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Special Kittens Unit

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When Eek The Cat plays his favorite record too many times. Sharky Dog insists he help find some kittens who were lost.

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Something a little different and fun I wanted to do.

"In the criminal justice system. Crimes like stealing pets from the elderly can be considered especially heinous. In McTropolis there are police and authorities there who work for an elite squad known as the Special Kittens Unit. Did I mention they're going to get some help from Eek The Cat and his friend Sharky The Sharkdog? Well, anyway. These are their stories..."


One evening, an old lady was going to give her cats their nightly glass of milk. The old lady goes to the fridge. "Okay my little babies. Drink up!" As soon as she got the milk and poured it into their huge bowl, the old lady noticed the kittens were gone. She goes into a screaming frenzy.


A shadow was running away with the kittens. The old lady chased the shadow with her cane. "Gimme back my kitties! Gimme back kitties! Did your mother ever tell you to respect your elders!"

The old lady was unable to catch up to the mysterious shadow that stole her beloved kittens. "That's it! This calls for drastic action! I'm calling Detectives Boneson and Stables!"

The opening scene plays the 'Law and Order' theme song. The credits read: Starring....Eek The Cat. Sharky The Sharkdog aka Sharky Dog. Annabelle. The Squishy Bears, The Witch, and also starring Zoltar. The opening credits scene spoof ends.

Eek The Cat was happily dancing and prancing around in his bedroom. He was playing a record from his favorite music star. Frank Octra who was an octopus that sang smooth jazz. The Frank Octra songs kept playing over and over. "I'm moving and grooving and feeling so fine! Singing and dancing she said she'll be mine....walking down the street with a long vacant smile. Her hair drives me wild when she shakes it all about! A brown eyed lady who stole my heart..."

Eek The Cat begins to sing the lyrics unintelligible when he dances all around his bedroom. What Eek The Cat didn't know was, his music is disturbing the neighborhood because he was playing it too loud.

People all over were screaming, "SHUT THAT MUSIC OFF" "SOME OF US HERE ARE TRYING TO SLEEP!" "STOP IT NOW!" Some people were even shutting down their curtains.

The Squishy Bears who were playing checkers at their home, and even they could hear Eek The Cat play the Frank Octra sing from far away. "Puffy, oh Puffy! Looks like you're going to lose this round!" implies Wuz Wuz. "I'm losing because I can't concentrate with that racket from across the street!" Puffy yelled.

Wuz Wuz sits quietly and smiles as Puffy rants, "How could you just sit there and act like there's nothing going on!" Wuz Wuz just closed his eyes feeling content then Puffy screams at Wuz Wuz's face, "ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME!!!"

"Oh I'm sorry Puffy, did you say something?" asked Wuz Wuz who then went on, "I can't hear a thing with these checkers in my ears."

Puffy's face drops to the ground in disbelief, then picks up the checkers and puts them in his ears. "Checkers, hey? Let me try it."

"Ahh, finally some peace and quiet." Puffy sighs. The checkers soon dropped out of his ears, "I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!" Wuz Wuz gets some ear muffs and puts them on Puffy's ears. "Is that better?" asked Wuz Wuz?

"Yes! Now that's much better." says Puffy. In a laboratory, Elmo The Elk was fixing a machine he made with WD 40. "Just one more minor adjustment and my experiment will be last it's fit..."

Elmo the Elk's inventions were soon broken by the sound of Eek The Cat's Frank Octra record.

Soon getting mad, Elmo The Elk decides to put an end to Eek The Cat's playing the Frank Octra record on a loop. "That's the last straw! I'm getting Sharky for this!

Elmo The Elk made his way into Sharky Dog's house. He explains everything to him about how annoyed he was about Eek The Cat playing the Frank Octra record time and time again.

"Thanks for telling me, Elmo! Stand back, I'll put a stop to this." Sharky Dog says. Coming out of his house and going to Eek The Cat's house. Sharky Dog follows where the music was coming from leading him to Eek The Cat's bedroom.

