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Chapter Two - Dead in the Water

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Over the course of several years, our faves Tweek and Craig support each other as friends and as lovers, from grade school to college, Colorado to California, to go through a lot of challenges that...

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Chapter Two
Dead in the Water (unable to move; inoperable)
California, March 2014, Spring
As the weeks wore on after the 2013/2014 New Year and the grey California winter bled into a dreary spring, Tweek fell into a deep depression. Craig attributed it to the deaths of his parents and all the other information that Tweek had had to process, but Tweek privately knew it was more than that.
His parents had started giving him coffee when he was five years old. He hadn’t liked the taste at all, but they’d insisted it was good for him so he’d forced himself to finish it, like a vegetable.
He had been diagnosed with ADD when he was six, after his first grade teacher referred him for testing. No one had bothered to get him tested for anything else, but his mental health continued to deteriorate. Craig had insisted he see the school counsellor when they were in their freshman year of high school, and he had been diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder. Everyone had just assumed that all his problems with attributable to his ADD and GAD, Tweek included.
But the truth was that he had been addicted to meth for fifteen years. That was to blame for everything that was wrong with him. Tweek was reeling.
According to Web MD, the reason he was feeling so terrible was withdrawal. Fortunately his symptoms largely correlated with Major Depressive Disorder, which Craig had been treated for during high school, and believed that Tweek was suffering now. But Tweek knew the real reason for everything that was wrong with him, and he hid it from everyone.
Tweek drew his jacket around himself as he stepped out of the library into the night, walking to his car. The slight chill in the wind didn’t bother him. He barely noticed the California winters or dreary early months of spring, and would normally have been amused by all the Cali locals dramatically wrapped up in scarves and gloves. But Tweek hadn’t laughed at anything in months. The drug addicts on the street called out to him, belligerent and persistent. He ignored the catcalls as he unlocked his car and drove home.
Academically, he continued to excel, if not to the same extent that he had before. His lecturers knew some of his situation, however, and were understanding. He kept drinking coffee, but this was a perfectly innocent blend that he bought from the grocery store. Despite missing the buzz that his parents’ blend had given, a buzz that he now knew was almost entirely unattributable to caffeine, the coffee helped him get through the lethargic daze of his day-to-day-life. He went to class, studied, wrote papers, took tests, maintaining a B+/A- average. He came home, cooked and ate dinner with Craig, and slept beside him. After all these years of barely sleeping at all, all he wanted to do was sleep. But he hadn’t slept with Craig in the other sense since before the funeral.
When the police had told them about the Tweaks’ meth ring, it wasn’t like Craig hadn’t considered that they might have given their son meth. But the police hadn’t said anything about it, and neither had Tweek. Craig had briefly considered asking Tweek if it was a possibility after they returned to California, and Tweek seemed to settle into his languid routine. But Craig didn’t want to raise it, and had every faith that Tweek would have told him if he suspected anything.
He was particularly adverse to the prospect of asking him after the patrons of Tweek Bros Coffee brought a class action against the estate. Ultimately the action was successful, and Craig watched Tweek withdraw into himself as the litigation was well documented on the national news. Craig didn’t want to do anything to disgrace their memory himself, so he left it.
Of course, Craig was supportive. He thought that Tweek’s compulsive urge to sleep was because of MDD. Tweek was sleeping about fourteen hours a night during the week, and more during the weekend. He barely stirred when Craig got up to go to work. He had no idea how he was still maintaining a decent GPA. Tweek had always felt inadequate, and it pushed him to work really hard. He was smart too, but his success was largely because of his drive, a drive which he knew bordered on the neurotic, the compulsive. Despite feeling exhausted all the time now, he also felt even more anxious than he ever had before. After years of barely eating, he found himself constantly starving. Despondently, he watched himself gain fifty pounds in three months of mental fog. Craig told him he looked healthier, it was good to see. He didn’t feel healthy, though. He barely spoke to anyone. He felt like death.

. . .
