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Peter Griffin's Mondo Video

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Peter gets his own YouTube channel.

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Instead of hanging at the Drunken Clam. Peter, Joe, Cleveland, and Quagmire were at the park. Joe was watching his daughter Susie, Peter was watching Stewie. "Thanks for agreeing to meet us here at the park, Cleveland and Glenn." Joe said. "We're all fathers that's for sure." Cleveland said. "At least here I can check out some hot single moms!" Quagmire says. "Why isn't your stepson Rallo here?" asked Peter. "Oh, he's spending the day with his real father." Cleveland says. "You know something, hanging out at the park instead of the Clam is kind of a nice change of pace." Joe observes.

"Yeah, it gets boring hanging around the same place all the time." agrees Cleveland. "The only downside is alcohol isn't allowed. Stupid fucking family oriented places!" Peter said with disgust. "We don't always need beer all the time. It sure does come in handy later when you're picking up a date!" Quagmire speaks. "Guess you're right. I miss beer." said Peter. "What's on your mind Peter." Cleveland asks. "I just want to do something really fun. Seems like I ran out of ideas." Peter said. "Why not try to make yourself a Youtube channel? I got a Tiktok account where I film my very own pornos!" Quagmire said. "Awesome idea! But what do I talk about?" Peter asked.

"Do movie reviews, or talk about your favorite shows." Joe suggested. "Yeah, Youtube channel! That's it! In fact. Maybe I'll do some fan theories and amazing facts!" Peter said. "Cool! There you go!" said Joe.

"Got something to start out with, how's this? Anyone seen the Disney cartoon Ducktales?" asked Peter. "Which one? The 1987 version or that crappy remake with the tough Webby?" asked Quagmire. "The cool 1980's version of course. Ever wondered why Huey, Dewey, and Louie all act the same?" Peter asks his friends.

"Yeah, I noticed that." Cleveland engaged. "I have a fan theory.....It's because they're clones!" Peter stands with confidence. "All right! You're on the right track with this, Peter!" Quagmire said.

"Wait, what if Lois finds out what I'm doing?" shudders Peter. "Well, do it when she's not around." says Cleveland. "Only problem with that is, she always has a way of snooping around my fun pursuits." Peter tells his friends. "Oh yes, I remember when we were all playing that game in your backyard when you pretended to be Bart Simpson getting hit by a car." Joe recalled. "The way she shrilled at me about that." Peter looks up in the sky then does a hilarious impression of Lois, "PeTeR! WhY ArE YoU PlAyInG SuCh ViOlEnT GaMeS?" Peter, Joe, Cleveland, and Quagmire all laugh.

"I'll never forget her voice that day, either." Quagmire says. "Then she goes WhY CaN't YoU JuSt Be NoRmAl! Be a HuSbAnD To YoUr Wife! Be A fAtHeR To YoUr KiDs and yadda yadda yadda!" Peter does the Lois impression again. "Didn't she deliver that same line with you when you were trying to find another decade to be into?" asks Cleveland. "Oh yes! Do you even have to ask!" Peter said.

Then Peter decides to do his Youtube channel the next day. When the time at the park was up, Joe and Peter pick up Susie and Stewie. Susie had Stewie buried in a sandbox. "GET ME OUTTA HERE, SUSIE! WHO DO YOU THINK I AM! MAD MAX!" screamed Stewie from below. Susie says in her head in the Patrick Stewart voice, "Suffer you bastard! Suffer!"

Thankfully for Peter, Lois was out getting groceries. So, Joe, Cleveland, and Quagmire were able to help Peter with his Youtube Channel in peace. "This is awesome! So glad Lois went out!" said Peter. "This is the best time to do your channel, Peter. When Lois is away!" said Joe. "You would not believe all the things I do when Donna is gone." adds Cleveland. Quagmire has an iphone on a tripod. "If Lois finds out she'll probably kill you Bob Crane style! If you know what I mean." Quagmire jokes.