Eek the Cat was still dancing around, singing the lyrics unintelligible that was until Sharky Dog barged into the room.

"Hey, Sharky! You're just in time! Would you like to move and groove with me?" offers Eek The Cat.

"No I do NOT want to move and groove!" shouts Sharky Dog.

"Why not?" asked Eek The Cat. "I'm here to put an end to this endless howling! Do you realize you played this record 250 times over?" screams Sharky Dog.

"Really? I was just trying to have some fun. My family is out eating dinner at Burger Barn." implies Eek The Cat.

"Well other people and animals in this neighborhood have had it with this hulabuloo!" Sharky Dog says taking the record out of the record player.

"Don't break it!" Eek The Cat begs. "No I will do such a thing. Besides. There are better things to do then play a Frank Octra song on a loop!" Sharky Dog says.

Feel offended and insulted Eek The Cat says, "Don't put down my favorite singer."

"I wasn't trying to put it down. Why not do something useful with your time?" asked Sharky Dog. "Well there really hasn't been anything going on lately that someone might need my help for. So I thought I'd just chill with my favorite record." Eek The Cat explains himself.

"Let's try to watch the news. Something is sure to come up." Sharky Dog says.

Leading Eek The Cat into the family living room, Sharky Dog turns on the TV. Sure enough, the local news was on. The news anchor says, "Stay tuned folks. While we experience this technical difficulty. Let's talk about some kittens who were stolen away from their owners."

Eek The Cat's ears soon perked up. The news anchor says interviews with an old lady who cries, "Please someone help find my kittens. I was going to give them milk, and the next thing I knew they were gone." The news anchor said, "Whoever is interested to help this old woman find her kittens. Please report to the Police Station. The Special Kitten Unit to be exact. The reward is free tickets to a Frank Octra concert!"

"Kumbya! I gotta get in on that!" Eek The Cat rose from the couch. "Excellent. I'll go with you too!" Sharky Dog says. "Great of you to offer to be my partner, Sharky! This is the exact thing I needed! Find some lost kittens for free Frank Octra tickets! It Never Hurts To Help!" Eek The Cat says ecstactically.

"Great! I got him away from that record. Come on, Eek! We're going to the police station!" Sharky Dog orders his feline friend. They went out of Eek The Cat's house and were now on their way to the police station.


Eek The Cat and Sharky Dog were now outside the police station. Walking inside the section that reads "Special Kittens Unit" they were stopped by a fish. "Who are you?" asked the fish. "I'm Eek The Cat." "I'm Sharky Dog."

"You guys must be here to help rescue some lost kittens, come right this way." said the fish. "You look familiar, are you from the Fish Police?" asked Eek The Cat.

"No, I'm the police sergeant. They call me Mr. Finn!" said the fish who was named Mr. Finn. "So, are you the one who is going to take this case." asked Sharky Dog.

"That's not me, you'll want to speak with them!" Mr Finn says as he was followed by Eek The Cat and Sharky Dog to another police room. Inside there was two detectives, a border collie female dog and a male horse. Their names were Olivia Boneson and Elliot Stables.

"Well hello. We were expecting somebody to help us find these kittens. I'm Detective Olivia Boneson."

"And I'm Elliot Stables. I'm a detective too. Pleased to meet you."

"Glad we can be of some help." said Eek The Cat.

"We heard your news report and we just could not resist this opportunity." Sharky said.

"We also want to contribute because there's some concert tickets to my favorite singer!" Eek The Cat says.

"Oh yes. Frank Octra. I love his music too." said Elliot Stables.

"Getting down to business here, do you know of anyone you know who might have stolen these kittens?" asked Olivia Boneson.

"Do you guys have any enemies? Or does the old lady that you know of?" asked Elliot Stables.

"Yes, I know someone who might've done this." Eek The Cat says.

