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Fugget About YOLO

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A crossover with Fugget About It With Yolo Crystal Fantasy! When Sarah and Rachel ruin the Falcone/McDougals Austrailia vacation, they plan the perfect revenge against the party girls.

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While I was on my pickle tour, I discovered this new cartoon called Fugget About It. I love it, and it's one of the best cartoons in the history of adult animation I've seen in a long time. Once I got home, I decided to write my own fanfic about it.

I even checked out YOLO Crystal Fantasy. Not as good as Fugget About It, so that's what inspired me decide to write this crossover! As one of my old teachers used to say: Sit back in your seat and read!

In the Southern Hemisphere there lies a continent that was a popular vacation destination. Australia. The outback where the saying "G'Day Mate" is popular among the residents. Taking a well deserved break in Australia was the Falcone family now known as the McDougals. Jimmy Falcone with his wife, Cookie, and his kids Theresa, Petey, and Gina were walking along the beach and enjoying themselves.

"Ahhh, Australia! See how nice it is here you guys! Just walking along the beach with your family without a care in the world!" implies Jimmy. "We're a long way from Saskatchewan!" Cookie agrees. "Can we just hit the shops already? This beach is kinda boring!" whines Theresa who then sees some bare chested male surfers. "Ooooh, laa laa! Maybe I can stay for a little while!" Theresa said.

"Wonder why Uncle Cheech didn't come with us?" asked Gina. "He agreed to house sit, and he never wants to leave the Northern Hemisphere!" answers Jimmy.

"This place is so clean! Smell that air!" Petey exclaimed. "Oh I forgot. This is where Jackie Chan filmed his movie, Mr. Nice Guy!" "Yeah, that's right, Petey!" Cookie said.

As the Falcones aka McDougals were enjoying their time on an Australia beach, not too far, there were two party girls named Rachel and Sarah who were far out into the ocean on jet skis and were racing to the shore.

"Woo hoo hoo! Check me out! I'm Kate Boseworth from Blue Crush!" brags Sarah. "That's nothing, look at this!" Rachel says showing off to her friend when she used to jet ski to jump.

Gina sees Sarah and Rachel showing off, "Those bitches better be careful!" "Yeah! They're going to get themselves killed!" Cookie says.

Sarah and Rachel were now daring each other to wash away the beachgoers. "Want to use these to piss off these beach goers?" asked Sarah.

"What do you have in mind!" asks Rachel. "How about we make a big SPLASH!" laughs Sarah "Ooooh! You're on!" giggles Rachel.

Watching Sarah and Rachel race to the shoreline, Jimmy begins to get worried. "Those girls are really playing hardball!" "I know! It's like they're headed right towards us!" Cookie says.

"Gosh, why don't they slow down?" asks Theresa. "Hope they're headed towards me!" Petey said with his tongue sticking out. "We gotta get outta here, guys!" demands Gina.

Sarah and Rachel made their way to the shoreline. As the Falcone aka McDougals try to run away from them. Sarah and Rachel ended up splahing the Falcone aka McDougals who were now covered from head to toe with saltwater. What Sarah and Rachel didn't know was their IDs flew in the air and landed on the beach,

"WOW! THAT WAS A WIPEOUT!" laughs Sarah. "I'm so glad we did this! We should do it again!" Rachel laughs. High fiving each other Sarah and Rachel walk away from the Falcone aka McDougals who were really upset and angry with the two party girls.

"I say we whack those bitches! Let me do it!" Gina screams.

"No! We're still under the Witness Protection Program so we can't do anything Mafia related." said Petey. "Yes, maybe we should just ignore them you know, turn the other cheek." Theresa suggested. "Yeah, there's no way we'll ever track them down and confront them for what they did to us." Cookie agrees.

"Out of the question, we are not going to kill or ignore them. We will get revenge on them somehow if only we knew who they were!" Jimmy tells his family.

Theresa steps on a piece of plastic. "OUCH! That's murder on my pedicure!" Picking up the piece of plastic she stepped on, Jimmy, Cookie, Petey, and Gina all gathered around to see that it was an ID.

"You stuck gold with this, Theresa!" Cookie tells her daughter. "What do you mean? What I struck is a papercut!" Theresa cries.

"Don't you get it? These IDs belong to one of those cunts that splashed us!" Jimmy said.

"Awesome! Now we know where they live!" Petey implies.

"Oh look, it's even got their phone numbers." Gina says with an evil glee.

