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Days Without Someone Important

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Days Without Someone Important. Chapter 10

“Come on guys we’ve reached the Dorm.” Herry opened the vehicle’s door and stepped out and so did his tired friends.

“Herry give me a hand.” Atlanta requested glaring at Archie as she handed John over to Herry whose wounds are still bleeding.


Tina walked in as she drawed the blinds in her present ‘home’ which was out of shape. The doors are a little broken and the walls are all very old.

“Damm it!” Tina drawed the blinds and noticed a bleeding deep cut on her back as she took of her top clothes.

Theresa is so beautiful. Tina looked into the mirror and looked at Theresa’s face in the mirror.

“Jay?” Atlanta walked over beside him as he thought about Theresa.


“How is it between you and Theresa? So are you thinking of a plan to get her back.” Atlanta joked.

“No. I think it is over between us.” Jay shift uncomfatably.

“Jay think carefully.” Atlanta acted immediately after hearing what Jay had to say.

“I’ve thought about it. I think that we both will feel better without each other in ours lives.” Jay looked at the xiphos which he is admiring.

“No Jay. It’ll be terrible for Theresa if you do that.” Atlanta felt her tears nearing her eyes as she imagined Theresa crying in her room, after Jay told Theresa what he told her.

“Atlanta I’m sorry. Excuse me.” Jay turned away from Atlanta embarrassingly and walked to the back of the jeep to take a look at John.

“Jay that is not the right choice.” Atlanta thought and shake her fist which was on her lap.

“Guys we’re reaching.” Herry announced once more and the five started packing their things as some of them took out something to do, like homework or what Neil did, put on make up.

“Come on.” Jay opened the door and passed John to Herry.

“Erm? Herry you and Atlanta bring John to Chiron while me, Neil and Archie go talk to Hera and Persephone. Okay?” Jay planned, looking tired.

“Okay.” Many okays’ were heard and they split up.

Knock, knock!

“Come in.” Hera’s voice came through the door and Hera was seen sitting at her table and opposite her was Persephone.

“Are we disturbing?” Jay asked politely.

“No Jay. Sit down.” Hera pointed to a few chairs beside Persephone.

“Hera what should we do now? Seems like we’re not able to talk to Theresa and Tina is almost gaining total control over her.” Archie helped Jay explain after seeing how tired was his friend.

“What would happen if she does?” Neil asked also concerned.

“She’ll die.” Hera answered easily and quickly.

“Then what do we do?” Jay asked anxiously.

“I’m afraid since it had come to this state there is nothing we can do,” Hera thought carefully “Theresa must overcome her own problem.”

“It surprise me Hera. Normal peoples’ condition do not worsen so quickly.” Persephone folded her arms.

“I know Persephone. It surprises me too and that means Theresa’s problem is terribly bad for her.” Hera held her head.

“But it can be that she is fighting it.” Persephone helped her student.

“Yes Persephone that is possible but, you see if that is what she is doing, she should at least manage to take control for a short while.” Hera tried very hard to explain.

The two gods talked over it freely, forgetting the three teens were sitting there too.

“Hera so what should we do?” Jay said on purpose, wanting to tell Hera that they were still there.

“Jay do you all want go somewhere?” Hera asked almost half hoping they would go somewhere.

“Yeah. We want to visit John at Chiron’s study.” Jay smiled.

“Okay you all go first later after seeing him you all can come back. I need to discuss with Persephone.” Hera sighed after she’d finished her sentence.

“We’ll come back at about two hours later.” Jay smiled forcefully at Hera and Hera returned it.

“See you all later.” Hera smiled and Jay opened the door then left with Archie and Neil.

“Jay what are you thinking?! We’re suppose to discuss Theresa’s problem with Hera not visit John!” Archie hissed after they came out and stood outside the door.

“I know but didn’t you see how Hera ‘argue’ with Persephone and her expression when she ask us whether we want to leave or not?” Jay remarked.

“Guys are we at all going to visit John?” Neil asked, confused seeing them argue over small matters.

“Neil it would really help if you would keep quiet for 30 minutes.” Jay pretended to smile as they entered Chiron’s study.

“John how are you buddy?” Herry said as he came out of the toilet in Chiron’s study and saw Jay, Archie and Neil.

“I thought you all want to talk to Hera?” Herry asked scratching his head.

“We are going to.” Archie glared at Jay and he averted gaze

“You see……” Jay explained everything.

“Jay’s right Archie. Hera does want you three to leave a while.” Atlanta looked in Archie’s direction as Archie gulped.

“Chiron how’s John?” Atlanta ran to Chiron as Chiron answered “He’s fine but I think there will be a scar on his chest.”

“Thanks Chiron.” Jay smiled.

“John how’re you feeling?” Odie asked as he just arrived from the Dorm.

“I’m fine Odie.” John grinned.

“John I’m so glad you’re okay.” Atlanta hugged John as he planted a kiss on her cheek.

Atlanta felt warmth at the moment she saw John and leaned her forehead against his as Archie sank in jealousy.

“Alright. Now I think it is about time.” Jay took out a pocket watch and at that moment a memory came to him


“Theresa welcome back.” Jay hugged her as she just returned from her holiday.

“Thanks Jay but how’s your holiday?” Theresa smiled.

“Great. Fun!” Jay grinned cheekily.

“I bought you a pocket watch.” Theresa smiled as she raised her hand and there sat a lite blue pocket watch.

“Wow! Thanks. Luckily I didn’t lose out. I bought you a silver whistle.” Jay showed a whistle that is a straight one and on it was carved a few patterns and 3 words ‘I love you’.

“Thanks Jay but what is it for?” Theresa took it and admired it.