"Do you know where we can find these sick people who stole these kittens?" Olivia Boneson asked.

"Yes, they run a space station so to speak." Eek The Cat explains.

"Their names are Hank and Jib." said Sharky Dog.

"Think we got our first suspects." said Elliot Stables. "Could these scientists have kidnapped the kittens so they can put them in a spaceship?" said Olivia Boneson.

"First stop at the space station. Let's roll!" Elliot Stables says.

Eek The Cat, Sharky Dog, Olivia Boneson, and Elliot Stables were on their way to the space station.



10:00 PM

Hank and Jib the scientists at the space station were having their usual conversation.

"So, Hank. What do you want to do today?"

"Well, I don't know, Jib. What do YOU want to do today?"

"What do you want to do?"

"What do you want to do?"

"Why are you asking me this, Jib. We're smart scientists." implies Hank.

"Why do you always ask me what I want to do. Even scientists can be indecisive every now and then." Jib answers back.

Breaking into the Space Station, Eek The Cat, Sharky Dog, Olivia Boneson, and Elliot Stables have Jib and Hank cornered against their work station.

"FREEZE POLICE!" Elliot Stables yelled. "The police?" asked Hank. "What in the world do they want I wonder?" asked Jib.

"We have reason to believe you stole some kittens from an old lady!" Olivia Boneson demands.

"Yeah, you're going to shoot them up into space, aren't you?" Eek The Cat said.

"Why else do you have a Hubble Space Telescope?" asked Sharky Dog.

"To look at planets!" implies Hank. "Nonsense! You kidnapped an old lady's kittens so you can put them in a rocket ship! Am I right?" Elliot Stables says.

"You have no right to launch kittens into space. The Russians already did that with dogs. Just saying." informed Sharky Dog.

"Yeah, where were you both between the times of 8-10pm?" asked Eek The Cat. "We were right here." said Jib. "We'll look into that, Eek, Sharky. Want to help us search this place for clues?" asked Olivia Boneson.

"Sure! I'd love to!" said Eek The Cat.

"You can't search without a warrant!" said Hank. Olivia Boneson, Elliot Stables, Eek the Cat, and Sharky Dog all searched around the space station and ended up with nothing.

"See? We told you." said Hank. "We had nothing to do with kidnapping kittens." said Jib. "Okay, everything checks out." Elliot Stables said. "All we found was coffee." Sharky Dog says rolling his eyes.

"Coffee! That's it! That's what we can do! Coffee!" said Jib. "Count me in, too!" said Hank.

"Oh yes these guys sure love a cup of joe." said Eek the Cat. "All right. Eek. Sharky. Do you know anyone else you think could've kidnapped those kittens from an old lady?" asks Olivia Boneson.

"I think I may have an idea. The Witch!" Eek The Cat says.

"You guys are cops and have some technical know-how. Maybe you guys can track down this witch." said Sharky.

Elliot Stables uses a tracker device and pinpoints the Witches location. "She's at the race tracks for some reason!"

"Next stop, race tracks! It's called the Two Lane Blacktop Speedway." Sharky tells them.

Olivia Boneson, Elliot Stables, Eek and Sharky Dog all make their exit out of the space station and go to the Two Lane Blacktop speedway.

"Glad that's over!!" said Hank. "Wanna have some coffee?" asked Jib. "Glad you asked." said Hank.




10:30 pm

Olivia Boneson, Elliot Stables, Eek, and Sharky were now at the local speedway. Sure enough, just as predicted. The Witch was there. However, there were no car races going on because the speedway was closed for the night.

"No racing cars around here, hey, Stables?" asked Olivia Boneson. "Yeah, this Witch obviously didn't want to be seen so she waits until the speedway closes." observes Elliot Stables.

"Kumbya! The sooner we can find those kittens, the sooner I can attend the Frank Octra concert!" Eek the Cat said.

