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Nicktoons Acting School

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The Nicktoons KaBlam and Hey Arnold introduce a Nicktoons Acting School.

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This is another SNL Skit inspired fanfic. Had so much fun with the PB & J Otter fanfic I did. So I decided to do one of KaBlam and Hey Arnold.

Henry and June appear on the stage. They introduce themselves.

"Hi there! I'm June from the Nicktoon KaBlam!" said June.

"And I'm Henry! Also from the Nicktoon KaBlam!" said Henry.

"If you're a cartoon kid or teen looking to up their game. Look no further. Welcome to the Nicktoons Acting School!" said June.

"At the Nicktoons Acting School. We'll teach you all the skills you need to star in your very own Nicktoon!" said Henry.

Scenes are shown of Arnold, Gerald, Helga and Phoebe sitting on bean bag chairs while watching others perform.

June goes on, "Nicktoons Acting is it's own Art Form. To master it. You're going to need a special set of tools."

A Caption Reads, "LOUDNESS".

Henry and June stand back to back. Now Henry and June are coaching Arnold, Gerald, Helga, and Phoebe pointers on how to act.

"On Nicktoons. Every person has to be the loudest person in the room. Watch!" June orders as she goes over to Henry.

"What's wrong, Henry?" June shouted. Henry shouts back, "If I don't get an A on my Science Project, I can't go boogie boarding with Daisy!"

"Then you should talk to Lisa into trading projects with you!" yells June. "GOOD IDEA!" screams Henry.


"On Nicktoons, every child is smarter than any adult!" said Henry.

Now Arnold has a sign over him that says, "ADULT." Arnold and Henry are interacting.

"Hey, sweetie! Want to see my stamp collection?" asks Arnold to Henry.

"Oh geez? Can I? I bet their super awesome!" Henry says to Arnold in a mocking manner.

A Caption Reads, "PAUSE AND DISS".

"You'll also learn techniques like the Pause and Diss. Helga and Pheobe are taking notes.

Gerald is now interacting with Henry. "First you have to pause and then destroy the person. Ask me if I like anchovies." said Henry.

"Do you like...." Gerald asks. Then Henry puts his hand in front of Gerald's face and says, "NNNOOOO!"

Helga, Arnold, Pheobe, Harold, Stinky, and Sid all watch sitting on bean bag chairs.

June had a stop watch then gives Henry a cue to diss Gerald. "I DON'T THINK SO!"

Then Harold, Arnold, Helga, Pheobe, Stinky and Sid all laugh.

"Plus we'll teach you how to master classic Nicktoon style moves like Eating Really Fast." June said.

Henry is shown eating cereal super fast. "Conspiring Against Bullies." June goes on.

Arnold, Gerald and Henry were all talking, "This bully gave me a black eye!" "How are we going to get back at him?" "I got a plan! Follow me!"

June says, "Spying Through a Window". As Harold, Stinky, Henry and Sid spy on a teacher.

"And, Doing or Seeing Something Really Gross that It's Almost a Hidden Sexual Innuendo!" June speaks out.

Arnold and Helga were talking, "Look what I found in this toilet!" "Awww! That's gross football head!"

Henry runs by, "It looks like a condom!" "And a personal favorite. Rejecting the Geeky Kid Without Getting To Know Him." June said.

Arnold, Gerald, Stinky, Harold, and Sid walk by Eugene in a disgusted fashion.

"Hey, guys! Want to see my Wall of Bugs?" Eugene asks.

"Get lost!" "Beat it!" "We already hate you!"

June and Henry were back to talking to Arnold, Harold, Stinky, Helga, Pheobe, Gerald, and Sid.

"At Nicktoons, it's all about sensory overlord. Make sure your clothes are as loud and insane as your acting." June said.

"However, you need to wear the same clothes in every episode!" said Henry.

"I'm auditioning for a role in The Fairy Oddparents. What should I wear?" asked Gerald.

Henry said holding up some clothes, "How about a bright yellow cap and a lime green t shirt with a race car on it?" "Oh and don't forget jeans and sneakers! You can't be a Nicktoon star if you don't wear jeans and sneakers!" June said.

"Or better yet. Let me show you this blouse I wore in the pilot episode of Kablam!" June says as she opens a covering that reveals a super brightly colored blouse inside.

Arnold, Gerald, Helga, Pheobe, Stinky, Harold and Sid all put on sunglasses as the glare from the blouse shines upon them.

"Angry Beavers!" said Harold. "I know another Nicktoon that begins with A! Aaaah! Real Monsters!" Sid joins in.

"SHUT UP!" Henry screamed.

As the skit ends, June concludes, "So come on down to the Nicktoons Acting School."

"Call today, you don't need your parent's permission to join!" said Henry.

A phone number is shown that reads, "1-999-NICKTOONS-SCHOOL" Then Henry and June start to dance around the stage.
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