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A Good 'Friend'

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A Good 'Friend' Chapter 7

"So John what did Theresa say to you?" Jay asked as John came down from the stairs.

"Why you ask?" John asked back.

"I asked first, so please answer my question first." Jay smiled cunningly.

"Are you trying to check on Sis?" John eyed his suspiciously.

"No!" Jay quickly answered.

"Then why did the answer came so quickly?" John grinned.

"Forget it." Jay's face flushed red.

"Gabriella I'll bring you to your room." Neil offered as he seems to think Gabriella is his type.

"Come on guys! Lunch time!" Atlanta announced.

"Wow! What a spread! Atlanta this is your first time cooking, are you sure it is edible?" John tried not to laugh.

"I think so." Atlanta stammered.

"Er? John you'll have the honour to eat first." Neil pushed John to the table.

"Alright then." John sighed.

"I knew it John thanks!" Atlanta thanked as John forced a smile.

"I'll try the vegetable." John picked up the chopsticks and grabbed a bunch of vegetable and stuffed it in his mouth.

"How was it?" Atlanta smiled nervously.

"Nice'" John answered with his mouth stuffed as if he didn't want to swallow it.

"Come on guys eat!" Theresa smiled at Jay and they all took their seats.

At the moment when they all stuffed it in their mouth, they all threw it out and coughed.

"What happened?" Atlanta asked anxiously.

"Too Salty!" Herry grabbed a bottle of water and gulped it down.
"John are you okay?" Jay chuckled as he patted John's shoulder and John cupped his mouth with his hand.

"I'll use the toilet." John immediately dashed off to the kitchen sink and threw it out.

"John are you okay?" Jay followed John and said.

"I'm impressed. So salty yet you can stand it." Jay added as John cleared his tongue of the salty taste.

"I'm sure if it was Sis who cooked and no matter how disgusting it taste, you'll swallow it." John joked as Jay lightly pushed his head.

"Ouch!" John rubbed his head and laughed.

"So? Our lunch is down the drain?" Atlanta sighed sadly as John placed his hand on her shoulder.

"I'll do something. Guaranteed 15 minutes only!" Theresa grinned and ran into the kitchen.

(15 minutes later)
"WOW!" Everyone stared in amazement as a table of good looking food was placed right in front of them.

"Dig in guys!" Theresa announced as everyone gobbled down all the food and after 5 minutes the plates was now empty!

"You guys eat fast!" Gabriella gasped as she just started eating her first bite.

"I think you're eating slow. Not us fast." Jay laughed.

"That's right." Odie added as Gabriella scowled at both of them and all of them left the table and headed for the living room for another round of movie.

"Hey what about the plates?" Gabriella asked.

"The last one always have to keep the plates. Don't you know?" Archie gave her an innocent look.

"No wonder why they ran so fast for the living room." Gabriella thought.

The Titans including John which is part of the team was watching a movie while Gabriella was unwillingly washing the dishes.

As everyone was busy watching Theresa felt herself split. Her head hurting and her body felt as if it is duplicating in to many different parts.

Theresa finally couldn't take it and stood up.

"JAY! YOU"LL REGRET WHAT YOU SAY THAT DAY!" Theresa suddenly growled at Jay as Jay and the rest stared in shock.

Theresa took out her nun-chucks and smacked Jay's arm as he used it to protect himself, and it left a bruce.

"Theresa what are you doing?" Atlanta screamed as John next to her stood up and slide out his weapons smoothly, in a fighting position.

"I'm not Theresa!" That thing that claims not to be Theresa said.

"Then who are you?" Herry asked.

"I'm TINA!" Tina shouted.

"Then why are you in Theresa's form?" Odie asked quickly and nervously.

"I need her to survive and I'm a part of her and she's a part of me!" Tina yelled

"Please go away!" Jay begged.

"Don't worry I know that you're Theresa's ex-boyfriend. But I wouldn't hurt her you know? I just borrowing her!" Tina laughed and left the Dorm in a flash.

"Theresa!" Jay yelled.

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