"You're not just doing this for the tickets, are you?" asked Sharky Dog.

"No, I'm doing this to help! Like I always say..." said Eek the Cat.

"Yeah yeah yeah I know. Just wanted to make sure." said Sharky Dog.

"We'll track down this Witch and..." Olivia Boneson says. Everything stops when they hear a screaming cry for help.


"That must be the kittens!" Elliot Stables says. "I see The Witch, she's over there!" Eek the Cat said. Sharky Dog, Eek The Cat, Olivia Boneson, and Elliot Stables all run to see the Witch who was in the middle of the speedway field.

"FREEZE POLICE WITCH!" "You're under arrest!" Elliot Stables and Olivia Boneson say.

"Oooh, what are you going to do with me?" The Witch responds in a cynical sense.

"You kidnapped some kittens from an old lady!" Eek the Cat says confronting the Witch.

"What could your possible motive be? You want to cast a spell on the kittens so they can do your evil deeds for you?" Sharky Dogs asks.

"No, I did not kidnap any kittens. If anything, I kidnapped this one!" The Witch says. Stepping out of the way, instead of seeing kittens they all see Annabelle. Who was tied up and about to be boiled into a pot of water.

"OH EEK! SAVE ME! SO GLAD YOU CAME!" Annabelle cries out.

"Why in the world did you kidnap this innocent cat?" asked Olivia Boneson to the Witch. "Because she took my Spirit Book of Spells away from me!" The Witch explains herself.

"I told you, I thought it was a cookbook!" Annabelle screams. "Doesn't matter. You stole my Spirit Book and you shall pay!" The Witch pointed at Annabelle.

"Look, why don't you just let her go, and we promise we won't run you in!" said Olivia Boneson. "It sounds like a minor misunderstanding to me." Elliot Stables says.

"NO WAY! You think I'm going to let this cat get away with stealing my book! I don't think so! I shall boil her in this pot until she explodes like dynamite!" The Witch cackles.

"Okay, after she explodes, then what?" asked Eek The Cat to the Witch. "Then I will take her remains and grind them up into a new cosmetic product! Try and stop me!" The Witch said. "We can't let her get away with this." Sharky Dog implies. "You're right, Sharky. Okay Witch. We know all about you and your evil schemes. If you don't let this pink cat go...tell her Stables." Olivia Boneson says.

"We will get in contact with all the Wayward Ghosts you terrorized all these years and have them grind you up into Witchy Moore Beef Stew!" Elliot Stables threatens the Witch.

"Fine Fine Fine! You win! She's all yours!" The Witch says as she poofs into a cloud and flies away in the form of a bat. Annabelle was freed.

"Oh Eek. I am forever grateful for being indebted to you!" Annabelle cooes. "Ohh, it was nothing." Eek the Cat says. "Enough of this lovey dovey stuff. Let's get back to the case now." says Sharky Dog.

"Do you guys have any more enemies?" asked Elliot Stables. "Yes we do. That alien called Zoltar!" said Eek The Cat. "I remember him, he kidnapped me once." said Annabelle.

"When was the last time you saw this Zoltar?" asked Olivia Boneson. "In outer space." said Sharky Dog.

Annabelle asks, "Hey Eek, why are you with these police officers?" "Oh Sharky and I saw a news report about an old lady whose kittens were stolen from her. So I decided to join forces with Olivia and Elliot here to track them down." Eek the Cat explains.

"Before that he was on an extreme music high. Also did I mention there's tickets to a Frank Octra concert involved?" Sharky says.

Olivia Boneson asked, "Do we need to go into outer space to find Zoltar?" "Nope, in fact I found him right here...." Elliot Stables says playing on his tracking device.

"Our next suspect! Maybe he knows where these kittens are." Shaky Dog says. "Where did you track Zoltar, I thought he went into space and never came back." said Eek The Cat.

