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Who is Demian?

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Let's discover who is Demian

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The Malfoys, during their whole existence, called half of the magical society Mudbloods. And now, the only descendent of this pureblood family stood in a moldy toilet covered with, most likely, Mudblood's feces.

"Idiot squib! Hysterical ghost! Not a school, but a circus!" Vainly trying to wash in the sink, Draco heard the girl's terrified scream. Abandoning everything, he ran as quickly as his legs carried him. His wet shoes slipped on the stone floor, and he fell painfully.

A wide-eyed and scared Elvein descended, while a bloody-eyed Demian was approaching her with his hand held out to her.

"My beloved one, did you think you could run forever? I have arrived, just as I promised."

Draco stood up and shot Demian with forgivable, unforgivable, and every single curse he could think of. Though Demian evaded curses with the single move of his left hand. Elvein just stood there. Then she erected her wand and whispered, "Ridiculous." Demian turned into ex-minister Fudge, entangled in his gown, collapsed on the floor, and disappeared.

Draco ran to Elvein, grabbing her as a sign of support, and rasped:

"Boggart. It turned into him, and you guessed."

"He would not have waited for me in Mr. Filch's bookshelf. Though I must admit, at first, I was scared too." Answered Elfy.

"Who is he, Elvein?"

"A descendant of Ekrizdis." The girl sighed audibly.

When it came to Elvein, the surprises had no end. However, the great-grandson of the dementor's creator was entirely unexpected. What could he do? So he just nodded.

"Draco, can you release me? It's just my head has started to spin. You know...the smell."
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