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March's Tokens

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The most unexpected guests decide to show up on the small island of peace and serenity, to leave their impact

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March's rain ruined all her plans. Instead of pleasant reading on the meadow, she hurried towards a small dormitory. When she ducked through the portrait, she found out that March's surprises did not end with rain. With their characterizing arrogance, a male and female awaited her in their common room.

"Mr. Malfoy, Mrs. Malfoy." Elvein greeted them with a slight head bow. An answer did not follow. Assuming they were playing the silent game would have been rude, so she continued. "Right now, Draco is at Quidditch training, but I assume he will be back soon. So, with your permission, I will take my books and leave."

"I was certain you were well aware of my son's schedule Miss Tempels, but I would like to talk to you." Lucius made several steps towards the girl and continued. "I would like to know you, and more certainly your plans towards my son. Miss Elf, or what do they call you? We have heard quite a lot about your family, your peculiar characteristics, and your interest in Draco. After meeting you, I must admit that I partially understand my son. You are gorgeous, even more - stunning, raised with nice manners, polite, and, as everyone assures me, very intelligent. But that does not change the fact that you are undesirable in our family! Where does your interest lie? In money? Name? Status? The dress you are wearing is quite simple, though the quality is seen from far away. I understand that beautiful girls need lots of beautiful things. If this is the case, I can provide it for you."

"Mr. Malfoy! It saddens me to realize that you have stayed blind in your assumptions despite everything. And since you have made such an effort for an acquaintance of "my interests", I will answer your question, though it is very insulting. I do not require things I can not afford. My family is not poor, but even if we had material difficulties, no one in my family would have disgraced ourselves to create contacts for profit, especially material gain. I will repeat myself about name and status: you have stayed blind to your assumptions. Some privilege of your family, which I do not deny, lays in the intellectual abilities of its members, not in material welfare nor so-called 'purity of blood.'"

Malfoy was taken aback by her answer. First, they eyed each other with surprised expressions, and only after that head of the family continue:

"You are still very young, though you must understand that purity of blood ensures regarding polluting generations from squibs and similar offsprings. Therefore I assume that this is exactly what part of yourself you are trying to compensate by engaging in a relationship with my son."

"From my part, compensating for my birth details would have been a huge mistake; a person is identified by his choices and actions and not his birthright. Your parents poisoned your mind, and you have done the same to Draco. With your blindness, you allowed dark wizards to control you like puppets. No matter what you tell yourself, Voldemort was the one who did the biggest damage to your family. Between Draco and me is friendship based on his dignity and honor. Not on anything associated with your family. You are the one insulting him by not seeing it!" Finally, Elvein took a much-needed breath and added quietly, "But who am I to judge you."

"How dare you!" Lucius screamed and started approaching her, but Narcissa grabbed his elbow, stopping him and whispering something. Elvein realized that she had allowed herself too much, so she continued:

"I apologize for my straightforwardness. I am glad to see you in good health."

She turned around and on her way out, bumped into a green Quidditch uniform-covered chest. Draco gently moved Elvein, shot his parent's glare, and said:

"What are you doing here?"

"We are still your parents, although you refuse to answer our letters for the second month straight. We came to see the reason." Lucius glanced at Elvein with a significant glare while the girl was trying and failing to leave the room unnoticed.

"I will leave now. I am already late for ... for..." - Before she could come up with what she was late for, Elvein slipped from the room and went where her legs carried her. In the corridor, she could still hear Malfoy's screams.


They were pouring on each other accusations as generously as raindrops on the roof of the castle. At last, Father completely lost his voice and stormed out of the room. Mom hugged him and told him not to forget that no matter what, they were still family and how much they loved him. Then she ran to catch up with Father.

As usual, he went towards Slytherin's common room, where he used to drown his troubles in fire-whiskey. But at the last minute, he changed his mind and searched for Elvein. Who knew what kind of nonsense his father told her. Plus, confessing to her became customary. He called it Elvein's magic. If you were capable of enduring her straightforwardness, Elfy would have turned into the most understanding, loyal, and empathetic creature in the world.

It took him time, but he did not give up, and in the end, he found her in the old defense class. Plush leaves were protruding from cracks in the windows. Their entangled stems were voicing Walts' melody. Elvein was swaying in the tact with incomparable grace. Hearing Draco approach, she slowed down, and before she could stop completely, Malfoy grabbed her, and the giddy rhythm of dance continued. The girl's tiny waist was utterly settled on Draco's palm, by which he directed her in the quickstep of a waltz. He thought they were hovering in the clouds, leaving earth with its sorrows and troubles. He felt that if they would stop, they would surely fall on the unforgiving ground.

"Is this not the melody from the ball?"

"Yes, it is," answered the girl's timid voice.

"What are you thinking of?" he asked the girl from whom he could not take his gaze off.

"I'm thinking that sometimes the tiniest details determine your life. We underestimate the power of the moment. One simple smile, or a single dance, can determine your whole future."

"Then why are you crying, Elvein?"

The girl just smiled at him. The music silenced utterly, and there it was; burst reality.

"It's because of my dad, right? Tell me, what did he say to you?"

"Nothing. OUCH!" Elvein felt a sharp pinch and jumped in pain and surprise, almost hitting Draco's nose with her head.

"Told you it would hurt! Now! Sit down and tell me, what the hell did he tell you?"

Elvein did not want to but still took a seat on the only half broken and dusty desk and told him.

"In short, he tried to pay me off to stop talking to you."

Draco hid his face in his hands. The shame! Seeing the boy in such devastated state, her heart throbbed:

"Do not judge them harshly. In their way, they are trying to protect you. By their ill prejudice, they are sure you are making a terrible mistake by communicating with me."

"It's because of their ill prejudice that I had to do horrible things. You have no idea what I am capable of, Elvein. If you only knew what I have done, you would not have ever looked at me like that anymore. They opened the door to The Dark Lord. They invited him to our home. They have turned my life into a living Hell!"

"Life that they gifted you."

Draco could not understand how she could defend them when only an hour ago, they insulted her so badly. How could she sit here now and look at him like that?

"So, now what? What should I do? How should I live?"

"Live as you think is right. Draco, please understand they are not young as you. Their ideology has formed long ago. No matter what, it would be almost impossible to change it. You have managed to see the truth, which they are not capable of. You live as you believe right, but rejecting them completely is very cruel."

Draco was close to bursting from excess emotions. From shame and anger, but more, from the love towards the magnificent creature, who sat right at his side and could understand him better than himself.

"So you suggest I forgive them. But can I?"

"I think that you already know the answer. But if you need proof, you still call him Father, Draco. Anger will pass. And one more thing, I have no idea what you have done in the past, but I know what you were not capable of. That means a lot."

Draco had no idea what he had done in his life to deserve Elvein by his side. He bent down and kissed her on the forehead.

"You smell nice," She mumbled as she kept her gaze on her fingers.

"I guess, compared to the toilet accident." Answered Draco, who has just recalled forgetting to shower due to his parents' unexpected visit.

Elfy stood up, stretched her hand towards him, and said:


"Where?" answered a stunned Draco, though to be honest, he was ready to follow her to the ashes of seven Hells.

"In five minutes, our patrolling duty starts." smiled Elvein as she floated away from the dusty, partially plush-covered room.
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