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All the trouble in this is devastating. And it all started with a promise......

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Coincidences. Chapter 1

"I have to find HIM!" Theresa thought determined.


"Mother don't die." Theresa cried.

"Theresa listen have you forgiven him?" Theresa's mother asked weakly.


"Theresa listen. One must forget revenge in order to lead a normal life. Please Theresa, even though you don't forgive your father, please go out there and find your brother. He is John Connor. Even though you hate you father. You must know that whatever sin a father did, should not be passed on to the son." Theresa's mother said weakly.

"I beg you." With that last whisper Theresa's mother passed away.

"Mother! I'll find him. I'll make sure his safety and health. I swear." Theresa sweared and cried herself into unconsciousness.


"John where are you?" Theresa sat up from her bed and pulled a jacket over her thin clothing.

"Theresa where are you going?" Jay asked in a serious tone but Theresa said "Going out." Theresa opened the door and stepped out of the Dorm and slammed the door behind her.

"Theresa what have been bothering you lately? You've not been acting like yourself." Jay thought worriedly and off the television and disappeared into his room.

"What's wrong with you Theresa? I know John's things have been bothering you but how can you ignore Jay." Theresa scolded herself as she was walking on the street looking tired.

Theresa have been outside for an hour thinking and Theresa thought that she have been out for only 5 minutes.

Theresa looked at the street that she have been circling for an hour and noticed that there were not much people and plus the sun is setting but Theresa somehow don't feel like going back.

She felt like walking a little longer.

Theresa stood rooted on that spot for a moment and finally her grieves took victory over going back to prevent her friends from worrying.

"Jay are you coming down fer' dinner?" Atlanta yelled and she heard Jay coming down.

"I'll help you take some rice." Odie said, glad that his friend finally is willing to come down as he refuses at the start. But when Odie turned and was about to run to the kitchen, Jay's strong arms held his shoulder and prevented him from getting the rice.

"No need. But thanks." Jay murmured and he stepped into the kitchen himself and instead of coming out with a bowl of rice he came out with a bottle of beer.

"Jay you don't drink beer!" Atlanta ran in front of him and held his shoulder.

"Last time... but not now." Jay added his first 2 words to Atlanta's last sentence and pushed away her grips from his shoulder and walked to the sofa and laid there drinking beer.

"Jay... You are different. You could change into another person the moment Theresa treat you coldly. Does Theresa affect you that bad?" Atlanta thought and sat down at the table to continue her dinner.

The sun had already set so many hours ago and was about to rise, but Theresa was still sitting at the fountain thinking and still awake.

"John where could you be?" Theresa asked herself this question the 100th time.

"Excuse me miss. But could you tell me where to find a twenty-four hours restaurant?" A young man carrying a light bag which only had one of his strips over this young man's shoulder.

This man's clothes are a little torn at almost every corner and he had eyes that is in blue, he had brown golden hair, he is almost you could say perfectly handsome and honest looking at every corner a person can see or reach. He looked like an Americian and Theresa wondered who is he.

"Huh? Sorry but what did you say?" Theresa asked in a gentle or should I say a tired voice.

"Where to find a twenty-four hours restaurant?" The young man repeated.

"There should be one nearby. Up ahead, then turn left and you should be able to see it." Theresa pointed.

"Thanks!" The young man beamed.

"Let me treat you to dinner or should I say breakfast." The young man laughed looking up at the sky.

"But why?"

"Because you answered my question." That young man laughed againand started to walk to where Theresa pointed.

"What a weird young man. Or cheerful? " Theresa frowned, followed him and amitted to herself "This young man sure is weird but he did cheer me up and I can see he loved to laugh."

"Thanks for that meal." Theresa thanked and smiled.

"You're welcome and by the way, I'm Connor. John Connor." John smiled and reached out his hand.

"John. I've found you!" Theresa said, glad.

"Sorry but do I know you?" John asked.

"I'm Theresa. Don't you remember? I'm your sister. We used to together while you was three." Theresa said worriedly.

"Sister?" John thinked very hard but to no avail.

"John don't you remember? We used to play together." Theresa shook John hard and John held his head so tightly that it was like his head is going to burst any moment.

"My head it hurt!" John yelled in agony.

"John! What's happening?" Theresa asked as she stared in horror.

"I don't know but I don't remember anything." John was still holding his head tightly.

"John you can't forget me! Try to remember." Theresa begged as she herself remembered the days

"Uh!" John squeezed his head tightly.


