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Proving Your Worth

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A fanfic about the 1998 cartoon Bad Dog.

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A/N: What you see here before you is a fanfic about a cartoon called Bad Dog. This cartoon aired on FOX Family Channel in 1998. I was looking for another obscure 1990s cartoon to write a fanfic for. After writing that Stunt Dawgs one, I started to look for another. Then I was looking on Youtube and saw this cartoon Bad Dog was in my suggestions. Watched a few episodes to get an idea and that's when I decided to write this fanfic.

Here we go, prepare to enter.......Proving Your Worth! The first ever Bad Dog fanfic!

Mrs. Potanski stopped and gazed into space. Trevor walks outside, "Oh no." he thought. Trevor always knew when his mom Mrs. Potanski had something on her mind and was worried about something. It was happening; She couldn't help thinking about Berkeley's confidence again. She tried not too. But could not help herself.

"Uh, hey Mom. What's seems to be the issue". Trevor asks.

Trying to make her feel better by smiling. Mr. Potanski's smile shined like tin foil, as impressive as a SUV, it filled the house and Mrs. Potanski was helplessly but willingly absorbed into them.

Mr. Potanskis sees his attempt failed. "What are you thinking about?"

Mrs Potanski says, "If only there was some way to boost Berkeley's self esteem."

Mr. Potanskis agrees, "I know right. Everytime we say Bad Dog, he freezes like a popsicle."

Looking around for a popsicle, Little Vic says, "Popsicle? Where?"

"Maybe what we could do is enter Berkeley into a dog contest." Trevor suggested. "Yeah, you're right. We can get him to compete against Special Cat." Mrs. Potanski said. "It'll be perfect for him, he knows lots of tricks." Mr. Potanski says.

"We'll go to that arena where the Pet Trick contests are held!" Trevor says. Penelope joins the conversation, "Can I be the announcer! I'm good at narratting!"

"Why sure! All we need to do is to get Lester Johnson to see if he can get Special Cat to enter," Mr. Potanski says.

"I'll make a call to him." Penelope spoke out calling Lester Johnson. Then Mrs. Potanski starred into the night sky once more.

"Don't you like our idea?" asked Mr. Potanski.

"I do! But what will we do if Berkeley loses?" answers Mrs Potanski. "Yikes, we did not think that one though." Trevor says. "We love him anyway!" Little Vic says, "No matter what, win or lose, Berkeley is a good dog!" Penelope runs outside, "Lester Johnson agreed to have Special Cat join the contest!"

"Okay! So that settles it! Berkeley!" Mr. Potanski called.

Berkeley runs outside barking and slurping. "We're entering you in Pet Contest! Want to show the world what a good dog you are?" asked Mrs. Potanski to Berkeley!

"Woof Woof!" Berkeley barks. "Okay, The Pet Contest! Here we come!" Mr Potanski says. The contest was called the "Pet Tricks Tourament".

"Welcome ladies and gentleman to the world championship Pet Tricks Tournament contest!"

Penelope's voice boomed across the large Arena. Pet Tricks Tournament Contest was the largest in the world. Far bigger then the one in Montreal - this one was able to hold 1 trillion fans.

Berkeley and Mrs. Potanski had just arrived by Tesla. "This is it!" Trevor says. "Yes!" Little Vic joins. "I just hope Berkeley can make it all the way to the final" Mrs Potanski says, worried again,

"You'll make it no matter what!" Berkeley, your my champion!" Little Vic says hugging and kissing Berkeley. The Potanski family has entered the Pet Tricks Tournament contest by enrolling Berkeley. "Thanks for this idea, my lovely wife, but I'll need more then your vote to win this. I'll need to give it my all to become the number 1 trying to be a good dog champion of earth!" Mr. Potanski says.

"..and it wont be enough" said a horrible voice from behind them. It was Lester Johnson and his pet, Special Cat!

Lester boasted, "I'll win this contest fair and square. Then everyone will bow down before me.....the one true champion of Pet Tricks Tournament contest...and lord of evil!!"

Trevor looked confused, "What was that last think you said?"

"Look, never mind okay! Special Cat will beat Berkeley so just be ready!" Lester Johnson warns the Potanskis.

"No that will never come to pass! We'll beat you!" said Mrs. Potanski.

"ha" laughs Lester Johnson.

With that Special Cat twirled of into the Arena.

"We must win now. We must!" Trevor says to his family.


Before the contest, Berkeley and his family decided to take a tour of the arena. Aside from the normal restaurants and Pet Tricks Tournament contest themed gift shops, there was also a museum. A museum dedicated to the history and art of the Pet Tricks Tournament contest museum. Which had pictures from previous Pet Tricks Tournament contest winners.

"For inspiration, maybe we can take Berkeley around this museum!" Penelope said. "That's what we plan to do!" Mr. Potanski tells his daughter.

As they had done the other stuff already, they decided to go to the museum. Originally,Pet Tricks Tournament contest wasn't that popular as an event , but in recent years it had become the most popular event in the world after all others were banned. Some people missed other event at first, but slowly it was just accepted thatPet Tricks Tournament contest was the best event on earth.

