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Eek The Exorcist

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Eek the Cat and Sharky the Sharkdog take a vacation to Lake Hoohah. Hoping to get away from any chaos, they run into it when learning the family from PB and J Otter has a possessed baby.

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To those who used to watch PB and J Otter when you were kids. Prepare to have your childhood ruined! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Up in the sky, there was an airplane. On the side it reads, "Red Rocket Airlines". Inside, the passengers were Eek The Cat and Sharky and Sharkdog. They were in the coach section, looking out the window seat and they saw they were descending into Lake Hoohah. A pilot came on.

"Good afternoon, this is your captain speaking. We are descending into our destination of Lake Hoohah! With Clear Skies, Lots of Sunshine, With The High of 75 Degrees. Thank you for choosing Red Rocket Airlines."

"Kumbaya! Isn't it great to get away from McTropolis for a while, isn't it?" asks Eek. "You know it is." answers Sharky the Sharkdog. "Oh boy! I can only imagine who can use my help here!" said Eek.

"Remember what I said," stated Sharky The Sharkdog, "No trying to help anyone here. We are here to relax and enjoy ourselves."

"Since you put it that way, okay." Eek says. "You can go back to helping when we go back home." said Sarky the Sharkdog. Eek and Sharky shook hands and did a pinky swear. "A deal and a deal." replies Eek.

On a houseboat there lived the Otter Family. Ernest Otter, along with his wife and two kids, Opal, Peanut and Jelly were gathered around in a circle saying their prayers.

"...and please bless our family, and all the others here in Lake Hoohah. Amen!" "AMEN!" "Okay, kids. Enough fun for the day, time for bed." said Ernest Otter. "Oh wait! We forgot to check on Baby Butter!" Opal panics.

The Otter family then hears a huge burping sound. "I think she's telling me she's going to be fine, Mom." assures Peanut. When Jelly, Ernest, Opal and Peanut were all about to go upstairs to go to bed for the night. Baby Butter Otter appears before them flying in the air.

Peanut gasps, "Butter can fly?" "This is the first I've seen of this." exclaimed Jelly.

Ernest asks, "Butter sweetie, why are you flying?" Opal sees the color in Butter's eyes have changed. They were black and the eyeballs were white. "Oh no! Look at her eyes!" Opal says.

Baby Butter Otter begins to urinate on the floor which has Opal, Ernest, Jelly, and Peanut all in shocked horror. "What in the world is going on with Baby Butter!" asked Ernest.

"I AM NOT BABY BUTTER!" Baby Butter said in a demonic voice. "Of course you are!" said Peanut. "Then if you're not our baby sister, than who are you?" asked Jelly.

"I AM PAZUZU!" Baby Butter screams nearly scaring the living daylights out of the Otter family.

Getting off the plane at the Lake Hoohah airport, Eek and Sharky the Sharkdog picked up their luggage at the Baggage Claim. A taxi came to pick them up and drive them to a hotel.

As the taxi was driving, Eek the Cat and Sharky the Sharkdog were sightseeing Lake Hoohah. "This is a magnificent place, won't you say, Sharky?" asked Eek. "Oh my yes! I can't wait to swim in that water!" Sharky the Sharkdog says. "Take a gander at all these boats!" Eek says.

"Hey, did you make any hotel reservations?" asked Eek to Sharky. "There were no hotels around, so I picked a church." said Sharky the Sharkdog. "That'll be fine. That way we can stay for free. Taxi, take us to Lake Hoohah Church please!" Eek tells the cab driver who was Flick Duck.

When the taxi dropped them off at the church. Eek The Cat and Sharky The Sharkdog walked down the altar and were about to go inside a room. Then a priest stops them, "Hold it. What is your business here?" asked the Priest who was Munchy Beaver.

"We are here on vacation and we didn't want to spend any money on a hotel." explains Eek. "Very well, you can stay." Munchy Beaver says showing them to their room.

Ernest Otter was driving to the church. "Demon possession! That's gotta be what's wrong with Baby Butter!" "I've never seen Baby Butter act so strangely before." said Opal who was feeling shaken.

"Where are we going to get this demon out of her." asked Peanut. "The church of course. We'll need to find a priest to cast the demon out of her." said Ernest. "Is Baby Butter going to be okay?" asked Jelly.

"Of course she will be." assured Opal. On their way to the church, the Otter family were going to try to see if they can get an exorcism done on Baby Butter.


When Eek the Cat and Sharky and Sharkdog were looking over the brochure, they were looking for a place to have fun. "Let's see what type of fun place and amenities Lake Hoohah has to offer!" said Eek.

