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Lost memories

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Lost Memories Chapter 4

"Where am I?" John sat up and hammered his head with his palm then groaned.

At this moment, a girl who John didn't know came in.

The red headed asked "Are you awake? Do you want you something to eat?"

"No thanks. But who are you?" John asked anxiously afraid that she is a kidnapper of something bad.

"I'm Atlanta. Your sister bought you here after you faint on the street." Atlanta explained.

"My Sister?" John was starting to trust her and talking widely at her.

"Come on I'll bring you out then you can meet your sister and our friends." Atlanta gave a smile and pulled John's hand and pulled him outside.

"Wait but I'm not ready." John stammered as he was dragged outside by Atlanta and down the stairs.

"Come on." Atlanta smiled gleefully at John as she knew that her best friend would be happy as John has awakened.

"Guys. John has awakened!" Atlanta screamed as she descended the long flight of stairs.

"What!" Theresa smiled at this news and break from Neil as he is bandaging to go see John.

"John!" Theresa was so glad at the sight of her younger brother that she ran over to hug him!

"Wha... Who are you?" John asked shocked at her actions.

"She's your sister don't you remember?" Atlanta asked.

"I can't remember anything!" John said frustrated as he held his head tight and tried to recall but nothing came to his mind except...


"Dad what are you doing in there?" Young John asked his father Cronus as his father had been in his lab since morning to night.

"Don't disturb me you little brat!" Cronus smirked at John as John backed away and sat onto the sofa and thought about the day which his father and mother separated.

"Cronus! I have had enough of you!" Mother screamed.

"You bitch shut up I am doing an experiment." Cronus scolded and continued with his work.

"But you!" Mother continued shouting as Cronus's experiment blow up.

"You it is all your fault! I want to divorce with you annoying little bitch!" Cronus yelled and carried John away as John screamed for his sister.

"John!" Theresa screamed.

"Done!" John heard his father cheering loudly in the lab.

"John Come here! JOHN COME HERE!" Cronus yelled as young John was so shocked that he fell and his knee bleeded.

"Yes Father?" John shivered in fright.

"Drink this." Cronus ordered as John quickly gulped it down and 'faint'.

"Yes now you've forgotten your past you can never meet your sister again. Now all I have to do is throw you to a hunter and you can spend your life hunting!" Cronus laughed loudly but little did he know that John was a little awake and heard what Cronus said.

"Father how could you do it!" John swore vengeance on it and he faint.


"Sis?" John started to remember a little.

"John you remember me." Theresa smiled.

"But there are still some things I can't remember. But I can remember something, Father always have a bottle that kept my memory and if I can find that bottle and I can drink it I think I should be able to remember. But the problem is where is it ?" John frowned.

"It's okay. Let's go to Father's HQ to search first." Theresa smiled and the three went.

"Wait a minute, Atlanta can you remember how to get to Fath.. I meant Cronus's HQ?" Theresa asked Atlanta as she shrugged.

"Oh My God!" John exclaimed.

"I think the only way to get there is to go through his portal." Atlanta guessed.

"But he is already in his coffin how do we get through the portal if he is the only one who can summon the portal?" Theresa shooked her head.

"John could you try to remember whether there is another way to get there?" Atlanta requested as John nodded unconfidently.

"Okay I'll try..." John closed his eyes and his mind plunged into darkness.

"John remember your past!!!" John thought as a scene flashed in his mind but it was blur.

John closed his eyes for about 5 minutes then opened them at shock.

"I got it! Follow me girls!" John lead.

The three teens ran to the entrance of the forest and John stopped.

"Wait girls are you sure you want to go in there?" John turned around and asked.

"I'm not scared of anything." Atlanta boasted.

"But remember there will be beast and creatures everywhere." John warned.
"Do I always have to repeat myself? I am not scared of anything!" Atlanta repeated as Theresa remained silent looking at the particular tree that have had a sort of drawing and some writings on it.

"Sis are you okay?" John asked as Theresa smiled and answered "I fine and I'll do anything to get your memory back!" Theresa gave John a friendly punch.

"Alright then let's go!" John let Theresa walked in front a while as he walked behind with Atlanta and as they passed the tree John took a glance at the writing which showed 'Theresa Happy Christmas! I love you. Jay' then there was an outlined shape, that is a heart carved on the tree.

"Atlanta is Sis and that tall built man Jay you know." John whispered as Theresa walked unoticely in front.

"Yup! They used to be but they just broke up before you wake." Atlanta answered in a softer whisper.

"Hey John where exactly is Cronus's base?" Theresa turned around and asked John as John was just about to ask more question about Theresa and Jay.

"I'll take the lead." John winked at Atlanta and ran in front of Theresa and turned left.

"John!" Theresa called "Where is that HQ!" Theresa was starting to feel uneasy about this place.

"There! I think it is about 300m ahead." John pointed as he saw a huge bird was diving for the two girls.

"DUCK!" John commanded as the girls immediately laid onto the floor.

"Get going run!" John yelled as he himself crawled up and ran slowly waiting for the girls to catch up and ran before him.

"John why did you slowly down?" Atlanta screamed as she ran pass him and she heard an answer from him "Ladies first."

Atlanta smiled and ran forward and looking back occasionally to see whether the bird is catching up or not but it seems to lost them and so Atlanta stopped running and walked.

"Thanks back there. For warning us." Atlanta thanked as John said "Anytime. Look Father's HQ is up ahead."

"Let's go." Theresa said as they walked on.

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