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Magic Moments

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Finally Jay and Theresa have had a moment of their own but will they be together again? Only time and reviews will tell!

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Magic Moments! Chapter 5

I know In this story Archie will be a little OOC character but please bear with it as his character is needed in the next few chapters.

"This place needs a plastic surgeon." Atlanta opened the door and the door creaked and sent a bunch of thick dust at Atlanta's face and she choked.

"You're right. Anyway it's been a year since Cronus was here." Theresa reminded and John added "It's been 11 years since I've been here." John lowered his head.

"John don't feel bad. I'll help you to get reed of all your unhappy past ." Theresa promised.

"Thanks sis! Let's find that bottle." John grinned.

"Remember guys it is a blue bottle." John said.

"Okay." Atlanta answered as she dig her hands into a deep mass of mud and felt around inside. Atlanta frowned as her finger tips touched something cold and solid. Atlanta wrapped her fingers around it and pulled it out.

"John I think I found i.... AHHH!" Atlanta screamed and she dropped the bottle and her palm is totally badly burned.

"Atlanta what had happened?" Theresa ran to her friend's side and so did John.

"Oh No. That is the poison acid. It belongs in mud so that it could be prevented from burning anything!" John said scared.

"John pull yourself together! You're the only boy here and the only one who knows how to get that pain and mark off Atlanta's hand!" Theresa scolded as John took a deep breath and ran to a nearby cupboard, he opened it and took out a red bottle then pour out some powder, he took a sharp rock up from the ground and gave his palm a slash and as the blood oozed out it mixed with he powder and turned into red powder then he pour the powder onto Atlanta's wound and soon Atlanta stopped feeling the pain and the burned mark disappeared.

"John what did you do?" Theresa asked.

"I took father's best antidote which father planned to use it when he is going to die or badly injured." John smiled at Theresa and soon they continued with their search and then a crash was heard and a figure flew through the window and flew towards Theresa.

"Sis look out!" John dove onto Theresa and both dodged the attack.

Next the thing flew towards Atlanta, grab her shoulder and flew away.

"NO!" Theresa stood up and watched helplessly as her friend was taken away...

THERESA HOW COULD YOU LET THAT BEAST TAKE ATLANTA AWAY!" Archie yelled and even Jay who have had been upstairs the whole day came down and see what was going on.

"WHY DID YOU SCOLD SIS!" John yelled at him.


"You'll regret it." John stared threateningly.

"No you will!" Archie said and threw a punch at John's face and John fell towards the table and his head knocked onto the table and it started to bleed.

"JOHN!" Theresa ran over to check on her brother.

John's forehead was bleeding profusely and beside his mouth there is also a bruise that caused the tip of his mouth to bleed too.

"John wake up!" Theresa pleaded as Jay rushed to her and checked on John too but Theresa immediately help John to his room and she fetched Chiron.

Chiron heard of it and quickly rushed to the Dorm and while Chiron check on John, Jay walked to Theresa.

"Theresa even though we broke up I hope that you wouldn't keep avoiding me." Jay said.

"I'm not avoiding you!" Theresa said.

"Okay you didn't avoid me but I am hoping we could still be friends!" Jay forced a smile.

"Okay I'll try to be your friend." Theresa smiled as Chiron appeared at the door.

"Chiron how's he?" Theresa asked as Chiron's face brightened up and said that John will be just fine.

"Thanks Chiron." Theresa gave a short smile that Jay had been longing for.

Theresa felt as if she is losing it. And if she loses it she don't know what would happen. She is losing control of her soul. As a person able to read people's mind or do thing mentally that is possible and it is happening to Theresa now.

"Theresa why don't we talk?" Jay held Theresa's elbow before she could leave to her room.

"No Jay. But I would like to bring you somewhere as a good friend." Theresa grinned trying to avoid Jay's gazing at her.

"Theresa but it already late where can we go?" Jay asked but Theresa just ignored and grab Jay's hand then ran out of the Dorm and up a not very steep hill.

They reached the foot of the hill, the hill they climbed may not be the tallest one but it is the one with the most beautiful scenery and in the middle stood a huge tree that looked very old.

"You know what Jay?" Theresa finally is willing to look into Jay's eyes.

Jay just made an innocent look.

"This tree here is the tree that I think is best. This tree is big enough to shade the whole top of the hill." Theresa pointed at the shade above them.

"I've never been here before though." Jay looked around curiously.

