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Dangerous Addiction

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Jinx is broken. Ekko knows it, and if he could fix her, he would have already. But it's painfully obvious that he can't. Ekko can't make her better. He's no good for her. She's certainly no good fo...

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Ekko laid on his couch, back at the Firelight base. His muscles complained about their soreness as he moved around, trying to find a comfortable position. He thought a shower would have cleared his mind, but it did not help. Sleep did not find him.

It was just supposed to go according to plan. Why does nothing ever go according to plan? Ekko had originally planned to stop a Shimmer shipment, a common yet dangerous mission. Then again, what's a mission if it's not dangerous?

It went like this...


Ekko and his followers opened the barrels in front of them. A nervous feeling was settled in Ekko's stomach, expecting anything...anyone to show up and confront them. They needed to do this quickly. The barrels revealed loads of Shimmer within them. They needed to hurry and burn all of it.

"We'll get these," Ekko said, nodding towards Scar and himself. "Check below deck and see if there's more." The rest of the Firelights nodded at him as they walked off to go underneath a trapdoor to check for more Shimmer. Ekko and Scar waited cautiously, not wanting to set the fire with the others below them. "See anything?"

"Not yet," Scar replied, his voice in a growl. "Can never be too sure. She might be here."

Ekko immediately knew who he was referring to, and internally winced. It was no secret that Powder was long gone. Jinx...Jinx was all that was left. Too many times had Ekko gone easy on her, only for her to almost kill him MANY times. She really didn't care. She was a whole other person. Who he knew, who he had this stupid little childhood crush on, didn't exist anymore. There was only darkness, evil, trapped inside her body.

A crash from below them made Scar and Ekko jump. Within seconds, Scar was rushing towards the trapdoor and moving below deck to see what had caused the sound. Ekko was not too far away from him, about to move below as well when his face was given a powerful blow, shooting him backwards. Ekko's back slammed into a wall, knocking the air out of his lungs.

"Ekko!" he heard Scar call out to him, but the trapdoor was closed and locked. Ekko's vision was blurry, but he saw a figure do it. Skinny, LONG ponytails, blue...oh, shit. Jinx. Goddamn Jinx. Ekko slowly brought himself to his feet as he heard coughing from his friends, not knowing what was going on in the floor below him. He could hear them scratching at the trapdoor, gasping for breath. Desperation got Ekko to shake off the pain, focusing just enough to look at Jinx reaching for her gun and pointing it at him. Ekko didn't carry guns, just a big, long pipe that could do serious damage. He didn't like to kill. Jinx certainly had no problem with it, though. Ekko dove for cover as Jinx let the bullets of her gun fly.

"Your stubborn, aren't ya, Boy Savior?" he heard Jinx taunt at him. Anger and annoyance bubbled inside of him. Back when him and...Powder, were little, he had shared with her one of his most personal dreams: to be the savior. To bring the Undercity up and above the Pilties. To save all of the sick and prevent others from being killed by enforcers and shimmer addictions. Back then, Powder never laughed at him for it, and even wanted to be a part of it. But she certainly wasn't. Now, Jinx had adopted that nickname, as if making fun of him. "Just won't stay away."

"Damn you!" Ekko cursed out. It was a pathetic thing to say, he thought. He couldn't come up with anything better? He heard Jinx give out a playful scoff, then start to walk around to look for him. He crawled away from the footsteps, still trying to hide from her. She could shoot him at any time.

"You don't have to worry about your friends," Jinx reassured him. Why she did so, he didn't know. "They're just taking a little nap. Sleepy gas is one of my favorite things to use. Nice and quiet. But nothing quite beats explosives." She let out a giggle. "They're so much more fun." Ekko wanted to call her crazy, curse her out, but didn't want to give away his position. He was trying to get to the trapdoor, hopefully able to break the lock. What he would do then would be a problem. If Jinx was telling the truth, and she had sedated them with gas, they wouldn't be able to help him. And he couldn't help them.

Ekko almost reached the trapdoor, his pipe in his hands to swiftly break the lock. However, Jinx suddenly appeared out of nowhere in front of him. Ekko's heart dropped to his stomach as he was quickly staring at the barrel of a gun.

"Peekaboo," Jinx sung, then placed her finger on the trigger.

Well, what was she waiting for? Jinx stood still, her teasing grin gone and her eyes widened as she stared at Ekko's.

Can't even pull a trigger, Mylo laughed into her ear. Only you could jinx yourself.

Jinx let out an angry scream as she fired in a completely different direction from Ekko, hoping to hit Mylo. She missed as he disappeared. She could never quite seem to hit him, and she was a good shot.

"Shut up!" she growled, only for Mylo to laugh at her again in another direction, making her snap her head towards her left. Ekko, completely confused, followed her gaze. He didn't see anyone. Who was she talking to?

Fuck, who cares? Get up! he yelled at himself. Ekko slapped Jinx's gun out of her hand. Jinx was drawn back to reality, yelling angrily and trying to run away. Ekko was going to let her go but he realized she was just running towards her mini gun, Pow Pow. It was only a few feet away from her. Within seconds, Ekko was sprinting towards her and tackled her to the ground just before she reached her prized weapon. Jinx struggled beneath him, kicking and thrashing her entire body. Ekko was much stronger than her, however, so she was no match when he got close. Sure, the occasional hand smashed into his face was annoying, but it's better than getting shot in the face. This repeated action caused Jinx to be able to take off his mask, making it fall to the floor.

"Get. Off!" Jinx yelled angrily as she sent a kick directly to Ekko's crotch. Ekko hissed and grabbed himself in pain, suddenly cursing the fact that he had to be male. Why didn't the human body have any protection for that area? This was enough for Jinx to crawl away from Ekko, but she didn't get far. Ekko's been through worse than a dirty shot to the groin. He grabbed Jinx's legs and forced her back beneath him, trying to pin her down as she continued to thrash around wildly.