"All right, Peter, smile for the iphone....and action!" Joe said. Pressing a button on the iphone, Peter begins his first viral video. His username is the same as it is on all the social media outlets Peter uses, "PUMPKINEATER69."

"Hello out there in Viral Video Land! I am PUMPKINEATER69. Welcome to my Youtube channel. Today we are going to be talking about Fan Theories and Fun Facts. First up, fan theories. We all know the Flintstones and the Jetsons right? Here's a cool fan theory I thought up. Both the Flintstones and the Jetsons live in the same time period. How do you ask? The Jetsons are living high up in the sky. Everyone up there in Orbit City has all the power, money and control. The town of Bedrock is way down below, and everyone there is poor and oppressed. Catch my drift? Anyway, here an a fun and amazing fact. For Thanksgiving Dinner in Italy, they have Woodpecker! It's true. Italians get a woodpecker, kill it. Plug and gut it then cook it for Thanksgiving. I used to live there once so I ought to know." Peter says into the iphone.

Suddenly, the four of them hear Lois coming hone unexpectedly. Peter says really fast, "Oops! That's all the time we have for today! Catch us tomorrow for more of PUMPKINEATER69's Fan Theories and Fun Facts!"

"Quick! Everyone leave!" Quagmire ordered. Joe, Cleveland, and Quagmire all scrambled out the house and the three of them ran into Meg's room and jumped out her window. Lois calls Peter from outside, "PETER! HELP ME OUT HERE WILL YOU!"

"COMING YOUR ROYAL HINEY!" Peter said with a sarcastic sneer. "Did you just call me your highness?" Lois said with delight. "Uhh, yeah sure!" Peter denied. "Oh boy! My husband thinks of me as a queen! I have to tell everybody! Peter called me your highness!" Lois said in an excited manner.


When Peter, Joe, Cleveland, and Quagmire all get out of work. They meet at the Drunken Clam. Peter goes on Youtube and reads the reviews for his newest video. The reviews were negative.

"Awww, son of a bitch! Would you believe these reviews!" ranted Peter. "Let's take a look," Joe proceeds. Going over the reviews, some people wrote in Quagmire reads, "There is no Thanksgiving in Italy." Cleveland reads a review, "That fan theory gave me a nightmare." "Where the fuck does this asshole get his information from?" asked Joe.

"I don't deserve these horrid reviews." cries Peter.

"You need to take a little criticism. Besides, it's only your first time, anyway." said Cleveland.

"Oh here is another review, PUMPKINEATER69 supports Woodpecker Abuse." reads Quagmire. "Here is one more, Maybe PUMPKINEATER69 has Woodpecker for Thanksgiving dinner and forces his family to eat it." reads Joe.

"What the hell was this person thinking that the Jetsons enslave the Flintstones?" reads Cleveland. "The Flintstones and the Jetsons are friends! This person has obviously never seen that direct to video crossover movie." Cleveland reads a review. "What I am gonna do?" Peter moans. "Woah! One more PUMPKINEATER69 is all talk and no action!" Quagmire reading one more bad review.

"I got something! Why not make your videos have action and suspense?" suggested Joe. "Yeah, I think that's what people want in Youtube videos." Cleveland added on. "So if I were you drop the whole Fan Theories and Fun Facts." said Quagmire.

"That's it!" Peter stood tall and proud. "Do some stunts and challenges on your channel." Quagmire tells Peter. "Yeah, that's what people want on Youtube." said Joe.

"Wow thanks for the advice guys! I was almost ready to give up! Come tomorrow, Youtube will see a totally new and different PUMPKINEATER69!" Peter said.

"All you need to do is look up popular challenges people do on viral videos." Cleveland. "Yeah, or come up with your own!" said Quagmire.

"Holy freaking awesome! Only problem is, Lois is home again tomorrow." Peter said with sorrow.

