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Two Difficult Decisions

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Choices determine our lives. Choices determine us.

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Elvein sat in the library, her empty stare fixed on the window. From early morning, her heart and mind had been in a heated argument. She wished to just disappear from the earth, or at least, to stay under bed covers and never see the light. To cower from merciless reality.

The previous night made her think of lots of things. Draco was making her happy, though it felt like treason at the same time. She was blaming herself for letting things go this far. Her heart ached, but the promise made to herself was sharp in her mind. And the decision was already made.

Her heartbeat kept counting seconds till their meeting, which promised to be quite an elaborate one.

"Looks like McGonagall got to Slughorn. Can you imagine? I have received a masquerade invitation as well." Draco took off a heavy bag and stretched himself out on the chair in front of Elvein.

Madam Pince gave the squinted eyes glare to "silence violating vandals" as she often used to call them though she chose not to comment and disappeared behind the bookshelves with the floating column of books.

"Have you decided what you would wear? We could wear costumes with the same theme. We will be attending together, right? What's wrong? Cat got your tongue?"

"I'm sorry, Draco, but I can't come with you." A long silence followed that. Elvein did not dare to raise her eyes.

"Let me guess. This is because of your mysterious beloved one. Isn't it? Answer me!" Draco hissed through clenched teeth.

"Yes," whispered Elvein.

Draco did not answer. He grabbed his bag and left the library. On his way out, not forget to push the book from a third-year boy's hands, which landed loudly on the stone floor.

"Take it easy…

Think again…

Trust intuition…

Think with your head, not with your heart…

Remember what happened…

This will pass too…

Take it easy…."


In the pitch-black castle, on a red lounge chair, a young man dozed. He tried to sleep more frequently; thus, that's where he found his happiness. Even now, in his dreamland, he saw the past:

Hogsmeade's darkness sheltered him. Gaze fixed on lonely tree's routes. He stood there and waited. Soon, roots awakened, moving clods and heavy stones to open the passage. From there, shimmering beauty strode with steady footing. A smile crossed Demian's face. He could have approached her, but instead, he opened his arms wide and waited till the girl with a beaming grin ran to him, threw herself into his arms, wrapping her hands around his neck. Strong arms lifted the girl's slender frame and spun her into the air.

Reality robbed Demian's thin lips of a happy smile. Opening his eyes, he struggled himself not to leave the island and turn Hogwarts' walls into dust. He fisted his hands and poured himself a fire whiskey.
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