock throbbed inside of her.

He finished nibbling on her neck and held onto her as she grinded him while she beginning nuzzling his chest. Naruto's left hand relinquished Nonko's ass and replanted itself on bosom as he held up.

Naruto licked Nonko's tit for a while before ultimately sucking on it and Nonko mewled as he savagely did so. She looked to see his eyes turn red for a moment before they return their usual shade of blue and Nonko's body couldn't stand Naruto's thrusts any longer and her innards coiled around his member just as it spasmed.

Nonko practically screamed with pleasure as she felt her womb being filled by Naruto's cum as it exploded from her pussy and a blend of her juices and his release oozed down. As Okatsu and Kalaware eagerly licked their release.

Kalaware found herself on top of Naruto before taking a deep breath before spreading her legs and sinking her entrance down his tower. She lightly gasped as her hymen was taken loudly moaned at his size before placing her hands on his chest.

Once adjusted, Naruto's erection started striking into Kalaware's womanhood and she whimpered before steadily beginning to roll her hips right before he shot his upright. Naruto palmed Kalaware's bosom and his fingers buried themselves into the jiggling mounds before massaging the flesh.

Kalaware fell forward before placing her arms on either side of Naruto as her breasts swayed forward in his hands as he caressed and fondled them. She found her face inches away before he pressed his lips against hers and his tongue entered her mouth.

Though his tongue overpowered hers for a time, she started licking back against his as he toyed with her chest and her dark emerald eyes were met by his blue ones. Naruto placed hand on her back and held her steady as she worked her hips against him.

With the might of Naruto's movements thrashing into her, Kalaware found herself growing more turned on each second and moaned into his mouth as she dueled tongues with him. He rammed into Kalaware's warmth as she thrust down onto him and she moaned into his mouth before she sat back up.

Okatsu took this opportunity to sit above Naruto's head and his tongue licked into her womanhood as she sat over him. The brunette moaned from this before noticing Nonko sat on Naruto and she smiled as her fingers wriggled into her pussy.

Nonko moaned as Okatsu's fingers wiggled into her wetness and fingered her walls while Naruto drove his hilt into Kalaware's tunnels. He moaned as they were grinded and licked in Okatsu's warmth while his hands were replaced by hers.

Kalaware moaned as Okatsu groped her chest and she found Nonko's lips pressing against hers in the process. Their minds consumed by lust, their tongues started slobbering against one another while Okatsu felt Naruto's tongue savoring the taste of her innards.

Naruto groaned as he pounded his member into Kalaware's insides and his foreskin hit against her walls; making them rumble from his impacts. Suddenly, all three women howled as they reached their peaks and made their orgasms at long last.

Kalaware moaned at much of her stomach was flooded with Naruto's semen while half of it splashed out of her entrance and drained down the blonde's balls. Okatsu licked her lips leaning forward and licking the substance with Nonko joining in. As they licked the substance from Kalaware's womanhood, Naruto lifted her and sprang into the air before his eyes looked at Okatsu. He pounced on her and pinned to the bed before at her neck.

"Help yourself, Naruto-kun." Okatsu lustfully breathed and Naruto grinned before entering his swollen tower into her warmth with her smile growing out of amazement to his size took her barrier away. It wasn't long before he pummeled his manhood into her walls and she wrapped her arms around the back of his neck.

She smothered her lips against his while he drove his hardness into her wetness and she bucked her hips as her dark eyes looked at his ocean-colored spheres. He palmed her and squeezed it while caressing it nonstop.

Okatsu's fingers trickled through his hair until her left hand was softly planted on his cheek and traced his whiskers. Following his instinct, he reached out and his fingers found crotch before they started digging into her pussy.

Naruto and Okatsu moaned between their tightly sealed lips as he rammed his member into her wetness. She caressed his cheek while he started tweaking and pulling at her before looking up at Nonko. He rose his upper body and Okatsu allowed Nonko to sit over her before starting to lick into her wetness. Nonko leaned forward and her lips were reunited with Naruto's before an war between their tongues broke out.

Kalaware moaned as Naruto's fingers wriggled inside of her innards and rubbed her walls before Nonko's fingers reached forward. It was then that she started brushing Okatsu's clit Naruto's member banged and crashed about inside of her walls.

Okatsu moaned while licking Nonko's womanhood and the blonde woman startled fondling her breasts while Naruto's free hand did the same for her. Both of their eyes closed as groped her chest and dug his fingers inside of Kalaware's wetness.

The nun moaned before leaning forward and starting to lick Naruto's neck while brushing her hand against his chest. He groaned and Okatsu continued to moan from his impact rumbling her innards.

Naruto's fingers kneaded at Nonko's bosom as they slobbered and had their tongues do battle before he ended the kiss. Instead, he lowered his head and began gnawing on her once again as she held his head close to her chest.

She loudly moaned from his canines before Kalaware placed her lips against hers and the priestess moaned into the nun's mouth. Lavender and green eyes found one another as the fingers locked and held onto one another.

At last, Okatsu moaned as her tightness pulled on Naruto's length and his cum erupted from her womanhood as it splattered on both their crotches. Nonko and Kalaware's eyes was glowing with pleasure as they reached yet another climax before gasping for air.

Soon, Okatsu lie on her side with Nonko and Kalaware also resting for the time being until Naruto, aroused by her rear, entered her from behind. She smiled and looked back and blonde Jinchuuruki as his hips shot forward.

