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Shamrock Shaking

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Stan Smith is sent to Ireland on a mission to find out who's poisoning the shamrocks. Their adversaries turn out to be King Adrias and Captain Grime from Amphibia.

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First things first. I wrote this because I was bored after coming back from my pickle tour. And I am getting SICK of Amphibia! Every time I go on fan sites there's always works about Amphibia!

Also, I wanted an excuse to write another American Dad fanfic. So I thought I'd write this fanfic to make fun of Amphibia for my praise of American Dad! Which is a billion times better! Any of you Amphibia fans come across this fanfic, do not read! Though I'd remind you first!

If this offends you, too bad! Freedom of Speech, baby!

In Ireland. In the middle of a grassland there was a box known as The Calamity Box. Out comes two amphibious creatures. One of them is a king and the other is a captain. Their names were King Andrias and Captain Grime. Not before long there was an unknown and disturbing force going around. All the shamrocks in Ireland are being laced with a deadly poison. They had a girl under their control named Marcy who was doing their biding.

"Ireland is the perfect place for us to invade!" said King Andrias. "Yes indeed! With Marcy under our control there's no telling what we can do!" Captain Grime agrees. "Nobody will stop us! Not even those stupid girls!" King Andrias says. "We stuck them in that box, they'll never find us here in Ireland!" Captain Grime says.

In Langley Falls, Virginia. Avery Bullock was on his computer using the Google Earth app. For the hell of it, he decides to look up Ireland. "Wonder how they old Irish pub is these days in Dublin?" asked Bullock to himself.

Checking out Ireland, Bullock gets more than he's bargained for. Bullock sees King Andrias, Captain Crime and corrupted Marcy causing chaos in the grass fields of Ireland.

"What in the fuck am I watching here! The movie Primeval? Smith! Get in here at once!" Bullock said feeling shocked and startled.

"Sir! What is it Bullock? Why did you want to see me?" Stan said rushing in.

"Was looking at Ireland on Google Earth to find out if that pub is still there." Bullock explains.

"You mean that pub that's near the red light district in Dublin?" asked Stan.

"Yes, that one. You won't believe what I found instead!" Bullock says. Using the Google Earth app on his computer, Bullock shows Stan what he had witnessed. King Andrias and Captain Grime along with a corrupted Marcy were spraying some type of poison on shamrocks in the Ireland grassfields.

Even Stan didn't know what to believe. "Damn, those creatures look like piles of shit!" Stan implied. "Yes, they even have some type of robot girl helping them out." Bullock says.

"Would you like me to check this out?" asked Stan. "Yes of course! I sent Jackson, Duper, and Dick on individual missions in different countries already. You Stan, I was going to keep around to do desk work. But not anymore." Bullock advised him.

"Ireland I shall go. Do we still have the CIA jet?" asked Stan. "Yes, you can take the jet. Our pilot will fly you there. And dammit! In the name of Jesus Judah Lion find out what those Satanic frogs are doing in Ireland." Bullock demands.

"At once sir!" said Stan. Headed off to the hanger to board CIA jet and goes off to Ireland. Stan sees a passenger on the plane who was Roger in one of his personas. Roger was wearing a green suit, blue tie, and had a blond wig on his head.

"Greetings Stan!" Roger said.

"Roger I know that's you. You're not fooling anybody!" Stan tells the alien.

"I am an FBI agent here to assist you on your mission!" Roger said.

"All right. Which persona are you this time?" Stan rolls his eyes.

"My name is Jay Edgar Cooper! FBI!" Roger introduces himself.

"I'm going to Ireland to check out a situation with frog people or something." Stan tells Roger.

"Never thought I'd live to see the day where the CIA has to deal with frog monsters!" laughed Roger.

Stan says, "Was hoping to handle this alone....sure as fuck don't need help from the FBI! The CIA is rivals with them! Always beating us at sports events!"

Roger said, "All the other agents you work with are already on missions. So you'll need me for this one, Stan! Did I mention I'm good at magic?"

"Okay you can help. Don't do anything to fuck up!" Stan said. "When have I ever?" asked Roger as if he were being insulted.

"You know, like someone finding out who you really are?" Stan reminded Roger.

"Oh yeah that's right. Not going to happen." Roger assured Stan.

