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Ice, Ice, LAVA!

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Making fun of the episode "Ice, Ice, baby!"

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Ok, guys, it's 8:17 AM where I live right now. I have 13 minutes to write this chapter before I have to go to school. Can do it? And if I can't, I'll make this a two part chapter. That means I'll have to think and write fast...Ok...on my mark...get set...go!


(a/n: This is when the lights go out)

Deliah: Great. Look what your "fun" did to us now, Julius. Your popcorn made us have a blackout!

Julius: HEY! Don't blame the popcorn! Blame me! The popcorn did nothing to you!


(a/n: The power goes out. Delilah trips over the coffee table)

Julius: Delilah, your blonde roots are showing...(a/n: no offence to the blondies out there)

Delilah: HEY! I'm a natural brunette!

Julius: surrrrrre, Delilah, we all believe you...


(a/n: Julius and Ice are about to kiss)

Julius: (talking to Ice) What the hell are you doing?

Ice: Uhhh...I thought we were going to kiss....

Julius: (icnoring Ice) Ohhhhh I get it! You want to have a starring contest! One, two, three go!


(a/n: This is also when Ice and J are about to kiss)

Ice: (knees Julius in the stomache)

Julius: Hey! I thought you loved me!

Ice: You're so gulliable! (goes and grabs an axe)


(a/n: For the third time, Ice and Juls are about to kiss lol so easy to make fun of)

Julius: Ok, you killed Delilah, the girl I had a crush on for all my life...but I guess I can forgive you. You're hot!

(a/n: Ice is sooooo ugly LOL)


(a/n: De and J fall into the hands of the villians)

Delilah: Woah, that messed up! Julius, did you notice how all Ice's gaurds look the same?

Julius: (looks at the guards) Holy crap, you're right!


Delilah: Julius, you are such a kid...always trying to have fun...

Julius: At least I'm not like an old grandma like you! Come on, I'm older than you and I'm better and funner than you!

Delilah: How's this for fun? (slaps him across the face)


Ohhhhh....can I get a whoop-whoop, guys? The time where I live now is 8:26! YES! And four minutes to spare! (does a dance till someone comes up to her with an axe)


xxDarkness' Kidxx
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