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Go Dog Go! Starring Stewie Griffin

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Stewie Griffin becomes a die hard fan of Go Dog Go. Once he decides life in the Griffin house is boring. Stewie builds a contraption that enables him to go to Pawston.

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It was a not so typical day at the Griffin house in Quahog. Brian and Stewie had the house to themselves. Peter and Lois were on another cruise. Chris and Meg were at the Pewterschimdts for the weekend.

Brian notices Stewie went missing, so in a heap of panic he goes outside to check on the baby. "OH NO! He disappeared!" Brian cries. Stewie was riding around in a mini-motorcycle. Brian waves to him, Stewie rides up to Brian.

"What are you doing, I've been looking all over for you!" asked Brian.

"Oh, hey, Bri! Aren't you going to ask about my mini cycle?" asked Stewie.

"Fine? What's with the mini-cycle?" asked Brian to roll his eyes.

"I built it after I watched this awesome cartoon show." Stewie explains.

"Look, Stewie. I know everyone else is away, but that doesn't mean you get to do what you please." Brian says.

"Well, I don't care. When Lois and the Fatman are away, Brian and Stewie will play!" Stewie implies.

"I'll ask again. What show did you get the idea from to get this mini cycle?" observed Brian.

"Glad you asked, Brian. It's from Go Dog Go! You should watch it! Amazing! Way better than Jolly Time Review!" Stewie said with excitement.

"You know what, maybe we can bend the rules for a bit. I'll invite Jillian over." Brian says.

"Later on, Doug's family is going to drop him off here and he and I are going to watch Go Dog Go together!" said Stewie.

"OKay great! Sounds good!" Brian said going back inside to call Jillian. Doug is dropped off at the Griffin house.

"Hey, Stewie!" greets Doug. "So good that we're friends now and not rivals!" said Stewie. "Wanna watch Go Dog Go?" asked Doug. "Thought you'd never ask!" said Stewie.

Momentarily, Stewie and Doug were watching Go Dog Go. They watched three episodes, when they were done, they were singing the theme song together, "DO YOU LIKE! Fast Rides In A City Of Dogs! DO YOU LIKE! Fast Friends Always Lending a Paw! Do You Like! Cars, Blimps, Boats, Bikes and Trikes. Just Being Awesome! Welcome to Pawston!"

Stewie claps his hands, "Excellent! Brilliant! Encore! Encore! Powerful episode!" "Those Barkers are so funny!" laughs Doug. "You're telling me! Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, Tag Barker! The great ones make it look so easy!" Stewie said.

Mr. and Mrs. Whitty came to pick up Doug. "Sweetie. Time to come home." said Mrs Whitty. "Oh, do I have to? Can't I watch another Go Dog Go with Stewie?" asked Doug to his Mom. "Yes you have to go right now. You need a bath." said Mr Whitty.

"Yeah, please let him stay! He's not any trouble, he just needs time for the nuances to soak in." Stewie tells Mr and Mrs Whitty. "Well they can soak in the bathtub!" said Mrs Whitty. Doug goes to join his parents and leaves the Griffin house. Brian walks into the living room with Jillian.

"Hey, Stewie. You're having lots of fun with this show." said Brian who has an apple pie on a plate. "I heard of Go Dog Go, it's about dogs who go to the bathroom!" Jillian says. "No it's not that at all." Brian said. "Hey, Jillian. Did I ever remind you of how much you remind me of Tag?" "She doesn't know what you're talking about, Stewie." Brian states. Jillian just did a deadpan stare. Stewie implies, "That's the same look of disdain that Tag gives to Beans!" Stewie says.

"I hope you like my apple pie, Brian! Too bad I had to kill so many apples to make it." Jillian said.

"Some things never change." said Stewie in disgust. "Why do you say that?" asked Brian. "I wish life could be more like Go Dog Go! That's where the fun never stops." said Stewie.

Brian says while eating the apple pie. "All right. You have my full undivided attention. What brings you to this train of thought?" "Why do you suppose life on Go Dog Go is so much more exciting than, oh let's say this house!" Stewie spits out.

"Oh come on, Stewie! You have fun here!" "Yeah, when Go Dog Go is on!" Stewie says. "That's four hours right there everyday!" Brian exclaims. "Brian brought me over to have fun!" Jillian said trying to join the conversation.

"Everyday it's the same thing day in and day out. In Pawston, where Go Dog Go takes place, it's a different adventure everyday!" Stewie said.