California, June 2014, Summer
After the last exam of his second year of his degree Tweek dozed off, his head in Craig’s lap as they sprawled on the sofa together. Tweek had come home and gone straight to bed, and by the time Craig came home from the garage he was fast asleep. Craig brought home a bottle of red and made pasta, not having expected Tweek to feel up to going out anywhere. He’d had to use his fake ID, having turned twenty a few months before Tweek. Born on January 25 1994, he wouldn’t be 21 for a few months yet. Born on August 17 1994, Tweek still had over a year to wait. For Craig’s last birthday Tweek had bought him a pair of adorable spotted brown guinea pigs that he’d named Biscotti and Piccolo, Stripe’s decessor Speckle having died a year previously. ‘It’s probably time I started naming my kids like an urban queer, you know’ Craig said with mock seriousness.
Craig yawned as he flicked through channels with the remote, his other arm rested on Tweek’s soft waist. Biscotti and Piccolo lay curled around Tweek’s neck, nuzzling into the soft pieces of hair that touched the back of his neck.
Tweek registered this and gently picked the guineas up, tucking them into the front of his sweater where they settled in. Craig smiled.
“Are they cold?”
“They loves that sweater.”
“Sorry. None of mine fit me at the moment.”
“Hey, it’s ok. It looks good on you.”
“I don’t want to buy bigger ones, it’s like admitting that I’m fat now.” Tweek sighed. “Even though it’s been six months. God, I’m really in denial aren’t I?”
“You’re not fat. You’re healthy. Remember when you saw me at school before I got expelled? You said after that I looked gaunt and it was upsetting. You didn’t ever look gaunt but you were too thin.”
“I maintain that you weren’t expelled. And the whole thing was upsetting. But that was different. I just wanted to bring you home and wrap you up and take care of you. Ugh. I fucking hate remembering it.”
“Sorry, you’re right. Look, I love you and I never wanted to sound like I was being mean, but 120 pounds for a dude your height wasn’t healthy.”
“170 just sounds like so much.”
“170 is a little more than I was when you were worried. Now I’m nearly 220.”
“My BMI says I’m overweight.”
“You were underweight before, if you’re going to believe that dumb scale. It says I’m obese, Tweek.”
“Yeah but you’re all tall and strong. I’m just soft now. I know I should go for a run or join a gym but just the thought of it makes me want to crawl into bed and put the covers over my head.”
“When I was depressed the first thing to go was exercise. It’s normal. The point is you’re perfect and you need to stop beating yourself up.”
Tweek winced.
“Bad choice of words. Hey, let’s get the babies settled and get you to bed.”
Tweek carefully sat up, his hands cradling the lump under his sweater. Lethargically he got to his feet and Craig stood to put his arm around Tweek. They moved to the little enclosure in the kitchen and Tweek gently pulled the guinea pigs out and slipped them inside. They snuggled under the blankets in their little bed.
Craig laughed. “We’re like proud parents.”
Tweek smiled weakly and leaned into him. “You might have to up your game if you want to get me pregnant.”
Craig tried not to look surprised as he pulled Tweek in for a hug. He hadn’t witnessed Tweek do anything close to actually laugh since the funeral. It hit him hard that it had been three months. He looked over Tweek’s head, out the window at the last of the season’s delicate white blossoms in the early summer evening sunlight.
Maybe now we’ll start to rebuild you.
He beamed at Tweek and poked out his tongue. “What was that line in Willy Wonka? That pipe doesn’t go to the marshmallow room, it goes to the fudge room. I’m going to use that if anyone ever asks me if I expect to ever have kids.”
Tweek suddenly burst out in laughter, his voice scratchy. He looked surprised at himself, and shyly looked away, examining Spot. “Sorry. I hope I didn’t startle her. Let’s go to bed, honey.”
Craig reached for his hand as they left the kitchen together and started for their bedroom. “Don’t be sorry. I needed to hear that adorable laugh. You know it’s been too goddamned long, don’t you. That’s not a criticism, though. You’ve been doing so well. I just wanted to let you go at your own pace. I’m so proud of you.”
They reached the bed, and sat on the edge together. Craig wriggled out of his jeans. He pulled his long-sleeved shirt over his head and threw it at the laundry pile as he sat in his boxers.
Tweek kicked off his slippers, leaving on his sweatpants and Craig’s sweater over his t shirt. He crawled under the covers and waited for Craig.
The bed depressed slightly as Craig climbed in beside Tweek, gently moving to his side of the bed and spooning him closely. Tweek sighed and shut his eyes, finally reaching peace in Craig’s arms. But he didn’t fall asleep instantly, pulled under by nauseous fatigue into unconsciousness as soon as his head hit the pillow. He actually felt up to staying awake a little longer, quietly talking to Craig.
