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F*ck Island

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Making fun of the episode, "Hunk Island."

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F*ck Island: Parody of the episode "Hunk Island" (a/n: Don't swear, LOL)

(a/n: This is when Tyler if flirting with Delilah)

Julius: (comes behind Tyler with a shovel, knocks him unconscious with it.)

Delilah: What the hell was that for?

Julius: 'Cause you're mine!

Delilah: (Runs away scared)


(a/n: This is when Delilah is thrown into that "Jail" thing of Wednesdays. Wednesday tells them to leave Julius with her.)

Delilah: That's unfair!

Wednesday: Don't worry...I Won't hurt your precious Julius...


Wednesday: Uhh...ummm...according to the script you're supposed to blush to build suspence.

Delilah: Oh, come on! We have to tell each other sooner or later!

Julius: Wednesdays right, Delilah. Without the romance, this shows, like, stupid. (a/n: I don't agree with that, just putting it LOL)

Delilah: Good point.


(a/n: Did you ever wonder why Wednesday gets Julius to wear that brown clothe? I have no freakin' clue....)

Wednesday and Julius when they're alone:

Wednesday: (throws him a brown clothe) Wear it.

Julius: Why?

Wednesday: 'cause I said so.

Julius: Come on, don't make me dress like tarzan here! And if I'm going to die, at least let me die clothed! Let me die with my dignity, GOD!

Wednesday:(pulls out a gun) STRIP....

Julius: Oh, you perverted villian! At least get out of the room!


Julius: Oh, crap, I'm trapped by the cliff! Now Wednesdays going to make me fall!

Wednesday: Why did you just tell the audiance what happens? That's stupid of you!

Julius: uhhh...shut up...

Wednesday: (Shows him the gun) Who has the gun here, now?


(Julius falls of the cliff, lands on a rock)

Julius: holy crap, I'm still alive! And I only broke an arm! Talk about luck! Man, I love being a chartoon!



xxDarkness' Kidxx
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