"How about this place?" asked Sharky the Sharkdog. "Kumbaya! A beach! That would be awesome!" Eek exclaims. "But first, let's put on some swimwear." Sharky the Sharkdog advised.

Going through the drawers, Eek The Cat finds a priest outfit. "Hmmm, this doesn't look very suitable for swimming." said Eek. "Did you bring any trunks?" asked Sharky the Sharkdog.

"Actually no. We're cartoon animals. We don't wear clothes anyway." said Eek. "That was a dumb move! Typical at that! You never think ahead! Did you bring anything at all?" asked Sharky the Sharkdog?

"Goggles, water skiies, inner tube, National Geographic Ocean Wonders..." says Eek looking around his luggage. "Fine! We'll pick some things up at the store. Don't you ever stop to think that there are places where you need to wear clothes?" said Sharky the Sharkdog. "Okay, clothes it is. However, I am very intrigued by this priest outfit. I'll try this on." said Eek putting on the priest outfit with just the shirt and no pants. Sharky the Sharkdog scoffs then asks, "Why did you bring swimming gear but not clothes?" "Because I never know if there's going to be an opportunity where I can help someone!" said Eek putting on the priest outfit and sticks the collar on his neck.

"Priests wear pants you know." Sharky the Sharkdog says as he is bewildered and embarrassed by Eek's lack of knowledge of needing clothes for a vacation. "Well this one doesn't! Come on let's go to the store and get some stuff!" Eek says.

The Otter Family was going inside the church. Eek the Cat and Sharky the Sharkdog were getting out of their room they were staying at the church.

Ernest Otter has spotted Eek and Sharky. "Excuse me! Excuse me! Father....." he calls out. "I am Father Damien Karras!" said Eek. "What do you think you're doing?" Sharky the Sharkdog whispered.

"Oh good. I'm glad we found a priest." said Opal. "So what I can I do for you lovely family of otters today?" asked Eek. "Our baby sister Butter is possessed!" said Peanut. "Yeah, she said mean things to us, she peed all over the place." Jelly added on.

"Sounds serious. Must bring a Bible and a cross to be on the safe side!" said Eek.

Going back in the room, Eek gets a Bible and a cross. "Ready for action!" Eek announced. "Hey, I thought I told you we were going to take a break from helping!" Sharky the Sharkdog reminded him.

Ignoring Sharky, Eek the Cat tells the Otter family. "Show me to this troubled baby! It never hurts to help!"

"Oh great! Here we go." Sharky the Sharkdog says, leaving him with no choice but to go along with Eek.

"Thank you Father." said Ernest Otter. The Otter family go to their car and take Sharky and Eek with them. Once they drove back to the Otter family house. Ernest, Opal, Peanut, and Jelly were walking ahead of Eek and Sharky.

"This way gentlemen." said Ernest Otter. While on their way inside the Otter family house, Sharky the Sharkdog said to Eek, "You don't know the first thing about exorcisms!"

"Nothing like this good book to tell me how to handle it." said Eek showing Sharky a Bible. "Good luck with everything. If you get into trouble with this, I am NOT helping you!" warns Sharky the Sharkdog as he hands Eek a cross and some holy water. "This is as far as I am going with this." Sharky The Sharkdog says.

Ernest, Peanut, Jelly, and Opal were all walking upstairs to Baby Butter's bedroom. Once they enter, they see Baby Butter's room an a terrible mess. Feces, vomit, and urine were all over the walls. The baby toys were broken apart too.

Baby Butter was standing on her crib jumping up and down screaming nonsense as if she were speaking in tongue.

"Oh no! It's worse than I thought!" said Peanut holding Jelly. "Please do something, Father!" said Opal. Possessed Baby Butter looks at Eek, Sharky, Ernest, Opal, Peanut and Jelly.

"I think she's going to say something, Mom and Dad." said Peanut.

Possessed Baby Butter says, "I see you brought a Priest to cast this demon out of this baby! Not going to happen!"

Eek the Cat then says to the demon, "Why this little girl? Why do you want to possess a baby?" Sharky adds on, "I think the point is to make up despair. To see ourselves as animals and ugly." "We are animals. We're not ugly that's for sure!" Eek said as a joke.

"Mirabile dictu! Don't you agree?" asked Possessed Baby Butter.

"Kumbaya! Do you speak latin? Oh! I don't know any latin!" said Eek in hopelessness. "All right, fine. I'll speak English! I want to possess this baby's body so I can take the baby to hell with me!" said Possessed Baby Butter.

