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Whose Day Off Is It Anyway?

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Lois and Peter decide to let Chris and Meg take the day off. Peter makes it boring for everyone.

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Been a very long time since I've written a Family Guy fanfic. I noticed nobody here really is even posting Family Guy fanfics anymore.

Here's a new one from me! Hope you like it!

Chris and Meg hated Sunday nights. For they knew that on Mondays it was back to the old typical weekday grind. Peter working at the Brewery while Chris and Meg had to face an endless week of school. Lois, too was getting fed up with the same old same old.

"Uh, almost time for us to go to bed." Chris sighs.

"Sunday nights suck! Soon I will have to face off with Connie D'Amico and her band of mean girls." Meg said.

"I know what you mean, kids. As much as I like working at the Brewery, it's no picnic." said Peter. "It gets so lonely sometimes without my family around." said Lois.

"Anyone seen Stewie?" asked Brian. "He's at my parents for the weekend." Lois answers. "You know what? Just because everyone else is going back to work and school tomorrow, doesn't mean we have to!" Peter implied.

"What are you talking about? It's not like there's a holiday coming!" Lois says. "Speaking of which, We even have to go to school on Valentine's and St. Patricks Day, how pathetic is that?" asked Chris.

"Tell you what, I Peter Griffin, will treat you all to a day off on Monday! How does that sound!" announces Peter.

"YAY! AWESOME!" cheers Chris. "Sounds great Dad!" Meg joined in.

"That's right, tomorrow we're going to have a fun Monday! We'll get pizza, we'll go to Bob's Funland, the mall, and watch any movies we want to!" Peter said.

Lois says, "This means so much to me, Peter! Finally, I get to spend a Monday with my family!"

Chris said, "We might as well go to bed and....." "No no no, Chris! We're taking the day off tommorow! That means we can stay up!" Peter said.

Brian said, "I hope you live up to your promise here, Peter." "Don't worry, Brian! I already agreed to do this!" Peter assures. "I hope so." Brian tells Peter.

Monday morning had come. Chris and Meg were very excited to see what their day off would take them. Once Chris and Meg came into the kitchen, they saw what they assumed was Peter making breakfast.

"Hey, Dad, you making chocolate chip pancakes?" asked Chris. "No just some scrambled eggs." said Peter. "That's fine, you had us take the day off." Meg said. "Isn't this great, kids? Peter offered to make breakfast!" Lois says. "Yes, after breakfast we'll plan out our way!" Peter said.

As the morning went by, Peter treated the day off he promised like it was another day. Everyone all ended up sitting on the couch, bored, doing nothing but watch CNN.

"This isn't what I pictured when you all decided to stay home today." Lois scoffed. "Yeah, Peter. Didn't you say you were going to take them to the mall or Bob's Funland?" Bob reminded him.

"Yeah, Dad! I don't want to spend this day watching this stupid CNN bullshit!" started Chris." "Let's watch a movie with Tom Hanks or something!" said Meg.

"The 'Burbs I heard is good!" Chris said. "Yeah, the kids have a point. Why not a Mel Brooks, movie?" said Lois. "Dracula Dead and Loving It! Don't we have it somewhere on our streaming channels?" Chris said.

Peter begins to laugh, "Don't we all look adorable together? Now this is what I call a close-knit family! hee hee hee hee hee hee! Sitting on the couch watching TV!!" "Is this what you plan to do all day!" complained Lois.

"HA! Just as I suspected! You didn't take Lois, Chris, or Meg anywhere today! I bet you didn't even want to!" Brian says.

"Oh come on! It's my off day too! This is how a man, a working man spends it how he wants!" Peter says.

"So, no trips to the mall?" asks Meg. "Did you forget about Bob's Funland?" asked Chris.

"You kids catch on really fast! Now let's the make the most of this, by sipping some beer and..." before Peter can continue. Lois gets up from the couch.

"Come on, kids. Let's go pick up Stewie at my parent's house." Lois. "At least that's something to do!" Chris said.

Meg and Chris follow Lois. Now it was just Peter and Brian.

"You see what you do? Once again, you drove them away with your fucking future faking!" Brian contended. "Good, they didn't want to appreicate what I did for them by giving them Monday off." Peter said.

"Want to know something, Peter? You're all talk and no go! You just wanted this day to yourself so you can do what you want to." Brian said.

"That's it! " Peter says running off. "Peter! Didn't you listen to what I said." Brian called out. Going into the attic, Peter finds an old Nintendo Entertainment System and the game Dr. Mario.

"HOLY FREAKING SWEET! I found Dr. Mario!" Peter shouted from afar. Bringing the Nintendo into the living room and hooking it up, Peter begins to play Dr. Mario.

"Oh, I get it. You wanted to piss them off. and drive them away on purpose so you can play Nintendo?" observes Brian.

Peter ignored Brian's rants, nor did he even show any concern.

