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Out Of One Frying Pan And Into Another One

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What does it means? I know that it is a weird and stupid chapter title but i can't think of a better one! PLEASE R&R after reading.

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Out Of One Frying Pan And Into Another One Chapter 2

"You are?" Odie stared in shock as he saw a beautiful young girl about Theresa's age, long hair which had a natural curl at the tip of her hair and her hair is in light brown.

"Gabriella!" Jay blinked surprised at her appearance.

"Hi Jay. I've been looking all over for you." Gabriella threw her hands around Jay's neck and kissed Jay as Jay had expected she would as it always happens when they meet.

"Jay where have you been all this years?" Gabriella smiled lovingly at Jay.

"I've been busy and besides didn't I tell you that you and I are over?" Jay finally say as he noticed his friends glaring at him trying to tell him that Theresa still exist

"Jay what are you saying? Ya mean that note that you left is true?" Gabriella felt her eyes beginning to burn.

"Of course it is true! I'll tell you now Gabriella I have had a girlfriend! So please leave now." Jay bent down his head and pointed at the door.

"It's waiting for you." Jay tried to smile as he bent down his head.

"Jay, please don't do this to me." Gabriella hugged Jay tightly and cried.

"I'm sorry Gabriella." Jay kept his head hung and gave Gabriella a goodbye kiss on the cheek.

At this moment Theresa descended the stairs and saw Jay kissing an unknown woman crying

Theresa stood on the spot for a moment then felt her heart shatter into a hundred pieces.

"Theresa!" Odie said as he saw her and Jay immediately release himself from Gabriella's grasps.

"Jay where are you going?!" Gabriella yelled quickly as Jay, her ex-boyfriend, ran after Theresa that just left the Dorm.

"Theresa listen to me!" Jay caught up with Theresa and grap her elbow tightly but Theresa struggled out and continued to run as fast as she can.

"Theresa LISTEN TO ME!" Jay finally got a tight hold of her.

"Fine! What do you want to tell me and how do you want to explain your action?" Theresa turned around and screamed at Jay and he was now lost for words.

"You can't explain for yourself?" Theresa asked again.

"Theresa can't we talk somewhere about it first?" Jay pleaded.

"Okay then." Theresa lowered her volume.

"You get out now! You don't have the right to stay here." Herry shouted and as Theresa is walking towards the Dorm she heard and eavesdropped from outside.

"I'll talk to Jay." Gabriella screamed and asked Odie to lead the way to Jay's bedroom.

"You..." Herry was going to shout when Theresa came in and forced a smiled at Herry and walked towards her room which was next door to Jay's.

"Where's Jay?" Atlanta stopped her.

"Erm? Where's Neil? I need to borrow his hair cream." Theresa changed the subject.

"Don't change the subject! Where is Jay?" Atlanta repeated herself.

"Atlanta could you ask Neil to bring the cream to the bathroom afterwards? I'll not lock the door." Theresa tried to pretend she didn't hear Atlanta and continue brushing her hair.

"Theresa I'm talking to you!" Atlanta asked once again but this time more angrily.

"Yes I heard you! You are trying to tell me that you don't want to talk to Neil. Alright, I'll go speak to him myself." Theresa sighed and pretended not to hear what Atlanta had asked her.

"Theresa wait." Atlanta called after Theresa as she ascended from her seat and headed to the door.

"Jay... Please come back soon." Theresa thought as she closed the door leaving Atlanta in the room by herself.

"Erm Neil are you here?" Theresa popped her head into the living room and noticed that only Archie and Herry is sitting there eating while watching a movie.

"Odie must be in the lab." Theresa thought as she headed to the kitchen.

"Neil are you in..." Theresa popped into the kitchen and gave a glance then walked out and sighed "Finding you Neil is tiring."

Archie heard Theresa sighing in the kitchen and guessed that she was looking for Neil and yelled "Theresa if you are finding Neil the most normal place he will be is you know where." Archie winked.

"That's right!" Theresa snapped.

Theresa immediately ran to the bathroom and hammer on the door calling Neil.