"Sis come let's play!" John yelled as John saw himself happily running around.

"Okay!" Theresa's young cute child's voice was heard.

"Father please don't blame John it is my fault." Theresa yelled and begged Cronus.

"I'm the one who asked John to go play. Please don't blame him." Theresa said.

"Then I'll blame you!" Cronus raised the cane and slashed Theresa on the back and Theresa screamed in agony.

"SIS!" Young John yelled.


"Sis!" John said as he started to remember but then no he can't remember.

"John what's happening?" Theresa shivered as she saw her brother yelling in pain.

"John hang in there." Theresa said as she asked John to lean on her and she brought John to Chiron.

"Where are you taking me?!" John's voice turned evil and angry.

"John I'll help you." Theresa murmured.

"Chiron!" Theresa screamed.

"What is it Theresa don't you know that it is bad for your health staying up late?" Chiron rubbed his eyes and walked out of his bedroom.

"Please Chiron." Theresa started.

"What happened and who is he?" Chiron looked at John.

"He is my brother and he had some problem remembering who I am." Theresa explained.

"I'll try to help him but Theresa you know that if Hera know that you take strangers to the gods' resting place she will be furious!" Chiron tried to talk Theresa into sending John away.

"Please Chiron. I'll hold whatever blame Hera pushes okay? Please!" Theresa pleaded.

"Okay then." Chiron nodded unwillingly but at the present situation there seems to be no choice.

"Thanks Chiron." Theresa smiled and panted, tired from supporting John.

"How is he Chiron?" Theresa asked concerned as Chiron frowned.

"There seems to me that someone have been messing around with his memory." Chiron tried to make it specific.

"That is?" Theresa asked still not getting what is Chiron trying to say.

"Someone erased his memory." Chiron looked down disappointedly.

"What! It must be father!" Theresa clutched her fist but she knows that there is nothing that she can't do as her father, that is Cronus is already dead.

"Don't worry John I'll save you from the lonely world that father create to make you forget everything." Theresa looked down at John who is lying unconscious on Chiron's 'hospital' bed.

Theresa spent the rest of the night sleeping by placing sitting on the chair and placing her head on John's bed.

"Morning!" Archie beamed as he greeted everyone else.

"Morning!" Atlanta smiled and that was the only answer but Archie didn't mind because that was the only one he wanted it to be from.

"Jay what's wrong? You looked gloom." Archie slowly walked down the steps and started to reach the ground floor.

"Theresa. She didn't return to the Dorm the whole night and Jay waited the whole night asleep on the sofa." Atlanta hissed as she didn't want to Archie to get a terrible scolding from Jay like the others got. Especially Neil, he scolded Jay for toppling over his new hair cream and Jay yelled back at Neil ten times louder.

"Theresa why didn't you return last night? Don't tell me..." Jay thought but he soon scolded himself "Don't be stupid Jay. Is Theresa that kind of person?" Jay defended Theresa as the door bell rang and the noise echoed around the Dorm.

"I will open it." Herry ran to the door and to his surprise he saw Theresa supporting John and panting away as she thanked Herry for opening the door and stepped in.

"Hi guys." Theresa smiled at her friends and ignoring Jay's anger and worried ness.

"Where have you been?!" Jay shot up with anger.

"Why do you ask?" Theresa asked frowning and confused at why Jay had react so strongly for just that she didn't come back for one night only.

"Look I... We are worried and you just stepped in and say hi?" Jay started to raise his voice.

"Look Jay I don't have to explain myself to you!" Theresa yelled.

At this moment Jay noticed a young man that she was supporting. He misunderstood and thought that Theresa spent the night with him.

"Fine! I would not care. So you could retreat to your own room and continue doing what you are doing last night with that man!" Jay said sarcastically.

"Jay, I had enough of you! I can't believe you had placed so little trust on me as my boyfriend!" Theresa screamed as tears rolled down her cheeks.

"I can't believe you would think that I'm that kind of person." Theresa limped to her room as fast as she could supporting John and she had rejected Herry's help on the way up.

"Jay this is insane! Theresa would never do those kind of things!" Atlanta screamed after watching Theresa departure.

"Maybe there is some kind reasons!" Odie said.

"Agreed!" Archie nodded when the doorbell rang once again.

"I'll open it this time." Odie ran to get to the door and open it.

Jay popped his head over Odie's shoulder and exclaimed "What are you doing here?"

An unexpected visitor appeared at the door and what do you think will happen and who is that person or thing at the door? Please R&R if you want to know.
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