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Jared Warden Mimosa

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Francine drags Stan and Roger along to Morning Mimosa.

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Back with a new fanfic! Re Watching Superjail has really been making my creativity peak lately!

Enjoy this Superjail crossover with American Dad.

In the radiant, sun-kissed town of Langley Falls, on their way to the Morning Mimosa talk show.

Francine was driving with a happy vigor. In front was Stan, in the back was Roger.

"Why am I going to this talk show aimed at ladies? It's like having The View in our own backyard. " Ranted Stan.

"I won tickets in a podcast contest, and they said I can bring two guests!" explains Francine.

"Why didn't you bring along those Ladybugs gang you used to hang out with?" asks Stan.

"Stop being such a bunghole, Stan! At least you got me! Your old pal Roger!" Roger reminded him. " I have every right to be a bunghole about this, Roger! The CIA will ridicule me for this/". Stan tells the alien.

Francine drove to the parking lot of Morning Mimosa. Before the show began, Stan, Roger, and Francine took their seats. Tish and Suez introduced themselves.

"Hi, Langley Falls!" Tish calls out.

"Are you ready for some thrills and chills today!" Suez calls out joining in. As the audience cheers on, expect Stan, the Morning Mimosa talk show took a daring turn, venturing into the realm of workplace dynamics.

"Today, we're going to be doing something a little different today. " said Suez. "Yes, something serious." said Tish.

The audience went, "ooooh".

At the helm of this experiment were the vivacious duo, Tish and Suez, who sought to unravel the mysteries behind fraught relationships between bosses and their employees. In this episode, they welcomed an unlikely guest: The Warden of Superjail, accompanied by his enigmatic associate, Jared.

"Right now, we're going to talk about workplace dynamics!" said Tish. "That's right. We have some speical guests today who we believe are from a place called.....Superjail." said Suez.

"They're not inmates. They run the place. Their names are Jared and Mark Davis, aka the Warden!" said Suez.

"Before we bring them out here, let's hear their story." said Tish.

A video on a viewscreen shows Jared and The Warden. Both were being interviewed.

"I have no idea what has gotten into Jared lately." The Warden implies.

The viewscreen shows Jared acting out strangely at The Warden.

"He's often told me he was a recovering alcoholic," the Warden tells the story.

The viewscreen then shows Jared throwing breaking windows and throwing the glass at the Warden and swearing and screaming at him.

"I don't treat Jared like shit like he's always accused me of.. If anything he treats me like shit! I have every God Given right to be how I want to be!" said The Warden.

The viewscreen again shows Jared lashing out at the inmates and The Warden trying to stop him.

"This is the reason why I'm here, Tish and Suez. I want to repair my workplace relationship with Jared and get to the bottom as to why he's been rebelling against me." The Warden concluded.

Tish and Suez looked in disbelief. "Now let's hear what Jared has to say!" said Suez.

On the same viewscreen, Jared tells his side of the story.

"I have been the butt of the and on the brunt end of the Warden's imputence! And I have had it! He's the reason I've been acting this way! He always says that I need to change! No! I will not change, it's HIM who needs to show some respect! Tish and Suez. Please help The Warden realize not to treat me like a punching bag and give me the respect I deserve." explains Jared.

The audience murmured. Tish and Suez call The Warden and Jared to the stage.

"Okay, we're going to settle this right now! Warden and Jared! Come on out!" Tish called them. The Warden and Jared took their place and sat next to Tish and Suez.

Roger sees them on the stage and whispers to Stan and Francine, "This reminds me of Horrible Bosses!" "More like Never Been Kissed.". Francine whispers. " A chick flick and a chick talk show. How can this get any worse.". Moans Stan.

"Okay gentlemen. Welcome to our show. Now, tell me Mark Davis," Suez begins. "No please, call me The Warden." The Warden insisted.

"Fine, Warden. Why do you keep hating on Jared?" asked Tish.

"Well, hate is a strong word. I would not call it hate. I'd call it more within the realms of tough love." The Warden says.

"Tough love, my ass!" Jared spits out.

"Hey, she's talking to me! Not you!" The Warden yelled at Jared.

"See? Right here, ladies! Right here! Want to know what he does that makes me angry the most? Be's himself! That's what!" Jared pointed to The Warden.

"Settle down, gentlemen! Calm down. We'll get to you in a minute, Jared. Now, Warden. Do you demean and belittle anyone else who works for you?" asked Tish.

"No, just Jared and once in the while, the inmates." The Warden explained.

"Then, why do you push Jared around? Do you believe you're better than him?" asked Suez.

"I'm better than everybody! Even you two cunts! The reason is that my abusive father ruined my childhood. So I like to take out my anger, in a cheerful way of course, out on Jared so he would stop fucking up!" The Warden said.

The audience "Oooooohhhhhhhs!"

"These two must have an Office Space thing going on." Stan said. "When the audience Ooooh! You know something big will come!" Francine says.

Tish and Suez say to everyone, "We're going to go to a commercial. Stay tuned Langley Falls!


As the show came back from commercial. Intrigued by Jared's rebellious nature, The Warden hoped to shed light on the reasons behind his defiance.

Tish tells the crowd, "Welcome back!" "As you recall, we are trying to fix the relationship between Warden and Jared here. " said Suez.

The Warden decides to expose something about Jared. He gets out a bag of cocaine. Jared freaks out when he sees it.

