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Worries and Cheers

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Theresa is feeling weak, what happened to her?

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Theresa and Jay moved into their large mansion.

It was elegant and beautiful. The windows we're large with huge curtains. But decorated so beautifully. If you opened the windows the sun would shine so beautifully.

There would many rooms in the mansion. 5 bedrooms (for guests), two living rooms and family rooms, 2 theatre rooms, a huge basement with a large laundryroom, and game room with a plasma tv in there.
2 of the bedrooms we're there. One familyroom in the basement.

They had three kitchens. two on the middlefloor. And one on the top level.

The house was three stories high.

There we're two dining rooms, both big and elegant.

The hallsway we're huge but mostly there was rooms attached together.

They had many bathrooms all over the house. there we're bathrooms on everyfloor.

One in the master bedroom, and four bedrooms shared one, and the two bedrooms downstairs had a bathroom across the hallway.

They had an office room on the top floor.
And had a danceroom in the basement.

There we're sunrooms, and many decks and patios.

The tw couples would go on the decks for breakfast and eat on the kitchen counter(a very tall counter) to eat lunch and for dinner they would eat in their lovely diningroom.

They had a music room for Theresa's lyres and harps went.

In the danceroom and exercise room there was Theresa's collection of nun-chicks and Jay's xiphos(sp?)

Outside they had three patios and had a large swimming pool. The house was surrounded by a moat and had a lovely bridge.

They had a large front and backyard with nice green grass and many flowers.

They even had an elevator in they're house but their we're stairs too, They went around and around, one stairs even had two attached to it. The elevator was for emergencies.

The backyard had the pool, and they could see out into the open beach. It was large. They lived basically on a cliff really. And there we're stairs to go down to the beachwhere Jay's brand new sailboat was. And Theresa's motorboat.

They had a nice ggarage, where Theresa's convetable was, and Jay's new car. It was a porch.

They lived ina very expensive house yes, and they lived ina happy peaceful neighbourhood.

And they knew they would live life together happily.

But Theresa's this morning didn't feel very well.

She got out of bed while Jay was watching football on the tv in their room she went into the bathroom when Jay went downstairs to watch on their plasma tv.

Theresa came down looking not-so-good.

"theresa? hun..are you okay?" He stood up putting two arms around her.

She lay on his shoulder.

She passed hima piece of paper.

"Oh theresa!!!"

He grabbed the phone to call his parents, family, theresa's and their friends.

His mother picked up the phone.

"Mother..." Jay looked at Theresa.

"theresa's pregnant!"

He heard a cheer in the phone and some happy cries.

His father took the phone.

"Jay, son, you mean i'm a grandfather!" he said not liking the word but the idea.

"yes dad yes!"

His dad let out happy cheers.

Jay huung up and held up theresa and swung her around.

"Yes I'm going to like life with you Jay."

"Yes Theresa I can see life already ahead of us." he smiled at her.


I'm not done!! Remember there has to be a chapter called "If I Never knew you"

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