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White Spirit

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A Droopy Master Detective Fanfic where Droopy learns he's part vampire.

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One night Droopy Master Detective had been drinking too much white spirit. He felt very nice and enjoyed it very much. Little did he know that White Spirit is a wine that brings out the vampire in someone, especially if they have vampire heritage! That Droopy will have yet to discover!

Then all the sudden he saw a stranger walking. Not just any stranger because real strangers dont exist! This one was evil! Droopy ran to stranger and hit them, it was McWolf!
"How dare you.. McWolf!! Now I will arrest you!"
"Yes, we fight now!" McWolf challenged his nemesis

Now Droopy screamed in agony. Our master detective hero took his mighty weapon a magnifying glass and went balistik on he. "Oh no! It was my friend! And my friend there is really a wolf!" "My friend! said Droopy, you are a wolf!" he said and saying he did!

"Oh that is good" said Droopy
"No it is not! Mahaha!!. You see i must kill you because I was told to by my barbie doll
"But not today!", with that the villianess villian ran off into the sunset.

It looked like McWolf had sought Droopy out! Ever since Droopy's parents told him that he was in fact a half vampire (or a dhampire), he had feared being discovered by McWolf especially after Droopy remembred the terrible secret of his past.

Mrs Vavoom looked with concerned at Droopy, "what is wrong Droopy?"

Droopy did not wait to answer her. He turned on one of his new found vampire powers and listened to McWolf's commands. McWolf was commanding his lackeys to search Droopy out. After villain had given them cookies and manically asked McWolf had discovred the truth behind Droopy! And he told his henchmen that he had.

"I have discovered the secret behind Droopy's percentage" McWolf told his henchmen.

His lackeys smiled wickedly and took their weapons and rushed into the shopping centre . They had no concern for any of the shops .

Droopy and Mrs Vavoom and Dripple faught like lions that were fighting among each other for the last scrap of meat and mannished to defaecate most of the henchmen.

But then McWolf stepped forward and spoke: "I know your secret!"
Then Dripple said: "How do you know about Droopy being a half vampire?"
McWolf laughed and said: "You just told me! But also, I read it on Droopy's birth records a the hospital!"

Droopy gasped, he thaguht that he had posted it only for friends and not public! Droopy had to be careful with his privacy settings because they keep changing all the time.

But McWolf did nothing but launching. McWolf then said "But that is not what I had discovered!"
Oh no! both Dripple and Mrs Vavoom gasped but Droopy could only think of. They did not know the truth. That Droopy was really rapped by McWolf before Droopy even knew of McWolf's name!

"I know that it was you so long ago who I robbed before me and did everything that I had ever wanted to do with such a fine dog detective like you! !We went to the park, played videogames, watched cartoons! It was great! When I robbed you by touching your hand, I am truely sorry...that was an accident I admit"

Oh no! gasped Mrs Vavoom and she felt really bad for Droopy because even though she knew that Droopy didn't love her and was really depressed, she really didn't expect this.
And Dripple was also shocked because he knew Red and Screwy Squirrel knew a great secret that he didn't know, he still didn't know it was going to be this kind of secret!
Droopy felt very depressed all the sudden. He lost the will to fight and dropped his weapon before McWolf and villain laughed very loudly.
McWolf then said: "I have you now under my omplete spell like I had that so long ago!"


"You can never beat me, I'm indomitable," said McWolf.
"Oh I beat you villain you!, you'll run back crying to your momma. "
"Mhuahahaaha I dont need no mother, I am after all invisible".
After that, Droopy leaped down onto the volcano plato. Dripple watches, "Be careful Papa!"
He was in luck because he just managed to jump on it but didn't fall in it. It would have been a short story if he fell in it.
McWolf stood looking at our hero - his cape flapping in hotness.
He beared an expression of smugness. "I had told you, I am invincible, I cannot be killed, I cannot die, I cannot breath. And I have this!!!"'
Suddenly he held the wooden cross aloft.
"This is what you want!
This is what you need! But its mine now. You cant stop me.'
"Noo....not the wooden cross"
"Yes. The wooden cross"
"The wooden cross!" gasped Mrs Vavoom
"Yes. The wooden cross"
Suddenly a bolt of lightning went through in the air, striking left and right but not hitting the lava plato they were all standing on.
McWolf lit up dark in the flash of lightning. His features scary.
Laughing as he stood there, he approached Droopy, "Give up and go home, Mrs Vavoom doesnt love you anyway."
"Thats not true!

Droopy ran forward and fought him (by slashing into him while McWolf evaded his attack and shoot fire from his fingertips)
But every time he hit McWolf, he just smiled and hit him back.
In between dodging lava throwings, McWolf said: "You cannot beat me"
"Then you will lose, and I will win and destroy everything you care for."
"I HATE YOU!!" said Droopy and ran towards him with his weapon drawn.
"Pathetic human, you can not beat me since I have this Incinerator!""
"No?! You have created it?! What have you done?!"
"Oh it was just a simple thing. With the help of your friend," he said while dodging another lava ejactulation, "I finished it just yesterday. Oh my, a lovely night we had.

"Your a monster and you will die, you monster!"
Droopy ran towards McWolf, just dodging a fire ball, leaping towards a plato in the lava, dodging a lava throwing , landing on a rock he surfed like Legolas in Lord of the Rings on his skateboard towards the villain again, who in turn laughed out loud and smirked and took another fireball in his hands because he really wanted to kill the Droopy

"NOW!!!" SHOUTED Droopy shouted at his female companion lifted the base of her skirt and McWolf was distracted by seeing her ankle.
Using this to his outmost tactical advancement Droopy grapped wooden cross from McWolf and stabbed him in his forehead .
"Owch! While I had the wooden cross I could not be harmed. But now it was taken from me I can and was and it hurt"
He staggered around and grabbed into the air, he was dying. "You are all dooomed, doomed! You will die and I will see your death come to you and your family and your families family family."
Suddenly an explosion of lava sprung up and whooshed him with its flames, leaving behind only ashes .

"Droopy , Droopy, I love you! But we only have 5 seconds to escape before this volcano erupts!!!"

"Then quick, we must leave and leave this place behind", said Droopy and left this place behind."

Just in time, when the last second of the clock was about tick, Droopy, Dripple, and Mrs Vavoom got out and everything crashed behind him, leaving only smoke and dust and stones behind in the rubble."

"Can we go home now, Papa?" Dripple asked. "Certainly we will." Droopy tells his son. "But first, let's go to dinner!" said Mrs. Vavoom!

"Sounds good to me!" said Droopy. "Oh, now that I'm dating you, we're not going to be like Jessica and Roger Rabbit are we?" asked Mrs. Vavoom.

"Nope, not at all." said Droopy. Dripple, Mrs Vavoom, and Droopy all walk off into the sunset. Droopy has learned to embrace his newfound vampire persona!
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