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Chapter 11 - Messed Up Youth-Full Ignorance

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Important Filler. Light is shed.

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Chapter 11 - Messed Up Youth-full of Ignorance

Why was truth always so ugly, even if it was good revelation, there was often still a distortion to it. The truth of this situation was so vulgar, not by the actual chain of events because Patrick could comprehend them, but because it happened to this woman. This incredibly normal, intelligent, sensible woman. She'd been sucked up into this vortex of intolerable behavior of her sister and when it spat her out, every form of normality in her life had been trashed.

Sophie was the older of the two siblings, they were chalk and cheese and rumors of Shay being the product of a brief affair her Mother had, were always referenced to as their family began to see just how different they were.

Sophie was 18 when she got into her new social circle and how quickly they deteriorated her moral standards. A swift decline into alcohol and drugs, robbed her of the chance to go to University and Sophie found herself in a dead end job with dead end friends. Then it appeared she had turned her life around, suddenly she was working in a proper office where she had responsibility and she had standards. Shay always admired her for this step, that's one of the reasons the truth was so unbearable when it materialized, because she had diminished all bad karma for her sister and made a strong determination to look for the good in her. Only to be deceived, for Sophie had not only fooled everyone that she had changed, she'd sunk even lower into the debauched behavior that ultimately credited a prison sentence.

Becoming a heroine addict was a title no-one would have given her. Not even her family. Only once the manifestations of this grave habit began to overtake her life, did people start noticing. Shay had been confused and couldn't understand the decisions Sophie was making in her life, especially when she found out she was pregnant. Surely she was going to turn her life around now? Surely the child warranted priority in her messed up life, surely that was just the humane thing to give up for a child.

Dealing, was the crime that saw her given a 15 year sentence, only when the trial got to court did her family understand the twisted web of lies and deceit their daughter had got herself into. Pleading innocence and lack of knowledge was a common trait of addicts, they'd do anything to feed their habit.

Sophie had pleaded with them not give her baby away, to allow her family to care for the child but her Mother and Father refused. Shay had cried hard in her sleep that evening, consumed in anxiety and torn apart by what was the right thing to do for this unborn child. It was not a light decision to make, but it was the only one she felt she could make.

Signing those papers had sealed a fate and secured a lifestyle she had no idea how to prepare herself for. She'd just been accepted to the University of Chicago to attend one of the best courses in Speech Therapy and was currently moving her life over to the strange city.

Rory James Mexia was born on the 7th December 2001.

Shay stared at her sister as she held him, the labor had been tough and worst of all, Rory was having heroine withdrawal symptoms. There was a look of sympathy and detest as Shay's eyes met her sisters. Social officials made the room cold and awkward but Sophie was the reason why it was like this and deep down, Shay would never forgive her for that.

"You're his Mommy!" she whispered weakly, tired and exhausted in every sense possible. Shay took him in her arms and stared down at him.

There was a prolonged silence and Sophie's tears fell silently.

"Just go Shay!!" She said firmly and Shay stared at her. Sophie looked away, not daring to look at her child again for fear of making any further connections with him.

Those were the last words Sophie spoke to her sister, further communication was road blocked at Shay's side as she denied her heart the responsibility of opening those letters. She had a job to do, an important one, one so meaningful and eventful that sometimes she thought her brain would explode with pressure and her heart would melt in inadequacy.

That job was to raise her baby son. Her son. Rory.
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