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A Special Feeling

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Another chapter. In this chapter love is starting to brew! Please read! Ps sorry about all the OOC but please bear with it. I promise I will make up by making the story very exciting.

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A Special Feeling Chapter 6

"Atlanta. Where are you?" John yelled as he set foot in the forest.

"Uh!" John fell over a tree root that was sticking out.

"Damm it!" John stood up and rubbed his forehead which had had a bandage John felt a fire burning inside him the moment he thought of how Archie had treat Theresa and he thought of when Archie scolded him about not saving Atlanta.

"Let go of me!" Atlanta screamed. The state she is in was terrible, her clothes are torn and there is a deep cut on her left hand. Atlanta struggled, she struggled terribly for her dear life.

She thought "Why do I have this special feeling when John touched me? Could it be? I must survive I must!"

Atlanta struggled to see him again, struggled to see John...


At this moment John rested on the thick fallen truck.

"Maybe Archie is right... Maybe I don't belong here but I know something. That there is someone who needs me. Needs me to save her!!!!" John stood up as he heard Atlanta screamed for him in his mind.

"Atlanta I coming for you." John ran as fast as he could.

"Oh No!" Atlanta gasped as she saw the beast picking up a knife then raised it up and it slowly descended to Atlanta's chest but just as it was about to touch, a hand reached out and grabbed the sharp blade of the knife and stopped it and as it grab, blood oozed out.

The man it looks so familiar, the man Atlanta pleaded for to take one last glance at him before dying, that man is JOHN CONNOR!

The beast was so shocked that it dropped the knife and it fell onto the floor.

John clutched his bleeding hand, pulled it back and sent it soaring towards the beast's face and it defended.

"I'll not lose. I'd never!" John thought as Atlanta unnoticing heard it as if she read his thoughts, like they share one thought!

"John that's right. You'll not lose!" Atlanta cheered and made John glanced at her.

"Atlanta there you are." Archie and the rest appeared and saw John fighting the beast while Atlanta rested in a corner.

"Theresa you help Atlanta. While the others come with me, we'll fight the beast." Jay planned and grinned while the plan was carried out.

"Guys you're here!" John smiled as he used one hand to keep the beast's face away from him and the other hand absorbing to blow from the beast's hands.

"Yeah John! We'll help you." Jay grinned as he took the beast, sent it soaring faraway as he took a good look at it.

"Well it will not be a very pleasant sight Jay." John warned.

John is right, the beast have had 4 eyes, it was blue in color, it had two long arms, and it had one pair of wings and 4 legs.

"You're right John." Jay whispered as the others stared in amazement.

"We better start kissing him goodbye or we all will have to kiss our lives goodbye." Neil warned as the beast charged towards them.

"Neil's right Jay." Archie nodded.

"Okay retreat!" Jay commanded and helped John out of the forest.

"Odie will you help me by bringing the first aid box?" Theresa requested and Odie dashed off to get it.

"Hey Theresa I noticed that Archie hadn't really talked to you and John since I see you all. Is there a problem?" Atlanta asked as Theresa was busily trying to wrap her cut up in bandage.

"No not at all." Theresa smiled but it looked fake to Atlanta.

"Tell me Theresa or else." Atlanta threatened.

"Fine..." Theresa told her everything and by the time she finished saying Atlanta's blood
started to boil.

"That idiot Archie he'll pay." Atlanta growled dangerously.

"That's why I don't want to tell you Atlanta. I knew it that you'll act rashly." Theresa placed her hand on to Atlanta's shoulder.

"Promise me Atlanta don't do anything to harm Archie please..." Theresa pleaded as Atlanta carefully nodded.

"Guys have you seen John?" Jay ran down the stairs, frantic.

"No why?" Atlanta and Theresa in unison.

"He's gone." Odie joined in as he descended the stairs.

"JOHN!" Atlanta ran out of the Dorm immediately ignoring Theresa's calls.

"John where are you?" Atlanta thought as she hoped to get and answer from him.

"Atlanta are you searching for me? Don't bother... I'm leaving New Olympia to travel." John's voice flown through Atlanta's mind as she thought "Don't leave I need you!"

"I'm really sorry Atlanta but I'm already on the pier and even though you chase me now. You won't get here in time as the ship have had already arrive. Please Atlanta take care." John smiled as he thought and set foot on the ship.