“I’ll tell you. When you blow it, I’ll appear in a flash beside you.” Jay smiled.

“Jay don’t lie to me.” Theresa pleaded for the truth.

“I didn’t lie. This prove I’ll always be with you.” Jay whispered.

“Jay you’ve changed.” Theresa stared unbelieveably.

“Into?” Jay questioned.

“You became more romantic. You won’t be in romance if it was the last time you.” Theresa took out two strings. One blue and one red.

“See.” Theresa took her whistle and tied it on the red string and the pocket watch on the blue one. She next took the blue string, which is hanging on to the pocket watch up and swing it over Jay’s head and onto his neck. She did the same for the whistle.

“Why did you do that?” Jay asked suspiciously.

“So that I could blow the whistle anytime I want conveniently.” Theresa laughed and took off immediately after seeing Jay ‘fume’ and went chasing her around.


“Theresa please come back. I feel terrible.” Jay said as he held the pocket watch in his
hand while the blue string still hung on his neck. Jay closed his eyes and tried to hold
back his tears but it only made himself remember more things that he and
Theresa been through to be together.

Jay’s tears slowly trickled down his cheeks and that attracted his team mates’ attention.
All of them stared in amazement as they had never seen him cry before except Theresa.

“Jay what happened?” Archie settled down beside his friend and Atlanta settled down
beside Jay too but on the other side.

“Jay are you okay?” Atlanta asked while John cast a worried look at Atlanta.

“I’m fine.” Jay sniffed a little and stood up smiling, Jay may have lied to them but
nothing to could stop them from knowing the truth. They had been with Jay for about 2
years now, there is nothing that could pass by Jay’s friends without them noticing. They
knew that he missed Theresa and wanted her back.

“Let’s go to Hera’s.” Odie changed the subject as he was getting a little tensed up at the
atmosphere just now.

“Right.” John nodded as he put his feet down onto the ground wearing his laced sporty
blue shoes when Atlanta ran anxiously over and stopped him.

“Don’t! Chiron said you need your rest and you need to relax.” Atlanta reminded and
John continued “I can’t do those in bed! Can I?” John grinned cheekily.

“I guess you can but I think you won’t.” Atlanta teased knowing that her boyfriend would
hate to stay in bed the whole day as he was a little more active resembling Theresa.

“Let’s go then. Buck up!” Jay waved and he had the head start and ran to Hera’s office
and knocked on the door quickly.

“Come in.” Hera’s gentle voice was heard through the door that Jay can’t wait to go in.

“Hera so have you and Persephone found out anything?” Jay asked full of hope.

“Not much Jay. We still say the same thing. You all must help her untie the knot. And we
found out a little more. Where will she go-“

“Really? Where?” Jay cut in.

“That is what I want you all to think where is her favourite spot.” Persephone helped
Hera finished her sentence.

“Thanks.” Jay thanked and they left the office and then stopped outside the door as usual.

“Split up and see which spot do you think Theresa will go because, even though that is
Tina but she is still the Theresa we know ‘kay?” Jay as usual planned everything out.

“Why don’t we say out where we are going so that we could find each other in that area if
we want to?” Neil suggested.

“By the way did you guys see Gabriella?” Herry asked.

“I send her away. Two days ago.” Jay informed as a shadow covered his face.

“That is when she insulted Theresa!” Odie thought but didn’t dare to say it out in case Jay

“Why don’t we say out where we are going so that we could find each other in that area if
we want to?” Neil suggested again getting really fustrated at getting ignored.

“Alright then good idea Neil.” Archie beamed at Neil.

“I think I look for her near Cronus’s HQ.” John thought carefully before saying it out.

“I’ll wait for her in the Dorm. In case she come back. And at the same time I could try out the tracking system.” Odie smiled.

“Good idea. I’ll stay with Odie!” Neil smiled at the idea as everyone glared at him knowing that he hated to walk around too much afraid that the wind may mess his hair or his hair may catch too much dust.

“Archie what about you?” Jay asked.

“I’ll be going to the streets shops to see whether she had gone there to avoid being seen.” Archie said.

“And I’ll go to the park to see whether is she running there.” Herry added as everyone know that he is not exactly smart so they didn’t blame him for giving such a stupid place to find.

Soon there was silent between them.

“Jay what about you?” Atlanta broke the ice.

“Sorry I can’t tell. But I’ll be fine I promise.” Jay smiled and took one last glance at his friends then left.

“Atlanta you haven’t say where you’re going to.” Neil pointed at Atlanta.

“I think I’ll go with John.” Atlanta followed.

“Atlanta I’m worried about Jay.” John whispered in her ears as they walked side by side.

“Then what do you want to do? Follow him. Hah! Forget it, he would know whether is there anyone following him or not.” Atlanta warned as John grinned cheekily making a sign to Atlanta that he was just kidding.

“Stop fooling around! We’ve got to find Theresa.” Atlanta pretended to be fierce but John saw through that one and ignored.

“Aww. I can’t get my hair down.” Neil whined from the bathroom.

“Neil you’ve been in there for 2 hours already can you come out and answer the phone.” Odie yelled.

“Ya,ya stop nagging at me!” Neil shouted and appeared by the corridor and ran to answer the phone.

“Hello?” Neil picked up the phone.

“Is Jay there?” A voice was heard over the line but the voice sounded weak.

“Who are you? You sounded familiar.” Neil asked.

“Are you Neil?” The familiar voice was heard again.

“How’d you know me?” Neil asked anxiously.

“Where’s Jay?” That voice came again.

“Who are you? Are you Theresa?” Neil felt his heart pounded hard against his chest.

“THERESA! IS THAT THERESA?” Odie jumped up immediately.

But then the line was cut off by some reasons……

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