"I got it! Tell her you're going to work, and we'll meet you someplace to film your videos!" Cleveland told Peter.

"Great idea! It's cool to have friends who do my thinking for me. While I'm at it. Think I'll change my title too. From here on out I shall call my Youtube Channel. Mondo Cane!" Peter announces.

"Hmmm, I think there is already a movie with that name." Quagmire said. "Yeah, there was. It showed a woman breast feeding a baby pig or something like that." said Joe. "How do you know about that movie?" asked Peter. "Bonnie and I watched it when we were drunk." Joe answers.

"OKay, instead of that name, I'll call it Peter Griffin's Mondo Video!" Peter suggests.

"Yeah, that's better." said Quagmire. "More catchier than PUMPKINEATER69." said Cleveland.

The following morning. Peter decides to proceed with his new outlook on his Youtube channel. "Hey, Lois. Watch the kids. I'm going to work." Peter said. "OKay, honey. Have a nice day. The kids are at school." Lois called out. Peter gets a text from Joe that reads, "MEET US AT THE CLOSED AUTO MALL."

"Aww, sweet! Just got an idea for my next stunt! A Ricky Bobby challenge!" Peter said affluently. As he drove to the auto mall that was closed down. Joe, Cleveland, and Quagmire had everything ready for Peter's next video. "Hey Peter! You're here!" Quagmire said.

"I would not miss this for the world!" Peter said in a sing-song voice. "So what you going to do for your challenge today, Peter?" asked Joe. "Something Will Ferrell once did." Peter announced.

You going to get a little girl to scream at you about beer and money?" Quagmire chided. "Nope, I'll need a car for this one." Peter says. "You better use one of those broken down cars and not your own." suggested Cleveland.

"Don't worry. I know very well what I am doing." Peter says going inside one of the broken down cars. "Something tells me he's going to do a Ricky Bobby type of thing." said Joe. "Doesn't matter, let's just film him." Quagmire said to his friends. Turning on the iphone on the tripod, Cleveland shouted, "AND ACTION!"

Peter was inside the broken down car and started the engine. "Hey, everybody! I decided to give this Youtube thing another shot. Instead of Fan Theories and that other shit I did. I am now doing challenges! So, welcome to Peter Griffin's Mondo Video! Today we are going to do the Ricky Bobby challenge!" Peter said.

Driving the broken down car. Peter runs over a speed bump and the car flips into the air. The car lands on it's right side up and Peter runs out thinking he's on fire. "HELP! HELP! I'm on fire! I'm on fire! I don't wanna die! Oh God help me I don't wanna die." Peter screamed as he rolled around on the ground. Stripping off his clothes, Peter was running around in his underwear. "HELP ME JESUS! HELP ME JEWISH GOD! HELP ME TOM CRUISE!"

Stopping after running around, Peter goes up to the iphone and says, "Wasn't that hilarious Youtubers? Stay tuned tomorrow when I do another movie related challenge. That's it for now on Peter Griffin's Mondo Video!"

"Yeah! We did it!" Joe cheers on. "All right!" Quagmire said. "You're a way better Youtuber then Refrigerator Meg!" Cleveland complemented. "Wow! Thank you for helping me with this you guys!" said Peter. "Let's go to the Clam to celebrate!" Joe says.

At the Drunken Clam there was a standing ovation of cheers for Peter. Jerome walks up to the four lifelong friends and offers them free beers. "Magnificent job on the Challenge video, Peter! Free round of drinks are on me!" Jerome says serving Peter, Joe, Cleveland, and Quagmire the beers.

"This is so cool! It's like I have my own reality show!" says Peter. Going through his iphone, Joe looks at the reviews, "You now have better reviews than before!"

"If anyone knows what people want to see on Youtube, It's Peter Griffin! Let's give him a huge hand!" Jerome tells all the patrons at the Drunken Clam.

When the applause subsided, Quagmire asks, "What will you do for your next challenge Peter?"