"John there is things you don't know about me. That is I had super speed!" Atlanta started running as fast as possible as she felt that John is floating further and further away from her.

"JOHN DON'T GO!" Atlanta arrived at the pier and saw John board the ship, she quickly held John's shoulder and preventing him from moving another step.

"Atlanta!" John was shocked and surprised at see Atlanta beside him.

"John don't go. I beg you." Atlanta slipped her arms through the gap between John's arms and ribs and hugged him tightly from the back.

"Atlanta let go off me! I don't belong here." John tried to release himself.

"You do belong here John! You hand tells you so." Atlanta took John's wrist and showed him the scar on his palm that he received when he saved Atlanta.

"Our bond. It's here right in it." Atlanta placed her head lightly on John's back and closed her eyes.

"We share a bond John. And your blood is flowing right here in my veins." Atlanta added and then slowly pulled John further away from the ship.

"Please don't go." Atlanta didn't let go and continued hugging John from his back when he turned around and hugged her.

"I won't... I won't go.............."

"We're back!" Atlanta jumped for joy when John finally came back.

"JOHN!" Theresa was obviously the first one to hug him and then Jay.

"Welcome back John!" Odie gave a hug and so did Herry and Neil of course not as he was afraid that the hug might ruin his hair style.

Archie was also about to hug him but at the moment he saw his and Atlanta's hand 'glued' together he immediately ran upstairs.

"Great John's back! I'll go whip up something in the kitchen." Theresa found an excuse to leave the living room and it fooled everyone else but not Atlanta.

"John I'll go check on your sister." Atlanta winked.

"Okay." John smiled at her as they slowly released each other from their own grasp.

"Theresa are you okay?" Atlanta entered and heard Theresa sniffing.

"I'm okay... What are you doing here?" Theresa sniffed.

Atlanta remained silent but she thought "She must have had saw how happy me and John are and it reminds her of Jay and her in the past."

"Theresa need a hand? Why don't I take over and you go talk to Jay and the rest outside okay?" Atlanta took the knife from Theresa as Theresa retreated from the kitchen and joined the others in the living room.

Theresa entered the living room and heard Gabriella's voice.

"Hi! You must be Theresa?" Gabriella smiled at the sight of Theresa.

"Hey Theresa! Gabriella go visited her brother in the country side a few days ago and now she's back." Archie said but with no smile.

Theresa was frowning and feeling sad, everyone didn't seem to notice but Jay did realize.

"Hi Gabriella. I guess I go and get some rest in my bedroom. John I want you to come with me." Theresa said and she left to her bedroom which was opposite to John's and next to Jay's.

After Theresa and John's departure, the atmosphere's tensity started to rise.

"What a way to treat the guest." Gabriella scowled.

"I forbid you to talk bad things about Theresa!!!" Jay stood up fuming and Gabriella got a shock but she's not the only one, people who are sitting in the living room to witness it had never ever seen Jay so angry since the day they met him.

"Jay what's your problem?" Herry thought and continue digging in the packet of crackers which was held by Neil, and then stuffed it into his mouth and munched on it loudly that everyone looked at his direction and he apologized.

"What do you want to tell me Sis?" John asked as Theresa closed the room door behind her.

"Look John I know you like to play around. But please tell me frankly, are you serious about Atlanta?" Theresa looked suspiciously at John.

"Of course I'm serious! I love her." John mumbled the last part softly.

"But John please treat her properly. She's my best friend." Theresa gave John a hug and cried.

"Sis I believe it is not this conversation which cause you to cry. I believe that it is Jay that caused you to cry." John guessed which he had a feeling it was right.

"John please don't bring it up." Theresa begged terribly and John had no choice but to agree.

"Sis running away from the problem is not a method to clear things up. I believe Jay still loves you. Don't let this chance slip through your fingers." John whispered and left the room.

"John's right I can't just run away from the problem. But I have no guts to face it what should I do?" Theresa thought hard as she grabbed her head and felt herself splitting.

Theresa stood there for a moment then turned around as she felt that someone had been following her but she saw no one.

What's happening to Theresa? Please R&R! ( I know that Atlanta is a little OOC but that is needed for the next part.)
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