"What are you talking about? It's different here everyday." said Brian. Stewie looks at Brian's pie. "What type of pie is that, Brian?"

"It's an apple pie." Brian answers.

"Cliche in the crust." Stewie says. "Why did you drink almost all the pie filling?" Brian asks. "I thought it was applesauce. The question is, why didn't I drink the whole thing! Because it is boring man! Just like everything else is around here! Not on Go Dog Go where you get to have a taste of the Barker family's Grilled Steaks!" Stewie says.

"How can you compare real life to something so boring as a ludicrous kids cartoon show!" Brian stated. "Ludicrous! He's my favorite rapper!" Jillian exclaimed. "How erudite! Reminiscent of Grandpaw Barker!" Stewie stated.

Brian leaves the living room without taking his apple pie. Stewie asks, "If you're bored with that pie, can I have it?" Brian snatches the pie and goes into the kitchen. "Guess not. He's no fun." said Stewie to himself.


That very night, Brian and Jillian were in bed. They decided to use Peter's and Lois's bed. Stewie was there filling them in on details about an episode of Go Dog Go.

Brian and Jillian were listening while waiting for Stewie to go to bed. "There is this one episode called Ruff Day On The Job! Get it, 'Ruff Day!' It's about this mailman who's a dog named Gerald. The conflict of the episode is that Gerald can never make mail deliveries because he's always getting chased!" Stewie laughs as he explains the episode and then adds, "Just like those Amazon Delivery Drives! Don't you think?"

"Wait wait wait....don't tell me. The mail dog goes back home and the Barker kids learn a valuable lesson." Brian said with sarcasm.

"Hey, how do you know how the episode went?! Always being a dick as usual!" Stewie rolled his eyes. "That's how every episode ends, Stewie. The dogs always learn a lesson! It's the ending to all those kiddie shows you liked in the past. Oh, and by the way, you need to stop filling me in on the details about how much of a blast it is to live in this stupid ass Pawston!" Brian says.

"I feel shocked and appalled. Now that I think of it. I must've overlooked the pattern!" Stewie says.

"I don't know what overlooked means, but leave this room Stewie. Brian wants to show me this thing called Doggy style." Jillian says.

Brian turns off the lamp, "Good night, Stewie. The fun is over for another day." Turning the lamp back on Stewie says, "I'll say it once I'll say it again! The fun NEVER stops on Go Dog Go! Unlike in some places where the fun stopped during a movie like Apocalypse Now! At least in Go Dog Go, you never hear, THE HORROR! THE HORROR THE HORROR! THE HORROR!"

"Stewie! GO TO SLEEP! YOU'RE BOTHERING US!" Jillian whines. "I can't! I try counting Barkers and Pooches jumping over dog houses! But Manhole Dog keeps falling into the manhole!" said Stewie.

"Look, Stewie. I'm willing to bargain with you here. I promise we'll get back to this Go Dog Go business first thing tomorrow. Maybe since you love to invent things, you and I can get together and build a Pawston all your own!" said Brian. "Or we could get him some of those figures of Go Dog Go." Jillian suggested but was ignored.

Stewie gasps in excitement! "You'd do that for me!" "Yes maybe even I can help too!" Jillian offers. "Ooooh! Excellent! I can feel the anticipation of it now!" Stewie giggles.

That morning. Jillian and Brian were drinking coffee in the kitchen. "I can't turn on the lights." said Jillian. "That's not unusual. We're probably just having a blip." Brian says, turning the light switch on and off. Brian and Jillian go around the Griffin house and see none of the light switches are working.


Brian looks out the window and called out to Stewie , "Say, what exactly are you doing out here?"

"It's a surprise!" Stewie answers.

"It's a surprise." Brian repeated to Jillian. "Oh boy! I love surprises! Maybe it's a birthday party!" Jillian screeches up and down. "Jillian, your birthday isn't until November." Brian informed her.

"Sorry, sometimes I don't remember my own birthday." Jillian apologized.

Rushing into the backyard, Brian called, "Stewie what are...." Stewie calls out to Brian in the backyard, "Watch it Brian, it's a little shocking...." Next thing Jillian knew, she heard Brian scream.

Jillian ran to the backyard with Brian and Stewie. Brian was on the ground after being shocked. What Brian and Jillian see before them is an electronic device that looked like the house the Barker family lived that was similar to Stewie's time machine.