"He's living in a cardboard box under a bridge above a park." Elliot Stables says. "Under the bridge, in a cardboard box, near a park, gotcha!" Eek The Cat said.

Now with Annabelle joining them on their mission. Elliot Stables, Olivia Boneson, Sharky Dog, and Eek the Cat, Annabelle as well. Were not on their way to the park to find a cardboard box under a bridge.




11:30 PM

Searching high and low for Zoltar. Olivia Boneson and Elliot Stables see way too many cardboard boxes where the homeless lived. "How are we supposed to spot one alien?" asked Eek The Cat. "I know! I'll use my nose!" Sharky Dog suggested. "Oh Eek! Helping you with this lost kittens case is almost like we're on a date!" Annabelle cooed. "Hmm, yeah you're right. Wait until we get those tickets to the Frank Octra concert!" Eek the Cat says.

Sharky Dog locked onto a scent, "A-ha! I found him! He's in the middle of this cardboard boxed neighborhood." "Good work, Sharky. Maybe you can work for us at the Special Kittens Unit!" Elliot Stables laughed.

Olivia Boneson runs to the tent where they found Zoltar. He had beer bottles and bongs surrounded all around his tent. Olivia Boneson shows Zoltar her badge. "Police! Mind if we ask you a few questions?"

Zoltar let out a huge burp. "Okay! What do you want to know?" "We have the suspicion that you stole some kittens from an old lady!" Elliot Stables tells Zoltar.

"More importantly, first tell us what you are doing back here on Earth?" Eek The Cat tries to interrogate Zoltar. "Okay okay.....I have fallen on hard times all right." Zoltar explains himself.

"Did you come back here so you can kidnap me again?" Annabelle sneers at Zoltar. "No No. You see. I was shamed back on my home planet for trying to destroy the Earth. I got kicked out, and settled in the very place I tried to conquer." Zoltar says.

"So you were angry at your home planet and wanted to take your revenge on innocent kittens?" Sharky Dog asks. "No that isn't why I got so depressed. I tried to get a job here and nobody would hire an alien megalomaniac. Then I settled into this park and stole some beer and bongs to get by." Zoltar says.

"Wow, what a sad story. I actually feel sorry for you." Annabelle says. "If you ask me, he sounds like he's taken after Cheech and Chong!" laughs Eek The Cat.

"After that I was plagued by memories of Eek The Cat ruining my plans to destroy the earth. And yes, I did steal some kittens from an old lady." Zoltar says.

"Hand the kittens over and we'll make it easy on you." Olivia Boneson demanded. Zoltar handed the crate full of the kittens stolen from the old lady. "Okay good. You made our day. Want to know what else?" asked Olivia Boneson.

Zoltar asks in a dazed state, "Yeah, what?" Elliot Stables tackles Zoltar and slaps the cuffs on him. "You're under arrest! For kidnapping innocent kittens from a sweet old lady!"

Sharky Dog laughed at Elliot Stables demeanor, "Hmm, I like this guy's catching criminals style!" Olivia Boneseon and Elliot Stables lead Zoltar to the car. Then come back to see Eek The Cat, Sharky Dog and Annabelle.

"Thank you for all your help, Eek The Cat." Olivia Boneson says shaking his hand. "It was nothing really! Helping is in my DNA!" Eek The Cat extends his gratitude. Annabelle hugs him, "And that's why we love him so much!"

Elliot Stables hands Eek The Cat the free concert tickets. "You earned these, Eek! Maybe once we throw Zoltar in the slammer me and Olivia and join you!"

"Sure, that'd be cool with us!" said Sharky The Dog.

"Oh Eek. You are one brave hero!" Annabelle says.

Olivia Boneson drives everyone back to the police station. But first she makes a stop to the old lady's house to drop off her kittens. The old lady was thankful. The police sergeant Finn the fish from earlier throws Zoltar into a holding cell. "Sit there and think about what you did!"