"Hey, Warden. What is with that crack bag?" asked Tish. "We don't allow anything but wine on our show.." Suez says.

"This is the reason why Jared has been out of the orbit lately!" Warden announced.

Laughing, Roger says, "Out of the orbit? Does this dude watch Star Trek?"

"Where did you get that!" Jared demanded.

"You say you used to be a heavy drinker. And now you're onto this cocaine. You traded one vice for another! This is the reason why you've been so unruly lately!" The Warden tells Jared.

"What are you trying to say here, Mr. Warden?" asked Suez.

"My point here is that this is the reason why our workplace friendship has changed. Its not me to point the finger at. Look no further than Jared!" The Warden says.

As the segment unfolded, the atmosphere grew tense. The Warden, known for his playful demeanor, struggled to comprehend Jared's perspective, while Jared bristled under the weight of his authority.

"You asshole! How could you expose me in front of a live studio audience like this!" said Jared.

"You wanna fight me? Let's see if you can take me on! Try it! Try and see if you can defeat a shapeshifter like myself!" The Warden challenged his associate.

"Fine! I shall! All you ever do is assume that I'm not caring about you or Superjail and wanting to abandon you so I can go out and have fun!" shouts Jared.

"Alice told me all about it! We have angry conversations about you!" The Warden confesses.

"YOU SON OF A BITCH!" Jared screams at the Warden trying to jump at him.

"HEY! HEY! This is a woman's show." Tish warns the both of them.

"This isn't a place for violence!" Suez joins in.

Just when the discussion threatened to descend into chaos, an unexpected trio entered the stage: Francine, Stan, and Roger.

"Please! Settle down, people! We have something to say!" Francine said.

Prompted by Francine's unwavering belief in the power of understanding, Stan and Roger, despite their initial reluctance, joined the audience.

"We?" asked Stan. "Yes, we." said Francine.

"You know, Stan. It would not hurt to talk some sense into these guys. Nobody does that better than you." said Roger.

"That's true. Especially of all the times I've tried to pound some sense into you!" Stan reminds Roger.

With their trademark wit and charm, Stan and Roger injected a dose of levity into the charged atmosphere.

"Warden and Jared, is that correct?" asks Stan.

"Yes." The Warden and Jared said in unison.

"If you guys want to have a better workplace relationship. The first thing to do is to give up the crack!" Stan said.

"He has a point there. Just because you work in a prison, doesn't mean you can become a crack addict." said Roger.

"Another good thing to do it not to conspire with another co-worker against another." said Stan.

They shared anecdotes from their own eccentric workplace, the CIA, drawing parallels between their experiences and the Warden's predicament with Jared.

Stan and Roger take turns reasoning with the Warden and Jared.

"At the CIA, that is considered...."

"If you really want to try....."

"Instead of this, do this....."

"Or even better.....studies show...."

"Don't ever go behind and complain....."

"'s no wonder you two are....."

"I remember one time......."

"No good comes out of that......furthurmore....."

Through their humorous tales, they illuminated the importance of open communication, empathy, and the ability to see things from different perspectives.

The Warden and Jared soon felt ashamed and decided to take Stan's and Roger's advice.

As the episode reached its climax, Stan and Roger, inspired by Francine's unwavering faith in the power of human connection, took matters into their own hands.

"Wow! Great job, guys!" Francine tells both Stan and Roger.

With a dash of their signature theatrics, they coaxed The Warden and Jared into a reluctant dance, symbolizing the first steps towards reconciliation. The audience erupted in laughter and applause, as the unlikely duo found themselves caught up in the moment, sharing a moment of genuine camaraderie.

"You know what, Jared. You are going to be my equal from now on." said The Warden. "Sounds good to me. Won't be needing this!" Jared says throwing out the crack.

"From this day forward, we'll treat our prisoners like trash!" said The Warden. "And you promise you won't go behind my back and complain about me to Alice?" asked Jared.

"Promise!" said The Warden. "We can run the place together like in the movie Corrective Messures!" said Jared.

"Good idea!" said The Warden. "Or The Last Castle!" "Either is fine!" Jared said.

In the end, the episode of Morning Mimosa left a lasting impression on all involved.

"And there you have it!" Tish tells the audience as they clapped.

"With the help from these fine young men, Warden and Jared have reconciled!" said Suez.

Exiting the studio, The Warden and Jared, having glimpsed the possibility of a harmonious relationship, vowed to work towards mending their differences.

Stan, Roger, and Francine, having played their part in facilitating this transformation, left the show with a renewed sense of purpose. And the audience, having witnessed the power of empathy and understanding, left the studio with a renewed sense of hope for the future of workplace relationships.

"See Stan? Coming with me to Morning Mimosa wasn't so bad after all!" said Francine.

"You're right, it wasn't. I was glad to be able to use my sharp wits back there!" said Stan.

"So does this mean you're over your fear of the CIA laughing at you?". asks Francine.

" If they do, so be it! Who cares!". Said Stan with a newfound confidence of himself.

"Let's hope they take our advice our else they'll have to deal with a whole lot of shit!" jokes Roger.

Francine just realized the cocaine that Jared threw was gone.

"What happened to that cocaine?" asked Francine.

"Probably some sewer rats got after it." Stan thought.

Roger had the cocaine hidden in his body sac. "I might need you later or feed you to Klaus!"
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