Craig shuffled a little into a more comfortable position. He kissed the back of Tweek’s warm hair, softly murmuring to him. “Goodnight, angel. I won’t wake you up in the morning.”
Tweek gently wriggled around to face him. “I love you, Craig.”
Craig smiled, his face noticeably surprised in the soft glow from the streetlight outside the window. He kissed Tweek’s forehead. “I love you too.”
Tweek smiled back at him. “That pasta you made was so good. Did you make the pesto yourself?”
“Of course I did. Your Mom showed me how, remember?”
“Did she?”
“Yeah. We were about fifteen. It was before they knew. But not before we did.”
“I can’t believe I didn’t remember.”
“I can. When it got really bad I’d literally be looking for my hat while it was on my head. I forgot my middle name for two weeks. Memory? That shit is gone.”
“How are you feeling, Craig? I mean, really?” He stroked the soft black bangs from Craig’s forehead. “I don’t want you to feel like you can’t talk to me because I’ve been so mopey.”
Craig gently took Tweek’s wrist and kissed his palm.
“I’m ok. I mean, you know how it is. It’s not like you just really bounce back from stuff like this. But I mean it’s been years now.”
Tweek took Craig’s hand between both of his and squeezed it.
“You don’t want to talk about it, do you?”
“Not tonight. I want to be happy. Besides, we’re celebrating.”
“I love you, Craig. I’m here for you. No matter what I’m dealing with, I’m always here.”
“You’ve got a better track record than me, then.”
“Hey. It’s all forgiven, angel.”
Tweek pulled Craig in close and cuddled him. Craig noticed how weak Tweek’s arms had become. Despite his past boniness, Tweek had always been wiry. Months of depression and barely moving had quickly softened him. He knew Tweek was self-conscious, and that was why he didn’t sleep naked anymore. Craig missed his warm smooth skin and the casual intimacy it gave them, their bare bodies brushing together and their limbs getting tangled together in the night.
Craig took a deep breath and let it out slowly. He wrapped his arms around Tweek’s waist and snuggled into his soft chest, breathing in his sweet familiar scent.
“You smell so good, Tweek. Happy birthday. I love you too.”
Carefully, hesitantly, each hyper aware of the other, they leaned in and softly pressed their lips together. Suddenly they were tumbling into each other, clumsily pressing their bodies together. Laughter bubbled out of Tweek as their teeth clinked together as they passionately kissed each other, their breath coming in fast shallow gasps. Suddenly Tweek stopped and softly touched Craig’s face, looking into his eyes. “Hey. Is this what you want to do, angel? I mean, I know it’s been a really long time. You don’t have to.”
“If you’re feeling up to it, I’d love to.”
Tweek looked at Craig, his face flushed and his eyes shining. He gently pushed Craig onto his back and lay on top of him. Craig moaned as Tweek fiercely kissed his neck, biting his collarbones and sucking his nipples the way he loved.
“Oh, God, Tweek. I’m already rock hard.”
Tweek rubbed his crotch against Craig’s, kissing him hard on the mouth again. Craig groaned, feeling Tweek’s heart fluttering against his. He wrapped his arms around Tweek, slipping his hands under Tweek’s clothes to rub his back and stroke his waist. Tweek sighed, his body relaxing as he lay on Craig, kissing him slowly, savouring him.
“Craig. Can we go slowly?”
“Of course. I want to enjoy you. God, Tweek. You’re perfect.”
“I – ungh. I need to – I need to make you cum.”
“Fuck, that went straight to my cock.”
“Oh, Craig.”
Tweak gently held Craig’s hands in his own as he kissed down his body, gently biting his ribs and hipbones as he reached them. He moved back up to kiss Craig’s belly button and stroked the sides of his stomach, knowing it would drive him crazy.
Craig lay back, feeling totally immobilised in the best way imaginable. God, Tweek really knew what he liked. His skin tingled as Tweek lovingly kissed his stomach, slowly moving down and across the triangle of soft black hairs, pulling his boxer briefs down slightly, playfully teasing him.
Tweek finally reached his cock. He laughed a soft, husky laugh that filled Craig with warmth. “Oh, wow. You’re already pre-cumming everywhere. Can I take your boxers off?”
