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What is the plan? Read to find out!

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Plans Chapter 8

"Jay what should we do now?" Odie asked anxiously.

"I don't know Odie." Jay murmured.

"Jay you're the leader and Theresa is capture. Please Jay! You've got to do something." Atlanta pleaded and John nodded in agreement.

"Okay then let me think." Jay sat down and thinked hard.

"Come on Jay hurry!" Neil said first time worried about his teammates.

"I'm thinking!" Jay scowled at Neil angrily.

"Archie you're Jay's best friend, say something!" Atlanta glared at Archie.

"Alright. Jay relax okay? Just do your best and think, but if you couldn't cope just relax." Archie dragged every single word he said as Atlanta scowled at him but John placed him hand on her arm as she was about to go towards Archie and give him a tight slap.

Archie stared at Atlanta and John's hand which is tightly grabbing each other.

"Okay. I've got it! Let's go tell the gods everything, and then we'll ask them what to do. Okay?" Jay snapped his fingers and his friends grinned at him.

"Hera!" Atlanta's voice could be hurt from a mile away.

"What is it Atlanta?" Hera smiled coolly.

"Theresa...something happened." Atlanta panted.

"Atlanta please say it properly! What happened to Theresa?!" Persephone turned agitated the moment she heard what Atlanta said.

"Persephone! Hera!" Jay panted and followed by the others.

"Atlanta... You...You ran really fast back...back there." John huffed.

"Sorry guys." Atlanta gulped.

"Children please tell me what had happened to Theresa!" Persephone begged.

"Oh yeah we had forgotten." Herry just came and he was the only one left panting.

"Now Jay explain everything." Hera smiled at Jay, Jay took a deep breath felt his stomach did a back flip then the started saying everything Theresa did and do. When Jay ended he thought carefully and then told Hera that he confirmed he hadn't left anything out.

"Good. Thanks Jay." Persephone smiled.

"So Persephone could you tell me why is this happening?" Neil asked.

"To what Jay had said, I think she have had a split personality. Only people who are under distress or something will have. I meant for those who do or read people's mind mentally could. She had been under stress lately so for so long she must had prayed for someone to share her stress with but she couldn't find anyone, so she split her personality to help her and share her pain and stress. Theresa shouldn't get things like this so easily. Did anything happen lately?" Persephone looked at the Titans as they all looked at Jay and Jay bent down his head.

"Persephone please I don't wish to say it." Jay apologized for not saying.

"It's okay Jay. That means Theresa is under stress. Then it must have affected her really seriously." Hera concluded.

"And I haven't realized it. I guess Theresa is right. We're not suitable for each other." Jay thought.

"Jay a penny for your thoughts?" John laughed.

"Get serious John!" Hera glared as John gulped.

"Sorry." John felt a lump in his throat.

"Let's continue." Hera smiled.

"But do you all have a method to cure it?" Jay asked.

"Yes. That's to find her and untie her 'knot'." Persephone looked at Jay and Jay nodded slowly.

"Thank you. We'll go search for her now." John and the others left the room.

"Jay. Can I have a word with you?" John questioned as he released Atlanta.


"Jay I'm sure you know what Sis wants and what she wishes for." John started.

"I think so."

"She still loves you Jay." John walked away and Jay thought hard "Alright Jay. Give you and Theresa one more chance." Jay took a deep breath and left the balcony.

"Odie so how's it?' Jay asked as he held his neck and turned it round as he has had stiff neck.

"Jay I think I've found her!" Odie squealed in excitement.

"Great job Odie! I knew I could count on you." Jay patted his friend's back.

"Wait for me Theresa I'm coming to save you......................."

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