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With someone you care, even detention might be pleasant.

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Books from Malfoy Manor arrived just in time to allow Draco and Elvein to switch their minds from the previous, awkward night. The girl was grateful for not feeling alone in this war anymore. They have dove into the books, clutching desperately on the fuel of hope, which, unfortunately, faded quickly. It turned out Malfoy's ancestors found branding far more interesting than unbinding ones.

"Useless spoiled sheets!" Muttered Draco under his breath while stuffing one last book in his already packed bag.

"Don't be so harsh," coaxed Elvein. "For example, we found out that your great-great-grandfather Morphius used to carry a similar brand, which was put from your great-great mother, who suspected adultery. Surprisingly, when they both were over eighty."

"And since he deliberately left out on which part of the body he carried the brand, all we can do is guess." Draco opened his arms.

Elvein smiled so warmly that Draco almost sighed.

"Let's go. Mr. Filch must be waiting for us," said Elvein, whose face looked like someone who was caught in something shameful. She collected their last things and walked through a dimmed corridor.

"How are you feeling today, Mr. Filch?" She greeted the caretaker and petted Mrs. Norris's back. Surprisingly, the cat allowed her such impudence.

"Mr. Malfoy, your presence does not surprise me one bit. What are you doing here, Miss Tempels?"

"I also have detention."

"Huh! Rubs off quickly, huh?" Mr. Filch shook his head and declared, "Fine. You, Miss Tempels, will organize detention journals by alphabet on those bookcases. And as for you, Mr. Malfoy, you will clean the boys' lavatory. Stupid Myrtle clogged it a month ago. And no magic! I will check." The caretaker flashed his yellow teeth in a cruel smirk and left. Mrs. Norris's fluffy tail follows by foot.

"Such discrimination." Muttered Draco under his breath and rolled up his sleeves, catching Elvein's sympathetic smile as he disappeared into the fetid toilet.

After losing several battles with a stubbornly clogged toilet, Draco threw away the pump and shouted in the nearest urinal. "Myrtle!"

In less than two minutes, the girl's ghost swirled from the toilet. "Oh, hi Draco! I'm so glad you have called. Why have you stopped visiting me? We used to talk so pleasantly…."

"Myrtle! Could you first help me with this clogged toilet and then chat? My eyes are already watering."

The girl's ghostly pouted lip angrily, though, still dove headfirst in the toilet, generously splashing Malfoy from head to toe. The bathroom was fixed.
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