They looked at the giant diorama of the first Pet Tricks Tournament contest. There was a button they could press and the animatronics would act out famous events in its history.

There was also giant statues of dogs and cats at the museum in the Pet Tricks Tournament contest. Mr. Potanski looked at one particularly large display. "Its magnificent." the father spoke. Little Vic agreed "Yes, it is." Penelope tells Berkeley, "If any of these dogs and cats can win, so can you!" Just then though the display started wobbling. Mrs Potanski shook with fear, "oh, no...its coming down!"

Berkeley dived out the way, but Mr. Potanski tried to stop the disaster from happening but was too slow. "oww...I am trapped" said Mr. Potanski, who was now trapped under the rubble.
Berkeley tried to move the rubble but couldn't. "Sorry, Dad but I cant move it". Trevor says.
Penelope added, "Neither can we." Mr Potanski says, "Thats ok, I'll wait here."

"Ok, I'll be going to the arena then." Mrs. Potanski said. Berkeley and the Potanskis expect Mr. Potanski. walked to the museum door....but it was locked! "No...we're all trapped!" Penelope cries. "Berkeley, pull the alarm!" Ordered Little Vic. Berkeley had no choice now, so he pulled the fire alarm.

By the time the fireman had rescued them, however, it was already half-time. Berkeley had missed the whole first half of the competition!

As Mr. Potanski was carried taken to hospital by stretcher and ambulance. "Dad!" Trevor shouts running after his Dad being carted away. "Please, go without me." Mr. Potanski begged. "It won't be the same with you not there!" Trevor cries out. "The hospital will just check over me to see if I have any serious injuries. It'll be fine, trust me." Mr. Potanski declares. The Potanskis had no choice but to go about this Pet Tricks Tournament contest without him.

Berkeley and Mrs. Potanski retired to the locker room. Lester Johnson along with Special Cat was already there, still grinning.

"Oh what a shame. Mr. Potanski isn't going to give any moral support. Even doing nothing I'm going to come second. You know...I might just let you win..out of my....generosity... " Lester Johnson sniggered again.

"Hey, how could do you that to us, your neighbors!" Mrs. Potanski yelled at Lester Johnson. "We've been friends for years!" Trevor called out to Lester but didn't get a response.

"We're talking to you! Get back here!" Penelope demanded.

With that, ignoring the Potanski family's protest, Lester Johnson and Special Cat left out the backdoor.


"Gosh darn-it" Mrs. Potanski said. "Lester Johnson and Special Cat drive me mad! Trevoe chimes in, "You know, I think he had something to do with Dad's accident "

Berkeley was thinking. Hard.

"Lester Johnson just pretends to be our friend. He and Special Cat are never generous. Lack of generosity is his number one defining characteristic. Well, that and evil"

"That means..." said Mrs. Potanski, her slow cogs working. "...He wants to come second!" barked Berkeley as if he were talking.

Penelope was confused and she asks, "Do you think thats..." Little Vic spews a theory, "....because he wants the second prize medal!"

Berkeley barks as he sees Special Cat doing tricks that were appeasing the crowd.

"It must be because the second prize is really money and a trophy."Mrs. Potanski says, then she thinks out loud, "Now that I look at the second prize I notice it now. Its clearly the money and trophy." Mrs. Potanski says.

"That explains why someone would want to become second!" Penelope talks. Trevor then says, "Exactly!"

"So we have to beat Lester Johnson and Special Cat at this Pet Tricks Tournament contest by coming second?" Penelope asks again. Mrs Potanski says, "How are we going to do that...we never entered Berekely in this contest before. Let alone ever have lost!

"I know" barks Berkeley. "I am not sure I know how". Little Vic gives Berkeley a pep talk, "You got to though. Just this once you got to come second!"

"No I cant. But I have an could compete!" Penelope says turning to her Mom.

"Me?" said Mrs. Potanski, surprised. "But I'm a human woman. How can I compete in a Pet Tricks Tournament contest?" In a matter of moments, Mrs. Potanski finally decides to enter!

"Ok Berkeley, I'll do it. I'll do it for you" Mrs. Potanski says. Berkeley barks to give his approval.

Then the Gong went again, the final leg of the Pet Tricks Tournament contest was underway


And then, at the worst possible moment. It happened. Again. Mrs. Potanski gazed at Mr. Potanski's picture. Then she thought about the times they had together before they had Little Vic, Trevor, and Penelope.

It was impossible to resist this time. Like a scooter Mrs. Potanski was pulled towards Mr. Potanski. It was a like melee in a war. It was a like a flintlock revolver piercing through Her heart. It was a like magnets.

There was No resisting. No mercy. No longer anything else mattered.

Mr. Potanski was released from the hospital (thankfully only had some minor injuries, and went back to the arena where the Pet Tricks Tournament contest. Looked shocked and then...and then...not shocked. He had known all along.

A feeling of embarrassment came to Mr. Potanski seeing his wife compete in a contest that was only for cats and dogs.

