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Pepto Bismol Pie

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The American Dad characters in a 1960's Pepto Bismol Commercial

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This fanfic is based on a Pepto Bismol commercial from the 1960's. If you want to find it. Go to YouTube and type 1960s Pepto Bismol commercial.

A Caption Reads: Pepto Bismol Pie.

Francine puts a pie on the Smith Family's window sill. She hums a tune as she walks off into the kitchen. Roger and Klaus spy on her as they emerge from the bushes.

"Look Roger, Francine puts the pies out." Klaus says.

Roger said, "Wow Klaus! Frannie puts the pies out on the window to wait for it to cool down! Think we got first dibs!" laughs Roger.

Klaus and Roger steal the pies and run away. "And off we go!" both the alien and goldfish laugh.

Francine returns to the window sill. She soon notices the pies she made were gone.

"Where's my pies? I've been robbed! ATTENTION CIA! STAN! BULLOCK! HELP!" Francine calls for help.

Roger and Klaus were pigging out on the pies. As they are hiding away in a lower level of grass.

"Wow! These pies are kick ass!" Roger exclaims.

Klaus begins to moan, "But mein stomach feels like shit."

Roger soon feels sick from eating the pies, "Yeah, now I'm feeling it! Too much for me! I can usually stomach a lot considering I'm an alien. But not this time!"

Stan Smith and Avery Bullock spotted Roger and Klaus.

"A-ha! There's the pie thieves now! Ready Bullock?" Stan tells Bullock.

"Ready, Smith!" Bullock says. Then Stan and Bullock pull Roger and Klaus out of the lower grass level by their ears.

Stan and Bullock drag Roger and Klaus back into the Smith house. Roger and Klaus plead and object. Stan and Bullock were sitting on chairs. Now the CIA Agents had both Roger and Klaus over their knees about to prepare to give a spanking to both Roger and Klaus.

"Now you're going to get what you deserve!" Stan shouted over Roger and Klaus's cries for help. Francine walks in with a big spoon.

"Wait! Here's what the assholes need! Pepto Bismol! A good tasting medicine with coating action. The same kind of coating that works inside clogged pipes in your kitchen sick! But only, ths delicious pink stuff goes down in the guts to sooth stomach troubles!" Francine explains to Stan and Bullock.

As soon as Francine gave Roger and Klaus a dose of Pepto Bismol. Roger and Klaus felt better and were thankful that Francine saved them from getting spanked. Or are they?!

Klaus said sighing, "We didn't get a spanking!"

"But we got the pies! Let's do it again!" Roger dares.

Stan and Bullock pulled Roger and Klaus by the ears once more. "Get back here you little twats!" Bullock said. "Don't think Pepto Bismol is going to help you get off that easy!" Stan said.

Roger and Klaus were now getting spanked by Stan and Bullock.

"Now the only medicine you'll need now is some for a rash from this spanking!" Stan says.

Roger and Klaus yelp in pain as they were being spanked by Stan and Bullock.

Francine gives a closing statement, "Discipline is a great medicine for aliens and goldfish. But remember when it comes to stomach trouble. You need the great tasting pink stuff! Peptop Bismol!"

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