"You guys would not happen to have any Mangalore costumes do you?" Peter asked his friends.

"What are you suggesting?" asked Cleveland. "We'll have our next Challenge video where that escape room is. As for the rest. Leave it all to me!" Peter tells his friends.

Just as before, the next day, Peter was telling Lois he was going to work. Lois believed him. But for how long? Moments later, at the escape room, Peter was filming his next viral video.

"Hey, everyone! Welcome back to another exciting episode of Peter Griffin's Mondo Video! Today we are going to do The Fifth Element challenge! My friends are in their Mangalore costumes. Ready guys?"

Joe, Cleveland, and Quagmire came out in the costumes. Peter says really slyly into the iphone, "You see where I'm going with this!" Peter also turns on a radio that plays a futuristic sounding operatic tune.

Cleveland dives at Peter who headbutts him. Quagmire goes after, and Peter kicks him. Joe comes up from behind and Peter punches him from the back. Quagmire punches at Peter but he keeps ducking and blocking his punches. Peter grabbed Quagmire then drop kicked him. Joe and Cleveland try to sneak up then Peter uses his back punch again.

Going totally insane, Peter throws Cleveland and Quagmire out of the escape room. Peter throws Joe onto a table. Quagmire comes at Peter with a sword. Peter kicks the sword. Cleveland uses a prop gun and shoots in Peter's direction and Peter giggles as he does back handsprings. Peter gets into a fighting stance and signals Cleveland to come to him. Cleveland runs in slow motion. Peter packs a punch that sends Cleveland flying. The finale comes when Joe and Quagmire were standing from front and behind Peter.

Peter uses some finger movements to make Joe confused. Peter then finishes them both off (it was all just an act) with an elbow jab and a knuckle sandwich. Peter takes a bow.

"Thank you! Thank you! That all the time we have for today!"

Joe, Cleveland, and Quagmire were getting out of the Mangalore costumes and they were all bloody and beaten. Joe coughs. Cleveland struggles to catch his breath. "Don't try this at home, kids." Quagmire drools. "Damn Peter, it wasn't like we were really those fucking monsters!" Cleveland protested.


As the week went by, day by day. Peter did some more challenges on his Youtube video. Such as the Momo challenge, after that, cinnamon challenge then the escalator challenge. When Peter was done. Now at home by himself. A doorbell was heard. Peter goes to answer it. Mayor Wild Wild West was at the door. "Hey, you're the new mayor. What brings you here?" asked Peter.

"I'm really enjoying your Youtube videos. You have a very popular following. So I want to give you this check!" Wild Wild West tells Peter. The check was more $50,000. Peter was ecstatic. "Wow! Thank you so much Mayor! You are way cooler than Adam West ever was!" Peter says to him. "Well, I gotta best be going now. Enjoy your day!" Wild Wild West departed.

Brian walks in, "Where did that check come from?" "Oh, uhhh, it's a paycheck for all my hard word and dedication to working at the Brewery!" Peter said. "Oh really. You didn't work there that long. Oh well. Whatever." Brian says walking off. Lois enters the room, "Wow! Peter! I can't believe this! A huge paycheck at work!" Chris, Meg and Stewie enter the room. "What's all the commotion?" asked Chris. "Peter got a huge paycheck from work." Lois announces.

"Wow Dad! I'm so happy for you." Meg says. "I mean, did you even do anything to deserve that paycheck?" asked Brian.

"Of course I did. Now that I got my paycheck I'm going to treat my family with it to a fun day!" Peter announces.

"Wonderful! You going to take us to a jewelry store?" asked Lois. "You going to take us bowling?" asked Chris. "How about the mall. You can get us all new wardrobes!" said Meg.

"Nope! I'm taking you all to the Quahog Fair! Who wants to go!" Peter says. Everyone expect Meg cheers. Brian could not help but be suspicious that there was some other way Peter earned all that money. "There's something else going on. I just know it, Stewie." Brian told the Griffin family baby.