Of course. How could Mrs. Potanski have been so stupid? Those long looks at each other, the times they gazed at the stars together, the candle lit dinners. The tender hugs..
It wasn't just friendship. It never was. It was more and Mr. Potanski had known all along.
"I knew." Mr. Potanski said. Then said to himself, "She's always had it in her to sacrifice herself."

The crowd in the arena didn't know what to think. Penelope, Trevor, and Little Vic watched as their mother was about to go inside the arena. "OMG! Kids in school will never stop talking about how our Mom did Pet Tricks at this contest!" Penelope says.

"Yeah, my friends will dump me. We'll be known as the kids who have a Mom that does Dog Tricks!" Trevor says. "The bullies will never stop going after us! Even when we get old and leave school!" Little Vic says.

Before Mrs. Potanski was about to step into the arena. After Berkeley hears the kids predict their near future fates. Berkeley now finally has to confidence to enter the Pet Tricks Tournament contest! With Mrs> Potanski by his side.

"WOOF WOOF WOOF!" Berkeley barks running up to Mrs. Potanski!

"Come on, Berkeley! Let's win second place!" Mrs. Potanski tells her dog.

Mrs. Potanski and Berkeley walked boldly into the World Championship Trying to be a good dog-ing Arena.

It was time for the final part. But first Mrs. Potanski had to be registered.

"I, MRS. POTANSKI, WOULD Lke to compete!" she shouted proudly all ready for her dog's big day.
"I am sorry but afraid its not allowed" said the contest judge. Devastated Mrs. Potanski started sobbing.

"But I have wanted to enter my dog in this Pet Tricks Tournament contest to boost his self esteem!" sobs Mrs. Potanski

The contest judge tells her straight, "Its not in the rules I am afraid."

Mrs. Potanski to Berkeley in her arms.

"I'm sorry I thought you would be allowed, the jist of it is, your dog is a last minute entry." the contest judge told her.

"Its not fair...I have every right to compete." Mrs. Potanski cries out.

"Its probably just because you didn't enter him fast enough." the contest judge tells her.

"Probably. that's just typical!" Mrs. Potanski sobbed some more. The floor was quite wet now.
"I know, I'll have to lose now"

"Its so unfair, why should you have to lose? Why should you have to come second?" Mrs. Potanski told Berkeley.

"I' ok Mom! , I can do this." barks Berkeley holding back his emotions.

"snuff" said Mrs. Potanski

"Its so unfair on you! They will all make fun of you for coming second!" Mrs Potanski speaks out.

It was true, the otherPet Tricks Tournament contest entries would make fun of him.

"I'll take it" barks Berkeley manly. Mrs. Potanski was already so upset that Berkeley would have to lose, Berkeley didn't want to make her even more.

With that Berkeley stood up and went to the starting line next to Special Cat.
Berkeley woofed, "So its just you and me" Special Cat ansers, "As it should be." Berkeley says, "Lets end this" Special Cat gave the contest judge and nod and the contest started once more.

Berkeley and Special Cat did their tricks intensely. Berkeley tried to control himself but it was hard. Every instinct in him made him want to win. He could not be put on a leash. But He had to control it!

Berkeley struggled.

The Potanski family spoke at random.

Trevor said, "Could he do it?"

Mr Potanski said, "How could he not win?"

Little Vic joins the convesation, "He Loved trying to be a good dog!"

Penelope says, "This was not possible"

Mrs. Potanski says. "But he had to for the sake of his confidence."

Finnally defeating his inner monologuing he overcame his insecurities for pet tricks at the Pet Tricks Tournament contest! He could lose now.

Berkeley stopped. A calmness washed over him and they entered a zen-like state. They did nothing.

Special Cat didnt see this and rushed aheadPet Tricks Tournament contest like Berkeley was still going. Before they could see what happened they had won! Berkeley had come second by default!

"I....won....?" said Special Cat confused. " see we knew your plans to come second and get the money and trophy as it was the prize. So Mrs. Potanski and me planned to come second!" Lester Johnson says.

"But I won!!!" Speical Cat says.
"Yes" Berkeley barks=.
Lester Johnson tells the Potanskis, "I never won anything before! It's a good thing I did now I can pay off my wife's alimony checks!"

Suddenly Berkeley realized that Special Cat was a good feline and they just did win because they never won anything before.

Lester Johnson now filled with regret tells the Potanskis. "Now they I have won this prize I feel all my evil thoughts leaving me, I dont need the money prize now, just the trophy is fine....I am sorry I did anything bad."

"Apology accepted!" said Mrs. Potanski!

"No hard feelings!" said Mr. Potanski.

"Thank the stars Dad only had a few injuries." Penelope says.

"Let's go home and enjoy our second place prize!" Trevor added.

Little Vic hugs and kisses Berkeley who now has a whole new confidence about him as a 'good dog!"

Berkeley and Special Cat forgave each other and the crowd cheered. "I forgive you!" "Yayyyyyyy!!!!! Horrrraaayyyyy" said the crowd.

So that ends the Pet Tricks Tournament contest.

In closing: If you want to watch Bad Dog and write a fanfic of your own, just visit Youtube. It's a rather cute cartoon. Think Family Guy if it were made for kids!
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