"SURPRISE!" Stewie screams, "SO WHAT DO YOU THINK!"

"I can't believe this....I don't know what to say?" Jillian observed.

"Brian got himself shocked from the Barker house I built. Like the one in Go Dog Go! From now on life around here will be much more exciting!" Stewie said.

Getting himself off the ground, Brian runs into the Barker house Stewie built and this time bumps himself on a tack. "See! It's exciting already!" Stewie says.

"HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE STUCK IN THE HOUSE FROM HAUNTED HILL!" Brian overacts in an angry fashion.

"I have a distinct feeling you're not happy about this, Brian." Stewie said.

"Wait a minute. I'm lost here. Who said Stewie can have his own dog house." Jillian asked in ignorance.

"I can answer that. It was Brian's idea!" said Stewie.

"WHAT!" Brian hollered out. "Now don't try to worm your way out of this one, Brian. You said we'd build a replica of Pawston. So I started with building the Barker house." Stewie explains. "I said we will build a little replica of Pawston. Not the Griffin version of the Chrysler Building!" ranted Brian.

Stewie extends his apology, "Fine. I misunderstood. I'm sorry. I made a boo-boo!" "More like a shit pit if you ask me!" Brian implies.

Jillian walks back in the house. Brian rambles on Stewie, "I want this yard back the way it was. I was trees I can trim, grass Peter can mow. No water, no fake facsimile of Pawston! Peter and Lois will be back in two days! So until then you are going to stay right here, until this dog whatever it is house is gone! Do I make myself clear!"

"Are you talking to me?" asked Stewie. "I am talking directly to you!" Brian tells the baby.


Instead of taking down the Barker House replica Stewie made. Stewie just sat there and cried. He could not get over how angry Brian got at him. "It's just not fair. Brian's never lashed out at me like that before." Stewie lamented. "I can still hear him screaming.....if only there was some way I could get out of disassembling this Barker house I worked so hard to build..."

Stewie has an epiphany. "What the deuce! Hold on! I just thought of something! I don't have to live here anymore and take any more of Brian's shit. Or ever have to put up with any of the Griffins for that matter! The one thing Brian and Jillian didn't take into account was I used all the electricity from our house to build this Barker house."

Going inside the replica of the Barker house he made Stewie goes on to say, "So I can actually go to Pawston! Fuck you, Quahog! Fuck you Brian and everyone else if the Griffin family! Stewie Griffin is going to Pawston!"

Pressing some buttons inside the Barker house replica. The Barker house gets an electric charging surge all over taking Stewie to Pawston. The Barker House replica disappeared from the Griffin back yard and reappeared in Pawston.

Walking around in his new surroundings. Stewie found himself in Pawston. "I can't believe this! I actually outdid myself with my invention! I'm here on Go Dog Go!"

Running around Pawston trying to find any characters, Stewie sees Tag, Scooch, and Frank from far away playing on an empty field.

"It's really them! There's Tag, Scooch, and Frank! This is a dream come true! Way better than being at Herbert's watching Young Sheldon!" Stewie said.

"We sure had fun today, didn't we!" said Tag. "Wanna do this again, tomorrow?" asked Frank. "Yes, we should!" said Scooch. Stewie runs to the empty field. "Excuse me! Excuse me!!"

Tag, Scooch, and Frank all turned around to see Stewie running to them. "Who is he?" Tag asks. "Hey you guys!" Stewie greets himself. "What's your name?" asked Frank. "I'm Stewie Griffin! I'm your number one fan! But don't let that worry you. I won't tie you to a bed and break your legs." Frank laughs, "He's funny."

"Where are you from?" asked Scooch. "Quahog Rhode Island!" Stewie answers. "Is there anywhere near Adventure Bay?" asked Tag. "No it's in the real world." said Stewie.

"I don't get it." said Frank. "Say listen, where are the others?" Stewie asks. "Others? You mean like our families?" asked Scooch. "Yeah, I want to meet all of you and maybe you can welcome me into your quaint little community!" Stewie tells them.

"Just a second. How do you know about us?" asked Tag.

"Isn't it obvious? The real world has a kids show about you." Stewie recedes.

"Oh, now I get it. Anyway, would you like to come over to my house!" asks Tag.

"YES YES YES! Million times yes!" Stewie cheers. "Come on over. I'll introduce you to my family. The Barkers." said Tag.