Craig could barely choke out a shaky ‘yes’, nodding dizzily. Tweek gently eased his boxers off his hips, sighing happily as Craig’s cock sprang back. He slowly pulled them down his legs and dropped them on the floor by the bed.
He looked up at Craig as he slowly sucked the salty dribbles from his head and then took him in his mouth. Craig felt his body go limp as Tweek worked his magic. It took him a moment to realise how loudly he was moaning in response. He lay flat against his pillows.
Tweek deep throated him as he gently stroked his inner thighs and caressed his balls, holding them in his hand. Craig knew he wouldn’t last long.
“Oh, god. Let me do that to you. Please.”
He gently pulled Tweek up to him and kissed him. Tweek groaned and pushed his hips into Craig, elevated slightly for access.
“Fuck. I’m so turned on, Craig. I love doing that for you. Ohh. Touch me. Please.”
Craig kissed him harder as he slipped his hand down the front of Tweek’s pants and began to rub his cock. Tweek gave a little squeak, much deeper than it had been when they were younger but still unmistakeable. Craig smiled into Tweek’s mouth as he kissed him and continued to play with his penis. Tweek lay down, his weight on his shoulder and his hips raised so that Craig could touch him. Their arms rubbed together as Tweek slipped his hand back down and took hold of Craig again. For a few moments they breathed into each other’s mouths as they touched each other, feeling blissful.
Craig stopped to kiss Tweek’s cheek and look at him. “Hey, Tweek. Will you take off your clothes for me?”
Tweek blinked at him, a half smile playing on his face.
“Ha, I’m not sure you want me to do that. It’s not a pretty sight.”
Craig frowned and moved a lock of hair off Tweek’s face.
“Bullshit. Hey, I don’t want you to do anything you’re not comfortable with. But you look, like, breathtakingly sexy. Seriously.”
Tweek bit his lip, looking torn.
“I’m not going to pressure you. I just want you to know that it’s a treat to see you naked. Either way, I want to make you feel amazing. Come here, give me a hug.”
He opened his arms and Tweek lay against his chest. They both groaned as their cocks rubbed against each other.
Craig wrapped his arm tightly around Tweek’s waist while tenderly kissing his face. He stroked Tweek’s messy hair, letting his hand rest at the back of Tweek’s neck. Tweek laughed as Craig playfully kissed the tip of his nose. Craig beamed at him.
Tweek snuggled into Craig, lying back against him. Craig wrapped both of his arms around Tweek’s waist, nuzzling his hair and his neck and the side of his face.
Tweek’s body tingled deliciously at Craig’s hands on him, at his soft breath on the back of his neck sending shivers through him. He moved his head around to softly kiss Craig’s lips, and together they sighed. It was contentment blended with hungry desire; a desperate yearning for each to give himself to the other completely.
Craig’s breath came in short gasps. When Tweek moved to kiss him his ass rubbed against Craig’s erection and Craig let out a soft, involuntary moan.
Tweek gazed at him. “Am I really having that effect on you?”
Craig emitted a warm little laugh. “Are you kidding me?”
Tweek returned his laugh, but it was strained. “Honestly, I’m serious. I mean yeah I joked about being pregnant. But I’m starting to look like I could be.”
Craig gently stroked the side of Tweek’s waist through his sweatshirt.
“You’re so perfect, Tweek. You really don’t look like that. Your body is so delicious. You just look so cute and lovely. And, to put it crudely, you drive me wild. You’re so fucking hot.”
He paused, looking deep into Tweek’s eyes. Tweek’s pupils were enormous, his eyes glassy and damp with arousal.
“The only thing that could possibly make you turn me on more is if you felt sexy.”
Tweek closed his eyes and leaned in to kiss Craig. For a few moments their mouths were locked, hot and wet and sweet, pressing hard together.
When they finally came up for air, Tweek whispered to Craig, breathless. “You make me feel so sexy.”
Craig moaned and pulled him in for another kiss.
Tweek continued to kiss Craig as he wriggled out of his sweatpants and dropped them outside the bed, and Craig stroked his shapely thighs as Tweek sighed. He gently moved back to rub Tweek’s ass. Tweek moaned and pulled his sweater and shirt over his head, laying back against Craig’s arm. Craig kissed his forehead lovingly as he gently took hold of Tweek’s cock and began to rub him.