"Okay, any particular reason?" asked Eek. "Me, Pazuzu was sent from hell to find a baby as a host. When the baby grows up, she'll become the new anti Christ!" said Possessed Baby Butter.

"No! I will not let you take control of a helpless and innocent baby girl! Take THIS!" Eek the Cat yelled as he showed the cross to the Possessed Baby Butter.

"That doesn't work on me! Maybe this'll work on YOU!" Possessed Baby Butter says as she turned her head around in circles and began to throw up vomit that looked like pea soup.

"Sharky! A little help here?" asked Eek. "Nope!" said Sharky. "Why aren't you helping?" asked Ernest Otter. "Do I look like a priest? I'm just a friend of his is all." said Sharky the Sharkdog.

The pea soup like vomit landed all over the Otter family. "Yuck gross!" cries our Peanut and Jelly. "Kids, why don't you go outside for a bit?" asked Opal. "First take a bath!" said Ernest.

"Good idea, parents. Let the adults handle this one." said Eek. "I KNOW YOU! YOU'RE FATHER KARRASS!" said Possessed Baby Butter. "Why yes I am. How do you know?" asked Eek.

"Stop asking it questions and do your job!" Sharky yelled to Eek.


"Tell me. Please keep it clean, this is a kid's show." demands Eek, "YOUR MOTHER SUCKS SLIME IN HELL! THERE! I KEPT IT CLEAN! YOU HAPPY!" Possessed Baby Butter screams until an echo is heard.


In the backyard, instead of playing, Peanut and Jelly were staring at their house. Worried about their baby sister. "You think this demon will take Baby Butter away from us?" asked Jelly to her older brother.

"Like Mom and Dad always say, Hard to Tell." said Peanut. "Thought it was 'Time Will Tell.'" said Jelly.

Possessed Baby Butter was climbing up the walls making it hard for Eek to do this exorcism. "STICK IT UP YOUR NOSE! YOU WORTHLESS NO BRAINER!"

"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but Satanic banter will never hurt me!" said Eek the Cat using his cross. "You are so hopeless!" said Sharky The Sharkdog. "What are you telling me about this Priest?" asked Ernest. "Yeah, is he even a Priest? He should've cast the demon out by now!" said Opal. "FOR SAYING SUCH CHILDISH NONSENSE TO ME, I SHALL UNLEASH A PLAGUE!" said Possessed Baby Butter.

The Possessed Baby Butter opens her mouth and roaches begin to fly around. Then frogs came from the sky. Eek and Sharky get hit with the frogs as the roaches all surround Ernest and Opal. The roaches and frogs play around with Eek, Sharky, Ernest and Opal.

Soon, The roaches and frogs all disappear eventually and then Possessed Baby Butter turns and says, "WHAT A GOOD DAY FOR AN EXORCISM!" Eek flips through the Bible nervously with sweat coming from his head, "Okay, cast away demons....cast away demons....okay I got it!"

Sharky the Sharkdog says, "Read what it says, and make it quick!" "Oh here is what I was looking for, THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!" shouted Eek using his cross and some holy water.

The holy water landed on Possessed Baby Butter's eyes. "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" Then a message was on Baby Butter's back that reads, "HELP ME!" "GOOD GOOD! You're doing it!" Ernest Otter says.

A twist of events occurs as Possessed Baby Butter begins to do a crab walk on her fingers. Walking out of the bedroom and up and down the stairs.

"Oh no! Nothing I do seems to be working!" said a worried Eek. Possessed Baby Butter takes Eek and goes up and down the stairs while doing the crab walk. "AAAAAHHH! WHAT IS THIS? A SOME TYPE OF DEMONIC ROLLER COASTER?!" screamed Eek. "LET ME TAKE YOU FOR A RIDE! THE RIDE OF YOUR LIFE!" laughs possessed Baby Butter Otter. This goes on for about 30 minutes. Ernest and Opal stand in disbelief and begin to second guess Eek's abilities.

"This priest isn't doing a very good job." said Opal with worry. "Ooooh if nothing is done, we'll lose Baby Butter forever!" said Ernest. "Okay! Just this once!" says Sharky The Sharkdog who decides to step in breaking the promise he made not to help Eek. This situation seemed extremely hopeless, so Sharky The Sharkdog cannot help himself this time around. Taking the Bible, holy water, and cross away from Eek.