Stewie was very delighted. Giggling and clapping his hands at the fact that he was going over to the Barker's house. "You guys are super awesome! Encore! Encore!"

Tag brings Stewie over to her house. Stewie then meets Tag's family. Maw and Paw are at the door. "Hey, Tag. Did you have fun with your friends?" asked Maw. "Oh yes I did! In fact, I brought a new friend over!" said Tag introduced her family to Stewie.

Cheddar Biscuit comes down the stairs. "Oh we have a visitor! Do you like jokes?" asked Cheddar Biscuit. "You know I do!" said Stewie. Maw and Paw take a better look at Stewie. "Would you like to join us for lunch!" asked Paw. "Come out back, we're having a cookout!" said Maw. "It's Cheddar Biscuit, cookouts, and jokes! Three of my favorite things!" Stewie says happily.

Gilber Barker comes and says, "I suppose there's going to be a lesson learned from this." "Really? I must've overlooked the pattern!" said Tag. "Well, no matter. Let's eat!" said Paw. "Lunch with the Barker family! Oh boy oh boy oh boy!"


In the Barker's backyard. Paw was cooking on the grill. Stewie was sitting at the table with Gilber, Cheddar Biscuit, Tag and Maw. Spike and Yip join and see Stewie.

"So, Paw. Are we going to be having your famous Grilled Steaks?" asked Stewie. "Yes we are." said Paw. "But you can't have any." said Maw. "What? Why not?" asked Stewie.

"We were about to tell you that any human who comes here becomes our pets!" said Tag. "Me? A pet?" Stewie said with shock.

"No need to fret, you can have some of this pet food!" said Cheddar Biscuit, getting a bowl and pouring 'Human Chow' into it. "Pet food? Nobody said anything to me about being a pet. And pet food? " Stewie stands confused. "I was remiss." said Cheddar Biscuit.

"Hey Maw and Paw. When we're done can I take Stewie out to be potty trained? Then maybe I can teach him, fetch?" asked Tag. "Sure, honey." said Paw. "Just be back in time for our favorite show!" Maw said. "We want to go too!" said Gilber, Spike, and Yip. "Of course!" said Maw.

Stewie began to eat the Human Chow then he saw that it was just plain baby food. "Well, I'd rather be their pet than be yelled at by Brian back home. I came here to have fun, not have a Final Fantasy The Spirit Within scenario happen."

When the cookout was over, Tag took Stewie to the empty lot where she played with Frank and Scooch earlier. Gilber, Spike, and Yip are there as well. "OKay, Stewie. Today we are going to potty train you and after I'm teaching you to play fetch!"

"Before we begin, how come I never saw this empty lot on your show?" asked Stewie. "Paw bought it and he plans to build a golf course." said Tag. "Yeah and we're not going to let the Barkapellas play on it!" said Spike.

Tag puts a leash on Stewie. "A leash? What the hell man?" asked Stewie. "Pets need to be on a leash." said Tag. "Like Paw always says, it's the law here in Pawston!" said Spike. Tag takes Stewie for a walk. "Go potty! Go Potty! Go Potty!" chanted Gilber, Spike, and Yip. For their satisfaction, Stewie urinated on the ground.

"Good boy! Good boy!" Tag says to Stewie. Gilber gets a stick, "You now gotta fetch this stick!" "One....two....three.....GO!" Spike yelled out. Stewie runs to get the stick and gives it back to Tag. "You're very smart! You're going to be a fine member of our family, Stewie!" said Tag. Yip, Gilber, and Spike all pet and hug Stewie tightly as if he was a house pet.

"Wait a minute! Stop this! I am not a pet! This is Go Dog Go! You guys are supposed to be funny, cute, and wacky!" Stewie said. "Hey, this is our Pawston! You can't tell us when to be funny, cute, and wacky!" said Yip.

"Yeah! Who died and made you King Kamehameha!" said Spike.

"Instead of treating me like a pet. How about we reenact the time when the Pawston Get Sox came here to play a game of baseball! I'll be Coach Chewman. And Tag can be Tag!" suggested Stewie.

Gilber walks up to Stewie and says, "Here's a better idea, let's reenact the time Stewie came to Pawston to help us dig for bones! You be Stewie and start digging!"

Stewie then finds himself surrounded by Tag, Gilber, Yip, and Spike.

"What? Me? Dig? NO! I refuse to dig! I won't dig! I won't! I won't! I won't! I won't!" whines Stewie. "Oh no! Stewie! Bad boy! Bad!" Said Tag.

