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The Truth Be Stupid

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Parody is a fancy word for making fun of people. (That's off of the Wrong Coast...the only thing that was funny on that stupid show...)Sorry D and J fans, I'm one, too. But come on, somethings are ...

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Hey everyone, Darks here! Again, I apologize for making fun of Delilah and Julius. I love them, too. Just somethings I question about the show, so yeah. First episode I'm making fun of is "The Truth Be Gold." I mostly write Drama/Romance on this board, so I thought I'd do something different. I nmay get critized, I may be heading for a train wreck, but hey, there's always the "delete" button, lol. At the end of this chapter, you're going to be like, "holy crap. you must be obsessed with this show." Here's 3 answers to that response:

1: I have lots of time on my hands, making me think lots.

2: Come on, you must be noticing this, too.

3: This is what repeats of a show will do this to you.


The Truth Be Stupid: Parody of "The Truth Be Gold."

(a/n: This is at the very begining, when Delilah is getting her mothers watch from that Russian guy. Guys jump D and J. D and J get Delilah's watch back. D and J leave the man there.)

Julius: You tried to kill us, but, I guess for this once, I can leave you with a warning.


(a/n: This is when Delilah chucks Klaus onto the roll that's slolwy going towards the sharp knife thingy.)

Delilah: How did that thing turn on?

Klaus: Accourding to the script, it's supposed to make a more dramatic approch to the audiance.

Delilah: Ohhhhh I get it!


(a/n: This is when Julius is versing Sadolace, Ria's assisant. You notice that they're in a building. They go to Delilah and Ria quickly, then back to Julius and Sadolace. Out of nowhere, there's by a dumpster outside.)

Julius: how the hell did we get here?

Sadolace: No freakin' clue...


(a/n: This is when Delilah and Julius are hand-cuffed together. When they fall out of the van, the hand-cuffs suddenly dissapear.)

Delilah: Wow...just out luck...

Julius: How'd that happen?

Delilah: I don't know, but I'm not complaining!


(a/n: This is when Julius falls into the ice. Delilah doesn't seem to notice Julius isn't beside her.)

Delilah: Hurry up, Julius! (Continues to run)

Julius: Are you deaf and blind? I'm right here, you idiot! Stop running like a chicken with your head cut off!


(a/n: This is when Delilah builds an igloo for Julius and herself with Julius falls into the ice.)

Julius: (wakes up from unconsciousness, looks around, then slaps Delilah)

Delilah: What the hell what that for?

Julius: For leaving me on that ice! you nearly killed me!
(looks where he is, realizes she undressed him) OH MY GOD you raped me!


(a/n: Ria takes Delilah to the room to show her Julius hooked up to that thing that electrucutes him. Did you notice how Delilah didn't really care?!?)

Ria: you must join me.

Delilah: Meh. It's just Julius. I don't care.
Go ahead. Kill him. (walks out of the room.)

Ria: That went totally wrong...


(a/n: This is when Nosey and Emmet run out the building, knowing the Orb headquarters is soon going to explode.)

Emmet: I hope Delilah and Julius get out ok...

Nosey: Should we go back for them?

Emmet: And get ourselves killed? No way! They'll be fine!

(Orb Headquarters blows up)

Nosey: Or maybe not...


Sorry guys I know this is stupid. I just wanted to point it out though, Lol.


xxDarkness' Kidxx
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