Three hours later, the CIA jet landed in Ireland. Somewhere in the grasslands there was a man and his son were walking around the country roads.

"Hey, Dad. Are there any leprechauns around?" asked the boy.

"Oh shut up with that shit already!" shouted the dad.

"Dad, don't you know you're not supposed to swear at your kid. Mom says so." said the boy.

"Well, mom's not here now is she!" yelled the dad.

The Dad whose name was Harold, and son whose name was Jacob saw King Andrias and Captain Grime.

"What in the kiss the blamey stone are they!" shouted Harold.

"Oh look! It's King Andrias and Captain Grime from Amphibia! I love that show!" said Jacob.

"There you go again with the fantasy shit!" spat Harold.

"Let's go say hello! They're my favorite characters! I watch it because I like the villains." Jacob begged.

"No! If you think you see them, you must've gotten into my liquor cabinet!" Harold told his son.

"I haven't a drop of alcohol I swear by it!" Jacob pleaded.

Harold grabbed Jacob by the ear. Jacob protested, "I'm going to prove leprechauns are real! You wait Dad! You wait!"

Stan and Roger were driving though Dublin to try to find the grasslands.

"Hey, since we're in Ireland Stan. Perhaps we can pay Peter Griffin's biological father a visit." Roger suggests.

"NO! We are not doing any crossovers with Family Guy!" Stan said.

"Okay then. Bad enough they already had one with The Simpsons." Roger states.


In the grasslands. Some Irish Priests and Monks came to where King Andrias and Captain Grime poisoned the shamrocks. They hid away to watch if the poison will kill the Priests and Monks. Sure, enough, they all dropped dead like flies.

"Yes! Our plan worked!" King Andrias says. "We can rule the earth right here in Ireland!" Captain Grime implied. Corrupted Marcy asks, "I await your orders sirs. What would you like to me to do now?" she asked her new masters.

"Kill whoever tries to stop us!" King Andrias orders corrupted Marcy. "As you wish, masters!" corrupted Marcy flies away. In the car, trying to look for some grasslands. Stan uses his GPS system in the car he was using.

"Bullock said those frogs were in some type of grassland." Stan tells Roger.

"Ireland is full of grasslands. So they could be anywhere." Roger concedes.

"Coming up empty here in Dublin. Let's try Belfast!" Stan suggests.

"Good call!" Roger said.

In Belfast, as Stan and Roger were driving there. Corrupted Marcy was flying around the causing death and destruction all over. Corrupted Marcy shoots people with a laser from her fingers and kills anyone who comes near. Stan and Roger see the chaos unfold before them.

"Holy fuck! It's like we walked into the set of Westworld!" Roger implies. "But no Yul Brunner. Instead it's some thing that looks like a robot girl." said Stan.

"You know, I think she's the key to those frogs plan!" Roger says. "That's exactly what I was thinking. We'll capture her and get her to tell us what the plan is with these frogs she's working for." Stan agrees.

Jacob, who was riding in the back of Stan's and Roger's car had followed them to Belfast inside their trunk.

"That leprechaun is as good as mine! I'll hold him in my uncle's house around here!" Jacob said mischievously.

People in Belfast were running around scared and getting killed by the corrupted Marcy. "DESTROY! DESTROY! DESTROY!" Corrupted Marcy repeats herself. A man runs into his car trying to drive out of the danger. Corrupted Marcy shoots her laser at car tire. When the man inside tries to get away. The man in the car begins to skid off, however remains on the road. Then the man in the car finds himself about to crash into a huge gas truck.

The man remains in his car, only half of his car is blown away as he is still holding onto the steering wheel. Now the man is going to crash into a tank with a bomb on it.

"WWWOOOOAAAHHHH! WWWWOOOOOAAAAAHHHH!" the man screams. Corrupted Marcy shoots at the bomb. The man who was inside the car now finds himself on the tank with the bomb on it headed towards a fireworks store. Stan and Roger watch as they try to think of a plan to stop the corrupted Marcy.

"How in the fuck are we supposed to stop that!" Roger exclaims.

"I'll try my gun!" Stan said.

"But it seems too powerful for us!" Roger whines.

"Nothing can win against my gun! Not even robots!" Stan implied.

"SOMEBODY HELP US!" "IT'S THE ROBOTS! THEY HAVE TAKEN US OVER!" shouted the citizens. Stan tries to reassure everyone. Moving out of his way amidst the crowd. The man was now yelling for help finding himself going into the fireworks store.