"Jay I bought you here because I treat you as my good friend. I trust you won't tell other people and I want to share with you." Theresa looked into the warm eyes as it looked back at her.

Jay is happy about the share and the trust part but not happy about the friend part.

"Anyway even though I don't say it out, people will come and visit." Jay said as he eyes are totally glued to the full moon.

"No they won't as they think that this is a very small hill and not worth exploring so they wouldn't waste their time on this hill." Theresa also is totally mesmerized by the moon.

The two young teens sat down there quietly and not one saying a word as they are all busy star gazing with Jay occasionally taking a few glances at Theresa

"How I hope I didn't say that few words back there or hugged and kissed Gabriella. If I didn't do those things back there me and Theresa would had been hugging right now." Jay thought sadly.

"Jay?" Theresa called as she spot him staring at her and her face flushed red.

"Yes?" Jay looked hopefully that she would say that if they could go back to the days in the past but no...

"Could we go back now? It's really getting late and our friends will worry.

"Okay then." Jay said disappointedly.

"Let's go." Theresa stood up and left then ran down the hill at top speed.

"Theresa wait up!" Jay called playfully and Theresa turned around making a funny laugh then continue running.

"We're home!" Jay said as they entered the Dorm but there came no answer then Theresa glanced at the clock on the wall on top of the sofa.

"It's late already. I wonder where could the others be?" Theresa cast a worried look at Jay as Jay shifted uncomfatablely.

"Let's go look for them." Jay said finally but before they could a noise of tapping of foot was heard walking down the stairs, it was JOHN!

"John you're still weak. What are you doing down here?" Theresa gave her brother a hand to the sofa as John asked "Sis where are the others?"

"I Don't..." Before Theresa could give answer, the answer appeared from nowhere!

Archie and Neil came back in a mess and they were panting like as if they had run from China!

"Where have you two been?" Neil panted, throwing himself on the sofa and laid there motionless, obviously sleeping as his snore was thunderous.

"We've been looking for Atlanta. You two, where have you been?" Archie stared threateningly at Theresa as Jay shielded Theresa from Archie's glaring.

"We've been somewhere that you should not know." Jay said suddenly remembering what Theresa warned him about not telling people about it.

"Theresa, You and John lost Atlanta and you two are just sitting comfortably on the sofa?" Archie said disbelieving what he saw.

"They are anxious too Archie. It would help everyone if you could stop throwing your temper at them!" Jay said in a stern voice which always help him get control of everyone in the team.

"Fine! I going upstairs and have my well deserved nap!" Archie smirked at Theresa before going upstairs.

Then Jay turned to Theresa's worried expression and said "Don't worry Theresa, tomorrow the first thing we'll do is search for Atlanta okay?" Jay smiled as Theresa returned that smile and retreat to her room.

"So John do you think you'll be in top form tomorrow to search for Atlanta as Herry and Odie will return tomorrow and I'll be fetching them at the airport first thing then we'll search together. Okay with you?" Jay grinned at John as John grinned back and he limped upstairs.

"This team is getting real out of hand. Let's hope Archie will cool a bit tomorrow." Jay thought as he off the remaining lights and also went to his bedroom and laid on his bed and almost immediately he fell asleep.

But in the room next to Jay's the red-head couldn't sleep and she kept flipping in her bed.
"Atlanta where are you? Please come back, my friend." Theresa whispered and she finally fell asleep.

"Morning." Archie walked down the stairs and greeted but he didn't intend to greet (John's head have had a bandage for yesterday Archie punched John.) John and Theresa of course, his eyes was on Jay, Herry, Odie and Neil.

"So Jay you've picked Odie and Herry for the airport I see." Archie smiled at Jay and sat down then picked up a sandwich to eat.

"Archie I heard about Atlanta from Jay and You , Theresa and John from Jay too." Odie spoke as Archie scowled at Jay and took a box of sandwich to the living room to eat instead.

"Archie please do not eat there. Athena will be mad at you." Theresa warned as Archie scowled again.

"You have no right to order me around." Archie ignored.

"I"VE HAD IT!!!" John stood up and ran out.

"John where are you going?" Theresa yelled.

"I'M GOING FIND HER AND BRING HER BACK!!!" John shouted back, not looking back but continuing running.

"JOHN NO!" Jay called but to no avail.

"I'm going to get John back." Jay left his seat as he felt a tug on his sleeves.

"Jay why don't we all go?" Theresa asked as Jay nodded and they all left the Dorm.

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