They kissed slowly, rubbing each other’s cocks, dizzy from their mutual arousal and the pleasure they gave each other.
Tweek moaned, and Craig felt his precum dribble onto his thumb.
“Oh, Craig. I need you to fuck me.”
Craig moaned back into his mouth.
“Oh, fuck. Yes.”
Tweek scrambled to lie on his back, drawing his knees to his chest.
“Be gentle, angel. It’s been so long.”
He groaned as Craig started to rim him while rubbing his own cock.
“Oh god. And you’re so big.”
Craig reached under the bed for the lube they kept there. He pulled it out and palmed some onto his cock before squeezing some onto his fingers. Their eyes locked as Craig stroked Tweek’s entrance and began to slowly put a finger inside him. Tweek sighed.
“Jesus. I’m sorry we haven’t been doing this. I’d almost – shit! - almost forgotten how electric it is.”
Craig leaned down to softly kiss him on the mouth as he slipped a second finger inside. “Hey, don’t be sorry. I promise I’ll be so careful.”
He slipped a third finger inside and Tweek dripped a little precum onto his stomach. Craig licked it off.
“That’s three fingers. Shall I start? Are you ready?”
“Ohh. Yes.”
Craig carefully slipped a pillow underneath Tweek’s lower back and Tweek gripped the backs of his knees, pulling himself open. Craig didn’t look away from him once as he pressed his shaft against Tweek’s entrance, stretching him in preparation. Tweek winced, and Craig stopped.
“Tweek? Are you OK?”
“Yeah. Keep going. I need you to. I need you inside me.”
“Are you sure?”
In answer Tweek opened his legs even wider and slowly pulled Craig into him. They both moaned a deep low moan together until Craig was completely inside Tweek. Tweek gazed up at him, his face flushed. Craig saw the rosiness spread down his neck and over the rest of his body. Tweek leaned up to kiss him, and they both gasped as Craig moved slightly inside him.
“Can we just stay like this for a minute? I feel so full.”
“Yeah. Oh, Tweek.”
“I love you.”
“I love you too.”
“Can we move softly?”
“I feel like I could just burst into flames.”
“I feel like I could explode.”
“I want you to explode inside me.”
“Tweek. Ohhhh.”
They kissed slowly as Craig began slowly moving in and out of Tweek, never pulling out completely. Tweek moaned uncontrollably beneath him, his body shaking as he grew closer to orgasm. Craig found himself making a little squeak, similar to the kind Tweek made. He laughed at how it sounded in his much deeper voice, his joy deepened by how much he loved Tweek and everything about him. Tweek’s kind eyes glinted in his sweet face as Craig made love to him, their eyes locked on each other, and suddenly Craig found himself on the edge of coming.
“Oh Tweek. I’m on the edge.”
“Really? Oh God.”
“Fuck me hard and I’ll come for you.”
“Yeah. Fuck me as hard as you can, Craig. Fuck me.”
Craig kissed Tweek hard as he began giving him deep hard thrusts, wrapping one arm against Tweek’s waist and pressing his palm against the wall to hold himself up. Tweek wrapped his legs around Craig’s waist, crying out in pleasure, his squeaks getting louder and louder. Craig let go of the wall and wrapped both his arms around Tweek, burying his face in Tweek’s soft neck as he fucked him as hard as he could. He could feel himself on the verge of release.
He looked down into Tweek’s bright green eyes, their pupils huge. “Are you ready to come?”
Tweek had been rubbing his cock as Craig fucked him. “Yes. Make me come, Craig. I need you to make me, Craig.”
Tweek’s words sent Craig over the edge. He shouted Tweek’s name as he exploded into Tweek, spilling into him. Tweek screamed as Craig came inside him. He finished on his own stomach as the contractions of his orgasm made Craig come a little more.
Craig collapsed on top of Tweek, snuggling into him in exhaustion. Tweek nuzzled his hair, his arms and legs still wrapped around Craig’s waist. He gently let go of him, and kissed Craig as he pulled out. They curled up together, Craig holding Tweek tightly in his arms as Tweek burrowed into Craig’s sweaty chest, kissing his little patch of black chest hair and breathing heavily.
“I love you, Craig,” he breathed.
“I love you too.”
They were asleep in moments.
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