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Thing Got Cleared Up A Bit

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Thing Got Cleared Up A Bit. Chapter 3

"Ouch!" Theresa exclaimed as Neil rubbed her swollen knee.

"Sorry." Neil apologized as Theresa gritted her teeth to bear the pain.

"It'll be done after a while." Neil said. "Neil... You said that half an hour ago!" Atlanta scolded.

"I know but the bruise doesn't spread." Neil continue rubbing.

"Thanks very much but I think it is enough." Theresa limped to her room and shut the door as she collapsed on her bed crying.

"Theresa are you okay?" Atlanta's voice could be heard but Theresa had sense it that Atlanta is not alone. She is with Archie and Neil.

"Go away!" Theresa screamed hoping that her voice didn't sound like she is crying but it did sounded like she is crying.

"Theresa let me in. I can talk to you!" Atlanta tried to turn the knob but to no avail.

"You meant you all can talk to me?" Theresa said.

"Theresa what do you mean?" Atlanta pretended to not understand what she meant.

"I meant there is more than one person out there." Theresa said angrily and starting to lose her cool.

"Okay Theresa I admit it but we all are worried about you." Atlanta admitted.

"Not all of you." Theresa scowled towards the door.

"What do mea...Oh Jay..." Atlanta looked at Archie and signaled him to go call Jay over as Archie gave a light nod and ran to Jay's room quietly.

"Jay are you in there?" Archie whispered through the small opening between the door and the door ledge.

Then the door was flipped open in a minute and there appeared Jay staring at him.

"Jay I'll need you to go and consol Theresa as ..." Archie was about to finish his sentence when Jay cut in by saying "Ya and why do I need to consol her?"

"Jay Theresa isn't happy!" Archie frowned at Jay's words.

"Why because of me?" Jay whispered in an unhappy voice.

"I think so..." Archie said and held his chin.

"Come on Jay tell me what had happened between you and Theresa?" Archie begged.

"Alright come in." Jay said and opened the door wider.

Archie came in and saw photos on Jay's table. There is one of the photo which Jay have had his arms round Theresa's waist like as if they were playing and the other which Theresa and him both faced the camera and Jay wrapped his arm round her neck loosely.

"You've got a lot of photo here." Archie remarked impressed as Jay gave a laugh and sat down on his bed and signaled Archie to sit down too.

"You see..." Jay started.


"Theresa listen she is my ex-girlfriend! She and I are over. I left her a note and told her that I wanna break up with her but she didn't take it for real." Jay explained.

"But I saw her hugging you!" Theresa screamed.

"I was giving her a goodbye hug and what about that man that you bought home? I bet you spent the night with him." Jay remarked as Theresa burst with anger.

"Jay how could you think like that?" Theresa yelled.

"Alright look... we all need time to cool down so why don't we separate for a while." Jay suggested.

"So now you are suggesting to break up?" Theresa felt her tears flowing down and she cried.

"No I didn't!" Jay frowned.

"Jay you've made your choice, It's time I made mine." Theresa cried and left to go back to the Dorm.


"So this is what happened. You both broke up so that's why you've been avoiding her lately and didn't help her when you made her fell." Archie said.

"Oh yeah... How's her knee?" Jay asked anxiously.

"Fine but it is sort of swollen and it didn't go down." Archie said.

"By the way where is Herry and Odie?" Jay questioned.

"Now then you ask? Odie went to visit his mother who is seriously sick and Herry went to protect him in case anyone attacked." Archie informed as Jay nodded at every sentence.

"OH YEAH! Jay you have to go consol Theresa!" Archie jumped up remembering it as he opened the door and dashed pass the corridors.

"What you so long!" Atlanta hissed angrily as Archie made an I'm sorry expression which made Atlanta shooked her head disappointedly at him.

"Theresa are you in there?" Jay knocked lightly on the door scared to have scared Theresa.

"It's Jay." Theresa's tears slowly fell as from hearing that warm voice that brought warmth to her whole body.

"Theresa open the door. I'm...I'm very sorry but I don't know what came over me." Jay apologized hoping that Theresa would open the door and forgive him.

"Jay I can't. I can't!" Theresa fell onto the floor as just now she was on her bed feeling frustrated.

"Theresa please forgive me."

"Jay I'd love to but I can't. The moment I see you I thought of that time when you hugged and kissed Gabriella." Theresa stood up and leaned on her table then swooped everything onto the floor with a crash.

"Theresa please." Jay pleaded as he too cried a little.

"Theresa forget. Forget what you saw!" Theresa thought as she gave the mirror in front of her one strong punch.

"What's that sound?" Atlanta asked as she heard it.

"Oh no!" Jay thought.

"Herry! Herry?" Jay called.

"Jay. Herry had gone away with Odie!" Atlanta reminded.

"Dang!" Jay threw his body against the door and the door broke open.

The first sight he saw was a teen girl that he loved standing in the middle of the room with her knuckles bleeding profusely.

Jay immediately ran over and hugged her by the back while she lowered her head crying.
Jay planted a soft kiss on her cheek and Theresa closed her eyes trying to forget him with Gabriella.

But she can't...

"I'm sorry Jay but no. We cannot be the same as we are last time. I'm sorry." Theresa apologized as she released herself from Jay's grasp.

"Theresa no... This cannot be the end." Jay murmured to himself.

"I'm afraid it is Jay." Theresa whispered and she walked passed him and to the living room.
Meanwhile in John's room...

"Uh? Where am I?"

John has awoken and Jay has broken up with Theresa. Can things get any worse? Please R&R
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