"Perfect! What's the plan? I got it! We'll trick them into thinking we're inviting them to a party, and it'll turn out to be a enviromental protest to save the Koalas here!" Petey suggested.

"You are right about the party part, but not the enviormental part." Jimmy said. "Awww, you never liked my save the planet causes!" Petey whines.

"It's psuedomoralistic is what it is. I have a better idea." Jimmy says. "What'll we do with them?" asked Gina.

"They want a party, they're going to get a party!" Jimmy tells his family who then says, "Nobody knows us here in Austrailia you know."


At their hotel room, Jimmy explains the plan. "We got their IDs, right?" asked Jimmy. "Yes we do! There's even their phone numbers on them! Possibly a cell phone." Cookie says.

"Exactly, what we are going to do it invite them somewhere and when they least expect it! BANG!" Jimmy said. "We whack em?" asked Gina. "No, we embarrass them, that's what!" said Jimmy.

"Which one of us is going to call these girls?" asked Petey. "You Theresa! You're close to their age. You will call these girls and talk like a Valley Girl does!" Cookie said. "Okay, I'm willing to do that! As long as I get to check out the shopping centers here!" Theresa agrees.

Gina gives Theresa the phone, "Make a good job of it!" Theresa dials the phone numbers. On a boardwalk in the beach, Sarah and Rachel were looking for their IDs.

"You think someone may have taken them?" asked Sarah. "Could be. This is one of the downsides to partying." Rachel said. "At least we still got our cellphones, handy!" said Sarah. "Yes, maybe someone will call us and tell us where our IDs are." Rachel says.

Sarah's cellphone rang, "You better get that!" Rachel says. Sarah answers, "Hello?"

Theresa on the other end disguises her voice and says, "We found your IDs." "Really? Where?" asked Sarah. "They're in a wooden shack. This wooden shack is also a cool place to party!" Theresa says over the phone.

"Oh boy! Tell me where the wooden shack is!" Sarah says with excitement.

"Sure, it's five miles down from the Sandy Beach Hotel. Not only will you get your IDs back, you can party too!" Theresa says. "Awesome! Thank you so much, goodbye!" Sarah says hanging up her cellphone.

"What was it." asked Rachel. "Someone found our IDs and they've invited us to a party too!" Sarah said. Sarah and Rachel both jumped up and down the cheered at the thought of going to a party. Especially since they've been to million parties before.

"I am going to get so wasted!" Rachel says. "I am going to get so laid!" laughs Sarah. "Where did they say the party is?" asked Rachel. "Five miles down from this hotel! In an emoty shack!" answers Sarah. "What better place to party than at an empty shack! Well, let's go! We are there!" Rachel says. Getting into their car, Saran and Rachel drive to the wooden shack.

Momentarily, the Falcone/McDougal family were in the wooden shack. "Good thinking you have here, Theresa to lure these bitches to this shack!" complemented Jimmy.

"So what should we do here?" asked Cookie.

"Petey and I will disguise as party girls. You girls will go into one of those empty rooms and put on a horse costume!" Jimmy says. Handing Gina, Theresa, and Cookie a horse costume as he and Petey dress like party girls. "OKay!" Cookie says. Cookie, Theresa, and Gina get inside the horse costume.

"Being a horse, I still would've prefered to kill them!" Gina says. "Now sweetie, death is never the answer!" said Cookie. Theresa siding with Cookie says, "We're in witness protection, so killing it so out of the question."

"FINE! Why do I have to be the ass!" Gina whined. "Watch your language!" Cookie says.

Jimmy and Petey were now dressed as party girls. "What'll we do now?" asked Petey. "Now we wait!" said Jimmy. A car pulled up in from of the wooden shack, and Sarah and Rachel entered with high anticipation.


"We're here for the party!" Sarah shouted. Jimmy in his party girl disguise walks up to both Sarah and Rachel as does Petey. "OMG! SO glad you can make it!" Jimmy says in a girl's voice.

"Where's our IDs?" asked Rachel. Petey hands Sarah and Rachel their IDs, "Here you go!" Petey says in a girl's voice. Upstairs, in the horse costume, Gina was complaining.

"It's getting mighty hot and boiling in here!" Gina scowled. "Gina please! Be quiet. Don't let them hear you!" Cookie begged. "If they hear us everything will be ruined!" Theresa said. Back downstairs Jimmy and Petey greet themselves.