"Stick around, Brian! This could be fun! Are you familiar with Dr. Mario? It's like the Tetris of Mario games." Peter says.

"You know what. Forget this shit! Fuck you! I'm outta here! I'm going to do something more important like review my taxes before the big April 15th deadline." Brian stomped off.

Turning on the Nintendo. Peter was surprised that it still worked after all the years it's been in the attic.

"Yes! Dr. Mario is here! And we have liftoff!" said Peter. "say, I know. I'll pretend like I'm Dr. Mario curing a sick Brian!"

Peter picked a level on Dr. Mario and proceeded to play. Brian was in the other room going over his taxes. Peter was singing along to the music.

"Helping To Save.....My Sick Sick Brian! Helping To Save....My Sick Sick Brian! Helping! Helping! Help! Helping! Helping! Help! Helping To Save My Sick Sick Brian!" Peter sang.

Even sang along to the tune of the other song from Dr. Mario, "Brian is sick and it's my job to help! Brian is sick and it's my job to help!

Everytime he passed a level, Peter cheered, "HOORAY! I cured Brian!"

Getting distracted by Peter's singing along to the Dr. Mario levels. Brian could not focus on his taxes any longer. This went on until Peter reached a very hard level on Dr. Mario. Brian was right behind him, folding his arms angerly.

"Helping To Save.....My Sick Sick Brian! Helping To Save....My Sick Sick Brian! Helping! Helping! Help! Helping! Helping! Help! Helping To Save My Sick Sick Brian!" Peter sang. "Brian is sick and it's my job to help! Brian is sick and it's my job to help!"

Throwing the pills in the Dr. Mario game, Peter knew he was stuck on the level. "Almost saved. Almost saved! Almost saved! Almost saved! Almost saved....."

The Game Over song plays and Peter screams, "AAAHHH! OH NO! BRIAN! YOU DIED!" The sound effects the Dr. Mario viruses made went on and Peter says, "I'll get the paddles! CLEAR! CLEAR! CLEAR!" The sound effects and music ended and Peter says, "I tried everything....Brian is kaput!"

Turning around to see a very mad Brian, Peter got startled. "Brian! I didn't know you were standing there!"

"This was one of the most singlehanded, underminded crap you have ever pulled!" Brian began to growl.

Peter steps away, "I was just trying to have a little fun!"

"Your family wanted to have fun! Did you forget about them?" Brian growled more and more.

"I'm sorry! It was a mistake. This whole fucking piece of shit day was a mistake and so is your existence!" Brian yelled.

Peter said, "Hey, stay back! Bad boy, Brian. BAD! I am you master and you will....."

Brian then jumped at Peter and began to beat him up ruthlessly. Biting, scratching, kicking, punching. Anything Brian can do to beat the life out of Peter. When Brian was getting tired from beating on Peter. He bit him on the leg.


"Don't you EVER break another agreement with the family to have a day off again! " Brian warned Peter with an voice full of malice.

"I'm gonna tell Quagmire on you! WAH! WAH! WAH!!!" Peter had a huge tantrum.

Leaving the living room. Brian goes into Stewie's closet and finds a zap ray gun. "You like Nintendo, Peter! You're going to have all the Nintendo you please!" Brian speaks in a sly manner.


Laying on the floor, after his beating from Brian, Peter was beside himself in sadness. "I can't believe Brian would do such a thing." With the zap ray gun in his hand, Brian takes out Dr. Mario from the Nintendo, and puts in the Yoshi game.

"No, please! Don't take Dr. Mario away from me." begs Peter. "I think you need to have this shit taken away! To teach you a lesson here not to lead on your family about having fun and never following though!" Brian imposed.

Peter sees the zap ray gun. "You going to shoot me with that Star Trek gun?" Brian booted up the Yoshi NES game and zapped Peter with the ray gun. Peter disappeared and then reappeared in the Yoshi game.

Banging his fists on the screen, Peter shouts, "WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?" Brian answers, "I trapped you inside a video game! Think you can drive me fucking nuts with Dr. Mario? I proudly present to you, YOSHI!" Brian begins to laugh as though a villain would.

Running around the Yoshi game, Peter was confused about his new surroundings. Brian then pushed the A Button on the controller and down came Yoshi egg shells, piranha plants, Boo Diddlys, and Goomba. All fell onto Peter into a pile that resemebled a mountain.

Muffling for help and protest Peter screams, "WHAT THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO DO IN THIS GAME!" Brian tells him, "You need to match the eggshells and get a Yoshi? Why aren't you doing that!!"

Brian decides to 'help', "Try grabbing one of those power ups you see in the level screen. "Okay." Peter moaned.

Peter was able to get out of the mountain of Goomba, Boo Diddlys, Yoshi Eggs and Pirahna Plants. Walking his way to the level screen, he sees the mushroom, but it dances and makes a song. Peter begins to dance and sing accordingly.