"I'm on your side about this, Bri. I actually have access to cameras at the Pawtucket Brewery. Peter hasn't been to work at all." Stewie said.

"Ha! I knew it! I was right. There has to be another way that Peter had gotten that check." Brian confirms. "The truth does have funny ways of coming out." Stewie says.

Peter drives his family to the Quahog Fair. As soon as the Griffins get there. A carny stops Meg. "Excuse me. Would you be interested in taking part of a magic trick?" asked the carny. "Sure I could!" Meg said. "Perfect! Come this way!" the carny says lead Meg.

Seeing all the rides before them, Peter and Chris don't know which ride to go on first. "Oh boy! So many to choose from!" Peter said. "I don't know which one to go on first!" Chris says. "All I know is I'm going to get myself a huge lollipop!" Peter said. "I want some popcorn!" Chris said.

Stewie scoffs at Peter's and Chris's childishness. "Look at those two getting excited over Ferris Wheels and poorly made fair rides." "You're telling me." Brian agrees. On a stage not to far away, the carny from earlier says to an audience. "Come right up! Come right up! This way folks. You are about to witness the Wonderful Wendell. The Famous Sword Thrower! Watch him throw swords at this teenage girl!" The audience claps when Wonderful Wendell take his place on the stage. Meg soon found herself strapped to a target with an apple on her head.

The carny says, "Ready.....set.....throw!" Wonderful Wendell throws a sword that lands on Meg's heart causing blood to spurt all over. "AAAAAHHHHHH!" Meg screams. The audience laughs. Wonderful Wendell tells them in a clown-like voice, "Oops! Sorry I missed!"

When Peter and Chris were at the concession stand. They were indecisive which treats that wanted. The person at the desk got mad at them, "Come on! I haven't got all day! Pick something! Hurry up! What do you want! You need some Rixalti or something!"

A crowd walks up to Peter, "Hey, aren't you Peter Griffin?" asked a person. "Yeah, I am! How's asking?" Peter said. "Hey, look! It's Peter Griffin!" says a woman in the crowd. Soon Peter found himself mobbed by the crowd. "We love you Peter!" "Sign my breasts." "You're awesome!" "I want your life!" "You're such a fun person!"

Brian and Stewie take notice to the crowd surrounding Peter. "Why is the fat man so popular?" Stewie ponders. "This could be a way to find out how Peter really got that paycheck!" Brian says.

Peter was happy with the crowd mobbing him yet nervous. "Uhhh, hee hee hee hee hee! I really love that I have fans but...."

Lois breaks her way into the crowd of people blocking Peter. "Peter! What is going on here! What do these people want from you!" "I want him to sign my..." a woman says then Lois punches her into the ground.

"Oh, hey Lois! Popular fanbase I have here, hey?" Peter waves his hand.

"Get away from my husband! What do you all want from him!" Lois screamed at the people.

"Oh, you don't know?" "Peter Griffin has an awesome Youtube channel!" "Yeah, he does these kick ass challenges!" Wild Wild West appears at the fair. "That's right. I'm the one who gave him that check as a token of my appreciation for his Youtube channel!"

"A Youtube channel! That's what Peter has been doing all this time!" Brian said. "Lois finding out is going to be the final nail in the fat man's coffin!" Stewie vexed.

"What's the name of this channel? Boy am I surprised?" Lois says kick starting her anger.

"It's Peter Griffin's Mondo Video!" a man said. "What the hell man? Mondo Video?" Stewie said. "Is he serious?" Brian said.

"God dammit Peter! All this time you were gone. I'm thinking you're at work doing a great job and you're doing life threatening challenges on Youtube!" Lois starts in on her husband.

"Yes, Lois it's true!" Peter bites back. "This is how you're making your money?" asked Lois. "Yeah, deal with it! I'm sticking to it." Peter says.

Lois says, "But how are you able to do this shit behind my back?"

