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Flying Rhino In Family Guy

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Peter, Lois, and all their friends are challenged to a go-kart race against the villains in Flying Rhino Junior High.

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Brian and Stewie were walking to the Drunken Clam. Brian had a date. As the dog and baby duo were about to enter the Drunken Clam, they see a building had replaced the Drunken Clam called, Flying Rhino Junior High. "Oh, no. Is this going to be another senseless crossover?" asks Stewie.

"Afraid so," Brian said. A portal appeared before them and out came the characters from Flying Rhino Junior High. Then the villain. Known as The Phantom was running down the street getting out of a jewelry store with a diamond in his hand.

"We should tell Peter and Lois about this." Brian said. "Are we going to be a part of this too?" asked Stewie. "No, we'll let Peter and the rest handle this one. I don't want to do another crossover." says Brian. "Don't blame you there." said Stewie.

After Brian and Stewie told the rumor that got past the Quahog residents that The Phantom from Flying Rhino Junior High had stolen a diamond, so Peter, Joe, and Cleveland Jr arrived at where The Drunken Clam used to stand But now was replaced with Flying Rhino Junior High. "Well, here we are!" said Joe. "Yeah, and where the fuck is the Clam! Who the hell is The Phantom Earl P. Sidebottom, anyway?!" said Peter. Cleveland Jr was looking around, "Hmmmm, I don't see no diamond anywhere, I think The Phantom wants to play a trick on us! Trust me. I used to watch Flying Rhino Junior High." said Cleveland Jr. "Let's keep looking around, we're bound to find something!" suggested Peter. They kept searching for the so-called stolen diamond.

"Thanks for letting me come to help!" Cleveland Jr told Peter and Joe. Suddenly, a big Raticus came up from behind Cleveland Jr. without him knowing, the Raticus grabbed him from behind and covered his mouth. Peter and Joe saw what happened, and ran after the rat, but the rat got a gas bomb, and threw it at Peter and Joe which caused a huge smoke cloud. "Geez, talk about tear gas!" coughed Joe. "This isn't holy freaking sweet! We can't save Cleveland Jr, now!" coughed Peter. The golden rat carried Cleveland Jr to The Phantom's and 's throne room. Once the rat came there, the knocked on the door and Buford, Fred Spurtz, and Buzz Mulligan answered.

"Hello, rat! Whatcha got for us?" asked Buford. "Intruder captured!" said the rat as he handed Cleveland Jr over to them. Fred Spurtz and Buzz Mulligan grabbed him, Cleveland Jr screamed. "Thanks, rat!" said Fred Spurtz. "Please tell us your name!" said Buzz Mulligan. "The name is Rat Mouse! Now I will go back to my duties!" said Rat Mouse. "Okay, Rat Cheese, come back again!" said Buford. Buford, Fred Spurtz, and Buzz Mulligan took Cleveland Jr to where The Phantom and were, in the basement. "What do you have for us?" asked "A captive!" said Fred Spurtz. "Who captured him?" asked The Phantom.

"A rat, he's gold!" said Buford. "His name was Rat Cheese!" they all said together! "His name was 'Mouse' you dumb shits!" said Cleveland Jr says trying to fight back. "Oh, Rat Chee....." before The Phantom could finish, he and shouted, "Rat WHO?!?!?" "Cheese! The rat who captured this obese punk is called, Cheese!" Fred Spurtz said. "Yep, his name was Cheese, alright!" said Buford. Buzz Mulligan giggled, "Cheese! He had a funny name!" "You incompetent asses! That's not his name!" shouted The Phantom. "His name is 'Mouse'!!!! And he's one of the best rats ever made!" shouted The Phantom. "We thought his name was Cheese!" said Buford. "IT'S Mouse!!!!" shouted The Phantom and together. walked up to Cleveland Jr. "What have we here! Did you hear about that diamond, and went to go look for it?" asked The Phantom.