"Gonna go on an adventure! To rescue the weak Princess...." "No Peter, you moron! You're have to touch it to become powerful!" Brian advises him.

Brian then makes Peter via controller go to the Fire Flower which plays a sad tune. The Fire Flower talks, "Hey, Peter. How about you and I have a good cry together?"

Peter begins to sob with the Fire Flower. Brian gets fed up, "Ooooh! I've had enough of this! Let's go to the Starman!"

The Starman bounces up to Peter and begins to play it's song. Peter got terrified when the Starman began to jump around. "What's your deal? Why are you jumping like that for!" Peter shrieked.

Brian made the Mushroom, Fire Flower, and the Starman all chase Peter around the game. "SUFFER ASSHOLE! SUFFER! SUFFER!" Brian grunted. "You sang and danced! That means you want to play!" The Mushroom, Fire Flower, and Starman all say in unison!

Peter cries out, "I thought you guys were friends! Get me out! Please Get me out!"

"No! I will decide when you get out!" Brian said. "You're a sadist, Brian!" Peter said. "For now, I am GOD!" Brian chuckles enjoying what he was doing to Peter.

With no place to turn to, Peter continues to be chased by the Mushroom, Fire Flower, and Starman.

"Play with us, Peter! You know you want to!" The Mushroom, Fire Flower, and and Starman all say.

"You guys wanna rape me, don't you?" Peter spat out.

Thinking his luck was going to take a turn for the good, Peter finds a hiding place. He goes inside. The Mushroom, Fire Flower, and Starman try to look for Peter.

"Where did he go?" they all ask. "He's in that little corner room." Brian tells the power ups. "Thank you!" The Power Ups say.

"They'll never find me in here!" Peter said to himself thinking he was safe. Before he knew it, The Fire Flower, Mushroom, and Starman found their way in and began to dance around Peter. All their theme songs play at the same time!

"WHY! WHY! WHY! Why are you doing this?" Peter asks. The Mushroom says, "Because you were dancing to my song!" "That means you have to go on an adventure!" the Fire Flower says, "And while you're at it, play with me!" Starman.

Brian's torturous fun began to come to an end when he hears Lois come home. Hours had passed by then and Lois, returns with Meg, Chris, and Stewie.

"Damn, Lois is home! Well, all good things must come to an end." Brian says when he uses the zap ray gun to get Peter out of the Yoshi game. Peter was thankful to be out of there.

"Next time I want to play on the outside and not on the inside." Peter says. Lois walks in. "Peter and Brian! What did you guys do on your day off?"

Not wanting to Lois to know what chaos has went on, Brian says, "I worked on my Taxes online." Peter says, "Oh, I just watched a video of the 1986 Super Bowl."

"Turns out, we didn't need you to show us a fun time." Lois said. Stewie jumps out of Lois's arms and goes to Brian seeing his got his zap ray gun.

"What did you do with my zap ray gun?" asked Stewie. "You used it didn't you?" "I did." Brian confessed. "I had good reason to."

Peter asked Lois, "What did you guys do?" Chris says, "Don't get us started! We went to a waterfront fair." "That right, Peter. Then my Dad took us on a boat ride." Lois answers.

"We had the best day off ever! Wish you could've been there, Dad!" said Chris.

"You spent a day with your father, Lois. Dodged a bullet there." Peter says. "I should've known you just wanted to spend the day off being at home watching sports. Typical man I guess. I'll let you off the hook for this time." Lois tells Peter.

Brian was going to give the zap ray gun to Stewie, then it slipped and landed in Peter's hands.

"Is that a toy gun?" asked Lois. "Looks like it." said Peter. Meg then tells about the day they had with Carter. and Babs. "Not only did we go to the fair. We went to that new mall that was built, and I meet a guy! One thing lead to another and....."

Peter shoots the zap ray gun at Meg who disappears from sight the same way Peter did.

"Where did she go?" asked Brian. "I know, right! What happened to her? Not that I give a shit, but that zap ray gun works better than I bargined for!" Stewie said with delight.

"Well, most important. We all got to do what we wanted today." Lois says.

Brian and Stewie walk to Stewie's bedroom, "You won't believe what I did to Peter with that zap ray gun...."

Peter asks himself the $64,000 Question, "I wonder where Meg is? Ahh, who cares! I'll never do anything to piss off Brian again."

Meg was now trapped inside the Yoshi NES game being chased by the Mushroom, Fire Flower, and Starman! "PLAY WITH US! PLAY WITH US! PLAY WITH US! WE WANT TO BE YOUR FRIEND!"

"AAAAAHHHHH!!! HOW DID I END UP HERE! WHAT IS THIS PLACE! HHHEEELLLLPPP!" Meg screams for mercy. Then Meg jumps into Yoshi who begins to play with her like a chew toy.
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