Peter answers, "Couldn't do it with you around. I had Joe, Cleveland, and Quagmire help me."

"Very typical! You've always been a sneaky person!" Lois shouts.

"Now that the cat's out of the bag..." Peter was about to speak then Lois cuts him off.

"No more! I will not allow the man I love to take stupid risks for the sake of social media entertainment and...."

Lois was then cut off, Peter tells everyone at the Quahog Fair, "Don't listen to her! I am not quitting! Since the Quahog Fair is going to be here for a month! I am going to announce my next stunt!"

"All right Dad!" Chris cheers on his father.

"Nothing is going to stop Peter from doing this. Not even Lois." Brian inclined. "Know what, let him. Karma is a bitch!" Stewie spoke.

"What is it!" "Tell us!"

"I am going to do a Bullet To the Head Challenge! Meet me here at exactly 3:00 pm sharp! It's going to be a blast!" Peter said. The crowd cheers and chants, "PETER GRIFFIN MONDO VIDEO! PETER GRIFFIN MONDO VIDEO!" "Way to go, Dad! Stick it to the man! Or in this case, the woman!" Chris cheered on his dad.

Lois charged in on her husband, "You know what? Fine! You win Peter! Do whatever you want! This is like Petey's Funhouse all over again!"

Brian comes to Lois, "Don't worry. I have a plan." "Okay, I'm willing to stop Peter whatever it takes." said Lois


Coming back from the Quahog Fair. Lois and Brian were looking over the Youtube channel known as, "Peter Griffin's Mondo Video". "My gosh. Peter is going to get himself killed with these stunts!" Lois observes the videos. "I know, right? He even did a challenge from The Fifth Element and almost killed Joe, Cleveland, and Quagmire. Though Quagmire would be an acceptable loss!" Brian says.

"Now Peter is going to pull the biggest stunt ever that's probably going to be the end of him!" said Lois. Looking over some more videos, Lois and Brian even see the Ricky Bobby challenge and some other challenges like the cinnamon challenge and the escalator challenge. Then on Peter Griffin's Mondo Video youtube channel, a message says, "NEW VIDEO!" "Play that!" Brian ordered Lois.

A video came on, Peter was saying, "Hey, everyone out there in Social Media land! I am Peter Griffin. And I am going to do a challenge that has never been done before!"

"We're going to make Peter Griffin's Mondo Video come to a screeching halt!" Brian said. "Let's go. There is no way in hell I am going to be a widow!" Lois said. "If Peter kills himself, your parents will probably set you up with some European playboy." Brian implies. "Never wanted that!" Lois says.

Getting inside his Prius, Brian and Lois go to the Quahog Fair. By the time they get there. A huge crowd was among Peter waiting for him to do his latest stunt. Joe, Cleveland, and Quagmire get out a huge cooking grill. "Here's that grill you wanted, Peter!" Cleveland says. "Thank you. Hmm, now where were we! Oh yes! This challenge is going to be called the 'Bullet In The Head' challenge!" Peter announces. The crowd cheers on for Peter.

"What the fuck is he trying to do?" Brian says stunned. "Have no idea. Attract cannibals maybe?" said Lois as she and Brian look at Peter standing on a platform at the Quahog Fair and the huge cooking grill beneath him. Then some cannibals come and surround the grill.

"Oh boy! This fat guy is going to be so delicious when he's grilled!"

"I get first dibs!"

"I want to eat his ass!"

"No fair! I wanted to eat his ass!"

"Oh yeah! I'm going to eat his penis and testicles!"

Lois screams in fear, "I spoke too soon!" "It's not too late to stop this." Brian said running off with Lois to stop Peter's stunt. Shoving aside the cannibals, Ernie the Chicken said, "Fuck you cannibals! If anyone is going to eat Peter Griffin! It's going to be me!"