"SSSSHHHHIIIITTTTT" The man who tried to go out of his way to get away from corrupted Marcy was now blown to smithereens. Stan ran towards the fireworks store and told the citizens, "Go home! Don't panic! Nothing to see here! Please desperce. Nothing to see here!" The fireworks store had a hold bunch of fireworks exploding all over. One of the men in the crowd says, "Bet anything this man is an American!" Another man in the crowd says, "Yeah, this is like something out of those Naked Gun movies!"

As the mayhem was going on, Roger finds himself being snatched by Jacob.

"Who turned out the lights!" Roger yelled being taken against his will without Stan noticing.

"May we ask who are you lad?" asked an Irish lady.

"I am Stan Smith! From America! A Government Agent! CIA to be exact. And I will take down this robot or whatever the fuck it is!" Stan tells the people in the crowd.

Jacob was headed towards his uncle's house with Roger in a bag.

"You can't do this to me! I'm am American! Well, not really!"

"Save us from this!" an Irish man demanded.

"I shall! Stay back everyone!" Stan says. Getting his gun ready to shoot corrupted Marcy. Stan aims it at her.

"DESTROY! DESTROY! DESTROY!" Corrupted Marcy kept chanting.

"Not if I destroy you first, bitch!" Stan shouts. Using his gun to shoot Corrupted Marcy, Stan shoots her and point blank range. Stan actually succeeded in shooting down Corrupted Marcy.

"I GOT HER!" Stan says with pride.

Corrupted Marcy lands in the ground, Stan picks her up.

"Give yourself up and surrender! Talk! Tell me everything you know!" Stan tells the Corrupted Marcy.

Meanwhile, at an apartment complex. Jacob takes Roger into his room.

"I hope you know you have kidnapped an FBI Agent! My name is Jay Edgar Cooper! I demand you release me at once!" Roger tells Jacob.

"No way! I for one know that you're not an FBI Agent! You're a leprechaun!" Jacob told the alien.

"Where the fuck did you come up with that bullshit!" Roger spat off at Jacob.

"Duh, isn't it obvious? That green suit of yours says it all! Oh and by the way, do not EVER yell swear words at me! I get enough of that from my Dad!" Jacob tells Roger.

"Ahhh, I get it, just because I wear green you automatically assume I'm a leprechaun?" Roger said. "I sure don't have one of those hats they wear!"

"Yes! Leprechauns are real and I'm going to show everyone back in Dublin!" Jacob says putting a Shamrock hat on Roger, "Now you have a hat!"

"You don't look old enough to believe in leprechauns. How old are you anyway?" asked Roger.

"Eight! And what's it to you?" said Jacob.

"Dude, normal kids that age stop believing in Santa." Roger decides to give in, "You know what? Fine! You're the winner! You caught me fair and square! I'm a leprechaun! All right! What is it do you want me to do for you?" Roger said.

"You do magic right?" Jacob said. "Yeah that's one of my specialties." Roger added. "Make me a pot of gold!" said Jacob.

"I can do that. First tell me why you need it." Roger said.

Jacob tells his story, "My dad began drinking when his grocery store began to go out of business. So to make my Dad happy again, you're going to use your magic to make a pot of gold. So my Dad and I can be rich! He'll get his grocery store back and he can be nice to me and play with me again."

Roger agrees with Jacob's terms and conditions. "You got a deal. Give me a pot. Oh and one more thing before I do this."

"What?" Jacob said with a sneer.

"After I give you this gold, you let me go! I came here to help a friend." Roger said.

"I promise you'll be free after you give me the gold!" Jacob says. The child handed Roger a black pot.

Roger began to make the so called 'Gold' the only way he knew how. To defecate. Lucky for Roger, he was able to. Into the Black Pot. Then to trick Jacob into thinking he really was a leprechaun he sings the Lucky Charms cereal song.



Back in Belfast. Everyone clapped for Stan when he subdued corrupted Marcy. "That'll show that bitch!" one of the men from the crowd says. Stan goes up to the defeated corrupted Marcy. Stan observes Marcy and sees she's being controlled by an AI. "Ladies and gentlemen. This girl whoever she is got corrupted by some AI computer." Stan tells the crowd.