Cleveland Jr was too scared to answer. Fred Spurtz punched Cleveland Jr in the stomach and he landed on Buford. "Throw that pathetic shit in the dungeon! Cheese, ha!" muttered The Phantom. When were taking Cleveland Jr to the dungeon,
The Phantom ran up and kicked Cleveland Jr in the back. "Just remember that his name is 'Mouse' next time!" said The Phantom to the
"We'll remember." said Buzz and Fred together. "You won't get away with this! My friends will save me!" shouted Cleveland Jr. "Geez, those robots are confused!" said said Buzz .

"You're telling me!" said The Phantom. Meanwhile, at the outside of the junior high school where Peter and Joe were, the smoke cloud they were in faded. "I'm calling your wife Lois, maybe the others could help us!" said Joe as he called Lois on his cellphone. Peter was has a cellphone, "Ya,
know, we CAN use a little help, I'm calling Quagmire!" said Peter. A half and hour later, Conseula drove down to where she saw Peter and
Joe, and she crash landed, into an army of rats that were just about to get after them. "No no no! No no no! " said Conseula dizzly. Lois,
Bonnie, Cleveland, and Mort all drove to where Peter and Joe were. Conseula left. "What's going on Peter?" asked Lois. "Lots!" said Joe. "Cleveland Jr got captured by some golden rat, and me and Joe got caught in a smoke cloud after it threw something, and no we never found that diamond." explained Peter.

"Somethin' tells me that kid is playing a trick on us!" said Bonnie. Mort screamed, "Lets hoping that he's not!" Cleveland said,
"Mort, with The Phantom, anything is possible." Just then, a hovercraft came down next to them. Mort screamed, "Oh Jesus! The Phantom! Duck and Cover!" Mort ducked. Out of the hovercraft came Quagmire, Lydia Lopez and the students. "Does he always think we're The Phantom?" asked Lydia Lopez as she pointed to Mort. "Looks like it!" said Quagmire. Lois said, "Mort, come out of hiding, it's just Quagmire!" Mort got up and
sighed with relief.

"Thanks for calling us. Some kid came here to steal a diamond!" said Quagmire. "Yeah, we could all find it together!" said
Lydia . "Okay, everyone, move out! The Phantom, with diamonds spell trouble!" said Lois as they all spread thoughout the area to seach for the diamond. Just then, an army of rat army ambushed everybody, Peter knocked one down with a Roadhouse kick, Joe hits one with his fists, Lois kicked and hit one, as did Bonnie and Cleveland. Quagmire flew and hit a couple, Lydia Lopez and the students kicked and hit a couple. But the army of rat army just kept growing and growing no matter how hard they fought.

The rat army threw them all in nets. The Phantom, Buford, Fred Spurtz, and Buzz Mulligan came out of the Junior High School. The Phantom was clapping his
hands, "I clap my hands for you all trying to fight them off!" "Looks like you're not as tough as you all thought you were!" smiled Fred Spurtz
evilly. "Yeah, you're the dumb asses now! " laughed Buford. "Okay The Phantom! Where's Cleveland Jr and the diamond?!" shouted Lois at The Phantom. "You'll never find Cleveland Jr!" said Fred Spurtz.

"Yeah, he have him......" as Buzz Mulligan was about to finish, grabbed his mouth and scolded him. "The truth is, there never was a diamond stolen!" said The Phantom. "That's right, it was all a hoax to lure you here into our trap!" said Buzz The Phantom ordered the COMBAT Rats to follow them with Peter, Quagmire, and the rest in nets. The rat army were lead to a track. A type of track you would race on. The rat army let the Quahog residents and students go and left