"If you're going to live with us and be our pet, it's just one of things you'll have to learn!" said Tag. "Yeah, get used to it!" said Spike and Yip together getting in Stewie's face.

"Okay, you talked me into it! One of the things I'll have to get used to if I want to live here with you guys." Stewie laughs nervously.


Using nothing but his bare hands, Stewie digs some holes into the hot dirt to find some bones. Stewie found 10 of them so far. "Here's your bones. What's the purpose of this anyway?" asked Stewie.

"For you to be a good boy!" said Tag. "You did well with your training!" said Gilber. "OKay, we will do some more training tomorrow!" said Spike. "For now it's almost time for our favorite TV show!" said Yip.

"Do you have a TV?" asked Stewie.

"Yes we do. Also a DVD player." answers Tag. "Yeah, we get every channel from HBO Max, Paramount + and Hulu!" said Gilber. "Yep. For some reason Maw and Paw won't let us have Netflix." said Tag.

Stewie follows Tag, Gilber, Yip, and Spike back to the Barker house. Paw stops Stewie. "Aren't you going to let me in?" asked Stewie to Paw.

"Sorry being a human pet comes with terms and conditions." said Paw. "But I want to watch TV with you all. To watch your favorite show!" said Stewie.

"No can do, little man. Human pets need to stay outside!" said Paw leading Stewie to the backyard into a makeshift doghouse.

"WAIT! WAIT! WAIT! Don't you dogs let human pets inside the house and watch TV shows with their owners? That's how it's like where I'm from!" protested Stewie.

"What works in Quahog doesn't work here. Now sit and be a good boy!" Paw said. Leaving Stewie in the doghouse and closing the door. Paw goes back to the Barker House and turns on the TV.

"Please Paw! Come sit down already!" said Tag. "Yeah don't fix what isn't broken!" said Maw. "All right! Time for our favorite show!" said Paw who sits on the couch with Maw, Tag, Cheddar Biscuit, Spike, Gilber, and Yip.

"Oh boy! It's starting!" said Cheddar Biscuit.

Getting out of the doghouse and deciding to spy on the Barker family. Stewie secretly peeps through their window.

The TV says, "And Now It's Time For The Adventures Of The Griffin Family!"

"GRIFFIN FAMILY?" Stewie shrieked in slience.

The announcer continues, "Starring Peter Griffin as The Dad. Lois Griffin as The Mom. Chris Griffin as The Eldest Son. Brian Griffin as The Dog. And Meg. Tonight's episode, Chris Takes A Bath!"

"Oh boy! This one's my favorite!" Cheddar Biscuit says.

On the Griffin Family show, Brian says, "That meatloaf was delicious Lois!" Lois comes with a dessert plate, "Thank you! Hope you have room for some apple pie!"

"Wow! Apple Pie! Wish we can eat that." said Paw. "Too bad we couldn't considering we're dogs." said Maw. "That meatloaf sounds delicious too!" said Tag. I'd like to have something to eat that isn't dog food." said Spike.

On the Griffin Family show, Chris asks, "Can I have some water, Dad?" "You're going to have lots of water, son! You're taking a bath!" Peter laughs.

The whole Barker family laughs at Peter's hijinks. "How does Peter come up with that stuff!" said Yip. "The great ones make it look so easy!" said Tag.

"Why was that funny?" asked Stewie who spoke loud enough for the Barker family to hear.

"Why was that funny? The Griffins are the most entertaining people in the world. And you're asking 'why was that funny.'?" said Gilber to Stewie.

"They do things we can only dream of! They eat balanced meals!" said Maw. "Yeah and all we eat is meat and nothing else." Tag added.

"Yeah, they wear clothes!" said Gilber. "We certainly don't." said Tag. "Actually, they are pretty interesting. Can I watch a little?" asked Stewie. "Hey, wait a minute. I thought we put you in the pet house!" said Cheddar Biscuit.

"I have a pet house back home." said Stewie. "What are you talking about? You are home!" said Tag. "Yes you're our pet and part of our family." said Maw. "Forever!" said Yip.

"But I don't want to be in Pawston. I thought you guys were supposed to be fun. Now I've come to the realization that you guys are only fun in half hour chunks!" Stewie says.

Brian on the Griffin family show looks into the screen as if he was talking to Stewie, "But you were the one who wanted to be on Go Dog Go! That's where the fun never stops....."