"Get a confession out of her!" said a woman in a crowd.

"Okay, you're going to tell me everything I need to know!" Stan demands.

"All right. My name is Marcy Wu. I am working for King Andrias and Captain Grime. They used me to poison on the shamrocks so people will come and get killed so they can rule Earth through Ireland!" Corrupted Marcy told Stan her story.

"Thanks you were a good help!" said Stan, "But before you do anything else...." Stan shoots Marcy dead and the people in the crowd clapped for him.

"Wow! This man is a hero!" "Not bad for an American!" "He's better than Liam Neeson!" "Maybe we should stop hating the USA!"

Stan takes a bow, "You can all go home now. Roger and I will take it from here. Right Roger? Right, Roger." Looking around for Roger, Stan notices that Roger is missing.

"ROGER! ROGER! WHERE THE FUCK DID YOU GO!" Stan looks around frantically for his alien friend. His cellphone rings, and it was Bullock, "Hello? " answers Stan.

"Smith! I just located that grassland where those evil frogs are hanging out." Bullock says.

"Tell me, where!" Stan demands.

"I didn't notice this before. Guess my old age is getting the better of me. Anyway,the frogs are hiding away in Shannon." Bullock says. "Okay I'm on my way." Stan says over the phone.

"One more thing, be careful when you walk over the shamrocks. There have been many cases of people going there to pick up shamrocks, only to fall over from the poison and end up dead! I suggest you wear a gas mask, Smith." Bullock says over the phone.

"No problem! I won't fail you Bullock! Bye." Hanging up his phone, Stan tries to search for Roger.

"Please tell me he didn't get kidnapped by those frogs! ROGER! ROGER!" Stan shouted running around. Roger is behind him. "You called, Stan?"

"Roger! There you are! Why did you disappear? In fact you missed me defeat that robot girl. She told me everything." Stan tells the alien.

"While you were trying to stop her, I got kidnapped by a little boy who thought I was a leprechaun." Roger explains.

"That's not good." Stan said. "No it wasn't. He wanted me to give him a pot of gold to give to him to save his Dad's grocery store." Roger said. "I made a pact with him to let me go when I made the gold."

"Well, don't scare me like that anymore! I'm going to need your help going to Shannon." Stan says.

Jacob runs down the street with his pot of 'gold'. Unbeknownst to Jacob, the gold in the pot was a bunch of Roger's Golden Turds.

"Thank you Mr. Leprechaun!"

Stan said, "I'll explain everything on the way to Shannon."

Meanwhile in Shannon, King Adrias and Captain Grime were laughing in an evil sense seeing people pick up shamrocks and falling to their death.

"Nobody can stop us now! Nobody!" King Adrias said. "This place is so much better to do evil deeds! Who needs Wartwood Swamp!" laughs Captain Grime.

"Also those stupid school girls Anne and Sasha can cease our plans!" King Adrias. "Look at all those mortal fools! Falling to their graves!" Captain Grime says.

"We stuck them in the Calamity Box with no ways of getting out!" King Adrias says. A portal appears behind the frogs and two girls jump out. "That's what you think!" said two female voices.

"What was that! Who said that!" Captain Grime looks all around.

"Us!" said the female voices again.

Turning around King Adrias and Captain Grime see Anne and Sasha standing before them.

"What are you doing here in Ireland?" asked Sasha. "More important! WHERE'S MARCY!" shouted Anne.

Taking them a half of an hour to get to Shannon. Stan and Roger find the grassfield where King Adrias and Captain Grime are residing. "I'm glad you killed that Marcy bitch! Had she lived she would've killed again." Roger stated.

"Big mistake coming here after me girls. So you see I poisoned these shamrocks." said King Adrias. "Yes we even forced Marcy to help us with that." cackled Captain Grime.

Roger and Stan get out of the car, they were having a conversation about the mission. "Turns out that girl's name was Marcy and she was controlled by a computer!" Stan explains.

"Sounds like that Mark Zuckerberg biopic The Social Network!" Roger laughed.

"We're in the grasslands of Shannon now. Bullock warned me about poison." Stan explains. "Stan, I'm an alien. I can suck the poison." Roger tells him.

"While on the subject of movies, that was a line from Woody Allen's Bananas!" says Stan. Roger points to King Adrias and Captain Grime who seem to be in a heated argument with Anne and Sasha. "Are those them there?"