On the track there were open-roofed go-karts. "Welcome to The Phantom's Track! Okay, fuckers! Listen up! This is the trap we were talking about!
A go-kart race." said The Phantom. "Yes, but there's only room for some of us." said Fred Spurtz. There weren't enough hovercraft racers for the
students, Cleveland, or Mort, there was only some for Peter, Quagmire, Joe, Lois, Bonnie, and Lydia Lopez. Who went to their racing go-karts. "No room for us?!" exclaimed Marcus Snarkus. "I guess we'll be watching on those bleachers over there!" said Billy O'Toole. "I wanted to beat that Phantom so
bad!" said Marcus Snarkus with embitterment. "Guess we'll have watch them on the bleachers over there!" said Ruby Snarkus as they all went to sit down. "We could always cheer them on!" said Cleveland. "Glad I'm not going be in that race!" said Mort. Back at the track, The Phantom was
explaining the rules of the race, "We don't race individually, we race as a team!!" said The Phantom. "Yes, only one team comes in first place!" said Fred Spurtz "Can the shit, The Phantom! Let's race already!" said an anxious Peter. "Just get ready to lose your all your fat!" said The Phantom angerly.
The Phantom, Fred Spurtz and Buzz Mulligan as they all got on their go-karts.

"On your mark, get set......" said Buzz, Phantom, and Fred together, as the go-karts were reving up. Right when Buford and Fred Spurtz were about to say go, Buzz Mulligan shouted, "Phantom's Gang, start your engines!" And all the Phantom's Gang took off in fast speed. Peter, Joe, Quagmire, Lois, Bonnie, and Lydia Lopez were going really slow. "Maybe your fat is making it go slow, Peter!" said Quagmire. "We're going slower than a turtle with a migraine!" said Peter. "Got that right!" shouted The Phantom as he past by them. "Later, losers!" shouted Fred and Buzz as they passed

Phantom shouted, "NA! NA! NA! NA! You can't beat us!" when they past by. "This is our trap? Slow racing go-karts?" asked Lydia Lopez. "I
guess so!" said Bonnie. Lois got out her iphone with Alexa. "Maybe Alexa can find out why we're going so slow. Alexa, why do
go-karts so slow." said Lois. "Searching...." said Alexa. The Phantom's Gang already completed the first lap, and had 4 more to go. Alexa
said, "These go-karts don't have enough oil. One option, put some in!" "We need oil for these go-karts! If we get some, we just might beat
The Phantom and company!" said Lois. "No wonder we were going slow!" said Bonnie. "They already completed the first lap!" said Lydia Lopez.
"The Phantom did this on purpose so we would lose!" said Joe angerly.

"How did you ever guess that, kid?!" asked The Phantom as he past by Peter and his friends. "Ha! Where did the turtles come from!" shouted Fred Spurtz as he past by them again. The students were cheering them on. "C'mon Peter, Quagmire! Win! Beat those Phantom's Gang!" they were saying. "Who's the fastest now, Peter?!" said The Phantom, Fred and Buzz as they past by them. The Phantom's Gang were in the lead. On the bleachers, a teenage girl on a motor-scooter came on, and had parked her motor-scooter next to the bleachers. "Meg!" What are you doing here!" asked Cleveland. "I came to see what was going on here, and why the students were here, I wanted to help!." said Meg. Billy O'Toole asked, "How did you get past the rats?" "I disguised as one!" explained Meg.

"Cool, Meg! But you should go back to where you came from! These people are losing to our enemy!!" said Ruby Snarkus. Meg saw that the Quahog residents were losing, "Oh, no! We've got to help them!" Meg implied as she slipped off the bleachers and landed on her on side. Meg shouts, "I'm going to be a part of this crossover one way or another!' "SHUT UP, MEG!" Ruby Snarkus yelled from above. "Now he is! So is Quagmire, Lydia Lopez, Lois, and Joe!" said Mighty. The Phantom's Gang were about to finish their last lap. The Quahog residents didn't really go around very well, they were ranking out. When the Phantom's Gang finished, they all cheered for themselves. "YEAH! WE WON ROUND 1!" cheered The Phantom. "This calls for a Pit Stop!" said Fred Spurtz. "After this Pit Stop, we're really going to beat you sissies in Round 2!" said The Phantom to Peter and Quagmire.

"If you know what's good for you, I suggest you quit, now! We're going to have a pit stop!" said Buzz Mulligan . "So, you going to admit we're better than you, Quahog residents?" asked Buford. "Yeah, really, you go, putz, putz, putz, putz! We're going to beat you again!" said Fred Spurtz. "We're gonna win! You're gonna lose!" Buzz Mulligan kept singing over and over. The Phantom's Gang all drove to the front of the track for a pit stop.