"What is it?" Neil answered.

"Neil I'm so glad you are in there. Could you come out a while?" Theresa asked.

"Alright. Out in a minute." Neil yelled.

"What is it?" Neil appeared out.

"Could I borrow your hair cream? These days the weather is really dry." Theresa explained as Neil waved and Theresa followed him.

"The hair cream must be around here somewhere." Neil frowned and turned his back on Theresa and bent down to find the bottle of cream.

"Aha here it is!" Neil exclaimed as he turned around and saw Theresa's eyes going red and then she burst out crying and placing her head onto Neil's chest crying.

"Wait Theresa what happened? I just can't find the hair cream and you burst out crying? Anyway I found it here it is." Neil showed Theresa the bottle of cream.

But Theresa haven't even taken a glance at it and continue crying.

"Theresa what happened?" Neil asked the beautiful red head but secretly he was sort of happy that Theresa leaned so close to him.

"I'm sorry but I can't control myself." Theresa sniffed.

"What happened?" Neil asked first time concerned for his friends.

"I broke... broke up with Jay." Theresa sniffed and Neil immediately looked sadly at those red puffy eyes.

Neil stared at Theresa for a moment and thought "Theresa... She's so beautiful, her emerald eyes so pretty and her hair so soft and silky." Neil stared dreamily

"Neil thanks!" Theresa sniffed and took the bottle from Neil.

"Neil? Neil!" Theresa said in a little louder the second time as Neil is looking at Theresa in a funny way that made Theresa felt uneasy.

"Wha...What?" Neil asked.

"Thanks." Theresa showed the bottle then smiled and left the room.

"Snap out of it Neil! Theresa is Jay's!" Neil scolded himself.

"But that doesn't mean I can't like her and besides she had broken up with Jay." Neil argued himself in his bedroom out loud and neither did he know that Theresa was standing outside wanting to tell Neil that it was tea time.

Theresa gasped at the time she heard what Neil said to himself.

"Neil... He likes me?" Theresa shrugged, walked to the bathroom and open the door then slammed it shut.

"I can't believe it Neil actually like me." Theresa slapped her head hard and wet her hair with the cream and forget what she heard just now.

At the living room, sat Atlanta beside Archie talking about jogging, Herry eating while looking at Atlanta and Archie chatting, Odie scanning his eyes over the computer screen and Neil staring into space thinking of something as they turned their attention to the door as they all heard a key placed into the keyhole and the door creaked open.

"Jay! Where have you been all day?" Atlanta shouted across the hall as Jay took a glance at her and walked upstairs.

Atlanta frowned at her friend's action towards her. But soon she got over it and continued chatting to Archie about sports but Archie seems to be more interested in Atlanta's hobby, favorite food, favorite games and books then in sports.

Along the corridors, Jay walked blindly and tiredly but soon he bumped into someone who he was too embarrassed to meet or should I say don't feel like meeting her.


Jay bumped into her and Theresa ended on the floor with a loud thud as the floor is wooden.

Atlanta appeared at the corridors too as she wanted to bring down one of her track shoes to impress Archie when she saw Theresa landed on the floor rubbing her knee as Jay ignored hanging his head as usual and walking off without helping Theresa up.

"Hey Jay!" Atlanta called as Jay turned around and looked at Atlanta

"Shouldn't you help Theresa up?" Atlanta scowled but Jay just ignored and walked to his room.

"It's okay Atlanta. I'm fine." Theresa tried to stand up but couldn't and she fell again then rubbed her knee.

"Theresa are you okay? Did you sprain your knee?" Atlanta asked anxiously.

"I think so." Theresa groaned in pain.

"I'll help you up, to the living room" Atlanta swung Theresa's arm over her shoulder and walked to the living room.

"Theresa what happened?" Neil asked as he ran forward and took the 'heavy load' Off Atlanta's shoulder.

"Theresa are you okay?" Neil asked as he sat down beside her.

"Sure." Theresa smiled Neil went to get the medical oil and Theresa's smile disappeared.

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