Brian and Lois now were in the crowd. Peter Griffin yells from the platform, "I shall put this bullet inside my head! Hopefully my skull won't shatter like JFK! Well, anyway. Like I just said, I shall put this bullet inside my head. Then I will fall down and cook on that grill! Observe!"

Peter puts the gun to his head and was about to shoot himself. Quagmire does a drum roll. Brian and Lois push away from the crowd in slow motion.


Brian and Lois rush up to the platform. Lois kicks the gun out of Peter's hand. Brian bites Peter in the leg as a way to hinder his owner. Joe, Cleveland, and Quagmire run away with the grill. "This is going back to BJ's Wholesale Club!" Joe says.

The crowd soon moaned sadly that Brian and Lois had stopped the stunt. "Go home! Or you guys can stay but just go on the rides or whatever it is you people do at a fair!" Brian told the crowd. "There is not going to be a stunt today! So you all can forget about that!" Lois joined in. The cannibals made a getaway, "Come on! We're going to a South Seas Island!" Ernie the Chicken walked away, "Hell, there's always other times!"

"Brian! Lois! You cocksuckers ruin everything!" Peter said. "Yeah, with good reason!" Brian sneers in Peter's face. "You were about to kill yourself! And for what!" Lois shouts at Peter.

"I was having fun until you clowns had to find out about it!" Peter says.

"Did you really think you could keep this Youtube channel of yours a secret?" Lois said.

"Yeah, don't you ever watch the news? All those internet stunts that young people pull are very deadly." Brian reasons with Peter.

"My Youtube channel was a huge success! Mayor Wild Wild West even gave me a $50,000 check for it." Peter said.

"Why in the hell would you risk your life for doing such stupid things?" Lois wanted to know. "Yeah, you even played hooky from your job to do this crap!" Brian reminded Peter.

"Okay. I ran out of ideas of things to do. So I thought I'd try something I had never done before." Peter explained.

"Yeah we saw everything. You even did a cinnamon challenge! Why do you want to waste your life doing such ridiculous things just for a cheap laugh?" asked Brian.

"Oh great! Here some the big speech about why can't I be normal and all that other shit you spew." Peter rolls his eyes.

Lois tells Peter, "No, I'm not going to do that. The fact of the matter is. You're my husband and I love you. I never want you to do something that can get you killed."

Peter decides to put a stop to his Youtube channel, "Now that you mention it. No more Peter Griffin's Mondo Video. I'll leave the internet challenges to the young college crowd."

"That's the spirit!" Brian said. "At first, I was doing Fan Theories and Fun Facts. Then people slammed me for it. Thought I'd do all these challenges to get more viewers." Peter confesses.

"The thing you don't realize is you already have viewers. You always have the biggest number one fans ever! Your family!" Lois tells him.

"Guess you're right. Not only you guys, I have Joe, Cleveland, and Quagmire! Sometimes I just feel so empty that I keep wanting more." Peter said. "You don't need any more than us!" Lois said kissing Peter. "From now on I'm going to settle down and not do anything stupid." Peter promised.

"Now that's something about you that I love!" Lois says.

"Can we leave this stupid ass fair now? While we were talking, the Ferris Wheel broke!" Brian protests.

A bunch of people at the Ferris Wheel were getting run over when the Ferris Wheel went off the stand that was holding it. When Peter, Lois, and Brian were all going to drive back home, Peter says, "I got something!"

"What is it?" asked Lois.

"I'm going to do something with Youtube that men my age would do." said Peter.

"What could it be?" asked Brian.

"Going to start a Youtube channel about Gambling!" Peter announces.

"Can't you do something a little less illegal?" Lois asked.

"Well I don't know. Think you could up for Cock Fighting, Brian?" asked Peter.

Brian laughs when he drives down the street in his Prius to drive home, "Good Old Peter!" "Who else but Peter!" Lois laughs.

Peter decides to keep his Youtube channel to do something he had even tried before.....Murder Documentaries! Peter does the videos in a comedic sense with a Coke box on his head with Brian barking at him.

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