"Sharky! You're actually going to help?" asked Eek. "Let me show you how an expert does it!" Sharky tells Eek. "Oh no! It's even worse than I thought!" cries Ernest.

"That demon has complete control over her!" Opal freaked out. Possessed Baby Butter says, "Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus, omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio infernalis adversarii, omnis legio, omnis congregatio et secta diabolica!"

Reading from the Bible, Sharky the Sharkdog screams in Latin, "CARPE DIEM! DOMINUS PASTOR!" Then Sharky the Sharkdog throws the whole bottle of holy water and throws the cross into Baby Butter's face. Eek gets released.

"You hurt her!" yelled Ernest Otter. "No I didn't, look!" Sharky the Sharkdog points as the demon Pazuzu (who looked like a red and black mouse with devil horns) exits out of Baby Butter's body and back into the underworld.

As Pazuzu floats back into the underworld and spots Eek and Sharky, "I WILL REMEMBER YOU!"

"KUMBAYA! The demon is gone! It looked like a mouse, so I better watch my back from now on!" cheered and laughed Eek The Cat. "Of course, mice are the natural enemy of cats!" stated Sharky the Sharkdog. In no time at all, Baby Butter was back to normal. "Kids, you can come back in now!" Opal calls Peanut and Jelly who were outside.

Ernest and Opal extend their gratitude to Eek the Cat and Sharky the Sharkdog. "Thank you so much, Father Karrass!" said Ernest. "How can we ever thank you!" asked Opal.

Peanut and Jelly were playing with Baby Butter. "I think I know!" said Eek.

The Otter family were in their boat as Eek the Cat and Sharky The Sharkdog were water skiing in the back. Ernest and Opal were driving the boat. Peanut, Jelly, and Baby Butter were playing in the water.

"Hey, Sharky, how did you know how to cast the demon out of the baby's body?" asked Eek. "It was just a heat of the moment thing I did." answers Sharky The Sharkdog.

Now that Eek and Sharky were going to enjoy their vacation, Eek decides not to help anyone out and just relax and enjoy himself.

"Now that you helped out this family. Are you going to help anyone else?" asked Sharky the Sharkdog. "If you do I am not going to bail you out at the last minute."

"Nope, I think I can put a damper on helping! For now anyway!" said Eek the Cat.

The Otter Family boat was going all around Lake Hoohah. Thankful to Eek and Sharky that Pazuzu will never again enter Baby Butter's body as a host. It seems to have been the end of Pazuzu the mouse demon......

The last Eek and Sharky will ever have to encounter Pazuzu......


3 weeks later, Eek the Cat and Sharky the Sharkdog have returned to McTropolis. Driving back from the McTropolis International Airport. Eek and Sharky reflect on their time in Lake Hoohah.

"That sure was a fun vacation isn't it!" asked Sharky the Sharkdog. "Absolutely! I miss it already!" said Eek The Cat. "We got pictures from our trip!" said Sharky The Sharkdog looking at the prints he took from his camera.

"It was really nice of the Otter Family to let us stay in their house after we extinguished that Pazuzu mouse demon out of Baby Butter's body!" recalled Eek who then says, "That was good. At least we didn't have to pay full price for a cheap motel!"

"To you 'helping' that Otter family was the best part of our vacation, I wager!" said Sharky the Sharkdog. "Well, I haven't helped anyone else out while we were in Lake Hoohah!" reminded Eek.

"Yep, I'll give you credit for that." said Sharky The Sharkdog. Driving up to the driveway of Annabelle's house. Eek and Sharky get out of their car and get their luggage from the truck. Eek and Sharky were walking up to the front door.

"Now that we're back, Sharky. Eek the Cat is back in business! The helping business!" said Eek to Sharky. "Now you can help out whoever you want to!" said Sharky.

"Wonder who will need my help this time?" asked Eek to himself.

In the living room of Annabelle's house, there was Annabelle. She was floating in mid air just like Baby Butter Otter was back in Lake Hoohah. Now Pazuzu was back. Out for blood. Out for revenge now that Pazuzu the Mouse Demon has control and possessed Annabelle's body now.


Taking out their cross, bible, and holy water they got from Lake Hoohah, Eek and Sharky prepare to do an exorcism on Annabelle this time.

"READY FOR ROUND TWO?" bombed the possessed Annabelle at Eek and Sharky.

"You know I am!" said Eek with determination. Joining in Sharky says, "Bring it on, Pazuzu!" said Sharky. As Eek and Sharky are shown in a freeze frame holding a cross, bible on the floor, and holy water in Sharky's hands.

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