Elliot Stables tells Eek The Cat, "Ready for the Frank Octra concert?" "Am I ever!" said Eek The Cat. "Oh boy! Going to a Frank Octra concert with Eek! How romantic!" Annabelle swoons.

"Sheesh! Stop with this mushy mushy stuff! This is a kid's show!" Shark Dog rolls his eyes.




12:00 AM

Sitting in the audience was Eek The Cat, Sharky Dog, Annabelle, as were Olivia Boneson and Elliot Stables. "If I didn't mention this before I am a HUGE Frank Octra fan!" Elliot Stables implies.

"Yeah, even us detectives at the Special Kittens Unit need a break every now and then!" Olivia Boneson agrees. The stage was opening. There was a piano. Frank Octra is walking to the piano to play his song.

"OHHH! There he is!" Eek The Cat shrieks with happiness. "We should kiss when he starts to play!" Annabelle says.

"Hope he doesn't play Hungarian Rhapsody!" Sharky Dog sighs in disgust.

Frank Octra uses his eight tentacles to play the piano. The first song he plays is the one Eek The Cat was dancing to on his record player. "I'm moving and grooving and feeling so fine! Singing and dancing she said she'll be mine....walking down the street with a long vacant smile. Her hair drives me wild when she shakes it all about! A brown eyed lady who stole my heart..." Eek The Cat and Annabelle were dancing.

"May I have this dance..." offers Eek. Annabelle giggles. Sharky Dog says, "Get a room you two!"

When Frank Octra plays the next verse of the song on his piano, everyone is shocked when they hear kittens meowing from inside the piano. The audience froze in silence.

Eek The Cat and Annabelle stopped dancing. "Kumbya! Those sound like kittens!" "You're right! That's because they are!" Sharky Dog says. "Could it be that we arrested the wrong guy for this?" Annabelle asks.

"What a huge mistake we made." Olivia Boneson says mournfully. "It happens all the time. Guess we will have to arrest Frank Octra." Elliot Stables says with horror.

"My heavens I can't believe this! The much loved jazz singer Frank Octra was the real culprit all along!" Eek The Cat says. Olivia Boneson tells the audience, "We're the police! We got this under control!"

Elliot Stables was a little hesitant knowing he had to arrest Frank Octra, the jazz singer he idolized so much. "Come on, Stables! You need to go up there and do your job!" Shaky Dog tells him.

"It's just that.....I loved Frank Octra from the time I was little and....." Elliot Stables says. Sharky Dog yells at him, "Stop moping that your music idol is the devil incarnate and do your job!"

"Okay!" Elliot Stables says with sadness, Olivia Boneson drags him away. Then Frank Octra sees Olivia Boneson and Elliot Stables stand before him.

"Is there a problem, officers?" asked Frank Octra.

"Yes, there's no handcuffs for eight tentacles!" Olivia Boneson says. "You are the one who stole some innocent kittens from an old lady!" Elliot Stables says.

"You can't prove anything! I am a very famous jazz pianist!" Frank Octra says. "Yeah, then how do you explain these kittens in your piano!" Elliot Stables says.

Opening the top of the piano there were the kittens. They were okay. Eek The Cat, Annabelle, and Sharky Dog all run up to the stage to help out. Eek The Cat gets the kittens out.

"You better have a reasonable motive for this!" Eek The Cat tells Frank Octra to his face. "Fine! My sales on my records were going down. Because nobody listens to jazz anymore. Now all these young kids are listening to rock and rap. So I thought I'd up my game to put kittens in my piano and make them sing!" Frank Octra says.

"I think that's a confession! Take him away!" Sharky Dog says. "So we shall!" Olivia Boneson says. Elliot Stables and Olivia Boneson lead away Frank Octra. The audience booes him and throws concessions at him.

Eek the Cat says, "Hmm, guess the lesson is here. Never meet your idols!" "That's right. Because you never know if they have a dark side!" said Shark Dog. "This was so much fun! I hope we can help the Special Kittens Unit with another case soon!" Annabelle speaks out.