Nonko, Kalaware, and Okatsu were all drenched from head to toe in sweat and by now, each of their eyes were rolled into the back of their skulls.

Naruto was resting after his long sex session withOkatsu, kalawarner and nonko. At that time Yugao came and reported that he opening ritual of the girls were finished. Naruto called upon all the girls including the latest summon also. Naruto didn't wear even a robe; he went naked in front of the pool.

"Today is a very great day for me because our going to announce our latest medical ninja squad. I have already told you to train as a team and they will empower us, now I am going to announce them. At first Aki, Mikado, Mai and Shizune." Naruto said.

All of the came forward one by one and kissed Naruto's cock-tip and fed him their breast milk then lined up behind him.

"Finally, this team will be led by the legendary Tsunade Senju." She also followed the same ritual.

Naruto called upon the medical team and gave Gamabunta, Manda and Katsuyu to other girls to for inauguration. Naruto ordered the medical team his plan of them and jiraiya.

"Please, don't make me do it Naruto, Jiraiya has always been thirsty for my body, he will ravage me." Tsunade urged.

"Well, you can do it willingly or I will make it happen against your will." Naruto threatened her. So it was clear that no one could disobey Naruto in that house. The girls went out with Tsunade to make her ready for Jiraiya. Naruto sent a clone to call upon Jiraiya. Naruto came in front of the house when Jiraiya arrived.

"Put on this seal, pervy sage so that you can't share anything you have seen or experience here today." Naruto said.

Jiraiya agreed and Naruto put on he seal. Naruto took Jiraiya in and headed for a room. Naruto opened the door and said to Jiraiya, "all yours."

What jiraiya saw was outside of his imagination. Tsunade was hanged such that her legs wear spread 180 degree and her hands were also bound from the ceiling as well as her double pony tails. Below her was a bathtub of milk where four grls were standing who are none other than the three medical ninja and mai. They were scrubbing Tsunade's body with their own breast milk and in different intervals they were putting their fingers in Tsunade's holes to arouse her slowly. The whole room was full of franganace. Jiraiya entered the room.

"Welcome Jiraiya." Tsunade said biting her lower lips in a sexy voice.

This was not even in Jiraiya's dream. He had no idea how Naruto tamed that super powerful busty woman of his dreams. Jiraiya had no words in his mouth. He was slowly approaching towards the tub. When he reached the edge of the tub, Aki and Mikado came out of the tub and started undressing him. Jiraiya was raping Tsunade with his eyes.

Tsunade winked at her as his dresses was taken. He was not as big as Naruto down there but he was big enough to scare any woman. He stepped inside the tub and both the nurse were massaging him with their breast milks to flex his body so that he can go all out with Tsunade. While he sat down for a moment in massaging, Mai came forward. She had some herbs in her hands, she put them in her mouth to grind and paste and then he came in front of Jiraiya and kissed him in the lips by pushing the paste in his mouth. It was all Naruto's order to make Jiraiya get anything he wishes to do with Tsunade.

Jiraiya was already hard but the paste increased his energy, He understood it was healthy version of Viagra. Mikado was stroking his cock while Aki was jiggling his balls. Jiraiya became impatient and approached towards Tsunade. Shizune held Tsunade's boobs and squeezed it to spurt a shot of breast milk on Jiraiya's face. He licked it clean around his mouth.

"I have dreamt of this day for a long time, I never thought I could get you like this, you never allowed me to even touch those jugs of yours." Jiraiya said.

"I am yours today." Tsunade replied.

"Not willingly I know, but it doesn't matter, I will use you like my bitch as long as I can." Jiraiya yelled out with a slap on Tsunade's boobs. Noone expected that but Naruto forbade to intervene. Jiraiya held her with her pony tails and forced his tongue inside her mouth. Tsunade had to endure all that.

Jiraiya was all over her body. He was kissing, licking and squeezing her body like crazy. He started sucking her boobs and he was drinking the breast milk like a hungry monster. While he was sucking other girls put up their hands for stroking the balls and cock and occasionally putting fingers in their asses.

Jiraiya finished sucking then he went on to boob fuck tsunade followed by a deep throat. Jiraiya came in first time inside her mouth. He made her swallow every last drop. Then he started ravaging her pussy. He was stroking very deep. It was no trouble for Tsunade though as the Inauguration of Naruto's house was far more brutal then this. All of her holes filled at the same time with Naruto sized cocks. So, it was easy for her.

Jiraiya then went to her back and started fucking her ass. After giving a load o her ass, Jiraiya decided to take her off the hang. He did so. Then he was fucking her pussy by taking her on his lap so that he can suck her boobs again. It was going on for hours. Jiraiya was sometimes using the sidekicks also. Jiraiya understood at last that the power of herbs also wearing out. He put himself and Tsunade in missionary position.

He grabbed her boobs from behind and entered her pussy with a giant stroke. Tsunade got unconscious from that stroke and after a few minutes of stroking Jiraiya was also out keeping his dick inside Tsunade. It was the best night of his life.

It was morning, Naruto woke up and went to the room where he left Jiraiya. Naruto entered the room and he saw Jiraiya nude was half-submerged in the milk tub as he was unconscious. The four girls were slowly taking out Tsunade from that tub and she was also unconscious. Naruto called other girls also to help and ordered to call upon Jiraiya when he wakes up. Naruto needed to know the place of the secret meeting because according to the diary it was the day of meeting.
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