God damn it, why can't she just-

"Stop moving!" Ekko shouted in plain frustration. He grabbed Jinx's hand that was on his face and the other that was reaching for the machine gun, then pinned them down to the floor. Jinx continued to wiggle around, but eventually used up all her energy fighting a losing battle. She soon relaxed beneath Ekko. He suddenly became aware of their close proximity. He tried to think of something threatening to say, but he was becoming very distracted by her lips and the way her heavy breath hit his own. Shit, shit, shit. This isn't good. He's falling into some sort of trap.

"Damn, you got me, Boy Savior," Jinx teased when she got over how close they were and how attractive Ekko suddenly got in only 10 seconds. She swore it was just the removal of his mask. Ekko's mouth opened, then closed, Jinx watching the movement. She raised her eyebrows. "Well?"

"Well what?" Ekko croaked, wincing internally afterwards. What the hell was happening to him? Uh, the mission? He cleared his throat and tried to harden his stare. "I'm guessing you wouldn't be willing to stay down while I burn the Shimmer?"

That was horrible.

"Well, considering the sides we're" Jinx guessed. Okay, what the hell are they doing? This is just stupid.

"Why're you even protecting this stuff?" Ekko demanded. "You know what it does to people."

"Business is business," Jinx shrugged. The questions Ekko never got answers to suddenly starting coming out.

"Why're you working for Silco?" he asked in a frustrating way. Jinx's happy attitude seemed to disappear.

"Why not? He was there when you weren't," she answered. Ekko's eyes furrowed in confusion, then he let out a sigh.

"Pow-" Jinx immediately glared at him. "Jinx. I'm sorry, okay? We both lost everything on the same day."

"Powder lost everything. Powder was weak. That's why she died," Jinx informed. "I have all I need. And I have a job to do. Get off."

"No," Ekko said. "None of this is your job. It's never been. You're a kid, you should be living your life, not doing this shit. Is that what Silco's been telling you? This is what you're meant to do?"

"Get off!" Jinx demanded as she began to thrash under his grip again.

"He's lying to you!" Ekko told her, keeping her beneath him as he tried to get her to listen to him. She was clenching her eyes shut now, as if she was trying to tune him out. What sort of fucked-up shit has Silco been teaching her? "And you know it."

"Shut up!" Jinx yelled, managing to get her legs between them and kicking him off. Ekko grunted as he hit the floor. He rushed to his feet and wrapped his arms around Jinx to drag her away from her machine gun. "Get off of me!"

"Stop trying to kill me and maybe I will!" Ekko hissed as he carried her as far away from her weapon as he could. Jinx elbowed his face and he released her, groaning as blood trickled down his nose. When he looked back up, he found Jinx's smaller gun once again in his face. He raised his hands in the air instinctively. As he did so, he heard a creak and saw Scar opening the trapdoor behind Jinx, looking a little woozy but determined.

"You shouldn't have come here," Jinx told him as she waved her gun around, as if trying to get his attention again. It certainly worked. "Honestly, I've never met someone as stubborn as you. Quite admirable, when you try and work through how annoying it is." Scar was sneaking up behind Jinx, ready to attack. Ekko watched in apprehension. "It's definitely- oh, shut up!" Jesus Christ, who the hell was she talking to? "What do you mean 'sneaking up?'" Ekko's eyes widened as he racked his brain to say something that would catch Jinx off guard enough for her to ignore the voice. Jinx furrowed her eyebrows and looked like she was going to turn around. Fuck, this is fucked up.

"Vi is alive!" Ekko suddenly shouted. Jinx stopped, staring him dead in the eye. It wasn't a lie. There'd been a few rumors, making him have a look through the Undercity. He saw her with some Piltie. Questionable, but interesting.

"What did you just say?" Jinx demanded, looking horrified, shocked, and curious all at the same time. Scar was right behind her.

"Vi is alive. I don't know what she's doing, but she's alive," Ekko repeated. This feels like the worst possible way to tell her.

"That can't...she can't...Silco said..." Jinx fought with her thoughts, closing her eyes in frustration. She looked back up at Ekko with vulnerability, which gave his heart a jump. "How do you-"

She couldn't finish her sentence, as Scar had managed to get hold of some object and hit her over the back of the head, knocking her out. Ekko rushed forward and caught her before her head could hit the ground. He laid her down gently, Scar eyeing his actions with a raised eyebrow.

"What should we do?" he asked Ekko.

"Take her back to base," Ekko said after a couple seconds of silence. "She knows more information than the occasional dickhead we get."

"Seems risky," Scar worried.

"We'll be fine," Ekko assured, more to himself than Scar. He lifted Jinx into his arms, admiring her for a moment before handing her to Scar. He carried the girl with ease, though did not look at her at all the way Ekko did. "We have to get the others. Preferably before anyone else shows up."

Ekko rushed to the trapdoor, where the rest of the Firelights, thankfully, were already waking up. He rushed them out from below the deck after they confirmed a couple barrels of shimmer were down there. Together, they burned what they could before a group of Silco's goons showed up, Sevika leading them. Once she saw a knocked-out Jinx in Scar's arms, she became enraged and rushed towards Ekko and his friends, but they got on their hoverboards quickly and avoided her, flying away.


And now here Ekko was, laying on the couch instead of his own bed. That's because a certain blue-haired teenager occupied it.

"Can't sleep either, toots?" Jinx asked playfully. Ekko groaned as he lifted a hand to his face.

This'll be a long night.
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