Olivia Boneson and Elliot Stables take Frank Octra to the police car. Once returning to the police station at the Special Kitten Unit, Zoltar was released. Only to go back to the park in his cardboard box. Back to his miserable depression filled life. Sargeant Finn the Fish literally kicked Zoltar out of the police station.





1:00 AM

The old lady opened the crate. It wasn't her kittens she expected. Instead it was robot cat toys. "AAAAHHH! THESE AREN'T MY KITTIES!" A knock is heard at her door. The old lady goes to open it. There was Eek The Cat, Sharky Dog, Annabelle, Olivia Boneson, and Elliot Stables.

"Officers! What were you thinking when you gave me these robot kitties! These are not my kitties!" the old lady screeched.

"At first we thought an alien stole your cats, ma'am." Eek the Cat tells her. "Better let the police explain this one to her." Sharky Dog advises.

"Just as the cat was saying. We thought a homeless alien stole your cats after we got a bunch of false leads." said Olivia Boneson. "That's right, then we found the real instigator was none other than Frank Octra!" Elliot Stables said.

"Really? The jazz singer?" asked the old lady. "Yeah, he's not as smooth as people thought he was. He stole your kittens and used them to meow in his piano." Olivia Boneson said.

"That monster! I'm glad I never listened to his music! I much prefer rock and roll!" The old lady says. "Well, have fun with your kittens. Enjoy getting them back!" Eek The Cat says.

The old lady says, "Thank you, Special Kittens Unit. I'll always be thankful to you!"

As Olivia Boneson, Elliot Stables, Eek The Cat, Annabelle and Shark Dog were walking back to the car. They were very pleased with how they cracked the case with Eek The Cat and his friends on their side.

"Guess we have you to thank for this, Eek The Cat." Olivia Boneson says. "Oh, think nothing of it. One more thing." asked Eek The Cat.

"What is it?" asked Sharky Dog.

"How about these robot kittens? What do we do with them?" asked Eek The Cat. "Send them to a children's hospital I guess." Annabelle talks.

"Good idea. We could not have done this without you, Eek! Maybe we'll cross paths again!" Elliot Stables says. Eek The Cat, Sharky Dog, and Annabelle say their goodbyes to the detectives they've helped out.




Eek The Cat was sitting on the couch. With Annabelle on his side. Turning on the TV. Frank Octra went on trial for his kidnapping kittens crime. Everyone in McTropolis was throwing away their Frank Octra albums onto the streets. Sharky Dog was running them over with a steamroller. "You were all listening to a criminal!"

"Oh boy, I can't wait to hear the verdict!" Eek The Cat says. "They ought to throw the book at him!" Annabelle laughs.

The trial was playing on the TV. "We find the defendant Frank Octra, GUILTY! On all counts of kidnapping of kittens!" said a juror. A judge says, "Frank Octra, I sentence you to 20 years behind bars! Case dismissed!"

Annabelle and Eek The Cat both jump in the air with joy. "We did it! We did it! We did it! We helped put a criminal musician behind bars. Everyone in McTroplis was watching the trial. The old lady hugs her kittens with love. "Glad to have my babies back!"

"Great to see justice was served, hey Annabelle!" Eek The Cat tells her. "Maybe he'll write an album about being in prison!" said Annabelle who laughs and sighs.

"What's wrong, Annabelle?" asked Eek the Cat. "I had so much fun helping you and the Special Kittens Unit find those poor kitties. What if we never have a fun adventure like that again?" asks Annabelle.

"When you're with me. There's adventure around the corner. In the meantime I'm going to do one thing before the next adventure comes our way." Eek The Cat says.

"Really? What could that be?" asks Annabelle. "Find a new singer to listen to!" Eek The Cat says then the episode ends with a circle getting smaller until it's closing into a black screen.

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