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Chapter 10 - ¿ Que Pasa Bambino?

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The Kiss. Enjoy.

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"¿Que pasa Bambino?" She cooed, his eyes followed her as she stirred his baby food. It was too hot and she placed it on the table, he sat watching her from his high chair. She smiled at him as she bent in front of him and began singing a nursery rhyme. Playing with her two thumbs, she did Thumbkin:

"Pulgarcito, donde estas?
Aqui estoy! Aqui estoy!
Como esta usted? Muy bien, gracias!
Ya me voy. Ya me voy!"

His face lit up and he laughed hard. She did it again and the doorbell went.

"Un Momento..." she whispered to him and ruffled his hair. She opened the door to Patrick.

"Hey....." She said, so softly, he almost didn't hear it.

"Hey...." He replied in the same tone. Rory made his voice known loudly and they both laughed.

"I'm just about to feed him - I .....You wanna come in?" She asked , changing her mind from sending him away to letting him in.

"Is that ok?" He asked, the atmosphere was weird, like they'd taken a few steps back and were just getting to know each other 'friends' again, as opposed to getting to know each other 'lovers' material.

"Of course!" She said with that wonderful sincerity he really liked in her. She walked back in and he grabbed a peek at her ass as she did.

"¡pequeño muchacho impaciente!!" She said to Rory as she picked up his bowl again, she blew on it. God, he loved it when she spoke in Spanish.

"Have you eaten?" She asked, he shook his head.

"I'll fix us some lunch after I've fed this impatient child!" She smiled, pushing the spoon in to his mouth.

He looked around, the house was tidy and neat as always, her laptop and paperwork were spread over the table. Rory's bricks were scattered on the wooden floor of the living area and there were a few books on the sofa, all bookmarked. How many was she reading??

Having been a couple of weeks since that incident at the party, he'd moved away from Allison, advising her things were complicated and that his feelings were strong for another woman. She was pretty cool with it and had already been dating another guy from a band. He'd wondered if that had been her intention anyway as it was almost too okay for a break up.

They exchanged pleasantries and updated each other on their weeks. She handed Rory the bottle and his head leaned towards her as he recognized the object. He flapped his arms like he did as he sucked on it and she moved the food away quickly.

"You want me to do a bit?" Patrick asked, she looked at him and saw his face, he was serious too.

"Hey, I'm not passing on an offer to feed jabba here - you go ahead!" She smiled and he took her seat next to Rory's highchair as she continued to hold the bottle for him.

Rory's eyes met Patrick's and as she pulled the bottle away he smiled at him. He babbled out some incoherent non-English words, a word that would become Patrick's title for the next few months. 'Ba!' usually in quick successions.

She proceeded to take out some salad from the fridge and also the chicken. She glanced over and he was laughing as Rory spat it out. She laughed gently and rushed over, her hand gently on Patrick's, she directed him out to do it.

"You gotta like, shovel it in....quick!" she said with a little laugh and Patrick also laughed.

"That's where I was going wrong!" He said, her face was close to his, he could smell her soft fragrances and now she looked at him slowly. Their faces were close and there was a moment, did she take it? Kiss him kiss him!!

"Yeah....That's where you were going wrong...." She repeated, emphasizing how apt that statement was to their situation. There was this pause and it felt like time had suspended them because even the impatient hungry 7 month old had obeyed the silent request.

Her hand came to his neck softly and she moved in for it, they'd danced around for too long now and she just needed those lips on hers. It was so soft at first, neither of them felt it, she committed another kiss on a slightly different place on his lips and he suddenly put the baby bowl down on the table and stood up , not daring to break contact, kissing her hard. It was so clumsy and unexpected that it verged on stupidity. Her warm hands were all over his neck and throat and it felt wonderful. Finally he had his hands on those hips and his mouth on those lips and he couldn't have dreamt it any better. It had only lasted a few seconds and yet as she pulled away and rested back off her tip toes she immediately put her fingers on her lips. They were tingling and they plump from the passion.

"Wow..." She whispered softly

"BA!!!!!!" He yelled and they both jumped slightly, he stared at them from his highchair. His face was saying 'What the hell?? Where's the rest of my friggin food???' and it made them both laugh. They looked at each other again and she smiled first then looked at Rory as she shoved the spoon in.

"Mommy just got totally kissed!" she smiled and Rory smiled, as if he'd understand....

With Rory asleep in the early hours of the evening, she made them dinner and they sat at the dining table together and ate. She talked intelligently about her course work and then he about his music.

"You really do have a gift Patrick!" She smiled, nodding at the same time. He looked down and smiled.

"I'm going to sound so proud to say my boyfriend's in a band......" She smiled, she stopped suddenly and he looked at her.

"That sounded totally weird huh?" She asked, with the cutest frown on her face.

"Sounded great to me!" He smiled and she giggled, sipping her wine.

"Un poco un poco..." She said


"Little by little...." She smiled and he nodded.

"That's a good start....we should just follow the course that got us here, that'll make sure we don't rush into anything!" He said laughing.

"Hell it was worth every prolonged exasperated second...."

That was how it happened, they just slipped into this completely comfortable relationship. No awkward first date, awkward first kisses, messy situations to resolve, just naturalness, a sense of contentment. Their feelings were firm but calm, controlled and although he nearly blew it, he corrected it.

Sitting on the sofa, she curled her knees up and he gathered her up into his embrace. There was this stillness around them for a few minutes, the only thing you could hear was gentle stroking of their hands against each others bodies as they appreciated the value of each other.

"Patrick...." She said softly


"You can ask me...."

He moved her slightly so he could see her face and he watched her eyes move towards his.

"What happened?" He asked.

"Something awful....." She said, there was a weakness to her voice, clearly an emotional weakness that resonated through her voice.

"Shay....." He said with the most tenderness she'd ever heard him say her name in. His hand softly moved her hair, now he could see those eyes that already revealed the importance this would have.

She nodded and it was a movement that was encouraging herself to do it, she was willing herself the courage, boldness and honesty.

"Tell me everything." He whispered and implored her with a gentle run of his thumb over her lips. She nodded firmly.

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