Lois suddenly had an idea, "Hey, guys! I got an idea!" The Phantom's Gang were too busy with their Pit Stop. The Junior High Students, Meg, and Cleveland came over to the track, Mort just wanted to stay where he is. "You guys go see Chris, and tell him what's going on with us. Ask him for that oil for go-karts." said Lois to them. "Sounds like a great idea, Lois! With that oil, we just might win! Right, cripple ripple?" said Peter. "Hilarious Peter! With that oil, I just know we're going to beat The Phantom and his cohorts!" said Quagmire. The Flying Rhino students, Cleveland, and Meg went off to see Chris. The Phantom's Gang's Pit Stop lasted 30 minutes and it wasn't over yet. "I have a positive feeling that we're going to win with that oil in our tanks!" said Joe.


"I'd hate to think of what would happen if the Phantom's Gang win again!" said Bonnie. Fifteen minutes later, The students came
back with Chris. "Dad! How's my favorite father?" said Chris. "Shitty. Seen better days, Chris. Did you get the oil?" asked Peter. "Sure did!
Meg and I will fill it in your tanks!" said Chris. "You're going to win this time, Peter! Things always work out for the best! Now you're sure to defeat The Phantom!" said Meg. "Thanks so much Meg! Want to know what else?" asked Peter. "What, Dad?" asked Meg. Peter then farts in Meg's face and runs off to the race.

"Good luck, dudes!" said Marcus Snarkus as he, Billy O'Toole, Mighty, and Ruby Snarkus went back to the bleachers. When Meg and Chris were done filling their tanks with oil, Chris said, "Good luck, Dad, Lois, Bonnie, Quagmire, and Lydia Lopez! Let me know how it goes!!" Chris was saying as he ran back to the Griffin house. "Thank you, Chris!" said Lydia Lopez. "Yes! We finally got that oil in our tanks! Now we'll put that Phantom punk son of a bitch in his fucking place! !" said Lois. "Beat the Phantom's Gang!" said Bonnie and Joe together. Joe pointed to the Phantom's Gang who were coming back to race. "Oh, no looks like their pit stop is over!" "Never fear! We have more oil now!" said Quagmire. "Too bad it's not KY Oil! If you catch my drift!" Quagmire adds on.


The Phantom, Fred, Buford, and Buzz were back from their pit stop. "So, ready to lose again?" said . "Time for Round 2 of this race!" said The Phantom evilly. "On your mark....." began Buford but he was stopped by Fred Spurtz, "No, I get to call it!" said Fred Spurtz. "No, I do! I was made first!" said Buford. "No, I wanna do it!" cried Buzz Mulligan. were fighting over who should say 'On Your Mark, Get Set, Go'.

"SILENCE! Nobody's going to say it, we're racing anyway! Cheese, huh!" said The Phantom as he and his bungling henchmen raced off.

The Phantom's Gang were going as fast as they were before. Then took off and they were going faster. Peter said, "Yo, The Phantomo-Whacko! What were you expecting? A turtle with a migraine?!" laughed Peter as he, Quagmire, Joe, Lois, Bonnie, and Lydia Lopez all past by the Phantom's Gang.

"They're going faster! How is that possible, master?" asked Buford to The Phantom. "I don't know they must have upgrades!" said a surprised Phantom. From the bleachers, The students, Cleveland, Mort, and Meg were cheering them on. "Face it, Phantom's Gang! You're going to lose again!" said Lois. "Yeah, right on Lois! Quahog is Number One!" said Joe. The Quahog residents have completed two laps before the Phantom's Gang were
done with their first. "Oh, no! They're beating us, The Phantom!" said Buford. "Why are they winning?!" asked scared Fred Spurtz. "I
thought we was going to win, and they was going to lose!" said Buzz Mulligan as he was on the verge of crying like a baby.