"Before we confront these frogs, use your alien powers to 'suck the poison'!" Stan orders Roger.

Taking a huge deep breath, Roger inhales the poison that exited from the shamrocks. King Adrias, Captain Grime, Anne, and Sasha soon took notice.

"WHAT'S GOING ON!" King Adrias says. "The poison! It's like it's going away...." Captain Grime could not believe his eyes as he sees Roger suck in all the poison.

"Ha! So much for your big plan, hey!" Anne says. "Now we are going to...." Sasha says. Everything comes to a halt when Roger and Stan walk though the grassfields and Roger has all the poison sucked into him.

"STOP! FREEZE!" Stan says pointing a gun at King Adrias and Captain Grime. Anne and Sasha wondered who they were.

"Who's that man with a gun?" asked a startled Anne. "He seems very violent!" Sasha said with concern.


"Who are you!?" shouts King Adrias.

"Stan Smith, CIA! I am here to stop your poison shamrock plans!"

"Oh no! That man swears too!" Sasha says as if she's never heard profanity before.

Roger looks at Anne and Sasha, "Who the fuck are you freaks!" Roger even takes a look at Anne only having one shoe. "What the hell happened to your shoe!" "STOP THE SWEARING! PLEASE!" shrieks Anne.

"If you must know, we came to a place called Wartwood Swamp." said Sasha. "Before that we lived in LA. Is it true? Yes we discovered the place in a box called the Calamity Box." Sasha continues. "Then we went into a battle with these two evil frogs who try to claim innocent lives and take over." said Anne. "What happened to Marcy!" Sasha begs wanting to know.

"Oh you mean that robot girl? We put her out of her misery!" Roger said doing the cut throat signal. "We had to. She's killed and she's involved with multiple murders and would have killed again!" Stan explains. "We know a lot about the Criminal Mind! Good show too!" Roger complied.

Anne and Sasha begin to cry. Stan and Roger ignore them and focus their sights on beating King Adrias and Captain Grime.

"You won't be able to defeat us!" King Adrias says taking out his sword. "We have swords! What do you have!?" Captain Grime dared the CIA agent and alien.

"We have guns!" Stan says. Then Stan ends up shooting up King Adrias and Captain Grime. The two evil frogs were still barely alive after Stan shot them up.

"Is that the best you've got?" croaked King Adrias. "Oh no we're not done!" Roger walks up to the now shot up King Adrias and Captain Grime.

Roger then burps the poison onto King Adrias and Captain Grime until they melt. "WE'RE MELTING...." "WE'RE MELTING....."

"Yeah yeah yeah! You're melting. What a world! What a world, right!" Roger stood proudly as he mouthed off sarcastically at the dying King Adrias and Captain Grime. Anne and Sasha though still crying about Marcy. Stood and stared in shock.

"My gosh, you two are the most violent people we've ever seen!" Anne cries out. "And we thought King Adrias and Captain Grime were evil." said Sasha.

"Get over it, bitches!" spouted off Roger.

"Yeah, aren't you guys supposed to be in school?" asked Stan.

"We're just going back inside the Calamity Box and tell everyone there...." Anne says walking off with Sasha. Stan then shoots the Calamity Box. Anne and Sasha scream with terror.

"Why did you destroy the Calamity Box!" shrieks Anne. "Yeah we were the chosen ones to go in there and save Wartwood Swamp!" Sasha protested.

"Yeah, well not anymore!" said Stan. "Like Indiana Jones said to Shia LeBouf, you're going back to school!" Roger joins in.

"What do you mean?" asked Sasha. "It's because you guys are children. And people your age aren't equiped to save the world. Or any world for that matter!" Stan lectures Anne and Sasha. Roger added, "Just because it worked in those animes like Digimon, doesn't mean it'll work for you!"

Anne and Sasha stutter. "That's right, Roger! Next time leave saving worlds to the professionals!" Stan tells them.

"Yeah, you guys can get killed out there! What the FUCK were you thinking!" Roger yelled at them. "That's why you guys went into that Calamity Box into that make believe world! You all did it just so you can get out of school! And look where that got you!" Stan told Anne and Sasha up straight.