"Pleased to meet you, my name is Jessca!" Jimmy introduced himself. "My name is Petra!" Petey doing the same.

"What kind of a party is this?" asks Rachel. "We have a beer keg in our car! Want us to bring it?" asked Sarah. "No no no. Nothing like that!" Jimmy says.

"Jessca! What the hell!" Sarah says feeling offended. "Don't you know that every party needs beer?" Rachel said agreeing with her friend.

"This is more of a hide and seek type of party!" Petey added on. "Petra! That's a kid's game!" Sarah snaps. The way Sarah and Rachel says "Jessca" and "Petra" was in the most ditziest manner imaginable.

"You guys like sex don't you?" asks Jimmy. "Jessca! Come on! Get on with it!" Sarah complains. "Where or when is this party we were promised?" Rachel wanted to know.

"It begins right now!" Petey said. "Petra! This isn't much of a party!" Rachel said. "Where's the music and the decor?" Sarah asked. "LOOK! If you want to party with us you're going to have to do what we say!" Jimmy says.

"Oh really? You think you're queen of the party! Come on, Rachel! We know how to get our way!" Sarah says. "Yeah, we'll say their names over and over until they give up!" Rachel says.


"Enough!" Petey and Jimmy both shouted.

Sarah and Rachel got the message. "Now as if we were speaking, This is a key party!" Jimmy announces. Both Jimmy and Petey kept up with their diguised voices as party girls. Holding a bowl with keys inside, Petey tells the girls, "Pick a key and it'll open one of these doors!"

"Oh boy! Key party!" Sarah says. "Bet there's a cute guy waiting for us up there!" Rachel says. Sarah and Rachel picked a key. Running upstairs, there were four doors before them.

"Which door will the key fit in?" asked Rachel. "Only one way to find out!" Sarah told her friend.

Rachel tries the key in the first door on the left, and it didn't open up. "SHIT!" Sarah says. "We'll try the other one!" Rachel advised Sarah. Then Sarah tried the key on the second door on the left, and again the door didn't open. "Again! What does it take to get fucked around here?" asked Rachel.

"Some party this turned out to be!" Sarah says and she and Rachel run to the third door. Jimmy and Petey watch and both laugh in silence. The key failed to make the third door open. "SON OF A BEETCH!" Sarah and Rachel both screech.

Cookie, Theresa, and Gina still waiting in the horse costume were in the fourth door. "This is gonna be good! Here they come!" Gina says. "This is it, girls!" Cookie said, "It's like showtime already!" Theresa spoke.

Sarah and Rachel succeed in using the key that opened the fourth door. "YAY! CUTE GUYS HERE WE COME AND...." Sarah and Rachel cheer, but their excitement is short lived when Cookie, Theresa, and Gina all charged at Sarah and Rachel while doing horse noises!

"HEE HEE HEE HEE! NEIGH! NEIGH! NEIGH!" Cookie, Theresa, and Gina all yelled loudly doing horse sounds. Sarah and Rachel get so terrified and scared that they run downstairs and out of the wooden shack screaming.


Petey and Jimmy take off their party girl costumes and watched Sarah and Rachel run into the broad daylight far away. Sarah and Rachel hitch a ride with a kangaroo and get away.

"Let us never speak of this day again!" Sarah cried out.

"This is a party I'd rather forget! Go kangaroo GO!" Rachel screams in fear.

Jimmy and Petey both laugh and share a wine that was until Jimmy took the wine away from Petey.

Theresa, Cookie, and Gina take off their horse costume and join Jimmy and Petey.

"We took care of them!" Jimmy said. "Without resorting to violence!" Cookie says. "Best prank ever to play on stupid party bitches!" Petey agrees. "Can we please do whatever we want on this vacation now?" Theresa protested.

"Absoutely! We're here for another four days!" Jimmy says. "Might as well make the most of it!" Cookie says.

As the day went on, The Falcone/McDougal family enjoyed their Australian vacation. They went on a boat. Then went on a tour to see some animals. Cookie and Jimmy spent some time alone on the beach. Petey joined a "Save The Koalas" protest. Theresa went shopping with a bunch of teenage girls who were just as ditzy as she was. Gina got to play Laser Tag pretending to shoot Mafia gangsters.

As traumatized as Sarah and Rachel were from their ordeal with the 'key party' they looked for the next party. Once the Falcone/McDougal family vacation was over, they went back to Saskatchewan and looked over the pictures they had taken on their unforgettable trip.
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