"We're almost done with this race everyone!" said Quagmire. "Looks like we're going to beat those Phantom's Gang again!" smiled Lydia Lopez at Quagmire. In no time at all, the Quahog residents were on their last lap. The Phantom's Gang were only on their second. "NO!!! THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!" shouted The Phantom. "WHERE WOULD THEY GET OIL TO BEGIN WITH?!" The Phantom continued to scream.

Peter, Quagmire, Joe, Lois, Bonnie, and Lydia Lopez all slowed down for a minute, Peter wanted them all to cross the finish line together
as a team. Just when the Phantom's Gang were about to go to their third lap around the track, the Quahog residents speeded up again, and cross the
finish line at an extreme speed with caused the Phantom's Gang's go-karts to spin non-stop. "WHOA-HO! HO! We lost again!" shouted Buford, "Wheee!
This is kind of fun!" said Fred Spurtz as he and the Phantom's Gang were still spinning around in their go-karts." Fred cheers. "This means we lost, idiot!" Shouted Buford at Fred Spurtz.

"I'm think I'm going to be sick!" shouted Buzz Mulligan. "Yeah, we did it!" cheered Joe! "I'd knew you would never lose, Dad!" said Meg as she ran down from the bleachers as did the students. "Quahog wins again, Lois!" said Peter. "It's a good thing we got more oil!" said Lois as they kissed. Quagmire tells Lydia Lopez, "When you turn 18...." begins Quagmire. "Uhh, I don't think so." said Lydia Lopez

"Nice racing, you guys!" said Cleveland. "I'm just a glad, I wasn't there racing!" said Mort. The Quahog residents got off their go-karts. "We win again, The Phantom! Live with it!" shouted Quagmire.

"Enjoy your defeat" said Ruby Snarkus to the Phantom's Gang. "We'll get you for this one day, Quahog residents! You will answer to us!" shouted The Phantom and together.

"C'mon guys, let's get out of The Phantom's Track! We have a friend to save!" said Peter as Lois, Bonnie, Joe, Cleveland, and Mort all ran to the Junior High. Peter lead the way to the Junior High and ran inside, Quagmire, Lydia Lopez, Billy O'Toole and the rest of the students did the same. Peter and Quagmire. They beat up any Raticus that got in their way. No rat could stop them let alone spot them. They went to the prison area of the Junior High.

"I'm over here you guys! HELP!" shouted a voice, which was Cleveland Jr's. He was being held in the last room. Peter and Quagmire ran to the last room of the prison with their friends not too far behind.

They saw Cleveland Jr in that cell, he was tied to a chair. The diamond was right next to him. Joe grabs the diamond. Peter stopped as did Quagmire and broke down the door with a Roadhouse kick, Lois ran in the cell and untied Cleveland Jr. "Awww, thank you guys! I knew you didn't forget me." said Cleveland Jr. "How could I forget you, you're my son!" Cleveland said. "You're safe now." said Lois. "Wait until we tell you our story!" said Marcus Snarkus. "We can't. We need to go soon so the Quahog people can tell the tale." said Ruby Snarkus. When Lois was done untying him, Cleveland Jr thanked everybody.

When he was done Cleveland Jr asked, "So, what exactly did happen with you guys?" "We'll tell you once we get back to Quahog!" said Bonnie. Later that day, everybody was at Quahog, even Chris. They told Cleveland Jr about their racing adventure. "Hey, students, maybe you guys could stay a while!" said Joe. "Yeah, like you guys, our work is
never done!" said Billy O'Toole. "To the portal." said Ruby Snarkus. Peter, Joe, Lois, Bonnie, Meg, Quagmire, Cleveland, Chris, Cleveland Jr, and Mort were waving good-bye to Lydia Lopez, and all the other Flying Rhino Junior High students. Even The Phantom, Buford, Fred, and Buzz were flying into the portal. Protesting and vowing revenge.

Disappearing into the portal to go back to Flying Rhino Junior High. The Junior High then turned back into the Clam. Peter gives back the diamond to the jewelry store. Peter, Lois, Quagmire, Joe, Mort, and Cleveland were all declared heroes. Chris and Meg had to go to bed because they had school the next day. Jerome gives them all free drinks then all the Quahog residents partied into the night.

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