Going on his cellphone, Stan calls the Ireland Truant Officers. "Hello. Are you guys those Truant Officers in Ireland? I got some girls here for you who skipped school for WAY too long! They'll be great at your boarding school! Thank you! You're coming for them soon? Great! Goodbye!"

"Well girls, enjoy Ireland Boarding School! Hopefully you'll forget about your fun in Wartwood Swamp for whatever it hell it's called. Who knows? Maybe you'll even end up joining a Dead Poet's Society! Oh Captain! My Captain!" Roger jokes with the girls. "Want to know who else went to boarding school? Natalie Portman in The Professional! Don't team up with an assassin!" Stan says.

Stan and Roger walk back to their car and drive to Dublin and leave Anne and Sasha to face their new fates. Moments after Stan and Roger left, the truant officers came for Anne and Sasha.

"Come on, truant girls! You're coming with us!" ordered the Truant Officers. One of them noticed Anne's shoe was gone, "What the fuck happened to her shoe?" "Beats the shit out of me!" says the Truant Officers to each other as they force Anne and Sasha into their van to drive them to the Ireland Boarding School Academy For Troubled Girls.

Making their way back to Dublin. Stan and Roger try to go back to the jet. Then they are stopped by Bullock.

"Bullock? What are you doing here?" asked Stan in confusion.

"I had a jet drop me off here. So, were you able to defeat those frog creatures?" asked Bullock.

"We both did! FBI and CIA ought to team up more often!" Roger says. "You know we did! They didn't stand a chance against us! Turns out they were from a fantasy world from some type of box!" Stan explains.

"Well done, Smith! Though I would suggest to never again to contend with FBI agents. I'll let you go for this time, Smith!" Bullock said.

"Thank you sir! I was happy to do it! Let's just say we gave those frogs and some girls a reality check!" laughs Stan.

"Alls well that ends well! Let's go back to Langley Falls." says Roger. "Not yet. Not only did I come here to see if you completed the mission, Smith. How about we go to that pub again I mentioned earlier to celebrate? Drinks are on me!" Suggested Bullock.

"This is the land of the drunks! I'm in!" agrees Stan. When Bullock, Stan, and Roger were on their way to the pub. Jacob drags Harold to see the leprechaun.

"What shit are you spewing to me this time, lad?" asked Harold who was super drunk. "Leprechauns do exist! That one over there," Jacob said pointing to Roger, "Gave us a pot of gold!"

Roger lets Bullock and Stan go without him for now. Roger wanted to see what Jacob was up to. Jacob shows Harold the pot of gold Roger made for him. "Look! A pot of gold to save your failing grocery store, Dad! It's a pot of gold! It's magically delicious!" Jacob sings.

Harold takes a look at the pot of gold and sees it's all Golden Turds. "Is this some type of joke! It's all shit!" Harold screams at Jacob.

"Now it's not! It's gold!" Jacob protested. Taking a better look at the pot of gold, Jacob now sees that it's golden turds. "Oh my! Those look like emojis!"

"That's okay son! I'm not mad at you." said Harold. "You're not? Can we cash them in?" asked Jacob. "Yeah we can! But first..." Harold said zoning in on Roger.

Roger soon finds himself being chased by Harold. "You fucking bloke! You gave my son golden shit! You made him believe leprechauns exist!" "BBBAHAAAAAHHHH!" Roger screams for help! "Come back here so I can kick you ass!"

"So much for me being a good samaritan!" Roger said running away from Jacob's Dad. Harold threatens, "I'll stew you into Angela's Ashes!" "Dad! Don't! That Leprechaun is good!"

Harold runs down the streets of Dublin chasing Roger. Jacob runs after both his Dad Harold and Roger. Stan and Bullock watch and laugh.

"No more FBI agents for me!" Stan laughs wholeheartedly. "That's why CIA is better!" Bullock says. Stan and Bullock both toast their health and drink their beers.

Anne and Sasha were staring out the window in their new digs at the Ireland Boarding School Academy For Troubled Girls. "I'M GOING TO GET YOU STAN SMITH!" Anne shouted from the window.

"YOU RUINED OUR LIVES!" "NOT ONLY YOU STAN SMITH! WE'LL GET THAT WEIRDO PARTNER OR YOURS TOO!" "WE WILL HAVE OUR REVENGE!" Sasha joins Anne shouting from the window. Then Anne and Sasha were pulled away by the ears by two nuns.

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