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The First Fight With HER!

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The First Fight With HER! Chapter 9

"What am I doing here?" Theresa rubbed her head as she awoke and sat up.

"Ouch. Why does my limp felt tired?" Theresa massaged her legs tiredly.

"I think I had better get back to the rest as they might be worried. Especially Jay...." Theresa whispered to herself.

"Don't be stupid Theresa; he had given up in pursuing you!" Tina smirked then walked in the opposite direction that leads further from the Dorm.

"Who are you? Get away from me!" Theresa struggled to free herself from this beast but she couldn't as this is her body and no one can leave their body unless their dead.

"I can't and I won't. We're a part of each other Theresa! You must know it. I've been following you. I'm your shadow." Tina said.


Theresa stood there for a moment then turned around as she felt that someone had been following her but she saw no one.


"It was you!" Theresa thought.

"Yes it is me." Tina just said but there is no one in front of her. She is talking to Theresa who is inside her.

"What do you want from me?" Theresa shivered.

"I want anything from you. We belong to each other; we need each other to survive!" Tina argued.

"I don't need you to survive. I never did!" Theresa protested.

"But Theresa think about it! Together we can do anything. WE CAN RULE THE ENTIRE GALAXY!!!" Tina laughed evilly.

"I don't any of them!" Theresa whined.

"You do Theresa. You do................."

"Where is she?" Jay asked Odie as Odie glanced at his detector and then pointed to the left.

"I don't get Atlanta. Theresa and John let that thing get her and yet she wants to help Theresa and even be John's girlfriend!" Archie thought silently as he walked slowly behind the others.

"Archie hurry up! You're falling behind!" Atlanta shouted a little over her shoulder as Archie caught up with them.

"Atlanta why do you have to be with Connor?" Archie thought.

"Heads up guys. We're getting close." Jay turned to his friends immediately after he heard what Odie had told him.

"Right." John nodded at Jay and Odie stopped in his tracks.

"What is it?" Herry asked.

"Odie why did you stop?" Jay questioned.

"We don't have to make our move, because Theresa made hers first." Odie murmured in fright and 'Theresa' appeared above them.

It appeared that she had been hiding in the tree above them all the time.

"Theresa come back to us please!" Jay pleaded.

"What are you talking about?" Tina smiled as she is the one who is controlling Theresa's body now.

"Jay you guys!" Theresa smiled as she is still trapped in a trap that Tina set. That trap is in Theresa's body so whatever Theresa said or do could not be heard from outside and only Tina could hear.

"Shut up you bitch!" Tina screamed as she didn't know that whatever Theresa did could not be heard from the outside.

"Who is she talking to?" Neil asked, terrified.

"I don't know but I'm going in." Atlanta said as she got ready to run forward.

"You go girl. And don't worry 'cause I got your back!" Archie took out his whip.

"Now I'll show you Connor, that I can be better than you." Archie thought as jealousy took over him.

"I'm very sorry Theresa!" Atlanta said as she ran forward and tried to trip Theresa but Tina held her leg and slammed her behind herself.

John saw it and ran to help Atlanta but as Archie also saw what happened he raised his whip and slashed it onto John's chest instead of Theresa.

John felt a deep cut on his chest and he shouted in agony. He felt his wound burn as he fell beside Atlanta. Atlanta saw what happened and sat up then helped John to stop his wound from bleeding.

"Guys watch out!" Odie yelled.

Jay immediately dashed into action. He took out his xiphos then slashed Theresa's back.

"AH!" Tina turned around and looked into Jay's eyes, immediately she felt a warm feeling inside her. She can feel it, she felt that it is Theresa; she is feeling warmth from this man. Tina cannot stand the warmth as she belongs to the darkness so she can't stand the warm!

"Jay... It's really Jay." Theresa said.

"Theresa shut up!" Tina scolded and she felt herself getting weaker.

"Oh no! Something is happening." Tina started to lose control and she just swing her arms around wildly, Herry immediately reached out his hand and grabbed their dumb strucked leader.

"What do you think is happening?" Neil glanced at Atlanta, John and Archie 'fighting' in the corner.

John has had his head leaned onto Atlanta's arm with Archie feeling very sort as he tried to help but Atlanta refuses and she pushed him away every time he is in a distance that Atlanta's arm could reach.

"I don't know. But I know something, we've better split. Or else we'll be the one splitting next!" Odie said as he stared at the tree that Theresa had used her nun-chucks to split it into half.

"Odie's right. Let's go!" Herry finally have had a smart moment.

Neil was the first one who boarded Herry's truck and at this moment Theresa gained control of her body.

"Guys don't go." Theresa pleaded as she tried to move but couldn't as Tina was stopping her!

"THERESA!" Jay smiled gladly at her.

"Come on Jay what are you waiting for?" Herry asked as he help John, Atlanta, Archie and Odie on board and he himself went aboard his vehicle.

"Jay hurry! No matter whether it is Theresa or not, let's go. She may turn into Tina anytime now. Come on, You'll get to meet her again. Trust me!" Archie warned and Tina had gotten it's control again!

"Archie's right Jay, you'll meet Theresa again as she going to help me eliminate who ever gets in our way to controlling the world! But don't worry because the day you meet her is your death DAY!!!" Tina laughed once again and Jay got on board and the vehicle was droved away.

(In the vehicle)
"Tell me Theresa is there anything I can do to help you........" Jay thought.

How do you think will the Titans clear up this mess now that Tina is gaining full control?
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