Stewie looks at Brian on the TV screen in disbelief. Brian's voice echoes, "Remember? Remember? Remember? Remember?...." Stewie says, "I was wrong! I want to go home! Wait a minute! I can! I still have the Barker house replica!"

Running away from the Barker house, Stewie goes inside the Barker House replica, pushes some buttons and before he knew it. Stewie was back in Quahog. Back to his old life, and back to the real world living in the Griffin house.

Stewie was glad to be away from Pawston. "My god! Who would've thought the dogs from Go Dog Go would live like normal people! This is like The Cadwalliders of Essex all over again!" Brian comes to the backyard.

"Stewie! I thought I heard the same noise your time machine makes." said Brian. "Oh it's so great to see you again, Brian! Even if you do yell at me." said Stewie hugging Brian.

"Yeah, I guess I went a little overboard on you, and for that I'm sorry." said Brian. "You see, this Barker house I built was really a teleporter that enabled me to go to Pawston from Go Dog Go." explains Stewie. "Thought there was a reason you needed all our electricity." Brian concedes.

"When I went there, I thought it was going to be non stop fun. However, all the dogs from Pawston ever did everyday normal things, you know like this family does." said Stewie.

"Well, I'm not one to say I told you so, glad you learned a valuable lesson throughout all this." Brian said. "Indeed I did Brian. Fun and adventure isn't on some Dog Populated City. It's right here. In your own backyard!" Stewie tells Brian.

"That's good to hear, Stewie. Say how about I help you dismantle this Barker house you made?" offered Brian. "Nah, that's okay. In fact after one use, it's all broken. So perhaps I'll put it in my graveyard which I like to call the Unknown Cemetery of Forgotten Inventions." Stewie said.

When Stewie dismantles the Barker house replica, the electricity for the Griffin family home all comes back. "I didn't know you had an Unknown Cemetery of Forgotten Inventions." asked Brian. "I do. It's just a hidden place in my Weapons Room." Stewie reveals.

Brian helps Stewie put the Barker house replica back in his bedroom and into the Weapons Room to the Unknown Cemetery of Forgotten Inventions.

"You won't believe this, Brian. Any human who enters Pawston. Becomes a housepet." Stewie speaks.

"Hmmm, that reminds me of that alternate universe we were once in where dogs ruled all." recalled Brian.


The following afternoon. Stewie was having dinner with Brian and Jillian. "Delicious meatloaf, Brian! Best I ever had! Best anyone's ever had! Best in the world! As Tina Turner would say, Simply The Best!" exclaimed Stewie.

"Why thank you, Stewie. While I was making the meatloaf. Jillian made a steak." said Brian. "Yes I did! Brian's been teaching me how to cook!" said Jillian. "What type of steak is it?" asked Stewie.

"It's grilled. A bunch of fire came up from it." said Jillian. "I'll pass!" said Stewie. Brian gets a text on his iphone. "Oh no! Shit! Jillian you're going to have to leave soon. I just got a text from Peter! He and Lois are coming back at any minute!"

Stewie cracks up, "Peter and Lois are coming back any minute! Brian you're a scream! How do you come up with that stuff?" "What stuff?" asked Brian. "There he goes again!" Stewie laughs once more.

"What's gotten into you, Stewie?" asked Jillian.

"Nothing got into me. I'm the most fucking happiest baby in Quahog! What can possibly be wrong here. In the non stop fun and exciting adventures of the Griffin household!" said Stewie.

"So, I guess now you've given up on Go Dog Go!" said Brian. "Yes I have. I am done with that cartoon. I'm not even looking forward to the second season. In fact, I've gotten into something new now!" said Stewie.

Jillian and Brian look outside in the Griffin backyard. "Holy shit! That looks like a bumper car!" said Jillian. "It's not. It's more like a spaceship! Oh son of a bitch! Stewie's been watching Dogs in Space!"

"Oh blast! You just had to find out about that, didn't you!" Stewie spits out.

"I thought you swore off of wanting to live in a cartoon!" Brian reminded the baby.

"I'll take the spaceship back tomorrow. Don't worry. I am not looking to live with the Dogs in Space characters." Stewie says.

"I hope not." said Brian rolling his eyes. "It's true. I'll just watch it and not yearn to be with them." Stewie tells Brian.

"Okay, I'll take your word on it." Brian says.

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